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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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evacuated. your mornings on 2 starts right now. good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, may 16, and i am pam cook. i am brian flores, and we will get a look at your traffic and weather.>> i was still looking at rain?>> maybe saturday, usually this time of year it is windy and cooler, but in the mix. the low cloud deck is there, and the inland temps are running a little bit warmer than through the weekend, showers pushing out of the area, 50s on the temperatures to upper 50s. a few 40s, and a good breeze over the weekend. there will be a component of a breeze, and overall this high
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pressure will be here for the next three days ending giving way on thursday to this system from alaska. temperatures bumping back up into the 80s. it is for a 1 am. -- 4:01 am. we want to give a nod to the tracy commuters, and people get out there early, and the traffic on 580 coming from the 205 interchange through this super commute area, 580/205, and the commute is off to a good start. it would not surprise you to know that people do this every day, and it is a good time to go. let's take a look at the live pictures, traffic moving okay at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems.
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looking at interstate 880, and that commute is looking good. going to the south bay, the chp is investigating a deadly motorcycle crash that happened just before 8:00 last night on black road. the 28-year-old man from san jose lost control of the motorcycle and thrown into a tree, and died on the way to the hospital. they are still looking into what led up to that crash. the city council will vote on whether to install cameras on highway 4 after the freeway shootings, the most recent last wednesday near railroad avenue, and claiming the life of the mother of four mac. the city council will decide whether to spend $100,000 on cameras to help the police investigate and deterred the shooters. a late-night fire that
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forced an entire complex to be evacuated, and it started inside and auto repair shop on south almaden avenue, and the owner was working on the car, moments later the owner was screaming and the car was on fire. they were able to get out of the building, 50 firefighters were called due to the danger to the apartment complex, and the dangerous materials in the repair shop. >> in any repair shop you will have gasoline, these if -- diesel fuel and solvents and combustible liquids that will accelerate a fire.>> the repair shop building was made of unreinforced masonry, and there was a danger that it could collapse, and they had to turn off the power to all the buildings on the block before they could begin to put out the fire, and those that work
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evacuated were allowed back into the apartment building. a four-year-old boy that drowned at his swimming pool in an apartment complex, and they received a 911 call at about 4:30 pm yesterday near a highway 101 and the rohnert park expressway. the caller said that the boy was at the bottom of the pool, and they believe he slipped off the kick toward, and paramedics did try to revive the boy but were unsuccessful. the 105th annual data breaker -- bay to breakers race was uneventful, and it was more toned it down this year. there were only five arrest for public intoxication, and 23 arrest overall, and there were also 10 medical calls. the race features centipede teams in costumes, and it
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covers a seven and a half-mile course. and there were 40,000 official runners that were signed up, and there are those that were expected to make it through the course in less than 45 minutes. for those that are more relaxed, it was more about competing with friends and beating the clock.>> it's just about competing in the races.>> the runner says it is the haight street part that is the toughest part of the race. all of the runners we spoke with said they are already looking forward to next year. and getting back to the serious runners, the winter was isaac
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mukundi -- the winner of the race was tran9's -- isaac mukundi . reporting from washington, divisions in both parties are waking and breaking wide open as we get closer to the end of the primary season. >> reporter: how do you stop donald trump if you are conservative, and looking to recruit an opponent, and no one is willing to do it. they have looked from john kasich to celebrity billionaire mark cuban who said no. nobody seems to want to take on the mission, and the party chairman says it is doomed to fail.>> they are talking about hijacking another party to get on the ballot, but it is a
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suicide mission, throwing down not only eight years of the white house, but 100 years on the supreme court.>> reporter: donald trump is trying to make peace with republican leaders, and they had to delve into the treatment of donald trump's treatment of women.>> i am not challenging political correctness, that is no longer possible.>> reporter: things are not so smooth for the democrats, angry supporters of bernie sanders protesting at the nevada state convention and giving the state to hillary clinton. security had to remove them. and the clinton and truck -- donald trump matchup could be very close. bernie sanders arrived in puerto rico and greeted by several puerto rican
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pollock petitions -- politicians, and he would like to hear how they would like to move forward.'s back i know there are enormous problems, employment, unemployment much too high. in here we are on capitol street trying to get 100% back. and the puerto rican government has tried to renegotiate the debt with creditors, but they have stuck firm to their demands to be paid in full. the time now is 4:08 am, and a shooting turns deadly and san leandro, and the string of events leading up to that
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incident. but first, more than 50,000 people will be flooding to the levi's stadium for the beyonce concert. we are looking at a commute that is off to a good start if you are driving on the bay bridge, not a bad commute. transitioning from the start of a cooler weekend and warming up today, the first of the three-day warm-up.
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the st. louis blues take game one of the western converts -- western conference by a score of 1-0.>> i thought we got better as the game went on, and we had opportunities to score more than the one that we got.>> game 2 tomorrow night in st. louis, and game three thursday in san jose. despite the sharks being 2000 miles away, the fans packed the shark tank for the viewing
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party, 16,000 screaming fans, and the tickets were free, and gone within a few hours.>> hopefully this is the year, 25th anniversary. that would be really good. >> the sharks had to get special permission from the nhl to show the game on the jumbotron. >> and as the sharks prepare for game 2, the warriors get ready, tipoff is just after 6:00 tonight at the oracle arena. steph curry says that he is feeling good, but andrew bogut is questionable due to a side injury. beyonce will be in the bay area to perform for a sold-out crowd. levi's stadium in santa clara is the next stop for the beyonce formation world tour, more than 50,000 people are expected to be there, and it will start at 7:30 pm, ending
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at 11:00, and you are encouraged to take public transportation. if you are not able to get tickets, beyonce will be back on december 17. and people that are attending the concert can catch the extra train and they will run on regular schedule before the concert. and speaking of traffic, there is the warriors game, the a's game, and it will be busy.>> it is going to be a busy sports evening. >> that is the price you pay for having an amazing sports city area. good morning everyone, traffic is actually doing pretty well. looking at the gilroy super commuters, traffic is okay on
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101 getting to morgan hill, and driving up to san jose. this area is off to a good start. at some point you will start seeing the slow down as a lot of people make this superlong drive from gilroy all the way to san jose. it was once considered a superlong drive, but nowadays it does not seem like it. traffic is moving along nicely. at the brave bridge toll plaza -- bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along with no major issues. i think there are many people they do a super commute now, and died your people drive from the east bay peninsula every day.>> they do that because it is more economical to live farther away. i would not say more convenient, but more
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economical. we do have a super roller coaster ride on the temperatures this week, starting today, warming up into tuesday, wednesday is a transition day, and plunging into the weekend. from upper 90s to upper 60s over the weekend, it is going to get crazy. 70s and 80s through the interior, and a cooling trend kicking in and clouds increasing and the wind will pick up. a possibility of thunderstorms four days out. things are calming down in the sierra, 50 and novato and napa in there, palo alto 52, mid-50s and a few upper 40s. mill valley and napa 46, 45 in
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kelseyville. there are some cooler areas, and most of this cloud deck will leave pretty quickly, and clouds coming in for a few days and then it will not stick around. these areas of fog will clear out, and 60s, 70s and a few mid- 80s. it does not take long want to get past mid-may for some of these areas to warm up quickly, and they will. the cooling will begin thursday in it will really cool down as we go into the week end. maybe a little bit of rain, riding saturday in the north day, -- north bay, no doubt. we now know why the lead singer of the red hot chili peppers was hospitalized, forcing them to cancel the shows in southern
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california, anthony kita's was rushed to the hospital, and the concert sponsor said that he was experiencing severe stomach pain which turned out to be intestinal flu, and not clear whether it will affect the concert in the napa valley is scheduled to play on may 29. an artist paying tribute to prince in an unusual way, and christine painted a colorful mural on her lawn, and it is where the trees and leaves rain the face of prince, and she created a mural in the same place to honor a our instructor.>> i used to have a bob ross mural back here, and at the time that it fell,
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prince had passed away and i decided to make a tribute to him.>> she said she was inspired to thank it because she is hoping that it will inspire people to listen to the artist each time they see it. 4:19 am. one shark would not let go, and the florida swimmer was able to get it off. the solano county couple on the last day of vacation in maine and they spotted a family in trouble, and they are being called heroes.
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a plane crash north of los angeles, and air-traffic controllers lost radio contact with him. the hills were covered in a thick fog when the crash occurred yesterday morning. >> whatever speed the plane was going it has no time to react once it hits the hillsides, no way you can avoid that oncoming obstacle.'s back the fog and the terrain made it difficult
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to find the plane, and the pilot name is not being released until the family has been notified. a fairfield couple on vacation in maine rescued eight family of five and a man with special needs in the river, and they were flying over the river and they saw a man that was sinking in a paddleboat, and the seaplane cannot get any more passengers, though the couple asked the family in the nearby vote -- boat to help them, and the boat engine had ripped off, and the vote -- boat capsized and they called 911.>> i used the float and pushed it out to him and had him get on that and i pulled him off to shore. >> it was so important that they get out of the water as quickly as possible because it was so cold. >> the couple said they were at the right place at the right
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time. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack on a natural gas plant in baghdad, and it began with two suicide car bombs near the gate, a half-dozen isis militants stormed the facility but the security officers were able to fight them off. at least 20 people were killed, many others injured. and military analysts say that the terror group is losing ground in iraq and syria and that fewer people are joining the ranks. at the oh stadium, forcing an evacuation of the manchester soccer game, thousands of fans had to leave the stadium after a suspicious package was discovered in the venue. the police combed the stadium with bomb sniffing dogs and conducted a controlled explosion to neutralize the device, and they now say it turned out to be a fake.
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they said that the match has been rescheduled for tuesday. top u. s. cybersecurity experts will be among those participating in a similar cyberattack in boston, and hosting the event with experts and the experts from the homeland security and fbi will participate with more than 100 representatives from public and private agencies, and it is the mock incident taking place, legal and technical challenges in stopping and responding to an attack. the wildfire in canada is raging on, and the officials have released and app to help the victims, they can survey the property, but they warned that doing this satellite images may be traumatic. the fire broke out on may 3, burning nearly 600,000 acres. more than 80,000 people were
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forced to evacuate and no deaths or injuries have been reported from the fire, but two people did die in a traffic accident while trying to evacuate. a prostitution ring is busted, and the latest in that crackdown. new information on the swarm of killer bees in the east bay that attacked several people, killing two back dogs. -- two dogs. traffic is doing pretty well on the east shore freeway and we will talk more about the commute when we come back. a doubleheader tonight, if you will, warriors at 6:00, and the a's at and the a's at 7:05 pm.
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good morning everybody and welcome back. a fire torches and auto repair shop in the south bay, live pictures of where the fire erupted in san jose near home and in avenue, and we are live with more on what happened and why the nearby apartment complex also had to be evacuated. good morning, and welcome back to mornings on 2, and it is monday, and i am brian florez. good morning, it is me 16, and let's check in with steve, and i am pam cook. steady as a rough, -- as a rough
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rock. we are going to the plunge starting on thursday, going from 90 degrees to 68 degrees and about three days, so a topsy-turvy week on the temperatures. today 60s, 70s and 80s with a decent breeze, and going from warmer to much cooler heading into thursday and friday. this system will rotate through over the week giving us some shower activity, 50s on a lot of the temperatures, a few 40s. east bay temperatures in the 40s, and upper 50s in pittsburg, concord 53 in so is martinez. a little bit of a breeze, and yesterday was race, but today will not be that bad. overall, mostly sunny and warmer with this system coming right over us by the time we


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