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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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taking a live look at the be, and nothing like "journey" to get you started on this day. it is monday, may 9, and i am brian flores.>> i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us. low clouds, and a big-time fog bank out there along with drizzle. the higher clouds from the weekend, that low is long gone. and we did not get enough of an offshore breeze to chew this up. a big fog bank down most of the coast, and also down southern california. this low gave us this crazy
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weekend weather, and on its way out. we did get some northerly direction out of this, and that should take care of the fog inland much sooner. 50s on most of the temperatures, and i doubt they will change that much, a few upper 40s but really, low to mid 50s. and that onshore breeze, and it will be a cool day. 50s for most locations, and the sierra is much quieter today. we will see some slightly sooner burn off in the fog, and more fog in the forecast. 60s for most. or 30 1 am. -- 4:31 am. we have a lot of people getting on the road, and they are going to work or school, but mostly work at this hour. let's look on the east shore freeway, traffic moving along
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pretty well. driving from e thmike this bridge to the maccarthur maze -- martinez bridge -- carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, and traffic is backed up just a little bit getting into san francisco. looking at san francisco, daly city and san bruno, not looking bad. cost accounting off to a good start. we have see a little bit of bread, and that was on the altamont pass westbound 580, so traffic coming over toward richmond. let's go back to the desk.>> some top stories, san francisco police say that two people were sent to the hospital following a crash near ocean beach just before 11:30 pm last night on fulton street. one person was wreck you was
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rescued -- and they say possibly involve the driver running a red light. the san francisco police and sheriff's deputy preparing for did protest at city hall this morning. dozens of protesters arrested on friday, and planning a bigger rally today, the meaning that the police chief great serve resign. -- greg suhr to resign along with the mayor . the case against two drifters charged with murder, lila alligood and morrison lampley were accused of shooting and killing the lake county their fist steven carter and audrey carried. the third defendant pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the others in the case. the california highway patrol officer remains hospitalized in serious condition after being hit by big rig early saturday morning. vincent smith was on highway 50 in sacramento investigating a
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hit-and-run crash and was run over by the fedex truck. smith was on the shoulder of the freeway when the fedex truck driver hit him and his patrol car which had its flashing lights on. this is the third time in two months that a chp officer has been hit while investigating the crash into sacramento area.'s back that side of the freeway or any way of the freeway is a dangerous place to be.'s back the fedex driver was under the influence of a controlled substance and it taken a stimulant and is facing a dui felony charge. the san francisco police are putting the officers to the test and helping them to detect drunk drivers. they had a field sobriety training where they had the volunteers drinking go through various dui test and an effort to help them refine their investigative skills. they had drinks over the course of three hours. >> we do blood testing, and
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monitor them, and they usually will register a .08 or .04 of lead level alcohol.>> thousands killed in dui cases nationwide, and millions of people are driving under the influence, and the police are trying to bring the numbers down. the two brothers accused of killing their parents in san jose, and his brother due back in court today. the preliminary examination is scheduled today and in the judge will decide whether there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial, accused of shooting and killing their parents inside their san jose home on april 24. a man carrying a fake gun briefly sat down and shut down the bart station.
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the bart agent noticed what appeared to be a gun tucked into his waistband, and they blocked entrances and tracked him down, and arrested for charges of carrying a terrific of a gun and violating his probation. some alert neighbors help to catch a burglar early yesterday morning, and they caught the man leaving the home on azalea drive, and one of the police says that the thing that he took was a gun, and the neighbors called after they saw the man with the flashlight, and the homeowner was not there at the time. and the man is suspected of burglary and violating probation. the police in berkeley are looking for three men in connection with the robbery near the uc berkeley campus at 4:00 yesterday morning. the three men went up to eight went up to 820-year-old man and ask what was in his backpack and he tried to run away but
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the men caught up with him and stole the basket pack -- backpack and they have.released a description of the suspect. according to the marin independent journal, a coyote recently attacked the pitbull right above marine city. they say that the coyote sightings in marin have increased dramatically over the last 15 years, and this is coyote puppy season. coyotes are more territorial and aggressive during this time. and hoping they can get a break from the water conservation goals later this month, and the customers have beat the state-mandated conservation requirements and april, and rest intact consistently cut back more than the state ordered, and the marin county water conservation is more than up to capacity.
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the bay area robotics startup bringing life-saving blood transfusions to the remote parts of africa, and 800 -- $800,000 grant has been given to carry out the work, and the drone project will start in january through july. and they can fly to areas that even a motorcycle cannot reach. the zipline was originally supposed to build some cool consumer robots but are changing the focus and realizing they could change lives. 438 4:38 am coming up in 25 minutes, the courtroom battle that will resume and what oracle is claiming that google did. and johnny depp and his wife appeared to be severe after apologizing to the australian government for smuggling end the dogs, and what is next. looking at a commute where traffic is it getting busier as
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you head out to san francisco. just about every observation says cloudy, and it is a low cloud deck and a big fog bank.
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♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
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there is a new controversial law in new york city, bartenders can no longer use -- refused to sell alcohol to pregnant women. the guidelines say that the women cannot be kicked out of the bar or denied an alcoholic drink just because they are pregnant, and they say that not serving the alcohol to the expectant mothers is a stereotype and judgment. but they can post warnings that alcohol can cause birth
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defects. more children getting sick due to the e-cigarettes. most of the cases involve children ages six or under that have swallowed the liquid nicotine. of the 30,000 calls to the poison center, 14% due to exposure, and those are toddlers. they say that better parental awareness will help and also recommend tougher regulations from the usda. it is for 40 2 am. -- 4:42 a.m. and that is one of my favorite cars ever, it is an oldsmobile, the 442.>> i look that up. -- i looked up that the last time that happened. good
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morning everyone, it is for 40 2 am -- 4:42 am. the traffic is actually not bad driving on highway 4, and don't drive too fast in your 442. getting up the hill and concord, traffic is moderate. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza, looking pretty good. we do have some slow traffic at tracy over on the way to the altamont pass. people that live in tracy and coming into the bay area, they are up early. we have stop-and-go traffic at the tracy triangle. it is for 40 3 am. that is a very nice car, that is a photo of a 442. it is a big engine.
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>> we used to have a cutlass. back in the day, those were fast cars. >> is that eight convertible or just a black roof -- is that a convertible or just a black roof?>> i can't tell. my father bought a 64 riviera, and it had a wildcat under the hood, and it was a fast car. he said it would pass anything but the gas station. who says we do not have fun at 4:44 in the morning. and we have this fog bank, and everybody is showing cloudy. fog, drizzle and tomorrow is
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stratus quote. but -- stratus quo. martinez is 54, overcast with a slight breeze. and there is a large and in charge fog bank, but it will burn all. and this low that gave us this cloudy weather has moved out of the picture, but not enough to take care of this low cloud deck yet. it won't stick around that long. and we will be hard-pressed to get much sunshine today. 50s on the temperatures, 54 in dublin and brentwood, 53 and concord and martinez. everybody is pretty much in the same ballpark. there is an onshore breeze and a big all bank.
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it does not matter if it is may or not, it is tough to warm up. this will slowly burn off in one, but another system coming in late tonight tomorrow, keeping us in this same forecast. this low has moved out of the picture, and a little bit warmer on wednesday and thursday. today and tomorrow in the 60s and 70s. low clouds, and it may take until early afternoon for this to dissipate on the bay. a little bit warmer as we get away from the coast, and temperatures, it won't take long to warm up in may. after tuesday, wednesday and thursday looking warmer, and dropping back down over the weekend. and 4:46 am is the time. the hero strong-armed his way to the weekend box office.>>
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[ video playing ]>> captain america, number one right now, $182 million on the opening weekend. it cost $250 million to make. jungle book pushing into second place. looks a little bit intense. "mother's day" came in third at $9 million. and phelps and his fiancie welcoming a new child, and the baby boy was born thursday night in arizona where phelps has been training in preparation for the olympics. and the photo features a black and white of phelps cradling his son, and the couple was engaged in february 2015.
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johnny depp and his wife amber seemed of -- sincere when they apologized to the australia government for smuggling their dogs. that was not the case over the weekend.'s back i would really like to apologize for not smuggling by dogs into england because it would've been a bad thing to do. >> at a press conference in london for his new movie, johnny depp said that from now on when he goes to a new country he will apologize for not bringing his dogs in illegally. just last month he and his wife made a video apology for disciplining the quarantine laws for their two dogs, and many commented on the odd behavior of the actors in that video. and the competition for the wounded and sick servicemembers
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underway in florida, taking place in orlando, and the opening ceremonies yesterday to kick off the week of congress -- week of competition between 500 servicemen, and talking about the positive role of sports and the active lifestyle this can play in helping the veterans heal from emotional and mental trauma.>> i have great respect for the men that volunteer for our military, and also understand that these men and women can be a tremendous asset for our country and we will to help them to transition on the military into the private sector. one problem is the invisible wounds of war. >> the competition put on by prince harry and will take place for five days in next it will take place in toronto. the pilot in southern california barely avoiding disaster, and looking into the
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cause of the emergency landing on top of the building. the el chapo guzman has been transferred to a new prison close to the border, and they wonder if he will soon be making his way into the country. cutting edge technology.ome this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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questions tonight about the transfer of mexican drug lord
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el chapo guzman who was moved to a new prison closer to the u. s. border. and some speculate this mind -- this could mean that mexico is close to extraditing him to the u. s.>> he has been transferred from the best max calm -- maximum security prison, and the saturday surprise prison transfer has people asking why he's been transferred, and one theory is that they caught wind of eight plan to escape and removed him. he escaped from the mexican prisons twice before, including last summer before being recaptured a january. he has been held at a maximum security prison and now on the border, 21 miles from el paso, texas. the mexican government said they moved him as part of a
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security protocol saying that they have rotated more than 74 inmates -- 7400 inmates nationwide as part of a security strategy. the reason behind this is to reinforce security at the prisons. and it jail cell improvements are possible, but the former head of the u. s. drug administration had that the move is due to specific security concerns. and they simply don't know if they caught wind of another security breach plan. since his recapture, unprecedented badgers have been put in place to keep him locked up. and while the new home is a low security prison, it raises concerns because the city where he has been moved is said to be controlled by the cartel.
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it could take a year to get him extradited. the carnival cruise says there is no norovirus outbreak on the trip from the u. s. to cuba. the carnival cruise ship brought 700 passengers back from havana and other reports over the weekend. two customers became sick with stomach pains on the way back, but no verification that it was due to the norovirus. the crews was geared toward social interaction with the cuban citizens, and they do not yet allowed tourism to cuba. starting today, air canada launching nonstop service between san jose and british columbia, with two daily flights, and they will join the mayor tomorrow morning at the airport to mark this inaugural
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flight. tickets to vancouver average $300, and it is the fourth international destination secured by the san jose airport in the last year. reviewing plans for a major remodeling project by filmmaker george lucas, and he wants to convert some of the office space at his big rock ranch to overnight stays. the mcdonald's garlic rise -- french fry experiment has been a big success. they said they would test gear were garlic fries -- gilroy garlic fries and they are now sold out. mcdonald's is excited about how popular the item is ben and apologizes for the shortage. coming up at the 5:00 hour, you will not see this happening again for three years, the
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transit of mercury and what you need to get a good look. the race for the white house, zeroing in on california. and what is looming over the republican party. looking at a commit where traffic is going to be a little bit busy on interstate 88. and we will tell you more about the traffic as you get toward the bay bridge. a fog bank and local drizzle and temperatures will bump up just a little bit.
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good morning, and the so- called frisco five in changing their tactics and under strike is shifting to a new phase with a plan to hurt the city's economy. early voting starts today and the latest on the presidential primary and another high-profile race in california. we will have a live report coming up as mornings on 2 continues. good morning, a nice shot of the bay bridge this morning. the beautiful lights and the display, not a show.
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it is a light display the artist says. a pretty day and we will check on the weather in just a moment. it is monday, it is monday, may 9, and i am pam cook. and i am dave clark. we did have the which of wipers going a little bit. back not for my commute. we have a lot of low clouds, and in livermore, concord, santa rosa and san jose. it will burn off sooner inland, but the fog, drizzle and some sunshine, but that will take a while. wednesday thursday more sunshine and warmer. plenty of low clouds left after this system, and turning in the four corners, mainly colorado. 50s on the temperatures, and i doubt these will move much at all. 52 in pacifica, 55 in atherton and there is a breeze, and


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