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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> and i'm mike mibach. a nice spring storm is here. sparse rain falling across. more rain expected throughout the day. >> that's right. here along the oakland estuary, it's gray behind us. we are looking at a hot of rain? >> yeah, we have been talking about this for quite some time, right? we have seen a few showers fall here and there in the last 48 hours. toyed, most of us finally seeing some of the slight rain. its fairly widespread. there is a look over the east bay. you can see on the lens, we have the water drops. let's take a look at the radar where you can see over the last few hours, rain has moved and continue to make things interesting along the peninsula and the east bay. let's take a shot. the north bay, mostly cloudy. a few sprinkles but this is where the most of the rain is falling at this moment along
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the coast. areas around san mateo, the peninsula, moving into the south bay and east bay as well. this is going to pass through. and then it's going to taper off a little bit as we take into the second part the day. when i come back, we'll take a look at the bay area week, a look at the mother's day. >> all right. >> the democratic candidates are focusing in on california just a month to go before the primary. >> the front runner hillary clinton will be visiting the area. >> there is a lot of excitement at la escuelita. >> democratic hopeful hillary clinton is making a campaign stop here in the bay area
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kicking things off with a visit to la escuelita school here where she will be speaking to a crowd of about 200 on campus. many will still be on hand even though school will be over. >> this is the democratic process and one the best sick lessons that you can get and you are not getting it out of a book. >> kimberly's daughter won't be here but they are honored to have the presidential candidate. >> it gives my daughter hope. she has all these great things she wants to do when she grows up. just seeing a former president's wife being able to run as president and hopefully win is rewarding for her to see. >> i want to say that i'm happy
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that you're here and i'm glad that you are running for president. >> later tonight, clinton will head to san francisco for a sold outfundraiser featuring california senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein. and the front runner could be seeing some push back from bernie sanders supporters while she is in the city. she saw some feedback from them while in l.a. >> i am nearly 300 pledged delegates ahead of senator sanders. when i was running against then -- then senator obama, he was about 60 pledged delegates ahead. so i withdrew and i supported him. >> and sanders is promising more appearance here. >> early voting for california
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primary kicks off monday. as for clinton's event at the elementary school, the event is open to the public. people will be lining up there quite early to try to get inside. my colleague kristina rendon will have full coverage of the visit here. >> thank you. preliminary hearing for two drifters accused of double homicide is said to begin monday but marin county judge this morning agreed to delay the rest of the hearing until mid-september. morrison lampley and leila aligood are young transients charged with murdering a victim. and a third suspect decided to testify against the other two defendants. >> we need find out what he
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said but we do know that the payment that he got for that was a sweet deal. so, you know, i'm very curious to see what got him that. >> the three drifters are accused of killing canadian tourist audrey terry in gold en gate park and counselor carter. his widow, nikita carter is expected to testify. and a big announcement for lawyers for the former 49er and raider star. >> rye, the attorneys for dana stubblefield made an announcement. they want jeff rosen to refuse himself from the case saying that things that his office has done and said might prejudice the case. stubblefield was charged with sexually assaulting a developmentally disable woman at his morgan hill home in april of 2014.
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authorities say she was there to apply for a job. stubblefield said that the sex was consentual and his attorneys are saying that the woman is not developmentally disabled. now they have filed a petition to get jeff rosen to recuse. jeff rosen issued a statement saying that mr. stubblefield should be held accountable for his crime. >> we are here trying to defend ourselves against curlous accusations and the inflammatory language. >> district attorney's response says that our response will be in court. dana stubblefield is scheduled to be arraigned june 7th.
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the president celebrated 72 straight job growth months. >> president obama says that the economy has created 14.6 million new jobs during the recovery despite head winds in the global economy. >> seven years ago, in april of 2009, our economy lost nearly 700,000 jobs and the unemployment rate hit 9% on its way to 10%. seven years later n april of 2016, our economy added 160,000 new jobs. >> the unmany employment rate remained at 5% last month. president obama also talked about his tax fairness plan calling on congress to pass legislation to combat money laundering and tax evasion by wealthy people and businesses. the latest on the death of prince and who may now be under investigation for unauthorized practice of medicine. and the massive wildfire
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burning in canada continues to grow. the latest on the evacuation and why some officials say that some homeowners are fleeing in the wrong direction.
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the massive wildfire in alberta, canada, has now grown. more than 80,000 residents have
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been evacuated. >> but another problem that is officials wants thousands of people who fled north to actually move south of the fire- damaged town. william la jeunesse reports. >> reporter: the western province in canada is almost the size of texas. >> it's stressful. you don't know what's burped and what's not burped and when you can go back. >> fort mcmurray is surrounded by wilderness. the fire burned an area larger than new york city. >> what we are looking at right now, our primary focus is the safety of the town, the safety of the residents of the town. >> the fire started sunday in a remote wooded area. the cause remains unknown, but the high temperatures and dry conditions have not helped the thousands of firefighters, helicopters and heavy equipment fighting the blaze. >> you can see the plume of
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black smoke. looks luke rubber tires or something but that's trees. >> volunteers prepared kids to evacuate. >> in addition to the federal government of canada providing future assistance to the disaster financial assistance arrangement, the government will also be matching individual charitable donations made to the canadian red cross in support of the disaster relief. >> fort mcmurray is located in the oil sands region home to the world's third largest reserve. william la jeunesse, fox news. and state senator ted gains says that drones are interfering with crucial firefighter earth and threatening safety. his bill would give immunity to emergency responders to destroy the drones in emergencies.
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if you have a drone through a jet engine, you will take that out. if you think of public safety, they are already putting their safety on the line. let's get to the meteorologist rosemary orozco. it feels nice to see rain falling in parts of the bay area. >> sure does. we will take it as long as it is coming. we have had some areas, actually decent amount. it has been hit or miss. today, that changes. light rain reported over areas of the central and south bay. north bay already received some as well. here is a live look over the east bay hills where you can see for yourself the rain is coming down there. generally light around the region. a look at the rain fall amounts over the last 24 hours, areas near novato. petaluma, napa, less than 1/10
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inch reported in your area. we have the opportunity to tick up some rain. here is a look at storm tracker once again and areas over the central and south bay, pretty good bay as we as the east bay. along the coast and peninsula, shifting along thepeninsula, san mateo, can't forget san francisco there at the top and sunny vale, stretching all the way to morgan hill. looks like moderate rain over the diablo range. hayward, mall mallpetis, sunol. a little bit of drizzle, activity going along i-80. for the afternoon, we are looking at this tapering off
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just a little bit. here is a look at the system. here is a look at the center of circumstance -- circulation and here you can see the direction of the wind. a little atypical but not completely out of the question as this continues to move east, the rain will continue to move out. i do think that we have the possibility of scattered showers all the way through parts of saturday. here is a look at the afternoon today. 3:00 friday, scattered showers here, we'll stop at 5:00. you can see mostly cloudy. a few scattered showers, definitely a possibility. but most of the rain is falling right now. at least the wave that we are looking at. as we get into 7:00, going to see the joonts play should be mostly cloudy, mainly dry. but i would bring a jacket just in case because, as you know, the scattered showers could continue to pop up as we move through the evening hours. 53 degrees in san francisco, 58 in mountain view. for the afternoon, widespread,
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low to mid-60s. a little muggy out there for some us that do get into the mid- to upper 60s. mostly cloudy, damp the entire day. cloud showers in the forecast for tomorrow and then we are dry for your mother's day, looking pretty good. temperatures will rebound. when i come back, i'll have a look at how much rainfall we can actually see over the next 24 hours or so and more details coming up. >> see you soon. with mother's day, this sunday, we are out to meet some amazing moms right here in the bay area. >> that's right. claudinee wong introduces you to a very highly regarded sports columnist because her column comes 16 months after her son was born. >> we are here with joan. you are the mother of your son ryan. and your story inspired the book, the story has really --
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has been remarkable and i wanted to share it with the viewers because it says so much about the role of moms. tell me what happened. >> my son fell when he was 162. he is 25 now. he fell off a skateboard and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. i really -- with every tragedy, as people know it, you know, there is often a silver lining and the silver lining was that i got to be a mother all over again to him because when he awoke from his coma, he was like a baby. koa not speak. he could not walk. he could not really even swallow. and, so, instead of approaching him the way i always had which was like the fix it mom, he hadey mouseal disabilities, emotional up and down, i always tried to fix him, fix him, fix
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him. i always saw the glass as half tell empty. i had the chance now to focus on who he is instead of what he does not have. >> you said, now, you reinvented not only your role as a mother but kind of who you are and how you envisioned kind of the whole experience. >> yeah, i did, actually. when i went back to the chronicle, and when he stepped a-- when you step away from a newsroom because, as you know, newsrooms are this kind of strange sub culture where abnormal stuff becomes normal because everybody is doing the same thing and you are working all these hours and you are under constant stress, churning up columns, going to bed at night, hoping that you got it right and there are no big mistakes there. you know, i have to step back, step back, spend real time with ryan and help him obviously
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every step of the way. by that point, hi a contract to write a book about this experience called the water giver. and it was a book about my second chance. and what i have learned about being a mother and finally being kind. you know, i really became much closer to the mother i always wanted to be. >> is that -- i mean, on mother's day, we celebrate all of the things that our moms do for us and that we dream about doing as a mother. this experience has been so profound to you in terms of what does mother's day mean to you now? >> big lesson i have taken away from ryan's accident and from, you know, being a her now for almost 26 years, you have to raise the child that you have, not the child that you expected, not the child you maybe wish you had because we all -- you know, when our little babies are in our arms,
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for no bad reason, you have these dreams for them. >> yes. we think what they're going to be before we meet them. >> they are who they are. i spent so many years trying to turn ryan into sort of the mainstream kid, the kid that would make me feel comfortable and me feel safe for his future instead of letting him flourish. i have to tell you, he really a great human being. >> and he is doing great now. >> he actually got a job three weeks ago. it's been a really, really long recovery. but he is doing so much better. >> and you can see more amazing moms tomorrow on bay area people airing at a special time at 1:00 in the afternoon right here on ktvu. still ahead, we'll have a look at some headlines happening this week 20 years ago. and new developments in the investigation into the death of prince.
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a pre med student now being investigated for unauthorized practice of medicine.
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an effort is underway to block a new rule allowing federal agents to hack millions of computers. the rule is being called a dramatic expansion of the government's hacking and surveillance authority. the justice department says that the rule change is needed
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for two reasons, to help catch internet criminals using technology to conceal their identities and investigate criminals who steal financial data or other personal information. a bill is expected to be introduced in the u.s. senate to block the rules. >> stocks fell and now they are bouncing back. the u.s. government reported a slowdown in april of a months of strong growth. apple is giving a break to college students who use its streaming music service. today, the company launched a student plan that gives them a 50% discount on apple music. that means that they will pay 4.99 a month instead of the usual 9.99 membership fee. the move is aimed at poofting subscribers against competitors like spotify. and apple has been having some struggles like having songs
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disappear from a user's head list. and we are taking a glimpse at what was happened during this week in 1996. >> today is the fifth of may. cinco de mayo, and up and down the west coast, the holiday was marked with celebrations. >> reporter: cinco de mayo celebrates the battle of puebla, mexico which occurred may 5th, 1862. >> it makes me feel proud. >> yoo many people feel hurt and angry. hurt and angry over an anti- immigration bill the u.s. senate passed by an overwhelming majority last week. some republicans seem to be arguing more with each other than democrats one guy running around warned to exclude this one, that one, beats up on women, beats up on gays, beats up on immigrants. >> we have to gets our house in order and say we can work within this framework without
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attacking each other. >> even though president clinton appears ahead for now, republicans say that selling american voter office and bob dole presidency wouldn't be as hard as some political pundits suggest. the 1993 arrest of the murder of poly clasp appears to have been the catalyst for the three strikes legislation. davis is walked from jail to the courthouse and back through an underground tunnel. >> reporter: jail officials say when inmates do see davis, they don't go close to him but do say things uncomplimentary to him as he walks back. >> michael jordan is back, may not be 100%, but he was good enough karey the bulls over the bulls. >> jordan plays defense. and then steve kerr. he only had 424 points, bad back and all. game 2 again this chicago on
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tuesday. i love these lookbacks. to learn more about the stories, we put details for you on the san francisco city attorney now filing a lawsuit against the academy of arts. and dozens of bay area police officers head to the east coast for a very special fundraiser to honor their fallen comrades. j?j?j7
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an investigation is underway into a deadly mall shooting in the washington, d.c. area. the suspect is a former police officer who is now in custody. two people were shot and killed outside of the west field maul outside of bethesda, maryland. documents show that his estranged wife told authorities he threatened to harm her if she left him. >> there was a confrontation in the parking lots. one individual was shot. two other individuals came to that person's aid potentially. they were also shot. >> the federal protective service says that the suspected shooter was put on administrative duties back in march after that protective order was issued. he was subsequently placed on administrative leave. new developments in the
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expanding investigation into the death of prince. tmz released new footage of dr. howard kornfeld and his son andrew. dr. kornfeld was recorded going into his clinic while his son went for a walk. both refused to comment. on the day before prince died, a singer representative asked dr. kornfeld to treat him for addiction to pain killers. dr. kornfeld's son flew to minnesota to discussrehab. and san francisco city attorney herrera is considering suing the academy of the ard. city has imposed thousands of dollars in fines against it the school for alleged planning violations. the university says it has been working with the city's planning commission for the
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last six months trying to resolve the issues. herrera says that those fines have not been paid. >> i am fired up. this is embarrassing that we are sitting here when we have been fighting this for ten years and i'm angry bit. >> the academy of art university is the nation's largest for-profit school and one of the city's biggest landlords. >> right now, police officers from around the bay area and around the state are flying to new jersey for a cycling ride to remember fallen officers. >> our christien kafton was at sfo for the emotional sendoff >> reporter: those officers and their supporters now on the way to the east coast. we watched as dozens of officers rolled to the curb, came to check their luggage and made through their security checkpoint to get to their airlines the seeing fellow offers from around the country means that they are part of a solemn group that none of them wants to be part of, as members of an organization who lost someone. we watched as dozens of
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officers around the bay area rallied here at sfo to participate in the police during. it was first organized in 1992. cyclists start in new jersey and make their way to the national law enforcement memorial in washington, d.c. the ride started in 1997 with just 18 cyclists and has since grown to include as many as 1900 cyclists. those officer, telling me before they got on their plane they all have very personal reasons for wanting to ride. >> i'm riding for the 21,000 officers with their names on the law enforcement officer memorial wall but specifically, i'm riding for san leandro police officer nelsonnini who was killed in 2005. >> $18 million have been raised for that memorial fund. the ride is set to get underway
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on monday. officers expect to roll into washington, d.c. on thursday. riders tell me as they make their way to washington, d.c., they proceed side by side in silence. new say that's very solemn and sew touching sight to see san jose police will be out in full force to prevent extended cinco de mayo celebrations from getting out of hand. festivity kirked off and there were some minor side shows. cars doing donuts in the middle of the sint reported by police. police blocked off some streets in san jose. we don't know how many arrests were made or citations issued but a stretch of east santa clara street has been a trouble spot from previous celebrations. >> in years past, we have seen some shots, nothing, windows broken, tagging but it was taken care of, nothing too extensive. >> san jose police brought in their s.w.a.t. team, gang unit, and riot
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suppression officers. and report of a pop riot turned tout to be a cultural demonstration. students posted on social immediate that that there was protest because mexican flags came out. but the principal said that that was wrong. he said that there were some inappropriate comments made while celebrating their heritage. and lawsuit was filed by gloria all red claiming that the gilroy school cricket knew that douglas le, a teacher, sent a student inappropriate texts. the mother of the girl said that she complain right away, but he was allowed to keep his
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job. >> to le was arrested later for soliciting nude pictures of boys. >> in 2014, the district received a complaint that mr. le exchanged texts which contained inappropriate language with students. it was unprofessional and unacceptable but there was no criminal activity and did not rise to the level required for dismissal. district officials say that they are working with police on the investigation. allred has been meeting with parents of the victims. and flames were first spotted around 5:00 at a home on liberty street spreading to an unattached garage but, luckily, no one was home at the time. it's still unclear how the firer was injured. in santa rosa, three people were hurt, including a 74-year-
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old woman. it started at the bethlehem towers. a neighbor found the woman with her clothes on fire and quickly pulled her to say. she suffered second and third degree burns. another woman was taken to the hospital with difficulty breathing. the cause of the fire is under investigation but investigates say that the victim's clothing may have caught fire after coming into contact with the stove while she was cooking a proactive burglary victim helped san francisco police catch three suspects and recover a stash ofmissing items after she found her own stolen camera advertised for sale on line. >> police followed the trail and arrested these men in oakland. they recovered a number of stolen items. police recovered a couple of rifles, a drone, bicycle, tools and even jeans worth about $200 a pair. officers logged more than 80 items into evidence and they want to reunite them with their rightful own hes.
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we have more pictures of the recovered item. check under weblinks. people in san bernardino county are working on a memorial for the victims and survivors of the terror attack last year. a wife and husband opened fire on workers at a holiday party. since then, the victims of the shooting have been meeting. some students in roadwood city had the opportunity to honor their mother in a pretty creative way. >> as debora villalon reports, it is an empowering and inspirational experience. >> mothers are a big part of this community. that's how we started it. on the wall of the library at fair oaks school. >> you want to start on this side now, with purple. >> a professional artist guides
12:39 pm
20 students. >> more from certain mother and another mother. >> i put my hand in it and i do this. >> reporter: so they are eager to leave their mark. >> good, beautiful. you done this before >> reporter: this school is the smallest in the district >> reporter: these kids have to the done a mural before but brushed off any doubt of a meeting their mentor. >> take your time there is no rush, no rush, no rush >> reporter: he paints and travels the world and does so on crutches, an athlete with medals from the paralympics. >> all of a sudden, the kids were lifted off. just like me, can you do this, too. they august away feeling empowered. >> don't be afraid to try new things. don't underestimate yourself. does that work for you? okay. this is a great chaps for them to do something different. very creative and hands on and dirty as can you see and really, i did this. >> this portrayed was from a boy newly arrived from he
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el salvador. his mother saved for years to bring him here >> that's me. >> whose flour is this in the middle? >> the supplies were supplied by an art semi-company. and employees also ditched out their desk. >> this is a great experience for us. >> student need to add a few finishing touches today and they'll present the murals to their moms next week. >> and instead of getting help making cards, they get a art kit pierre the penguin guide from kidney failure at the age of 33.
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biologists designed a wet sued for pierre as its feathers did not grow back. the bird was the oldest at the academy of sciences colony african colony. in the wild, african penguins have an average life span of 15 to 20 years. >> the golden state warriors are ready to pack up their bags to head to portland. >> and we hear from the mother of the warrior at the heart of this team. >> draymom. a little precipitation out there.
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the sharks are making their way back to san jose after losing lose -- losing a heart breaker in triple overtime. mike fisher gave the nashville predators the win. looked like the sharks were going to win it in overtime. but joe pavelski's goal was waived off because he made incidental contact with the goaltender. ridiculous. he was cross checked into him. >> you are not alone to say that. >> deep breath
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the golden state warriors are practicing before heading to portland. >> and before they head out, julie haener sat down with the very very cal mom known as draymom. >> reporter: as draymond gets ready for business, she is taking care of her own business. the 26-year-old all-star with an $80 million contract is a key component of the defending nba champion. and she will be the first to tell you that draymond worked hard to get here. it was his dream at age 2. >> by the time he was four, he said he was going to play basketball in the nba, okay. you know, i -- i guess me been his mother, i just had to follow in the path that he was going on and just make sure that he stayed on it, you know. >> reporter: did he have an
12:46 pm
easy path or did he face challenges along the way? >> to hear him, it was easy. but to everybody else, it was a challenge. he didn't have the body physically, you know. he didn't jump high. he was not skinny. he was a thick boy. so, yeah, to them he had challenges but not to himself. >> reporter: draymond's mother says it's her son's internal drive, his passion for the game and his heart that helped him prove that he could go up against the best. >> you know, we have a saying that men that don't work don't eat. so if you don't work hard, you won't get it. you know, no one has the ability to tell you what you can do. that's where the push game. go get it. and that's what he did. >> he is not afraid of the playoffs. draymond is fine on the court. but one thing that he is afraid of, julie found out. but that's not what i expected in baseball, the oaks
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oakland a's are in baltimore. and the colorado rockies set a record at at&t park, not one that we like. they scored 13 runs in the 1st inning. math cain was knocked out in the 1st inning. with the current state of the giants, it could be an opportune time for tim lincecum in arizona. he is scheduled to pitch in front of representatives of 20 teams. he has not pitched in games since he underwent surgery in september. he could latch on to another team. giants have said that they are
12:48 pm
interested in him as a reliever. >> we'll have to see. and today is willie mace' 85th birthday. he will be honored today by the city, dedicated a cable car to him. with the number 24. foreboding skies all across the bay area, rosemary. >> yes, a little damp there. going to be mostly cloudy, a few scattered showers will be possible but fairly widespread. clouds at this hour. here is a look at the numbers at this point as we take a look into san francisco. visibility is down some. you can see as well. santa rosa, 58 degrees, 55 in san francisco. oakland at 57. live more at 56 for you. and san jose, upper 50s outside your door. back to storm tracker 2. this is the system that wave been
12:49 pm
track for some time. a couple of days ago, it was out here over the pack, slowly shifting easement you can see right over southern california. it's going to continue to scoot east but it's going to take another 24 to 48 hours. and meanwhile, we have all the wrap around moisture that continues to move over the sierra and into the bay area. if you are going into the sierra, there are scattered showers, even thunderstorms in the forecast for you there. last seen in at least parts of the weekend. snow levels are high. you should not have trouble getting over the pass but going to be stormy. here is a look at what we have going on here at home. we'll shift in a little bit closer. take a look at some the rainfall there along the coast. over the pacifica, half moon bay. we had some over fran and into daly city and now moved off just a little bit. a few sprinkles there over the
12:50 pm
edge. fairly widespread along highway 101 as well as 280, from the south bay, to highway 101. more began hill getting some light rain. shifting to the east, hayward shifting across. pleasanton, livermore. and then the farther north we go, you can see not as much. vallejo, concord, portions the north bay dry as well. here is a look at the future cast. we get into the afternoon by 5:00 or so in time for that evening drive home. we are mostly cloudy but looks like mainly dry. we'll still have isolated showers, drizzle out there. for the most part, we are in better shape than at least right now. right now, the roads are really slick. tomorrow morning, we still have scattered showers in the forecast. we get moo mother's day, mostly cloudy, mainly crydry. you can see still a little bit of residual moisture popping up there. rainfall amount, 1/3 inch or
12:51 pm
less expected. going to see the giants game, 59 degrees. we will be dry in time for the rain. 64 in san francisco, 68 expected for areas like fair field and the east bay. there is a look at the extended forecast with mother's day in view. drying out in time for your mother's day. 70s for inland city. >> thank you, rosemary. celebrating another successful rocket lunch for space x. falcon ix rocket launchd from cape canaveral. the rocket landed back on a barge in the ocean.
12:52 pm
they did not expect a successful landing because of the weather conditions but they say they were glad that they were wrong.
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the first weekend in may is almost upon us. >> rosemary has the details on fun events going on around the bay area in this edition of
12:55 pm
weekend watch. >> on this mother's day weekend, there is a lot going on in san francisco. the 12th annual cinco de mayo festival is happening in the mission. the all day family block party includes latin music. over 65 vendors are expected to participate in alameda, the annual spring festival is happening this weekend. you'll find arts, class, food, live music and a kids area. the spring fest is saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 6:00. >> in san lorenzo, motorcycle show will fill the streets. there will be live entertainment, food, music and vendors, our own sal castenada will be there to hand the winning trophies. proceeds will go to save high school sports. the elks will host their second annual car show saturday from 10:00 to 3:00 and admission is free. and the annual great petaluma
12:56 pm
cookoff and beer tasting fires off this saturday. sample gourmets chilly and cold beers while enjoying music and dancing. the event is saturday from 1:00 to 5:00. downtown mountain view, celebrate irish culture and tradition. the silicon valley irish fest is featuring food, arts and craft. celebrate both days from noon to 8:00. in sports, warriors, a's and sharks are on the road. >> and giants are at home. as we leave you at home, here is what some ktvu viewers had to say to their moms for this special day. >> hi, mom. i miss you. i love you. and i have become more like you every day. >> happy mother's day, mom. i don't say it enough but i love you so much and you mean so much to our family. >> hi, mom.
12:57 pm
love you. happy mother's day. >> hi, mom. >> my mother passed away many years ago but i love you. >> hey, mom, we all love you so much. you are the greatest. thanks. . thanks. >> that's sweep. >> happy mother's day.
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dr. oz: this is your alzheimer's wake-up call. >> if we can diagnose it early, we can convene. dr. oz: we're taking this test, you take it with me. the medical breakthrough. the alzheimer's pill. and maria shriver shares new information. maria: very few people realize every 66 seconds, somebody is diagnosed. women who are 40, they should pay attention to this. r. oz: coming up next. when we brought you the new at home test for alzheimer's, you told us you wanted more. today we are bringing you more. it's everything you need to know about alzheimer's now. more at home test questions to help you determine your risk that will only take a few minutes, but it can change your life. plus more of the latest on what you can do to prevent


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