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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right idea. they celebrated by going to the rhiana concert in oakland on saturday. san jose down on friday night. absolutely gasia mikaelian gasia mikaelian, sal, mike me back. >> she counted it, six times. hope had you a great weekend. a lot happening in the far east bay. >> livermore had a beating this monday. wore also turning to a demonstration underway in san francisco outside city hall, expected to get bigger. >> they're calling for the resignations of the police chief, and the mayor ed lee. >> we're joined live by bryan, all stemming over recent police shootings? >> yes, and good morning to you.
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about 100 people right now walking in front of city hall this morning, and again, just like we saw from the frisco five protests in front. mission police station, they are calling for the residence resignation of police chief sir. this is a group that started on facebook, the boy scott for sfo justice, in honor of the frisco five, and they're asking the public to skip out on school and worked it and not by anything in the restaurants or businesses. they say they have tried everything to be heard but they're not getting the results in terms of police reform in the wake of high profile police shootings. >> we the community were forced to liberate them from their hunger strike. and we promised them that we would take action so what we have organized is a first
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amendment protected picket in front of city hall. we'll have hundreds, perhaps thousands of people join us throughout the day and we plan to circle around the entire building. we will do a pro petal hearing against police brutality and racively. >> reporter: organizers say it will go on all day. it started just about after 8:00 and could go on until 8 p.m. tonight. so far there are 880 people that have signed up to take part this morning. we spoke with med students who are taking time out today. as we take you again live, the san francisco sheriff's office, they as well set up a barricade in front of the main door in san francisco city hall, they posted several deputies out in front, as well some people may are getting married and that is
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taking place, but people will need to go to the other entrances around city all this morning, back to you. >> live in the city, thank you. >> the san francisco police department is fast tracked some reforms in response to the community back lack. greg sir repeatedly reported three of the officers involved have left the department. a fourth is facing disciplinary action. he said all officers will undergo training. also they've repeatedly launched the not on my watch initiative. it calls out anyone including those in the force for intolerance and bigotry. >> in all four cases in question, the men who killed were wielding weapons and refused drop them before they were shot. officers were cleared of charges in the deaths of alex niet o who pointed a taser and woods in the case of gongora. they were forced to shoot him after nonlethal weapons did not
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stop him. that case is still under investigation. as is the case of perez-lopez who claim he was armed with a knife. and a new training program for its current offs as a way to increase community understanding, the department wants officers to improve how their individual biases affect how they do the job. trainers say everyone has unconscious biases and say recognizing those thoughts and adjusting behaviors will create a better environment for everyone. the training, the rest of the department will start it in july. other classes will include crisis intervention, and dealing with situations involving people who are mentallyil. zamora was found stabbed to death friday and police found a man covered in blood. that man has been identified by police as
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20-year-old anglo, the great nephew of the victim. he's expected to be charged today. so far no motive is scheduled to be given. and lake county therapists, carter, was shot and killed near fair fox and tourists. audrey cary was shot at golden gate park. the suspects, and 23-year-old are accused in the murders of a third defendant, shawn angle who pleaded guilty. he's agreed to testify against the other two. from local to national states, this is the week the republican party could begin to come together, or split even further apart. doug has the story from washington. >> reporter: we know that these two guys are going to sit down to speak later this week.
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republican house speaker paul ryan has already made it clear, he's not ready to endorse trump for prison. will this simply deepen the g.o.p. divide? >> and hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. >> for donald trump the general election pivot has been almost immediate, taking on hillary clinton and linking or to former president bill clinton scandals and there is house speaker paul ryan who will meet with trump on thursday to see if they can come to terms but trump may only go so far. >> the nominee of the republican party, he just won that overwhelmingly, and faster than anybody in washington thought and running as an outsider. >> and while trump says he wants to reunite the party there is still talk about some break away republicans trying to field
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their own candidate for an independent run, like mitt romney in, even if it was just be scuttled. >> how prison the republican party is they will seriously looking it's running a third candidate just to ruin trump in the general education election. >> and as that plays out, hillary clinton won't my names but she claims some republicans are reaching out to her about joining her campaign. >> i've had a lot of outreach from republicans in the last days who say they are interested in talking about that. >> before hillary clinton can take on trump one-on-one, she a still has secure the democratic nomination. >> it's another state that could lose for bernie sanders.
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fox news. >> bernie sanders is set to hold a really and he'll head to stockton for another campaign tomorrow morning. there are no plans for sanders to come to the b any time soon. of course his rival, hillary clinton campaigned in the bay area just last week. some sanders supporters say if clinton gets the nomination as many expect her to, they will not support her. >> sanders continues to draw huge crowds at his rally of the last night he filled an 8,000 feet arena in new jersey. donald trump has put new jersey governor chris christie in strategy of his transition team if he should be elected president. he was endorsed after giving up on his own run. meanwhile, he says he's open to raising taxes on the wealthy, in an earlier proposal to reduce
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taxes. and trump says he would like to see an increase in the minimum page, although he would prefer to leave that up to the states. >> and while california's presidential primary is four weeks away, early voting begins today and janine is in san jose and she'll talk about options coming up at 9:30 time. a new study shows which states are the best to grow old. south dacolt a ranks number one with iowa and min coming in 2nd and 3rd. the worst state in which to grow old is west virginia, that's because of its last place rating for healthcare. >> and according to this study, new jersey and new york are also at the bottom of the list because they're expensive places to live. california, ranks 16 little, despite our hike, strong marks for quality of life, and healthcare, machine keep us in stock third of the country. >> i just want to grow old wherever my children are. >> so if they're in west
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virginia, i'll go to west virginia. >> hopefully they stay. >> we would like to think people are also slightly healthier in california. does that carry any weight? >> yes, it does. >> all right. coming up on mornings on two, a story we've been following for weeks that controversy over north carolina's bathroom bill is heating up again. the actions taken just this morning by that state's governor, as he pushes to enforce a law, some people called dangerous to transgender people. >> was it an honest mistake or tasteless joke, the yearbook controversy surrounding a student's name, out of southern california high school. fornia high school.
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1-third of 1%. s&p 500's flat, the nasdaq up. >> today was the day pat mccrory was set to report whether he would agree not to epiforce that law that just took effect -- enforce that law that just took effect in march. >> the law violates the civil rights of transgender people. >> it's the federal government being a bully, it's making law, it's -- by their interpretation. >> with the debate over transgender bathroom use heating up in north carolina, governor pat mccrory has to respond today to the u.s. justice department's order to stop enforcing the law. mccrories he's asked for more time to make a says decision, but was denied. >> they gave the 9th largest
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state three working days to respond to a pretty big letter and threat. >> the law known as house bill two requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate. >> transgender people know i've known sentence i was five, i was a girl. >> erika has been threatened by guys using the men's room and feels more comfortable using the woman's bathroom. >> i don't want any of my transbrothers and sisters to ever have to go through that. >> but governor mccrory and other conservatives say they don't want others dressing as men in bathrooms. >> the democrats are pushing for bathroom laws and president obama and one of my successors wants the guilt to have bathroom rules. i'm not interested. we do not start this. >> the justice department says north carolina's at risk of losing hundreds of millions in federal funding and as we just
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said the government decided to fight the federal government and fought a lawsuit against the order by the justice department. >> there has also been an economic boycott in response to the so-called bathroom bill. many performers have canceled shows. paypal, sales force and google have come out against the law and ed lee has banned public funding traveling. >> uber and other ride sharing services, in austin texas, after voters rejected a ballot issue, which would have allowed more self regulation other which call for ride sharing fingerprinted as part of background checks. this hinders their ability to find drivers.
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use the hashtag #ktvu the nine, uber, and lyft, very big in the bay area. let you know what you think >> a high school is apologizing after a muslim student was wrongly identifying as isis in the yearbook. the girl who's real name, and wrongly named as isis phillips in the loss osos yearbook. the 11th greater posted the picture our twitter and it has been shared numerous times since that post. the district superintendent says his name was mixed up with another student's who's named isis. the principal apologized and called the mistake a regrettable misprint. >> she's a young student, who wears her hijab so the chances of that happening are cause for concern for united states. >> the council on american islamic relations now represent her and her family. it is now asking the school to look into whether this was an
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oversight or delivered act. the family plans to meet with school officials today to seek an investigation into the incident. we're here as we talk about the weather behind us. we'll loob at the back window, lots of gray. >> june and gloom in may. >> there's some sun inland. san jose still forecast, slightly bhoe normal, on the temps and even if the fog does burn off there's a lot out there and it's going to come out. i think your warmest days will be wednesday, thursday, maybe friday when we'll get a little bit warmer inland. it looks like i've got to be honest, another system dropping in on the weekend and next week we could get rain again. this is a cool month, but a lot of low clouds but a little bit warmer tuesday, wednesday, and thursday april and may is prime time for severe weather. this was in colorado in wray,
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east of denver, and this was on the highway. this is a chaser's year's dream. i mean, i've got to be -- you can relate to this. i worked in denver. two weeks later, i was issuing tornadoes warnings, and i called my father, and said i'm not in california, dad, and you guys worked in severe weather markets. >> i remember the first year of being in business warning signs going off in t eshgsopeka, kansas. >> may is usually the prime time. >> i worked in alabama, and most recently in houston before coming home and the people would say but you californians, and it's the build up with these
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things. with an earthquake, you can prepare and react. i will take the issues we have at home. >> i'll agree. never left the bay area. we spend our time worrying about, will the fireworks be able to be seen on the fourth? it's foggy. >> major weather concerns. coming up on "mornings on 2, the 9, missy franklin is comparing for an event on rio, and the special campaign she is launching. launching. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. curry has been playing in scrimmages, but he's still listed as doubtful for game four tonight. the time decision will be made after the final shoot around. it has been two weeks since he
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slipped in houston during a game injuring his knee. seth curry looked pretty good and is making progress. >> conditions's going to be an issue. hopefully he can get more and more work and we'll see how he comes up tomorrow in this terms of a night of sleep coming off the work out. >> the warriors lead the series two games to one after portland's victory saturday night. tonight's game is game four, in portland, and the series returns to oracle for game five on wednesday. >> and another big game to talk about, a win tonight in nashville and the san jose sharks will advantage to the western conference finals. the sharks responded to a triple over time loss with a win in game five back home saturday night. the sharks scored four goals after nashville tied it up in the 1st. game six is cells for 6:00 tonight. we celebrated mother's day and repeatedly i spoke with uc
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berkeley student and olympic gold medalist about the campaign she's working on. she's teamed up with the minute maid campaign, the doing good campaign, to tell their parents they're doing a good job. check out part of her letter she wrote to her parents. >> thank you for letting me make my own mistakes. thank you for making me laugh every day of my life. i'm so incredibly bletszed because someone thought i was deserving of a love like yours. >> people are encouraged to upload your videos, and she'll pick her favorite and have breakfast with the winners. i talked to her about the upcoming trip and why it means so much. >> it's been hard to put into words. i wouldn't be the athlete i am, but more importantly, i wouldn't be the person i am if it weren't for my parents and everything
9:24 am
over the years, it just means the absolutely world to me, they're my best friends. >> there's a little bit about rio. how are you feeling about the games this summer? >> i'm really looking forward to it. we are still have olympic trials in about a moments and a half. we wait very late to qualify for our olympic teams for swimming. definitely more focused on that right now. >> how many events will you be compete in? >> i think back in 2012. i'd love to do my back strokes again, and i would love to be on all three relays because that's a sense of pride ooem going to
9:25 am
be back at cal in the fall. i'll be back at berkeley in the fall, i'll be starting up classes again and finishing up to get my degree because there's no better university in the world than berkeley. >> i live in the bay area, so i still go there sometimes. the students look a lot older -- i look a lot older than the students do. i wonder how that happened is. >> i'm sure you blend in perfectly. >> i look like one of the professors. it's great to have you back on cal campus. >> thank you go. if you want information, go to the top of the weblinks. >> that was pretty cool talking to missy. >> it's pretty cool she's representing c arl. we have an olympic athlete.
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>> you're so passionate. >> we get indoctrinated. unbelievable trick throws from a pair of quarterbacks out of san jose state, starting to go viral this morning. the qb', kenny potter and sam allen posted the videos over the weekend, on instagram. and into a trash can, and making it, and sam said his successful throw, was on his 8th try. i mean boom, talk about hitting the target. in case i've ever tried that. >> no, no. coming up on mornings on two, we're still watching a huge wildfire burning in canada, some 80,000 people being forced from their homes. wile firefighters are getting a little bit more optimistic when those flames are getting under control. >> and berkeley resident is
9:27 am
returning to the stage. up next he joins us live onset with more on his show, set to begin its san francisco run tomorrow.
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. . we asked you towards the top of the newscast, about ride sharing companies and whether or not you feel drivers should be fingerprinted. >> and huge in the bay area, joseph anderson says, yes, they should, it's a matter of safety. jeff says if it makes the public and their customers feel more comfortable, i hope uber and lyft cover the cost on this, and kelsey tweeted me saying that he is a lyft driver. he said he supports drivers with a quick car card, which includes
9:30 am
fingerprinting, especially at the airport. >> wade bartolo says they should transport precious cargo, house of yen is a hassle for them, but as a rider, i would prefer it and, yes, background checks, as well. >> thank you for your responses. you can reachous on ktvu the nine. and for more on some of the sidelines let's go to dave clark in the newsroom, dave. >> all right, sal, thank you. >> two people were rushed to a hospital late last night after a very serious crash near ocean beach in san francisco. it happened at great highway in fulton. it was a two-car crash critical injured one driver. police believe the driver of a lincoln town car ran a red light. that woman driving that suv walked away with minor injuries but the man driving the town car
9:31 am
has major injuries and it appears he was not wearing a seal the belt. >> when we arrived on scene, he was in the passenger seat even though he was in the occupant in the vehicle. >> something very rare is happening in the sky at this very moment. the planet americaery is crossing between earth and the face of the sun -- mercury is crossing between the earth and face of the sun. it halves about 12 times and looks like a small black do the moving slowly frt northwest to the southwest across the sun. local astronomers set up the telescopes to watch what's happening. the viewing sites include the viewing observatory in oakland, the college of san mateo, and
9:32 am
clover dale high school. those are a couple headlines. gasia, back to you. >> thank you. firefighters have a better control of that wildfire that has killed two people and forced all 80,000 residents from their homes in the town of 40 mcmurray. some of the people who had to run said they wondered if they were making it out, alive. >> i thought if you can get my children safe, then i don't care. i was thinking am i going to get from north to south. >> volunteers have been handing out supplies to evacuees. many left their homes with just minutes notice. the wildfire was expected to double in size over the weekend but the lower temperatures and light rain helped hold it back. a group of bay area police officers are on the east coast this morning for a cycling ride to honor officers who have died
9:33 am
in the line of duty. we told you about officers who flu from the bay area for the police unity tour. they sent us this video this morning in new jersey. four-day tours started in 1997, with just 18 cyclists and has grown to include 1,900 riders. today, marin cloudy officials will review the project by george lucas. they want it on into overnight lodging and overnight, 75,000 square feet, would not change about how the believe looks on the outside. is excelling anything, it is going to quote disrespect your coverage on saturday, from inside the country. north koreamade the officials, and speaking ill, of the system. of the of. the bbc says it was questioned by eight hourses on north koreaofficials and forced to
9:34 am
sign a statement apologizing for his coverage. more than 100 foreign journalists in north korea to cover the country's first party congress in 36 years. >> today voters are electing a new candidate. five candidates are running to replace the candidate, who's six-year term ends in june. we do not have the official results just yet. but an election monitor says that three quarters of the votes have been counted and rodrigo is well ahead. he's a 71-year-old brash mayor known for sex, jokes, and killing criminals and promising to end corruption within six months. >> the presidential primary in california is less than a month away. >> you can start voting today if you'd like. >> fox 2's janine did lavega tells us about the options avoiding the lines on june 7th. >> most people told us they do plan on voting early. they don't want to scramble later on and a lot of people already know who they plan on picking for president.
9:35 am
the not as well versed on other races. one of the places you can vote early is at your local county registrar's office and there are numerous places to drop off ballots including libraries, college campuses, city hall, and west gate shopping center in san jose. a larger turnout is expected compared to other elections and that's because it's a presidential primary. donald trump is the presumed nominee for the g.o.p., and hillary clinton is expected to be the democratic nominee, it's still not set in stone. there are reportedly a lot of first time voter who have registered and clinton's opponent, bernie sanders has been a appealing to a lot of young voters in california. >> i have a lot of faith in the candidate that i'm voting for. i'm voting for sanders. so, i am going to go as hard as he is on the election. >> i want hillary clinton to be president. i don't want donald trump, so i want to make sure he doesn't get in office. >> i don't think it's already
9:36 am
decided. i felt everybody has rights so exercise off rights. another contest, and senator barbara boxer seat, senator state attorney general harris wants it up against congresswoman loretta sanchez. half of the voters have chosen to vote by mail. there's still the deadline is may 23rd. ktvu fox 2 news. our next guest has been a tv and stage actor since he was young and he's living in the bay area and said to return to the stage in red velvet. the story's about a young african-american actor who takes the stage to play a fellow in 1833, a time when riots over slavery are happening in the streets. >> joining us this morning, lead actor carl lumly, who you might
9:37 am
recognize from your cagney and lacy days. do you still get that on the streets? >>. >> sometimes. more so of late, which was about ten years ago. >> okay. >> so a lot of different generations watching you. >> yes. >> talk to you about your newest project, red velvet. >> red velvet is a play set in 1833 that has any number of residences for what is going on today, if you can imagine, i think there are riots taken -- not riots but protests taking place right now regarding transgender rights so it was aspect slavery, and in london, there was very big pro slavery element, but in the provinces, it was aspect slavery. aldridge was an actor at 17. he discovered this love for classical acting but at that time -- early 1800s there was no place for him to do that here in
9:38 am
this country. so at 17 he went to england as the vallet, and in 1883, he got the opportunity to go to perform bethelo, but now here he was right in the political center of the controversy and it went well and it didn't go well. it went well in terms of -- he brought his craft, he performed beautifully. he was reviewed in a way that was part of the time, and the popular opinion was such he was reviewed simply in terms of whether or not it was appropriate for him to be doing what he's doing. >> how do you feel doing the
9:39 am
character that applies for today? i know you watch the news about what's going on today, what parallels do you draw? >> i think in 1833, bias didn't have to be implicit. it was -- >> you could just -- just say it? >> absolutely. and people said, the most horrendous things was mother's day and i think every mother, when their child comes out and express what their dreams and hopes are, mothers, fathers want those things for their children and there was a children when it was -- certain doors were shut and you could not live your dreams. if someone told you the desires had you, for what you want to do with your career were shut off to you because your height or because you're a woman or because you had gone to the wrong school. it would have been -- it would
9:40 am
have been something that you would have either starting to overcome or accept and kill that dream. >> what is being on stage do for you? compared to being on screen? >> i like being in the room. i like having an immediate response. i leak the sense like the sense we're sharing someone and happen again. i like the fact there's nowhere to hide. its truth, the this teres, san francisco playhouse, where this play will be done, they call themselves an empathy gym, and that's part of what we get to do. i think it's sort of like -- if i taught zumba, i would feel good about seeing the change in people as they entered and as they left and they would be more healthy. i think the same thing is true.
9:41 am
>> there are no retakes. the same thing is true. it feels with a very heavy subject. there are laughs, there's a lot of passion, i mean, tell us -- give us a full range. >> you know, as -- as is the case in it life, summer when people are surprised, and they don't expect something to happen, i've had this happen very often in my life sometimes, you have a conversation with someone on the phone, and they make an assumption about who they're going to meet and then they meet and you there's that awkward and i suppose it's funny -- moment when they realize my expectation was very, very differ. this is a company of people and it's a grand british company of people, and they feel they have this language, they have a proprietary told on it, so the expectation is when they are told an actor is coming in to
9:42 am
replace their lead, they expect a white actor. so ira's coming on, yes, cause says -- there are some comic moments. but i think it's stuff material, but it's also the story that happens again and again, and again. the binary isn't black and white, it's really right and wrong. >> right. >> and i think people when they lineup ultimately on the side of either right or wrong, the great majority of people choose right. >> congratulations on the role and all of your success. >> congratulations. >> we appreciate you taking the time to talk about red velvet. it begins tomorrow, san francisco playhouse. we have just look for it under the web links section at the top of the home page. thank you again. >> sure. >> we'll be right back. right back.
9:43 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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time is 9:45. we've heard cough se badffee is bad and good for you -- coffee is bad for you. >> it is good news for us who drink coffee. >> coffee is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, and has more poly-phenols than fresh fruits and veggies. it's the chemicals found in fruits and veggies, green tea, and, yes, coffee. it helps fight off diabetes, heart disease and depression. i just talked to dr. s on and he tells me what you have to -- oz,
9:46 am
and is he tells me what you have to buy it, how you buy it and what you put in it determines how healthy or unhealthy it is. >> it works because it has antioxidants in it. if you do a dark roast, you're burning up those antioxidants. they can't stand the heat. >> you want a light roast for the best health benefits. dr. oz told me where most of us go wrong is what we put in our coffee. gasia, you and i have talked about real foods. your body knows what to do with real foods. so if you buy a nonfat, nondairy creamer, it has chemicals in it.
9:47 am
it triggers that sweet cravings but doesn't give you any calories from it so you want more of those sweet calories. so you maybe want a brownie or something. interesting. december all right, pam. >> more on the dr. oz show. >> we'll watch for it. >> new this morning in just the past hour, one of the brothers accused of parents, inside their san jose home appeared in court. what we're sharing is new video that shows the brothers in a courtroom just this morning. his younger brother, omar, was not there, both accused of killing their parents in their home last month. they both pleaded not guilty. the attorney for the younger brother indicated to ktvu, tried separately, for those older brother. friends of the murdered couple spoke to us about their conflicted feelings >> we're going through emotional strain and we're trying to relieve it somehow. i have nothing to say about the
9:48 am
case, but -- >> it's been difficult for every? >> it's very hard. >> the san francisco giants appear to be struggling with runners? >> scoring position and yesterday they wasted another great start by jeff samardzijaia. never gave that lead up. samardzijaia pitched into the 8th, struck out nine, but the giants could not get them any run support. the rockies won 2-zip. jake peery starts tonight for a three game series. the a's play with the orioles. oakland had a 3-0 lead but the orioles hit six home runs including a grand slam to win 11 to 3. but, the a's josh redick tied the franchise record, he's had hits in his last eight at-bats. he'll try to break the record where the a's begin a three game series with the red sox, and
9:49 am
hits in 8th straight at-bats was dave mat began in 1997. it's taken the concept of girls night out to a whole new level as a group of your four bay area friends use their monthly get-togethers as a way to try out new things. >> we're talking about shooting guns, and been going 15 years mow. >> claudeine wong reports none of them have missed a meeting. >> reporter: they aren't going to make it to the playoffs. >> get out of my way. >> and it's not clear if they're all even liking the game. >> i hate this game. >> but what you are watching is about more than just basketball. this is about friendship, about tradition, and about a
9:50 am
commitment made 15 years at warriors game. >> i said let's all get together, we said why don't we try to get together every month. so we looked each other and we said let's try. >> reporter: what's amazing is they department just try. they committed to it. every since that night they've had a girls night out once a month and in 15 years, no one has ever missed a single one. >> i love these girls nights out because they -- almost because they're mandatory. >> it's amazing. we're totally committed to this, and it really is fun. >> one picks the activities. >> to making jewelry, to making soap, to a private tour of the cal decot tunnel, a tour of san quentin prison. >> some they love. >> one night we did a competition called chopped just
9:51 am
like the tv show on food network where we got to go grocery shopping and we had certain items and had to make a dish out of them and there was judging for best presentation. >> i've had a lot of favorite nights out but one of the most repeat was ice skating. i haven't laughed that hard like pe my pasts kind of laughter. >> some they could do without. >> the least favorite of mine hands down was when we learned how to knit. >> my least favorite was we went to a shooting range and i did not enjoy holding a gun. >> but they do it all together. >> we do things other than just going to dinner and having cocktails even though that's great, too. if i was left to my own devices i probably wouldn't be playing basketball. >> it was a commitment that had taken them on the journey. >> i don't think anybody would imagine we'd be doing it many
9:52 am
years later. >> life is throwing them many curve balls. >> the closest to missing was when i had my two kids. >> i learned it's not the event; it's the togetherness of the group, that's the thing. >> they've learned that friendship formed in this group endures. >> the underlying thing is we have to do it. theirs no excuses and you have to be there -- there's no excuses and you have to be there. >> 15 years later it doesn't matter if they're on the court or awful, whether they make the shot or not. all that matters, all that has ever mattered is that these four friends are doing it together. >> coming up here on "mornings on 2, the 9 it's a controversial new law that has people talking all around the country, why some new york lawmakers says pregnant women should be able to buy drinks at a bar.
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. . mcdonalds garlic fries has been a huge success. mcdonalds announced it would test gilroy garlic fries, and now they're sold out, and the fries won't be available for a few weeks, but donald says it's excited about how popular the item has been, and apologized to customers for the short annual. >> a new controversial law, in new york city is getting attention across the country. bar tenders can no longer refuse to sell alcohol to pregnant women. new york city's human rights commission guidelines state that
9:56 am
women cannot be kept out of bars or denied alcoholic drinks, just because they're pregnant. the commission says they're not serving alcohol to expect apt mothers promotes stereotypes and judgments. the city does require restaurants to post warnings that alcohol can cause birth defects. >> if your children report happy about you posting pictures of them as babies, you may one day be sued for it. a warning is coming out in if france where privacy rules are very strict. frepg authorities are saying if a child decides a picture surtoo revealing they can sue their parents for up to $50,000, and mom and dad could also spend a year in prison for it. french national police say some photos could put the child's security and privacy at risk. i think about the picture i'm assume will we all have of yourself in the bathtub with our siblings, don't put that on
9:57 am
facebook. >> that comes full circle now. >> waiment, i thought i was the only -- wait a minute, i thought i was the only one. thank you for joining us in on the nine. we'll see you coming up at noon. mike and sal, enjoy the rest of your day. hope had you a great mother's day. champagne first thing in the morning? >> second thing after the strawberries. well deserved. well deser mystery beauty treatment. well deser what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin.
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