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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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virginia with 70% of the vote and ted cruz and john kasich remained on the ballot after they dropped out. the polls closed in nebraska at the top of the hour and trump wins. meantime senator cruz is not ruling out a return to the campaign. james rosen reports on another former candidate's remarks. >> ending the silence after conceding that donald trump with ted cruz returning to the senate. cruz was asked if a win in nebraska would prompt him to reenter the race. a prospect is unlikely but wouldn't rule out all together. >> i am not holding my breath. my assumption that will not happen. but listen. let's be clear. if there is a path to victory, we will launch this campaign. the reason we suspended the race last week indiana's loss
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and i didn't see a viable pass to victory. if changes we will correspondence. >> cruz has advised the states, 32 states and territories in all that he intends to hold on to the delegates as to shape the party platform and rules to reflect the cruz brand of conservatism. >> they are all negotiating with donald trump. ted cruz has important voice in the party and a conservative champion and he will take this message to the convention to make sure that the party platform stays much like it is. >> in a speech focused on foreign affairs. ted cruz swore off on taking shots. >> the cruz campaign met a five p.m. deadline on monday to file a slate of delegates for the california primary next month. the state director told us that was just to keep faith with the
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supporters. in washington, james rosen fox news. donald trump has narrowed down his list of possible running-mates. trump said there are five or six candidate that he is looking at as potential candidates. today's announcement comes after several republican candidates came out to say they would not join his ticket. that prompted trump to send out a tweet saying it is only the people that were never asked to be vp to tell the press that they will not take the position surprisingly new polls show donald trump and hillary clinton are running next to next six months before the general election. the poll shows clinton ahead by one point in florida and pennsylvania and trump leading by four points in ohio. in each of those states hillary clinton leads trump among women by significant margins but trump leads clinton among men by significant margins. the polls could help convince reluctant donors to jump in.
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this thursday trump will meet with housespeaker paul ryan to try to work out the policy differences. >> no one is suggesting that we have to get steps on this sheets. but the point is being we be a party that gravitates around our common principles and if we had the campaign that we are proud of moving forward. >> trump met with the committees to discuss raising one-and-a-half billion dollars for the general election. 2/3 of the traditional donors are on board. the white house announced that president obama will visit hiroshima in a visit to japan this month. the president's visit will be historic but will not include an apology. >> a visit that took more than 70 years, the white house announcing that president obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima the japanese city hit by an atomic bomb knocking the empire
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out of world war ii. for the president it is a sensitive move but being applauded by lawmakers. >> i believe it will add great trend to a world without nuclear weapons and i hope to do my utmost with president obama. >> the visit could undermine how america's role in the war will be perceived by future generations. national security advicesor ben rose says the president won't apologize. instead road says the president will offer a forward looking vision focused on our shared future. president obama has made nuclear obliteration a priority and this visit highlights his goal of reducing the nuclear stockpiles around the globe. >> the president intends to
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visit to send a more forward looking signal about his ambition for realizing the goal of the planets without the nuclear weapons. >> the president's visit to hiroshima comes in onjunction with the g7 summit meetings in japan. tensions are rising again in the south china sea between the u.s. and the chinese navy like they did back in february. the u.s. navy sent a guided missile destroyer within 12 miles of the disputed spratley islands claimed by china and three other countries. navy officials said war ships were sent to the area and the u.s. says it was within recognize the national waters. deadly tornadoes ripped through a town in oklahoma. a look at the damage left behind. if you see that whole house
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shaking and rumbling. new developments in the death of prince. what brought federal agents back to paisley park today
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a home was evacuated ahead of this fire in mercury canada. those displaced have not been safe because of the hot spots. the fire has destroyed at least
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2400 buildings and officials say 85% of the city was saved because of the efforts of firefighters. more storms killed at least two people. the governor declared a state of emergency in 15 counties. you can easily follow the path of destruction from the air. the state was hit by more than 20 twisters plus rain and flooding. the twisters store the buildings and blew down the trees and damaged the vehicles. the national weather service says one tornado was an ef3 with wind speeds of between 130 and 170 miles per hour. i was inside the house. i saw the back door and i had to hold the door just like that. i had a death grip on that wood. and you can feel the house shaking. >> and the storm produced hail and as big as baseballs that
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pounded the sides of cars and buildings. arkansas and nebraska are experiencing severe weather and tornadoes. >> federal drug agents searched the home of prince and there was word that the search warrant mentions the name of his doctor. you can see a number of official looking vehicles if you look closely. at prince paisley's park estate. this is the second search of his home since prince died on april 21st. the warrants say that dr. mike shullenburg prescribed medications for prince on april 20th and 27th the day before he died. it did not mention the identity of the medications and there are reports that shullenburg was treating prince for withdrawal symptoms from painkillers. nasa has identified more than 1000 new planets spotted by the kepler space telescope. researchers say they used the telescope data to identify 1284 previously unknown planets in
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the galaxy. scientists say more than 500 of them appear earth sized but rocky. nine of the planets in the rare gold dee lock zone, not too hot and not too cold. we will tell you why some people chose to wait hours just to get inside this new restaurant. tracking the weather. you notice the warmup today got up there inland, up in the 80s. waller still as we head into your wednesday.
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the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> a destination spot for dumplings. the world famous restaurant opened its doors in the south bay. the taiwan restaurant has several locations world wide but this just opened and the only one in northern california. >> was it really worth the 3 hour wait to get in? dozens said yes. >> the lines long and people patient. the moment the dumpling enthuse ats waiting for. >> when i found out they were opening, i said i am coming, the wait is over. >> for those that came to dine the waiting begun. one man stood in line for an hour to put his name on a 3
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hour long wait list. >> i have waited longer so this is not a big deal. >> the soup dump lings are the start of legends. >> my father started this in taiwan in the 60s and we have expanded. now we have over 120 restaurants. >> this is the west field valley mall the first bay area location. don't expect the long lines to abate anytime soon but the restaurant will text you when your table is ready and you can shop when you wait. >> we have a system in place to handle the large crowds. >> for those that made it on opening day, not enough other than to photograph and talk about it on social media. >> people that have not tried it should and people that have tried it. they love it. they have been to other locations. >> i was like thank goodness we made. >> some say the dumplings were worth the wait. >> it is a little slice of
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heaven. >> they are not fully staffed yet but when they are, they will have about one thousand guests a day. ann rubin. fox 2 news. seriously i could go for a dumpling now. as long as i have vegetarian ones. >> could you wait 3 hours. >> no. >> and the lines look like they will die down soon. >> let's find out about the nice weather in the bay. >> the nice weather and in claimant weather in the plain states. the strong storms and tornadoes began at a weak weather system on friday. remember the rain on friday. it rushes across the plains and explode. colorado on sunday, oklahoma on monday and on tuesday we are talking about kentucky and tennessee where they have seen significant activity with precipitation rates of up to two inches at a time.
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still a concern. not as powerful as the last two days but scary and the heart of tornado season. this is the land of tornadoes and kind of ground zero for that type of activity. they will get breaks tomorrow. for us we are getting a break in terms of the cooler weather and we are going to for a warm forecast. warming up by 10 degrees and there is the fog and you can see it in here. let's see if you get the pen going. by tomorrow morning fog about that far inland, the inland valleys will be clear. antioch and clayton. as you go around the bay you will see plenty of fog and you know what else looks like summer, the haze. kind of hazy as you look at mound diablo. it is nice. the last four years this time of year we were talking fire danger and brown hills and we are not seeing that now which is kind of forestalling fire danger a bit. temperatures in the inland
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valleys in the low and mid-80s. as we look at the forecast, it is increasing temperature pattern. it will get warmer to thursday and cool off a little for the week and these are the forecast highs tomorrow. warmer than today by a little bit and nice day and tree pollen coming down and grass pollen coming up and be ready for that and along the coast foggy and the next few days we will see plenty of fog and nights and mornings and spring- like weather pattern. the five-day forecast, warmer and maybe thursday the warmest day and they will be mid-80s in here but just broad bunch of temperatures like concord and the fremont area. warmer in the next 48 hours. bill, thank you. the a's, they are trying to get back on track battling the red sox in boston. and steph curry make history doing something that no
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one in the nba, not lebron james or michael jordan or anyone has done before. heather is standing by for ktvu plus. what are you working on. >> waiting to hear from bernie sanders after his win in west virginia. earlier he was in the bay area talking to supporters and speaking of that, philippines new president telling voters his plan for the country including rewriting the constitution. we are going to have a live interview with a journalist. >> new information on the sinkhole causing traffic in san francisco. hope you will join us at 7 on
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ktvu plus. mark is here again on the big mvp honors for steph curry. >> 133 people voted and there's usually one that i will vote for somebody else but not today. >> willie mays was not an unanimous vote. >> but steph curry is the first ever to be unanimously voted. the second consecutive year he
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has won that. no warrior has had such a distinction and there's steph with the big time hardware and held a big press conference at the oracle and will polish off the trailblazers. steph curry was a little bit rusty as he came off of the bench. in fact missed his first ten shots and we will have more on that. he got it cranked up and the warriors with a sensational come-back and 16-2 to begin the game. steph curry did not begin but certainly finished it and talked about the efforts. >> talked about last night where things may not be going our way. >> and we find our way to get it going. >> our mo and every single game issue, regardless of what happens the stretch of the
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season, no team has done what these 15 guys have done. and it is a special time and i know in the locker room and the group texts and just a fun group of guys. it is just fun. >> he certainly makes it look fun and steph curry last fight does something else that nobody has done. 17 points in an overtime series. not easy shots. although we mentioned he started slowly and played with some confidence. maybe his secret weapon, his confidence. >> another reason this happens your incredible confidence. i have seen very few players that have the confidence that steph has. on the free-throw line and made
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hit 11th and shimmied down the side lines. i turned to luke and i said luke, is he shimmying, he is one for 11 from three. >> so you better believe in yourself shimmying for one for 11. a nice moment right there. you can shimmy all you want. steph curry certainly finish with a flurry. we got a completely -- kind of story brewing for the oakland a's. it is just reaching disaster. their starting pitching in fenway. disgruntled afan and sean meija gives up these hits and that home run traveled 468 feet. a's are trailing 3-0 in the first inning and sox pouring it
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on. this guy took pablo sandoval's job away. a three-run homer. and this kid has himself a baseball. the a's get a rally going and a four run 6th inning and cocoa crisp with a monster and by the time they track it down a two- run double and 13-5 in the 8th inning and the a's starting pitching basically the last three games have given up double digits. even sony gray getting lit up last night. sharks up thursday. >> game seven in the stanley cup playoffs. >> we know you will be watching. is he one and 11 shimmying down
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the side lines. >> you got to flaunt it. >> we have ktvu plus coming up now. we will leave you with a little more of steph curry. >> when he knocks down the three and says i am back. >> winning the mvp last year was not enough. you came back dramatically better. amazing. how does that happen. has to be something inside. the determination and the love for the game. there's no agenda. it is just i want to get better. >> you are someone that is very hard not to like you and i know i speak on behalf of the entire warriors family organization management and they appreciate you and you are revered. >> you guys inspire me to keep getting better to get the most opportunities.
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thank you very much. thank you for supporting us every single day.
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