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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the vermont senator hoping to keep the upsets rolling along. sanders leading in tomorrow's west virginia primary. but hillary clinton is still hundreds of delegates ahead breaking free of sanders to focus on the general election. >> both of us have plans to make college affordable and my plan is better. >> clinton is already a big target of donald trump. the businessman repeatedly linking the democratic front- runner to her husband's past scandals and trump the presumptive republican nominee may have a bigger problem than hillary clinton. housespeaker paul ryan says he would step down from of the chairman of the republican convention if trump asked him to do so. former new york city mayor giuliani down playing the tension between trump and ryan scheduled to meet later this week. >> i think we can get the two
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of them together and the rest of it could fall in place. >> one republican that has supported donald trump, chris christie. trump announcing today that new jersey governor will lead the businessman's transition team for the fall election. in washington, joe waldman, fox news. a forker california congresswoman says it could be good for colorado. doug yost used to represent sacramento in governor hill and says trump sud serve as an inspiration. >> the opportunity to reinvigorate oakland, the harbor. there's so many things that trump can touch and rebalance and recalibrate for the benefit of californians. he says that many of bernie sanders supporters on the same page when it comes to trade deals and they may vote for trump instead of hillary
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clinton. >> there are allegations tonight that facebook suppressed conservative news in its news feed. a former staffer made that charge today. the ex employee said that social media giant would tinker with trending stories that appeared to the right of the news feed and pushed certain liberal stories to the top of the list. facebook says it takes any accusations of bias seriously. and be sure to stay with ktvu on air and online for continuing election coverage. the california state assembly approved a bill that would make single users bathrooms to require that specific gender signs gender neutral. and to make it more convenient for women and transgender people. it heads to the senate. in north carolina the state's governor and the u.s.
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justice department are locked in a legal battle over that controversial law that dictates bathroom use for transgender people. the doj says the law is discriminatory against transgender people and have given the governor until this morning to denounce the law. instead the governor filed a lawsuit against the doj. attorney general loretta lynch responded. >> i do not agree with their interpretation of federal law. that is why this morning i have asked a federal court to clarify what the law actually is. >> north carolina claims that the 1964 civil rights act doesn't recognize transgender status as a protected class. legal experts say that the transgender concept was minimal at the time and not in the
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public consciousness. the governor is asking a federal judge to prevent the doj from holding federal funds when the state is under way. thousands of miles away, the latest result from the philippines when the front runner for president is being called the trump of the east. i think the result of the election the way i see it reflects the will of the people. also federal officials releasing gas on the new york subway system. the drill that could potentially
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save thousands of lives. officials in canada got a look at the devastation from a massive wildfire driven 90,000 people from their homes in northern alberta. one official describes it as a beast saying it was unlike any fire he has seen. flames have burned 400,000 acres. 2400 homes have been destroyed and two teenagers killed in a car accident. the fire is now in its second week and officials say they are hopeful that they have reached a turning point as cooler temperatures and light rain move in. >> a mexican judge approved the extradition of drug word el chapo to the united states. final approval is pending. he was transported to a prison
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over the weekend. officials say that guzman was transferred for security reasons. there are reports that he may have been planning another escape. facing charges in the u.s. that range from drug trafficking to kidnapping and murder. voters in the polls in philippines in the election there. five candidate to succeed the president there. right now the votes are speaking still being counted but the front-runner by a huge marginis a tough talking person declareing to end poverty declared to donald trump and his language are speaking hugely popular. >> the people in the philippines are fed up for the normal rhetoric that doesn't do anything, any good for the poor people. >> the son of the late dictator fer na dand marco has a lead for vice president.
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many of the 3 million phillipines americans in california are following the returns and we could have final results later. federal officials have a simulated biological attack in the new york subway system. homeland security is releasing a harmless gas in a number of subway stations. they want to see how a biological agent could be carried through the system. detectors at 55 stations in some outdoor spots. you need to understand exactly the situation that you might be facing and we know that are subways are targets for our adversaries and so it is important that we know if something is really hazardous, what to do about it. the tests are scheduled over five days. officials expect it will take a number of months to analyze the data to be used for emergency response in the event there is ever a biological attack. still to come here, he
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survived the school shooting and now he is sworn to serve and protect. >> i was six-and-a-half years old at the time and shot on the playground. up next, one man's quest to turn a tragedy into an opportunity to keep students safe. the sun came out this afternoon and temperatures went up and further warming for your
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bay area tuesday. in 1989 a mass shooting in stockton at a elementary school was the worse that the nation
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seen. five students killed and 30 teachers wounded. and one student is now working as a resource officer to keep children safe. >> i was six-and-a-half years old at the time and i was shot on the playground. >> rob young in the first grade when he was shot in the chest and foot at school. he says he remembers the cleveland elementary school massacre like yesterday. >> the constitution of the state of california, against all enemies. >> today young is swearing to protect children at cleveland's school and other schools in stockton as a police officer. >> sergeant young took us to cleveland elementary school as he remembers that day, 27 years ago when patrick purdy went on
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campus with an ak-47. i ran towards that wall and didn't quite make it. >> five innocent children were killed. 30 others were injured. >> i got up and i made my way around the handball wall and there were bullets coming through the wall. >> young still has the bullet fragment in his chest. >> being in police work for a number of years and culling back to the school district police department in stockton, it really hits close to home. >> reporter: since a child he knew he wanted to be a police officer and now that he has school aged children of his own in stockton, he wants to return to the stockton unified to serve and protect like the officers in 1989 did for him. >> the good guys are here and i will never forget that feeling. now you are one of the good
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guys. >> i guess. >> it was a big day for three young falcons at the top of the pg&e building in san francisco. >> researcher glen stewart carefully inspected the birds and attached an identification band to each bird's legs. he says there are two girls and one boy and all healthy. the little falcons squawked the lot and stewart says they ended up feeling quite proud of themselves. >> they defend their nest very vigorously and you were up there with the camera and you could see and hear them screaming and diving 100 miles an hour and i'm done in 15 minutes and i go away and they feel like we have driven off another predator and they feel very good about themselves. well he announced their
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names from suggestions considered by a kindergarten class. they were picked by more than 150 names. the young birds will start to fly soon and will probably leave the nest in about a month. i like the name talon. the birds are quick watching them fly and they pluck pigeons out of the air and that is what they feast on. >> and they are fairly endangered some years ago in the states and that's what makes it more special for the city. >> and so our weather around here is basically turning nicer. more spring-like and warmer and highs in the 70s and even low 80s over the next three days. warmer spots. there is the jet stream, kind of stuck it in here and i want you to see the croft, the area of all of the severe weather out in the plains. and this is the area that visited us on friday when we had the rainfall. remember that and showers last week. that system is now moving on and creating big problems out
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there as you know that is typical for this time of year when you get a storm sitting off of the coast and it makes its way to the plays. the fog out there right now, you see it off of the coast. that's coastal fog and around tomorrow morning and around again tomorrow evening. and it will be around again on wednesday and thursday. it will stick around. fog is back. that's all i had to say. forecast highs for the next couple of days, it will warm up in the low 80s and the high pressure stays put and forget the rain and don't forget your allergy pills because you will notice that. here is the forecast for the bay. fog in the morning and in the afternoon the sun comes out and call it partly cloudy and high and lunchtime in the mid-60s and by the end of the day partly cloudy and 68 degrees in san francisco. 77 in napa. the forecast warmer than today
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and warmer for wednesday and keep warming up as we move through time and temperatures on wednesday and thursday reaching in the low 80s and in the warmest spots. most of us probably 75 to 78 degrees. here you see it, wednesday and thursday the numbers pop up. the fog will be constant player coast and the temperatures will be on the mild. for the first time no rain in the five-day forecast. we do have plenty of warmth and plenty of pollen and stuff to talk about i guess because the tree pollen are trending down but the weed and grasses coming back on and we had bonus rain last week. >> it was great. >> is there a chance to get more as the month goes on are we done? >> i like when it rains in the middle of the week. fuel moisture is how much moisture is in the trees. how wet are they are inside and
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how well they do for the fire season. if we get more rain we increase moisture that decreases the fire danger. >> did you get rain saturday. >> it was a raining saturday. >> we had bonus rain friday and saturday. new figures show that super bowl 50 generated more money than previously thought for san francisco but the figures show that it cost more too. the city controller said it brought in two million more than the city spent. it spent 2.69 million and more than twice as much projected in january but the figures were offset by 11.6 million in  revenue from the airport along with hotel and sales taxes generated by the super bowl and super bowl city. well the warriors are in portland getting ready for game four with the trailblazers.
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the weather on whether steph curry will play. the a's in boston.
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mark is here with sports. the warriors playing the blazers tonight. >> a lot going on in portland in the last 20 minutes. we have great news if you are a warrior fan and that means steph curry will return to the court. we have video of steph curry before tonight. that is him entering the arena and this is steph curry going through his pregame ritual. like i said within the last hour and last 40 minutes and from everything we are hearing he looked good and went through with no problems and steve kerr as his usual talked to the media about his availability tonight. >> he played a good 3 on 3 yesterday and came out of it feeling decent this morning. he is going to get treatment and we will talk to our doctors and our medical people and make a decision this afternoon and go from there.
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all right. so the report up there is that they are not worried at all about his knee. obviously his ankle. they are worried about his condition. the last three weeks he has only played about a little over half of basketball and readjusting to the warriors flow. he might play as much as 15 minutes tonight and what an eventful day for steph curry. he has found out as has all basketball fans he will be named the league's mvp for the second consecutive year and the first warrior to win it in back- to-back years. the official announcement will come tomorrow. the nba makes it a mystery as to when they will announce the mv p award and the only question is whether it is unanimously given to steph curry that led the warriors to that record 73 wins.
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he was also the league's leading scorer at 30 a game. the sharks, let's not forget about them. they are in action, in the first intermission and so far in this closeout game, they could eliminate the predators and going well in nashville. as we roll the video. young chris tourney, 9 minutes and 55 seconds nailing the shots and the sharks are leading 1-0. they don't hang on that long, in fact a couple of minutes later and the shark go at it again. the nice play, a turnover by the predators leads to another goal by the youngster chris tourney. 2-0 lead and nashville has scored in the first intermission and the sharks in control of the game. basically dominating the ice and the score is just 2-1. obviously anybody's game at this point. it is official. official time to worry about not only the a's as a team but
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their ace, sony gray, 3rd consecutive game and absolutely lit up. a lot of questions about a's pitching before the season started. he didn't look like one of the questions as the a's at fenway park boston get off to a 4-1 lead and chris davis going deep with sony gray you are thinking things are good and a 6th run 4th inning by the red sox, jackie bradley, jr. with a single and 4-1 lead and they just keep adding on. dustin pedroia with a base hit to center field makes it a 6-4 game and the line on sonny gray gave up 8 hits and 7 runs, disgust add couple of a's fans making the trip to fenway park and you see bob melvin to get sonny gray whose er ais 6.0. that's well over what he does. so some concerns for the a's but things looking pretty good for the sharks and on the
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upswing for the warriors with steph curry back. looking for a win tonight. thanks, mark. and our coverage continues on ktvu plus ken wayne is standing by. what are you working on. >> heather and i are working on the efforts that are under way to get entrance police chief suhr to step down and the blue ribbon commission looking into the use of force. and who will run the republican convention now that the housespeaker will step down if asked by donald trump. and speaking of donald trump there is a new president elect in the philippines being compared to donald trump and clint eastwood. those stories and more coming out 7 on ktvu plus. we will see you then.
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