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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 9, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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it's thunder time on a drag strip where -- >> they race these little things. >> why the start to finish time is very short. >> it was a little heavy. >> a robber attacks a woman at an internet cafe g sl this guy has a knife and she is still fighting him. >> the shocker when not a single person comes to help. >> somebody is still sleepy but. >> i'm lucky to get out of that. >> see the longest, slowest p wakeup call ever. >> the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini and she is going to eat it if she can catch it. >> it is like an oyster that just goes -- and it is gone. >> see what happens when an octop octopus hors d'oeuvre has other ideas. >> in this country, we are used to seeing our drag races with big american muscle cars.
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>> in england, specifically, they race these little things z that's a fiat. >> fiat 600 against a volkswagen beetle. they pull up. watch what happen when is the little fiat gives it the bean. >> it's like they stuffed as much engine as they could into the back of that thing, so much so the rear bonnet lid couldn't even clothes. i think all that weight hanging out of the back, just more traction than the guy expected. the funniest part of the video is the end where the car is being towed by a quad that looks to be the same size. that's incredible. over to the kind of racing we are used to seeing. this big old blown camaro. >> this car isn't racing against anybody. looks like he has the track to himself. off he goes. that familiar howl sends smoke.
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the funny part about this video is the guy behind the camera actually missed the crash. he acknowledges that he missed the crash. he said, sorry if the view wasn't good enough but at least some video is better than no video. >> beyond the smoke, that nice red cam mayor rho wound up upside down skating down the track. >> there was like a burst from the rear left and it all went wrong. >> he should have said, look, the disappearing camaro, we don't see anything, just smoke. technology is like a magnet for thieves. they are drawn to it. this first video takes place in brazil at an internet cafe. watch the woman in red. the guy in blue walks towards the doors and heads straight toward it and tries to steal her phone. she holds on to the phone and they start wrestling and tussling. this guy has a knife and she is still fighting him. if you notice, the other people in the internet cafe, instead of
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helping her or calling for help all run out the door. >> yeah. these gangsters as well, there is so much terrible. we talk about situation awareness right from the beginning, the second that door opened. i thought she had her eyes on him. she moved and she knew what was coming. >> she held on to her phone but did she get injured? >> she wasn't injured. police did find him and rest him and apparently he is familiar with the court system and has other things pending against him. this next video takes place in stockton. the d.j. walks out of the room. you see this man walking in. he steps back in the frame. you see him head straight for the d.j. table. >> that's someone's livelihood, man. >> he snatches the laptop, toss it is in a bag and walks out nonchalant. >> the woman involved did head to facebook. she needs help getting her laptop back. she is not concerned with the laptop as much as the information on the laptop.
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some stuff she needs to graduate. she would really like to get it back. >> when it comes to a sale, we are always looking for the foil that causes the fail. in this particular fail, the foil that causes the fail turns out to be a foil sgchlt will a sailing hydrofoil. the guy is out having a great time sailing, his buddy is following him along. he looks great for all of five seconds. >> give him credit for that. did he or did the ropes hold him on? >> a little bit. he kind of sails for a second with his head in the water. >> he never lost his hat. dwot got to give him credit for that. he went back up with the hat on his head. >> you are right, christie. it is amazing. >> at least for a few seconds at least. >> that's beautiful. >> it is beautiful. a gorgeous beast.
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the ocean is going to be a great flight. >> the engine goes. >> exactly. >> he is going down. looks like he is going pretty fast. the big disaster. this guy is a bit of a legend. you can see, he brings himself down for a nice little landing. you can see a couple little people. looks like a couple is sun bathing on the beach. if i was this pilot, i would learn how to fix your own engine. >> i'm pretty sure he has. because did shall- >> diana has jeremy watch us on wcto in cincinnati. >> andrea johnson watches us on wtvo in rockford, illinois. >> they were winners the rtm ipad giveaway and you can win too. >> you need monday's buzz word, be 18 and a legal rest debt. >> the rtm buzz word is coming
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up in a bit. >> stand by. >> i love to travel internationally. the one part that nobody likes when they come back is going through customs. here, you see about 100 chinese tourists going through customs in vietnam. something is going on and it is not pleasant. those customs agents are getting into it with chinese tourists. allegedly these customs agents were shaking down these tourists for money to go home. about $1.50 in u.s. dollars. once this video is posted, many chinese tourists say that has happened to them. people just want to go. they don't want any hassle. they are like, okay, finer hoorks. they just pay it and that adds up. >> there is so much of it. when you are in asia, you have to grease a lot of palms there. the fact that it has happened in
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somewhere like ab airport blows the mind when it is people in uniform. pay up. >> hopefully, this video will get the attention of the right people. >> now, in china, something happened between a couple and this woman. she is arguing with them, because she says she was going down an escalator and this couple knocked down her ipad. >> don't pull out the finger. once that starts waving, some problems. >> the husband in the family upset. he kicks it. >> is that a baby carriage? >> that comes into play right here. >> oh, come on. that's unbelievable. >> the baby wasn't hurt but the woman was injured. she said that she had a c-section three months ago. >> she had a baby and her response was to harm another. >> that's low. >> the most egregious ching is
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the referee didn't hold up anything. >> no penalty for fighting. >> all this over the woman saying the family knocked over her ipad. >> throw a flag. >> the expectations versus reality of being in a relationship. >> hey, babe, want to play with the "x" controller. >> see which hit home. >> i am going to bed. i have to get comfortable. the top.ental, over the top. >> racing drones on the next left. bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate.
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. s for decades, mothers have been able to walk through the room and they are there playing videos and they can throw junk food at you. if only playing computers was
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training for some sort of future job. well, look at the incredible field. it is amazing bha these guys can do with these racing drones. >> this stuff is huge. they have created drone racing leagues. the technology has gotten to a point where it is just incredible. >> it continue ns this next video as well. which is outside sgchlt will as close as this guy gets to trees, it is mental. he goes between the branches and over the top. >> they have brought out drone racing leagues. there was the inaugural world drone in dubai. they walked away with $250,000 in prize money. a couple hundred dollars. >> it is cool, because he gets the kids out of the house. >> this hobby of model building, it takes know-how. you have to learn how to build them and fly them. this is not just me. >> this is something that i feel
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like anybody can get into. >> this plays like a video game but it is real. it is something that i think i would even enjoy. i think it is opening the door for a lot. >> i feel like i was born 20 years too early. >> when it comes to relationship expectation, versus reality in the shower. >> a lot of makeup in the shower. >> this is the expectation. >> kooaccording to the guys, it a little more hectic in there. >> he built a big shower. >> what about your anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> oh. >> but the truth, happy anniversary. >> what did you just say? >> honestly, if you don't remember your anniversary or birthday these days, you are a complete dope. there are so many ways to remind
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yourself. >> what about cuddling? >> i love cuddling so much. >> why is his arm under my neck? >> i literally can't feel my arm right now. >> they ain't doing it right. >> the arm has to go under. >> the first ten minutes you go to bed and then i have to get comfortable. >> cuddling sucks. >> when you get dressed up, you ask your significant other, how do you look? >> you expect holy, molly, babe. >> you could not look more beautiful. >> do i look okay? >> what happened to your new year's resolution to go to the gym? >> you don't say that. >> there is nothing real about that. >> video game, this one, a big one for you two. >> that is how my wife and i bonded when we first met. >> you are the lucky exception then. >> i have tried to get rosalie into games. >> hey, babe, want to play with my "xfrmths controllers.
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>> way more of these reality versus expectations moments. see them on our mobile app. mondays can be wet. that's why we start the week off with this. >> let's get started with a sour dough bread and then -- >> i had hard enough time with math. >> this is much more confusing. >> a round house kick to the face. real or fake. you decide. e bu decide. e bum's world is next. >> don't forget your opportunity to win an ipad mini. the buzz word is coming your way.
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feel the heal. the he. mondays can be wet. that's why we start the week off with the -- >> we have a wack week. we have to start it off with matt about real or fake. you can keep it real or get the fake out. charity, do me a favor and run the clip. >> all right, video number one is old arer but trendy. >> this is a guy preparing some sour dough bread. >> whoa! >> that stuff is growing. that's a chemistry experiment going on when you make bread with yeast and dough. real. >> it will blow you up. >> i got our users to vote on this one to back us up and see
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what they had said, whether they thought it was real or fake. i thought it was real with you guys. our users always went. majority is saying that it is real. second video. >> hi, guys, i thought i would share some information that i learned today regarding the new matthi common core, all this stuff. >> we are going to solve 43 minus 13. 13 plus 2 gives us 15. 15 plus 5 gives us 20. 20 is the nearest to 10. takes us to 30. 30 gets us to the next near et 10, which gives us 40. add 3 and it will give us 43. 2 plus 5, 7, plus 20, 27, 28, 29, 30. that's how you get it to 30. >> no part of me wants to be in a math class right now. >> the only reason it looks cool
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to you is because it is a yoda pad. that's why it looks cool. >> this common core nonsense, i had a hard enough time with math to begin with. this looks much more confusing. sadly, it is real. >> this one is pretty easy to follow. >> you go, girl. >> this is cool if it were true. why was the person recording to begin with. that makes me feel this is fake and set up. >> why was the camera following the guy that was going to be the criminal from the beginning? >> specially with no impact from that kick. it was just one of those fakes. >> highly unlikely. >> did not look realistic. the reactions around the bus were kind of nonexistent. too many things and outline fakes in this whole thing. i'm going fake.
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>> they finally found my spirit animal in this video. it is this dog whose name i believe is floppy. >> floppy is on the bed yawning. time for floppy to get out of bed. every time the dog here is its name, it moves just a little bit. okay, i'm coming, i'm coming. halfway out of the bed, both paws on the ground. he is like, i don't know. this is hashtag monday. >> a dog that is nothing like that. his name is stella. stella is a precious lab who love toss play specially outside in the yard with all the doggies. i love they throw a ball in the mound of leaves and she jumps right in.
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>> that is a gift waiting to happen. >> stella seems to be the home of all dog gifts. everything she is doing in every single one of these is hilarious and adorable. >> it is about to get even more cute when you realize how she rests. >> okay, i'm done. >> two very precious dogs with a lot of personality. >> it's that time. time to give away another ipad mini. you are going to need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident and head on over to "right this minute".com and click on the ipad. you can enter on each. now, let's reveal today's buzz word. it is united. get on over to and click on the win ipad and enter monday's buzz word, united. >> you will be able to enter one day to win a flat screen tv. keep watching and good luck.
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she is about to eat a live octopus. if you don't chew it properly or swallow it properly, it holds on in your throat and you choke to .
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>> what a fun, rainy day thing to do, right? >> i don't know about you but i prefer the food that i eat to be dead. >> this man is so gross. >> no new york's, i don't like this. >> this is gross. >> in korea. >> south korea. >> do they stick to your face, the tentacles. the south koreans suggest that you cut it and take it by piece. >> the one i had was cut into 150 pieces but it kept moving for about half an hour. >> this girl does not cut it at all, picks up the whole thing with a set of chopsticks and just goes for it but this oc
2:57 pm
octopus goes that way. >> see what happens when you eat octopus. >> like an oil slick. this video a few months old but getting lots of attention. >> she did it right. you have to swallow it head first. if you swallow, it throws in the tentacles, because all of the stickers are on the inside. these tentacles are all over her face. she has to peel this off. she is trying to bite it. now, it looks like a gummy worm. it is so gross. >> you have to slap it. it is like an oyster. you go that way and it is gone z you can't chew it. a few people die every year doing this. if you don't chew it properly or swallow it properly, it holds on in your throat and you choke to death. >> she goes savage on this thing, takes a big bite of it and is right. yeah, that's right, i just ate a live octopus.
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♪ thanks for watching. catch us on the next "right this minute." m$
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so we broke the story, remember way back when, that lamar odom almost died of a cocaine overdose? he was near death in a hospital and the kardashian family vowed they would never put this on tv. guess what? charles: if you saw "keeping up with the ca -- kardashians" you saw lamar odom on life support with tubes coming out of him. this had to be at the worst. harvey: he was near death. in fact, hypothetical he was going to die. so why would they promise back then and now all of a sudden it was displayed all over the place on television. that is khloe showing lamar the pictures


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