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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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saski. several council members asking for the chief to resign. >> this is a deadly car crash. >> donald trump meets with republican heavyweights behind closed doors as they work to unify the gop. good afternoon, i am mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. they are now calling for police chief. greg sur to resign. >> what made her change her mind? >> supervisor jane kim leading the call to have the chief resign. this is after several shootings in the city. she is not the only one. along with supervisor kim and they have all come out saying greg sur needs to resign. >> she said chief sur is a great officer and she said he
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is a great guy and the chief needs to acknowledge that a culture shift in the department would be easier and faster if there is new leadership. >> she was for keeping the chief on board a few weeks ago and changed her mind after hearing from the blue ribbon panel. >> our loyalty should be to the rank and file officers of the police department and to the people of san francisco and we need someone who can lead. >> in the meantime supervisor mark farrell said he remains supportive and he is for the proposed reforms. and supervisor kim's talk about the election year since she is running for a state senate seat. >> this is a very, very difficult period of time for the police department. >> he served our city tore over 30 years. >> there is no one better to lead the department going forward and especially with all the reforms that are coming down the pike.
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>> reporter: mayor lee and the police chief have proposed several changes to the use of force policy and training officers on deescalation and crisis intervention, they said the policies haven't been fast-tracked and announcing earlier this week and investing $17.5 million towards improved police training and equipment. while four of the supervisors have come out, it is up to the mayor and police commission to remove him from his position. it does not appear it is going to be likely. i am brian flores. ktvu, 2 news. this is why they think the chief needs to go. the hunger strike is difficult and well worth the sacrifice. >> it is very hard. >> you start to lose your ability to think smarply and
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you get -- sharply and you get tired. i couldn't stand up. you don't have hunger any more and it is also as was mentioned, it is one of the most rewarding things i have done spiritually. >> they ended the strike saturday and they were hospitalized for deteriorating health. this is into allegations of sexual misconduct involving police officers and a girl who may be underage. this is the daughter of a civilian employee of the department. three officers accused of having sexual relations with her are on administrative leave. one of the officers is also understand criminal investigation. investigators are trying to determine if the girl is underage at the time of the incident and whether it amounts to estate torre rape. >> it is i am -- it amounts to
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statutory rape. we take very seriously, we have a team of affairs and investigators who are diligently working to work through this investigation, to identify if it is true, the allegation or not true and the investigation will determine that. the investigation began after an oakland officer committed suicide last fall. a federal judge who is overseeing this, has raised concerns. >> we are learning new kales and investigators say is connected to a homicide in loss gatos, -- in los gatos. >> reporter: they are back at the home in los gatos and they are expected to be there for most of the day. according to the crews, they are inside the home and checking the surrounding pavement and wooded areas for clues. short time ago they released
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this picture of the lone suspect. he is 43-year-old andre redmon, one count of kidnapping and one count of burglary. and two counts murder, two counts false imprisonment. >> we can file different charges based on the police reports. >> mohr could be coming? >> more charges can be added. >> redmond was the driver in the prius and involved in a high speed pursuit. he killed one person at the house and wounded two others before speeding away. he crashed off exit 17 on hamilton avenue. his passenger was rushed to an area hospital and pronounced dead and the cause of his death hasn't been released yet. they won't say if he is a suspect but the law enforcement source tells us the investigation will show he is a suspect. >> level of violent crime has
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left them shaken. >> shocking. it is unfortunate. yes. it is something like that this never happens in redmond -- redwood estates. >> we received word he is willing to talk from his jail cell. our jesse is there now. >> cristina ren done, thank you. -- rendon. donald trump met with party leaders on capitol hill. >> we have more on how the meeting went. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. >> the republican party's presumptive nominee meeting with go leaders on capitol hill with all sides hoping to make peace after a process over the last 10 months. >> the process of unifying the republican party which just finished a primary a week ago,
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perhaps one of the most divisive in memory takes some time. >> fielding most pressure today is house speaker paul ryan. he said he is not ready to support his candidacy. not only does he have more support than 2012's nominee, there is increasing concern from rank and file republicans that without party unity democrats can exploit differences during the election. for his part, trump is trying to appear differential to ryan. >> he knew everybody else. they are governors and senators. i am a businessman. i think we want to get to know each other. >> despite republican party, the step was important to unity. most analysts are down playing expectations. >> no one is going to say i have been wrong and now i agree with the other guy. >> speculation is also building
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about who he may pick about his substantial running mate. >> they tell former arizona governor jan brewer and fallon are on the short list. >> joel waldman. they are advising residents about a six offender who moved into the city. juarez demetris is living on north texas street. he was recently released from prison and he is on supervised parole. convicted back in 1977 and again in 1996 of lewd and lascivious acts with children. they said it is releasing the informatn in accordance with megan's law. the contra costa police department is asking for help for whoever shot a pregnant woman. it happened on highway four in pittsburg. investigators say it may have
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been a case of road rage. 25-year-old marie were driving on highway four. someone driving a newer model mercedes with paper license tags got into an altercation with her and short time later, they fired a shot into her car hitting both her and her passenger. they were both rushed to the hospital. >> the passenger will survive. the driver marie has died. >> the family is devastated. >> gunned down like she was nothing. somebody see something, please come forward. >> she was the mother of four children with a fifth on the way. today is her son's birthday. relative's say this is not the first tragedy, the father of one of marie's children was shot and killed last may. we investigate this story that we brought you last week. >> the state is taking action after we uncovered these conditions at the psychiatric
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emergency services room in san lee around droa. -- in searnl -- they will join us after the break to explain what the experience was like. radio alarm clock) ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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this sinkhole will be fixed by wednesday. it is 12 feet wide and 9 feet deep. a sewer line that dates back to 1875 ruptured. it was built by hand out of brick-and-mortar. the city's pipes are more than 100 years-old. >> you are never done. there is another block that has gotten old and needs to be repaired. >> it shored up the pit and installed a temporary pipe. permanent repairs will begin tomorrow and it is until the work is wrapped up. they found a new way to control the mosquitoes who carry the zika virus. they found some of the mosquitoes sterile naturally. they are then being released into the wild where they mate with wild mosquitoes. the process will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes
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overall and. today's graduation ceremony is set for two labrador retrievers. they were trained which the inmates in santa rosa. this is a win-win for the inmates and for the community. >> good boy. >> in a jail chow hall, oath fist and neville, practice their skills. >> tug. >> get it. give. good boy. >> they open cabinets and doors. retrieve items. turn on lights. >> these dogs need to learn how to care for another person at some point. >> they are trainers, inmates working behind barbed wire. >> you can't find this behind the sniewmental walls. the dog every day loves us.
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get it. give. good boy. >> they will be companion animals for someone who is disabled. >> it is not just about the inmates. it is about the community. >> they have brought jail morale up and tensions down. >> you definitely see the units the dogs are housed in. it is a lessening of tensions is the best way to talk about it. >> people feel more normal. >> they live here in dorm style unities. they eat, sleep, and spend every minute with their land p handler who has nothing else but time to give them. >> how to put a dog out when every door is looked. >> people are skeptical of the program but once it started, they fell in love with it very quickly. >> learn something new. changing pointed in my life. >> they apply and are screened for selection of handlers. >> good way to give back to the community and do something
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positive for once that is going to make me feel good about myself and make others feel good about me. >> turn. turn. >> neville, turn. >> these dogs require patience. something inmates may not have starting out. >> stay. >> but they are learning life skills, too. >> i teach them about positive reason forcement. that is not just working with dogs. wow, what you are telling me, that would work for my kids, too. >> give us a companion to be with and someone to love and someone who is going to love us. >> after today's graduation, the dogs go back to the school that sent them to get their advanced training. check in right now on the weather and mark tamayo is joining us. >> it feels like the middle of june or july with the fog out there and the key change today. we have clearing for downtown san francisco and with that, we
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will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. you can see live storm tracker 2, big fog out here. this is a closer look. the fog is hugging the entire california coast up from the crescent city and down towards san diego and the bay area in between. we traced in the surface wind as well. it is on shore wind and will help transport the fog and back into the thursday night and it will be around first thing friday morning. you can take your pick. it is towards half moon bay and san francisco 58. a bit chilly there and little bit warmer and in the noibd, string of low 70s and fairfield, concord. and 70 degrees. san jose checking in. >> wind speeds reported out the wind direction and see fairfield, this is sustained at 15 miles an hour and more winter ports for you out towards sfo, here is half moon
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bay at 7 miles an hour. >> should say today but forecast for the coast mainly near 60 degrees and we will take it inland. and then into it this afternoon. the sensor is warming up nicely as you go up to concord and talking more 80s out there and the warmest locations could be around 86 to 87 degrees. >> here is the big area of high pressure. building a little bit over the past few days. we have the dry weather pattern and they are across the bay area. >> today, cool coast and warm numbers inland. and this system moves in from the north. we will begin to cool things off. friday and into the weekend. we will not be warm at all. it will feel chilly out there. >> there is a weather system that could generate rain up here. maybe, some drizzle first thing saturday morning. as far as significant rainfall not showing up in the forecast. cooling off this weekend and
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back up into early next week. >> temperatures this afternoon. 60s. 70s. warmest locations in the 80s. brentdwood in the mid-80s as well. upper 60s and more neighborhoods happening and lots of 70s out towards fremont, and san jose. here is the look ahead. five day forecast. we will increase the fog and beef up the cloud cover friday. they will be trending down for friday and into the weekend. 60s and lower 70s. saturday and suband warm things back up. with mike and gasia, nice to have options and if you want to enjoy the sunshine go for a nice walk. it is in the neighborhoods as well. >> it is in the east bay. marine biologists say it is an increase of hump back whales and as many as five have been spotted at one time. seeing them can be excited for
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us. but they stay in deeper, colder water. one reason for the increase, they are following anchovies into the bay and they get disoriented in shallow water. >> i remember covering dawn in may of 2007 from the san francisco bay, all the way to san francisco and back. >> humphrey, the hump back was 1985, the first time. >> they are coming. >> they do. >> battle over plans to replace a small both harbor on treasure island. it is eight teams larger and the waterways commission is considering a plan or loan fora private developer who would transform them into clipper cove. san francisco's board of supervisors has approved it and it is currently used by treasure island sailing center. new plan, postponement of the
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loan. smaller marina. smaller slips. and move halfway to the east. we will have a compromised plant. >> the commission rejected the loan until the developer comes out with the more acceptable plan. we will be right back.
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. they have approved many items in vending machines. they will keep sugar out of the
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snacks and that includes airport as well as city hall. this is used by the emergency dispatchers won't have to comply. at the 911 center, they need sugar. contractors who wanted to being hired. they need more than the lowest bid. srl gas line breaks are an example of what the city does not want and in a few months they blamed the subcontractor to all the people who live and work in the neighborhood and the company was fired. just yesterday, they held a hearing on the proposed law and changed the city's process for a warning with construction contracts. >> do they complete the jobs on time. this do they staff the jobs properly. do they do change orders. we want the best value for taxpayer money. >> other criteria is past performance. sifltty records and skill level
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of workers. they have to approve it first and the change will take effect within the year. >> the council has decided to begin negotiations with lena -- lennar urban. the bidding process was halted after another developer accused lennar of lobbying council members. this is the redevelopment of 500 acres at the old naval base. some ups and some down, some taking the biggest hit. technology and healthcare. and nasdaq in the red. down 13 points. apple may be coming close with a plan to eliminate the music down loads in favor of a streaming music. >> according to insiders, they would end and another would see apple write out profitable sales for the next four years.
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>> i tune store generates as much as three times the revenue as apple music. >> they are going to unvalley a wig update at its annual developer conference. >> new report said using the smart phone could make it seem like you have adhd. many people set their phones up with alerts for new messages. app update dates and breaking news. >> those alerts can make you feel distracted and hyperactive. >> it is a neuro developmental disorder and smart phones don't cause adhd and can create interruptions that mimic the creation. >> this is the allegation of rape in the east bay facility. >> what the state is now doing to uncover dangerous conditions at the psychiatric facility in san leandro.
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♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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. there is a dangerous condition at john george psychiatric emergency services in san leandro: we broke the story and now as a result, the state is investigating. >> reporter: hidden camera video shows people eating and
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sleeping on the floors of the psychiatric unit. staff members say it is built to hold 23 patients. often that number exceedses 70, zero. >> i have been kicked punched. i have had urine thrown on me. >> they talk about hellish conditions. >> it is so squarey. you are in the room with not six people, not, you are in there with every possible space of the floor covered with people who are drugged or alcohol addicted. i was in there because he was depressed. >> they told ktvu, they are looking at john george, department of health care services visited judge george last week. news reportses of incidents at the pes program were of concern to the to the department of the. >> we do the best we can with
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what we have. the overcrowding is not okay. >> under these conditions, our work place becomes less safe. >> demanding change, the employees gathered at the meeting for the board of trustees which oversees john george. >> we have brought the same issues to them and yet, nothing has changed. it is frustrating. people are getting hurt. in part, occasional overcrowding occurs. when this happens, we take steps to reduce the volumes and provided a decisional care such as calling in additional physicians. staff members say they are hearing empty promises from administrators for years. >> they have been spending a lot of energy trying to retend they don't exist. >> everyone who works there and has been a patient there knows the problems are real. >> is it dangerous for patients. >> it is dangerous for patients. >> i think that someone who is
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really in a crisis and really in need could have their crisis made worse as they currently exist. >> they are speaking out publicly despite the risks. >> those talking, yes, we are at risk for retaliation. >> you are worried about your job. >> i am but more worried about my patients. >> there was an alleged rape there. there was a call of a sexual assault and that the alleged vehicle tim may be changing her story. they first told us they are not aware of the incident and now conducting an internal investigation. it is tip from one of our viewers that prompted this investigation. if you have something that needs to be investigated, call us or write us. san francisco police and district attorney appear at odds with a spike of property crimes in the cities.
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car burglaries have skyrocketed. there were 2,000 break ins and san francisco police officers association is running a new radio ad which blameless prop 47 and they helped draft the initiative. it allowed more criminals out there on the streets and downgraded nonviolent felonies such as drug possession. >> if you leave your purse in the car and ends up in the hands of a criminal. it is the ticket issued. >> sometimes the best way to reflect your own incompetence, it is to go after something else. >> it became a vehicle for that. >> they are not making enough arrests and shows the smash and grabs were rising in san francisco even before proposition 47 passed and critics say criminals are taking advantage of the law and they are committing the same crime again and again. >> emoryville police arrested two people for kidnapping a
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girl and trying to force her into prostitution. >> they lure the girl from pleasanton. he tried to have sex with her and make her a prosty tiewtd. >> a child psychiatrist and child molester has died in prison. 84-year-old dr. william ayers died of natural causes. he was in the facility in vacaville. he pled guilty to eight counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child. prosecutors said he may have sexually abused 50 bows who were in his care. >> they have asked for and received more time to prepare for a criminal trial for the gas line explosion. pg&e faces in all 13 counts and allegation that is it violated safety and federal regulations. it is being pushed back now to june. it needs additional time to review the 1,000 pages of
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documents it received from plies and lawmaker jerry hill told the news group he is disappointed in the delay and the upcoming trial would expose even more criminal behavior. a c transit driver received special recognition for helping an autistic boy after he wandered away from his piedmont home. >> thank you. >> danny ieeicberg with there to say thank you. >> he and the passenger saw the boy on grand avenue riding a foot powered scooter. he stopped the bus and talked to danny and encouraged him to get on the bus. the mom said the invitation was a dream come true. her son is fascinated by ac transit buses since before he could talk. >> he must have felt the same way you would feel if steph curry offered you front row
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seats. >> he was recognized for his compassion and professionalism. ac transit said he went above and beyond the call of duty. >> that is great. using pedal power. today is bike to work day in our own alex savidge gathered his bike light and helmet and participated in the annual event. there were several energizer stations along the way. >> watch his progress from berkeley and live on the morning. >> don't sell yourself short. >> i made it eventually. >> it sounds like you have a new respect for cyclists and drivers. >> i came to understand the vul never ability bikers -- vulnerability and there is a safety issue. i had a great ride into work. ditched the car and biked over here to the studios in oakland. there were a lot of other people pedaling to work along with me. >> my trip started before the sun was up with my helmet
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strapped on, i took off from berkeley on my bike taking part in a bay area tradition. twenty-second annual bike to work day. i stopped off at a few energizer stations set up by bike east bay. getting a snack and recharging for my ride. >> healthy energizing way to get to work. you don't need the cup of coffee. you are ready to go and until can you try it. but it is a fast way to get to work in the bay area. >> in oakland, there was an early morning ribbon cutting ceremony with mayor libby shaft as new protected bike lanes opened up on grand avenue. >> our roads need not to be just for cars. but for people walking, biking, taking the bus. we call it complete streets. >> tens of thousands of people left their cars at home today and instead biked to work or to school. >> i know, we have it already
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this morning. >> in san francisco, supervisor mark farrell road rode with thousands of people the and back in oakland, it was a two wheel party on the plaza as a couple hundred bike riders relaxed and enjoyed agree pancakes. >> i have seen parts of the bay area, i would not have seen otherwise. i like being out on a bike and being outdoors. >> all right. i know you see me there. excited to arrive at ktvu studios. >> it is absolutely a blast. >> biking to work is a lot of fun. first thing in the morning. there is all the benefit. health benefits to this. around environmental benefits to all of it. >> it helps to reduce congestion on the roadways. this is something we desperately need. quite a few benefits here and they say a wig thing they see happen, they try it once. they bike to work one day and they keep on pedaling. >> and they take it up and start biking every single day.
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>> you have the work out for the day. >> new found respect for the seeklists out there. >> good to see you, thank you. now a proposal to make it safer for siewklists to come into sausalito and they pedal along with traffic on alexander avenue. according to the national park service, they want to reopen the vista point trail and take cyclists into fort baker and lower section of alexander avenue. close to the sausalito limits. the $2 million project would require renovating the trail. three cities are named the most diverse. they looked at social class, eght no-racial date tan and household diversity and factors such as race, income, marital status. oakland was the high's rank local city at number 3 followed besan jose at number 7. san francisco came in at 20. still ahead. the golden state warriors head
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out to the western conference finals. this is against the spurs or the suns. >> and san jose sharks try to keep playoff hopes alive in game seven. >> we will check back in with mark tamayo for the details. >>
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. that pretty much sealed the deal and he had free throws after that and 29-points. 11 assists and clay was brilliant again. six fornine and he had eight three pointers and speaking what is next for the warriors, there is a game six tonight between them and san antonio, then they will play oklahoma city on monday. if they win, it will be the spurs.
12:44 pm
>> all the talk about the spurs, you want it to happen. >> thunder. >> 3-0 against the thunder and they have durant. those guys are lights out when they are playing well. sometimes westbrook doesn't do what is in the best interest of the team. he is probably the most explosive nba player had the league and kevin durant. a former mvp. >> either one. >> two extra days would be nice. >> if you are asking me. i would like to see san antonio, not for the extra rest, it is the injury. he has the groin injury and also, because i want to see the warriors get that monkey off their back the spurs have been the biggest obstacle for them. i want them to beat. they shattered tons of record and i would like to see them
12:45 pm
play san antonio and put them to bed. >> they took heat for not facing a team like san antonio, bring them on. >> exactly. >> that is huge game seven. oh, my goodness. they say there is nothing like a game seven in hockey. that's true, they lay it out there and put it all in the game seven and the sharks have been around for 25 years. they made the playoffs 18 times and three conference finals and trying to make it four with the win tonight. joe thorn top and company. it is full bloom and they worked out this morning. and here is a couple of numbers for you. sharks 3-0 against the predators at home. >> 7-0. all time at the tank against nashville and that doesn't factor into tonight's game and nonetheless. pretty good and game seven. win 75% of the time.
12:46 pm
this is the key and here is the cap pain talking about the big nights. >> feels like game seven and you are excited to play. can't wait for the game to get going. you will go out there and establish the game and establish the pocket and feel good with it. and you want one of the game dallas where you are on the puck all night. it is come to you and -- coming to you. >> you make the mistake of going into game seven and looking for super human effort and trying to could dooch on your own. i think, again the message is we rely on the structure and we know what the game looks like. we did last game. i am real confident, we did tonight. >> he mentions last game and this is six times monday. and the sharks have been good and this series and that sure
12:47 pm
bodes well for them tonight. >> i can never sit down. i am always pacing. >> everything means so much. >> it is a football game and i can sit and relax and be stressful and joy. >> when you -- and enjoy. >> a lot of stoppage. >> but pavelski, eight goals in the playoff as eight shots with patrick's record. >> thank you. switching back to the weather. warming up for most of us, right, mark? >> yes, except the coastline. you definitely want to bring the thick coat and sweater. and approaching lower 60s. looking out toward san francisco bay. little bit of haze. lots of sunshine. nice thursday afternoon here forethis part of the bay area. there we go with the fog. stacked up in the coastline. you can't pick out the surface
12:48 pm
winds. it will continue to push out and closer to the bay. this is a closer look at the fog to south san francisco and approaching the golden gate bridge now and out to ocean beach as well. >> this is the portion of the bay area and the rest of the region. we have mostly sunny skies. >> current numbers out there. warm spots already and out to the creek and concord. novato 68 and checking in 59 degrees. forecast headlines for today will go with this. >> clear skies on this camera and mostly sunny skies and cooler for tomorrow. that is the head ryan over the next few days. and this is more fog and they will continue to trend down. for today though. the big one offshore. it is warming off the interior portions of the state and this begins to back off as the guy moves in for friday and into the weekend. as far as organized rainfall. this is to the north of the
12:49 pm
area. and more moisture and drizzle for tomorrow morning and especially i think on saturday morning as well. >> what happens; we have this now and moves in to the north and deep in the marine layer. this is cooling across the entire region for friday and into the weekend. temperatures for this afternoon. barely making it up and places like pacifica and up in the bay and out toward concord, antioch and brentwood. more neighborhoods coming up. >> san mateo, 70 degrees and los gatos, 80. beta breakers and plan on cloudy skies. 8:00 a.m. sunday morning with the bay side and then maybe clearing for the beach and partly cloudy skies in the upper 50s. here is the look ahead. five day forecast. you will see temperatures will shave off a few degrees and
12:50 pm
possibly some drizzle as well. you want warmer temperatures and wait until next week for monday and tuesday. >> mike and gasia, maybe we will see you out there. >> just a spectator. >> always fun to watch. >> thanks, mark. still ahead, host of new movies. they are set to tear up the box office for the summer movie season. there is soon to be summer hits. coming to a theater near you.
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. this is the dow jones strel. and it is ever so slightly on the plus side and nasdaq though is about 1/2 of 1% and that's why it will finish. so, are we addicted to devices. majority of parents say their teens sure are and majority of teens agree. >> the new stay that shows how add districted we are and how frequently it is creating conflict with families. we will talk to them about the research. that is today on the four at two. >> summer is fast approaching with highly anticipated movies are getting ready to hit theaters. >> today, moosh chill reports, that is not at all. we will give you sneak peeks of
12:54 pm
thrillers and dom did is that are -- comedies that are expected to be big hits. > >> it is not just sequels and blockbusters, there is a variety of films. >> new comedy includes wayne johnson and kevin hart. also on the case are ryan goss link and -- ryan gossling and russell crowe. >> andy sand berg rocks out. pop store never stop, never stopping. jonah hill and stars in war dogs. >> for action adventure there is the ben hur remake and there a new take on the legend of tar tar san starring aleksandr skarsgard. >> when the cast came together,
12:55 pm
i was over the moon. >> plus the western magnificent seven, the video game inspired war craftd. blake lively start in the tail the shallow end. and for a kid friendly add vented tour. modern reimagining of pete's dragon. >> i am looking for my family. >> long awaited finding doorry comes -- finding dory comes to the screen. this is the secret life of pet it is as women as the action filled kujo and they help bring storks to life. >> i am pretty confident about storks. very sweet, very funny. tells a great story. seth rogen and friends bring this for the grown ups. and without risks, there is no reward. george clooney and julia
12:56 pm
roberts have money monster. and math knew mcconaughey. and mark wahlberg and stars in deepwater horizon based on the explosion. >> we forget that it existed and happened. we forget that there are families of louisiana that are still affected by it. >> pretty much anything that wants me to get up in the morning. >> it is me before you. >> someone sought me out and wrote me down in a book. >> each one of us is being haunted. >> for scary moviegoers. there is lights out as well as souper natural sequel, the conjuring two. >> they were going to be extraordinary elements and once they came on board, it is a no brainer. >> there is not much that rattles either of us any more.
12:57 pm
>> wow. >> plenty to choose from. >> grab the popcorn and milk duds. it will be an action packed summer. >> join us always at noon. have a great one. pretty picture. >> beautiful day out there on the bay. the bay.
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dr. oz: food truth power hour. we tell you everything you need to know about maple syrup -- is there even any maple in that pancake syrup? what percentage of olive oil found in our supermarkets right now is real? >> less than 20%. dr. oz: and the coconut craze. but to all these coconut products really heal the body the way some claim? coming up next. ♪dr. oz: we'll save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers] welcome to the show. thank you all very much.


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