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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a dog groomer at a bay area petsmart is arrested after a dachshund handed over for grooming dies a few minutes later. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.. a petsmart employee charged with felony abuse after a dog ended up dying. ktvu's jana katsuyama is at the store in san mateo after talking with police and also a member of the family. jana? >> reporter: we did, frank. both of them say that this was very unexpected. police said they got a call from the dog's owner here at the petsmart in san mateo yesterday. the dog had died right here in the clinic in the back. police say they arrived at the petsmart store in san mateo shortly after 5:00 p.m. sunday. they arrested 38-year-old juan zarate after a one-year-old dachshund in his care died. police said the dogs owner brought three dioxins to the store for grooming after the
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first dog was finished the groomer took a one-year-old into the back. >> three minutes after he took the dog into the back, he came running up saying the dog was having a medical emergency. the dog was foaming at the mouth. >> reporter: the dog was rushed to the adjacent clinic inside the store operated by banfield pet hospital. the veteran area tried to save the dog but it was dead within minutes. >> the veterinarian did a postmortem and found the dog had two punctured ribs. >> reporter: zarate was arrested. >> he loves animals. the animals love him. >> reporter: marissa mendoza says she went directly to the store to see him. >> crying a lot. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he said he didn't know what was going on and that they said that he killed the dog. he's like, i didn't kill the dog. >> reporter: zarate had worked at the petsmart since march. she says they have a pitbull boxer mix and a chihuahua at home.
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>> small dog, he needs to handle it now. the sweetest person you'll ever meet. he's caring and it's not his character. he would never do that. >> reporter: petsmart customers say they were surprised by the charge. >> the staff is great. >> my experience has gone really well. i mean, they do it really good job, i think. >> reporter: in a statement, petsmart said we are heartbroken by the loss, we are conducting an internal investigation and will take immediate action based on our findings. petsmart says that they have placed zarate on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. san mateo police tell me he is cooperating with them and they believe at this point that this is an isolated incident. >> jeni, it's still so hard to fathom in the course of three minutes, a little dog gets two broken ribs and a punctured lung. are they saying at all how this might have happened? >> reporter: that is the question that they hope to get some answers from, frank. shortly the dog's body has been
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taken to the peninsula humane society where i'm told they did a necropsy today but it could take a week or even longer to get the results back. that is going to be the facts and findings they're going to be looking at as they proceed in this investigation. >> jana katsuyama, thank you. new developments tonight in a shooting that closed a stretch of highway four in pittsburg for several hours during the evening commute. police say it started about 3 pm this afternoon in the parking lot of a quick stop in antioch. witnesses say there was a shootout between people inside two cars. no one was hit but according to police, the driver slid onto highway 4 or more shots may have been fired. police caught up with one of the suspect vehicles, a jaguar at the gates -- at the gas station in bay point. chp found and stopped the other car in martinez. this all comes after a mother of four was shot and killed on highway for last week. leaving many drivers on edge.
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>> on a wing and a prayer. but i don't have any enemies that i know of. so regardless of this shooting i don't know what it's about, but i just hope it could never be me. i feel bad the ones it does happen to and the ones that are doing it. >> sky fox captured video of two people being arrested at the shell gas station in bay point. police say a firearm was found inside the car. authorities say they arrested two more people after stopping the second car in martinez and found another weapon there as well. because of all the recent freeway shootings the pittsburg city council unanimously approved a plan tonight to install cameras along highway 4. expert already has surveillance cameras in place on city streets and in public parks. now the police chief has asked to add 5 to 10 cameras on a five-mile stretch of highway 4, the cameras would be put on city-owned property. the cameras will help solve crimes. >> we feel that quickly getting cameras up on the freeway of the cover of all the lanes of
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traffic, it will be a huge benefit to the citizens of pittsburg. >> this is the monitor in the room at the pittsburg police department where video from 120 cameras is recorded and stored, 24 hours a day. police say after a crime occurs they can find video footage of vehicles leaving the scene and then track down license plate information. new at 10, a danville family is trying to move on from a house they say may them sick. tests showed million dollar property is contaminated with mold. debora villalon live now at danville where that family now finds itself in limbo. deb? >> reporter: julie, this house is yellow tagged, for unsafe air quality. danville building inspector tells me mold infestations are rare. it's not what you can see but when you can't that's the problem. i look back and say, oh my
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gosh, we were here for 15 months. >> reporter: lori and john take us inside but only for a short time and only with their four children outside. this was the house that made their kids sick for months. cough, sore throat, nose bleeds, wheezing. >> everything is here because whatever we take out was contaminated. >> reporter: the home is full of their positions. left behind. cleaning companies won't touch them. >> toxic mold spores. they found penicillin and aspergillus toxic mold spores in the air quality in high levels. >> reporter: the couple only found out following a hunch. >> it is through here. >> reporter: sending an inspector up into the attic where there was black mold, heavy amounts, caked on the beams. growth that apparently stems from a leaky roof. the couple had noticed -- the night their daughter couldn't breathe and went to the e.r. was a turning point. >> we had to do something. there has to be something going on in this house that is causing this. >> reporter: those mold readings inside the house were some 20 times higher than outdoors, hazardous to health.
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>> the minute those results were in our hands, we left. we took the kids and we left. >> that was april 20. we got the results. >> reporter: danville yellow tagged the house, no living here. >> i'm the one who posted the placard. for their safety. but at the same time, it's difficult for husband and wife and a family to move out and have their normal life disrupted. >> us being essentially homeless and relying on family to get us through this, is really challenging. >> reporter: they are staying with relatives as they ask the property management company for their deposit, relocation expenses and replacement value for their room and furnishings. homeowner apparently wants to fix the problem is an insurance, a drawnout process that leaves the family in limbo. they just want to drive away for good. >> if i was the management company i would want people's health and welfare ahead of everything else. it hasn't been the case.
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>> reporter: the children all under the age of eight have been just fine since moving out of here, a month ago. but it's definitely tight quarters. a family of six bunking with relatives. julie, our calls to the property owner were not returned. >> deb, they just leave all the stuff as he is in the home until they store everything -- sort everything out? >> reporter: that's right. they're told that the fabric items, the mattresses, the couches, the kids toys, anything that can really be permeated with the contaminant, really can't be salvaged. some of the harder items, maybe a table, some of the hard plastic items could come out and be cleaned. but that's a very expensive process. a special mold removal. and not just any cleaner will do it. >> yeah. it's amazing how many things it affects. deborah, thank you. now to concord where police have identified a suspect in the killing of a woman whose body was found at a city park
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this morning. police are searching for 26- year-old eric lamarr nelson in the death of 25-year-old poinsettia parks. they say he should be considered armed and dangerous. officers say parks' body was found floating near the end of a duck pond at about two deck 30 this morning. police aren't saying how she died but they do say that she knew the suspect. police are also looking for the suspect's car, a black four door, 2003 kia spectra. it has california license plate number 5 -- 5eny919. a missing man from fremont is considered at risk, 60-year- old pa yong was last seen five deck 30 last night, 5'3", 120 pounds. authorities say he frequents heyward and in city, and is familiar with public transit but is known to get lost. he also needs medication.
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now to the campaign trail where donald trump is firing back at the new york times for its story about his treatment of women. doug mcelwaine tells us that trump is also hillary clinton's main focus but bernie sanders is open to make things interesting to mars primaries. -- in tomorrow's primaries. >> reporter: donald trump once again the center of attention, the presumptive nominee stealing most of the headlines after being targeted by two heavyweights, one of them the president who during a graduation ceremony addressed at -- address at rutgers university seemed to take direct aim. >> if you are listening to today's political debate, you might wonder, where the strain of anti--- and addiction -- anti-intellectualism came from. >> reporter: the new york times posted a story of trump having a long history of crossing the line with women in the work place. writing quote, why doesn't the failing new york times right the real story on the clintons
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and women? the democrats are making a final push ahead of tomorrow's democratic state primaries, clinton hoping a win in the bluegrass state could finally push her underdog rival bernie sanders, to throw in the towel. something he has refused to do despite being hundreds of delegates behind clinton. >> regardless of how long the senator decides to stay in the race, clinton's camp has already started shifting primary focus to their presumed general election competitor. >> i don't think most americans want a loose cannon in the oval office. that raises danger signals that people have got to pay attention to. >> reporter: 55 democratic delegates are at stake in tuesday's contest in kentucky. and another 73 in oregon. polls are now shown to also be a tighter than expected race for the party's two remaining candidates. in washington, .mac away, fox news. bernie sanders is headed back, his -- two stops here on wednesday. sanders is planning to hold a rally at the santa clara
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fairgrounds at 1:00 p.m. and then later on wednesday night, a second rally at waterfront park in vallejo, admission is free and open to the public on a first-come basis, doors will open about three hours ahead of time. mark zuckerberg is set to meet with conservative journalists and political advisers in menlo park to talk about claims that facebook suppresses right-wing views. former employees have said the curators in charge of trending news would remove right-leaning articles and boost others. facebook denies the charge and argues that conservative groups flourish on the site. well, the warriors let one slip away tonight after golden state held up a comfortable lead, the oklahoma city thunder came back in a fourth quarter and won game one of the western conference finals. we have team coverage tonight, ktvu's amber lee has spent the night talking with warrior fans, disappointed fans at oracle. we begin courtside with joe fonzi. the warriors were pretty careless with the ball in the
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second half there. >> reporter: no question about it, frank. the warriors have to feel like they let one slip away tonight. we've seen them so many times maybe struggled early but then establish momentum and they feel like they're going to start taking control of the game. that's the way things went tonight. early on, just before halftime, steph curry hits one of his patented threes, up by 13 points. they took that 13 point lead into the locker room and felt like we've seen this before. the warriors would be in control of this thing but the oklahoma city thunder came out in -- increased 10 point of that deficit in the third, russell westbrook a big reason why, the warriors had trouble of hanging onto the basketball, sloppy mass pike draymond green ends up with an easy two for westbrook, he had 27 on the night. undertook lead in the fourth quarter, the workers needed a stop here as they trail by three but kevin durant it's a tough two, that was the final nail as far as this game was concerned. it gave the thunder a five- point lead, they went on to
10:14 pm
win, one await-102 and take a 1- 0 lead in the series despite the way they played tonight, trying to take a positive out of this, might have been good for them to kind of get smacked in the mouth and get their attention. >> obviously not a good feeling losing game one especially at home. and it will be a different situation for us to try to bounce back. at this point in the series having a deficit, so i think it's fun to be able to have this opportunity to come back and show what we're made of. show our resiliency. it's going to be a long series, so we've got to be ready on wednesday. >> what we've done this year, we've bounced back from, like i said, this could be good for us in a lot of ways, to motivate us and it's going to be a dogfight. it's not supposed to be easy. not going to lay down and be happy just because they beat the spurs. so it's good for us to get punched in the mouth, come back and step up. >> reporter: so a new challenge for the warriors, something worth noting, that is during
10:15 pm
the steve kerr regime, four playoff series last year, and the first two this year the warriors had never lost a game one. so territory for them as they play game two on wednesday before the series switches to oklahoma city. for games three and four. the warriors get another crack at it in a couple days but right now they are down by one game, live from oakland, i'm joe fonzi. back to you in studio. >> and now to amber lee where things left disappointed but still hopeful. amber? >> reporter: julie, that's right. this game was another nailbiter towards the end, and a loss at home is definitely a blow for the warriors and their fans. >> i'm disappointed. this is my first game that i've been to where they lost. so we're not happy, but i think we're going to do it still. >> only game one. we'll get game two. three, four, five we'll get there. i'm hoping that the workers will pull it together for game two, okc is a difficult matchup
10:16 pm
and they are exposing some of their this is right now so we'll see what happens on wednesday. >> reporter: the players know the western conference championship series is something special. so fans. >> hard to feel that amped up like we're about to make it to the finals. yeah. everyone starting to tune in around the country so yeah, i think we see that energy. >> reporter: fans don't take anything for granted. >> we're the defending champions. so there's a lot of anxiety, a lot of nerves, a lot of excitement. stroke -- fans are showing their love in many ways. the team gave every fan a bracelet to go with them gear that fans are wearing. >> just a part of the excitement of being here. and being a spectator and just loving the warriors. we just feel like we have to do our part. >> we are part of it. we're here making history with them, supporting her team. so we're very excited. >> reporter: fans expect the oklahoma city thunder. >> what you did in the regular
10:17 pm
season doesn't matter. everybody is 0-0 when you come into a series and you have to earn it. >> reporter: steve kerr says playing at home is always an advantage. >> as soon as game one is over, one team is going to be desperate coming to game two, you know, as each game comes along, you've got kind of a different approach to each one based on where you stand in the series. >> they are going to be a challenge and i'm sure they're going to put up a good fight but we got this. >> reporter: fans say the warriors need to continue to bring their a game. >> everybody been trying to knock them off every single game. playing at the level think everybody thought was playoff basketball. all season long for us. >> reporter: no doubt fans are looking for a different outcome for game two it will be played right here at oracle arena on wednesday at 6:00. live at oracle arena, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> amber, thank you. once again game two, back at oracle arena wednesday evening, then the series moves to oklahoma city at the chesapeake energy arena, game three set for sunday with game four next tuesday. happening now, fans holding tonight's other hot ticket are packed into levi's stadium in santa clara to see beyonce. all part of her formation world tour. ktvu's azenith smith is outside the stadium and azenith, she is performing to a sold-out crowd tonight? >> reporter: yeah. you can still hear the concert going on. beyonce took the stage just after 9 pm this evening. so far it has been peaceful despite her tours parking some controversy. beyonce led more than 40,000 fans into formation for her formation world tour rocking levi's stadium monday night to a packed house. her concert arguably one of the hottest tickets in town. fans dressing up, paying homage to queen bee, some fans arriving as early as 2:00 p.m. before the parking lot even opened.
10:19 pm
>> well, she's just like the person that you look up to, i love all of her music. and she just gives like, an amazing show like, how could you not love her? >> i am nervous, excited, happy. >> reporter: danny sandoval spends $800 missing his senior prom and grad night to afford a front row seat. >> she is my idol and my hero. she inspired me to be a performer. and i want to be a like her when i'm older. >> reporter: arriving early, traffic heavy along tasman drive in front of the stadium, closed off at the convention center. many fans opting to take public transportation instead. >> ♪ >> reporter: it's beyonce's first time back to the bay area since her controversial super bowl 50 halftime performance back in february at levi's stadium. her son formation offending some police unions for references to police brutality and the black lives matter movement. >> i think it's something that
10:20 pm
needs to be spoken on, on a large scale she's doing. i feel like she can polarize people and make people think. and that's one reason i really love her. >> it's good to be aware she's doing that. she's really pushing the envelope especially, but she's here to support everybody. that's what it's about. >> reporter: despite the controversy, there was more excitement over seen beyonce, this grandmother and her 11- year-old granddaughter drove from sacramento and plan to stay in santa clara overnight. >> before she leaves this earth, she wanted to see beyonce and then after the super bowl, they announced that beyonce concert and once i heard about the tickets, i made sure that i had tickets for both of us to go and this is her first concert. >> i just love her. she's the best. >> reporter: due to high demand, a second show is added in in september. this concert lets out at 11:00.
10:21 pm
live in santa clara, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. one crime, two approaches. tonight at 10:30, two counties fighting car break-ins but doing it very differently. someone out there may -- may have a threat of information that will help us unravel this mystery. >> a new plea to help solve an old case. a huge reward reissued in the killing of a silicon valley engineer. it warmed about their today. it's going to get hotter tomorrow on your tuesday. our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone.
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allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california.
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police in santa clara have released surveillance video showing two men breaking into a chinese restaurant, the video was recorded a few weeks ago at joe's chinese fast food restaurant on great comerica park near the santa clara convention center.
10:24 pm
it happened at about 3 am. investigators say the two men also hit a business next door. one man is described as wearing an oakland raiders hat and a chicago white sox jacket. if you recognize either of the men in this video, police would like to hear from you. police arrested two suspects in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting of a real estate agent last october. investigators say they arrested 19-year-old nathan an iphone say -- and 21-year-old man do van tran. michael oher seggie was sitting on a curb outside the club and restaurant when he was shot. he had just celebrated a friends birthday and was waiting for a ride home to san francisco. witnesses say they heard six shots. he died at the scene. police have not disclosed a motive for the shooting. a silicon valley company is offering a $100,000 reward as
10:25 pm
part of a cold case investigation into the death of a former employee. matthew flores was a recently discharged army officer when he landed an engineering job with applied materials in 1994. he moved his wife and infant daughter to santa clara for training and then planned to locate to texas for the job. but flores was shot and killed on the company's parking lot in an area out of range of surveillance cameras. flores was originally from providence, rhode island and today police said someone somewhere knows what happened to him. >> there's got to be somebody out there either here locally, or over back at rhode island or someplace on the east coast, that could have valuable information to -- that would help our detectives assault this case. >> santa clara county district attorney's office has successfully closed five of 200 cold cases in recent years. they hope the death of matthew flores will be sold next. wall street started the week with a rally as energy
10:26 pm
companies helped fuel the gains. the dow was up 175 in monday trading. nasdaq jumped 57. the s&p gained 20. the price of oil led stocks higher, u.s. crude rose 3% to $47.72. that is the highest close in six months since november of last year. warren buffett berkshire hathaway company is placing a bet on apple. apple shares jumped almost 4% today on word that buffett's company has bought about $1 billion worth of apple stock. apple has sunk to about $91 a share after an earnings miss at the end of march. but it jumped today to close at $93.88. a gun rights ruling in federal court. the local ordinance restricting gun stores now struck down on appeal. also we will go back to oracle and hear more from the warriors on their game one defeat and the loss of home- court advantage.
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tonight on segment 2, one crime, to protocols. a stark contrast in how car break-ins are prosecuted depend on -- depending on which side of the street to happen. the difference is jurisdiction. we've been telling you about the skyrocketing number of car break-ins in san francisco. tenikka hughes christien kafton shows us how neighboring san mateo county handles things differently. >> reporter: the san mateo county leaders say the difference in philosophy they catch burglars in their county, they say those crooks are going to jail and they say word has gotten out. you got hit. what happened? >> yeah.
10:30 pm
three cars. >> reporter: and alarmingly common side. this tour group from china stopped at the palace of fine arts in san francisco for about half an hour. when they got back, all three of their rental vans had been burglarized. >> small suitcase, handbag. three cars, glass is broken. >> reporter: officers say it's all too common. so typical we found cars broken in here day after day after day. in fact, every time we came to this location we found new burglary victims. >> it doesn't seem the visitors are being targeted. if you talk to anybody who spent a significant amount of time in texas to it seems like they have a car -- car break- ins story. >> it's all around the city. other cities too. i feel like a little bit more. >> reporter: but just around the same -- across the county line, half of it is san francisco and have babies daly city. sergeant ed green says officers patrol right along the border with san francisco.
10:31 pm
he says when they catch a burglar, it's not uncommon to hear the suspect say they'd rather get caught in san francisco than the streets he patrols. >> the bad guys come into the city, they might word-of-mouth, from other people within their groups. realize that don't get arrested in san mateo county. >> reporter: district attorney steve flagstaff says that's because he's made jaylen auto burglars a priority. >> we're an aggressive county when it comes to prosecuting these type of crimes. >> reporter: repeat offenders in san francisco cancer just 10 days in jail. in san mateo, six months to a year. >> everybody who is caught by the police in our county for october curry, number 1, we're going to prosecute. we don't ever them out. there's no one free bite of the apple. >> reporter: a razors edge, the difference can be as simple as which side of the street they target. >> i've heard the tape of an interview where daly city made an arrest and the person goes,
10:32 pm
darn it. i was on the wrong side of geneva avenue. hence i was in san mateo county and i should've known better. i know what they're going to do to me. >> reporter: fox two went down to the county line to see the difference for ourselves. >> looking forward to get into that car, they'll smash the window, grab what is in plain view, then they are leaving. >> reporter: the latest data from district attorney's office shows they prosecuted just 48 cases countywide for auto burglary in 2015. compare that to san francisco, a much larger city with 26,000 break-ins last year alone. d.a. george gascon says his office took action on 80% of the cases they were given but that number is only 1.5% of all the car burglaries that occurred. >> we have a problem that increased tremendously in the last year. there is not a significant police action. >> reporter: in the past, gascon has pointed the finger at judges saying they don't hand out enough jail time for
10:33 pm
auto burglaries. the judges pointed their fingers back at the d.a. saying he's too likely to cut deals. but in san mateo -- >> we're going to prosecute them as felonies and punish them as felonies. that's just our belief on how you try and deter. >> reporter: tourists say although they were burglarized, long-term it could mean the city's reputation that suffers. >> from china. and every year, almost everyone is bringing a group, come here and i'm going to talk something about what happened. in china. >> reporter: the san mateo d.a. says it's a philosophical choice. he says his county just completed a new 500 bed jail ready to be filled with burglars and other criminals if need be. remember they only had to prosecute 48 cases last year so that's easier for one can -- for one county to handle. burglaries are so common, i was out at swim class with my son.
10:34 pm
while we were there, work started spreading that someone's car had been broken into. turned out guys that one of the staff members that worked at the swimming pool and had her car broken into just tonight. >> we're seeing it time and again. the city and how many times have you had your own car broken into? >> over the course of 10 years or so, my own car has been -- broken into twice. one out on the street, broad daylight middle of the afternoon. at my work, if you live in san francisco, don't leave anything in your car. not even iphone cordido car because the bad guys might think maybe there's an iphone in there somewhere. >> it's incredible when you think 26,000 car break-ins a year in san francisco. that's 71 car break-ins every day. what a staggering -- >> reporter: it's amazing. this one location, every single time we went there, we were moments too late. literally we were maybe two or three minutes too late because the car had already been broken into. >> so they are waiting there for someone? >> reporter: and it happens so quickly. you can see videos, it happens like that. >> thank you. supporters of gun rights
10:35 pm
scored a victory today at the federal appeals court in san francisco. the rule involves a lawsuit, challenging and alameda county ordinance that forbids gun stores within 500 feet of homes, schools, liquor stores, or bars. the challengers say the ordinance effectively bars and gunshots from opening and violates the constitution. in a 2 to 1 ruling, the court said since the law involves the second amendment right to bear arms, the country needs to present evidence to justify the restriction. organizers of a ballot measure that would triple the state tobacco tax say they have collected enough signatures to get it before voters this november. leaders of the save lives california coalition say they have more than 1 million signatures. they only 600,000 to qualify for the ballot. the initiative would raise the tax from $.87 a pack to $2.87 a pack. money from the tax increase would be used for anti- smoking campaigns, medical research, and medi-cal. california lawmakers are
10:36 pm
moving forward with legislation that would allow organ transplants between people who are both hiv-positive. that would make it easier for people with hiv to get transplants. it would also remove them from waiting lines and speed up the process for others. the state senate today overwhelmingly approved the bill, it now goes to the assembly. sokoto "star wars" museum be coming to the bay area after all? why san francisco is suddenly back in the running and where that museum might land. warming up out there, we've got some 80s today, some 90s for your bay area tomorrow, i'll show you the neighborhoods and that chance for some cooling and a shower in the five day. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30?
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[ singing ] all for one,
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one for all. >> nearly a dozen people were arrested while protesting a new law that limits lgbt protections in north carolina. hundreds of people entered the legislative building to rally against house bill 2 which directs transgender people to use public bathrooms aligned with the sex on their birth certificate. the people arrested face charges of trespassing. fox news anchor megyn kelly's on-time interview is set to be broadcast here on ktvu tomorrow night. >> i've been saying during this whole campaign that i'm a counterpunch. i'm responding. i then respond times maybe 10. i don't know. i mean, i respond pretty strongly. >> here they are. >> it is kelly's first interview with the we -- nominee since they clasped during a debate last august. he boycotted a later debate saying he felt kelly was biased against him.
10:40 pm
you can watch that full interview right here on ktvu fox 2, tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. kelly also interviews actors michael douglas and laverne cox along with attorney robert shapiro from the o.j. simpson trial. "star wars" creator george lucas is said to be reconsidering san francisco as a potential home for his new museum now that a deal with chicago has fallen apart. the latest proposal is for the seem to be built on the west side of treasure island facing downtown san francisco. critics say the road into treasure island won't be able to withstand all the traffic. but city officials say they have a solution. this would get people there by boat. >> my organization is working with the city of san francisco on providing ferry service between san francisco and treasure island. >> the land on treasure island has already been zone for a project like a museum and it's got the backing of the city's chamber of commerce. stage two of the tour of california bicycle race
10:41 pm
featured a long climb today. stage two ended with a sprint between evan hoffman and ben king. king surged ahead to win this leg of the race despite an injury four months ago. tomorrow cyclists head of the coast 104 miles from thousand oaks to santa barbara. they can expect a big burn for the last seven miles as they climb 3500 feet, on gibraltar road. still to come, a few seconds to prepare. a show of political support today for an earthquake warning system in california. and bill martin will tell us about a tuesday warmup.
10:42 pm
hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. governor jerry brown is asking the legislature for $10 million to help further develop an early warning earthquake
10:44 pm
system. uc berkeley, the usgs and other groups are testing the system, seven of the $10 million would go toward hardware. the other 3 million would be used for education and training. developers say the money is worth it and that a quick warning system can save lives. >> a couple extra seconds to have things put in place, to help you sell slowing down trains, opening fire house bay doors, stopping elevators at the nearest floor. >> funding request is part of next state budget. let's check some of the highs from today. we saw highs today a good five degrees warmer than yesterday, warmer tomorrow with numbers going back into the 90s in some places. these were the highs from today, those will be eclipsed tomorrow, so it will be the warmest day of the week on your tuesday. wednesday is nothing to sneeze at. tomorrow, tuesday, warmest day although today, looking at 87 fairfield, 86 antioch.
10:45 pm
the live camera shot, patchy fog trying to format the coast but that is the story here. fog is not happening so we're not seeing that big night, morning push of fog with the north winds. that's going to allow us to really heat up tomorrow so your tuesday, you'll notice it even have the coast and the bay, the coast will be 60s. around san francisco, mid and upper 70s in places like certainly oakland, upper 70s and 80s on the peninsula easily, mid-80s. right now temperatures even mild, 64 in fairfield, pretty mild for this time of night, bay area microclimates, upper 60s, san francisco, mid-70s. berkeley, oakland, low 80s. over the hill, over in livermore valley, upper 80s. and low nineties fort morgan hill as well. so the microclimates will start to show up a little bit. even though the coast is going to be 60 degrees or 68, 70 degrees. so the forecast is for this high to intensify, tomorrow. been stays around for wednesday too. so very similar day, i suspect a little bit more of a push
10:46 pm
onshore flow and onshore fog. we're going to show you there, long-range bottle and took it all the way to saturday night. a lot going on. what i wanted you to see, this area here, we're all the way to saturday night, this is the weekend, looks like a chance for some rain up in the northern california watershed, now that will give us some cooling but also some of the model suggests we might see a few sprinkles down here. keep that in mind for saturday night into sunday. and it moves off into monday and you see -- sort of a different pattern as we move towards the weekend but in the meantime, tuesday, tomorrow, and wednesday, a lot like these. 92 in antioch, 93 brentwood, 88 in morgan hill and 89 you gilroy. and santa clara valley, upper 80s as well with low 70s and upper 60s right along the coast. there's the five-day forecast. you can see warmer as we had to tuesday and then notably cooler on thursday. that's when the low gets just a little bit closer. so good-looking forecast, nice
10:47 pm
if we got some real rain out of that but we will not, just a little teeny bit. in the north bay or the far northern regions. and perhaps some drizzle and a cooldown but that's all for the weekend. meantime, pretty warm tomorrow. look at that, 90s down to the 60s. >> a big drop-off back into the 90s, here it is, that's pretty warm. >> bill, thank you. jason is here now, in for mark tonight. game one didn't go the way the warriors fans work hoping. >> not at all. it's a shock to see the little -- -- see the warriors lose anytime but so good at home, everything magnified in the playoffs. but listen, uncharacteristic game for the warriors tonight. they blow a double-digit lead at halftime for the first time all year and now they will have to win a game in oklahoma city if they hope to make it back to the nba finals. no issue with the knees for -- with the need for stephen curry tonight but he wasn't quite as
10:48 pm
sharp as normal. andrew bogut played 17 minutes, zero points, three rebounds. first quarter, curry, watch him take it at stephen adams, behind time, high off the glass. the warriors played well in the first quarter, just one turnover. second quarter, klay thompson the three pointer from the corner, a huge first half, 19 points, finished with 25 points, nine rebounds. time winds down, all the time, steph, effect, the shot, the three-pointer at the buzzer. as the warriors go up 60-47 at the half. think it's going to be a warriors party. not quite. curry, bank shot. nice to have a little luck on your side as well. he had 26 points. also seven turnovers. here is one of the warriors turnovers. russell westbrook takes it in, the steal and the dunk, 19 points in the third, a game- high 27 points. and then here is the story, the warriors could not hit a shot in the fourth quarter. they scored just 14 points in the quarter, 4-22 shooting, you saw klay thompson miss a
10:49 pm
couple, barnes missed a couple and steve kerr looks on, 30- second to go, this man kevin durant was ice cold, but he hits the biggest shot of the game, 17 for puts oklahoma city up by five. 17 seconds to go, westbrook drags his pivot foot. that's a travel. everybody thought it was a couple but they did not call it, that would have given the warriors the ball back down three. a chance to tie, but no, didn't happen despite steve kerr pleading his case, you saw the owner stunned. but the thunder come in, they steal game one, 108-102 is the final. it's the first game one playoff loss in the steve kerr era, he was 6-0 in the playoffs. they committed 11 turnovers in the second and third quarter, to let it slip away. now, joe fonzi has been at oracle since 3:30 this afternoon. he was in the locker room after the game. joe, what was the mood like in there? >> jason, you said it. kind of an -- an a typical game as far as the ones we've come
10:50 pm
to expect. they build double-digit leads and then they had to them. you mentioned the 13 point lead at halftime, they actually let 14 at one point. and then got a little bit too comfortable and a little bit sloppy with the basketball. they had only one turnover in the first quarter but then ended up out-turning over -- they were also rushing the shots, coming down and not playing warrior basketball on the offensive end. they make the extra passes and get easier shots, quick positions. they know what they need to do, they need to change that in game two. >> would've rushed a little bit, tried to go for the home run plays. sometimes it works. when you get a feel like it's not clicking, not getting the shots that you want, forcing it, need to have more composure to slow down and work those possessions. got out of character a little bit, but something you learn from going forward. >> we know how we have to play. we have to pass and move and create rhythm.
10:51 pm
for ourselves with our screening and our cutting. and i just felt like we took way too many quick ones that took us out of our rhythm. >> and you said that coach -- do you feel desperate? >> sure. we're down 1-0 at home. so we need to play better. >> reporter: maybe a little reminder for the warriors that all the bad teams are at home and you need to come out with your day effort all the time. they feel like maybe that got their attention with a little bit of kick in the mouth and we'll see how it goes on game two on wednesday night. until then, joe fonzi, jason, back to you. >> thanks very much. we're going to take a short break but we've got your 80s highlights -- the a's highlights straight ahead. and get ready to see tim lincecum back on the mound.
10:52 pm
mmm. baclet's instabrag.d. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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well, the warriors lofty -- lost a tough one tonight but right next door, the a's managed to send their fans home happy tonight. 10,000 diehard fans at the coliseum to see one of their young pitchers pick up his first big-league win. bottom fourth, billy butler, watch him flair one out here, josh reddick comes in from third, and country breakfast, is back. 2-0 a's in the sixth.
10:55 pm
check this catch out. wow. great catch by billy burns, the pitcher lobbing it, 6 2/3, four hits, great catch, one earned run, picks up his first major- league win. and then 2-1 days in the seventh, marcus simeon, 10th home run of the year. 10 home runs, not a great batting average, the a's win 3- 1. their third win in the last four games. tim lincecum reportedly found a new home staying in california. headed south to pitch for the angels, this comes after about 10 days after he auditioned for some 23 teams, he agreed to a deal in principle so it's not official yet, but if you think about it, it does make sense. the angels very much in need of starting pitching. and lincecum has always said he wants to start and not come out of the bullpen although it will be strange to see tim lincecum in any of the uniform than the san francisco giants. the bay area sports hall of
10:56 pm
fame got five new inductees tonight in san francisco. this year's class included where your great mitch richmond, former giants managing partner peter mcgowan, former giants second baseman jeff kent, and oakland olympic gold medalist swimmer and warner cribbs. -- anne warner-cribbs. mark davis is talking, about time for chester. >> the only thing harder than the raiders getting a new stadium is getting a greater into the hall of fame. tonight, the bay area sports hall of fame got it right. hopefully the pro football hall of fame will follow suit one day. >> bay area sports hall of fame. >> i remember that. >> thanks, jason. and thank you for joining us tonight. coming up next, modern family. >> see you again tomorrow. good night.
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