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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good tuesday morning. taking a look at the bay bridge, bay bridge, a little bit of fog as steve mentioned a minute ago.>> a very pretty shot. good job. temperatures in the 80s or 90s. good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, may 17 and i am brian flores. good morning, i am pam cook, and it is 4:31 am. i did hear steve saying that we had 94 some. -- 90 -- 94 some -- 90 for some. and just a little bit of fog on the san mateo, santa cruz coast, and no chance but it is there. if you are stuck there, gray in
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cold, but otherwise a robust at northerly breeze, fairfield 71, and brentwood is almost 70, 59 in santa rosa and san jose. 55 sfo. on the peninsula, upper 40s, and low 50s. not in the north breeze on the peninsula, and stanford at 50. a little cool and running slightly warmer than yesterday. this north trees is south of concord, and some showers activity popping up over the sierra. the source of this cool air will not be until thursday and friday, and until then about the sunshine, warmer temperatures in a breeze out of the north. mostly clear with the exception of the patchy fog to the south, 70s and 80s, low 90s.>> if you moved to your left comic they should be in the 70s.
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i know that is warm for them. but if you cdc in the 70s, that means in antioch it is in the 90s.>> correct, but when the cooling starts, it kicks in at dc.>> i know dc very well. good morning everybody, let's go out and take a look at the commute. we had the solano county super commuters, and it does not look bad. from vacaville to fairfield, showing all green driving through the area from vacaville to fairfield and down to the cordelia junction. nice commute with no major problems. obviously a lot of people are getting up early for the commute, and not bad as you drive all the way to vallejo. taking a look at the live pictures, looking at the traffic and san francisco, not bad on 101 approaching the 80
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split. the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light with no major problems. 4:34 am. here are some of your top stories we are following this morning. authorities have arrested four people in connection with a shooting in antioch that included a running gunbattle on highway 4. people in one car were firing at another car at the convenience store parking lot and they continued shooting onto the highway. the police tracked down both cars, one at a gas station in bay point, the other in martinez.'s back the pittsburg city council is responding to these shootings, installing the several surveillance cameras along highway 4 where many of these shootings take place. the fourth back police officer on paid administrative leave due to investigation and
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possible misconduct. this is after an officer committed suicide last fall and reportedly left behind a note detailing accusations of sexual activity between the police officers and a 16-year-old girl at the time. they have not identified any officers on leave. the city of san jose is looking to take a strong stand against the states that are discriminating against the lgbt community. city leaders will consider a proposal banning nonessential travel to those states, and we are live from the san jose city hall with more.>> reporter: some city officials do not want to use the city funds to travel to mississippi and north carolina because of the laws that have been past. -- passed there. and here is dbmo that bans nonessential city travel and business such as business meetings and other events in those two states.
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in the last couple of moments -- couple of months, north carolina past the "bathroom wall" and says that you must use the bathroom based on your birth certificate. and organizations can deny the gay, lesbian, transsexual community, and they can also denied to employee lgbt people. city council members are putting this on the city agenda for today, and they want to show that san jose does not support discriminatory policies like this. your time is 4:36 am. someone was stabbed late last night at the san leandro parks -- bart station, responding at 11:30 pm and the victim was taken to the
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hospital and no other details are available. the employee at the san mateo petsmart accused of killing the dog he was in charge of grooming, juan zarate was arrested on a felony charge of animal cruelty. the pet owner brought in three dotson's -- dachsunds and he groomed the first the dog and did brought the one-year-old henry into the back of the store. he took them into the back room and came running out and said that the dog was having a medical emergency.'s back he said that he did not know what was going on. he said that he killed the dog, and he said he didn't kill the dog.>> the dog was rushed to the clinic inside the store but the veterinarian could not save henry who had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. petsmart is conducting an internal investigation at the store has suspended juan zarate
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and the family says that he loves animals and would never hurt them. the police in concord have identified a suspect of a body found in the park, erick nelson is pictured here and should be considered armed and dangerous, and he has a california license plate number as you can see here, and the victim is identified as parks, and his body was found at about 2:30 am yesterday morning. the police said that she knew the suspect but they did not say the nature of the relationship. they've arrested two suspects in connection with the fatal shooting of the real estate agent last october. they arrested nathan in oakland
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last thursday and a 29-year-old man in hayward on sunday. the 34-year-old was sitting out on the curb when he was shot, after just celebrating a friend's birthday and waiting for a ride home from san francisco. witnesses heard six shots and he died at the scene, but they have not disclosed a motive for the shooting. the silicon valley shooting, offering a $100,000 reward in the 22-year-old homicide of matthew florez. he moved with his wife and baby daughter to santa clara for training and 10 days later he was shot and killed as he got out of his car in the company parking lot. the police are saying someone somewhere knows what happened to him. >> we need someone to step forward and to provide is the information to have the family be satisfied that there has been someone identified. if you are out there, and you
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have key information, please provide it.>> today would've been the 49th birthday of flores, and his daughter just recently graduated from college. this man seemed beaten by two back alameda county deputies set to appear in court, and they have indicted petrov last month on four federal counts, three of which carry a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. he gained notoriety after a video showing deputies beating him on the san francisco street last november. the deputies had chased him and said that he tried to ram their patrol cars. many bay area thieves have learned that probation -- is everything, and
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repeat offenders can spend just 10 days in jail, and in the neighboring san mateo county they can spend 10 months to 10 years behind bars. for the car burglars, which side of the street they target to determine how much time they spent in jail. >> the bad guys come in, they talk to other people within their groups, and they realized that they will not get arrested in san mateo county. >> everybody caught by the police for auto burglary we will prosecute, and they are not diverted. there's not a free bite of the apple. >> prosecutors and judges in san francisco blame each other for the relatively light sentences handed out for those thieves convicted of breaking into cars in the city. discovering the home they lived in for 15 months was making them sick. the test show that the house is contaminated with bold, and the home is still full of the
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family possessions but the cleaning company will not touch it. the family got out after the ruling that the house was hazardous to the family.'s back when the results were in our hands, we took the kids and left a. >> we got the results on april 20.>> it posted to their safety, but it is difficult for a family to move out and have their normal life disrupted.>> the family is staying with relatives, and they have asked the management company further deposit, relocation expenses and replacement value for ruined furnishings, but the owner wants to fix the mold problem using insurance which is a long and drawn out process. the san francisco police are confirming the slashing at the muni station. quaker oats is recalling
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the granola bars, the contamination with listeria. good morning, looking at a morning commute were traffic is doing well on highway 24 heading west. a north breeze in the north and east bay, and warm lows. this fog is trying to hold on. wanna drink more water? with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream.
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love your water.
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welcome back, 4:45 am. trader joe's is coming to downtown san francisco, and they filed for a liquor license on a location on fourth street. the grocer met with the san francisco cleaning department late last year about opening --
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planning department about opening a downtown store. 4:45 am is the time. before you take a bite of that granola bar, quaker oats is recalling its quinoa granola bars due to listeria outbreak. the listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. as of right now no reported illnesses. 4:46 am is your time. let's check in on the commute.>> we are looking at the tracy super commute, and those that get on the road from far out, already snow traffic -- slow traffic. it only took at about a half- hour, and maybe 45 minutes for this commute out of tracy
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getting over the altamont pass to get busy. i want to mention closer to the in part of the bay area, closed out of alameda, the posey to -- posey tube is closed and you have to go down to one of the bridges to get off of the island. and it is light at the bay bridge toll plaza. temperatures on the way up, and the fog eventually was loan out by the north trees, and back four of you. this and of matteo -- the san mateo and santa cruz coast, but that is it. fog to the south, and breezy and warmer with the north wind for some. 70s and 80s, near 90 degrees
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through wednesday and did cooling off big time. more clouds, windy on thursday and friday, and the best opportunity for rain on saturday and sunday. we could see some good rain up and northern california and also in the northeast, over one inch of rain. i think we will get a little bit out of this. almost 70 in brentwood, 71 fairfield and 49 at the napa airport, 59 in novato. 59 san jose, and palo alto at 53. gilroy upper 40s, boulder creek and scotts valley, keeping much of them stuck in the 50s. 55 in santa clara. north that 14 and that will do it every time. and the easterly breeze at that observation and holding the temperature up, and it looks like it is too far south to the southern sierra and southern
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nevada. 52 four ukiah and looks mostly sunny today with the breeze and the high country. we are looking at this low, but not here until thursday. patchy fog to the south, sunny and warmer, near 90 for some, mostly clear with 70s on the coast, upper to mid 80s and 90s for the inland locations. from santa rosa down to san jose, pretty close as well on wednesday. and the temperatures will come plunge down, and the weekend is the best opportunity for shower activity or thunderstorms. which team is moving to las vegas?>> it is not a team that is moving, it would be an expansion team. >> it seems like a weird place to play hockey, in the middle of the desert.>> it makes a lot
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of sense, you could sell some hockey packages. >> a destination spot. and they can get people in minnesota out of the weather.>> or canada. another lightning fast internet option making its way to parts of the bay area. they will launch 'giga age" and at&t says the cost is seven dollars a month -- $70 a month, and google has announced plans to launch its fast internet in san francisco and possibly san jose. and helping the kids get around by offering low fares, beginning the summer youth pass, for $75, and kids under
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the age of 18 can get a summer pass, and you can purchase the past until july 15. tripling the tax for cigarettes, the controversial proposal that could be decided by voters. the payoff in northern california gin -- northern california, the explosion that is now a homicide investigation. hi. is the internet still out? yes!
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a hip-hop music festival in sacramento turns into a day of deadly violence. it was a sold-out event at the discovery park and all was going well until the fire broke out in the food tent, and the deep fryer ignited the propane tank, six people were reportedly injured and treated by the firefighters and the music continued. three hours later a fight to broke out in the food line. a 31-year-old man hit his head on the ground and died at the hospital. the fight began after the barbecue sauce was filled on someone's shoes. a man on vacation in bali says he was lucky to have his right arm after he was hit by a shark. -- the shark bumped him and dragged him underwater, and it was a 7 foot long bull shark, and he managed to get onshore and he had to be flown to
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singapore where he underwent a total of three surgeries to save his arm.>> it was amazing. when it happened, i turned around and started paddling to the beach. i remember grabbing my arm and squeezing it and then i passed out. i assumed that my arm would be gone.>> doctors say will take a few more weeks for his arm to heal. he says he plans to go back in the water to serve -- serves -- surf as soon as he is able. currently testing a system, $7 million going toward hardware, $3 million used for education and training. the developers say that the money is worth it and that a earthquake warning system can save lives.
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back having things put in place to help you, slowing down the trains, opening the firehouse doors, stopping and opening the elevator doors.>> this will be part of next year's budget. the high-speed rail project, the real authority opening a forum, and they are expecting it to be operational in 2025. the original construction was planned to southern california, but they will build the northern california portion first for budget reasons. the meeting is at the berryessa community center. the charges one officers facing and how the investigation started. the arrest made in the east bay in the guns recovered. we are looking at a morning commute that involves 80
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westbound, looking pretty good so far. a little bit of fog, but not much chance to stop the temperatures from warming up, we will show you the outlook coming up.
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the latest shooting on the freeway and what investigators are telling us. the kickoff race continues. mornings on 2 continues. good morning, thank you for waking up with us. "get don allen -- "get down on it." [ music playing ]. i like the 6:00 games, but i prefer different ending for the warriors.>> it was a great game, but the warriors did not win. a great shot of the oracle
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arena. good morning, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. they are watching us in san leandro, and at the family restaurant they are watching. they sent a picture. we are on the big screen in san leandro.  on facebook. by the way, we will have a few eggs over easy. some hashbrowns. a little bit of fog, san mateo-santa cruz coast, and it is there, and if you're traveling highway one or around the area, that is about it. we have a northerly breeze, fairfield and brentwood sitting at 70, 60 in santa rosa, 50 in napa, the


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