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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and another officer beat him 40 times causing serious injuries to petov arms and hands. on tuesday george gascon condemned the actions. this is a case of police officers violating the constitution and excessive force. >> the d.a. says petov i'm sorry and help me and oh, my god as he was being beaten. >> the two officers have been charged with three felonies, assault under authority and assault with a deadly weapon and battery. sean osborne is being investigated for turning over a gold necklace for hush money. >> the da says there would be no case if not for the video.
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>> the deputies are on paid administrative leave. >> they will have to answer for their questions. >> petov has been indicted by a federal grand jury on gun charges. the result of a raid in the couple's home. they pleaded not guilty. in a statement, petov's attorney michael hadan ha dad says this is a long time coming but these deputies need to be held accountable. >> one lawyer says the actions were in accordance with the law and the actions could be lawful. weaver's attorney has not responded. the deputies are expected to surrender tomorrow and if convicted of a felony they can no longer serve in law enforcement. henry lee, fox 2 now. the man suspected for killing his great aunt,
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respected attorney was postponed. marla zamora. a device set off a device in st. luke's hospital. found at ten this morning at the loading dock on the salvation army across from st. luke's. workers said that the workers by the construction site were told to evacuate. the bomb squad team disassembled the bomb and determined it was not a threat but they say it appears that someone had wanted it to look like a real bomb. designed to make someone think it could be explosive but had signs that it was mane to be a hoax. >> the orders to shelter in place or evacuate were lifted
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at 11:30 this morning. police don't know if someone left the device on the loading dock or if it fell off of a delivery truck. awhile reception for bernie sanders today at his campaign office in oakland. he wrapped up a campaign event in stockton and hit the road heading for the bay area. the oakland visit was last minute. still hundreds of supporters were there to greet him. ktvu rob roth was there and asked sanders about the possibility of going up against republican donald trump. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders campaign stop on oakland's college avenue was brief. lasting about 30 minutes but long enough to work up a crowd of supporters. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> hundreds of people got to see him as he walked along the sidewalk, rock star adulation
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and security surrounding him. we asked what many democrats want to know. >> how do you think you will do against donald trump. >> every poll i have seen has up beating him badly. >> reporter: sanders came to oakland to visit his california campaign office in rockridge where he repeated his message. >> we are rebuilding the infrastructure of the inner cities in america. >> sanders toll his supporters defeating former secretary of state hillary clinton is an uphill battle but quite possible and he needs to win in california. >> it is unheard of but on june 7th we have a very large voter turnout and we win in california and we win big. sanders' trip to oakland was
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last minute and the campaign office got word yesterday that sanders might come and it was confirmed only hours before his arrival. sanders campaign did not want thousands of people showing up disrupting the quiet rock ridge neighborhood but word got out. >> someone yell hey bernie down the street and hopped in the car and drove down here. in a street cleaning spot and i will get a ticket and it was worth it. >> this is the first time that a platform has spoken to people of color and people disin franchised. >> sanders said he would be back to california many times between now and the state primary june 7th. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 now. after leaving oakland senator sanders headed to san francisco to talk policy with the chronicle editorial board and how he would pay for some of his promises. sanders said he would pay for
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the infrastructure projects by closing corporate tax loop holes and he said he would expand the affordable health care with a small tax increase and savings on prescription drugs. the san francisco board of supervision decided to postpone a vote on changes to the controversial sanctuary city policy. here is a live look at the board of supervisors meeting going on right now law enforcement officers in france are not required to tell federal authorities about illegal immigrants in custody. but this proposed ordinance would direct law enforcement to tell immigration and customs enforcement if a defendant who was in this country illegally was charged with a violent crime and convicted of a violent crime in the last 7 years. this comes more than a year after 32-year-old kate steinle was shot and killed on a pier in san francisco. the board has put off the vote on the policy change for another two weeks. now to the playoffs, the
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nba playoffs and steph curry, his performance reinforced why he won his second straight mv p award. played the first game in weeks and scored a record 17 points in ot to bring the warriors to within one win of advancing to the western conference finals and today he did something that no other player has done. not michael jordan, not lebron james or kareem jabar. >> he swept the votes for his second mvp award. joe fonzi joins us. >> reporter: not big russell or dr. j. >> you can go on and on. >> the first time for a clean sweep. >> absolutely. the first time and quite a ride starting with winning its first 24 games. the warriors team has gone to where no other team has. in addition to unanimous vote the player has never had the player win the reward in consecutive years. the location was different this year but we are now familiar
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with the curry family, his mom and dad and his wife and their two young daughters and steph brother and sister and extended family were represented in addition to all of his warriors teammates sharing the stage. there was no better mvp demonstration than what curry did last night in portland after more than two weeks of inactivity due to injury curry started off cold and caught fire in the sig half as the warriors overtook and caught the trailblazers, sunk his jaw dropping 3s totaling 40 points and became the first major in history to score 17 in ot regular or post-season. the pure joy was expressed by the mvp. >> you guys inspire me to keep getting better so that we can get the most out of our
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potential. we have such a great combination that it is obviously where no team has done with the 15 guys on the stage in the history of the game. just think about that. >> winning the mvp was not enough. you came back this year dramatically better and that's amazing. how does it happen? it has to be something inside and i think what makes you special, steph is obviously you have got a lot of god given talent. it is the determination and it is the love for the game. there is no agenda. it is just i want to get better. >> one of the league's other two team mv pes was there. steve nash that works as consultant and for the second year in a row curry donated the car that comes with the mv p award to charity. oakland's covenant house that reaches out to homeless youth to get education and job skills is the recipient of curry's car and one story line we are no
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longer talking about. no speculation about steph curry's status tomorrow. he will be in the lineup as the warriors try to wrap it up with portland in five games. >> so glad we don't have to talk about that. >> it was an instant classic like night. >> steph curry is a two time mvp and first time ever unanimous choice and so humble you were at the oracle arena and walking down the hallway there is steph curry. >> took time to talk. he is like everyone says so nice he is that nice. >> he is the real deal and i think that best testament to that is if you listen to his teammates, you know, a lot of times they go resentment, i'm good. you don't hear that and haven't in two years on that team. everybody is happy for his success and they understand that his success also means their success as a unit and it is rare to find that in professional team sports. >> it seems like the warriors started to become the warriors that they are now when they
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made the decision to go with either monte ellis or steph curry and they picked steph curry and i think that was the right choice. and that's what changed the course of the warriors history. >> and there was so many branches associated with that. that was when they acquired andrew bogut and stef considerations for harrison barns andre green. >> andrew green's mom says they are like brothers. >> you can say it but if you don't portrait ... >> look at the results. >> special group of guys. >> joe, thank you. sure. >> the mayor wants more than 17 million-dollars set aside to reform the san francisco police department after several deadly officer-involved shootings. the goal, the mayor wants to meet with the money. voting in a pay raise for
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bay area teenagers, the school -- teachers, the bay area talking about a 12% raise. and drought restrictions what that will mean? >> some parts 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and it will continue to warm. details on your forecast high
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for wednesday. fox news has declared donald trump to be the winner on the republican side and democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling it out. she had the early lead of the returns and right now the numbers are just updated and essentially it is a tie at 45%.
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each of them but analysts due expect bernie sanders will take west virginia. 29 delegates at state but they are handed out proportionately, he won't be able to close the gap before he goes onto win west virginia. >> the latest on the wildfire. officials say it will be two weeks until 80,000 evacuates can return home. the massive wildfire in alberta province has destroyed 2400 buildings. 85 to 90% of the city of fort mcmurray was saved due to the efforts of fire crews. the wildfire has burned more than a half million acres and growing. a way from populated areas. officials say that it will be months before the fire is finally out. >> we told you about it yesterday. today east bay mud made it official. in its view the stage 4 drought
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has gone from stage 4 to stage 0. no drought at all. ktvu's tom vacar was at the board meeting where they backed off from and changed the restrictions. those were the words of the day there. tom ... >> reporter: it is interesting because east bay mud is the classic example of how you really prepare for a drought can actually shorten it. east bay mud says the reservoirs are full and additional supplies available and most importantly the customer base has taken conservation to heart. >> east bay mud is confident than the customers can continue to save water without the need for these drought restrictions that in place for the emergency. >> so today effective june 30th, by unanimous vote it is
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canceled for the drought and the drought surcharge canceled and emergency drought regulations canceled. >> what they will see for the average customer is drop in the bill to $4.40. >> is it anything goes? >> not likely to return to where they were before, if they upgraded the appliances or fixtures, they will receive savings every year. >> and the answer is yes because they are baked in the conservation cake. >> what we have seen in the past 30 years that we have been looking at this is that customers take 7 or 8 years to change their behaviors. >> 25 million-dollars the utility loss due to buying water will not hike because the utilities saved up for a rainy day. >> we have been bringing in supplement supplies and putting in money to the stabilization fund that is the emergency savings account for the drought.
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>> the last word goes to the customers that foot the bills. >> i agree. i am careful when i take a shower or water the garden. people are afraid during the bad spill. >> it is great news. i think with the rain this season, we were hoping that we were out of the drought, i know we are not quite there yet but the bill has continued to go up so any reduction in my bill is great news and hopefully people continue to conserve. >> decisions to the east bay mud made 20 and 30 years ago are what led to its decision today. some may wonder what are the water agencies doing? i checked that out and called several. nobody else has lifted the restrictions simply because they don't have information they think they need before
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they lift the restrictions. reporting live. tom vacar, fox 2 news. thank you, tom. so it is interesting that east bay mud is lifting restrictions and others haven't decided to do that or if they will do so. let's go to bill in the weather center. >> it seems like in a case like this with water as a precious resource, times have changed and we just need to be conscious of it. >> governor brown asked us yesterday to continue to con serve and they make money selling water. so i don't think they mind if we use water. the best thing is to continue act like we are in a drought. essentially we are in terms of how much water we get on an annual basis and behind and still kind of in a drought especially if next year doesn't produce. we have to live like we are in a drought. always. and that's how it is going to be no matter what east bay mud says or the governor. here is what we have. tornadoes kicked up in parts of tennessee and kentucky. big activity right now and you can see it.
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you can see up here the red bok, a tornado watch. it was a watch earlier. these warnings are changing quite often here as we go through the last hour or so. let's see what we got. i think it is a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning reminiscent of yesterday in denver and oklahoma. there is the main system out in the plains. for us we are just dealing with high pressure which sets us up with fog along the post and the next couple nights and mornings and the warmup that started through yesterday and more so today. ten degrees warmer today. in the inland valleys than yesterday at this time. ten degrees warmer inland. not so much around the bay. most spots around the bay warm and that's because of the coastal fog and there are -- there is a live picture and you can see the fog. it is puffing up against the city skyline. kind of hazy sunshine and
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tomorrow will be like today. but slightly warmer. overnight lows in the 40s. daytime highs in the oranges and more aggressive and burns off and you get your orange and 80s. upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow zackville could make 85-degree and 82 in walnut creek and 83 in liver more. forecast high in morgan hill, 80 and loss gatos 80s. for your bay area wednesday. not as warm as it has been in awhile. you will notice the warm. 77 in redwood city and five-day forecast warmer on wednesday. still a little warm other thursday. and then temperatures trend down. and even may 80s on thursday and friday. >> a lot of warm weather in store. >> we are halfway through may so summer is not that far off. millions for police reform in san francisco. how the mayor says the money
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will be spent to cut down on officer-involved shootings and why some say it isn't enough. later new at six, a three hour wait for lunch. the dumpling destination that has a culture following that just opened its doors in the south bay. i went to the one in taiwan and it was fabulous. the food was great.
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it was so tasty. mayor ed lee wants to spend
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17-and-a-half million dollars to rye form the police department. >> this comes in the wake of several police shootings and preliminary findings from a task force that racial bias is a problem in the department. monte francis is here now with the latest on all of this. monte. >> frank and julie the mayor has a goal to reduce the officer-involved shooting shootings in the city by 80%. and he is setting aside money in his budget for the next two fiscal years to accomplish that. >> at the spd police academy cadets receive training. learning how to de-escalate situations is a key part of the police reform package mayor ed lee announced on tuesday. 17-and-a-half million dollars includes 11-and-a-half for violence prevention and $1.8 millions for increased oversight. >> at the heart of the two and part of it is to make sure we have the resources to implement
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this in a serious way and we have appropriate oversight in making sure it is transparent and that it is an honest approach. >> protestors have taken to the streets and stormed city hall last friday in the wake of a series of deadly police shootings. demanding that the mayor fires chief suhr. but he has not considered stepping down and committed to help change the department. >> they say your budget reflects your priorities and certainly as outlined by the mayor and under his leadership, i think this budget emphasizes that we want to get to that better place. >> in addition to training on de escalation the mayor is setting aside funding for new equipment for police officers. >> some of that equipment includes allocation for 100 tasers which would have to be approved by the police commission. defense shields and 35 net guns that deploy a net to develop a
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suspect. the chief says such equipment would have prevented the shooting of mario woods that was shot and killed by police last december. the spokesperson for the frisco 5, the activist that ended the 17 day hunger strike over the week, she is skeptical that the reforms will work. >> it is kind of disheartening. you know that he is reactive and he thinks that this is going to placate us. the only thing that will make us happy is if he listens to the community. we don't want tasers, we want the chief of police to go. >> a part that have increased oversight. the funding would increase the citizens complaint department adding four investigators that look into the police shootings, an increase of 25% of the staff. >> what about the task force findings of racial tensions. did the mayor respond. >> he said he has not had a chance to read through the findings and looking forward to it. >> monte two cities with over 500,000 people that don't have
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tasers, san francisco and detroit. we heard from the frisco 5 says they don't want tasers, did she explain why? >> she says that there are concerns that someone can be electrocuted and they want chief suhr to go. >> are they against all of the police, do they think some officers are doing a good job? >> she is up front about this. she says there is good police officers. her grandfather was a good officer and she wishes they would speak up with bigger issues involving race and violence. monte. thank you. more problems for a troubled department. new details about a santa clara county deputy arrested and charged with child molestation. also ahead, raises may be on the way in one bay area school district. the vote that could see teacher
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pay go up by 10%.
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new at five, the santa clara county deputy is up arrest charmed with child molestation and abuse. ann reuben is live outside the sheriff's department with this story. ann. >> reporter: the arrest came yesterday though the alleged incidents date back to the spring of 2012. investigators with the san jose
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police department apparently got a tip and later took 33- year-old anthony diazin to custody. he is accused of both abusing and molesting a 9-year-old girl. authorities say that the crime happened when he was living with the victim's mother. anthony diaz has been a correctional officer for more than 7 years. he works at elmwood and has most recentlien assigned to the main jail due to the serious nature of the crimes the santa clara department said he was placed on unpaid administrative leave. >> unfortunately things like this happen and shocking to hear that it happened so close to home. but you know if you look at the websites that say where the offenders are, they are everywhere unfortunately. >> sheriff lorie smith released a statement saying in part the allegations are deeply disturbing. if they are true.
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the correctional deputy did not meet the standards of our office and must be held accountable for his actions. diaz is currently being held without bail at the santa rita jail. no hearing date has been set. ann, thank you for that report. san francisco could become the first major u.s. city to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in city elections. the board of supervisors has passed a measure to put the proposal on the november ballot. last week at least 6 supervisors expressed their support for the charter amendment that would allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in local city elections. critics questioned lowering the voting age below 18 his the legal age of adulthoods and supporters say this would encourage civic engagement. dublin police looking for a carjacker that got away after a high-speed chase that ended in oakland. it begin at 7:30 after sheriffs spotted a stolen minivan in
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dublin with three people inside. the van took off to interstate 550. the deputies followed with the chase reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour. the chase ended with a crash on 46th and foothill in oakland. two people were arrested as they tried to run away. the 3rd managed to escape. police say they found stolen guns and money in the van. the members of the palo alto school board could cast an important vote. the five members are poised to give the teaches and staff a pay raise. all sides seem happy but this is dissent as jesse gary tell us more. >> reporter: each year the palo alto school district and its teachers hash out a contract for the school year and that practice likely ends with the expected passage of a multi year contract. >> historic accomplishment. it benefits the teachers and the school district and it benefits the taxpayers. >> the proposed three year deal
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has a pay increase retroactive to july 2015 for the first year and raises a four percent in the scent years and higher than predicted tax revenues could trigger bonuses of two percent in the last two years. teacher union president terry baldwin says increased pay will keep educators from bolling from other school districts due to ballooning costs in palo alto. >> one teacher told me her rent was raised 50% because her landlord can get it for somebody from facebook or google. >> the lone bump is board member ken drawber. >> i don't think this is good for teachers. >> he says the taxes from real estate would be better spent hiring recruits and reducing the class sizes instead of overcompensating teachers. >> it increases the tensions and good for teachers and
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students to put some of the money in class size reduction and we can give this three year deal and reduce class size. >> four of five board members plan to vote for the contract and so drawber's opposition will likely die in debate. the only unanswered question will the board make an exception and vote to pass the contract on the first reading tonight so that teachers can see that retroactive money reflected in the last check of the school year. in palo alto. fox 2 news. today mothers against drunk drivers honor the bay area officers with the most dui arrests for 2013. deputy loppian received the top honors and jonathan plasner was recognized for making 103 arrests. ktvu tara moriarty oversaw the event at levi stadium where 250 officers from napa and concord
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and morgan hill were honored. >> taking a fatal accident to deal with family members at the scene breaking down and it is always easier to deal with a belligerent drunk than to explain to a family how it is forever changed. >> the family members shared their story of loss. >> every day 27 people die as a result of drunk-driving crashes. in the u.s. the number of dui deaths have been cut in half since madd was founded in 1980. 27 every day. what a startling figure that is. still to come here, cyclists taking over new lanes. the new protected bike lanes to get bikers to their destination safely. >> sheriff deputies return to
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prince's estate. the new details where prince saw a doctor the day before he died. and new claims from an
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alleged son of prince. president obama is said to become the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima japan when he travels to that country later this month. the president will visit the site where the u.s. dropped an
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atomic bomb when he meets with the japanese prime minister. killed 1 million japanese. president obama will not apologize for the bombing something anti nuclear activists have been pushing for. >> the president is sending a signal about his ambition for real life in the goal of the planet without nuclear weapons. >> the visit will coincide with the president's vis to it japan for the g7 summit. >> investigators return to prince's estate in minnesota today with another search warrant for medical records. a number of marked and unmarked vehicles pulled on to paisley mark in minneapolis and comes after prince dice suddenly on april 21st. authorities say that dr. mikal shields and 35 nettenburg treated prince on april 20th, the day before he died and prescribed medications and prescriptions according to the
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warrant and didn't say what medications. investigators are looking to whether prince died from an overdose. this is the second time they have searched his home. a colorado prison inmate has filed a paternity claim against prince's estate and seeking a dna test to prove it. the mother of inmate calvin williams claims that prince is the father of her son. she says that they met in a hotel lobby in kansas city in 1976 and drank wine and had unprotected sex. prince died without a will and his estate is worth an estimated $300 million. his sister filed papers saying she and prince's five half sib application are his only known heirs. if he is his son he could be first in line for any inheritance. >> you may not recognize the familiar can of budweiser. budweiser says it is changing the name on the label to america. you see it there on the right. this will start on may 23rd and
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go through the presidential election and on all 12-ounce can as bolts. anheuser-busch want to celebrate america and budweiser's freed values of freedom and authenticity. the president says it is all american even though it is owned by a belgium company. a big discovery for nasa. one thousand more planets. today nasa scientists talked about the finds and how many could be suitable for life. >> the goal is to keep bike riders save. the brand new lanes designed to protect cyclists but bizarre because they are parked in the middle of the street gang the warmup, warmer up to 10 degrees warmer inland. your wednesday will be warmer
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with some 80s possible. just in time for bike to workday thursday oakland mayor libbie shaft had the first protected bike lane on telegraph avenue. >> this stretch of telegraph avenue has 66 buck car collisions in the last few years. >> she did the honors at the official ribbon cutting saying many collisions happened because of open car doors that clip the cyclists. the new bike lane is between a row of parked cars and the sidewalk along 12 blocks of
5:47 pm
telegraph avenue. designed to protect cyclists. delivery drivers say it makes their job a little more difficult. >> the parking is eliminated and with buses coming through. i have seen a lot of the trucks parking in the median. >> you are away from traffic and it is slower and you can see what it is doing and make decisions and whatever you are doing. >> the mayor says more than 1200 cyclists ride along that part of telegraph and the city is adding more bike lanes on telegraph and on broadway and grand. nasa announced a dramatic discovery of more than one thousand new planets researchers looked at data sent back from the telescope looking
5:48 pm
at the planets orbiting sons to show more unknown planets. more than five hundred are earth sized and nine in the goldilock zone. >> we are determining how far we have to search to find habitable planets. it is hoped that astronomers will point the telescopes to understand the properties of the stars and the properties of the planets. the kepler space telescope have been scanning the stars since 2009 and looking at stars that are a few hundred to a few thousand light years away in the search for earth-like planets in the galaxy. >> oklahoma has declared a state of emergency after strong storms and tornadoes kill two people. the governor declared a state of emergency in 15 counties. you can easily follow the path
5:49 pm
of destruction from the air. the area was hit by 20 twisters. it blue trees and power lines down. the national weather service says at least one tornado is e f-3. those have wind speeds between 130 and 170 miles per hour. >> yeah. they were inside the house standing at the back door by the patio and i had to hold the door like that. and you can feel that house shaking and rumbling. >> the storm also produced hail the size of baseballs that pounded the sides of cars and buildings and more strong storms are expected to hit the area. listening to that guy talk and your whole house is shaking and everything i have heard there is a big roar.
5:50 pm
>> yes. >> the wind blowing. >> not overly populated. oklahoma city. it is big but the tornado alley, not a lot of people live there and there's a reason. the tornadoes yesterday and the concerns that they are having. fortunately sitting down in farmland that is crucial because remember if the tornadoes ripped through dallas or something like that. it can happen but in that area it is historically, even the indians knew not to be in certain parts of that state because of what happens this time of year. for us the low pressure zone. you see that, it is staying out there and we got a jet stream doing this and there's the low and there's the original high pressure. and there is the next trough and it is a blocking pattern and it means that jet stream in the upper level atmosphere one translate and that means we got a couple more days of nice and warm weather. the fog along the coast will be a constant player and you will
5:51 pm
see the day tomorrow a lot like today and slightly warmer. and 80 in fairfield and 79 in livermore and straight up 10 degrees warmer inland. and fairfield about 8 to 10 degrees warmer and warmer tomorrow. a little hazy and the fog in the difference. at the coast and it feels like spring. very warm to hot, relative and very warm to hot temperatures. 7:00 a.m. and patchy fog in san francisco. 55 degrees at lunchtime and partly cloudy and sunny. mid 60s and san francisco, just at her man plaza 4:00 for your wednesday afternoon and fog. it will be regrouping and trying to make its way in at 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow evening like it will tonight and like it did last night. the pattern beats itself except slightly warmer each day as
5:52 pm
weather -- we go to wednesday and thursday. it won't be hard to see mid-80s and most of us will remain upper 70s, low 80s. nice day and 83 in concord and 82 in walnut creek and the inland areas. not getting that push of marine air and seeing in the morgan hill area. of 3 in pacifica and the five- day forecast, the warmest day will be thursday and then friday, saturday and sunday. still pretty darn nice and not as warm in the mid-70s. what you expect for the spring has been unusual four years and unusual winter season this season. and the weather has been unusual up until right now. the five days what you expect. a big bike rider, have you ridden down telegraph? >> i haven't seen what they have done but it is a good idea. >> but when you see the cars in the middle of the street and
5:53 pm
taken a two lane road and made it one direction. >> most bike accident occur when the driver opens his car door. but now you have a couple of things going on. you are getting out and the driver in traffic and that creates a dangerous thing, because now they are in the road and the passenger gets out and he will create problems. never ending. weird when you first see it. i imagine it will work but strange when you first see it. coming up, he spent two years growing out his hair in an effort to help kids with cancer. to help people so they don't have to go to the doctor. now, his own story took a turn. coming up next. the 7-year-old boy now battling the disease himself. and later new at six. would you wait three hours for lunch? dozens of people just did today in the south bay. the dump pling destination
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destination with the cult
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following. a new ronald mcdonald house opened its doors in palo alto. it is much larger and can accommodate 67 families whose children are being treated at the new lucille packer children's hospital. the old house only had space for 47 families and it is communal living with plenty of age appropriate spaces and the goal is to take away the sense of isolation for the family and
5:57 pm
patients and the need is great. there is a waiting list of 40 to 50 families. he grew his hair out so he could donate it to kids with cancer. now a 7-year-old boy from northern california is fighting the disease himself and just diagnosed last week. we have the story. >> reporter: meet 7-year-old vinny,or two years he grew out his hair all to help kids with cancer. >> to help people so they don't have to go to the hospital. >> 13-inches of locks gone with the scissors. >> cutting the ponytail off. >> were you help you. > asking for nothing in return. >> during that time mistaken for a girl and took it like a champ. saying i am a boy. >> but life. >> it was getting heavy. >> can take a cruel turn.
5:58 pm
>> and it is stage 4 aggressive cancer. >> a little boy giving selflessly to help those suffering with cancer now battling the disease himself. >> so basically they found he had significant growth on his hip and the bone around the eye and behind the nose and on the cheek on the right side. >> this 7-year-old optimistic and the realist trying to make sense of the diagnosis. >> it is traveling to another place behind my eye is making it skinny. >> skinny and tough to see perhaps and one thing is clear. vinny is a fighter and he won't be in this battle alone. >> i think as long as we are doing this as a family, we got there.
5:59 pm
burn after a last minute visit by presidential candidate bernie sanders. his message devoters and pass at the democratic nomination. it may be narrow but the fight is not over yet. >> excellent chance. no guarantees. but i think we have an excellent chance to win many of the remaining 9 states yet to be contested. it was a brief but busy visit for the vermont senator. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. bernie sanders made stops in oakland and san francisco before boarding a plane to oregon. hundreds of supporters got word to greet the democratic candidate. rob roth was there and asked sanders about the possibility of taking on donald trump. >> senator bernie sanders campaign stop on college avenue was brief. lasting about 30 minutes but long enough to work up a crowd
6:00 pm
of supporters. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hundreds of people got to see him as he walked along the sidewalk. rock star adulation and security surrounding him and asked what democrats want to know. >> every poll has us beating him badly. >> sanders came to visit his office in rock land where he repeated his populace message. >> instead of building the infrastructure of iraq, we rebuild the infrastructure of america. >> sanders told his supporters defeating former secretary of state hillary clinton is an uphill battle but


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