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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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how issued become a trending topic. an anonymous source who claimed to be an employee accused the company of keeping conservative politicians and topics off the
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list. contractors were incorrected not to use certain -- instructed not to use certain things. these accusations raise several issues. >> facebook responded to the accusations saying the allegations are anonymous, we take them seriously. we continue to investigation if violations took place. lyft settlement has been revised. it will pay out $27 million. that's trouble what was proposed. a judge said that 12 1/2 million dollars was not enough.
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drivers said they should be treated like employees and reimbursed for expenses. time is 4:40. pg&e has received time for a criminal trial. the pg&e is facing 13 criminal counts including 12 allegations it violated pipeline safety regulations. that trial will be pushed back to the middle of the june, it needed time to review the 110,000 pages of documents it received from prosecutors. jerry hill said he's disappointed in the delay and says the upcoming trial would expose more criminal behavior. coming up, how northern california is battling the zika virus, the tests aimed at
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keeping the virus from spreading. whale sightings are becoming more regular in the bay area. why biologist are alarmed. highway 4 traffic looks good. and that fog is coming up and over the hill for some, it is pushing inland. 60s, 50s for some. 70s and 80s for others.
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. at the reagan library, goats are leading the way in preventing brushfire under the direction of the ventura county fire department. that's a lot. they eat the brush around the library reducing the chance of
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a brushfire. without ought the goats firefighters would have chief all the brush by hand. thousands of red tuna crabs washing up on the san diego county beaches. they are between one and 3 inches. normally they live near mexico. but the warm water pushed them north. >> they think it's correlated with el nino, when it hit the cold water of san diego it dies off. >> this is the second time in a year they washed ashore in this same area. the number of humpback whales in the bay area have been spotted. it's thrilling for people who love the whales but marine biologist are worried. they may be following anchovies
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in the bay and could get disoriented. because the bay is less salty and it could lead to skin diseases. borders and paddle borders could be hurt. three cities have been named amorning the most diverse in america. looking at social class and diversity. income, race, age, language and marital stat us. oakland was number 3, san jose at number 7. san francisco came in at number 20. cyclist may have a new way to get into saucelito. right now they peddle with traffic on alexander avenue. the national park service want to reopen the vista point trail taking cyclist to point baker.
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the $2 million problem would require renovating the trail. a meeting is scheduled for tuesday. time is 4:46. >> i never see you together on the same set. >> we're actually the same people. >> i thought you were, now i see you together. >> he's taller and looks better. >> he didn't go there. >> that brian flores is 6'5". >> i know. >> time to check the glass. >> time to check a lot if you're me. let's look at the commute. it's going to be busy here. this is highway 4, traffic is moving along okay, there's no major problems for the morning commute. we're hoping it stays this quiet. this is if bay bridge toll plaza, this is interstate 880. we're off to a good start. we don't have a lot of incidents out there.
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that's just the way we like it. and there's 680 from concord to walnut creek, later in the morning perhaps you watch us later, a lot of the commute is red, that's stop and two traffic, not now though. can i get a traffic report myself. >> sure, i guarantee ignacio valley road a right lane will be closed. >> for roadwork. >> every day. >> i know it. >> now i feel better. here we're go. fog is there, i need help if you're by fairfield. fairfield has gusts almost to 30 miles an hour, and not much has changed in 24 hours. yesterday at this time southwest winds at 16. now it's 22 gusting to 29. may be on the edge of the fog bank. there's plenty of fog and low
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clouds to go-around. there's a big fog bank out there. may be mist in the mix. 40s to 50s. cool pat everyone in the north bay -- pattern in the north bay. 55 in santa cruz. 51 scotts valley. 57 in popular. there's 22 gusts to 29. there hasn't been a big check in the pressure, but there's more in the way of the fog, travis is a good barometer on the delta breeze. sacramento 56, arcadia 51, the fog is not going anywhere. if you're in ukiah and clearlake and vacaville, you want clearwater, that will be the source of it. starts on friday, kicks into saturday. there will be good drizzle over the next 48 hours, that will be in the form of the low coming
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through. today unless your, not much check, temperature mid-80's for some inland. i think we get into the 60s and 70s by saturday. fog to sun, cool to mild to warm. morning mist might be popping up along the coast. 50, 60, 70 to 80s. low 80s for some. walnut creek there's a breeze kicking up. 70s there. 65 alameda. morgan hill and gilroy is not getting in on a warmup. santa cruz has been stuck. 50s on the coast, 60s, 70s on the peninsula. warmer monday. still upset about the road conditions on ignacio. >> it's like clockwork. >> i'm not saying anything bad.
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letting people know, there's a right lane closed somewhere. the salvation army held two ribbon cutting ceremonies. one at the emergency shelter on garden street opened two new laundry rooms helping homeless parents and families wash their clothing. these machines operate without coins so the families are saving money. kathleen helped raise thousands of dollars to buy the new washers and driers after touring the shelter. and despite battling cancer she vowed to renovate the laundry rooms. >> when you're sick and tired, and you can make a difference still, still, one person can make a difference to 60 people, get a little bit tired. >> kathleen is a great lady. the emergency shelter opened a
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new library and internet room allowing homeless children to do their homework. the renovations were paid for by peterson cat, a company that sells caterpillar equipment. complex surgery at u.c. davis allowed a paralyzed dog to walk. the 4-year-old ran off six months ago and came back way cut on her face and a few days later found the dog was not able to walk. her spine detached from her head. they were able to fit her vertebrae back together be release pressure. one day she started to move a little bit of her leg, she would wag her tail. >> the dog had action pineture and water -- acupuncture, the dog was walking again on her
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own. time is 4:51. ac transit honors a driver as a hero. in 25 minutes how that bus driver rescued a special little boy. a battle on treasure island on a plan to expand a boat harbor into a luxury marina. (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck?
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i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. how's that for not getting stuck? hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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a dangerous rescue on the sacramento river caught on tape. you can see the standed man on a log. a driver called 911 after seeing him jump off the bridge. he tried to swim out but couldn't make it. he grabbed on the log for safety. fire rescue gave him a life jacket and pulled him out. they have waited a long time. crab fishermen are headed out to sea. the season begins today. the season had been delayed for months because of toxins in crabs,. time is 4:55. richmond police searching for thieves who stole a cannon. it used to be in front of the
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veterans memorial hall. it weighs a ton. the thieves used a midsized pickup truck with a gray or silver rear bumper. police call this a case of someone stealing from military veterans and the history of the united states. if you have information call richmond police. a battle is brewing over a small 50-year-old boat harbor on treasure island and the plans to replace it with a luxury marina. the commission is considering a $4.2 million loan to a private developer who would transform clipper cove into a active boating area. the board of supervisors approved the deal. but it would intrud on the
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selling. >> a new plan, postponement of the loan, smaller marina and move east and we'll have a compromising. >> the commission rejected the loan until the developer comes up with a more acceptable plan. complaints of overcrowding at a bay area psychiatric hospital. san jose police shoot a man who was attacking his mother with an axe. we're looking at a morning commute that's beginning to wake up, you'll see slowing here and there, on the san mateo brigitte looks good heading to the highrise. our weather looks good if you like fog. if you don't go inland.
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tism warriors beat the trail blazers and advance for the second year in a row. yes there were fireworks.
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how long they will be able to rest up before they play their next on point. -- on point -- opponent. the warriors the great. i'm in a couple hours early. in this morning for pam cook. >> let's talk about the weather, get you moving on a thursday morning. >> you must wear red today for those of you out there. >> after this we go to prom. >> it is 5:00 a.m. not 7:00. big fog bank and it is windy, couple reports out to davis, that delta breeze is kicking up the heels and the fog bank is increasing, temperature cannot cool off. half moon bay stuck at


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