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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. a sinkhole developed this evening in one of downtown san francisco's busiest intersections. pinching a car when the pavement chapsed. good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. that sinkhole formed during the evening commute at mission street and new montgomery. authorities have blocked off mission so that repairs can begin jana katsuyama at the scene. how long before crews hope to have the street open again? >>reporter: it could be days frank. i caught up with somebody monitoring. he says they are going to start repairs tomorrow morning, but you can expect this block of mission street to be closed all day tomorrow and how long it will take after that will depend on what they find when they invite. they have the barriers up but the sinkhole is right there and there were actually a car from a car service suv that was right on top of that when the
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pavement collapsed. police tell me that the driver and the passengers inside got a big shock. it was a very close call because they were trapped for a while inside. police say the black chevy suv with family of five and their driver inside had stopped for a red light on mission street when the pavement collapsed. >> the driver said the ground just gave way and the car just dropped. >>reporter: it happened about 5:30 during rush hour and police immediately stopped traffic on mission street. the suv was perched so precariously that fire crews had to tie it down before they could get the people out. >> they were worried about the occupants we didn't want the car to fall in any further. they secured the vehicle they tied off to a couple of parking meters with some rope. >>reporter: a spokesman said the hole was 9 feet deep and 12 feet long and was caused by a broken sewer main. >> 3-foot by 5 feet high sewer main dates back to 1875 usually with sewers that old age is the
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likely cause of the break. >>reporter: police say it was fortunate there were no injuries the vehicle was not moving or police say it would have plunged deep into the hole. also the collapsed roadway barely missed an underground gasoline by just feet. another close call. a tow truck finally pulled the vehicle out. >> crews will clean it up and they will reattach new pipe. make the street whole again and put the street back into service and the sewer walk into service. >>reporter: you can see that the street is closed off we understand the muni bus is being rerouted. meantime i asked them about that open sewer line they say raw sewage right now is spilling into the hole. it has not disrupted any sewer or water service in this area at least for right now. they say there are also fiberoptic lines down there they will be checking those as well. obviously a big, big project that's going to have to happen
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south of market. fortunately though for those people who were inside the car no injuries, no injuries to the driver. reporting live in san francisco jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. also in san francisco a bike rider was rushed to the hospital tonight after being hit by a car near ocean beach. it happened just before 7:30 along the great highway at vincente in the outer sunset. witnesses say the female rider was not wearing a helmet and her injuries appeared to be severe. the driver of car did stop but police haven't released many details and at this point it's still not clear who was at fault. senator bernie sanders makes a quick last minute stop in the bay area and is greeted with cheers from his supporters. the democratic senator from vermont spoke to the san francisco chronicle editorial board and visited a campaign office in oakland. as ktvu rob roth reports sanders is still hopeful he can win california.
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senator bernie sanders campaign stop on oakland college avenue was brief lasting 30 minutes but long enough to work up a crowd of supporters. >> thank you very much. thank you. >>reporter: hundreds of people got to see him as he walked along the sidewalk rockstar add ultion security surrounding him. we asked what perhaps many democrats want to know. >> how do you think you'll do against trump if it gets to that. >> i think every poll i have seen has us beating him pretty badly. >>reporter: xander came to oakland to visit his campaign office in rock ridge where he repeated his populist message. >> a nation in which instead of rebidding the infrastructure of iraq we rebuild the infrastructure of inner cities
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in america. >>reporter: sanders told his supporters defeating former secretary of state hillary clinton is an uphill battle but still quite possible and he needs to win in delegate rich california. >> it is absolutely imperative that on june 7th we have a very large voter turnout and we win in california and we win big. >>reporter: sanders open was last minute campaign office got word yelled sanders bright come and confirmed only hours before his arrival. sanders campaign didn't want thousands of people showing up disrupting the quiet rock ridge neighborhood but wore got out. >> someone yelled hey bernie is down the street at market hall so hopped in the car and drove down here parked in a street cleaning spot so i'm probably going to get a ticket but it was worth it. >> there is the first time that a platform has directly spoken to people of color people that are disenfranchised. >>reporter: sanders said he
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would be back to california many times between now and the state primary june 7th. in oakland rob roth ktvu news. >> he easily beat hillary clinton whose partly sunny skies on environmental issues isn't popular in that state. >> the stakes in this election year are the highest they have been in a long time. >> you could not imagine a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress for prosperity for fairness and opportunity than the presumptive nominee on the republican side. >> clinton said it is important to get a big turn out
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in kentucky next week in order to go on to the general election and win in november. clinton has been spending time courting the women's vote and focusing on family issues. >> republican side donald trump easily won the west virginia primary with 76% of the vote. ted cruz and john kasich were still on the ballot even though they dropped out of the race. you can see there they both got less than 10% of the vote. trump also won the republican primary in nebraska tonight. his margin was smaller than there but it was another clear victory. later this hour our political coverage continues. tonight's california senate debate why ted cruz may not have fully ruled out reentering the presidential race. san francisco district attorney announced today two alameda county sheriff's deputies will face criminal charges for a beating that was caught on video. surveillance footage showed deputies beating a car theft suspect. it happened in an alleyway in san francisco after a long car chase last november.
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the da says deputies paul weaver and louis santa maria hit him 30 times over a span of 40 seconds seriously injuring. pecherov. >> this is a case of police officers acting beyond the authority of the law. this is a case of our police officers violating the constitution. this is a case about excessive force. >> the charges are felonies, assault under the color of authority assault way deadly weapon and battery. a third deputy shawn osborne is being investigated for allegedly stealing jewelry, money and drugs from pecherov and then giving it to a homeless couple as hush money. >> to marin county where health officials have confirmed their first case of the zika virus. marin county health department says the person had recently been in central america. the country is not -- the county rather is not releasing any identifying information and says the patient does not pose a risk to the general public. the particular mosquito that spread zika has not been found
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in the bay area but marin county says the vector control district has their surveillance program in place to detect it. >> there really wasn't much downtown sister curry would repeat the league mvp. the only question would it the vote be unanimous. today we learned it was. that is something that has never happened before in the history of the nba. curry is constantly working to get better this sony set a new records for three-point shots he also helped the warriors win a record 73 games during the regular season. >> want to be a memory somebody that worked hard that got the most out of my potential and talent and pushed the envelope. i never really, like i said, he never really expected to change the game to spark a new way to play the game because that's the way i know how to play. >> steph curry mvp award comes with a brand new suv a kia s.
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he donated the suv to covenant house nonprofit to help young people. amber lisle is talking to a person that will benefit from that gift. >> the folks at covenant house tell me they are absolutely thrill and that the gift couldn't have come at a better time. they were excited to be invite todd the mvp ceremony this afternoon. >> here's the beautiful key. >> steph curry handed over the keys to a brand new kia suv. to covenant how a oakland nonprofit to that office shelter services to homeless youth 18 to 24 years old. >> did a great job it's the cherry on top what basketball can bring to the community. >>reporter: folks at covenant house say their vans are old. >> well over a hundred thousand miles each. we needed something new and this is really a blessing at this time for us. >>reporter: he says the vans
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are marked covenant house and sometimes that can make the young people feel stigmatized. a new unmarked van can bring the people to and from medical appointments job interviews and other services an unexpected gift. >> i was shocked. i was surprised. i think it's awesome he's doing something for this organization. >>reporter: maria tells me she and her mother had been homeless for two years until she found shelter at covenant house 4 months ago. the 18-year-old says with the nonprofit help she's able to resume going to cool and working two jobs. >> this could be so many different resources to get on your feet and it's life changing. >> covenant house says the new suv will help transport food donated to the organization. nonprompt says it's participate what the warriors started last year the team and i could a was instrumentsal in getting their
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shelter refurbished and renovate. >> i would probably be on the streets. a new suv a bridge to a brighter future for young people who struggled with challenges. >> a great opportunities for us to continue the efforts of making the bay area a better place. >> covenant house has been in oakland for 17 years. of it takes the youth often on base of mouth. when you think steph curry can't guilty any betty does something. >> to hear 8, 10-year-old girls say life changing that's what matter. what impressed him is someone cares. >> amber thank you. a sheriff's deputy on the wrong side of the law. the accusations of child molestation that he landed a jailer in handcuffs. it was warmer out there today inland valleys as much as 10 degrees warmer and warmer still tomorrow. details after the break. think everybody i've been eating fruit for 20 years i
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could stop fire few weeks. a student hunger strike about to enter its 10 day but now a possible break through what the college -bt did today that could have protesters eating again soon. ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and
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your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. . tonight could be the last night for a hunker strike by four students at san francisco state university. the school's it has agreed to meet with them to discuss planned cuts to the university's popular ethnic studies program.
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deborah l live on the campus where so far it's been nine days without foot. >>reporter: julie they have a campsite in the school quad. the four stop eating on may 2nd and have been sleeping here too. they are alarmed about proposed cuts and they are actually demanding more spending on ethnic stud'. music keeps spirit is up as supporters visit four fasting students who have been living on the campus lawn since the start of the month. one went to the hospital monday night with chest pains but she's bank. they say they are past feeling hungry consuming just juice broth and water. >> i feel like i could go for another two weeks. i'm amazing yeah. the more people that come out every day the less hungry i feel. >> support should come from around the campus because everyone should take at least one ethnic studies class. >>reporter: students reacted in anger in february learning the college of ethnic studies
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in their view already under funded might shrink even more when reserve money runs dry. the university president then called protesters unrealistic. >> the issue is we're all accountable and other parts of the university are tread. now the hunger strike seems to have raised the steaks and softened the president's tone. in this letter he offers to work through each of the student' demands and negotiate in good faith requesting they end their hung he strike immediately. >> i thely read the letter to may class a few minutes ago. professor of 16 years says the fight over the program as seeped into the classroom the last 30 weeks. school. >> it happened helped me find pie identity. >>reporter: no one is cheering end to the strict as there are 10 demands on the list including a doubling of the ethnic studies budget to 8 merchandise. i think each demand demand is very, very important to the students and very, very important to the faculty. so i really do believe each
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demand is do able. the strikers called themselves the third world liberation front that's a tribute to students of the 60s by the same name whose protest established the ethnic studies college it was this first in the major. university president is asking to meet with the hunger try tryingers at 8:00 tomorrow morning. after that we'll see where this protests goes. ktvu fox 2 news. teach he was in san francisco public school system rallied outside the board of education late this afternoon. they say they want the board to pass a safe supportive schools initiative. one teacher says african- american and latino students are missing a lot of classes because of behavior problems that aren't being a revved at whatley. and teachers need more training. another concern teachers being drink griffin out of the city by the high cost of living. san francisco mayor ed leah announceed plans to spend
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millions of dollars to help reform the eye it is embattled police department. the hair hopes to redouse the number of 80% officer job shooting. at the police a academy reds receive training how to handle a different situations. learning how the de-escalate swayings is a key parts of the plea rye forming an on your it cuts 11.5 middle for violence prevention programs over the next two years. >> the heart of part of it is to make sure we've got the resources to implement this in a sir rest yea weigh we have appropriate oversight in making sure it's transparent. that it's an honest approach. >>reporter: protesters have taken to the streets and even stormed city hall last friday in the wake of a series of
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deadly police shootings. demanding that the mayor fire police chief greg suhr. the hair says he supports the stir. he hasn't confirmeded to testify aupb they say your budget reflects your preorthopedist and term as outlined by the player unhis let's ship this bump 'em ises 0 that one place. in dig to training-decalais. they are flu equipment for police officers. some of that equipment includes annal location for 100 tasers which would have to be approved by the police commission. defense shields and 35 net guns which deploy a net to neville a suspect. the chief test such a family would have preped the mario woods when he was wielding a knife when he was out and till last summer. the so-called frist could 5 the activists that ended their 17 day unger street over the
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weekend. she's skeptical the reforms will work. >> it's kind of disheartening that he's reactive he these this is going to placate us. the only thing that's going to make us happy if is if he actually lives to the community we don't want tasers we want the chief of police to go. with the cheap hoping in ma paver area reduces officer involved shootings by 80%. >> monty from from isn't fan sit. >> i mentioned temperatures warmed up nicely it was 82 fairfield. 83 antioch. 82 livermore a nice warm day out there today. tomorrow's going to be warmer and it looks as though thursday will be warmer still. so a nice looking tphaft with temperatures going into the mid 80s in some places. the high pressure is out there. that's keeping us dry but also allowing the going to perform. tomorrow morning fog a player in the forecast it was this
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morning too but tomorrow that follow will do a battle el you can see the fog kind of out there right now san francisco is picking across the diva. troops preps for u got all basically i and then it burns off cliffly so temperatures footprint for tomorrow slightly warmer than it was today. warmer as we head into yours thursday. on tonight saysment to the significant calming sam one. >> pal have more drum what he his head would to sawed a his have about .
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. stabbing rampage in massachusetts left three people dead including the attacker it ended at a mall this one in the south of boston area. witnesses say it began when a man crashed his car into a truck. they say that he was acting erratically and ran into a home where he stabbed a mother and her adult daughter. police say the man then drove his car into a macy's in taunton and ran into a mall restaurant where he stabbed two more people. an off duty police officer ended up shooting the 28-year- old suspect he died later at the hospital. the older woman at the home died so did one person at the restaurant. two other people were wounded one of whom has life- threatening injuries. santa clara county correctional officer is behind bars accused of molesting and abusing a 9-year-old girl in east san jose. ktvu agnes supplies is live at the main jail in san jose where the deputy worked he's being housed in a different county
10:25 pm
now. >>reporter: he is not being housed here at the san jose main jail. anthony diaz is being held at tan zahn take reason a jail about alabama county without a bail. he was hired to protect guard inmates. now 33-year-old anthony diaz found himself on the other side of the laura rested for child molestation. up fortunately them happen and shocking to shear it happened so close to home. >> threat pre-he scary the president abused happen in 2012. the victim a #-year-old girl diaz had date touchdown entirely's plots and lift with her and the victim. the allegations 0 comfort of half diaz who now lives in santa clara was arrested on one contacts sex with a minor and two felony cuts of car interns. he had more than 6 years of
10:26 pm
experience as a krebss officer. on the others facebook page he's wearing a military uniform with comments thanking him for his service. >> i think that it doesn't matter what position you're in. it's something going to happen unfortunately. crude like to think they are one of the good guys. >> it's on scrutinize three corruptional officers were charged with murdering a meant till ill innate back in august. two other direction always were. if a statement sheriff laurie smith test the sheriff's office has high expectations of every correctional deputy's conduct both on and off doubt. doubt. the allegations are deeply disturbing. santa clara county contradictional peace office
10:27 pm
others association issued a statement they condemn such heinous acts. dias has been placed on unpaid administrative leave. >> do you expect when is due in court. >> he's due in course on thursday for his arraignment. we'll of course keep you posted. >> thank you. >> northern california sam upon thriving once again. meteorologist steve paulson shows us the evidence in tonight 's sill moment 2 senate candidates face-off they are wide-ranging sues on kim justice and gun control. >>reporter: save up the a thousand dollars mancini's sleep world. visit
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. five candidates for california u.s. senate tried to win votes tonight during their second debate. democrats cam la harris and
10:30 pm
loretta sanchez republicans don dellavedova caro. son tine are running for barbara boxer's seat it was a quick one hour debate in san diego and aired on public television. topics ranges from i am grace reform. syrian refugee crisis gun droll. >> high record is strong on protecting americans with respect to gun violence. >> i just don't see the gun issue as about substantivetive in terms of crime in terms of murder rates in the united states. i don't he agree it's a distraction it's second amendment and people's rights. i would leave it up to the states. we have the second toughest laws in any state in the country. >> the department under my leadership has taken almost 10 how guns out of the hands of people illegally prohibited from having them. >> the top two vote geters on the june program area will
10:31 pm
advance a home peacist take the water rising declared an end to its drought emergency add said that i a monthly 25% surcharge will add as of july 1st. that it also says restrictions on water use will be lifted in jail and member you he centered wasting water because people have doused did good habits. s have sheep el have a weight after a wet winter it's now a much different story. >> 0 tonight ice segment 2 hearings steve pull sopites us to north marin though show you how the family on on winter spring spring sam monday runs were once looked on as an end
10:32 pm
let commote early 1800s family wrote at the time excuseded one of the most senior, destruction of has been taste contributed to the sam open's thin. yet in in own didn't pa work has been going on to protect the co-sam open but didn't happy. this rain that is bestly been official are us a few ants when the adult sam monday come in to responsible loves walk for them to come in to and respond the only watershed up into the maller tribute tears where they actually prefer to go when there is a later storm their eggs are broke. this year's am up unalong need of it in 0 years.
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550 tkoed notes focus remains on temporarily aerial it's the other strikes and fran talk. almost 40% of all the ball that happens in the entire watershed 30% of all the smoke leave log ginn takes len to 2475 first to from the rig everything what makes the sam monday you so you knee stay a number of the ish are wild not raise in harris. we're along san geronimo val el create. career family about a co-ho a year ago. they swim in bring them back their third traipse a little appeared way them issue emmy thomas el bay into the oak of they come back a 15 years pam
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on. since he's been a freshman in high school ryan horn hats done roll to what it takes to keep the sam an running doing. he i was i took to see the salmon and steel let running. i ousts you i wanted my children to pay to have the statement experience 1300 of it et cetera or the run for sam man from sufficient swim even when there is water. it's seen as a motel for other to emulate. >> are we 20 files from -p one and-a-half. in the saturday of dab. for ktvu fox 2 news i'm meteorologist steve tulsan. a car darr nor historical take
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us it is. the followthe concrete tower and platform was united states abused by the former air force station and the tower played a dig role turing the kole. back to workday is thursday oakland is ready with its first poked geek lane a ribbon didn't ceremony tell grandfather avenue and testify coverings 1200 psych lives use take stretch of rolled every day there have been 66 bike car clickss in just the last few years. she says the flu lane is designed to protect cyclists from moving vehicles. caltrans has announced the bike paths along the eastern span of the bay bridge will open this september. that's about 2 years lind schedule and three years of the
10:36 pm
man span occupy. the l to stilled 2.5 million dollar. 1200 new plants the discovery rising new a restaurant that drew a crowd of hundreds on warmer still on thursday which could be the warmest day of the week. week pack did those temperatures and other it some thousands a a
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the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. . >> donald trump said he's narrowing down his list of possible running mates. trump says there are 5 or 6 people he's looking at at as possibilities. he did say everyone on the short list has deep political roots. today's announcement comes after several prominent republicans came out to say that they would not join donald
10:39 pm
trump's ticket. former republican candidate ted cruz may have suspended his campaign but he submitted his slate of delegates for the california primary. his state direct or says that was to keep faith with his supporters. draws hazard told party chairs in 32 states and territory where he won delegates that he intends to hold on to them to shape the party plant form. the text senator also declined to endorse donald trump today. >> democrats in north carolina are fighting back against what many considered an anti-looking bad law. the democrats have proud a discrimination bill calling it the he quality for all act. it of would protect all north carolina residents from justice department sues new york saying its lay discriminates against transgender. it makes for a timely statement. >> city man today voted to end let me think let me battle over
10:40 pm
the therefore measure b. the city council approved repeal the they past it in 2012. aim autology intentional often colorado firefighter the san jose police and firefighters lead fog says to rallies sending stocks to the biggest games in two plant the rose we 49. the a and # ated 25. acquittal that could simulate investors a buying mood. is after a federal judge blocked their her injury. the deal was worth more than $6 billion. both retails her have been struggling among when anything through e thomas. it they search for life on other plan et cetera has a few new targets. natural a confirm more than 200 more than 200
10:41 pm
is the pie pilots baltimore ravens dedicated by the telescope containing for instance 2009. none knife of the spots called the goal he location. not too hat not just faint you can harbor liquid water an coming up it has a billing following around the world. hue sill film pip outpost here in the bay area. we will take you there if the gran hey pal? you ready?
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can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh!
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move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. . hundreds of people stood in line for hours today for the
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grand opening of a world famous taiwanese dumpling restaurant. din tai fung. ann ruben talked to devotees if it was worth the wait. >>reporter: it was moment did you everring enthus yachts had been waiting for dunk tie actual after months of waiting innocence i found out last week they were opening i said i'm coming opening day. the wait is over. >> for those who came to dine the waiting had just begun. one man saying he stood in hour for an hour to hit nice i am on a three hour wait list. their soup dumplings are the stuff of legends. >> my grandfather started this place in taiwan in the 60s and it's grown from affable table
10:45 pm
astronaut. now we have over 120 restaurant near valley. first bay area location. don't expect the long lines to abate anytime soon but the next you with your cable is ready. you can shiite where you reality. about a for those who made it open opening day it wasn't enough to eat. they had to forecast had their friends on social media. >> people have hadn't tried it shut and people who tried it they love it. lever been to other lookss in l a. >> they say the dumplings were worth the weight. qowner says hiring as proven when they are they are expect to be ann ruben ktvu fox 2 news. definitely ward up around here today. warm up further tomorrow and then more on thursday. so it's feeling more like
10:46 pm
spring around here. the spring training has handed a numb of beg when. >> some of the numbers i showed them to you walk. l and 2 in fairfield. temperature are toll any 80s we're tracking that severe weather lingering across nation's meeting section right that here. two days avs is in the across oklahoma and then today up here in kentucky and tennessee. severe kept should be down and go as. pom travel plans the afternoon hours you want to check your carriers around dallas tomorrow. afternoon central time because of the chances of storm stocks. we've got a much ridge the fox fourth. the air sinks the fog forms you get column at patrick a they
10:47 pm
are blowing all over the place but we should see more of a reasonable flute are it north west bend wind it 5930 we got north wet wind pushing that fog further onshore-there. forecast san francisco mostly cloudy i think theft of us will be mostly included ely mid 6s most will be mostly sue i upper 6 its i land live moore and alleged there will be 85 in vacaville. i low balled a couple numbers but it will be easier to go 85 in antioch tomorrow probably 7 had, 83. forecasts any say from we're
10:48 pm
starting to see his little gunk in the air when comes to s -- we've get into that time of year we're going to start seeing them. >> thank you. mark is coming up with sports. real be right back. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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. so what is happening to the giants and the a's. the a's don't have the biggest payroll but the giants have a huge payroll they are not living up to standards. >> look at it this way keep repeating it's early. yogi berra said it's getting late early. reader's digest version water going on quite simply the a's can't pitch and the giants can't hit put them together you might have a winner as of right now it's not pretty watching either one of them although encouraging news with regard to that guy matt cane winless in last 14 starts wasn't going win tonight but he pitched pretty well maybe not troy tulowitzki on this particular pitch he takes them deep 6th lifetime homer but there is a tight ball game giants trailing 2-0 deep into the game josh donned son
10:52 pm
beats limb to the outfield that's a nice cash biden hard span out there. cane goes 8 innings gave up 2 runs, 6 hits yet his record so faro-5 but he appreciates the defense. the giants get this have scored only 3 runs in the last 40 innings. loaded the bases bottom of the 9th. roberto 0 sun 0 jarrod parker up from the minors 4-0 final they have been blanked in 2 of the last three and oh, by the way buster posey 0 for last 18. i guess we've gone too long without talking about the warriors related story. klay thompson's brother just a few minutes ago in dodger stadium trace thompson versus the let's pinch hitting 2-2 game bottom of the 9th. that is a walk off homer for clay's brother and it beats the mets for the dodgers there's
10:53 pm
your warrior related story. meantime it's a full 911 situation for the a's pitching staff. get there they have given up 38 runs in just their last three games. shell shocked again in fenway park it start from the get do an those fans visited him family way apparently from the east bay and not going to be happy. hanley ramirez get this, 468 feet two-run shot off the young lefty shawn man, i away three nothing heat he went 2 and two- thirds gave up 8 runs. transfers shaw stole the third base. three run homer there making it 11-0. that little kid right there set he here happy with that four one six at that time your bright spot for the a's cocoa crisp in the middle. >> by the time they track it down off the master it's a two-
10:54 pm
run double yet had that on the short earned is your a os -p find new words to describe sister curry what he continues to do on a basketball court. although we are running out of adjectives apparently there are new records to be broken and awards to be amend and even in breakthroughs with the mvp award him several. not player, jordan bird wilkes have ever. >> taking the mvp for second consecutive year doing so as always deflecting the texas to the team's aspirations. >> we find a way to get it done that's been our m o every single game this year. regardless of what happens down the stretch of the season we
10:55 pm
will be a team that will be required remembered to what we accomplished. no team has done what these tell me guys on the stage have done. >> all right. so many descriptions of what stephan curry brings to the show incredible shooting touch the quickness work ethic passion. you name it today his over rate up another athletes. >> the only reason this is happening is incredible contents. i've seen very, very few players that possess the suffer that is 0 for 10 from the these point line. he played his 11th and slim heed down the sideline. i turned to look i said is he shimmying? ice one for 11 from three. you better believe in your
10:56 pm
several if you're shipping shim ing heing ego. >> he can shimmy any time he wants. for how long last it been assumed warriors going to meet the spurs in the western conference final. no we will 0 be b c about that. kai rhett center in mass stole it has 26. here comes third in the late going devin d will come down better the path from revert brood and put down the three. they will seal the deal with 9- point this peck left they are going need to foul westbrook they don't. west brew and he's filed thunder go up in the series 3 games to 2 and the next game there on thursday this that's the supporting life. >> thanks mark. thanks for joining us. good night. st day of school" pancakes.
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whipped-cream smile? dad, i'm in high school now. just put it in my mouth. okay, that's disgusting. stop it. save some of that bossing people around for the office, lady. after a 20-year vacation, claire is rejoining the work force. not a vacation. but i am starting a job at my dad's closet company. he's kind of grooming me to take over. i have a background in marketing. i'm so proud of her. oh, uh, speaking of marketing -- we're out of milk. claire: i'm actually kind of nervous. you're gonna be great. and remember, if you get into a jam, just do the impression i taught you. [ as christopher walken ] hey. you can hang your clothes in me. [ normal voice ] christopher walk-in closet. i'm not doing that. okay, relax, mom. you're working for grandpa. it's not even a real job. it's like that summer when i worked for dad. he was just trying to make me feel good about myself. he didn't really need my help. that's not true. i needed your help distributing all those fliers. and i did. wink, wink. how are you already doing homework? it's junior year. i have to get good grades.


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