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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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it was loud. it literally just shook me out of the truck. >> the school didn't appear to be damaged but paramedics did evaluate three children. in the end they all checked out okay. more now on the weather. ktvu's mark tamayo is in contra costa county where they saw some rain. >> if you get under one of those cells you know it was coming down hard. most of us didn't get anything. here's what we were tracking today. when i say tracking, we're not tracking much because it's not moving. normally these things take off and start to motate towards the east. but this system wants to stick around. we're seeing some lightning strikes now. it looks like the momentum could take those lightning strikes into parts of the south bay. more towards gilroy or morgan hill. we sent mark tamayo chasing
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thunderstorms in contra costa county. he's looking back at mount diablo. the thunderstorms moved over the mountain. mark what are you seeing? sonchts far bill lots of cloud cover. if we did not have the cloud cover, looking back now at mount diablo, if we did not have the cloud cover today welcome back a completely different story. as you get the sunny breaks that de-stablizes the atmosphere. you get those popcorn-looking clouds. most of this afternoon lots of clouds. in fact, we rolled this time- lapse to show you the clouds moving into the region. all those clouds moving steadily from the south to the north. so an interesting time-lapse looking out towards -- out across walnut creek, with those clouds moving rapidly. so not too much to report here. maybe some more showers and
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thunderstorms for tomorrow. but bill we came up here looking for the storms. take a look at what we found. hundreds of goats. they're actually clearing brush, just to give you an idea that fire season is right around the corner. this is zephyr. he works with goats are us. you guys are very busy. >> booked all the way through june. >> reporter: not only here in the bay area but across the state? >> correct. >> reporter: how many goats are working? >> 430. >> reporter: as dpar as the rain, we've been talking about this. you've noticed a push in the brush for all these goats to get filled. >> there's a lot more feed this year than previous years. >> reporter: so very busy out here with all these goats. this is what we found. we came out here looking for the storms. we found lots of goats working hard out here. just a reminder, we're talking about the thunderstorms butt
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also serves as a reminder that fire season is not too far away. >> that's right, mark. as we push into the next couple of days with the potential for more lightning, fire suppression is definitely a concern, but tomorrow could be the biggest day. maybe a funnel cloud in the valley. >> you think maybe we could see some more hail? >> absolutely, i think. so all bets are off this system is definitely a tough one to forecast. >> always love seeing those goats. >> that's a great way to do business. >> they were so attentive. they weren't working, they were just watching. a reminder the free ktvu weather app is available. hat live storm tracker radar and an extended forecast that you can find any time. new at 6:00 a gill royal school district is being accused of failing to report the sexual harassment of a 15- year-old student by a high school teacher who has since been arrested. keba arnold live with the new developments in this case. >> reporter: julie, attorney gloria allred is filing the
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suit. it claims the district knew that science teacher sent these sexually inappropriate text messages to a 15-year-old female standpoint there at gilroy high. but all red says that the district failed to report it to police and allowed him to keep teaching. as we reported that teach every was arrested a couple of weeks along on suspicion of soliciting lewd photos. so the texting incident, they allegedly happened two years ago. gloria allred says that douglas lay september the girl texts filled with suggestive language. her daughter says she immediately reported the actions. >> i am disgusted that the district did not do enough to protect my daughter. she had to leave her friends, her classes, and gilroy high school, a school that we had moved across the country for her to attend. >> if the district had done what it should have done mr.
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lay would not have been in position to engage in sexually inappropriate behavior with hundreds of minors who were reportedly current and former gilroy students. >> investigators say douglas lay posed as a female on-line in a catfishing scheme to get boys to send him nude photos of himself. the district says the alleged catfish diagnose not happen at school but in private homes on personal computers. 18 statement the district said in 2014 the district received a complaint that mr. lay exchanged text which contained inappropriate language with students. it was unprofessional and unacceptable but there was no criminal activity and did it not rise to the level required for dismissal. the district says took immediate disciplinary action at that time and julie it says the district will continue to cooperate with san jose police and the santa clara county district attorney's office.
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>> thank you. two brothers from san jose who are accused of killing their parents last month were back in court today. 22-year-old hasib golam rabbi is wearing the yellow jail outfit. his 17-year-old brother was also in court but was allowed to stay out of view of the cameras. the court set their preliminary hearing for next monday but defense attorneys may ask for a delay to allow for psychiatric exam nations. their parents were killed on april 24th inside their home. police say the home was slammized and that crude notes were left behind. the district attorney has determined that a san jose police officer was just fade when he shot and killed a suicidal map who had just killed another san jose police officer. it was about a year ago that 57- year-old scott dunham stood at the balcony of his apartment and shot and killed officer michael johnson moments after johnson rhode islanded on the scene. another officer then fired killing dunham. the d.a.
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said dunham had a history of mental illness and that the officers had the legal right to use lethal force prevent further loss of life. now to new developments in the south bay where a tense standoff involving a man on top of a vta light rail train finally came to an end 12 hours avenue climbed on top. that standoff affected the mourning commute for thousands. a deputy what had just arrested the man was able to convince him to come down. >> reporter: for 12 long hours negotiators tried to get kyle he will twice come down from the roof of this vta light rail train. they tried offering food. ultimately the thing that works was brigging in the santa clara deputy lewis knew, someone who had arrested him month ago. >> that he had great rapport then. that deputy talked to the crisis negotiation team and the captain that was out here, they
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decided to put that deputy in the cherry picker. anyway had gone up about 1:20 a.m. the train operator watched him climbing toward the roof and quickly got the power shut down. >> it's 900 volts. a person would have been electrocuted. >> lewis spent the next several hours cursing and spitting but was clear. >> he did talk about wanting to ruin everybody's commute. >> reporter: and ruin the commute he did. vta says half of their 34,000 daily riders were affected bithis incident. with power shut down they couldn't move trains from the yard. they relied mostly on buses. >> i had to catch the bus bridge. i was a little late. >> reporter: authorities say they understand commuters' frustration but say safety, not transit, was their number one priority. >> we got kyle down, none of the deputies were hurt and kyle was not hurt. >> reporter: from there kyle lewis was whisk inteed a waiting ambulance and vta hustled to move the trains.
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>> it took us 15 minutes to get our electricity back up and now we're trying to get the system back into order. >> reporter: riders say they're just glad the afternoon commute wasn't affected. >> it was a pain but i made it. just took an extra -- twice as long. >> i'm glad it's over with. >> reporter: vta says receiving now back on schedule. lewis may get a psychiatric evaluation and may face criminal charges. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up a new controversy for donald trump. at 6:30, the outrage tonight over this cinco de mayo tweet. but first, a stolen truck crashes on an eastbound freeway. >> we need that truck. we deliver 380 meals every day. a live look at the thursday aching commute. here's a look at the bay bridge plaza. it is slow going out there tonight.
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. now to developing news in san leandro where a one-alarm fire damaged a home. alameda county fire now says that the fire is out. crews first responded to the home on liberty street next to interstate 580 just before 5:00. these pictures were taken from skyfox 2 a little more than an hour ago. firefighters say the fire started on the lower level of the home and then spread to the garage. they say no one was at home at
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the time. no injuries have been reported. a meals on wheels truck was stolen today in fremont just as volunteers were about to start their day. >> two suspects in the truck led police on a chase through several cities. cristina rendon is live at fremont police headquarters with the dramatic way that chase ended. cristina. >> reporter: julie, frank, police say they got a 911 call from a woman who said a man was trying to steal her car. then she told dispatchers the man was targeting another vehicle that meals on wheels truck. every day is the same. a meals on wheels truck picks up the coolers in this shed and takes them to be filled with food. >> it feeds a lot of people, 380 people. >> reporter: but this morning as the truck had just been unloaded a man and woman stole the truck in front of volunteers about to start their route. >> our volunteers tried to good over to one side but the driver had locked his side of the door so we couldn't get in. the other gal tried to get into
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the vehicle and one of our volunteers tried to pull her out. >> he was pleading like, please don't take the truck. he's like, we need this truck to get meals to seniors. and then they just took off. >> reporter: police say the couple drove the truck through fremont, union city, and hayward. once in castro valley a police car tapped the bumper of the truck causing it to overturn. chopper two captured video the vehicle as it was towed away. >> it's very unusual. this is not anything that's normal. >> reporter: a police spokeswoman says the man and woman are known transients. >> the male originally resisted. he was bit by a canine. he was transported with non life threatening injuries. >> reporter: the executive director has a sense of humor. >> they've got their own issues. they probably need some
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nutritious food. >> reporter: but she's upset their $45,000 truck purchased with donations is now damaged. >> everybody came to get that new truck less than a year ago. we need that truck. we deliver 380 males every day to home bound frail seniors across the tricity. if we don't get the food out they won't eat. >> reporter: the organization does have a 21-year-old truck they were able to jump start and get working, frank. that is what they were going to use tomorrow to distribute those much needed meals. >> what about charges here? >> reporter: so the two people that were arrested, they're known transients. police say they are facing long list of charges including evading arrest, resisting arrest, and also stealing that truck. >> cristina, thank you. we are getting more details on a shooting that injured an antiokay police officer while he was chasing a suspect into pittsburgh. police say they spotted a black bmw that had been reported stolen in bay point just before 6:00 last night. officers chased the car to
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pittsburgh. the pursuit ended when the bmw crashed into several cars at east leland. as police moved in they say the man in the bmw started shooting, wounding a police officer. other officers then returned fire. a witness who works at a nearby gas station said she feared for her life. >> i was ducking for my life because i heard shots. so my initial -- then i was telling people to go, like everybody is on the front, like go. >> the wounded officer was treated at a hospital and released. the suspect was not hurt and surrendered. police now say they believe the suspect is the same man who shot up windows in a mcdonald's in antioch yesterday morning where his girlfriend worked. one employee was hurt but should be ojt minutes later they say he fired into a home but no one was hurt. in san jose police say they're beefing up patrols on
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this cinco de mayo. in years past downtown san jose has seen vandalism and other issues as the night goes on. 30 to 40 diecial officers will be op patrol tonight. cinco de mayo marks the victory by mexico over the french more than 150 years ago j. a special ceremony was held in sacramento to honor immigrants what are mothers. a group of women took the oath of allegiance at the world peace garden on 15th street. they are from 10 different countries bye they were all moms achieving their dreams to become u.s. citizens. >> it feels good, yeah. very exciting. at the beginning i didn't know how to react. it was lake i've been here for four years. my husband is american. >> this is the third year this type of ceremony has been held at the world peace garden for mother's day. back to the weather now as we take a look at the conditions with san francisco in the background and the new
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bay bridge in the fore ground. actually there it looks pretty nice. >> let's go back over to bill for a check of the forecast. >> is that bay bridge new? how old is it? >> a couple years. >> isn't that weird? i always think of it as the new bay bridge. here's would we have outside now. i'm tracking a system, or the whole. we've been talking about all day, but this area wrapping around the system. you see it exploding in the lasts two, three hours. that's just east of hollister but it looks like it wants to come back around. you see the motion here, right? so that could bring us a little bit of thundershower activity into the santa clara valley. that would be probably san jose south. scattered showers all over the place. that's going to continue probably tonight and into tomorrow. this cell just north and east of san jose downtown, that's mission peak, grabbing on to some of that moisture. so what we have tomorrow will bea day a lot like today with a
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little bit more shower potential. tomorrow cloudy, temperatures like these, highs tomorrow are going to be most in the sir, maybe a couple of low 70s but a better shot. you will see some of this blue sky, but a better shot at a scattered shower. that's your friday forecast. i'm back here with the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. >> still to come here, hundreds of employees at uc berkeley being laid off including one woman who has worked for the university for more than 30 years. >> >> i have been laid off and i i don't know what i will do. >> up next, the campus demonstration and why school officials say they have no choice when it comes to the layoffs. we learned today steph curry still is not ready to join his teammates on the court. mark will have an update on the mvp's status in sports. and later, just in time for mother's day, one bay area company makes a big announcement about paid family
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jibe berkeley today -- in berkeley today dozens of employees rallied against a plan to eliminate jobs. >> one woman has worked at the school more than 30 years. >> they say cut back. >> we say fate back! >> reporter: workers gathered in protest against the plan to
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eliminate 500 jobs on campus over the next two years. among them was jeanette reid who received a layoff notice after putting in 33 years as a clerical worker. >> anger and distress of course. that's natural. but it's so unnecessary. >> reporter: reid earns less than $50,000 a year, and she says that's not enough to put a dent in the university's $150 million deficit. >> this is not the world's premiere public university that the chancellor and others keep having. it's resting on its laurels. >> also losing her job this scientist in the anthropology museum. >> i may say i'm in denial. it's true, i am being laid off. and i really don't know what i will do. >> reporter: the administration says most of the job losses will come through retirement. a spokesman told us this isn't something we do happying.
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it's a response to stagnant state funding beyond the university's control. the cuts could also affect the uc berkeley police department. sources tell us that the nighttime student safety program called bear walk could be eliminated. that's where students are escorted from the campus to three car or dorm late at night. >> i definitely use it bick feel safer walking home. i want to hear crime alerts. i would like to know that i can walk home with someone. >> reporter: teamster local 2010 organized the demonstration. organizers say the cuts should come from the top, not bottom. senate's a real disappointment for somebody who treasures education as much as aid. >> reporter: january says it's fighting the layoffs, but poor layoff notices are still expected to go out. the group of people who call themselves the frisco five are now more than two weeks into their hunger strike to protest the police use of force. this morning we heard from one of the five. the group has been stationed
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outside of san francisco's mission police station calling for police chief greg suhr to resign or be fired. the chief has said he has no  plans to leave his office and says that the department has made no steps to reform. >> we are weaker than you could even imagine but we have the strength that can conquer and take over san francisco, and i am willing to go all the way with this, if it costs me my life. >> some of the other hunger strikers say they've collapsed during the past two weeks because they're only drinking water and coconut milk. one doctor said the health risks are quite serious from infection to possible cardiac arrest. another controversy for donald trump. >> i'm surprised because at that time beginning he was talking negative. >> coming up next, fall i couldn't tell over this tweet by the presumptive republican
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presidential nominee. and later, a verdict is in what. a jury today decided in the grim sleeper murder trial. plus, a touching prom proposal. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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. the presumptive republican presidential nominee had twitter in an uproar over this post that eded up going viral. it shows donald trump eating lunch at his desk. the caption says happy cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. some people were puzzled. others said that critics are being too politically correct. >> i'm surprised because at the beginning he was talking a negative about the hispanics. >> mr. trump employees thousands of hispanics. hundreds of thousands are vote account for him. >> many latinos are offended by trump's repeated comments about building a wall along the u.s. mexico border to keep out, quote, rapists and drug dealers. democratic front runner hillary clinton didn't waste any time responding to donald trump's tweet. take a look in response. it reads, i love hispanics. trump, 52 minutes ago. they're going to be departed,
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trump yesterday. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts now. >> there is new evidence indicating the republican party remains divided now that donl only is the -- now that donald trump is the standard bearer. paul ryane seased not ready tone doors trump. ryane told cnn there are a lot of questions that conservatives are going to want answers to. trump said he is not ready to support ryane's agenda. ryane has been critical of trump for being slow to distance himself and his call to ban muslims. >> the two most recent republican presidents, george w. bush and george h. w. bush are also distancing themselves from donald trump. a spokesperson for bush 43 says has no plans to attend the party's national convention in july. a spokesperson for bush 41 says that age 91, president bush is retired from


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