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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 17, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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joining us on this tuesday morning, may 17 and i am pam cook. i am brian flores we will take a look at the traffic and the weather.>> there will be some 90s today. it will be even hotter today. we have a little bit of fog, on the san mateo and santa cruz coast, north of that clear and it does not have much of a chance because this high pressure will weed out with this line of showers. again, they are moving south. 50s, 60s and 70s, some 40s, a wide variety. north bay temperatures 40s, 50s and 60s, much warmer than 24 hours ago. not much in the way of a delta breeze, and we have that north wind, and in santa rosa a sign
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of things to come. this is pushing well to the south and down toward las vegas and the southern share. all systems are go for a warm up, and patchy fog to the south. sunny and warmer, near 90. i will say it again, near 94 some, mostly clear in the morning with a northerly breeze. that equals 70s, 80s and 90s. 90s for some. >> 90s for some, my goodness. it is what it is. good morning to you at home and let's start off with a look at the super commute. traffic moving along relatively well as you drive on westbound 580 coming through the area. traffic will be okay if you are driving 19 minutes from grant line road to the 580
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interchange, from here to here is not bad. get out there as soon as you can if that is your commute. here is a look at interstate at 80 north and southbound, not a bad commute as traffic continues to move well. bay bridge toll plaza is a nice drive so far into san francisco. 4:02 am. new developments in the freeway shooting into east bay, the police have arrested four people suspected in antioch at the shootout. the dispute started in the parking lot of the quick stop. one car fired at another, and more shots were fired, and the police caught up with one vehicle a point at the gas station. chp later stopped the other vehicle in martinez, all of this after a mother of or mac was shot and killed on the freeway last week.
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>> i have no enemies that i know of. regardless of the shooting, i don't know what it is about, and i just hope it is never me and that they catch the ones that are doing this.>> chp officers arresting one suspect in martinez, sky fox caught the other. they did find a gun in the vehicle. and responding to the recent shootings, the cancel -- the council has unanimously approved the plan to install cameras along the stretch where the shootings take place. the police chief plans to install it to 10 new cameras on the five-mile stretch of highway for within the pittsburg city limits. >> we feel that quickly getting cameras up on the freeway to cover all of the lanes of traffic can be a big benefit to
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the citizens of pittsburgh. this is the monitoring room with videos from 120 cameras recorded and stored 24 hours a day. officers investigating crime can often find video of the vehicles leaving the scene. a man died after staggering into the san jose restaurant with stab wounds at about midnight last thursday. the 23-year-old was stabbed in the neck during a fight in the parking lot and walked into the restaurant where he collapsed and died. a fourth oakland police officer is on paid administrative leave due to possible misconduct. the investigation started after the officer committed suicide last fall, leaving behind a note detailing the accusation of sexual activity between
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police officers and a 16-year- old girl. the department has not identified any of the officers on leave. a san francisco police officer is under arrest accused of committing overtime fraud, and dean lee has been booked on jail and five charges, 15 year veteran and last assigned to the department, and the investigation started after a colleague reported him. surveillance video showing two men breaking into a restaurant, and it was reported at the weeks ago at the joe chinese fast food restaurant near the convention center. the two men also hit the business next door, one man wearing an oakland raiders sat and a chicago white sox jacket.
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-- raters hat and a chicago white sox jacket. hillary clinton is caught in the political limbo.>> reporter: the two states, kentucky and oregon, 116 delegates at stake, so not enough to save the democratic contest, but hillary clinton could lose the states and her job in uniting the party could be much more difficult. >> reporter: hillary clinton spending money and time for a nomination that she is almost sure to win, but self-inflicted wounds, and her cold comment west virginia could cost her that state, and it could spell trouble for kentucky today. turning a big portion of the presidential portfolio over to
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former president bill clinton. >> my husband, i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because clearly knows how to do it.>> reporter: the bernie sanders supporters may be tough to win over. we saw over the weekend how angry they are during the delegate battle in nevada, and now a warning that the democratic state party, sanders supporters show a potential for violence. the sanders campaign in puerto rico promising to keep up the fight to the democratic convention, and even if he loses it could be a big impact.>> it is up to him to spur his supporters on her calm them down? -- or calm them down? >> reporter: 28 delegates and oregon, not enough for donald
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trump to lock down the nomination technically, but he is getting there. bernie sanders is heading back to the bay area, and will be stopping here tomorrow, at the santa clara fairgrounds at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening at the waterfront park in vallejo. admission is free, open to the public on a first-come, first- served basis, and the doors open about three hours ahead of time. and taking a stand against the states that have adopted the controversial laws against the lgbt community, considering a proposal banning nonessential travel to north carolina and mississippi. and the live report as the city sends a message advocating tolerance and inclusion. of until last night, the lawyer said not lost the game in the playoff series, and steph curry scores 26 points,
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breaking the record for the major 3-pointers and a playoff game. the warriors blew their 14 point lead in the third, and they had their chances in the end, and the referee missed a traveling violation on russell westbrook, no doubt he traveled, and the thunder winds, 108-102.>> when we have better positions, especially in the fourth quarter where we are gaining momentum, we have to take advantage of those opportunities and we did not do that. >> we know how we have to play, pass and move, create rhythm, and i felt we took way too many quick ones that took us out of the rhythm.>> game to back tomorrow night -- 2 tomorrow night at the oracle arena.
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this series will move to oklahoma city on sunday and next tuesday. and beyonci performing to a sold-out crowd at levi's stadium.>> welcome to the formation tour.>> 40,000 fans came to see her on the formation tour, lighting up at 2:00 in the afternoon before the parking lot opened. one man said he skipped his senior prom and graduate night to be able to afford an $800 ticket in the front row. >> she is my idol and hero and she's inspired me to be a performer.>> i just love her, she is the best. >> it is her first time back in the bay area center controversial 50th super bowl performance, due to the
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references of police brutality and black lives matter movement. beyonci as another concert scheduled in december. >> the last time there were tickets available but they were not cheap. your time now is 4:11 am. a petsmart dog groomer is arrested.>> the dog had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. >> what happened and how petsmart is taking action. facebook is accused of scrubbing out conservative content from the new feature, and when they plan on opening the doors to gop and who is heading to the campus first. we will tell you more about your bridge commutes coming into the city. all systems are go for warm up inland and even the coast looks okay. more on the way. hey pal? you ready?
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it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the san jose sharks are open to bounce back after the blues won. game 2 is tonight and the coach says he is confident. his team did not change the
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routine in preparing for game 2, game three and four in san jose on thursday and saturday. a's rookie pitcher sean but not have -- sean bania and jesse hohne is back up in the minors to tart -- to start tonight. the giants opening a three-game series with the padres in san diego. every time i watch a home game in san diego i think of this. bumgarner will start against colin raye, coming off of the suite, back at the park on friday and the series with the chicago cubs who had the best record in all of major league
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baseball.>> it is nice to go down and watch the giants and have some beach time. >> a lot of dodgers fans growing up in san diego.>> that is what will happen if the raiders moved to las vegas. the opposing team, people want to come to san diego, they want come to las vegas. it will be like opposing fans.>> perhaps it will be the raiders nation in vegas.>> it is unfortunate if the raiders fans have to go there, unfortunate but i think they will because they are very loyal. >> i can you not want to go watch a game in san diego? good morning. let's start off with the gilroy super commute, traffic moving along well between san jose and
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gilroy. it looks like it will be wide open. but sometimes these commutes have it is, but not right now. san mateo bridge, traffic moving pretty well driving westbound 92 as you drive out to the high-rise. no major problems. this is highway 101 in san francisco, a nice-looking drive coming up through the area. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems as you drive up to the pay gates. traffic is off to a good start. petco is perfect, and speaking of las vegas, do not be surprised if they get a nhl team by the gym. -- mgm. i've a little bit of insight on that. maybe las vegas will be on the map for football and hockey.
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temperatures warming up quickly, 71 in fairfield, and this will not stay, plunging on thursday and friday. the weekend is the best opportunity for rain, temperatures on the web, fog in the south, san mateo and santa cruz coast, breezy and warmer, and dropping off of the table. windy thursday and friday with clouds, possible rain over the weekend. shower activity in the sierra, and you can see the fog, but it burned off. a similar pattern today. 71 in fairfield, not a typo, david north wind at 13 miles an hour. brentwood is almost 70 degrees, 47 at the napa airport, santa rosa at 59, san jose already 59, so we have some morning readings, especially toward
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pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. if you get the north wind, it is warm and that is the sign of things to come. mainly to the north and east, a line of showers forming south. 32 in truckee, 52 ukiah, 54 in monterey. the sierra, the bad as much more quiet, a turning in the four corners is a slow mover. this system dropping down, but not today and tomorrow, but on thursday. patchy fog to the south, sunny and warmer near 90, mostly clear in the morning. some fog of the san mateo-santa cruz coast, 70s and 80s, upper 80s and 90s, the same on wednesday, and then thursday cooling and into friday, and for the best opportunity for rain over the weekend.>> north
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bay for the rain? >> i think anybody's in the mix. we will see if we can get sunshine over just in your area.>> that will be nice, and a lot of people will be asking me since i see you every day. 4:20 am. facebook mark zuckerberg meeting with the republican party leaders, including the senior advisor for donald trump and this comes after the allegations surfaced that facebook is suppressing conservative news. the curator in charge of the trending news removed right leaning articles and featured others even though they were not in fact trending. facebook is denying the charge and mark zuckerberg is taking steps to ensure that the team follows the guidelines. the megyn kelly primetime interview with donald trump is set to be broadcast here on
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ktvu tonight. >> i've been saying to this whole thing , i respond, and maybe it respond pretty strongly. >> this is the first interview for kelly with the presumptive presidential nominee since they clashed last august. donald trump boycotted a later news debate saying that kelly is against him. we will have a live interview with megyn kelly about her interview with donald trump coming up this morning, and you can watch the entire interview on "megyn kelly presents." kelly will also interview michael douglas, and robert schapiro from the o.j. simpson trial. at&t is launching something do in the bay area cities, the improvement coming to your internet service.
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the lawsuit against whole foods has been dropped, the accusation that a man made and what he is saying now.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a texas preacher the claimed whole foods sold him a cake with a racial slur says he made up the story. he has said that when he opened the box there was a homophobic word added and he announced a lawsuit against the popular grocery chain, but whole foods
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released the surveillance video showing him purchasing the cake and nothing offensive at that point. many of whole foods shoppers say they were always suspicious of the allegations. >> i take stories like that with a grain of salt and wonder if there could be some other motive behind it.>> brown apologized to the lgbt community and whole foods, "the company did nothing wrong. i was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story." whole foods says they are vindicated and will not be moving forward with a counter lawsuit. two lawsuits at the elementary school announcing the agreement yesterday following the teacher sex scandal near downtown los angeles four years ago. the lawsuits all alleged that the district failed to respond
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to the initial complaints of teachers making inappropriate sexual advances. this is led to major reforms at the los angeles unified, the second largest school system in the nation. a compromise ruling that could clear the way for women working through religious organizations, catholic charities and government attorneys have agreed that employees may receive cost free contraceptive coverage without infringing on the employer's religious rights. based on that understanding, this justices said they saw no need to rule on the legal questions raised by the dispute, kicking it back to the lower courts. the white house is pleased with the decision. >> the administration has put forth an accommodation that ensures that women nationwide have access to health care including contraceptive coverage, without pay i might
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add. and while protecting the religious liberty. >> this decision comes at a time when the supreme court numbers, at instead of nine, and the court's action avoiding the possibility of a 4-4 tie. children of undocumented immigrants in california now have access to healthcare, rallying outside the capitol, extending medi-cal coverage to children of poor immigrant families, many were enrolled in emergency coverage, and now they have access to a full range of medical, dental health coverage.>> they are here to stay and will not go anywhere anytime soon, so let's educate the children and make sure these children are productive children and can make sure they can contribute to the state of california. >> as many as 185,000 children
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will sign up in the first year. a stabbing at the east bay bart station and what the witnesses are saying. looking forward to getting into the car, smashed the window and grabbed what is in plain view and leave. >> the two bay area counties that are fighting car break- ins. good morning, looking at the south bay commute, so far, so good northbound to 80 in san jose. temperatures set to warm up, and a little bit of fog holding on and we will show you the warmer temperatures today.
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