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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> an investigation is underway after a construction worker is killed. >> preparations are underway as thousands of people get ready to take to the streets for the annual bay to breakers race. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. we do begin with breaking news out of san francisco where mr. is a police standoff going off on folsom. >> tara moriarty is live to explain how it all started. >> reporter: we are here on the corner of 14th and folsom where this standoff began a little earlier. there is a manholed up in his apartment not coming out. this is related to a domestic violence incident that happened yesterday. joining me now is the captain to explain what led up to this moment. >> so yesterday evening we had a call here at 1803 folsom regarding a domestic violence
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incident. when we arrived, the suspect had already fled. we secured the safety of the victim and arranged shelter and got a protection order. the victim returned to the scene to collect her things and upon trying to enter the apartment, realized the suspect was still here. she came outside, saw some officers on the street, got their attention, we made sure she was safe before we went back inside. we knocked on the door and he is refusing to come out so we are trying to establish a rapport with him and explain why we need him to come out. >> reporter: and we understand he doesn't have any weapons. >> no, from speaking with the victim doing some research, we don't believe he is armed at this point. >> reporter: and so, do you just wait it out? >> there is no restraint on the amount of time spent talking him out. he doesn't appear to pose a danger to himself or anybody else inside the building or the surrounding area. so our goal is to keep talking to this suspect and convince
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him to come outside and surrender. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> reporter: so we are going to be out here. the police department and swat team are on standby in case they are needed but if you are in this area, you may want to take a different route from 14th and folsom as things are hectic here. another investigation is underway at the masconi center. >> what happened alex? >> reporter: good afternoon. the man killed this morning worked for an equipment rental company. he had come to this job here. he had come to pick up a piece of heavy equipment like a
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cherry picker. as he was loading it onto a flat bed truck, there was an accident and this man was killed. the worker was inside the bucket on the boom lift when he became pinned against the concrete structure and apparently was crushed. firefighters were called out to this site on the east side of the moscone center. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the traffic collision team will be investigating the circumstances of this workplace accident. >> we are still gathering forensic evidence. we are still gathering witness statements. we are still looking at the deceased to see what injuries were sustained. >> our sympathy goes out to the man's family. his colleagues, and everybody who is part of this team. >> reporter: the man killed this morning was in his 40s or
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50s and worked for an equipment rental company. he was not regularly here at this construction site. the site is part of an ongoing expansion project at the moscone center. along with the san francisco police department investigation, cal osha will be conducting its own investigation to make sure all safety protocols were followed out here. >> alex savidge, thank you. staying in the city, mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr held a meeting to discuss property crimes. we asked them about protesters wanting the chief to resign because of shootings and text message scandals. but the mayor has no intention of firing the chief. >> i had to ask both the
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president of the police commission as well as the chief to say look, we have to have updated 21st century police practices. where did those ideas come from? it comes from president obama's. looked at all the cities across the country where they had issues of officer involved shootings. >> a panel brought together by the predict attorney says they lack transparency in their discipline in policing communities of color. now, four san francisco supervisors are also calling for the chief to be replaced but the chief has no plans to step down. >> i have a lot to do and i will be all about doing it. i have no intention of stepping down. i have a lot of work before me keeping the city safe and supporting the officers. we are hoping to get body cameras. there's a lot of technology. a lot of asks in the way we
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want the officers to rethink things and reengineer things. >> under san francisco law, only the mayor and the police commission can fire the chief. >> new developments now in the case of a south bay man accused of killing a morgan hill teenager. that man is asking the court to have his lawyers fire. antolin garcia-torres asked the judge for new attorneys so his trial can start june 31. both defense attorneys are busy and unable to defend him for four months. he is charged in the death of sierra lamar. garcia-torres has consistently said he is innocent. police are trying to track down the person responsible for fatally stabbing a man in a shopping center overnight in san jose. it appears there was a fight in a parking lot on the city's east side. one man was stabbed in the neck and walked right into a
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restaurant where he collapsed and died. so far, there are no descriptions of the suspect or what sparked the argument. they are looking to see if any security cameras recorded the attack. chp is investigating another shooting that happened along i-80. the latest is at highway 4 and hercules. a man was driving a nissan altima when he was shot four times by a passing car. he crashed and was taken to the hospital with two bullet wounds to the leg. the shooter was in a white sedan. the hayward police car has been recovered after it was stolen early this morning. it was taken outside the police station. the car was running and an officer was standing nearby when someone jumped in the car and took off. officers found the car at 4:30 this morning with the help of the gps system. no damage to the car and nothing was missing. contra costa fire crews are investigating a fire that cost a man his life and his dog.
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he died at the hospital and a second person was treated for injuries but was not seriously hurt. it took about 20 minutes to put out the fire, but they had trouble getting close to the home because of downed power lines in the driveway. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. now to developing news out of new hampshire where a search is over for a gunman who shot two police officers. the officers were shot about 2:00 this morning in two different locations in the city of manchester. they were both taken to the hospital an they are expected to be okay. now, within just the past hour, the manchester police chief made a statement saying the city is safe. a shelter in place order has been lifted. the chief did not comment about the suspect. a man they described as extremely dangerous is now in custody. investigators have not yet said what the motive for the shooting is. the same law which protects individuals from racial and gender discrimination applies to transgender students as
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well. >> today the administration began sending letter to school districts around the country telling them to allow students to use rooms corresponding to their gender identity. >> reporter: the obama administration sent the letters around the country telling the schools to let the students use the bathrooms of their gender identity. loretta lynch supports this. >> the entire obama administration want you to know that we see you. we stand with you. and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. >> reporter: some parents in washington state where transgender bathroom legislation is pending are wondering why the administration is even getting involved. >> i feel that transgenders are going to use whatever bathroom they identify no matter who says anything about it and publicizing it and talking about it is silly.
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>> reporter: the tar heel state became the first in the nation to ban people from using public and school bathrooms that do not correspond with their birth genders. north carolina is suing the department of justice for labeling it a civil rights violation. >> we believe a court rather than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation, and employers across the country what the law requires. >> reporter: this letter from the department of justice is not legally binding but there is certainly an implied threat that schools that don't comply could lose their federal education dollars. at the white house leland bitters, fox news. the sharks are advancing to the finals. >> scott race will join us on site of the big victory. >> rosemary orozco is tracking a cooler pattern. she will be here to tell us when some areas may see
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sprinkles this weekend. >> plus, four strangers rushing toward a fiery crash to help save the man inside. we will tell you about the dramatic rescue when we return. ♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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>> for the first time in five seasons, the san jose sharks are headed back to the western conference finals of the
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stanley cup playoffs. >> scott reese joins us here at noon. >> good times. i tell you what, emotionally charged and boy, they did not disappoint. game seven are supposed to be intense nail biters. last night, pretty much the opposite. the sharks played flawless hockey and the predators didn't get the memo this was game seven. now remember the sharks did not play well in game six in nashville so they had to refocus their energy and boy did they ever. came out guns blazing right from the start. first period on a power play, joe pavelski fines the twine for the ninth time. they get another. this time it is joel ward. he goes five hole, through the legs. his second in the playoffs. kept waiting for the predators to respond and they never did. it is 4-0 now in the third. a beautiful goal by patrick marleau to cap off the night.
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the caps win 5-0. san jose onto the conference final for the fourth time in franchise history. >> as soon as the puck dropped, the guys were going and it was a huge game for us. i glad we came on the good side tonight. >> we have started pretty fast getting the first goal. quite a few times. so to have that trend continue, it will give you a little momentum. >> the key is not to let the gas turn around on you pretty quick. it was important of us not to give up any momentum. >> and yeah, the fans enjoy themselves. you could hear chants of lets go sharks bellowing through the concourse. asking it from home, i turn up the volume beyond where it
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should be. so sunday they played saint louis. and you play a flight down to oklahoma city. >> yeah, okc. it is not a shocker but we have been talking about warriors and spurs for months now. it's not going to happen because the thunder blew out san antonio to take that series. you saw the look of bewilderment many from ken duncan. they have a good post rotation. what of andrew bogut's injury? steve kerr gave us the update. >> andrew did not practice today. draymond did. steph did. they looked fine. both will hopefully practice tomorrow. we gave them the day off today. and we will just kind of see it
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day-to-day. >> and then they followed up with do you expicket him to be red day for game one and he said i don't know. it is not steph curry, but still, an important piece. you look at the schedule, it starts on monday. they have a couple of days the rest up. with all due respect to the rockets and the blazers, the thunder are legit. the warriors have to bring their a game. lets get over to weather and hear what rosemary orozco will tell us about the upcoming weekend. >> yes, we have a change in the weather pattern equaling a cooldown. maybe a little bit of drizzle. a few sprinkles saturday. outside now, still trying to peel away the low cloud cover. you can see as we look off toward the golden gate bridge and to the west, a pretty good marine layer established right along the coastline. cloudy and cool once again.
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even our inland areas will cool it down as well. it will be a mild day for our inland communities. not as warm as we have been. 62 degrees in santa rosa. low 60s outside your door at this lunch hour. oakland. and we have livermore, 63. san jose, 61. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. you have a mild day shaping up for you. six degrees cooler. by 3:00 in concord, around the bay, a tad cooler than yesterday. but san jose, a notable drop for you. 5 degrees or so. that is when we start to feel the difference. napa slightly warmer with mostly sunny skies. here is a look at what is going on. so the clouds still in place in many spots. as we go to the north bay, you can see along the coastline, santa rosa, petaluma, partly to mostly cloudy. napa, the one spot we are a little warmer, mostly sunny
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skies. as we get into the central bay from the coast stretching all the way inland, it is barely beginning to pull away from areas like san ramon and livermore. it will continue to clear away for the afternoon, but it will take a little longer as we are already seeing and temperatures are falling in most places. san jose mostly cloudy. a ridge of high pressure is moving out and we are going to see a cooling trend as we get into friday, temperatures are dropping off this afternoon. and then a little bit more on saturday. the system that is off the coast that we will be working close to the coast bringing us this turn of events will also bring us the possibility of a little bit of drizzle. here is a look at what we are expecting as we get into the afternoon. we will be partly cloudy. by dinner time, the low clouds pull back in. if you have evening plans, notice by 9:00, it is back across the east bay into the south bay, the north bay, at 11:00, we have mostly cloudy skies. here's a look at a comparison from yesterday into today. so we get a notable dropoff for
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many of us coming. 79 in livermore. today, you are expected to go to 71. here is a better look at the afternoon highs for today. upper 60s santa rosa. upper 60s for san jose. your extended forecast tomorrow will call for a slight chance of showers. looks like it favors the north bay. it will be a little breezy sunday, but temperatures won't change a whole lot and we rebound again once we get to work on monday. ville a look at the futurecast model and the rain coming our way in a bit. san francisco's famous bay to breakers race takes off this afternoon. the changes you expect to see if you are participating and we will tell you how you can actually still register.
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>> san francisco's famous bay to breakers foot race is getting underway. >> we have more on some of the changes you can expect on and off the course this year with jana katsuyama. >> reporter: san francisco, get ready. it is bay to breakers race time again this weekend. more than 40,000 people are expected to participate. >> here is our race map across there. >> reporter: this year, they are launching a new app so
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family can track the runners. >> people are seeing the value of registering now. getting a t-shirt, a finisher's medal. a big party at the end of the race. >> reporter: signs are already posted warning drivers that parked cars will be towed. police say extra officers will patrol the route and enforce the law. policies put to rest the past of floats with beer kegs. >> any alcoholic containers will be asked to be thrown out. coolers, floats, shopping carts are not allowed on the actual race course itself. >> and naked runners? >> nudity is not allowed. officers will ask people to cover themselves up if they are exposed or be subject to citation. >> reporter: barriers are bunched along the route ready for race day. that is a feature that has made a big difference in recent years keeping trespassers from crossing the line into private
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property and reducing past problems of trash and other waste from ending up at people's doorsteps. organizers say they ordered more that 1,000 portable toilets. >> we have more port a potties than the new york city marathon. >> reporter: the traffic is expected to be just as crazy as the famous bay to breakers cost tombs. >> thousands of people go through my street where i live toward the park. and different locations but if you try to get out and maneuver through the city, it's impossible. it is better to stay home or go the opposite direction. >> if you are headed to the expos today or tomorrow they are at pier 35. free to the public. there are more than 70 booths. while online registration is closed you can sign up on site. a san francisco company is hoping to make the high-tech industry more diverse by offering free office space to women and minorities this summer. traction labs says it has more space than it needs so the marketing tech company is
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actually taking applications, looking for women and minorities with budding start- ups. traction labs has teamed up with the nonprofit girls in tech. they will choose two start-ups and in exchange, the company wants them to pay it forward some day. >> we want this to be a continuation and not just the one-time thing. bewant to create a model that can be replicated. >> i have met so many females that are founding start-ups. coding, designing. and have been so inspired by them but it is no secret we are largely underrepresented as females. >> traction labs is also offering the start-ups access to investors, advisers, and other entrepreneurs. if you are interested in applying, the deadline is the 25th of this month. winners will be chosen by the 30th and can move in right away. >> watching another slide on stocks today. you can see the dow jones is down by almost one full percentage point losing more
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than 170 points right now. s&p almost down by a full percent as well. nasdaq down also, but, not quite by half of a percent. some big changes could be coming to your big mac. mcdonalds says it is testing out fresh beef at 14 restaurants in dallas but it adds it is too early to say whether fresh beef could replace the frozen patties across the country. this comes as they are fighting to turn around business which has suffered slumping sales until recently. it is looking at improving the core menu items. they have more than 14,000 locations in the united states. new subaru owners are being warned about a dangerous steering issue. the steering wheel may not actually turn the wheel. that is because the steering columns may have been built improperly. 48,500 vehicles made between february and may are affected. they are warned not to drive them until they are inspected.
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it is common knowledge to most bay area drivers. >> a look at the worsening bay area community. where some of the worst areas are and what analysts say is causing it. >> plus incredible video of good samaritans here. helping out a man. now, we are hearing from the men who are being called heros.
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>> today, transit leaders are reviewing research confirming what most bay area drivers already know. car pool lanes are crowded with cheaters. the study found that on average, 24% of the drivers in the car pool lanes during the morning commute hours do not have the required number of passengers. that number is 19% during the evening commute. transit leaders worry these car pool cheats could bring an end to the system designed to entice drivers to take extra passengers in exchange for a speedier commute. >> it is not just the car pool cheats but road work, accidents, congestion, all makes for a stressful commute. >> as ktvu fox 2 news' sal reports, roadways and bridges are handling an ever increasing number of vehicles. in this edition of segment 2. >> reporter: it is 5:30 in the
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morning and i'm hitting the road. i purposely drive on bay area roads in the morning commute looking for slow traffic and it didn't take me long. early before sunrise used to be considered the middle of the night. now it looks like this on i-80 in richmond. >> looks like i'm going 0 miles an hour. well, the speedometer is not registering anything. >> reporter: and like this at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i'm probably going 2 miles an hour. let's see if question can get up to 5. >> reporter: this morning the drive from the bridge took me 24 minutes to the bay bridge toll plaza. and another 27 just waiting to get on the bridge. >> it is just completely stop and go. >> reporter: remember, we started at 5:30. it can take twice as long an hour later. it seems every driver has noticed traffic everywhere in the bay area is getting worse. >> a lot worse.
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it is terrible. >> i commute down to san mateo a lot. oftentimes when i first moved here three years ago, it took me 30, 40 minutes. now it is taking about an hour. >> it has been a struggle actually. some days it is horrible. weekend is better. but, during the business days it is really hard. >> the metropolitan transportation system keeps track of the traffic. it says traffic is indeed significantly busier. >> it is absolutely true. >> reporter: it points to bridge crossings which it says are a good indicator of bay area traffic volume. >> it's a good indicator because we can get real precise data at very specific times. >> reporter: mtc predicts more
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than 4 million vehicles will cross the bay bridge this year. though that number has climbed over the last few years, the bay bridge has not seen the biggest increases. more people are actually avoiding it opting for other routes instead. since 2010, the richmond bridge has seen nearly a 20% jump in volume with 1.2 million crossings forecast for 2016 and the san mateo bridge has had a whopping 26% spike in crossings with 1.6 million crossings estimated this year. every bridge in the bay area has seen more volume in the last six years. >> it is a real simple explanation. it's jobs. it's the economy. that is why you look at 2010 as the bottom of the recession going through the subsequent years, we have just got more people on the roads, more people working. more work going on. you see this not only on the highways but on bart, on cal
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train. >> reporter: there's a window of time before the afternoon commute when the roads are relatively clear and you can get things done. let's say you want to go to san francisco from oakland and get in and out before the traffic gets bad. that window is still there but it is closing. that is because the mtc says in addition to traffic being heavier, commute times are also changing. it says the morning and afternoon commutes start earlier and last longer. this year, the traffic seems to be leveling off. some commuters may have had enough of driving and may be finding another way to get around. >> it is a good thing sal castaneda is here to help you get around. you can also download our fox 2 news app for traffic. it is free. >> today, work crews in san
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francisco are replacing a broken sewer main that caused a big sink hole and brought down an suv. it will be closed for traffic during the repairs. crews are installing a new pipe and paves over the 12-foot hole. the work is expected to last until noontime saturday. meantime workers fixed another sink hole. officials say repairs of this one at polk and post took only a few hours. the san francisco public utilities commission is not sure what caused the sink home but they say it wasn't a broken pipe. the last gun store in san francisco closed its doors last fall. now it appears it will reopen as a medical marijuana dispensary. the former manager says regulations like requiring the shop to video tape gun sales made it difficult to continue operations so it closed back in october. now, with a director with a nonprofit medical dispensary
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about a block away hopes to make high bridge its new home since it is being evicted next month. the operator hopes to have city approval next month and open some time in july. >> it seems very san francisco. it just seems like one of those things that was supposed to happen the way it did. >> he hasn't gotten any pushback from neighbors. if all goes as planned, the marijuana dispensary will have a home for at least five years. that's the length of the lease. alameda county may replace the inmate healthcare provider. corizon has been under fire for deaths. the contract is up by the end of june. a county committee is recommending they be replaced by the california forensic medical group. a livermore man has been identified as the victim in a ten-year-old homicide case in fresno county. 24-year-old jack dupee went
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missing in 2006. he was identified through dna after his badly burned body was found. he lived in san francisco, richmond, and santa clara county. investigators with the homicide department are asking for help in finding people who knew him. the man accused of shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend is now in the u.s. marshal's most wanted list. he has been on the run since he fled from the scene of the shooting on april 27. there is a $2,500 reward for his capture. his ex-girlfriend is still in the hospital recovering and she is expected to give birth soon. deputies and a good is a mar than samaritans after they saved a man from a burning car. >> reporter: it took four men, three deputies and a good samaritan to pull a 28-year-old driver from a burning car. >> between us, we were unable
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to do it. i was asking for help and the neighbor near was ... >> reporter: the accident happened shortly after 1:00 a.m. the car smashed into a brick wall stopping short of the nearby home. deputy zach marshall, his colleague, and the fourth man, could barely breathe through the smoke as they worked together to free the man from the wreckage. >> his legs were tucked beneath the dashboard. he was simply snoring asleep. laid on the drivers seat. his head was up against the seat back. he wasn't in a seated position. he was laying down in the vehicle. >> reporter: while neighbors ran to help, most were too scared to intervene. >> i saw a guy. >> fired real hard.
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>> it took four of us. >> reporter: i spoke to the god samaritan over the phone. his name is david perez and he tells me he was scared he might get hurt. but he couldn't stand there and watch someone burn. that is why he stepped in. as for the driver, he is still in the hospital in serious condition. but, he did regain consciousness. the passenger is expected to be okay and the investigation into how all this started is ongoing. i'm christine o'donnell. a close call for a pilot and sky divers in lodi after a plane landed upside down in a vineyard. 208 took off. the plane experienced some engine trouble. it also damaged a car. >> it looked like a crop dusters plane that would go low and come up before the wires
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but this plane came right down, cleared the wires, clipped our car. >> it had no options. it was the only clear place he had to land. he had too much speed to stop before he got to the road. it was not the pilot. it was the airplane. >> after hearing that story and seeing these pictures it is amazing no one was hurt. in fact, we are told the sky divers were back in the air 15 minutes after the crash. i know right in there are reports the sky diving company involved has a history of accidents. kcra reports at least seven people have died since 1999. it has been years in the making. now, the san francisco museum of modern art is finally reopening. >> after a break, we take you inside, give you a sneak peek and tell you what to expect for this weekend's opening celebration. >> and we will check back with rosemary orozco for what you can expect in the forecast.
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>> a stomach flu outbreak at a san jose elementary school is forcing student to stay inside during lunch and recess today. at least 90 students caught the bug in just the past two weeks at horace mann elementary. the school is going through a thorough cleaning and it even canceled its annual school musical because of fears the virus would spread to more students. a substitute teacher shortage in san francisco's bay view district is getting worse. the san francisco unified school district presented their findings to a board of supervisors committee. the examiner reports that out
12:45 pm
of the 159 teachers who call in sick each month, 80% of substitutes show up to class in the bay view. district wide, 90% of substitute teachers come report to schools. the paper cites supervisor david campos who says when there is no substitute teacher, the classes are combined. the san francisco museum of modern art is finally reopening after three years. >> brian flores looks and and shows us what to expect. >> reporter: very exciting times. three years at the making. we are here at the new san francisco museum of modern arts. tell us, three years, what's new? >> well, we are almost three times the size we were when we closed. we have brand new gallery faces
12:46 pm
particularly for photography. we have the largest photography space of any museum in the country. >> you have andy warhol, pop art, german art. >> we have exhibition of all the works given to the museum. the doris and donnell fisher collection. >> inside and outside, we are outside actually. there are some sculptures here. what are we looking at here? >> these are two large scale works by alexander calder. we are right outside the calder gallery. >> reporter: and the most interesting thing for me, guys, is this beautiful piece here. this is a living wall. it is just beautiful. let's talk more about that. these are plants from northern california, is that correct? >> yes. 19,000 individual plants on this wall. all the species were chosen because they are local to california. this is a spot that doesn't get
12:47 pm
a lot of sun. so, they are species that you would find in a northern california redwood forest. >> how do you get tall species of plants all together and how do you irrigate? how do you water? >> it has an internal irrigation system. the water catches rainwater and even the condensing that comes off the plants themselves gets captured and recycled back into the wall. >> reporter: thank you very much. the museum opens again saturday. and then it will be open if many years to come. and it is interesting for kids 18 years and younger. >> yes. everyone 18 and younger is free. >> that's awesome. trying to get the new generation of artists out there. three years of waiting. the museum will be open. back to you. starting today, a bridge along the oakland estuary will be closed for the next two
12:48 pm
years. it is the embarcadero bridge. the embarcadero between estuary park and fifth avenue will also be closed. it aims to widen the bridge, retro fit it for seismic safety and add two bike lanes. traffic will cross the channel on the seventh street bridge. the bridge is not expected to reopen until may of 2018. $15 million will be spent to solve corrosion problems on the eastern span of the bay bridge. several of the rods failed after being exposed to rainwater over the past three years. now, the metropolitan transportation commission will regrout the sleeves that hold the rods. a caltrans engineer says that should keep the water away from the rods and lower the risk of corrosion. back to the weekend weather. not quite as sunny as we hoped. >> reporter: a little cloudier,
12:49 pm
cooler. very similar. as we get into saturday, there is a possibility we could see a few sprinkles in some spots. it will not amount to a whole lot. but again, maybe a little bit damp. outside our doors at this hour, the clouds are still trying to clear. i think we will be mostly cloudy at the coast the entire day. very similar to days past. 59 degrees half-moon bay. 60 in san francisco. low 60s oakland, hayward. you get inland and it is nice and mild in areas like walnut creek. 70 in fairfield. so not bad. especially for the inland communities but not as warm as we had been. 63 in santa rosa. our south bay locations. 62 for san jose. so here is a look at what is happening out there. here's the system switching up the pattern. as we move through your friday, the marine layer has increased. the depth of it. the on shore breeze is back. because of it, we are seeing a slower clearing this afternoon. you can see the wind bars are coming in from the south and
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the southwest. the clouds are holding in place a little longer than where they have been. here is the three-hour time lapse. we will take a look at what is going on. because continuing to see this burn off. we are mostly sunny in santa rosa and petaluma. at the coast, san francisco, crossing into the east bay struggling just a bit to clear the east bay shoreline. areas like livermore, san ramon, you are partly cloudy to mostly clear. the south bay mostly socked in. still mostly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy at santa cruz. if we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy. and returning the clouds will be as we get into the evening hours crossing back into the east bay. north bay, south bay. if you have plans be prepared for that. it usually turns a little breezy. here we go tomorrow morning. we will start at mostly cloudy. a little bit soft rain here off the coast. as we roll through your
12:51 pm
saturday, it will sleep across the bay area. you didn't see a whole lot over the bay when it comes to rainfall. but we again will have mostly cloudy skies. we will see a little bit of drizzle. maybe a few sprinkles that will be the first part of saturday. afternoon highs for today, upper 60s to near 70 degrees for the north bay, we have mid to upper 60s for the east bay shoreline. mid to upper 70s . into the south bay, 70 degrees for san jose. into the peninsula, 60s for you. 67 redwood city. it will remain cool at the coast. even san francisco will struggle a bit between 60. maybe the afternoon high. that is what we are seeing now. your extended forecast here, a chance for showers tomorrow morning favoring the north bay. temperatures won't be changing a whole lot. we could be a little breezy settling into a bit of a cooler pattern for the weekend. back to you. >> tuesday looks great. we'll be right here though. >> that's right. thank you rosemary orozco. so, it's the big weekend, the 105th bay to breakers race takes off this weekend.
12:52 pm
this is not the only thing happens. details on the craft beer festival. that's for you mike. a greek food festival. that's for me. and there is something for you in the weekend watch next. >> you know what people take off in the bay the breakers sometimes.
12:53 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
12:54 pm
>> all right, just a few
12:55 pm
minutes away from the closing bell on this friday. and the stocks are skidding this afternoon. heading for their third straight week of losses. a lot of red on the board. the dow jones down 187. nasdaq down 20. the s&p down 17. the weekend is almost here mike. and there is so much to do. >> from a pet parade which i have never been to. that would be interesting. craft beer festival. i have been to one of those. even the annual spectacle of the bay to breakers. rosemary orozco has the details. >> reporter: for your weekend, grab a costume and join in on the 105th annual bay to breakers. over 30,000 racers and 100,000 spectators are expected to participate in one of the oldest consecutively run annual foot races in the world. bay to breakers is sunday from 8:00 to 12:30. it is $65 to race. free to watch. in the east bay, you can check out animals on broadway.
12:56 pm
the one mile pet walk is to raise money for animals in need. the fun continues with doggy casting calls. the best dressed pet costume. a pet wellness fair. the walk begins at 9:30 and the community fair goes until 4:00. in the east bay, the second annual livermore valley craft beer festival is this saturday. enjoy 30 local breweries. proceeds go to the shriner hospital transportation fund. it will cost you $50 at the door. in santa cruz, it is eat like a greek food fair. it will be filled with greek culture, food, music. it is in downtown santa cruz friday through sunday. in sports, warrior, and sharks continue their playoff run. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. golden state warriors fans getting a rare opportunity today taking a picture with both of steph curry's mvp
12:57 pm
trophies. posing with the trophies, absolutely number one. you can do the same until 9:00 tonight. thanks for joining us here at noon. don't forget to watch mike on the 4. >> i'll be there. happy friday everyone. iday everyone.
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dr. oz: queen latifah opens up like she never has before. the health battle that is close to her heart. it can be deadly if not treated right. and is she ready for motherhood? i have heard rumors recently that you might be thinking about it. then salty foods, is your addiction hurting your health. >> you carry salt everywhere you go? dr. oz: we have a plan to cut the salt, not the flavor, coming up next. we'll save lives today! are you guys ready to get healthy! cheers and applause] dr. oz: today's show is


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