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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  May 6, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning. the democratic presidential hopefuls are focused on california. ahead of next month's primary here. we'll tell you where hillary clinton will be making a campaign stop in the bay area later today and the message she has for her opponent, bernie sanders. big traffic trouble on highway 4. an injury accident that sent seven people to the hospital has really injured the commute as well. look at that. it's barely moving coming out of bay point on the way to con court. and nearly two dozen buildings in san francisco, and now the academy of ard is in legal trouble 7:00 this friday morning.
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i'm gasia mikaelia >> early happy mother's day to you. >> we will, thank you. >> let's talk about the weather. steve paulson will tell you how to prepare. >> well, it is raining. better opportunity for more general rain than thunderstorms but they are certainly possible again today but probably better opportunities to the north. santa rosea, calistoga north. that line is on the way. it will be here for a couple of hours. most of the morning commute will be fine. lightning strikes into northeast california. there is the line right off here better city, rockland and heading towards sacramento and eventually towards us. that line will clip us to the east bay, peninsula and east bay. by sunday, it will be far now
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south and east that it will be on the drier side. the low is a pretty big system for this time of the year. cloudy skies, rain moves in, possible thundershowers. 60s for most of the high. these are below normal tells. highway 4, sal? >> highway 4, it's a shame, steve because we were having a good commute on friday and many commutes are lighter but not highway 4. if you take highway 4 in concord to antioch, this crash is still underway although it looks like they are making preparations to get it out of the way. seven people went to the hospital. the firetruck is still there in the far left lane. and traffic is a mess, really slow coming out of antioch. i'll show you just in case you want to see it for yourself. traffic is barely moving. we do see the bart tracks
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there, transit has been moving and that's a decent option for you. look at the slow traffic here that looks terrible. going to take a while for this to unwind, even if they open the lanes up pretty soon. we'll be on top for you. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, moderate. you can look at 880 see traffic. if you look at the map, you can see the red on it. the rest of it is looking good. 580, 880, slowing in hayward but look better than normal. 7:03. back to the desk. >> we'll start with the race for the white house. the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump is not getting the backing of many party leaders. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fosing on california.
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alex savidge is live where hillary clinton will make a stop here. >> yes. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are getting set for next month's primary. hillary clinton suggested in the past day or so that it's time for sanders to stretch aside. at 4:00, hillary clinton will speak here in oakland. this is being described as anologying event for her campaign. after she finishes up here at the elementary school, she will head to a fundraiser in san francisco tonight. that fundraiser, she will appear alongside california senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. meantime, bernie sanders is promising more appearances here in northern california. last saturday, sanders opened his second campaign office in the state in oakland's rock ridge district. while he is pushing ahead here in california, yesterday, during an appearance in l.a., clinton urged her opponent to drop out of the race pointing
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out that he is well behind in the delegate count. >> i am nearly 300 pledged delegates ahead of senator sanders. when i was running against then senator obama, he was about 60 or so pledged delegates ahead. a much, much smaller margin than what we see in this race. so i withdrew. i endorsed him. >> on the republican side of things, donald trump appears to have the nomination locked up but he is not getting a whole lot of support from party leaders. among others, republican house speaker paul ryan has refused to endorse trump as the party's nominee. trump fired back at the speaker saying he does not support ryan's agenda. the chairman of the republican party tried to smooth things out, setting up a meeting between trump and ryan that will happen next week. on the democratic side, we are
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in for a serious fight as bernie sanders and hillary clinton are gearing to fight for the 300 or so delegates. and clinton is set to make an appearance as a school west of lake merit? >> it is tucked away. i would not imagine it has a huge impact although, possibly, as clinton makes her way here to the school, there could be some street closures. some those rolling street closures that we send to see when we have folks making their way into town. so, it could be that. i think the school is tucked away here. i don't think it should have a huge impact here on traffic necessarily this afternoon. >> alex, thank you. a tweet posted by cinco donald trump on cinco de mayo has generated some controversy.
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he posted this. political analyst interpret the move as an attempt by trump to appeal to latino voter who -- voters who may have alienated latinos. >> more latinos are registering to vote this year, specifically to vote against donald trump. he says that could hurt trump in swing states such as florida, colorado, nevada and new mexico. san jose police will stay on alert out in full force over the weekend to prevent extended cinco de mayo celebrations from getting out of hand. last night, festivities kicked off there were some minor side shows and cars doing stunts in the middle of the sint ex.
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intersection. police blocked only soft streets. a stretch of east santa clara street is a known problem area during these celebrations. >> in years past, we have seen some vandalism to shops but nothing really, windows broken, tagging, but it's been taken care of. >> san jose brought in their s.w.a.t. team. the gang suppression unit and the traffic division to help control the crowds and the track. police in napa, they were called yesterday to vintage high school after reports of a possible riot. but it turned out to be a demonstration during a cultural celebration. several students posted on social media that the incident began because students had mexican flags out celebrating cinco de mayo. however, the school's principal says that is completely false. he says it start after some students used inappropriate comments and conduct while trying to celebrate their ethnic heritage and that upset some of the other students. no arrests were made. san francisco city attorney
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dennis herrera is expected to file a lawsuit against the academy of art university. today's chronicle reports that the academy converted almost two dozen buildings into a real estate empire. the city has imposed several fines against the school for what it calls violations. herrera could announce the lawsuit at a news conference later today time is now 7:09. out of the news this morning, the san jose sharks now headed back home after last night's game which went late into the night and lasted through three overtimes. it ended in a disappointing loss against the nashville predators. the series is now tied up. ktvu fox news janine de la vega is in san jose. what's ahead now? >> reporter: dave, game 5 is tomorrow night here at the shark tank. you can see inside there as
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this bus passes there, there is a huge flag there with the shark logo. sharks banners all over downtown. a lot of fans are going to be here rooting for them. >> last night, it was not meant to be. that was the goal that ended the game. mike fibber gave the nashville predators a 4-3 win. the game went into triple overtime and was the longest in the 2016 postseason. joe pavelski's goal was waived off because he made incidental contact with the goalie. >> fees like i'm getting pushed and hammered and i'm just looking for the puck. i know i hit it before the goal line. it's one of those plays. i don't know. that's kind of your hands. the ref skates by and says we have no goal on the ice, you
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know. >> now, the series is tied 2-2. game 5 takes place, as i mentioned at the sap center here tomorrow. there are tickets still available. they start at around $79 and go up to 500-dollar. as far as game 6, it's in nashville on monday. steve? >> janine de la vega in san jose, thank you. a massive wildfire burning in canada. we'll have a perspective of just how much land has been burned so far. as far as wild weather here in the east bay, damage caused by lightning on the woman who is recovering after lightning hit her. and we are looking at a morning commute looks like on the frontage road of the east shore freeway. there is a clash clearing out and that is causing some rubber necker value. also backing up that frontage road on 80 westbound to
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berkeley. this commute has now suddenly become very slow. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a few breaks in the north bay. rain coming back from the sierra. we'll show it to you coming up.
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really shook up the nerves of the students and staff at a middle school all happening after 9:00 yesterday morning there were reports of at least two lightning strikes in eastern contra costa county. a man said his house took a direct hit and his sister working on top of her mobile home next door was also hit by lightning. >> she got sapped in the knee or thigh area, knocked her off the trailer. she is in the hospital now.
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>> just off the road in o'hara middle school, lightning caused a big boom, sets off fire alarms and affected the phone systems at the school. no damage reported but three kids were evaluated. and san bernardino county is working on a memorial for the victims of the attack. 14 people were killed. victims' relatives and county workers who witnessed the shooting have been meeting talking about plans for a memorial dedicated primarily to those who died and it will recognize survivors and first responders. a man accused of attempted murder is accused of leading police on a very long slow speed chase. it all started, say plays, when a man tried to attack someone with a handgun in los angeles. when police tried to pull him
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over, he sped away. the car crashed into the center divide a few times, and his tires were blown by spike strips. the man barricaded himself inside the car and he was eventually arrested. a candidate for the marin county board of supervisors will attempt to swim 13 miles trying to raise awareness of issues affecting the county, specifically traffic. the goal is to finish that swim in about two hours because he says that's the average time that drivers spend in traffic during the peak commute times. he is one of eight candidates vying for a seat that's been held for almost 20 years by steve kinsey. there is nothing friday light about what's happening on highway 4 in the east bay. >> no, there is not, gas ya.
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highway 4, gasia and dave, very slow because of an earlier crash that's clearing out. they have one vehicle there left in the center divide. things are moving better now but the damage is done here on highway 4. it is backed up, way back into antioch and it's beginning to unwind a little bit. but if you use highway 4 this morning, and you head out from antioch to concord, you're going to be stuck in a bunch of traffic the only encouraging sign is that things are beginning to move again and it should be a little bit, though, because it unwind. you can see it's going to take a minute. not literally a minute. this is a look at some sort of a crash on the frontage root here in berkeley between university and ashby. people were looking at it. now that it's cleared or being cleared, the track is recovering but 80 westbound has been pretty slow coming in from richmond. so, again, a couple of good commutes that were spoiled by incidents here. if you are driving to the rest
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of the east bay, does not look too bad here. i look at the san mateo and dunn barton bridge, for example, and traffic is okay. slowing on 82 as you head over to 101. it's now 7:18. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. mostly cloudy skies. a few cloud in the north bay and that's the best area for possible thunderstorms today but there is a line moving right off the sierra towards us. truckey reports a thunderstorm at this hour. just me checked in on my gauge in truckee. an inch quarter of rain. keep pushing the fire season out. that's a good thing. i would say so. we didn't have much rain here. but we did have some rain. around lake county, i saw a couple of report of about 1/3 inch in high elevations fair field brentwood, valk vacaville
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, suisun city. you know, here we are in may, not bad. here comes the next band of moisture making a bee line toward us right off the sierra, heavy rain being reported now. marysville, just passed. and it's on the way to eastern son no, napa county. again, the parameters for severe weather looks to be better in the north bay. that's wait it looks to me because you are getting a few breaks. about santa rosa, calistoga north looks to be better, even though you had some yesterday, this is the main focus as that swings in from the sierra nevada, wrapping up around the low which is off southern california and this is going to be the pattern to at least saturday, maybe late saturday, early, early sun day. rain, on and off thunderstorm will continue to develop in the sierra and it's going to be very active up there, maybe 3 1/2 inches now over the next
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couple of days. it's going to be a rainy pattern, maybe more thunderstorms with hail up there as well. for us, cloudy, mostly cloudy, rain moves in, possibility of thunderstorms again. this time, though, i would favor the north bay over anywhere else. that's a broad brush and be is in the mix. a lot of fog, quiet here. not much of a breeze. 60s on the temps. these are below normal. today and tomorrow, still the possibility of rain and thunderstorms starting to ease out late saturday. sunday looks better. monday and tuesday will look better. >> that's going to make gasia happy >> and more importantly, gasia's mom. we sat down with the mother of draymond green. >> is there anything that he is afraid of? [ laughter ]. >> look at that mom face. wait until you hear the big secret she told us about that big tough warrior star and his biggest fear. and skate boards on
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freeways? up next, the dangerous social media trend that has authorities in southern california on high alert.
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>> no, sal, not the intruder >> hey, an oldie but goody.
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i'll always my mamma, the intruders. people requested that song. so many people -- let me see. this is dedicated to maria and dedicated to sarah and dedicated to rhonda. just so many. i could not really possibly get into it. but, thank you, if you requested this song and thank you to your moms. we are doing a tribute to mothers today. i'll play a request every friday morning. just use the hashtag ktvu. a proactive burglary victim helped san francisco police recover a stash of items and capture man. man broke into her home and stole some laptops and cameras. she saw the cameras listed on
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social media. police recovers rifle, drones, bicycle, power tool, computer- related items and even jeans worth about $200 a pair. officers locked more than 80 items of he have. they want to reunite them with their rightful own hes. time now is 7:25. uc berkeley plans to eliminate hundreds of jobs because of budget problems and some of the worker, fighting back. yesterday, dozens of university employees protested. the administration wants to cut 500 jobs over the next two years to cut a 150 million- dollar budget deficit. university officials say that most of the job cuts will come through retirements and attrition. >> this is not the world's premiere public university that the chancellor and others keep touting. it's resting on its laurel and they are driving it into the ground. >> i want to say that i'm in
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denial. it's true. i'm being laid off and i really don't know what i will do. >> a spokesman for uc berkeley told ktvu that the job cuts are in response to stagnant state funding beyond the control of the university. aim campus police may also been affected. the nighttime student escort program is being eliminated and there is now a new stunt. a said board land on the road and continues along the median. this dangerous trend even has its own hashtag, free way challenge. two hunger strikers in san francisco finally talk with mayor ed lee on the phone. up next, how they say he reacted to their demand. we'll tell you why dozens of officers from around the bay
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area and across the state are on their way to the east coast. leaving their squad car here but riding their bike.
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7:29. good morning. pictures just now of that massive fire that is still burning up in canada. some 1600 homes have burned. more than 80,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. many with nothing more than what they could carry out in
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their arms. in a moment, brian moor will join us to give us a startling perspective of how much land has burned so far. that is happening in canada, can. and here cal tran has declared an early start to the wildfire season. let's talk about the weather right now. steve paulson is here. >> rain is moving to the east bay. it's on its way now. there are a few breaks in the clouds up in the north bay but a lot of comments i'm getting. eerily quiet. pretty quiet. well, that's sweeping back in and we have a lot of cloud cover over us. look at the air flow coming from east to west. this is coming off the sierra and there are reports of heavy rain, especially around sacramento area. this is going to move back into eastern napa county,solano. some reports of sprinkles, light rained around brentwood. starting to work it way toward
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walnut creek and some of this moisture, the leading edge of this band rotating around the low. 50s on the temps. i don't think these will change too much. pop-up, a lot of moisture rotating off of that, making a bee liner making a direct line towards us. cloudy to mostlily cloudy skies. 60s for most temps. where do you want to start, berkeley or highway 4 or both? >> we'll talk about highway 4 because the perk lee thing, fortunately, was not as serious as the highway 4 thing. injury crash at the willow pass grade. it was there for about 40 to 45 minutes and it really took its damage on highway 4, backed it up big time as you drive out from antioch and get out to the highway 4 area. it's getting a little bit better but it's still going to be very slow. if you drive highway 4, as a matter of fact, i didn't call for this in my lineup but if
7:32 am
the guys in the control room could pop up my map real quick, there it is. you can see the road sensors are very slow. now, 680 does not look bad and 680 is looking lighter than usual. part of it is because it's friday and, sometimes, we have light traffic and part of it is because a lot of people are stuck on highway 4. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge. this is getting lighter. so this is having a pretty light commute. this is a look at the south bay commute now. traffic is going to be busy. if you are driving on 280 northbound, you can see traffic is moving along okay. now, at 7:32, let's go back to the desk. >> sal, we are still following developments in alberta, canada, where wildfires have forced 80,000 people to evacuate. brian flores has been following
7:33 am
the developing situation there. >> reporter: this fire has grown to roughly 330 square miles. to put that into perspective, this fire has roughly burped an area the size from san francisco all the way down to palo alto. again, this fire is only expected to get bigger. the fort mcmurray area of alberta is surrounded by wilderness. this is an area that is oil rich. many of the people who live here work canada's oil field. combine the landscape with high wind, low humidity and above average temperatures, you have what one canadian official calls a continue der tinder box. this fire which may have started from lightning has expanded. >> the rcaf is ready to provide support to the province of
7:34 am
alberta, deliver essential aid to affect regions and transport firefighting personnel and equipment to these regions >> more than 11100 firefighters are on the ground. 145 helicopters and 22 air takers are all battling this wildfire that some say may have been started by lightning. we talked about the need for rain. there is a 40% chance of showers in this area for sat bay but this area needs it at this point because this fire is getting out of control. >> thank you, brian. time now is 7:34. a house fire in san leandro county injured a firefighter. it started at a home on liberty street and spread to an unattached garage. no one was hurt. it's unclear how the firefighter was hurt, but on
7:35 am
twitter, he is okay. and some officers are getting ready to fly to new york and some on bicycles. >> reporter: those officers made their way through the security checkpoint. they say that seeing their fellow officers from around the country means that they are all part of a solemn group that none of them really wants to be a part of and that is members of a police organization who has lost someone. i watched as dozens of the police officers gathered here to be part of a police unity tour. first organized in 1997. cyclists start in new jersey and make their way to washington, d.c. that ride
7:36 am
started with just 18 cyclists and has grown to include more than 1900 rider, as many as 2000 riders. many are from this area. >> i'm riding for the 21,000 officers with their names on the law enforcement millimeterall wall. and stan nini was killed in the line of duty on july 35th, 2005. >> over the years, cyclists have raised 18 million-dollar for the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. the ride is set to get underway on monday. officers and supporters will roll into washington, d.c. on thursday. you know, one final note. in talking with those officers, they tell me that, as they approach washington, d.c., instead of going in a big peloton like a big bunch, they pair off and ride side by side, very silent, solemn and they say that's an incredible sight to see.
7:37 am
we talked to a couple of those officers and we'll try to get video from some of the officers' perspective so we can see what it is like to ride in that amazing ride. the activists calling themselves the frisco side is talking to mayor ed lee but they say that he refused to listen to their demands. they are now more than would weeks into their hunger strike. the mayor told them he stands behind the chief's record. some of the strikers say they have collapsed during the past two weeks as they are only drinking water and coconut milk. time is now 7:37. the gilroy school district is accused of not reporting sexual harassment by one of its teachers. a lawsuit filed by attorney gloria allred claim that gilroy school officials knew that a
7:38 am
teacher sent messages to a teenager. lay was allowed to keep his job he was arrested last week on felony charges of soliciting lewd images from boys online by posing as a female. >> they protected an individual who admittedly engaged in gross sexual misconduct. because they failed to make meaningful action, many more children were harmed. >> in a statement, the school district said in 2014, the district received a complaint that mr. le exchanged texts. . district officials say that they are working with the police through this investigation. gloria allred has been meeting with parents of reported victims. new this among, we are learning about a new twist in the sexual assault case against
7:39 am
former 49ers and raiders player dana stubblefield. his attorneys will hold a news conference at 11:00. they say they will announce major new developments in the case. dana stubblefield is a former 49er and raider player who is accused of raping a developmentally challenged woman who went to his home to apply for a job. the big union in greece began a three-day general strike today. it is the latest sign of growing anger and discontent with greece's left-led coalition government. many services like public transportation, garbage collection, even news broadcasts are suspended over this weekend. the strike was timed to coincide with the vote of a bill overhauling the pension system in greece. that is the latest reform proposed by the government under requirements for greece's
7:40 am
third international bailout. economists say that they are disappointed about the brand new jobs report that came out about two hours ago. the labor department announce that had u.s. employers added 160,000 jobs in april, the fewest in seven months. the unemployment rate did stay at 5%. the job report indicates a slow down which is raising concern about economic growth. the experts say that as a result, the feds may hold off on raising interest rates in june. we all know about touch screen. could be all about touch skin technology. just ahead, we'll show you how this new interface could work anew. and forget about flowers and jewelry. than youful and inexpensive ways you can show your mom you love her on this mother's day. good morning. looking at my phone, hey, hey, hey. there is a morning commute underway that is going to be slow. this is improving, but i tell
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you why your highway 4 commute is still terrible. i'm on. all right. we have rain on the way already starting in brentwood. we'll take a look at it coming up. seit all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. and right now, you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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lynn erred lynird skinyrd. this is my favorite song from
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them. great song. songs for mother's day. if there is a special song that you want to hear -- hold on. i'm getting a little. >> whether lynyrd skinyrd is a your jam or other things, the issue is mother's day. >> it's all about mom pam cook is here. she has some really easy, very thoughtful ideas to make mom really happy. >> yes. if you ask moms, they want something thoughtful, something from the heart. that means more out of your time. maybe moms have always been bugging you to play tennis or go to the park, on a hike or a walk or stop by her favorite crafting place. take her out. another idea, load up her kindle or tablet with e books.
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if you know your mom's favorite author or genre, download them. you can go to an actual book score or even go to the library and pick out some good books for moms to read. gift cards are great but put some thoughts into it. find out a store she loves and maybe one that's a splurge for her because it's expensive and full of nonessential but very fun things that you would like to have. a great way to get something for moms that she would not. other idea, digitize her photos. put it together. you can take a class together. i've done this a few times. my mom and i took a cooking class together. another time, we took a cake decorating class together. it was awesome.
7:46 am
if your mom likes to play games, family games, arrange a game night whereverryone sits together. number 1, everyone gets along, right, because you a-- i ask her that every year. i just want everyone to get along. and clean out her car, organize her car, vacuum out her car. you know, we haul kids around. moms haul kids around. >> dig those cheerios and french fries out from the seat cushion. >> nothing beats a handwritten note if you are in the kindergarten are first grade. >> with the mills spelling or letters spelled backwards you have to check my facebook page. i'm going to post two things of home made books that my daughter made. one, what would we do without mom or what would the world be
7:47 am
without mom? or a gazillion things to love mom. here you go. >> he tears up. >> he is a softy, too. >> check out your facebook page. >> time is 7:47. >> no crying about the warriors. the warriors won't get steph curry back for game 3 of the nba playoff. steph originally said chances are pretty good he would be back but steve kerr says, no, he needs to take part in practice before he gets back into game. he has not been in a scrimmage although he took part in some drills. the warriors lead 2-0 in the series remember when our julie haener actually bumped into steph curry? she was there to talk about the
7:48 am
mother known as dram-mom. >> she asked her what draymond is asking. >> you are laughing. >> draymond is afraid, terrified of cats. >> he is afraid of cats. >> terrified. >> why? [ laughter ] >> reporter: did he have a bad experience with cats? [ laughter ]. >> reporter: what? i could think a lot more worse. >> i don't like to tell people that because i don't want them to play a joke. [ laughter ]. >> you know it's good when she can barely get the words out, right? we do hope that you have seen all of julie haener's interview with draymond green's mother. if you have not seen it, it is entertaining, heart warming. it is a lovely story just ahead on mother's day. >> i love her, too. time is 7:48. let's check in with sal. no, we're going to go to the weather first. we'll pull steve paulson over.
7:49 am
the weather is changing. >> isn't it, though? >> and steve is over there. look at the sky right now. of course well, why am i now? >> we'll sneak that in. >> there is why. >> there is sal castenada. >> you know, he played that sim -- simple man. he is probably there talking to joe johnson. [ laughter ]. >> quiet as a church mouse out there. dare i say -- dare, dare, kind of east coastish. >> yes, you can say that. >> i had about three people say that. very quiet. rainfall yesterday from the thunderstorms. many, many locations in lake county with a 1/3 inch, mostly in the higher elevations though, fair field, vacaville,
7:50 am
suisun. not too bad and there is more on the way coming right off the sierra in the valley now trying to work its way into the east bay, there are reports of rain in brentwood, light rain, sprinkles, heavy rain being reported. best opportunity, at least based on what i'm seeing here, for thunderstorm activity would be in the north bay, there are a few little breaks in the clouds. that band is heading towards us. embedded within that could be some more showers and thundershower activity you can see a line here, lake county, mendocino county, northern sonoma and maybe northern napa. i think that bears watching for later today but the next lane is punching in right now, and there you go, towards discovery bay, brentwood, barkley ranch beginning to rain. this is the system that's sliding in. it will be here for the morning hours, maybe into early afternoon. everything is rotating around the low which is off southern california. i don't think that the temps have budged one degree since i got in here.
7:51 am
rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms yesterday up in the sierra, more rain and thunderstorms again today. and that flow coming off that is going to play under our weather today and also saturday until the low can get far enough east and south and that won't be until probably very early sunday. so cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain moves in. possible thunderstorms. 60s for most. 60s to -- one 70 in the mix there. temperatures will slowly rebound there. won't be until monday. look for below normal temps. sunday should be betterment monday, tuesday. now he's back, mr. sal castenada. i'm sure you were checking all your monitor screens to get updates. >> yes, that's what i was doing. we'll stuck with that story. good morning, everyone. >> there is still a light commute here at the bay bridge. steve just talked about the wet weather. so we might get a little bit lucky if it rains and traffic volume is light because when it
7:52 am
does rain, we tend to get a lot of crashes reported. and this is a look at 880. track here is not all that bad although there is some slowing as you drive up to oakland downtown from san leandro. showing you the south bay commute on the maps here, track is going to be slow but it's definitely not as bad as it normally is. the volume is lower on friday. we know. this now in silicon valley and getting to it from the east bay is just a little better than normal. not completely good but if you drive every day, you'll in the it's better than other days. 7:52. back to the desk. thank you, sal. >> more changes are expected for apple music. this time good news putting money back into your binge account. we'll tell you how you can pay half price for this service. and carjackers hitting a meal on wheel truck.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
diswrrchltses a man and woman are in the alameda county jail right now accused of carjacking a meals on wheels truck in fremont. police say that they stole the truck right in front of stunned volunteers yesterday morning. the police say that they then led them on a brief chase driving that truck through union city in hayward before it flipped over on en interstate 580 on ramp. that was where police were table able to take them into
7:56 am
custody after a brief struggle. the man uxly resisted. a canine was bruised to apprehend the suspect. he got bit by the canine. >> they have their open issues, probably need some nutritious food. you know, i mean, who would do that, right? >> reporter: meals on wheels does have an old truck that volunteers were able to get back on the road. it will be used today to get meals on wheel to theneedy while the regular one is getting fixed. exercising outside almost always outweighs the risks of air outside. 1% of cities around the world are too polluted for people to benefit from exercising outside. air quality is no excuse to be
7:57 am
inactive. time is 7:56. the city of san francisco will dedicate a cable car to my boy hood hero, baseball hall of famer willie mays. today was his 85th birthday. last year, willie mays received the presidential medal of freedom. san francisco city officials will place a special plaque in his honor on cable car number 24, of course, the number that he wore throughout his hall of fame career. 7:57. cinco de mayo holidays may not be over but it's not stopping some officers from patrolling the roads. just ahead, what you will see san jose officers will be doing this weekend. and democratic presidential hopefuls are here. we'll show you where hillary clinton will make a stop here. we are looking at a commute here that is light. but just up the road, there is a busy traffic on interstate
7:58 am
880. we'll take a look at that, too. >> mostly cloudy, a few sun breaks in the north bay but i don't think they'll last too long. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. back to the drawing room. >> had to get some music in there. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. friday, may 6th. and we are looking live here at san jose. >> it's the sap center. let's make it clear. we'll check with janine de la vega to talk about what is next for the team and how this is
8:01 am
the time to pull out your teal if you have it. >> that's right. got to do it. this weekend is an mourn one. the weather is very interesting. >> for saturday, iny, sunday looks better. it's raining again. david hood tells us it's raining on walnut creek. the band coming in off the sierra tracking right towards us, there are some breaks in the north bay from san rafael up to san rosa. they won't last too long. there is a line moving through right now. the rain shield is increasing as well. caveat, east bay, south bay, peninsula. the north bay has a good opportunity for thunderstorms to develop because they have a few more breaks in the clouds. we'll have a line trying to form there.
8:02 am
here comes the rain moving into the east bay, again, seems to be weakening a little bit but that is weakening. 50s on the temps. a lot of cloud cover, rain, thunderstorms up in the sierra. that will continue for another day or two and then start to wind down on sunday. for us, likewise, as well, looks like sunday morning, things start to get betterment cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain moves in, possible thunderstorms again. 60s for most. sal? highway 4? where do you want to go? >> we are starting with highway 80 west bound because it's slow, steve. we had a crash not on 80 but on the frontage road. people on 80 were looking at it. that's gone, but traffic is slow. pretty solid drive heading out to the mcarthur maze. it's held some people back. we don't have a big back up at the bay bridge toll plaza but it's very possible that some people are not getting through
8:03 am
it at the statement rate. you know, that's why it's light. we'll take it here, though. it's light at the by bridge and no big delays. highway 4, earlier crashes that were cleared out. the crash on highway had at willow pass grade. several people went to the hospital there those crashes are all gone now. but track is still very slow. now at 8:02, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >> in the race for the white house, republican party leaders are reluctant to support donald trump. >> and democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focusing on california's june 7th primary. >> reporter: sanders supporters showed up in big numbers yesterday to protest hillary clinton when she made a visit down to l.a. it's possible she could face a similar reception when she arrives here in the bay area later on today. clinton is scheduled to speak here at lae escalita school
8:04 am
here. she will head to fran for what is described as a sold out fundraiser where she will appear with barbara feinstein and barbara boxer. clinton asked sanders to drop out pointing out that she is well ahead. but sanders has his sights set on the june primary. clinton is setting her sights to the general election. she courted hispanic voters specifically pointing out donald trump's plans to do away with executive actions that allow the children of illegal immigrants to remain in this country. >> he has plans in his first days of office to scrap daca and dappa and finalize a design
8:05 am
for a giant wall on the border. well, the best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets there at the white house. >> and speaking of donald trump, he appears to have the nomination locked up but he is not getting much support from republican party leaders. mongers, republican house speaker paul ryan yesterday refused to endorse trump as the party's nominee. trump fired back at the speaker saying that he does not support ryan's agenda. the chairman of the republican party is trying to smooth things out and setting up meetings between trump and speaker ryan that will happen next week. again, on the democratic side of things, all eyes are on california and the 475 delegates up for grabs here. hillary clinton arriving in the bay area later on today for an event here at la escolita fundraising event in oakland and the fundraising event in san francisco. a tweet posted by donald
8:06 am
trump has once again generated controversy. he posted this photo of himself eating a tacos bowl with the question, happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in trump tower girls the i love hispanic. political and theists interpret the move as -- political analysts the move as courting the hispanic vote. >> about 30% of hispanics voted republicans. trump has unfavorable 80% rating among hispanic.  latinos have been registering in record numbers specifically to vote against trump. police told thrust were no major incidents from last night's cinco de mayo but the police are going to stay on alert because holiday celebrations will extend into
8:07 am
the weekend. festivities picked off last night and there were minor side shows and cars doing donuts in the streets. the police blocked off some street around san jose to keep a lid on wreckless driving. people who live around there say that is a known trouble spot in previous celebrations. >> there have been vandalism to shops, nothing broken, windows tagging. sons police brought in their s.w.a.t. team, the gang suppression unit and the traffic division to control the crowd and the track. police in napa have been called to vintage high school after reports of a possible riot but turnedout to be a demonstration. students said they had mexican flags out during cinco de mayo, and because of that they were dispersed, but the school
8:08 am
principal says that is not true. the principal said there was offensive language and behavior. the city attorney herrera is set to file a lieu suit against the academy of arts. over the years, the city has imposed hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines against the schools for what it calls planning violations. the academy of art universities is the largest for-profit art school and one of the city's biggestlandlord. he could announce a lawsuit at a news conference laider toyed the san jose sharks are heading back to san jose after a long tough game last night. >> yes. players and coaches are pushing forward despite that triple overtime loss. janine de la vega is live in san jose's sap center. the series is far from over. >> fans say they are disappointed but they are
8:09 am
confident. one fan came up to us and pounded his chest and saying s j pride. confident that sharks are going to beat the predators in game 5. injure gl shot, rebound, score. >> reporter: last night, the nashville predators beat the sharks 4-3 in a triple overtime. looked like the sharks were going to win during the first overtime but joe pavelski's goal was waived off because he made incidental contact with the goalie. the series is now tied at 2. game 5 is back here in san jose and pavelski who is the shark's team captain talked about his mind set going into tomorrow night. >> and stuff like this, we have home ice, we have to go home, do our job. the series never gets easier just harder. we have to step up our game.
8:10 am
we can get a big win on home ice and go from there. >> it's going to be busy in downtown san jose. bars and restaurants are always doing good business during playoff season. there are tickets still available for tomorrow night starting at $79 apiece. anyone who comes will get a joe pavelski rally towel. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. and you know, gasia and dave, it is going to be loud here at the shark tank. >> absolutely, yes. the time is 8:00 ten. 8:10. a dramatic way to remember police officers killed in the line of duty. and a northern california priest shares his story about being attacked by terrorists. what he says members of isis did to him and his church. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is improving in some areas. highway 4 finally beginning to get some light at the end of the tunnel so to speak as you head over the grade.
8:11 am
cloudy to mostly cloudy skies some sun breaks in the north bay but i don't think they'll last too long. rain is already moving into the east bay. we'll take a look at that commute coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 8:13. people in san bernardino county are planning a memorial for the
8:14 am
victims and survivors of last year's attack. a husband and wife opened fire on county employees during a holiday celebration. survivors have been meeting about a plan for memorial . a christian priest from baghdad who was tortured by isis spoke before hundreds of  people in orange dale this week, just days after addressing the united nations in new york about the growing number of terrorist killings of christians in iraq. the priest described how he survived several isis bombing attacks as well as a brutal kidnapping several years ago. >> they detroit my car, blew up my church in front of me. i got shot by ak-47 in my leg. still the bullet is in my leg. and i've been kidnapped for
8:15 am
nine days. >> reporter: his kidnappers would not release him until his church paid a ransom. father basi now provide shelter for dozens of iraqi kurdish christians. every christian in iraq is in constant danger of being killed or tortured by isis. >> what a story. let's get you to where you need to get to go. sal is watching the problem, especially on the east shore. >> there was a problem on the east shore, not even on the east shore but on the frontage road next to the free way. i want to show you the east shore now. the accident was on this frontage road here on the side there. was not even on the freeway. you can tell that people can just see who is driving here. it is getting better, though. when you get to the bay bridge,
8:16 am
not a lot going on. in fact, that is a light commute. another commute that is really busy still is highway 4. we had a much earlier injure rip accident that blocked two lanes for almost an hour and the track is still slow but you noticed that the 680 looks good but highway 4 still very much under the speed limit. 8:16. let's go to steve. >> thanks, sal. cloudy to mostly sunny skies. rain is beginning to move n especially in the east bay. kate. it is just starting to drizzle in danville. i love this weather but i'm one of those strange pluviophile. someone who likes stormy weather or rainy weather. if you like rainy or stormy weather, you are there. >> the cell has weakened.
8:17 am
now there are some sun breaks. i think they'll fill in pretty quick there but that's the best opportunity for severe weather because you get a little more sunshine, a little more lift this afternoon. keeping an eye there. some that have rain beginning to move into the east bay, nothing too heavy. a pretty good line trying to form yesterday, afternoon, evening, just fell apart south of us but that could happen again. 50s on the temps, very quiet. very clear. the low will be in the picture here, today and tomorrow. it's already moving down in turn california and starting to move east and south of us so that sunday, there will be much improvement. mostly cloudy. rain moves in. north bay looks to be the best opportunity.
8:18 am
60s for most on the temps, very, very low 70s. below normal tells. cloudy skies, rain moving in, 60s, 70s. we stay cool today and tomorrow, cloud cover, sunday, possible thunderstorms. gets better on sunday and even better on monday. >> got to stay cool. >> there you go. >> thank you. lightning strikes yesterday in oakley sent one woman to the hospital. it happened after 9:00 yesterday morning there were reports of at least two lightning strikes in east contra costa county. a han mo lives on o'hara court says that his house took a direct hit. his sister who was working on top of her mobile home next door was hit by a direct hit. >> she got hit in the knee and it knocked her off. she is in the hospital now. they say it could cause her liver damage.
8:19 am
>> up the road at o'hara middle school, lightning set off big boom, set off fire alarms and affected the phone systems at the school. no damage reported but three of the kids were checked out by paramedics as a precaution. time is 8:19. a bay area author, sports columnist faces one of her biggest challenges and nothing to do with sports. how one night changed the lives of former chronicle columnist joan ryan and her son and the steps she took to get him back on track and next in your money base, what facebook may be rolling out that you can celebrate mom this weekend. kend.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
i like this request. thank you to -- who was it again? i'm forgetting. i think i put it in. thank you, susan. thank you, susan rivers i think that came from instagram. thank you for requesting this
8:23 am
song. the theme today is mother he is day. songs that make you think of your mother. maybe your mother, yourself. this is a special song. i'll play the request on twitter facebook, or instagram. >> that was a favorite of gasia, too. >> i love that song. another good one. >> time is 8:23. so mixed economic news after the latest job report came out a couple of hours ago. >> new technology that aims to make your skin your screen. pam cook is back in the studio with the morning's business >> that's really weird one. >> i know. >> we'll see what you think about this. talking about the numbers and the economic news, opening bell was met with economic news about the jobs report, the monthly report. right now, i'm checking in on the numbers. the opening bell rang, just about an hour half ago.
8:24 am
almost two hours ago. s&p down just about a quarter percent. not a big change. no change for the nation's unemployment rate staying steady at 5% after the labor department released new jobs number. u.s. employers added $160,000 but expect stations were 200,000. analysts say this means that it is less likely that the fed will raise their rate. an effort is underway to stop federal agents to hack millions of americans americans to with one warrant. the rule change is needed for two reasons, the government says. one to catch internet hackers and two to investigate criminals who use computers to steal financial data or other
8:25 am
personal information. a bill is expected to be introduced in the u.s. senate to block that ruling. the ford motor company is investing nearly $200 million in a company called pivotal. it is a silicon valley software development company. ford hopes to begin access to cutting edge high-tech expertise that the car maker admits it would struggle to develop on its own. this is the latest in a string of partnerships announced between the detroit car maker. >> general motors and lyft plan to test a small fleet of driverless cars within a year. the companies are considering using electric nick vehicles like the chevyvolt. they expect to test them on country roads. no city has been chosen yet. this is a step towards eliminating the human cost in
8:26 am
the ride sharing company. and some people love their smart watches but some complain they could use a little more space when performing their high-tech task. a research team at carnegie mellon university has come up with a possible solution to this. they're going to essentially turn your kin into an additional screen. >> what? >> yes. it's called skin track. look at this. it allows you to grab apps off your watch and on to your skin. apple is giving a break to college students who use its streinamservice. the company launched a student plan that gives them a 50% discount on apple music. they'll pay 4.99 a month instead of the usual 9.99 ship fee. the move is seen as boosting
8:27 am
its music. >> you know, facebook added the emojis, where people can have emotions, now you have a purple flour for mothers. >> i was just on your facebook page and i saw the photo collage of you and your girls who are now practically teens now, but they are little babies with long curls. i love the viewers who like to see that. >> i was here with my big belly. >> you looked same as when you had a one-year-old >> beautiful picture. >> thank you. after more than two weeks, the san francisco hunger strike continues. what the strikers are calling for now and we have the latest on their health. dozens of bay area officers winging their way out of san
8:28 am
francisco international airport. we'll tell you why they left their squad cars here but brought their bicycle. and massive wildfires in canada.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪i guess you say, what can make me feel this way is my girl ♪ >> i'm glad the camera is not on. >> thankful. >> live pictures. the city of oakland is out there but we are listening to the classic music of the temptations >> instantly recognizable. >> and you love your mother.
8:31 am
>> yes, i do. >> we are talking about moms, thinking about mom and sharing mom with you. >> yeah. >> we'll pop some photos you can see mountain mike there. >> look at the hair, sticking up? does that tell you? is that a good clue? do you know who that is? >> is that sal? >> that's the cutest baby sal. his mother was on the 9. just adoration for sal. it would not surprise me if mike's mom, my mom and sal's mom are watching because we are local. >> we want to see your pictures. share yours with us use the
8:32 am
hashtag@ktvu and you may just see them on tv. >> friday before mother's day. we have to go to work. >> we'll go out the door starting with wart and track. weather is going to cooperate some sunday. >> mostly. >> to get there. rate. >> a lot of cloud cover and some rain. looks like this band is coming down, going to just kind of clip to the east bay and south bay. a lot of cloud cover. a few clouds in the north bay. that will pop up with some thunderstorm activity later. it's very close here. rotating off the sierra. stockton, and livermore, east bay. that seems to be where the focus is on this system as it stretches now towards livermore and also the south bay. this is the best area for thunderstorm development a little later. a few more breaks in the clouds. to the south, more general rain. everything will be with us today and tomorrow. that low is still close enough. sierra will continue to see the
8:33 am
rain. one more day, maybe into saturday. rain moves n fog out there as well. possible thunderstorm, 60s for most below normal on the temps. >> sal, 8:33. nice picture, young man. >> you know, i look at that picture of me and i see my kids in that picture. that's weird. >> funny how life works. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute. the traffic is going to be slow if you are driving on the east shore free way this morning. you will see the track is going to be busy this morning. if you drive here. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and you can see that it has lightened up. i think that the light volume coming from 580 helped. not a lot of it. also people who are stuck on 80. this is 280 in san jose. the south bay commute has been rather good. you know what's not good still? highway 4. ever since we had that earlier crash in the 6:00 and 7:00 hour, it messed the
8:34 am
commute up. 680 is not bad but still slow. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >> we are learning about a new twist in the sexual assault case against former 49 case and raider player dana stubblefield. his lawyers plan to hold a press conference to announce, quote, major new developments in the case. stubblefield is a former super bowl champion who is accused of raping a developmentally challenged woman who went to his home to apply for a job. dozens of bay area police officers are flying to the east coast for a very special fundraiser. >> as cust's fox news news cast
8:35 am
christien kafton reports, they are making their way for a special reason. >> they are making their way there as part of a solemn group that no one wants to be part of. we watched as dozens of officers around at bay area gathered here at sfo. officers from across the country will be participating. the police tour was first organized. the cyclists start in florem park, new jersey and making their way to washington, d.c. the first ride started with just 18 cyclists and has since grown to include 1900 riders, possibly as many as 2000 rider this is year including a large contingent from the bay area. they tell me they have personal reasons for wanting to ride. >> we are riding for scott lunger who pass aid way last year, a sergeant from our police department. it's coming up on his
8:36 am
anniversary. there is a big contingency riding for him. and we have him and other fallen officers who have fallen. >> cyclists have raised $18 million for the national law enforcement memorial fund set to ride on monday. officers are expected to roll into washington, d.c. on thursday. as they make their way into washington, d.c., they proceed side by side, just two officers, side by side as they make it through the streets of washington, d.c. it is a very solemn and very touching sight to see. at sfo, christien kafton. the santa clara county d.a. has determined that a san jose police officer was justified when he shot and killed a suicidal man who had just gunned down another officer. this happened over a year ago. scott dunham stood at the balcony of his apartment when he shot and killed officer michael johnson. another officer returned fire killing dunham. dunham had a history of mental illness and domestic violence
8:37 am
and that officers had the legal right to use legal force to prevent the loss of lives. the san francisco hunger strikers who call themself the frisco five talked to mayor ed lee but he rejected their demand. they are calling for police chief greg suhr to resign. they have been on that hunger strike for more than two weeks to protest police use of force. the hunger strikers said that the mayor told them that he is standing by the police chief. some of the strikers say that they have collapsed during the past two weeks. they have only been drinking water and coconut milk. a burglary victim helped police catch suspect and a stash of stolen items. one broke into her car and stole laptops and a medical camera. she found at that camera advertised online. police tracked down the listing to a home in oakland where they
8:38 am
arrested three men and recovered a number of very expensive items believed to have come from a string of burglaries. police recovered a couple of rifles, a drone, a bicycle as well as power tools, some computer related items, even jeans worth about 200 bucks a pair. police logged more than 80 items into evidence. they have want to reunite them, get them back to their rightful owners. a wildfire in the canadian province of alberta continues to burn out of control this morning. 80,000 people have been evacuated. more than 1000 homes have been destroyed in this. ktvu's brian flores his our newsroom now. this is tough for the firefighters. >> it certainly is, guys. challenges for the firefighters, battling growing fires, scorching heat and low humidity. one canadian official called
8:39 am
this area a tinder box. the wildfires have been burning in fort mcmurray. 80,000 people have been evacuated. 25,000 people to the north have been told to evacuate to the south because of the fire spread. the challenge is that there is really only one road that goes through fort mcmurray and travelers can aorta go north or south. this morning, canadian officials were begunning road convoys and even air lifts to get people to safety. >> i want to underline to all albertans that fire conditions remain extreme in the province and that several communities are battling wildfires. not just fort mcmurray although without question this is by far the largest and severely affected city. we are asking all albertans to be extremely careful and do everything they can to reduce fire hazards. >> this is an oil rich region.
8:40 am
people people there work the canadian oil saindle. the fire has burned 330 square miles and is expected to increase. it has burned roughly an area from san francisco to palo alto. canadian officials are forth coming saying that air tankers and cruise on the ground won't quench this fire. they are hoping for some rain. according to some forecasts, they may get it with a chance of showers on saturday and, amazingly, no lives have been lost. something that you don't see on the freeways every day . >>mike: skateboarders. where they are popping up, next and what is behind this dangerous trend. >> can you imagine seeing that is this. >> no. >> and a son falls off a skateboard and we'll hear from
8:41 am
a mother on how that changed her perspective on parenting. >> we are looking at a commute still busy in some areas. under mostly cloudy skies. there are some breaks in the clouds, especially up in sonoma county. light rain is moving in. we'll show you what is in store for the rest of the day.
8:42 am
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for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
8:44 am
very interesting. this is a song from e stella to her daughter. she said she was playing this song for my daughter who is a single mother and about to graduate from san jose accuweather forecast. i'm sucker for a good story like that. >> yes. gloria, congratulations. a young son, graduating from san jose state. life is good. we are happy to salute you here on traffic jam. >> she will survive.
8:45 am
time is 8:25. mother's day this sunday, we set out to meet some amazing bay area moms. joan ryan was a well-known, well respected sports columnist for years. but her biggest challenge came 16 years after her son was born. ktvu fox 2's claudine wong talked to joan about how one moment forever changed the way she looked at being a mom. >> i'm joined now by joan ryan, a former san francisco columnist, author of four books. very busy, columnist for the san francisco giants. and your story inspired the book. >> the story has been remarkable and i wanted to share it with the viewers because it says so much about the world of moms. tell me what happened. >> my mom was 16. he is 25 now. he fell off a skateboard and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. so i really -- you know, with
8:46 am
every tragedy, as people know, you know there is often a silver lining and the silver lining was that i got to be a mother all over again to him because when he awoke from his coma, he was like a baby. he could not speak. he could not walk. he could not really even swallow. and, so, instead of approaching him the way that i always had which was like the super fix it mom, he had some learning disabilities, you know, some emotional ups and downs. i was trying to always fix him, fix him, fix him. i always saw as the hafez assad empty. now i have a chance to look at him again, celebrate what he has and not know cuss on what he does not have. >> you have at home for seven months, full-time care. you left the chronicle. as you came back, it sound like you reinvented not only your role as a mother but kind of who you are and how you
8:47 am
envisioned kind of the whole experience. >> yeah, i did, actually. when i went back to the chronicle and when he stepped away from a newsroom -- because, as you know, newsrooms are this strange sub culture where where abnormal stuff becomes normal because everybody is doing the same thing and you work these out hours and you are under constant stress, churning out columns, going to bed at night, hoping that you got it right and there are no big mistakes there. i thought, you know, i have to step back, step back, spend real time with ryan and help him obviously every step of the way and by that point, i had a contract to write a book about this experience called the water giver. and it was a book about my second chance and what i have learned about being a mother -- and be finally -- i became much closer
8:48 am
to the mother that i wanted to be. >> on mother's day, we celebrate all the things that our moms do for us and that we dream about doing as a mother. this experience has been so profound to you, what does it mean for you now? >> the big lesson i have taken away from ryan's accident and from, you know, bag mother now for almost 26 years is that you have to raise the child that you have, not the child that you expected, not the child you may wish you had because we all -- when our little baby is in our arms, for no bad reason, you know, we have these dreams. >> and they are who they are. and i spent so many years trying to turn ryan into sort of the mainstream kid, the kid that would make fee feel
8:49 am
comfortable and me make him feel in his future. i have to tell you, he really is a great human being. >> and he is doing great now. >> he got a job three weeks ago and, you know, it's been a really, really long recovery but he is doing so much better. >> wonderful story, claudine. and thank you, joan. you can see more amazings moms on the show bay area people airing at a special time, 1:00 p.m. right here, ktvu channel 2. time is 8:49. let's go to sal right now. you are watching highway 24 and everything else, sal. >> that's right. the free ways have improved, dave, a lot, but there are still some slowdowns. this is highway 24, live picture from the live camera network. highway 24 slow coming up from
8:50 am
concord. no problems getting into the city and no problems on the bridge it self. traffic also looks very good in the south bay. there is a little bit of slow traffic on 280 northbound. getting up to cupertino, but 101 and 25 are pretty decent ways to go if you don't want to use 280. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. we do have some light rain moving into the pictures on and off rain and some thunderstorms shod pop up later many the north bay will be the best opportunity. we learned a new word today, pluviophile. kate mention that had from dan word. and bob borzone. that's a good word along with patricore. the smell after. see. >> those are systems moving in.
8:51 am
the rain is starting to fall. maybe over santa clara a little bit. couple of lightnings strikes in the mix here starting to work their way here. this is rotating off the bay area. best opportunity for thunderstorms. some breaks in the cloud. there were some in napa and marin. looks like they are filling in rapidly. everything is rotating around the low. air flow is coming from the sierra or from the northeast heading back towards the west. this one initial band is starting to take a turn a little bit. san diego is getting hammered. a lot of thunder and rain down there. so the beat goes on. 50s there. i don't think they'll change one iowa. more thunderstorms. that will be the case today and also tomorrow, you can see everything is rotating off of that and there's been pretty
8:52 am
good lightning strikes. as that heads off in our direction, that could start coming up. heat, lift, and this kind of a pattern, that sun will fill in pretty quick. possibility of more thundershowers later today. 60s on the temps, below normal. isolated 70 or so. we are not seeing thunderstorms fire up as we did yesterday morning but still plenty of energy rotating around. sunday morning, we start to see improvement. monday and tuesday look best. today and tomorrow, it dave, keep that rain gear handy. >> we can do that. >> be smart. >> we can do that. time is 8:52. a live look outside. hear that music in the background as we look out live at the oakland estuary. we are honoring you. this song is called, "momma,
8:53 am
can't buy you love" from elton john.
8:54 am
8:55 am
the latest trend that police are dealing with in southern california take a look tim a skateboarder landing on the road and continuing along median. freeway challenge. police worry about someone obviously getting hurt and causing a possible multi-car pileup. a school district in gilroy being accused of not reporting sexual harassment by one of its teachers. a lawsuit filed by attorney gloria allred claims that they knew that sigh tense teacher
8:56 am
douglas lee sent inappropriate text messages to a student. the student's mother said that the student immediately reported it but le was allowed to keep his job. he was arrested last week for soliciting nude i am nude images of boys by posing as a girl. >> because they failed to take action, many more children were harmed. rmed. gloria all red has been meeting with the parents of reported victims. on this friday before mother's day, we are talking
8:57 am
all things mom. i have embarrassing pictures of you two. >> i'm not embarrassed. i embrace that picture >> he is mountain mike in his photos. he is adorable. >> we'll show you about these guys' photos. this is done with the mamma's draymond green and rosemary, our favorite ktvu mother will be with us. that's next. pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown. ne, cheddar, then he announced it to the world in the most legendary way. ah-hem. ♪triple cheeeeeese! the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hillary clinton heads back to the bay area and another tweet by trump ignites controversy. you have the latest from the campaign trail. an oakland fashion week. rosemary orozco is live. and mother's day is right around the corner. we have an interview with draymond green's mom and we are playing your shoutout for the special mom in your life.
9:00 am
little bit of zeppelin. >> this is for your mom? >> nope. the rain. >> oh, the rain by led zepellin. into the outdoor. that was in '78, i think. i digress. you digress. >> you see, big song, big song. >> 1979. >> '79. >> okay. late 70s. mike mibach, gasia mikaelian. i'm sal castenada. it is try day. >> yeah. >> we still have a smile on our face, right? >> yeah, it's friday. >> let's go to steve paulson -- actually rosemary orozco. >> people think i'm steve. >> no, you are inside but you'll be outside in a while. let's get to the fun stuff. >> any friday, any weekend is a good weekend but it is going to be


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