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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 13, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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. two scottish guys spot a crack in the field. >> we notice something is down there. >> see what comes out in a very tight spot. >> look at the size of that crack. it's a spectacular view that shows us what -- >> para gliding is supposed to be. >> why buzzing glaciers is a once in a lifetime adventure. >> a woman nervously awaits for her sister. >> who she never met. >> a story of a lam lost and found. >> bonus giveaway day. your shot to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. a prank parent policing a music festival. the fake dad who has a very real
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effect. >> i want you back by 8:00. you hear me? >> okay. so two scottsmen go for a walk and you can't understand much of what they are saying. as you can see there's a crack in that field and they notice something is down there so charlie the guy in the blue sweat shirt he starts reaching in because something is stuck in there. it's very obvious what it is they are trying to pull out. a little baby. >> it is a lamb that's stuck in there. but they are having a hard time to get it out because all they have are their bare hands and dirt to get out of the way. >> look at the size of that crack. >> mother nature bringing forth a delivery. >> once charlie gets ahold of it he starts birthing it out like a good doctor.
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>> congratulations. as you can see that thing is really tiny. >> that was no bigger than a newborn. >> once they go across this road you can see there are other sheep in the field and they think that one went astray and lambs are off to do -- >> yeah. it is a newborn. still has the umbilical cord attached. he puts them on the ground and they believe the lamb is doing just fine. don't mess with police in moscow. check these guys out. waiting for their man who is very carefully planning his escape. he's right now between two gates. one closed behind him. he's just waiting for the second
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gate to open so he can get out into free world. >> hang on. some guy is in the middle of a prison. these guys know what will happen. he thinks he'll be welcomed by russian special forces. >> yep. >> finally when the camera pans over you see the car is there and before the guy knows it -- >> stop. [ gunshot ] >> wow, he didn't see that one coming. >> there are several men apprehended. based on the translation, one of those guys was trying to escape from the jail. don't know if there were more trying to escape. doesn't matter. all of them ended up with their faces on the pavement, being apprehended. here's the best part. he told them i wasn't trying to escape. >> i just wanted to get a pizza. i was going to be right back. i'm supposed to stay here the whole time?
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♪ para gliding video is enough to get you interested. but slap that red bull. we'll see something incredible. right from the get go, he backs out of this helicopter over the mountains in prague and he and two other guys go around and show us what paragliding is supposed to be. they go in between all of thesage ethese a jagged bits of rocks. this is what's great about paragliding. looks like the most incredible stuff. >> those mountains look like a raging edge. they look so sharp. >> this part is incredible as they pass along this sheer cliff. you see them arching around these beautiful outcroppings, touching down on this.
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it does look pretty quiet and calm out there. just the whole sky and these three guys keep an eye out. see on the left here? >> yeah. clearly some other people thought this is going to be an incredible idea as usual. >> look at those mountains and be able to play in and around all those different peaks. >> this is why we love these red bull videos. we get to enjoy these videos through these incredibly talented people. it's time to give away another ipad mini and it's bonus day and giving away a flat screen tv. >> two winners today. you need tube legal u.s. resident and at least 18 years of age. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> this guy coming around a corner when he sees a small red
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truck. the driver was like he was on an ejection seat. watch this again from the beginning. he's in a three wheeled truck. as he comes around the corn terrify truck gets unstable and tries to correct it. as he does that leads him straight in the path of this other vehicle with a dash cam. bam. there goes the driver who apparently was wearing a seat belt. >> how did he come straight through the window. >> made of rubber bands? i don't know. >> agh! >> did you mention the load? >> i don't know if he has a load. >> that windshield was full of cracks by the end of this video. the next one may look like a big crack but it ain't. >> what's that? what's that on the windshield? >> oh, no. >> a pretty snake. he just want as ride. >> technically he's cleaning your windshield right now.
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>> until he starts cleaning your clock. >> it looks like it's stuck in the windshield wiper. >> the poor snake is caught near its tail end in that windshield wiper. trying to work its way out of there. i think this snake is flopping around. it's trapped. >> why is the driver still driving. pull over and let the poor animal off. >> pull to the side of the road on and turn the windshield wipers on, pour on some water and scream. argh! >> time to check on the otter pups. the story behind the rescueees are the most adorable you've ever seen. >> and why this dude clearly doesn't have the whole bike riding thing down. >> all right. pump and go. >> oh, oh, no. reat is everywher.
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and 99% perspiration.n here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. every day, every week on "right this minute" we get closer to the future of back to the future promised us. back in the day you wanted to display your products on a lazy susan. why bother using something like this when you can use this. >> we want to revolutionize how we display our most prized possessions. >> he's going move over. what is this thing? >> we use state-of-the-art brand new technology. >> they were just looking for an original way to show off their sneakers. once they got into the design of this product they realized and
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showed it actually has a bunch of users displaying anything. >> for the few people we've shown when they've seen this product, wow what will i do with this. >> they show you how it can work inside stores and other places as well. >> now a little dinner party with the wine glasses on. >> they show some other ways as well that can be useful like in a restaurant. >> that's gorgeous. >> the spanish version holds about 400 grams and the excel version that's holds 500. it's in development. they are trying to raise money for it. >> these are our initial ideas. that's really going be the fun part. that's what i want to know. what will you host? in case earth of you are wondering, biking under the influence is a thing. and this video from the uk proves it.
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you see this guy -- [ laughter ] this guy tries to get on his bike and as he's hopping over he just topples down. now he'll go to the front of the bike. >> straighten out the handle bars. >> all right. all right. give it another try. all right. here we go. he got his legs over the bike this time. all right. now pump and go. oh, no! [ laughter ] and down. >> that one wasn't his fault. looked like the chain was off or something. >> all of this is his fault. >> yeah. he just needs to go. oh, man. i could watch that all day. >> well, how about another video for you. don't go anywhere. >> oh! >> i don't know why this kid thought it was a good idea to sort of hop the chain.
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>> because they were going for it. >> trust me when i say no girls watching this are going to fall in love. >> everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. >> he did it. neither did the next guy also on a bike. >> oh, man. looks like he missed the boulder. >> yes. he missed the boulder and as a result he broke his arm. [ bleep ] >> at least he didn't land on his head. [ cow mooing ] >> this is probably the cutest video you'll see all day. >> oh. >> a little otter pups that are being taken care of. >> they chase after him. >> he runs this organization to aidan malls. they rehab them which is what
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they are doing with these otters. no word on how they ended up there. he's going to keep them there for about six months and at that point he'll release them back in the wild. they are being fed some cat food with milk. >> come on, people. look, look. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> they got it there. >> you know what else is stinking cute? this 2-week-old husky. it's like somebody should nuzzling me right now. >> baby animals are the cutest ever. it's time for real or fake. >> that's creepy. >> next "right this minute."
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and still to come it's beautiful scenes featuring -- >> a young ridiculously gorgeous couple just traveling, having a great time. >> see tad venture that will have you ready to dive into summer. plus bonus giveaway day. we'll reveal friday's buzz wor for your chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. ♪ olive garden now offers catering delivery. we make the food and deliver it to your door... so you can enjoy what's important. ♪
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show up at the festival, but not a dad. everybody is ready for it. he's sitting there with a chair and newspaper. >> and dad jeans. >> exactly. >> hold on. hold on a second, what is this no shoes thing. >> everyone will be talking about this weird dad character. >> all right, guys, that's about it. i see that, i see that, we're going home. >> you know what? this man is a perfect stranger but he channels the dad's voice so well. they stop. >> look how many of them -- these two walk away i don't know you i'll keep moving. >> the girl looks a little concerned. i don't know what to do here. i'm going to get in trouble. >> is that real? did your mother see that. >> okay. okay. hold on a second here. >> everyone engages him in conversation. >> that's what i'm saying.
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he's just got that dad look and dad voice and glasses. they are like i guess i got it. >> we a couple now? when did this happen and why was i not notified. this, i'm fine with. but there better not be any of this. you got me? all right. bring it in. >> they get a hug from the guy. >> it's just a prank and everybody is so cool. so funny to see how they respond. >> you know how they responded? timely. some people say oh, you're a bunch of hippies but everybody was friendly. ♪ there's something really nice but heartbreaking about these types of videos that feature a young ridiculously gorgeous couple, just traveling. having a great time. capturing their adventures on camera.
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>> i love this. >> they recorded these really super cool shots of them just enjoying their environment. it's the simplicity of how they are enjoying where they are. for example, sean is here on this skateboard just going down this gorgeous road surrounded by nothing by fields >> you're recording your vacation wait until the sun is just about to set. called the golden hour. any time you take pictures or video at that time of day trust me it will look cool. all you're doing is skateboarding. >> it looks spectacular. now she's walking through these really cool fields but now they hit the water and they just do all kinds of jumps and flips into the water. it's really cool. >> another pro tip put your girl in one of your tricks. >> in your other fantasy video
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anything else we need to throw in there? >> yes but we won't go into that right now. eventually summer will come to the u.s. and we'll need to do something fun. >> she has her own music channel where she shares fashion related videos as well. >> typical to give away another ipad mini. you need the buzz word, 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to and enter the buzz word. >> let's valley friday's buzz word. it is patriot. >> get on over to enter friday's buzz word, it's patriot. >> you want to enter today because also bonus giveaway day where one of you could also win a flat screen tv. >> so good luck, everybody. she's waiting patiently to greet her long lost sister. >> whom she's never met.
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>> the amazing story behind the emotional like
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that. >> i'm glad somebody thought of it and did it outside. >> exactly. she's so sleepy. check out the intensity on the faces of the people waiting at the dublin airport. that woman you see there that's leslie, she's 64 years old, wait forge her sister whom she's never met. ever. lesley's husband is there next to her also anticipating this moment. lesley starts waving. the camera pans over and you see
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her sister, 67-year-old joan crawford murray. they are crying, they won't let go and eventually they just look at each other faces wondering where have you been all my life. >> how is this possible? what happened? >> it's an amazing story. back in the '40s their mother had to give joan up for adoption. they were in a very conservative catholic home at the time, so when their mother got pregnant they ended up having to hide the pregnancy. so for the decades after they knew nothing about joan who flew in from australia where we believe is where she ended up growing up and building her own life. it took 28 years. but as we know, facebook is an incredible tool to connect people and that's how lesley was able to reach out to joan's
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daughter, tell her the story. >> imagine getting that message in your inbox. >> hi, i'm your aunt. your mom might not know that. >> wow. imagine growing up without. >> now they will spend 20 days together to get all caught up. >> they have so much in common. this is really sweet. >> bye-bye everybody. we'll see you on the next "right this minute".
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dude knows he can walk his bike down a mountain but where's the challenge in that. the bold move leading to one rocky dismount. a guy scouting for turkeys thinks -- >> that ain't no turkey, baby. >> the moment he knows for sure. it's a case of ready, set and move it across the field. why it takes a village to pick up a home. plus, bonus giveaway day means your shot to win a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and couples take a daunting challenge. >> no texting for one month. >> we're really focused on taking it seriously. >> see if their love life can survive the stress. >> if you don't communicate with me -- riding motorcl


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