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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 10, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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dozens of demonstrators demanding the police chief step down. mornings on two starts now. ts now. . that was so exciting. i didn't find out until this morning. >> i listened to the over time on my way to work. i couldn't stay up. warriors. we'll show plenty of highlights. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. i'm brian flores. >> it's only 4:00 in the morning. i may not be here for every other heartbeat. >> i'm way downtown bang. who said that. mike green. >> i was like brian. i can't stay up that late. >> most people who are watching
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probably didn't either. or they are still up. we have a lot of low clouds and fog that will and burn out sooner. yesterday inland temps bumped up. there's a low cloud deck, it will burn off and temperatures are to move. nothing over the sierra. after that burns off we're good to go. some of the fog holds on near the coast. 40s, 50s, a few more 40s this morning, not as much of a breeze. low clouds, starting to clear, and then we'll see a system sweep through. 60s, 70s and you remember the 80s, sal. i do remember the 80s,
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duran, duran. the announcer is mike breen, with a b. cnn has -- espn has a mike green. >> i stayed up to watch the game, i wastelling everyone -- telling everyone in the newsroom. i stayed up for the game and i'm not tired. >> not yet. >> we're talking 6:30. >> you will be sleeping in the parking lot. >> there's coffee and there's adrenaline from a wonderful win. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's light, a lot of people who are up now are not expecting a lot of slow traffic. traffic looks good going into san francisco. 880 is looking good. if you're driving into south bay, a nice looking commute. we can go do the maps.
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i can show you the traffic is off to a good start. it's 4:02. we have new developments in the case of the three suspects charged with killing a canadian back packer. that is being delayed four months. two of the suspects were in court yesterday. this is what they look like when police found them last october. the third suspect agreed to deaf against the other two. outside the courtroom a friend of victim steve carter said this is difficult for everyone. >> he would want those kids have to a great life. one man is gone, their lives are probably over. it's not what he was about.
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>> carter's widow who's battling cancer answered a few wees -- questions, the next time the case will be back in court is september 19th. a man is officially charged with murder of a three year. he was charged with first degree murder with special circumstances that could bring the death penalty. the victim was kidnapped from his home in 1984. he knew the family, he's serving a prison stance -- sentence in a separate case. a woman was killed in antioch occuring the rich hour -- rush hour. the chp says a bmw crashed into the back of an acura. the driver of the acura was taken to the hop where she --
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hospital where she died. the chp is investigating what led up to the crash. there's no announced plans for another protest to demand the recognition nation of the police -- resignation of the police chief. that's after demonstrators were there yesterday. they were showing the support of the group of the frisco five. they he'll a 15 day hunger strike. the supporters want them to take part in 17 days of action. one for every day the hunger strikeres went without food. >> boycott big business in san francisco. the mayor only understands money. >> protesters want the mayor to fire the police chief for the way he handled several deadly police shootings in the city.
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they say the department is making reforms and the chef will not resign. a woman participating in a hunger strike is in the hospital. she's calling attention to cut backs in the ethnic studies program. they are demanding the university restore money cut from the department. they have gone a week without school. she complained of chest pains yesterday and taken to the hospital. we know the name of a police officer who's accused of racist remarks. sergeant penske made remarks with racial under tones. , under tones. he was suspended last month.
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he could face disciplinary action including termination. a report on the racist text messages sent by police officers could add more fuel. last night was the final meeting of. police searched black and latino more than other groups. the police officers union said: . now the panel should release the final report in a few weeks. a woman is due in court on
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charges she conned clients into deals. she says she takes pride in taking homeowners one family at a time but a 73-year-old man accuses her of convincing her to buy two fore closed homes to flip them. he wrote two checks in the amount of $75,000 but the money was not returned when the deal fell through. time is 4:08. the warriors were in danger of losing back-to-back games for the first time all season. the game went into over time and that's when steph curry took over.
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>> curry scored 40 points in the win, including an nba record 17 points in over time. he came off the bench earlier and was only suppose to play 25 minutes. living stop -- livingston was only -- fouled out. the two teams traded big shots before the warriors won. >> there's very few games where you sort of take a moment during the game and say wow, this is something. >> you miss three weeks it's weird walking back on the court, the crowd is going crazy, and the competitive atmosphere, trying to get my baring straight and get a
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rhythm. it took 48 minutes until things clicked. >> the first half he was looking at his knee. stop moving like that. >> he spent time on the bike. >> game five is tomorrow night, if the warriors win they go to the western conference finals. the announcement that steph yuri is the mvp will come tonight. he led the warriors to 73 regular season wins. he broke his own record for most three-point shots with 402. the question is, will the vote and unanimous. there's never been an you unanimous vote. sanders told the crowd he
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will be spending a lot of time in california ahead have the state's june 7th primary despite hillary clinton seemingly lead he is vowing to stay in the race until the end. >> it is a steep hill to climb and i acknowledge that, but we have the possibility of walking in to the democratic convention with the -- majority. >> people want to stand behind the right thing and that's amazing. >> this morning sanders will be in stock tonight -- stockton. hillary clinton opened a office last night. ed lee said they can make history by electing clinton. since she wasn't there, there
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was a life size cut out. paul ryan is looking forward to straight conversations with donald trump. yesterday ryan said he would the step down in july if trump asked him to do to a so. ryan said he's not ready to support trump. they are scheduled to meet in washington on thursday. >> there's three possibilities. they walk out and decided they can figure out a way to work together. they walk out and they figure out they can't work together but they won't work together. and third they are at odds. >> trump has chosen chris christie to lead the transition team. to group that will go to the white house with trump if he's
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elected. coming up next, a driver unleashed a racial slur during a parking confrontation. was it worth it. the new report comparing the cost of super bowl city to how much it generated.
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stress might the shark -- despite a lead it has come down to a game 7. the predators won in overtime. is sharks had an early lead but the predators tied it up in the 2nd and in the 3rd to force over time. game 7 is thursday night. the giants offensive woes continue as they dropped the series opener with the blue jays. peavy is struggling. he struck out six. the blue jays won 3-1. the giants have on scored 3 runs in the past 3 games. the a's dropped their series
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opener against the red sox. the red sox rallied in the fourth. the college of marin is under sanction after a coach played the tuition, rent of players. the coach resigned and the school for fits wins for three seasons. super bowl l generated $2 million more than previously thought but it cost more. the events brought in 11. $6million from hotel and sales taxes, permits and license fees and parks fees.
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but costs went up. the city had estimated costs at $5 million. let's check in on the traffic with a gentleman who's been up all night. >> i got some sleep. >> it ended at 10? >> 10:30. but i took a nap. i cheated. good morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light. traffic continues time to look good. if you're driving in the south bay, traffic is moving nicely on the 101, 280 and all the south bay areas. it's your kind of weather. we have low cloud deck, not as extensive as yesterday. not the drizzle we had yesterday. if you're heading to the jays
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and giants it looks okay. the low clouds will be regrouping, a westerly breeze. overall the fog is there, it will burn off sooner, high pressure is nosing in. everything is quiet except along the coast. it is showing signs of clearing, the mendicino coast and goes down the coast and clears off. flies in the mix, nap e upper 40s -- napa. santa rosa 51, more 40s in the north. know vlado has a -- novato has a nape -- neighbor. 44 degrees, it is cool out there for some. the breeze is there but not as robust as yesterday. 70 down in las vegas, low
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clouds and fog will retreat earlier, a weak system that will chew up the low cloud deck. low clouds, sunny and warmer. near 80 for a few inland. more sun coast day. temperature 60, 70s, 80s, these are near average to slightly above. warmer into sunday, a cool down friday, that will take us into friday. next week looks like another low drops in. >> you want to share your joke. >> tell the breakfast joke. >> no? >> bacon and eggs walks into a bar and orders a beer. the bartender says sorry, we don't serve breakfast. >> you can tell your daughter
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that. >> thank you steve. a dating site that matches americans with canadians. the web site that's taking the special -- internet by storm, and why donald trump is the inspiration behind it. homes and businesses shredded by tornadoes, the damage left after two days of strong storms in oklahoma. j?j?j7
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welcome back, the state of north carolina and the its justice -- u.s. justice have laws. it requires the using of bathrooms according to the gender on their birther is tiff coot. loretta lynch gave them yesterday to respond. >> we are seeking a court order declaring hb 2 discriminatory. >> it's time for the us congress to bring clarity. >> north carolina claims that the civil rights act does not recognize transgender status. legal experts say the
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transgender continue september was not in the public continues news. the bill would require that all single use bathrooms in public and government and gender neutral. canadian officials have a clearer picture on the devastation in canada. 2400 homes and businesses destroyed but 25,000 were saved. now the buildings have no water or power. that could happen in the next two weeks, people are told to remain at shelter. >> this city is not safe
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without the police and fire escort we had. there's smolders hot spots every where. >> mcmurray fire chief is a hero. he says the real heroes are those fighting the wildfire. it could be months before the fire is out. terrifying weather in the nation's planes. part of the action was caught on camera in oklahoma. this is the town of sulfur. violent storms from texas to a what are blamed for two deaths in oklahoma and the destruction is widespread. homes damaged. trucks overturned. another large system is expected by wednesday. it's 4:26, a bay area family kicked off a plane for
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their son's pea nut allergy. >> an incident that started it all and the update on the officer's condition. we're looking at a morning commute that's light. no major problems on 80 west wound. we're watching things going on. but so far so good. low clouds are in place, temperature will bump up inland. overall a quiet pattern. looks okay for the giants games as well.
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a. quiet. people are sleeping. 4:29. now you have to get up.
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steve said it's quiet out there, but they will have a forecast on the rest of the week, it's shaping up to be nice. looks like you could water ski, it's so smooth. i don't know about this early in the morning. tuesday may 10th, i'm brian flores. i'm not drinking coconut water and espresso. i'm pam cook. the warriors played late. >> i've never heard of that. >> if you like you request taste some. >> i've seen it. today's newscast is responserred by -- >> a rooster crowed. it's time the milk the cows. we had a cool morning. a few 40s under a low cloud


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