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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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now. good morning thank you for joining us for monies -- for mornings on 2, and we are at it again. i am pam cook. i am brian flores and we will get started with the weather.>> did you see the drizzle? it was on my windshield. we have a cloudy mostly cloudy weekend, and that son probably -- that sunshine probably showed up late sunday. you can get a lot of local drizzle, cloudy to mostly cloudy, and that fog bank seems much different this year already. the lows dropping in, and this other one moved out of the picture, and the low clouds are still in place. 50s on the temperatures, and it
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looks quite in the sierra, and temperatures will start in the 50s and end up in the 60s and 70s for a few. 4:01 am and happy monday.>> i am sure everyone is up and adam. we will get this. good morning everyone. there is not much going on, which is good. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, looking pretty good. no major problems, and nothing major going on and traffic is looking good. looking at the east bay commute, traffic moving well. on 880 north and southbound looking good, and also in the south day on northbound 101, 85
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and 280. san francisco police responded to the scene of an accident near ocean beach. it is unclear and how serious the accident was and how many people are involved, but the officials say this happened just before 11:30 pm on fulton street and the great highway, two people were taken to the hospital, and one person was rescued from one of the vehicles. witnesses said it possibly was a driver running a red light. we will bring you updates throughout the morning as it is we get them. protesters say they will be back at the san francisco city hall to continue the call for the police chief greg suhr to resign, and now they want the mayor to resign as well.>> more than 30 people were arrested during a demonstration at city hall on friday, and organizers
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are calling for a general strike. they are asking people to skip work in school, and not to spend any money in san francisco today.>> now it is gone from the frisco 5, and now they're calling themselves the frisco 5 hundred. -- frisco 500.>> the frisco 5 will not be at the protest, and they are still being treated at the medical center after not eating for 15 days. a preliminary hearing is scheduled in the case of two drifters being charged with murder in marin county, lila alligood and moores and lately are accused of shooting two
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people, and the third depicted -- the third defendant pleaded guilty and his agreed to testify against the other two. garcia tourist is being charged with the kidnapping and killing of a teenager in 2012, and the trial was delayed, so that defense attorneys could test the dna evidence. they also want the trial moved out of santa clara county. a man was arrested in hollister after he was accused of choking and beating a man, and the police say that fidel bueno choked a woman until she was unconscious, and beat her head against the dashboard, steering wheel and car before
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driving away, and the victim was treated at the hospital and released. he has also been booked into santa clara county jail. and bernie sanders is scheduled to hold a rally in san bernardino tonight and there are no plans for him to come to the bay area anytime soon. hillary clinton campaign in the bay area last week. his supporters say that if hillary clinton gets the nomination they will not support her. >> if i cannot vote for bernie, i be both for donald trump because he is also antiestablishment in a different way.>> bernie sanders continues to draw huge crowds at his rally and field and 8000 continues to draw huge crowds at his rally and field and 8003 -- 8000 seat arena.
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and the likely gop nominee donald trump has been battling on two fronts, taking on hillary clinton and the republican establishment.>> we know that these two guys will sit down to speak later this week, and paul ryan has made it clear at this point that he is not ready to endorse donald trump for president, and could donald trump would over folks like ryan or will this just deepened the gop divide. >> hillary was an enabler and she cheated these women horribly. >> reporter: and for donald trump, taking on hillary clinton and linking heard a former president bill clinton's scandals, and at the same time house speaker paul ryan will be with donald trump on thursday to see if they can come to terms with one another. >> the national head of the party is the nominee of the republican party, and he just
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one that overwhelmingly. -- won that overwhelm ugly -- overwhelmingly and without the help from the gop party.>> reporter: they want their own candidate for an independent run, someone like mitt romney, even if it is just to be separate.>> i don't even know how that is. the republican party is looking at running a third candidate just to ruin donald trump in the general election.>> reporter: and it that plays out, hillary clinton is seeing an opportunity, and not naming names, but some republicans are reaching out to her about joining the campaign.'s back i've had a lot of outreach from the republicans that say they are interested in talking about that.>> reporter: but before hillary clinton could take on donald trump one on one, she
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has to secure the democratic nomination, and she could lose another state to bernie sanders. the california primary still a month away but early voting begins today in san francisco. registered voters can go to the lower level of city hall and cast the ballot starting at 8 am. the polls are open monday through friday from 8 am to 5 pm. looking for at least three people that broke into two back gunshots, -- that broke into two gunshots, and one gun shop owner was able to capture this video. they got in by backing up the vehicle through the store. and 2 miles away, they believe the same people broke into another gun shop but did not get away with anything they are
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either.>> we have reached out to the general public, and we maintain tight security, so they did not really get anything.>> they are looking into possible connections into a similar burglary last week where they got away with more than 100 firearms. and the legal battle that started in 2010 between oracle and google, and oracle accused google of copyright infringement from the source code for the company owned java. a federal appeals school -- federal appeals court reversed the decision, and now google will ask if the use of the code is covered by the fair use doctrine. it is 4:09 am. a bay area man be blamed for the crash that sent an officer to the hospital with
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serious injuries. we will tell you how the hospital says that the officer is doing and what charges are for the man. game for of the warriors tonight. the bay bridge not looking bad coming into san francisco. the low that gave us the cloud cover and rain over the weekend as the doubt but the low clouds are sticking around.
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steph curry has been participating in scrimmages, but it is still doubtful for game four in portland tonight. the final decision will be made today, and they say that curry looked pretty good yesterday and is making progress. it has been two weeks since curry injured his being. the warriors are leading this series, 2-1, and they returned to oakland for game five on wednesday. the sharks are looking good, and they could win the conference tonight in -- feel. the sharks scored four goals after nashville tidied up in the first period, and joe and eight goals in the postseason, the most in the nhl, and gave
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six is 6:00 tonight. a strong start was wasted, and 1-0 lead in the first inning and never gave it up, and the giants could not get any more runs, and the rockies won back, 2-0. and the toronto blue jays will be in town. the a's lost their series with the baltimore orioles. the orioles proceeded to hit six home runs, including a grand slam to win. 11-3. and trying to break the record in boston today and days begin the three-game series with the red sox. the last to hit the best was date madigan. -- dave madigan. the planet
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mercury will be visible as it crosses between the earth and the face of the sun, a transit, which happens 12 times each century.>> transit of mercury.>> it will appear as a small black dot moving slowly across the southwest against the sun, and it will appear shortly before noon, but it is not safe to look directly at the sun. local astronomers say that there is a special solar telescope that can be set up so you can see the transit. there is a conservatory in oakland, the college in san mateo and the cloverdale high school.>> it is a little black dot. but do not look directly at the sun. it is 4:15 am, and we
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keep an eye on the traffic. >> wait a minute, don't look at the sun? is that news? i remember when we had these special glass things you could put up over your eye to look at the eclipse in things.>> i don't know if you could do that with the transit of mercury. there may be too much.>> fortunately, here in the bay area there are observatories where you can watch this safely here. not a lot going on this morning. traffic is moving along pretty well. starting off with highway 24 westbound, not a bad commute heading up to the tunnel. no major problems on 680. also the morning commute looks
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good at the bay bridge toll plaza. about another hour and 15 minutes before we get a big crowd. san jose continues to be a nice drive on all major silicon valley freeways. 4:17 am. and while the transit of mercury happens 13 times in a century, venus only happens twice. but you need special glasses, or filters over anything to look at it. but it is very cool. the weekend without sunshine doesn't happen very often in may either, and i saw just of tiny bit sunday afternoon over my castle. it was about 4:00 in the afternoon. there is a lot to go round in the low clouds. and look at this guy in the four corners, coming out of the
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rockies, aden -- and that was an impressive system over the weekend. we had light rain, and that low cloud deck is still in place. 50s on the temperatures, and in the body no -- novato one observations as 49, and everybody is pretty close. 15 with the on show breeze and that low cloud deck means not much in the way of a warm up. 55 in sacramento, 55 in monterey at the sierra looks good. we are him between the systems, and another week we we will drag across the us. we will warm up a little bit, but it is a foggy forecast. the warmest of the week is wednesday thursday, but we will have another system moving through late friday and saturday. probably not until wednesday
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and thursday we would get that warm up. low clouds and morning drizzle. a little bit warmer, but sunshine for most after this low cloud deck, but there is a lot to go round, so it may take a while to get that. and the fog will burn off sundar on wednesday thursday, another system coming in with a partly to mostly cloudy weekend. next week it looks like another low will drop in. and how was mother's day? >> it was lovely, great. the famous fair ferris wheel will be turned off, the lights on the pacific will -- wheel will be changed out, and the hundred and 74,000 bulbs, bringing new
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affection more colors, and the new lighting will debut on may 26. the ferris wheel at the santa monica pier has been seen in many movies, including iron man. a small plane lost power near los angeles and crashed into a building. it broke the roof of the commercial building yesterday afternoon in pomona. take a look at that, no one was in the building at the time, but they can see the crash from the highway. it was heading to the airfield about 4 miles away and lost power. the pilot was taken the hospital with moderate injuries. a carnival cruise ship hit the gangway as it was docking, and there was no injuries. the grass and still walkway crashed to the ground, crushing three parked cars. the gangway issues by passengers to get on and off of
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the ship, and they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. time is up for north carolina to make its decision on the controversial bathroom bill. we have some good news on the massive wildfire that is tearing through canada.
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at least 50 people were injured in a fire in a six-
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story hotel in cairo, egypt. all of the hotel guests working backward, but flames quickly spread to the warehouse nearby. the injuries include firefighters to suffer from smoke inhalation and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and canada, they've a better chance of getting a hold of that massive wildfire burning in alberta, and the wildfire has killed two people, forcing 80,000 residents from their home in fort mcmurray, burning through 600 square miles at this point. some had to leave their homes and wondered if they could make it out alive.'s back all i thought, dear lord, if you can get my children safe, then i don't care. i was on my knees in the truck thinking am i going to get from the north to the south.>> volunteers are handing out
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supplies to the people that now have very you belongings. the wildfire was expected to double in size of the weekend but the drop in temperatures and light rain helped. people are cleaning up today after a power for storm system swept through the midwest neighborhoods, touching down in colorado, oklahoma, missouri and illinois. wind gusts up to 135 miles an hour in some places, and some of the roots were collapsing and dozens of windows broken. today is the deadline on whether north carolina will stop enforcing the bathroom bill. the governor has to respond to the u. s. justice department order to stop enforcing the law that requires transgender people use bathroom that corresponds to their sex and birth. the governor has said he is asked for more time to make a decision but was denied an extension. >> it is the federal government being a bully, making the law,
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and using their own interpretation. >> the governor has not said what his response to the justice department will be, but he says that the state could take legal action. expelling a bbc reporter for his "disrespectful" coverage inside the country, criticizing the work order for speaking ill of the system of the leadership of the country, and the bbc says that the reporter was question for eight hours by north korean officials and was forced to sign a statement of apology for his coverage, and more than 400 journalists are in north korea to cover the first party congress in more than six years. the state prison inmate, arthur boko was serving time for aggravated assault, burglary and drug possession, and it served or teen years in prison for manslaughter after
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killing a 10-month-old child. but the guards stood headcount and realized he was missing, and in missouri people have spotted him about 62 miles from the prison and said to come up for parole hearing later in the butt. the big gun that shut down the east bay bart station and the man is facing charges. a dramatic increase in sightings of coyotes, and the warning as many people on heightened alert. a commute where traffic is getting busier on 80 westbound heading to the maccarthur maze. low clouds in place, and the low clouds are stubborn this morning. an update on your monday forecast.
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taking a live look at the be, and nothing like "journey" to get you started on this day. it is monday, may 9, and i am brian flores.>> i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us. low clouds, and a big-time fog bank out there along with drizzle. the higher clouds from the weekend, that low is long gone. and we did not get enough of an offshore breeze to chew this up. a big fog bank down most of the coast, and also down southern california. this low gave


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