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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 6, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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that smoke is a signal to what lies below. >> it's a lava lake. >> why volcano hunters are baffled by what they found. a son nervously waiting for his mother to arrive. the amazing reunion 21 years in the making. heart stopping video as a school bus is clipped in a boston tunnel. the story behind the driver's surprising answer. >> i wasn't like snoring or anything. plus it's bonus giveaway day. we have the you about word to win a flat screen tv or ipad mini. and the rookie with the welcome to remember. a group of scientists are
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heading to nicaragua to investigate the strange appearance of a new lake. the thing is it's a little bit more dangerous when the lake looks like this. >> oh, cool. >> i like those lakes. those lakes are fun. >> i figured you would like this. >> it's a lava lake that's 100 x 65 feet wide. the last lava flow from this volcano was in 1617. they had ash eruptions the most recent was in 2008 but they are trying to figure out where, why and what's going on. >> last eruption 1617. >> last lava flow. >> like several hundred years ago. >> yes. >> it just suddenly appeared. >> this crater was famous in the area because there were cool parrots living inside. green parrots live inside. the population has dropped.
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for unknown reasons. i think the lava might have something to do with it. >> it makes a lot of sense. i want to know more. >> sulphur dioxide got in the way. but they estimate it's about 2,000 degrees fahrenheit so they can't get that close. they are keeping an eye on this to make sure more doesn't show up. >> it's going to disintegrate. >> it's okay. >> we still love you. number one, don't run from police. number two, don't run from police on a honda cb 150. this police tape starts in brazil. as you can see that honda goes in front of police, everything seems okay. but police there thought something he was doing was a little sketchy. >> he's in front of the police
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car. >> good eye. he did not stop at the stop sign so police are like let's follow this guy. they order to pull over. he done. the chase begins. doesn't take long for them to turn on the lights and sirens. you see him going through the city making dangerous moves through traffic. let's see some of the dangerous moves he's making besides running through stop signs. >> he's not on a big powerful motorcycle. you don't need to be. you can dodge through traffic. >> when it gets busier he gets ahead of the police. >> i'm surprised he got this far and somebody didn't come through the intersection and clip you. >> yeah. watch what happens when he passes that truck and other traffic comes along. he swerves in the other lane. that truck is coming at him and able to elude that crash. >> he's putting other people in
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danger. >> his luck is going to run out when he comes to this intersection. there are two cars there. and there's not a lot of room for him to maneuver. it's just a matter of time. >> no way he could take that corner. probably take that virtually car. >> although we don't see which car he hit, but we see the aftermath. they arrest this guy. this is a braver soul than i am. he ran up on these two eagles. they were just going at him. >> breaking up a fight between two eagles. >> yes. >> one called republican the other called democrat. >> the way they were fighting would you think so. >> they got themselves in a pretty dangerous situation quite clearly on the edge of drowning. so he's helping them out. >> that's why i say he's a braver soul than i am.
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after a few minutes he yanks -- >> good girl. >> there they go. >> it's okay. he's out there. he's got something on the line. yeah, buddy. >> oh, dude! >> that guy just got punked. [ bleep ]. time to give away another ipad mini and it's bonus day. we're giving away a flat screen tv. >> all you need is friday's buzz word, and be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. can you imagine if this is your car? holy [bleep] as you can see this is a
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pretty fancy what looks to be a pretty new rolls royce. >> can you imagine? be careful. [ whistling ] >> doesn't matter what kind of car it is. if you're illegally parked that's your tough luck. >> the car already has a citation. >> how do they tow these cars when they are parked nose to tail. [ bleep ] >> could have been an honest mistake because the owner has a fancy car, he wasn't being jerky about it. >> you're right. sometimes you don't see the sign or curb paint is rubbed away. >> or the jerk drives a rolls. >> feel better now. >> new york city? >> yeah. it's not fun getting your car
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back. guys play a prank on "the apprentice." he's hanging out. see the hilarious way they hammer it home. and the edgy bike ride that will have your heart racing. >> making me like weak. yes!
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cortizone 10®. feel the heal.l. really dark, foggy roads in australia and we're following behind this silver car. he's trapped behind somebody in front of him. doesn't stay behind for long.
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starts to make a move. you hear the guy inside our car a little worried. >> [ bleep ] >> you see the brake lights come on. [ bleep ] >> no. the person they are heading towards has no other choice but to go head on -- [ bleep ] >> nowhere to go. >> apparently the driver of the four wheel drive he hit a man in his 50s was rushed to the hospital but now in a stable condition. over to boston, massachusetts to a video that was brought to us at fox 25 news. heart stopping. if you're a parents and you quickly understand why. from inside the o'neal tunnel early in the morning around 6:00 a.m. cars, trucks, everything going by. but keep an eye on that school bus. >> oh. >> clipped from behind, the school bus turns all the way around. >> tell me the kids were okay. >> there were no children on the
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bus at this time. watch it again. the car drifts over from the left-hand side. ing talked to the guy who caused the accident he said he fell asleep. >> middle of an accident. i wasn't like snoring or anything. shut my eyes for a second. >> let's be honest. he was lucky there are no kids on board and lucky that nobody appears to have been injured. he was cited by the massachusetts state police. fox news put up these pictures of the aftermath. you can see the damage involved. i think it's pretty much lucky escape for everybody. you know the old saying boys will be boys. that continues into manhood. >> oh, hey dude. >> yes. he's hanging out. [ laughter ] >> looks like a willing
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participant. >> alex, he's an apprentice. you know what that means. >> they have him strapped to ceiling. attached to the wooden planks up there. duct-taped his face and spun him around. >> i'm pretty amused by the way he's staying up there but i guess they are contractors so they know what they are doing. >> it's funny but can alex breathe? >> i want to see the behind-the-scenes. >> this is posted on the facebook page, community for contractors. some people think it's laughing. one comment am i the only one thinking it's taking it too far. >> you know who doesn't think it's funny? the homeowner who wonder why their project is delayed by a month. >> if i was a homeowner i would be mad that they didn't invite
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me to participate. you want to be tied to a ceiling? >> we're learning a lot about you. >> i meant putting him up there. if riding a mountain bike doesn't get your heart rate up enough you may consider riding the gold bar rim trail in utah. >> no. >> why not? we got nate hills here following along his buddy. >> that's why not. >> oh, come on, now. >> need a parachute. >> he's got a sandwich and snacks in there. those guys know what they are doing and pushing the limit. it's about a 400-foot drop-off to the left. don't turn left. don't fall left. just stay upright.
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>> just pedal quicker. >> they really push it right about here where nature has to scoot past this bush that's on his right pushing him real close to the edge. >> stop! >> i don't want to watch any more. >> why do you have to go around the bush on the left-hand side. >> how do you know you won't get a bout of vertigo. >> nothing happened other than these two guys just really enjoying and incredible mountain bike trail in utah. this is just one of those videos that is absolutely fun to watch. >> captured on camera, next on "right this minute." still to come, 6-year-old sofia is on a wild mission. >> it's all for a really good cause.
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[ female announcer ] gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. the skin on your feet is 20 times thicker,es bumps 72%. so our 7 intense moisturizers penetrate deeply... leaving feet softer, smoother, healthier looking. gold bond. relief starts now. my name is sofia. i'm 6 years old and i'm from san antonio, texas. >> sofia's book report is definitely 21st century. this girl got video and it's all for a really good cause. 6-year-old sofia had a project
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from her kindergarten teacher and she wants to save a rhino. she flew around the world and interviewed people from nambia and said i'm seeing very few rhinos. >> took the report on a whole different level. >> so she's a little shocked by these numbers she's hearing. she's still young. but still wants to help. she has this fantastic experience with people learning how to feed the rhinos and pet them. but she realized they do need help. >> if she and everybody else does this. >> they need money to survive badly so help them, yes people. that's why it's time for us to
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step up and care for them together. >> how can we? >> can you go to her website, sofiasaverhinos and find out how you can care for rhinos too. >> there's very few left. you don't want them to go extinct. wait, this is serious. if i can do something, you can do something. we can all save rhinos together. >> last year you guys had to listen to me and half our camera guys going on and on about the new batman game. look you can be batman. it got so much more interesting when you press one button and summon that. you see how accurate it looks. it looks like a beautiful model of a batmobile.
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this thing doesn't just sit there to take photos. it drives and drives really well. this was built on a lamborghini, completely engineered, the engineer worked for 15 years to create this and it's well, a dream come true. >> but besides having this magnificent engine what can it do that's similar to the batmobile. >> i can tell you but it's not appropriate for tv. it has bells and whistles but not in the crime fighting capacity. mostly just for parking. there's monitors and cameras all over because it has a serious blind spot which is basically behind. this one was created and taking part right now in the gum ball 3,000 which is a race from dublin, ireland to you abobucha.
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that must be one of the most unique. first time they were pulled over by the police and it was the belgian police and they just wanted to take photos. it's that time, time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both and do it each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it's marvel. >> and you want to enter today because it's bonus giveaway day. that means one lucky winner will win a flat screen tv. good luck. he's waiting patiently to
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greet a very special guest. >> he hasn't seen his mother for 21 years. >> see the beautiful reunion that's sure to bring on the tears. melted.
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>> put it back in the silverware drawer. mad skills. imagine this. not seeing your mother, your kids for 21 years. >> no. don't want to. >> the man in this video, he hasn't seen his mother for 21 years for various reasons. but now his brother was able to coordinate everything to bring his mother to him and as you can
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see he's here holding some flowers for his mom, anticipating that moment he is going to see her again. i'm going to tell you this video i saw it twice. both times i was crying. >> breaking up before he even sees her. >> she wasn't walked through the door and he's already crying. this is the moment. she finally comes through the door. aw! >> right back. >> oh, my gosh, i can't handle it. she opens up her arms. she says don't cry son. [ crying ] can i have a tissue? imagine what that must be like.
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finally he remembered, oh, yeah i got flowers for your mom. >> he just can't let go. i can't imagine not being able to see my family members for that amount of time. >> he goes over and gives his breer hug, a brother that brought his mother to him. thanks for hanging with us today. go enter that buzz word for your chance to win the ipad and we'll j?j?j7u
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it's shocking video of a school being smashed up. the key, this metal pipe. 12 years old. the terrifying moment he turns his anger towards the teacher. ever seen one of these? >> that is an elephant. >> see the team effort to remove it. a house is threatened by heavy flooding. >> it's teetering over the side of the cliff. >> the swan song that ends in a nose dive. plus it's bonus giveaway day. we got the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. showing off strange mother day's gift. >> i got one of these brushes. >> why these pranksters don't know what's in the bag. >> the reason why


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