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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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and although clinton is looking forward to the general election she is focused on the primary next month. >> if you will help me to win the primary on june the 7th i will work for you and fight for you through this campaign and into the white house. thank you oakland. thank you, california. hillary clinton made her entrance alongside barbara boxer and she focused on issues of women and minorities and affordable college tuition and the affordable health care was some of the topics and, of course, at times she went after bernie sanders and republican presidential candidate donald trump. hundreds tried to get inside and it was a packed house. clinton stopped to take pictures along the way and
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selfies with the crowd on her way out. i like that she has a history and she has laid the grounds where she intends to do for the future and i feel she will be true to what was said. >> i want to mention there was bernie supporters here and they tried to make their voices heard and chancing their names. they were asked to leave and they did not. it was nothing compared to the protestors of bernie sanders supporters yesterday. >> we know she is at the low price fundraiser in the city. after that does she leave the bay other or do you know. >> i don't mow. >> it was tight-lipped. when it was free everyone tried to get in.
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we don't know if she is staying in california or going to another state. a reminder here, you are stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. from alberta canada where authorities are trying to get hundreds of people to safety in the face of explosive wildfire. take a look at the pictures. today police began escorting cars and trucks south. 50 at a time through the devastated city of fort mcmurray. emergency crews were air lifting evacuees. more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. about 25,000 headed north to work camps and authorities are now afraid that they will be stranded. fox news correspondent william janet has more. >> a wildfire forcing thousands to evacuate. the western province in canada almost the size of texas. >> you don't know what is
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burned and what is not burned. >> fort mcmurray sur rounded by wilderness. the fire curved are covered an area larger than new york city. >> we are focused on the safety of the town and the residence the fire started thursday and the dry conditions have not helped the thousands of firefighters and helicopters and heavy equipment fighting the blaze. >> prime minister justin trudeau pledged support. >> in addition to the government of canada providing
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assistance. they will provide support to the red cross. >> located in the sands region, home to the 3rd largest oil reserves. a u c berkeley expert says it is a lesson for people in california. scott stevens says the velocity is linked to the temperature climate. >> it makes us think about what we will do to get ready for fires. >> stevens adds that california and the entire country will have to learn with the danger of more fires and larger fires. three deadly shootings and a homeland security officer under arrest. what we are learning. >> a vintage plane crashes in a
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southern california neighborhood. what investigators say lead to the crash and what happened to the two people onboard. >> remembering pierre the penguin, more on what happened to the beloved bay area bird.
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in san bernardino county two people suffered minor injuries when their vintage plane crashed. it happened in the community of highland. the faa says the single engine plane experienced engine failure as it approached the
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airport and crash landed and ended upside down in a feel missing nearby houses. the pilot and the passenger were able to get out of the plane on their own. records show it is a soviet made plane and registered to the american air power heritage flying museum in dallas. a federal homeland security officer is in custody after three deadly shootings. eulalio tordil is suspected of killing his estranged wife in the parking lot of high point high school. police say he is connected to two shopping mall shootings that left one man dead and a woman dead. he surrendered at the third shooting. >> we have reason to believe that these shootings was related. >> the mall victims have not been identified.
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the police say they don't seem to have any connection to the gunmen. eulalio tordil is an officer with the protective experience and responsible for security at federal buildings and some foreign embassies. put on administrative duties in march after a protective order was issued. >> a judge has ordered dna testing on prince's blood. the judge says that the tests are necessary to handle prince's estate.  found in the compound outside of minneapolis and his body was cremated. the official cause of death not determined but reports that suggest that he may have been abusing prescription drugs. >> a beloved penguin at the academy of sciences has died. the academy says pierre the penguin died from kidney failure at the age of 33. scientists designed a wet suit for pierre when his feathers
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did not grow back. his story was published in a story book. he was the oldest in the penguin colony. they have an average life span of 15 to 30. he was 33 years old. >> you have heard of something old and something borrowed and something blue. how about something sore? we will explain how a picture perfect weather prop could land somebody behind bars. >> the weekend forecast. how much rain may we see over the week. i will let you know.
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the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard hardware. a trellis was stolen from a park and where it wound up is more curious. it was recovered but took a strange twist to get it back. >> kevin oliver says the trellis turned up at a wedding where someone talked about stealing. >> locked up behind the rod iron fence its back at mckinley park. the heavy metal structure taken from the park in the middle of the night. leaving the rosebushes in disarray and visitors bewildered. >> it made me sick. >> some punk would do something like that.
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>> found in the back of the yard of a home and heard people bragging about it. the relative says the couple's own trellis broke before the wedding and someone that the relative did not know showed up with the arch way and the couple didn't know where it came from. it sounds more like a college prank than wedding preparations. authorities believe a thief brought a park in the park and the trellis would have had more than one person carry it out. the park is looking how to secure the arches to prevent someone from trying this again. >> the trellis is valued at $6000. stealing it could be considered a felony. police say no arrests have been made. cloudy skies did not stop 200 high schoolers from facing you have in a solar race at the
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capital. students designed the cars according to a strict set of rules and regulations. each car could be fitted with one motor. the competition has been giving him valuable experience in engineering. >> we enjoy building cars and bridges millions of kids don't get this in high school before they graduate. >> the organizers say that the cloudy day was a coincidence and added an extra challenge for the students. >> i guess it would. let's look at the weather now. cloudy and gray. bill is changing things up. >> saturday there may be a few clouds and sunday is the day that you will notice the clearing. here is how it looks. there are clouds and you can see the spill there.
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spilled a little something and wiped it off. didn't dry in time. there are the temperatures and the numbers. the rainfall accumulations. almost .2 of an inch of rain in the livermore area and .2 in san jose and significant rainfall out there and you see the radar spending off and most of the activity heading south of here. so as we head in your bay area saturday. look at that down by holster and lightning strikes by calinga and by tomorrow morning a few lingering showers maybe. there is a live camera shot and you can see the cloud deck and the sun peeking through. tomorrow will be like that. there is the chance of a shower and clears out pretty quick. by lunchtime it is cloudy and after lunch it starts to break out. showers in the area and i think most of the showers would have been gone and most of the day in the afternoon will be nice. as you press into sunday, a cloudy start but then it clears up quick.
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sunday should be the nicest day. these temperatures on sunday should be in the low and mid- 70s. that low leaves and as it leaves the high builds in and we set up with more typical spring pattern. and that spring pattern will include wind next week. breezy conditions and in the meantime warming up as we go into the period there. 65 in napa and you can't see that. check this out. >> what is it. >> i have something on my jacket and i put water on it. >> how can you miss it. >> it looks like a shadow. >> well, i thought i have done that before but there is time to dry. >> forecast highs for tomorrow in the mid-60s and upper 60s. >> i can't believe this. i didn't notice it until you told us to look at it. and that's the first rule. in the five-day forecast. looks good and setting up with
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sunday being the best day on the weekend and the next week looks dry and warmer with numbers in the low 80s. bill, thank you. space x celebrating another successful rocket landing. >> 3, 2, 1, 0, blast off. >> launching from cape canaveral. they did not expect a successful landing. but there was an exuberant wayoo as it landed. tim lincecum was throwing for major league scouts. mark is up next with all of the
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sports. mark is here with sports. tim lincecum hoping to make a come back. it is interesting to see him in
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sport pants. >> and the timing couldn't be better. speculation, giants would not be interested but the way the number 4 and 5 spots in the starting rotation has gone, maybe all of a sudden tim lincecum could return. interesting theme in arizona. scottsdale arizona. timmy in shorts. as frank mentioned trying out the two time cy young award winner. some 20 big league scouts there. radar gun had him at 88 and 90 miles per hour. afterwards we talked about his addition so to speak. >> i was able to throw the pitches. >> stay within myself. i commanded all of my pitches and got a couple misses and weren't in the middle of the plate. encouraging for me. >> does it feel different. >> like high school and
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throwing in familiar territory for me. >> laughing because you never know how tim lincecum will look. he is supporting some kind of new look. wish him the best in getting a job. the steph curry update. it cups by the minute and hour. encouraging day as the warriors took off for portland. the game tomorrow. and it is a definite, stefh curry will not play and he was reportedly moving well and a knee brace. and the team did not scrimmage and so he wasn't able to go three on three or five on five with anybody. but as we say, officially ruled out. the feeling is upbeat about his come-back soon. >> he looked like he had a bounce to his to his step and moving quicker each day and today was the first day that i think he looked like himself. >> there you go.
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great news for the warriors. and their fans. up 2-0 with portland. 5:30 game time. you talk about a game that just ended a little too soon. not soon enough for the atlanta team as the cleveland cavaliers, i don't know if that made sense. the cavaliers came back strong against atlanta hawks. 121-108. lebron with a three and 24 points and took off down the stretch and great defense had something to do with it and watch lebron to get it long for price and they ran away wit, 121, 108 despite the fact that cavs trailed and they lead the series three games to 0. a great day it was in the city of san francisco, 85th birthday for willie mays. and to celebrate the city of
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france has given willie his own cable car. the dignitaries on hand. willie is looking healthy. there it is, number 24. willie has reaction to the news that, yeah, he has his own cable car now. >> we going to get a cable car for you and i said what do i need that. i have a car to ride down the hill but i have been on one from this hotel to the hilton and i says it is okay. it rides nice. 85 years old today. i will tell you what, looking very spry. last year at spring training wasn't feeling well. didn't make many appearances at the ballpark. but looking great, if you want more on willie go to my facebook page and i will talk about what he met to me. >> i love his accent. i'm sure you have a story. i imagine you have met willie
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mays a couple times. >> boyhood hero. such an influence on my life. he actually made me love the game of baseball. >> really? >> going out there and trying to emulate everything he did. he has the sharpest memory with regard to everything that happened. he can tell you who got off in what inning and w it impacted the game. you ask him any baseball question. you better be ready for an exact answer. >> i know you have a post on your facebook page and pictures and old pictures with him. a san francisco treasure and if anyone deserves the cable car it is willie mays. >> good to see him so healthy. he has got massive hands. he shakes your hand. >> and a firm grip. >> yes. >> and basically how he didn't turn a bat into sawdust. >> a what a great player. >> and the coverage continues
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on this friday night on ktvu, ross and keba standing by. >> two big political headlines. who will not be supporting donald trump. >> hillary clinton is fighting for the democratic nomination. >> and the protestors on the hunger site in france, it has taken a dramatic turn tonight. >> a busy day in the weather department. what we saw today and what we can expect over mother's day weekend. we have all of that plus that weather that is going to be dramatic all weekend. raining all day today and it is probably going to cool off a little bit coming up by sunday. your top headlines coming up over at 7:00.
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