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refused to leave. >> now earlier today the protestors marched in support of the so-called frisco five. the activists that ended the 17 day hunger strike on saturday. they are hoping to be out of the hospital by wednesday. and their supporters are calling for 17 days of action and one day for the hunger strike and that begins with a general strike asking people to not spend money in san francisco and have big corporations and to only support small businesses. >> we are calling on everybody to please boycott the big businesses in san francisco. the mayor only understands money so let's hit the money. >> we have many people here today. they haven't gone to work. they haven't gone to school and they are also promising to boycott corporate restaurants and corporate purchasing here in san francisco. protestors want the mayor to fire police chief greg suhr
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because of deadly police shootings. they say they were justified because the victims were armed with knives and refused to drop them. the police chief and the mayor is implementing reform for deadly force and the police chief issued a statement that says we respect the protestors and their commitment to reform. we are relieved of the hunger strike ended as we don't want anyone's health at risk apt protestors will be out here until 8:00 tonight. you mentioned 17 days of action. did they say when they are planning the next protest? >> reporter: we know there is a vigil scheduled for wednesday evening but as for other protests we don't have any word on that yet. monte francis in san francisco. thank you. now to ktvu paul chambers with more on the police bias report released late this afternoon. paul. >> frank, this is the 5th and final meeting of the blue
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ribbon panel with the public. now the comments came from the findings and preliminary findings. no final report has been issued at this time. some of the things are that san francisco police lack transparency. we will show you what is going on. some of those areas include hiring and training and use of force. now, sfpd was the target of the investigation last may. and the independent panel is comprised three judges picked by attorney george gascon. the judges are not affiliated with san francisco and not being paid. it took five officers each and accused in original texting scandals. the judges looked for a history where the officers were in question the primary officer. the judges with the second set of eyes on the reports after 8 law firms point out potential
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discrepancies. the judges review the incidents and have more to go through. they are looking at incidents looking at use of force. the data indicates that police stops and search, black and latino business far more than others. the department is bias in its practice in the community of color and shows bias for hiring and promotions. we contacted sfpd and gave us this statement, we respect george gasson's panel and share the goals. the findings echo much of ms. gascon's testimony before the panel. we look forward to the report and forwarding the department of justice for their consideration and we reached out to san francisco police officer association that says george gascon report is biased and illegitimate. gascon handpicked his panel and refuses to hear from witnesses that disagree with him. once again the judges want to
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stress that the report is not din. this is just some of the findings and the findings came from the law firms that gave those findings in turn to the judges. they still have hundreds of things to go through. they expect a final report to umm can in the next few weeks and when that comes the debate will start once again. right now frank and julie we will go back inside here because there is a lot of things being said. public comments at this time. also i will make sure we have that for you on our 7:00 newscast and online and at the 10:00 newscast. ktvu has learned that a 19- year-old arrested for killing his great aunt a well-known defense attorney is on a psychiatric hold. 65-year-old marla zamora was trying to help him like many others. zamora was stabbed to death on friday in the backyard of her apartment, police arrested her
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great nephew angelo zamora. morela worked in the public defender's office for 30 years. friends said that zamora was one of the first women in that office. >> i don't know of anybody else that was such a pioneer like marla was. back to back trials and so fearless for her clients and you know her clients' families consider marla to be family. zamora leaves behind a 27- year-old daughter. a memorial service is being planned for next week. the man charged with the kidnapping and murder of a toddler from fairfield more than 30 years ago made a court appearance today. 55-year-old michael ferta das rang was charged with first- degree murder. the victim 3-year-old clark honda was kidnapped from his home in 1984, the little boy was never seen again. ferdarang was a family friend at the time. currently receiving a police sentence for child molestation
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in a separate case. developing news, getting a first look at the damage from large tornadoes that touched down in oklahoma city. a person killed, a man in his late 70s and reports of others being injured. real devastation in oklahoma. chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking the severe weather. >> we are are watching this stuff go off all day. may is the month for tornadoes in the united states. and the united states is the place for more tornadic activity than anywhere. we are in the hot spot right now. in may and in oklahoma tornado alley and getting it big and continuing to see funnels and the potential for more tornadic activity. here is how it looks. the red boxes, those are tornado watches. the yellow boxes are severe
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thunderstorm watches and as the sun sets, the fuel will start to go away and we will see this activity die down. i think we god video we can show you what was happening outside. really throughout the the day in oklahoma they have been getting hammered. the imagery showing broad based tornadoes. some of them are two or three miles across and some as big as five miles. that is amazing. and these pictures keep coming in. look at the debris cloud. a lot in this area, rural, that's good, right? if this area moved through to oklahoma city, a populated area you would have real problems. the deal is most of it is dying down. more severe weather tomorrow and a little bit further east. i will see you in a few minutes. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on this news. we are working to bring you the latest in the newscasts, you can find updates on our ktvu
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mobile app. now to the election as democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders brings his campaign to northern california. the senator from vermont is due at cal expo tonight for a rally and reporter mike hurry says hundreds of there to hear him speak. >> you got to find to the end and bernie has a bigger movement than just a nomination for presidency. and people are becoming active and feeling like maybe they can change the political climate of this country. >> it is not often that presidential candidates visit sacramento for campaign rallies but john kenny did in 1960 and bill clinton had a rally in 1992, why is bernie sanders here now? political analyst says bernie
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sanders has picked sacramento and stockton several reasons. >> he can tap into homeowners that may feel frustrated and have experienced foreclosure and had to short sell their homes and my guess is that he is probably to tap in to that feeling of economic insecurity and anger. three high profile bay area lawmakers got a look at the future of design in san francisco. house minority leader nancy pelosi and barbara lee anglena ashu toured the gal herry this morning. it showcases the way technology is influencing the design to medical devices. on the subject of the presidential race, the three democrats did not reveal who they would be endorsing although congresswoman pelosi made reference to the next president whoever she may be and criticized the gop. >> rhetoric that we are hearing on the republican side unworthy of the american people and
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unworthy of any office. >> the autoto desk gallery is opened for free from 10:00 a.m. to five p.m. and located at one market street in san francisco. coming up, donald trump working to unify his party but it won't be easy. at 6:30, the latest on tensions between the presumptive nominee and housespeaker paul ryan. paul ryan is not the party and even donald trump is not the party. and i'm tracking that warmup in the bay area this week. a first bay area resident accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her clients. how investigators say she did it and the charges she is now
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facing. a real estate agent accused of bilking a couple of almost a million dollars. suspicion of grand theft and elder abuse. the sheriff's office says she convinced to write offers for homes and then said the deals fell through and did not reimburse them. one of the brothers accused of killing his parents was back in court. a preliminary hearing was continued until wednesday to give the attorneys for 22-year- old man to prepare. he and his 17-year-old brother have pleaded not guilty to murder. they are accused of killing
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their parents on april 24th. friends of the family spoke to us about their conflicted feelings concerning the case. >> we are going through emotional strain and trying to relieve it. i have nothing to say about the case but ... >> it has been difficult for everyone. >> it is very hard. >> after the preliminary hearing, a judge will decide if there is enough evidence against the brothers for the case to go to trial. again the brothers are expected to be back in covered on wednesday. hundreds of people gathered at san francisco state to support 4 hunter strikers gone 8 days without food to protest possible program cuts. several people at the protests posted video to social media. the hunger strikers and the supporters want the university to continue full funding of the ethnic studies program. this comes after the university announced possible budget cuts for the department earlier this year.
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activist danny glover was on hand to support the students. >> we are here to change the narrative and to change the dialogue. that's what it is about. >> the ethnic studies program at san francisco state was the first of its kind when it was created back in 1969. new developments now regarding california's drought. governor brown says he is making some restrictions on water use people. the winter rains helped but not all of california has benefit the and the governor says the drought is not over. tom vacar has more on what this means for californiaians. >> reporter: northern california is dry and southern has some mandates being backed off. this mandate shows extreme drought in california before the rains came. this week's man shows us the
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conditions have improved with 10% of extreme northern california drought free but much is racked by drought. >> the first tenant of this approach is to stop water waste. >> the governor believes that the conservation combined with making the state more resilient when the states strike is the way to go. the biggestcha is the flat statewide mandate and specific cuts for individual water agencies in favor of letting those agencies choose how to bring about desired savings. the ability to take a look at their own customer conversation levels and make decisions appropriate to them that fits into the statewide goal and effort of saving water. tomorrow the east bay mud staff is recommending to it's the board of directors to reduce the statement 4 declared drought to a stage 0 relying on
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voluntary contributions. each state will pass a stress test showing how it could cope with the policies to achieve goals. however, the governor made permanent certain prohibitions including the hosing off of sidewalks and driveways. washing cars without cutoff nozzles and lawn watering that causes runoff and other measures. >> most of us would agree that water savings efforts were not a huge sacrifice and did not compromise our comfort and well- being. >> and consider this, the experts say we are one dry winter from being right back in the same position that we were a year ago. it's that important to conserve. tom vacar, fox 3 news. and the weather now as we take a live look outside the studios at oakland looking to the estuary. a beautiful day but it didn't
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start out nice. bill, going back to the drought, that is interesting what tom says, one dry winter being away. >> like fire danger, when can we quit worrying about fire danger? never. california, dry summers and a dry mediterranean climate. and the same about droughts, never. you do samuels and there have been broughts for four years. the way we view water in the state, we have to, we have to consider that. so as you look at the satellite map, you see basically everything clearing out. the fog is back and that's what helps the fog form. when you see the fog you go that is a weather pattern and this fog will be with us all week.
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and a fair weather pattern all week based on that. the forecast overnight lose, 52 in oakland and 49 in napa and 50 in vallejo and tomorrow warmer than today by five degrees and you start off with the low clouds and start to warm up. most of us in the 60s and 70s and you will see the unusual or rare 80s popping into some neighborhoods on your bay area tuesday. thank you, bill. >> a bay area police officer doust with bleach. >> the bleach landed in the officer's face. >> the bizarre incident that started it. an update on the officer's condition. later in sports. a double dose of steph curry's news and the big award he will get tomorrow. facebook and what former staffers are saying about the
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list of trending topics on your
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news speed. police responded to a dog bite call and bleach was thrown on him from a 6th floor. it is unclear whether the
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bleach was intended for the officer or the dog bite victim. >> officers get assaulted and talked and especially assaulting officers physically. it is concerning and that will not be tolerated. >> the owner of the dog was arrested but she told ktvu news that her dog only barked and did not bite anyone. she says it was another woman in the building that threw the bleach and she had been the victim of a bleach attack a few months ago. the police say the situation will have to be sorted out in court. >> three of the drifters accused of homicide appeared in a preliminary hearing. one witness testified it was the widow of the man killed. ktvu's rob roth was in court and has new pictures of the accused killers. >> she has no comments. >> la kitta carter walked in court and her testimony before
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seemed to bring one of the killerrers to the brink of tears. the attorney of localli alligood says she is scared. >> this is a period of sobriety and she is coming to grips. >> the judge allowed still photographs of two of the accused killers lolligood and lampsly and a third defendant has pleaded guilty and a major twist agreeing to testify against the other two. >> it is not unheard of to have a codefendant get the better deal and not tell the truth in court to achieve a deal. >> accused of killing two people. one walking his dog in a park. on this first day of the preliminary hearing carter's widow testified she received a text from her husband after he
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left to walk the dog. she answered it but there was no further response she said in a low voice. outside court, a friend of steve carter says this is a sad time for everyone involved. >> i would want those kids to have a great life. one man's life is gone and that is not what he was about. >> the preliminary hearing goes on hold for four months and scheduled to resume in september. coming up next. continuing coverage on the race for the white house. both of us have plans to make college affordable. up next, hillary clinton shifting focus as donald trump deflects tension among republicans. >> gender neutral restrooms in california. approved by the state assembly. sworn to protect.
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how a school shooting survivor is making sure that students are safe today. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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the california primary is still been a month away and
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some voters are getting a jump on casting their vote. santa clara county has 21 different ballots to accommodate the local elections. >> we are preparing for 100% turnout. that's our dream to have that but so far we are increasing every week with the registrations that come in. may 23rd is the deadline to register to vote or switch parties. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts now. presidential candidate bernie sanders is in sacramento for a campaign rally. scheduled to speak at a campaign event in stockton tomorrow morning. more on the campaign now from fox news reporter joe waldman in washington. >> we are going to fight for the last vote we can find in new jersey and california. in new jersey bernie sanders reminding voters he has won over 45% of the pledge
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delegates. the vermont senator hoping to keep the upsets rolling along. sanders leading in tomorrow's west virginia primary. but hillary clinton is still hundreds of delegates ahead breaking free of sanders to focus on the general election. >> both of us have plans to make college affordable and my plan is better. >> clinton is already a big target of donald trump. the businessman repeatedly linking the democratic front- runner to her husband's past scandals and trump the presumptive republican nominee may have a bigger problem than hillary clinton. housespeaker paul ryan says he would step down from of the chairman of the republican convention if trump asked him to do so. former new york city mayor giuliani down playing the tension between trump and ryan scheduled to meet later this week. >> i think we can get the


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