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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 13, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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dude knows he can walk his bike down a mountain but where's the challenge in that. the bold move leading to one rocky dismount. a guy scouting for turkeys thinks -- >> that ain't no turkey, baby. >> the moment he knows for sure. it's a case of ready, set and move it across the field. why it takes a village to pick up a home. plus, bonus giveaway day means your shot to win a new ipad mini or a flat screen tv. and couples take a daunting challenge. >> no texting for one month. >> we're really focused on taking it seriously. >> see if their love life can survive the stress. >> if you don't communicate with me -- riding motorcycles can be
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super fun when you get the wind whipping through your hair, driving down twisty roads. but the most fun time is when you travel yourself on trails like this in mojave, utah. approaching this gnarly downhill. nice and shiny. trying to make his way down this rather narrow trail. >> because i'm not familiar with this, shouldn't he get off -- >> no. where's the challenge in that? let's see how jim does. >> oh, no. >> see. take it easy and his bike would still be here. it's very inti my dating. when you're out there for the first time you'll fall. >> good thing he had the helmet on. >> he does get up a little bit slow. >> i believe his nose is bruised more than anything else. i'm sure he wanted to make it down on his own. that's a downhill challenge.
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this next one an uphill challenge but somehow gravity works in these situations. a guy off in the days tans. comes racing dhoinl and starts working his way to the bottom of that little quarry there to build up a little bit of speed. charging across. >> no, no, no. >> oh! ? >> he got off the bike. he didn't want to go down with the bike. he jumped off. tried to save it. it goes rolling down. he goes rolling down. he takes a few tumbles as well. >> he's got to get that thing back up. what's the number one rule in photography >> never stop recording. >> exactly. always follow your shot. boom. and he did just that. >> but that lurking in the woods back there that's no turkey,
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baby. >> watch what happens when mr. black bear comes acreeping. >> oh, gosh. oh, gosh. >> that just took off. designee says he stopped to make sure that there were no cubs around and then he just stood still because the bear thought he was in his path. >> time slowed down and for that second and a half he's thinking i'm about to be eaten by a bear. i got to believe the bear suddenly sensed him oh, crap a hunter. >> we still are dealing with turkeys, a real turkey. can you believe this guy just fired at this turkey on the road.
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you see the guy takes off. >> here comes the turkey wobbling by. >> maybe he should twakt him and make it a domestic pet. this building in india is doing a really good imitation of the leaning tower of pisa until it isn't. take a look. it's moving and moving in the wrong direction which is down. >> oh. >> the residents watching this happen and hear them yelling because where they live is now gone. this is a residential building. it suddenly gave way. >> the land is not ready for it. >> looked like they built the nicest building in the nearby
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area and took no care to do it right. it looked like jenga. it looks like a little crooked. no. it's fine. >> it's fine until it's not. >> people outside the building were shooting this. i assume nobody was inside. >> we do have reports of injuries. we don't know if they were inside or outside of the building. >> in thailand, dozens of villagers come out, pick up this wooden building and move it across the field. it's not uncommon. we shared another video like this. all right, ready, heave ho let's go. >> everybody working together. >> hold on. yeah, couple of people just moving a house. >> if they can do it i can do it. >> that's incredible. >> you have barn raisings here. these guys quite literally are raising a barn.
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>> it's time to give away another ipad mini and it's bonus day and we're giving away a flat screen tv. >> two winners today. you need to be 18 years of age. our buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by everybody for the rmt ipad mini giveaway. >> hi. i like to run. i like to run at full speed. my goal is to cross all 50 states on foot. >> for the last 20 years, he's been work on this goal to run across every single state in the united states of america. over the last years he's done 34. he's got 16 left to go. on average most states are about 500 miles across. to get across that's basically like running 20 mountains in a row for almost two weeks. he's done that 34 times.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> going to run and try to cover like 31 miles today. >> while he's running across the country he meets people. he talks to people. he even interviews people on the trail. and it's pretty cool. >> what's the one thing everybody should do in their lifetime? >> take a journey that tests you. >> do a travel of some sort. wherever you are, go somewhere else. >> as well, you have to make your own trail. he sees where he needs to be. he's in the middle of nowhere. he's hopping across little creeks and making his way through chest high grass. >> oh, my gosh. >> where are your going to go from here, dude >> he wants to complete all 50 by the time he's 50. that means he's got to get it done in the next four years. as such he's started a go fund me. he's looking for nearly $50,000 to complete his task. >> what a great way to see our
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country on foot in the back trails. >> because look at this. where he's in the wilderness. you got the camera rolling. >> i'm in the wilderness. >> you can hear nothing but the tweeting of birds. no traffic. no phones ringing. just him out there in america. >> there's plenty of space on the road. >> but this person feels a need to start moving into the lane of the car we're driving in. >> watch this road rage quickly escalate. >> what is he doing >> who doesn't love a good impression, sfliegt you won't believe the sounds that come out of his mouth. there's no way to hide from potentially deadly heartworm disease. the threat is everywhere. and it only takes one mosquito bite to transmit it. that's why you need to protect your dog with heartgard plus. just one tasty real-beef chew every month helps keep your dog safe all year long.
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and 99% perspiration.n here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. he was on a freeway in glendale, california when he encountered the person driving this truck. traffic is moving steady. >> nothing but space. but this person feels a need to
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start moving into the lane of the car we're driving in. now not moving into the lane more like staggering the line. they put on the brakes and move over to the left. the person we're driving with speed up. they don't want a confront jays. they want to get out of the way. >> there he goes. >> no, no, no. >> exactly. you can't pass me up even though i'm driving like a fool. >> exactly. so now the black truck starts running into the lane but moves back over and then completely stops. >> what is he doing? >> keep it cool out there. don't get all ragy. but how can you not? >> our driver just exits because at that point it's not worth it. he needs help i.d.'ing the truck. >> to oregon. speed limit is 20 miles per hour. see the school bus on the side. >> the person in the car we're
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riding with is going the speed limit. >> pay attention to the left side of the screen. that person blows pass. >> there's a wave of cop sitting somewhere. >> there it is right there. >> yep. write him up. >> yes! yes. my slief complete. >> as we move forward on the road you see that 40 mile-per-hour sign but at that point i believe it's too late. >> of course. the police are there for a good reason because our kids are there. >> this video and every other video like it i'm convinced the earth is a painting and we just move aft little bit. they are in slovenia. these are amazing images but kayaking through the river that looks just like a painting. >> it's amazing when you said slovenia. i thought it was new zealand. so green and lush and kayaking
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as well. >> and insanely clear because some parts of the video you actually see-through the water, you can see the rocks below. >> i love this show. i love being on this show but sometimes it's really tough to sit here in this suddtudio and watch some of the incredible things. >> caribbean waters. >> i love these shots of them going over the rapids. they look very pretty and nice but then they get to this little nook right here at the end of the video where' all just kind of hang out and cheer because theyey had a fantastic day. >> it's wonderlust. i don't know what will. this is the kind of thing you should dream about doing. >> and the colors too. >> who doesn't love a good impression, right? this one, though, specifically for my gear heads out there. he says i'll start with a
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comment, the diesel engine. if you ever heard a diesel engine at a truck stop anywhere, sounds a lot like that. let's continue. how about the ford power stroke. also a diesel engine. >> you know he's like that guy from police academy who can do those sounds >> he can do a lot. here's some more. basically a four cylinder honda that's been modified a little bit. >> if you heard something like that go by your house at 2:00 in the morning. >> and somebody say shut it off! >> what else can this kid do? no spare change? no problem. >> do you have any spare cash?
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>> yeah. >> thank you. have a lovely day. >> perfect. >> i'm riding away from this guy. no way. >> see if this prankster scores a swipe. plus bonus giveaway day don't miss the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. moment? ♪ olive garden now offers catering delivery. we make the food and deliver it to your door... so you can enjoy what's important. ♪
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we're going out in an hour...? fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra® is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra® gelcaps... not just fast. allegra® fast. the skin on your feet is 20 times thicker, so our 7 intense moisturizers penetrate deeply... leaving feet softer, smoother, healthier looking. gold bond. relief starts now. you're walking along and suddenly some dude walks up to you and starts talking to you and then asks the question.
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>> sorry do you have any spare change on you. >> i just have cash. >> if you have cash -- >> no. >> oh, i love it. because basically the guy just jumped on that conversation. >> do you have any spare coins. >> i don't. >> you don't. >> you only have a card. >> look how he's baiting you. >> of course. >> people only have cards. >> whips out the machine and suddenly the guy is like -- >> too late. >> this is 2016, i got it all. >> awkwardly uncomfortable. >> hi guys, how are you. nice to meet you. i'm just introducing myself. >> this is ridiculous. >> all kinds of people.
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even this guy sitting in his car. >> do you have any spare cash. in the other car. perfect. >> you get all kinds of people. laughing him off. and then there's this dude. >> my snam mark. what's your name. do you have any spare coins? >> how much do you need? >> i have a machine. thank you so much. >> this guy just gave me $10 when no one would give me any money at all. no, no, i'm harmless. >> no, no. take it back. he doesn't want to be bothered. >> this dude got a big hug. >> have a good day. you got all these tents, people in cool costumes. this is like a renaissance
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festival. >> this video was caught as you could tell by a drone. these people are so in character when they saw the drone up in the air, someone got suspicious. >> witch craft! >> exactly because that guy decides we need to take that thing out. >> oh! >> you jerk. >> a direct hit at the drone. you can see the slow motion. >> certainly a jerk but credit where credit is due he hit a drone with his spear. >> this drone has nothing to worry about from the sheep but some sheep dogs may be out of work. check this out. this drone is herding the sheep. >> it seems so obvious when you think about it because they will get spooked by the sound. you can literally see it. you're watching the whole thing from above. it's like a video game. >> it's time to give away
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another ipad mini. >> up need the buzz word, 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> head to >> enter the buzz word on facebook or twitter. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it is patriot. >> get over to and enter friday's buzz word patriot. >> you want to enter today because also bonus giveaway day where one much you could also win a flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. couples are challenged to give up texting each other for a month. >> does this mean she can't send me a photo. >> that's text. >> see if they are able to survive this experiment. >> they are don't look at me like that.
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>> get ready to juggle! here's what seems to be an impossible challenge by the guys over at buzz feed.
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couples, no texting for one month. >> wait, wait, with each other or can't text at all? >> with each other. just the couple. >> so you got to talk. >> what? >> you got to call each other. you have to wait until you actually see each other to communicate. no texting. >> i'm not texting jen at all. >> he was just texting, just about to text jen and i caught him. >> my phone rang and i was excited because i knew if my phone was ringing. the call didn't go through and we couldn't hear each other. >> it seems like a lifetime of not texting him. it's 8:00 a.m. ate my cereal and i tried to call him. he's not responding. >> they are talking about it like smokers trying to quit. >> all right. i'll send a text message. it feels that way. have you guys ever tried it? >> no.
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>> not texting or not using your phone as much. having to put it away while you're having dinner with your friends. >> or doing our show. >> it's hard. >> all right. so now they are halfway through the challenge. two weeks in. >> i just came from a fitness class and the girl next to me fell off the treadmill and it was hilarious. i wanted to text you about it. i'm having a drink where ben and i had our first drink. i wanted to text him but i can't do that. >> we haven't texted each other good night. it feels like a part of our relationship. i don't know if she's in bed. have you had incident center >> so here's the conclusion. what do we draw from this experience? >> did anybody break up? >> nobody broke up. >> okay. >> we really hit our stride like midway through and then just like an addict we lapsed. >> i think he said i need my gym shoes. >> i can't do it.
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>> later folks more great videos on the next "right this minute".
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] review harvey: welcome it "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: khafrplgs here. harvey: sharon osbourne is for real. we found out she's been interviewing divorce lawyers and it looks like she's taking steps truly this time to end her marria marriage. charles: which is odd because of the optics because the optics are she and ozzie hanging out looking like there was absolutely nothing wrong. harvey: looking like. they had a press conference yesterday for ozzfest the last one on the west coast and we knew ozzie would be there but we didn't know shav sharon would b. she created ozzfest. she not only shows up


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