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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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developing news, killer bees on the attack. thousands them -- of them are swarming. residents are being warned to stay indoors. >> i am afraid to go outside. you do not know what can happen. >> the bees have already attacked several people. >> the bees are being blamed for killing two dogs. it is all happening right now concorde. the bees are swarming around a home on hitchcock road. the neighborhood could be getting some relief. we are more on the developing story. i understand you yourself got stung. >> reporter: you are right on the money. as a matter fact, here is the culprit. he still me right through my clothing. one sting and they die.
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his brothers in arms are on the move. the beekeeper was raising bees right back there. they are far from hitchcock road. >> nothing like this have we seen before with his beak -- bs. woman he says those are not the same honey beers -- bs his son has care for. they escaped into the neighborhood friday. >> it could have come from any swarm they came in on a track or was somehow brought back from the pollination. >> reporter: want on the loose the bees lived up to their names costing two dogs their lives. tox spread quickly in the neighborhood. nearly everyone told a story about being swarm. >> their africanized bees. i've never seen anything like it before in my life. >> reporter: she cannot
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complete her rounds. >> they went straight from a hair and then my hair fell out. i do not know what to do after that. i was running up and down the street screaming. >> i am afraid to go out. you could do not know what can happen. >> reporter: we tried demonstrating the problem when this one was not at its worse. this was not enough protection. one, two, three, four, five. i was stone wants. the problem could be solved for now as the last of the killer bees are being removed. alex says his family is done keeping bees for the honey. >> i will not have this happen again. >> reporter: the killer bee seven taken to a ranch that the family-owned far from the neighborhood. i am told there could be a few
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stragglers left up in the roof in the attic. we will know tomorrow for sure they're all gone. the amount that the association has said that the killer bees have made it up here could happen again. >> how sure are they that this is really over and that it cannot spring back up tomorrow? >> reporter: like i say, there are a couple of bees that could be still up in the attic. it is starks we cannot get a good perspective. and the other portion of the roof they could be there. we will know tomorrow when it heats back at. bees tend to go in when it gets cooler at night. when it heats back up tomorrow, if there are any left, that is when they were come out. >> thank you. africanized killer bees were discovered here in the very --
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bay area last september. before that the bees had only been detected as far north as central valley. researchers say they were a likely attracted to the warmer temperatures. stick with ktvu fox 2 for continuing coverage. you can check for updates on the ktvu mobile app. caltran plans to completely close a section of a busy bay area freeway. interstate 80 in the city of san pat butler said to be closed at 11:00 tonight. the affected area stretches between sam pavlof avenue and san pablo road. the closure is for work on the san pablo dam road. it will allow work on a new pedestrian over crossing at riverside avenue. the freeway is set to reopen at 7:00 tomorrow morning. a driver runs down a man in a wheelchair and then runs off. it happened in morgan hill near
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monterey road. a black suv crashed into a disabled man and then left him there. the man is expected to be okay. we have no real description of the driver. if you have any information, call police. quick thinking neighbors save two people from a fire in santa clara this morning. firefighters are seeing here has they put up the grass fire. there were two people inside that heard the alarm. one person was slightly hurt after running back inside to grab some property. a minute arrested for allegedly attacking a woman with a golf club. the police say it happened in santa cruz and she claims this man walked up to her as she was sitting on the bench and wachter across the head and shoulder. the club split into two. the police arrested him shortly afterwards. the woman had only minor injuries. after an hour standoff the police in sacramento arrested a man who they say through an
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explosive device. officers got a report about an armed man in the oak park neighborhood. the police spokeswoman says the man through a pipe on -- bomb at officers. the man hid in a home with four people inside. the police and people were not hostages and they managed to get outside in the next few hours. >> it sounds like they were all friends. once we are able to interview the subjects, maybe we can get a better understanding of why they hung outside for so long. >> the man surrendered about 7:00 this evening. the police have not released his name or any details. a police officer is recovering in the hospital tonight after being shot. the shooting happened last night in los angeles county. there were two officers hurt while responding to reports a shot -- of shots fired.
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the suspect was shot and killed. the police believe the shooting was gang-related. both officers were wearing police body cameras. hillary clinton and donald trump are blasting each other on twitter. back and forth all over the place. kristin smith tells us bernie sanders is working hard on the campaign trail. >> reporter: both front runners took a break from campaigning today. the back and forth between donald trump and hillary clinton continued on twitter. why hasn't donald trump released his tax returns? what is trump hiding? clinton's campaign is trying to hammer home the point that he is the first presidential nominee since 1976 to not release his tax returns. he tweeted out that if they cannot close the deal on crazy burning, how is she going to take on china, isis, and all
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the others? in oregon's primary on tuesday, he did very well. some of bernie sanders re- supporters -- supporters are aimed at trump. >> our goal in the next five weeks are in kentucky and an organ next tuesday and six other states on june 7. it is to win as many delegates as we can and to go into the democratic convention with a majority of -- with more delicate than cemetery claim. were my mathematically, that it's almost impossible. some republicans are trying to draft an independent candidate to take on trump. he now has the support of 70
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members of congress. he is still waiting on the important endorsement from paul ryan. she once asked him about sexist comments about women. he said she had blood coming out of her wherever. after months of fighting, a rematch between megan kelly and donald trump is set for tuesday. both will sit down for an in- depth interview. >> he said that you did not feel the moderators have been nice. do think it is a journalist rolled to be nice to presidential candidate at a debate? >> fair. i don't care if they're nice. >> you use the were nice. >> i don't think so. might've said they were nice but that does that mean they have to be nice. >> it is not a cocktail party. >> kelly already revealed that he did not apologize for any of his remarks. you can watch the full interview this tuesday at 8:00. hillary clinton opened her regional headquarters in sacramento today. clinton volunteers were there for the grand opening.
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an emotional dressed to the 2016 graduating class at uc berkeley today. sheryl sandberg delivered the commencement speech. they shared her personal story of her has been stepping year ago. >> his death came to me a very profound ways. i learned about the depth of sadness and brutality of loss. i also learned that when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, find the service, and breathe again. >> dave goldberg died in 2015 because of a heart condition. a grand reopening for a san francisco museum. we will show you what is new. >> we have seven floors of
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gallery space. low clouds and fog are pushing back into the day. here is our live camera. coming up, the temperature change in your seven-day forecast and bigger changes in the five day outlook. and the violent and discrimination against transgender people.
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dozens of people came together to show their support for transgender people. it is a small part of a statewide campaign to end violence and discrimination. >> the issue hit especially close down for a south bay congressman. >> our story is incredible. our daughter is our middle child and she has known since she was 18 months that she was a girl. >> reporter: this is a story of self reflection for nine-year- old melissa phillips. >> she chose her name when she was too. she wanted to be called melissa. >> i like to rollerskate. >> reporter: she was born a boy but now lives as her true self with support from her parents. >> she told me to follow my dreams and be who i am. it makes me feel great inside. >> she was not wanting to be who she was. she was a girl. >> it took several years. >> reporter: she is a voice for parents a trans youth speaking
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outside san jose city hall. this is a statewide campaign for a way for transgender people to come out of the shadows. >> discriminating against transgender people. >> we want our kids to feel like they don't have to hide where they don't have to lie or pretend to be anything that they are not. >> reporter: it is a message being passed on by melissa. >> don't let anyone tell you who you should be. >> you have to listen very carefully. >> reporter: even the congressman, who just happens to be her grandfather. the family sharing their story of acceptance and love to change hearts and minds. >> it is so other families don't have to go through the years of not understanding so that everyone can see their children for what they really are and who they really are.
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>> the san jose city council is considering a ban on travel and business with north carolina and mississippi over the new laws that discriminate against lgbt community. supporters say the ban what's the -- sent a strong message. city council will consider the bands on tuesday. the us coast guard is searching for missing mother who was on board a cruise ship. samantha, texas mother, fell over the edge of a carnival liberty cruiseship yesterday. they confirmed that she is the only passenger unaccounted for. >> people are talking about it. >> a coast guard aircraft was dispatched from alabama to search the area southeast the
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galveston. the search is ongoing. long and painful. that is how passengers are describing massive delays across the area. the tsa is taking new steps to ease the congestion. will carr has that story. >> awaiting three hours for what may be a two hour fight by 90 minute flight is not acceptable. >> travelers are facing hours away times just to be checked in through security. >> there are so many people that you cannot get to put your stuff in the bands and move. everybody was in this big blog. >> they say increased travel volume is straining the system. homeland security secretary is to announce a new step in increased tsa manpower to lessen the way times. it is little relief to passengers. >> long and painful. >> find from dfw to laguardia
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and i wasted -- waited 2.5 hours. >> they are planning to our new screening officers. >> we will not compromise aviation security in the face of characterizations of this is a national crisis. >> adding insult to injury, technical glitches causing more than 3000 checked bags to mates -- miss their flights. the bags have since been sent to the final destination. plan to get to the airport very early. >> we are asking the american people to be patient while we bring on the added resources and we are asking the public to have the appropriate expectations when they arrive at the airport. >> passengers are being urged to sign up for the tsa pre- check program which is an expedited screening process that is much faster than
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regular security. >> tsa says that incident in phoenix on thursday was an isolated incident. sky harbor officials say tsa is not up to their standards. several airports already use private screeners including sfo. the most famous foot race and san francisco kicks off tomorrow. 40,000 people will pound the streets of san francisco for the bay to breakers. runners were able to pick up their race is today. the 7.5 mile course takes runners up the infamous hayes street hill through golden gate park and finishes at the great highway. >> that is the oldest foot race in the entire country.
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the weather is going to be fantastic. >> i like how you raised that, different phrases of dress. >> no nudity is allowed. you have to be prepared for anything. >> it looks like we will have low clouds and fog to start out the day. the clouds will gradually mix out throughout the course later on in the morning and in the afternoon hours. we actually had a few light showers today. most of the shower activity was focused up to the north. even if you do not have measurable rainfall, some spotty drizzle was out there enough to wet the roadways. here is the live camera looking out over oakland. the load clouds have been pushing back into the bay. the fog is pushing back into the bay. the source of the shower activity of these can see up to
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the north, we will come in closer into the activity. it is a week cold front that ushered in cooler air. temperatures have been cooling off steadily over the past couple of days. we traced in the surface winds and the onshore flow in place. it is transporting the fog back into the bay. here is our forecast model and san francisco. at 7:00 a.m., patchy overcast and breaks in the cloud deck, especially by midmorning as we approach sunday afternoon. tomorrow we are talking about a bump in the numbers and that is the beginning of a warming trend. i will let you know when a few neighborhoods could be approaching the 90 degree mark. an earthquake was confirmed the gilroy today. the usgs says it happened at 12:30 along the cavaliers
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fault. that fault has had several quakes recently. coming up, a people dead and dozens hurt after a bus crash in texas. what we are learning about what happened. new developments in a fight to keep a child declared dead on life support.
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there are eight people dead and more than 40 others injured when a bus rolled over in texas. it happened just before noon on u. s. route 8345 miles north of laredo. the bus was traveling to a casino west of san antonio. no other vehicles were involved. the driver survived that there is no word about the cause of the accident. a woman was injured in a hot air balloon accident. it happened at the yolo county airport. a strong gust of wind bright
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the balloon 100 yards as people were getting into the passenger basket. the woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment. the feds are getting involved after a plane carrying a group of sign derek -- skydivers crashed into a vineyard. investigators say there were as many as 18 people jammed onto the plane which could have caused the malfunction. the ntsb is looking into the pilot's qualification. no one was on board that was hurt. there is a new development in a legal battle over a sacramento tether who doctors have declared brain-dead. a judge has granted a one week extension to the family of a young boy who is fighting to keep him on life support. the two-year-old was declared brain dead following what appeared to be an asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest. his family want time to find a
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long-term care facility for the boy. doctors at the medical center want life-support. the case is being compared to a teenager who was declared brain dead. her family won the right to keep her on life support. they moved her from oakland jersey facility. a new smart phone app is helping the blind and visually impaired people. >> that is all right. >> the app identifies colors and objects and even brands. it uses artificial intelligence and the camera on the smart phone to communicate directly with users in real time describing everything. >> we thought that it could be something like a parent sitting
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on your soldier describing the surroundings. >> there is nothing like knowing i can do it by myself. of course, it might be easier if someone assess, but it is nice to know that i could do it myself. >> developer second recognize 1000 objects and is constantly learning more. it all came from singularity university in mountain view and is available for free. a famous san francisco museum is now back open after three years. >> we have a new cafi on the fifth floor. >> we will give you a look inside the museum. >> there is already a change in policy for a very popular restaurant. what you will now have to do just to get inside.
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i'm a customer relationship my namanager with pg&, i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california.
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the new san francisco museum of modern art opened their doors to the public today after three years of renovations. >> it has been a long time. brian flores gives us a look at the exhibits inside and outside the museum. >> reporter: transforming the new san francisco museum of modern art took hard work. it took a lot of creativity. >> our gallery spaces are greatly increase. we have the largest space devoted to photography. >> reporter: the extra space is what you will notice immediately. they have expanded to 10 stories. they have new renovated indoor and outdoor galleries tripling the size of the old museum. there is modern and
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contemporary art. there is a distinguished collection of doors and donald fisher. >> we have a whole plate of space. >> reporter: there is a living will on the third floor. it is plant from northern california. >> we have 19,000 plans that are all species that are native to northern california. it is in a shady spot so they are things that you would find growing in a redwood forest. >> reporter: it comes complete with an irrigation system that uses irrigation and storm water. the building itself is a work of art. the towels used on the outside are of fiberglass reinforced polymer. museum officials say those -- that the building is bigger than before it actually ways lighter. >> we have a new cafi in a new coffee bar. >> reporter: them amazing new views of the city.
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the museum is free to people 18 years old and younger. the museum hopes that the new museum will inspire new artist in the future. go to for more information on the newly renovated museum. some retailers say shoplifting is on the rise statewide. safeway, target, right eight, cbs say they have seen an increase in theft by 18%. proposition 47 went into effect in 2014. the police in los angeles around report of shoplifting increased by a quarter in the first year. a 12% jump in larceny and thought since november 2014. an elementary school in san jose's been thoroughly cleaned after a stomach virus got more than 100 students and six
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teachers sick. the outbreak started hours many it -- at horace mann elementary. the school has been trying to limit contact between the students so they have been eating their lunch in the classrooms and some school activities have been canceled. long-lived at a restaurant have changed the owners. the legendary dumplings are drawing crowds, some witty for hours. the restaurant has a policy of not accepting reservations. this weekend the managers relented and said starting monday all of that tables will be reservation only. a weekend long festival to celebrate sunset magazine is underway this weekend in sonoma
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county. we were there and there is something for travelers, gardeners, and home decorators. >> reporter: the sunset lifestyle is on display. editor in chief irene edwards says celebration weekend let readers stroll through cooking demos, travel options, and gardening eias -- ideas. >> this is our 18th annual event . >> reporter: readers of the magazine say they want to see all that the celebration weekend has to offer. >> we have been subscribers for decades and we are looking forward to seeing the garden shows in food shows. >> the magazine regularly includes gardening tips. it is a popular destination. >> he is a baby. he will be a pickle at some point. >> reporter: hot this year are edibles. >> you can have a garden that is low-water and includes edibles that supports organic
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karen pollinators. >> reporter: it is original to the 1957 construction. the magazine has been an inspiration. this woman was invited to bring her restored airstream to the show. >> this is a fully functioning kitchen. >> it is like a little tiny house. it has everything you need. does double sinks and porcelain. these are really heavy items. the fridge is in perfect working order. >> reporter: some say it is extending an open-ended invitation. how much would you pay for a piece of prince history? up next, the unique guitar used by the superstar that is up for auction. the bay area is about to warm up. and some parts it will be close to the 90s.
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it was cooler today across parts of the bay area. we had a few sprinkles and a few light showers up in parts of the north bay. we are talking about a warming trend for the next few days. as you can see right now, we have a weakening frontal system moving across california. right now we have some lingering low clouds and fog. this is clearly an onshore wind with a coming in from the west.
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temperatures have been calling off steadily over the past few days. no big change the wind direction tomorrow. we will hold onto a westerly wind. satirizes at 58, juan that row, 58. san francisco is around 59 degrees. here is a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. the low clouds have been filtering and back. more low clouds are expected tonight. the extended warming trend will be approaching the 90 degree mark. as far as tomorrow, the bay to breakers will have patchy fog and 54 degrees. by 10:00, mostly cloudy and 56. temperatures are on track to reach 60 degrees. partly cloudy skies and temperatures will be in the 50s to start off the race. the rest of the bay area, scattered low clouds and fog.
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the coolest spots will be in the upper 40s up in napa. today we talked about the weather system moving in from the north. it will scoot out of town as the high pressure rebuilds. the warming trend will kick in for monday and tuesday and even until wednesday. we have low clouds and a few breaks in the overcast. we will still have partly to mostly cloudy skies on sunday. we will call it partly cloudy and breezy into the evening. 62 right around 76 degrees tomorrow. oakland 69, san francisco, 65. increasing sunshine for the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. temperatures will wrap up the numbers for monday and tuesday. >> we want the warmer
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temperatures. >> it looks like we will have the delivery for you on wednesday. it is looking pretty good. >> tomorrow for bay to breakers that is perfect running weather. >> if you are a serious runner, you wanted to remain cool. it is looking pretty cool. there is word tonight that one of the custom design guard -- guitars apprentice going up for auction. it is being offered by heritage auction. the opening bid is set at $30,000 in the auction is set to start in early june. print used the guitar. we will hear from the warriors and how they plan to stop kevin durant. the giants go for their fourth straight win.
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good evening. welcome to the saturday night sports wrap. over 162 baseball games. for the last four games the giants have resembled the team most people thought they would be when they broke camp and april. their challenge tonight was in arizona. the giant broke the streak in the first any. span was a 4-4 of the night. jake peavy put in a solid six innings. he allowed only this one in the second. that score is from chris
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herman. they had nobody out but could get no more. the giants went back in front of the fourth after buster posey followed with a drive to last. -- left. 3-3 in the ninth. the giant load the bases with two outs. daniel hudson comes through with this drive. it cost the giants a rabbit they get to just the same and take a 5-3 lead. gear and gets the final out of the game. that is save number one. they have their fourth straight win and will go for a sweep of the diamondbacks tomorrow. jake arietta has been perfect this year. when he is nodding he gets a piece of the ball.
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he has a double play that ends the inning. not for long. it was already three happen to chicago when addison russell comes to the plate in the six. five-2. area that is now 7-0 after the chicago when. is 18-0 regular-season games since last august and at 22-8 the clouds are at first place by nine games. after picking up a win last night it was back to scuffling for the a's today in st. petersburg against the race. the respect. stumper is no fan. the a's got all of the runs that they would need in the third inning. brad miller goes deep. on the ways to his fifth lost, his counterpart had it al


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