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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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trump yesterday. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts now. >> there is new evidence indicating the republican party remains divided now that donl only is the -- now that donald trump is the standard bearer. paul ryane seased not ready tone doors trump. ryane told cnn there are a lot of questions that conservatives are going to want answers to. trump said he is not ready to support ryane's agenda. ryane has been critical of trump for being slow to distance himself and his call to ban muslims. >> the two most recent republican presidents, george w. bush and george h. w. bush are also distancing themselves from donald trump. a spokesperson for bush 43 says has no plans to attend the party's national convention in july. a spokesperson for bush 41 says that age 91, president bush is retired from politics.
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2012 gop nominee mitt romney also says he will not attend the con vehicles. romney has been an aggressive critic of donald trump. >> there are still some primary contests yet to be decided including ours here in california but donald trump and hillary clinton are acting as though they are already the nominees. fox correspondent joel waldman with the tough talk from campaign trail. >> reporter: the dog days of summer are still weeks away but the presidential dog fight has already be gun, hillary clinton calling donald trump everything from a las canon to a bully. the democratic front runner also unleashing on twitter. republicans agree donald trump is reckless, dangerous, and divisive. trump, the presumptive republican nominee for less than 48 hours returning the favor blasting clinton for everything from her e-mail controversy to her handling of the benghazi terror attack but trump pivoting to the general election is also focusing on something else. what his vice president might be. >> governor martinez in new
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mexico is a very effective creative person. governor nikki haley in south carolina. governor fallon in oklahoma who i have some affinity for because her middle name is newt. >> reporter: before hillary clinton can consider her own vp candidate she must still get past bernie sanders. >> why we are doing so well is because we're doing something very radical for contemporary american politics. we're telling the truth. >> reporter: despite his optimism sanders would need 95% of the remaining delegates to upend clinton. >> voter registration is spike here in california. the sacramento county democratic party says has been seeing large numbers of on-line and paper sign-ups. one political tracking company says every time donald trump won a primary or a caucus registration shot up. most of the new voters are
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democrats and latinos. >> in my two decades being involved with the party i have never seen voter registration numbers like we're seeing right now. the registrar says more voters the best kind of problem to have and this should be more participating in other races such as the one for u.s. senate. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we're working to bring you the latest during all of our newscasts as well as on ktvu's mobile app. the governor of north carolina plans to respond to a justice department ult may tut on the -- ultimatum on the state's transgender bathroom policy. the justice department says it violates the rights of transgender public employees. it gave the state until the close of business on monday for a response on a remedy. >> this is no longer just a
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north carolina issue. because this conclusion by the department of justice impact every state, every university, and almost every employer in the united states of america. >> the governor hasn't said exactly what the state will do butt may laz federal funding if it doesn't comply. north carolina also faces a lawsuit by the aclu. the federal government has announced new rules for the e- cigarette industry. they did so today. they say these new rules will help protect teenagers. under the new rules cogs will have to submit a list of ingredients. teens will need to be 1 years old to bay e-cigarettes although many states already have that rule. the battery powered e grits turn nick keen into an inhalable vapor but they lack the burning tar and smoke known to cause lung cancer. >> we know in youth today what
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we know is 4.7 million young people, kids, are using tobacco product at least once month and for e-cigarettes, from 2011 to 2015 we saw a 9 100% increase in use. >> the new rules are expected to have a big impact on the $3.4 billion e-cigarette industry. experts say every flavor and nicotine level will need a separate application for approval and that each application could cost $1 million or more. the new rules are set to take effect in 90 days. ,coming up, one bay area company offering 100% paid leave to parents. how it could set a new standard for other companies. what's great about what q is doing is it applies to everyone. >> first, though, a tragedy at a high school near washington, d.c. after a gunman opens fire.
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authorities in beltsville, maryland are looking for a man who shot and killed a woman what was picking up her kids from high school today. they say the man was arguing with the woman, then shot another man who tried to intervene, and then turned the gun on the woman. the school is located near washington, d.c. police say the gunman and the woman had a past relationship. it is unclear if the woman's children saw what happened. in los angeles a jury has convicted a man of 10 murders in what's known as the grim sleeper serial killings.
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63-year-old lonnie franklin junior could be sentenced to death now during the penalty phase. the victims were mostly poor young black women. the killings went unsolved into the 10th victim was discovered in 2007. franklin was finally linked to the murders through dna. >> san bernardino county officials are working on a memorial for the victims and survivors of last december's terror attack. the county plans to dedicate the memorial to the 14 people who died. a husband and wife team is blamed for opening fire at a holiday party for county workers. so far a committee working on that memorial hasn't decided what it will look like or where it will be located. the committee includes victims families, witnesses, and county employees. >> bay area based jam into jaws has announced it's -- jamba juice has announced it's moving
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its headquarters. the company says the fact is the cost of doing business in the dallas area is more affordable than the bay area. the colls says will help relocate employees from emeryville who want to make the move. the jamba juice ceo says this relocation will better position the company to extend its brand and continue to support its franchise partners for the long term. with mother's day approaching san francisco supervisor scott wiener is celebrating companies that adopt the new family leave program. he made a guest appearance at the offices of a start-up today. the company's ceo sleets implement 10% paid parental leave at their locations in san francisco, los angeles, chicago, and new york. wiener led the push for san francisco's new family leave law. our goal is eventually to have a grade national program that covers all of our working families. with great -- what's great about what q is doing is it
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applies to everyone. >> managed by q is the first start-up to announce it is adopting the 100% pay benefit in locations outside of san francisco j. a heart warming "promposal." what makes this particularly proposal so special. we're tracking that chance of a thundershower still in the bay area, especially the south bay. we'll be tracking that and the future for friday's forecast.
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new at 6:30 tonight a prom invitation that a special needs student at folsom high school may never forget. >> reporter rob malcolm tells us the elaborate lengths that her dated, her family, and volunteers all went through to make at magical. >> i she has no idea at all. so that's going to be very fun. it's going to be fun. >> at 6' 6", 290 pounds, cooper richardson is a gentle giant. >> it's a little nerve-racking, but have fun, stay calm. >> he's asking a girl to the prom. >> maddie thompson morally, will you please come up here. >> when her name was called she ran and conor stepped out and popped the question. >> will you go to evening dreams with me? >> yes, i would love to.
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>> dry eyes were hard to find. this saturday maddie and keeper will be arm and arm for the evening of dreams event. >> did you think you were going to be overcome by emotion? >> yes. >> i hear you have a beautiful dress. >> it's like a cinderella. it's like cinderella, and because it's like all the glitter and it's cute. >> maddie's mom hid the secret for two weeks. and her daughter's prom dream now a reality. >> she has always wanted to go. she's always fancied herself with everything from frozen to star wars so this event is going to be absolutely magical. >> inc. of dreams is geared for special needs students, usually unable to attend regular proms or home coming event. >> it is their one night to feel special. it's their one night to feel
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loved. >> cooper gave us his senior trip to disneyland to attend and for him it was about getting back ?iew. might get a date that can't talk, or you will get a date that can't have h type of food so you have to learn how to communicate with them. >> maddie and her besties are looking forward to the black tie evening and the memories to follow. >> the flowers, the poster. thank you for everything did you for me. >> oh, that's so sweet. >> isn't that great? watching her run up to the staple and just seeing her cry and seeing her mom, how proud she was. what a great story. >> also evening of dreams work with other school district to pair special needs students with athletes and student leaders for a special night. they have some 500 volunteers who plan these prom nights. >> can't wait to see the pictures. >> let's talk about our weather and bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. a crazy day in some parts, but then for other folks, nothing.
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>> just got a message from up bain butte -- from up in butte county. heavy thunder strikes that will continue into tomorrow. i'll show you that on radar. just that kind of pattern. here's the forecast as we go into tomorrow. you can see the temperatures are going to be mainly in the 60s. the greens are 60s. i'm going back it up a little bit. i got ahead of myself. i wanted to show you this area here. just south of san jose you can see some showers up near morgan hill. if i put in this motion for you, we'll push it up, and will you seat right there. you see the trajectory. it's got this sort of a slant on it. that wasn't a very good lain, but something like. that what we're looking at is morgan hill, san jose, potential for some showers or thundershowers in the next couple of hours. mainly south santa clara
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valley. but again this is the nature of this. it's just widely scattered showers. they're not coming from west to east. they're going like this. they're coming back around. they're either coming back from the south, back down from the north, and it's definitely a tough pattern to track. that's why tomorrow we're into it again. so what you saw today you will see tomorrow but a little bit more. i think you will see a little bit more of what we saw today tomorrow. the cloud forecast for tomorrow, lots of greens. those are sick tomorrow. yellow, a couple of 70s. san jose tomorrow maybe a spring cal or two. you see what's going on here. it's not going to shut you down but i would say this. if you get under one of the cells like in oakley today it will shut you down, for about 10 minutes, then it's done. chance of showers in the afternoon on friday, then at chance as we head into friday afternoon. we just keep them in there. i think saturday things start to clear out but there's stale slight chance saturday. forecast highs tomorrow upper 60s, maybe a couple of low 70s. 68 in gilroy, 68 in morgan
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hill. then the five-day forecast which is kind of messy forecast. i wish could i just dial it down and go sun, sun, sun, and rain, but it's a little bit of sun, a little bit of rain. it lake today but more showers. this cell, don't sweat but there might be some resid walls by saturday that way. east of the noon. you are going to be looking at probably part am sunny, mostly sunny no, rain. sunday is an outstanding day. there's your monday and tuesday with haze into the upper 70s. tomorrow has the potential to be very similar to today. just the same dynamic exists. a little bit of everything. >> yeah. and they're getting snow tin mountains, too. at the higher elevations. >> thunder, hail, snow. >> a little bit of everything. >> coming up here, the sharks and predators battling it out in game four of their second round match-up in nashville. and that was steph curry sight at the warriors practice today but will he be ready to play this saturday against the trail blazers? mark is up next with sports.
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warriors practicing today. and there was a steph curry sight but will he play or won't he play? >> what are we going to do when steph curry is like totally healthy and there's no question
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about whether he will play? there's a lot of speculation. we all know it. every kay it seems like is he going to play game three? i don't care what they're speculating about. the answer is no, he is not going to play saturday night in portland against the trailblazers with the warriors leading two games to none, but yeah, julie was rate. it we did have a steph sighting. he looks good. he didn't do a lot of heavy lifting, so to speak, out on the court what. they want to sea is how he's moving laterally. he's moving forwards and backwards. so we'll miss him for a couple more games. the guy they did not miss and want to see more of, festus ezequiel who was just -- festus is ezelli. sparking the warriors to three comeback win, festus ezeli, his first appear as in this series. it was a great one. >> each game i'm making a lot
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of progress. my teammates are helping me out a lot. draymond has been looking for me a lot. playing with him, he's -- playing with anybody on this team really, but everybody gets out there on defense so we cover a lot. we cover up for each other a lot so it's easy for me to get my rhythm back. so when the first half didn't go so well, we made the decision at halftime to give festus an opportunity. we knew that was going to happen at some point. we wanted to give festus his shot and he played great. >> just another example of how deep the warriors are. they bring him off the bench, spectacular. things are getting serious for the sharks. they want to take command of the series in nashville. they played their best hockey of the year but things are not going so well against the nashville predators who won game three to cut the sharks overall lead. 2-1, they scored just 41 seconds into the game.
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but 3:03 in, brent burns, one of the best defensemen in the nhl scored. it's 8-1. but nashville comes right back. james neil will gate good shot on goal. deflected in by mike fisher. so we're at the first intermission with the sharks trailing 2-1. obviously still two periods to go. sharks have plenty of time to come back. if they win, they'll take a command 3-g-1 series lead. that's what they're trying to focus june. this funny video. six years ago on throw-back thursday this happened in boston. just one of those amusing moments. let's press play and go on the videotape and take a look at it. down the left field line goes your pop fly ball, and the guy trying to catch it will get nailed by, of all things, not beer, but a fan throws a slice of pizza at hit. and then he gets splashed with beer, and then will you watch the reverse angle of the pizza
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coming in there, and then the two have words. you threw a slice of pizza at me. what's the matter with you? six years ago at fenway park, boston. the famous flying pizza evident. >> have you ever been to fenway? >> many times. >> it's a cool ballpark. >> you get in playoff atmosphere, it's spectacular. really the best part about is it what goes on outside. very festive. one of the coolest places to see a game. >> so steph curry definitely not on saturday. >> they're not going to come out and say that but he's not going to play. why would you risk that? remember they said two weeks before he's reevaluated he felt was injured, it will be two weeks ago sunday. >> saturday, how many games until the next game? >> they just play monday night, one game off. so i think you are going to see a steph curry on the court monday night in portland, particularly if the warriors are up 3-06789 they want to
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make sherry's at least got some of his rhythm back by the time they take on whoever they play next, either the spurs or okc. >> who would you rather see them play? >> they're both tough. >> i would rather see them play okc to tell you the truth. >> sharks bert come back tonight. >> our coverage continues now over at ktvu plus. ken wayne standing by what. are you guys work ong? >> julie, the california republican party, is it in even more trouble now that donald trump appears to be the nominee? we're going to talk to an expert. the big one may be closer than you think. new information on the san andreas fault. join keba heather and me on ktvu plus. m$
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