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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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four young kids without mom tonight. >> and we have the opportunity to meet them as well. they're too young to understand what is going on. they range between 5 and 9 ponts. a birthday is tomorrow. the family had the plea they know the woman will not be at the birthday. >> this is a young lady, gunned down like she was nothing. somebody seen something. please come forward. >> and the 25-year-old shanique marie is gone but not forgotten. she was shot and killed on highway 4 just before 11 this morning. and police say the call came at the traffic accident and she was driving on highway 4. according to police a person in a white mercedes got into a road rage altercation. at that time someone in the vehicle shot into her car striking her and her passenger. >> there were two om pants,
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female driver and male passenger. the driver was transported to the hospital and is deceased. the male passenger is in stable condition at a local hospital. >> reporter: police say the male passenger will survive. she was the mother of four and another killed on the way. her son's birthday is tomorrow. the shooting is one in a dozen shootings along 80. highway patrol is working to solve the cases and arrest the shooters. >> what. >> we're trying to work with all law enforcement in the county to do as much as we can to prevent this or show a force to stop these. >> and this is not the first incident that happened to the family. according to family members the father of one of the children was shot and killed last may. police are looking for a newer model mercedes with paper
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plates. i found this out. the police will go to the council and ask the council this month to approve them to put cameras on 4 to beef up the safety and monitor what is going on in that area. >> i keep thinking about the child with the birthday tomorrow. thank you, paul. >> now to developing news out of the south bay. two people are in a crash. now there are two crime scenes. and they confirm they are related. it started at 11 after a person was found dead at a home on madrone drive near los gatos. that led to a chase and crash in campbell where another person died. authorities made an arrest. we have more live. what else have you learned? >> we are at the scene of where the initial shooting happened, we wanted to show threw is limited access to the road
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here. can you see the road closed sign. the shooting is 3/4 of a mile up. there is a large presence of sheriff investigators, here is what we know so far just before 11, 10:50, shots were fired here in the redwood estates. it is a private community above los gatos near the santa cruz mountains. when the deputies arrived, they found a man dead with gunshot wounds. they got a description of a toyota prius that fled the scene. they located that vehicle on highway 17. and that's when the chase started. the car crashed into a wall just off the exit ramp on to hamilton avenue and campbell. the driver ran. police took him into custody. they are calling him a person of interest. a passenger in that silver prius was taken to the hospital where he later died. >> this is very serious. one was -- two people were
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killed. we don't know the associations at high speeds down 17t is a very -- 17. it is very dangerous. were potential suspects in a violent crime. they needed to be apprehended. >> reporter: there are a lot of questions. this is an ongoing investigation. they are talking to witnesses, talking to neighbors to determine what triggered the shooting at the home, who the victims are and what the relationship is between the person in custody and the victims out here live. this road will be closed for some time, they are letting residents up but investigator will be out here to process the scene. back to you. >> thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage. we'll have the latest at 7:00 on ktvu plus and we're posting updates on the mobile app. a strange officer involved shooting unfolded in the south bay after authorities say a man
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attacked his mother with an ax. it was in south san jose after 7 this morning when they happened to be in the area on an unrelated call saw the man attack his mother. she was hit once in the head with the ax. they say the man turned on them that's when they opened fire wounding the 26-year-old suspect. we spoke with neighbors and acquaintances who say they are not surprised by what happened. >> and i know that the broth her mental health issues recently and was in the mental health hospital a month ago. >> the son and moth remember being treated and they are expected to recover. the officers have been put on routine leave during the investigation. >> we are learning tonight two deputies have surrendered in the beating of a car theft suspect. deputies paul weaver are free on $140,000 bail. the beating was in an alleyway in san francisco after a car
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chase last november. the deputies hit a man 30 times over the span of 40 seconds. they face felony charges of assault under color of authority. assault with a deadly weapon and battery. now to breaking news. sky fox is over a grass fire ruth now. these are live pictures of the scene. crews are there near 80 at the sonoma highway 27 connector. the fire started as a car fire that spread to grass and brush nearby. and as can you see, the flames, they're burning up hill and there are homes not far away but degrees are getting a handle on the situation. can you see them battling putting out the flames. the fire has burned about 10 acres. chp issued a sig-alert for the drivers low slowing down to work. warm-ups under way where the warriors are hosting the
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trailblazers tonight in game 5 of their series. they are up 3-1 games. if they win tonight they will advance to the western conference finals against oklahoma or san antonio. >> they have to get past tonight and we go court side. it is safe to say they want to win this so they don't have to go back to portland. >> no question about that. and green had a few commenters about that. he said portland is done. they will have something to say about that. but the warriors would like to get this concluded and move on. >> mark the most oversued saying in sports the must win game. this is when you say it. they want to get things wrapped up. having that win in overtime. there was a sense that they
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take care of business here. green paper says what others don't. he felt like we'll get out of the way. >> he does not mince words. we're taking a look at now is the crowd of course when comes out steph curry taking the shots. shawn living ston who was rejected from the last game and consequence allowed steve to get more minutes. but warming up where everyone is crowded around. >> and the person who made the claim had to reel things back a built at practice. have a listen. >> i say stuff that's for me, for you or the team. >> sometimes both. sometimes for myself. >> sometimes for the guys. it is a challenge. one thing we say we're playing
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against ourselves not everyone else. we play our best basketball we can beat anyone. how we live up to that challenge. and you know it is us between us. >> i don't know. i have been that way. >> we're back live here at the ocacle. that's a good -- oracle. that's a good shot of steph curry. he was out. >> you cannot be when you are out and the grin i that are you getting over. a welcoming site. the routine that we're used to seeing and he is out there doing his thing he is in the starting lineup tonight. >> you mentioned, joe, earlier that there will be a brief ceremony. >> nice move. >> thank you. >> dancing with the star here.
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>> there will be a previous ceremony for steph curry and the mvp. they need to get to the game. >> if they want to win this game tonight. >> that's it from the oracle. an hour from game time. trying to close the blazers out. >> we want to know is that during half time or briefly before the game. >> that will be before the game. >> yes. >> if you remember last year they did that and went out and played family first. that is one of the worse playoff games, everyone was distracted they weren't focused. do a brief ceremony. get on with the game. and i mentioned it before. the warriors are due to put one of those wire to wire victories together and play a complete game. they have been playing behind
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the whole series. >> and when everything is clicking like that it is the best in the nba. >> we'll have the highlights at 10. more coming up in the hour. >> thank you. coming up donald trump working to unify the gop. ahead at 6:00:30 the meeting that could do just that. i have a lot of respect for paul. we'll have a good meeting. lots of sunshine. the numbers will get in there as we head into thursday. >> and sink whole by a proben light the aging system coming up next.
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new developments regarding that sinkhole that opened up on mission street in downtowns san francisco. officials blame the sinkhole on a broken sewer pipe that dates back to 1875. a you new pipe is on the way but repairs will take several days. it is at mission street at new montgomery. traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction in that area. and we go live to the city. you have been looking into the aging infrastructure. >> reporter: we have. the crews are finishing up the work for today but as you mentioned. we have been telling you this
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is 140 years old. we learned that it is made of brick. that's rare. it is among the pipes here that are over 100 years old. the pace of the city slows down on mission street near new montgomery. the repairs are underway on this sinkhole. >> i didn't think i would have to worry about them on the commute to work. the pavement collapsed under a suv program program prompting the pressure of a family and son. >> they are clearing out debris shoring up the pit and installing a temporary pipe. >> we're waiting for our 36 nine remacement pipe. that's when they will start the repair. >> and it was because of a old sewer line a sign of the aging system. 30 percent of the pipes are over 100 years old.
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>> it was made by hand with brick and mortar 140 years ago. >> that is one percent of the pipes dating back before 1840. another burst and queued a sinkhole. the agency is spending billions to update the infrastructure. >> they cannot predict when it will brunt they replace 15 miles each year, when are you done there is another across dun. that needs -- needs to be repaired. and residents anticipate more breaks and sinkholes. >> it will burst like this. that's 30 percent of the pipes are 30 years old; they were old and to replace them they are taking a long time. it will keep happening. >> the pipe replacement on friday. can you expect repairs to last throughout the weekend.
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we want to mention that the service will be disrupted or limited here on mission street. depending on the space they need to work. >> thank you. and contractors hired by the city of san francisco may have to provide more than the lowest bid. the city may change to a best value system. several ruptures is what the city does not want happening. there were five repeaters -- repeaters in months. and the city blamed the subcontractor and the condition was fired. today the supervisor handle a hearing on a proposed through would change the city's construction contract process. >> do they complete jobs on time, staff them properly. do they submit excessive change orders. we want the left value for taxpayer money. >> other tremendous are past
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performance. safety record and still level. the proposal needs the approval of the board and the changes would take effect within the year: new at 6:00. a battle is brewing over a 50- year-old boat harboro on treasure island and replace it with a marina eight sometimes larger. the commission is considering a loan to a private depper who would transform clipper cove into a active boating area. the board of supervisors has approved it, however, opponents say it would intrude on space used by treasure island sailing center that teaches kids and adults to sail. >> a new plan a postponement of the loan. a smaller arena, smaller slips. and we'll have a compromised plan. >> the commission rejected the loan and until the developer has a more acceptable plan. , let's talk about the weather
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a live picture here from the helicopter. there it is. >> a lot of clouds and fog. and there you see. >> i never get tired he. of seeing that. that is thick the fog is going to have. getting up over the hills. fat. there will be fog in many neighborhoods. you can look at the picture and know that it will make a push inland. these are the highs. 80 in fairfield. and anti-yock 85 -- antioch. the sustained winds are at 11. there are gusts at 15 and 20
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miles per hour. and the localized canyons here. they have a grip on the fire. not far from it. and in the nation's midsection the severe weather has died down there are storm watches out in the ohio valley. the fog along the coast is our story. it's not on the coast tomorrow morning it is all over the bay when you get going. temperatures tomorrow are going to warm up about 5 degrees warmer than they were today. the temperatures are in the 70s. tomorrow at this time lots of yellows and oranges with possible mid80s on your thursday forecast. >> thank you, bill. a high-profile attorney with a message for the state attorney-general. we're recommending the chief must go. the new push for a civil rights investigation of the san francisco police department. later in sports, we'll go back to mark at oracle for the
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warriors game tonight. first, psychiatric hospital under investigation by the state. the report that prompted the probe. ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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now to a story that 2 investigates broth you about dangerous conditions at a psychiatric hospital in the east bay. after our report, state investigators say they are now taking action. >> and ken wayne reported on
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the conditions at the john george psychiatric emergency room. >> reporter: the hearing is wrapping up in oakland to talk about the situation at john george. staff have been found sounding off to the board of trustees which oversees john george. they're trying to get the board to provide more bed space and more staff members to handle overcrowdingment they say the unit was designed to hold 23 patients but they have 70 or 80 crammed into the room with many eating and sleeping on the floor because there is no bed space not even chairs. staff members say they are frustrated with the lack of action by administrators. >> i think they have been spending a lot of energy trying to pretend the problems dot exist. everyone who works there or a patient there knows that the problems are real, is this dangerous? >> it is dangerous for patients. and i think that somebody who is in a crisis who is in need could have their crisis made worse by the conditions as they
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exist. >> a report prompted an investigation by state officials who said today representatives from the department of health care services visited the hospital last week after the report. news reports of incidents at the pes, psychiatric emergency services program, were of concern to the department. late today the officials released a statement saying in part, overcrowding occurs. when this happens we take steps to reduce the volumes and provide additional care such as calling in additional physicians. that response has been met with scoffs by staff members who say they don't get the extra help when they need it. we have learned that alameda health services launched an investigation into a sexual assault at john george overnight. as i mentioned at 5:00, deputies responded to a call of a rape inside of the psychiatric emergency room and now the sheriff's department is investigating as well.
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reporting live ken wayne, ktvu fox 2 news. if you have a tip for two investigates our team contact us e-mail 2 investigates at or call 874-0222. coming up next, continuing coverage in the race for the white house as the presumptive nominee takes on one of his biggest critics, the controversy over donald trump's tax returns why trump says he has not released them yet. fighting for time. why the family of a toddler pronounced brain dead is asking a judge to help keep him on life-support. ahead, a ten day long hunger strike is over. the agreement between san francisco state and protesting students. the news at 6:30 is next.
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democrat bernie sanders said he has now won in 19 in primaries after last night's victory in west virginia. he says that nominating hillary clinton would be a disaster for the democratic party . he is still trailing clinton in the important delegate count and in particular among the superdelegates. >> it is a steep climb i admitted but you know what we have been fighting a steeper
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steep climb from the day we got into this race. >> hillary clinton is campaigning today new jersey. she has been ignoring sanders and focusing on donald trump. today she criticized him for not releasing his tax returns. clinton says she and her husband posted eight years of their returns on their website. on the republican side clear sailing for donald trump. last night he won easily in west virginia and nebraska. he has developed a large loyal following of passionate people who like his outsider persona but political analyst say it's unclear if they'll be enough to carry him to victory in november. trump says he has no plan to change because people like the way he's doing things. trumpet is a meeting with paul ryan tomorrow. ryan has said he is still not ready to support trump and wants


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