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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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arena. good morning, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. they are watching us in san leandro, and at the family restaurant they are watching. they sent a picture. we are on the big screen in san leandro.  on facebook. by the way, we will have a few eggs over easy. some hashbrowns. a little bit of fog, san mateo-santa cruz coast, and it is there, and if you're traveling highway one or around the area, that is about it. we have a northerly breeze, fairfield and brentwood sitting at 70, 60 in santa rosa, 50 in napa, the coolest.
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67, a sign of warm air. 48 is closer to town in napa, and novato is 59. fairfield had a north wind at 12 and it is now calm. santa rosa north that 12, and the north wind is in place, setting the stage for a warm day. and this cooling trend is on its way thursday, friday and into the weekend. patchy fog to the south, sunshine and 70s, 80s and low 90s. 5:01 am. it is nice and quiet so far. the commutes change in this hour generally. let's start off with 80 westbound, and you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well between the carquinez bridge and the maccarthur maze,
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alive bridge picture of the toll plaza, and the traffic between tracy and livermore, mostly in the altamont pass, but no major issues. it is 5:02 am. new developments in the strength of the east bay shootings, alex savage is in the newsroom with details and what the city leaders in pittsburg did last night. >> reporter: there was a big step to stop the shootings from taking place, the pittsburg city council is installing several cameras on highway 4 were the shootings have occurred. pittsburg has surveillance cameras in place on the city streets, public parks, and the police chief plans on installing 5 to 10 new cameras on the five-mile stretch of highway 4 back -- highway 4
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back on the freeways. >> covering the lanes of traffic will be huge benefit to the citizens of pittsburg.>> reporter: in the meantime, four people are in custody following the latest freeway shootings. this was yesterday afternoon in antioch, several rounds were fired, and in the end no one was hurt. the pittsburg plan is to earmark $100,000 to install as many as 10 cameras along highway 4.>> we will check back with you later on. your time now is 5:03 am. investigating a stabbing that happened a few hours ago on the muni bus at about 1:30 am at the ninth and mission street. two men had an interaction and the suspect stabbed the victim and the torso and got off the
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bus. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries and no arrests have been made so far. we know the name of the victim that died last week after staggering into the san jose restaurant. 23-year-old juan sarah llano -- saralano, was stabbed in the neck and he collapsed in the restaurant and died. so far no arrests have been made. the fourth oakland police officer is on paid administrative leave after a possible misconduct and that happened after an officer reportedly committed suicide last fall, and he left a note stating this sexual activity between police officers and a 16-year-old girl. the police department is not identify the officers on believe. under arrest and accused of committing overtime fraud, and
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lee turned himself in, a 15 year veteran of the force and last assigned to the operations division. it is not clear when the alleged rod took place. the investigation started after a colleague reported it. new surveillance video to show you, released by the santa clara police showing two men breaking into restaurant at the joe chinese fast food restaurant near the santa clara convention center. they also broke into the business next door. one suspect was wearing and oakland raiders hat, a chicago white sox jacket. if you recognize either man, call the santa clara police. the rohnert park police have released the surveillance of the gunman that robbed the car wars, and the photos are blurry, but there they are.
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the robber demanded money from the female clerk at the rohnert park expressway. she called for help and a male employee confronted the gunman who ran away. described as an african- american man in his 30s or 40s, stocky build and gray stubble on his face. wearing a hoodie jacket, a hat in baggy blue jeans. if you have any information, call the rohnert park police. the warriors up until last night had never lost a game, and under the head coach steve kerr, steph curry scoring 26 points against the oklahoma city thunder, and broke the record. with the 3-pointers, and the warriors lost that 14 point lead, and they had their chances in the end. it was tied, and the referee missed a traveling violation
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and everybody was yelling. russell westbrook, 17 seconds left, granted a timeout instead and the thunder goes on to win, 108-102. >> when we have a better position down the stretch of the game, especially in the fourth quarter, you must take advantage of your opportunities, and we did not do that tonight. >> we know how we have to play. we have to pass and move, create rhythm for ourselves, and if they'll likely to way too many quick ones that took us out of our rhythm.>> game 2 tomorrow night at 6:00 at the oracle arena. moving to oklahoma city for game three and four. the city expecting to take a stand against those states that of recently a job did -- adopted the controversial laws against the lgbt.
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san jose considering a proposal that would ban nonessential travel to north carolina and mississippi. coming up we will have as the city sends a message of no tolerance. sanders making two bay area stops tomorrow, a rally at the santa clara fairgrounds at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, later in the evening at a second rally at the waterfront park in vallejo. the admission is free, open to the public at a first-come basis, and the doors open three hours ahead of time. two more presidential primaries today, and while there may not be much for the republicans, the democratic party unity maybe it state. we report from washington, hillary clinton is caught in the political limbo.>> reporter: two states in play for the democrats, kentucky and oregon, 116 delegates at stake,
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and not enough to change the basic math for the democratic contest. hillary clinton could certainly lose both states, and her job in reuniting the party could be more difficult. >> reporter: hillary clinton has renewed focus on the primaries, spending money and time for nomination she is almost sure to win, but self- inflicted wounds along the way. the anti-coal comments and west virginia could cost her that state, and also spells trouble for kentucky. and promising to turn the huge portion of the presidential portfolio to former president bill clinton. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because he knows how to do it.>> reporter: clearly trying to tap into the economic unease that is fueling the rise of bernie sanders, but his supporters are going to be tough to win over. we saw over the weekend how angry they are in nevada, and a
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warning for the democratic state party that sanders supporters are showing a pension for actual violence.>> we need a political revolution. >> reporter: the sanders campaigning in puerto rico, plenty to keep up the fight to the democratic convention, and even if he loses it could make a big impact.>> it is him to either service and spurred the root supporters on our company down. >> reporter: 28 delegates in oregon, not enough for donald trump to lock down the nomination technically, but he is getting there. your time is 5:10 am. a dog groomer at petsmart is arrested.>> the postmortem x- ray showed the dog had broken ribs and a punctured lung. >> what they accused the groomer of doing and how
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petsmart is responding. the trending news feature, and when the company will open its doors to the gop and who is heading to the facebook campus. good morning, looking at an east bay community, so far, so good heading 80 westbound toward the maccarthur maze. the lows are at 70 degrees, and we will show you the warm up and the big drop on the temperatures.
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the san jose sharks open to bounce back in game 2. the blues won 2-1 on sunday. the coach says he is confident in his team and they did not change the routine to prepare for game 2. games 3 and 4 and san jose on thursday and saturday. and the pitcher gets his first major win against the rangers, allowing one run on four hits. marcus simeon gets a solo home
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run to pad the lead for the a's, and they win, 3-1. the giants opened a three-game series with the padres in san diego, bumgarner will start against colin ray, and the giants have a season-high, five straight games of winning, coming off of the suite -- sweep with arizona, and the chicago cubs opening series with the best record in major league baseball. 5:15 am. last night was the hot ticket, the on say performing at the levi's stadium and santa clara in front of a sellout crowd.>> welcome to the formation tour.>> 40,000 fans came out to see the formation tour, lining up at 2:00 in the afternoon before the parking lot opened. one super fan ski -- skip the
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senior prom and graduate night to afford the $800 ticket on the front row.>> she is my idol and my hero. she inspired me to be a performer. i want to be like her when i am older. >> i just love her, she is the best.>> this is the first time beyonce has been in the bay area since the controversial 50th anniversary super bowl show controversy and he referred to police brutality and the black lives matter movement. beyonce has another concert schedule that levi's stadium in september. 5:16 am. right now the traffic is looking pretty good around the bay area. let's look outside, traffic is not bad driving on 24 through lafayette. a decent drive from walnut
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creek to oakland with no major issues. traffic looking good on 680 from concord to walnut creek and down to alamo. with the look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems getting into san francisco. northbound 101 and 280 look good in the silicon valley commute. the sunnyvale and saratoga. early enough to get a decent drive into the valley. 5:17 am. we have the table set for what looks to be a warm day. i will add quickly that if you live near the concord airport, your weather app probably says light rain, but that is not right. the skies are clear. a little bit of a mistake on the observation. not happening. warm to hot is happening today. lows near 70 degrees, and it is not only the high pressure, this north wind is taking over with temperatures going up,
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going right back down on thursday, friday and in the weekend. they may stay there for a while. fog on the san mateo coast, but this will give us some pretty warm conditions. we have a major cooling trend on tap for thursday and friday, hello dropping in for the pacific northwest. a little bit of fog on the coast, but not much chance. 70 in fairfield and brentwood, 48 at the napa airport, 60 in santa rosa. if you have that northerly breeze, it is warm. 51 in blackhawk and along the creek, lafayette at 52. fairfield at a north wind at 12, and santa rosa north at 12, and that is why these temperatures are held up. shower activity over the sierra but that is done. slow moving low in the four corners, and that low is on its
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way dropping straight down. as it does, our temperatures will plunge. today we are moving up pretty fast, patchy fog to the south, sunny and warmer and near 90 sunny and warmer and near 94 some. -- near 90s for some. santa rosa clothes, 70s on the coast, 80s around the bay. topping out today and wednesday, temperatures going down on thursday, friday and into the weekend. the best opportunity for rain is on the weekend. it is 5:19 am. facebook mark zuckerberg meeting with the republican leaders, including the senior advisor to donald trump in menlo park tomorrow. this comes after allegations of facebook repressing the conservative news. the curator in charge of the trending news remove the right- leaning articles and featured other articles even though they were not trending. facebook is denying the charge
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and zuckerberg is taking steps to ensure the do steam follows the company guidelines. organizers of the measure to triple the tobacco tax in california, they have collected enough signatures to put it on the ballot before the voters in november. the save lives coalition says more than 1 million signatures were collected and they only needed 600,000 to qualify. the initiative would raise the tax from $.87 a pack to $2.87 per pack. it would be used for anti- smoking campaign, medical research and medi-cal. it is 5:20 am. people are missing their flights due to the wrong -- long security lines across the country, and what the tsa is planning to help with the problem. the los angeles school district is rocked by the
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scandal, the settlement they will have to pay the victims of sexual abuse .
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:23 am. a texas preacher, claiming that whole foods sold him a cake containing eight gay slur made up this story. jordan brown ordered the cake  with the inscription "love wins," but he said there was a
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homophobic word added in the and he announced that he was suing the whole foods, but whole foods released this video showing him buying the cake at the checkout counter, and there was nothing offensive on it. many whole foods shoppers said they were suspicious of the allegation.'s back i take stores like that with a grain of salt and wonder if there could be some other sort of motive behind it. >> brown has apologized to the lgbt community and whole foods, "the company did nothing wrong. i was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story." whole foods said they have been vindicated and will not move forward with a counter lawsuit. the school district has agreed to pay $88 million to settle sexual lawsuits at the elementary schools, involving 30 children and their families, following the highly publicized teacher sex scandal 40 years
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ago -- four years ago. they alleged that the school district did not respond to the initial complaints of teachers making inappropriate sexual advances, leading to the major reform in the la unified school district, the second largest in the nation. a compromise ruling that could clear the way for women working for religious organizations to receive birth control under the affordable care act. the catholic charities and government lawyers have agreed in recent weeks that the employees may receive cost free contraceptive coverage without infringing on the employers religious rights. based on that understanding, the court is saying they have no need to rule on the legal questions raised by the dispute which effectively kicks the fight back to the lower courts. the white house is pleased with the decision. >> the administration has put forward an accommodation that ensures that women nationwide
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have access to health care, including contraceptive coverage, without pay i might add. we are also protecting the religious liberty. >> the decision to pass the ruling to the lower court comes at a time when the support of the supreme court numbers, a -- 8 instead of 9, avoiding the possibility of a 4-4 type. lawmakers and supporters of the legislation for state health care rallying outside the capitol, extending medi-cal coverage to children of the poor immigrant families, many enrolled in emergency coverage before. now they should have access to the full range of medical, dental, vision and mental health coverage. they expect as many as 185,000 children to sign up in the first year. your time is 5:26 am.
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still ahead, one crime and two approaches, bay area counties are fighting car break- ins but differently.>> reporter: the city of san jose may take a strong stand against the states that have laws that discriminate against the lgbt community, and we will tell you what san jose may do. the morning commute is not bad if you're driving on the san mateo bridge, okay heading to the peninsula. of the bit of fog on the san mateo coast, otherwise clear with temperatures sitting at 70 degrees.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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we have music waking up on this tuesday morning, pam cook is bobbing her head. looking southeast toward the delta, and look out in the distance.>> that is the windmills. the rio vista, windsurfing. steve probably knows were that is, and you are here with us on this mornings on 2 on this tuesday, on this tuesday, may 17 and good morning, i am dave clark.>> i am pam cook.
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back in my day i used to go windsurfing a little bit. that is a brutal sport. it will be breezy out there, and there is a north breeze settling in with 70 degree temperatures out toward vacaville, fairfield, brentwood and antioch. we are on the way, and then going right back down, a roller coaster. temperatures settling in near below average, and today and tomorrow is way above average. warm and hot, and the warming trend, but that cooling trend kicking in on thursday. for today, it looks like the half moon bay and patchy. 70 and fairfield, 49 at the nap airport, 70 brentwood, 53 palo
5:32 am
alto. for some it is cool, for others warm, and not the north wind here at nifty one in menlo park, hillsboro at 51. but when you get that northeasterly breeze, and heyward has a northeasterly breeze, and that means this is an onshore breeze, and the fog does not have much of a chance. it is at half a moon -- half moon bay south, but not much of a chance. mostly clear and we get rid of the fog and that northeasterly breeze bringing temperatures up into the 70s, 80s and low 90s. 5:32 am. do we had the metering lights on? >> yes, and the commute is getting a little bit more busy now. this is the beginning of the peak hour, and a few said that a few years ago i would tell you that it is the middle of the night, but backed up to the maccarthur maze, a 10 minute delay at the toll plaza.
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driving into san francisco, traffic looks good on one on one northbound and southbound leaving the city. looking at the centers in the silicon valley, all of the freeways look good, 880 southbound from these pay into san jose also off to a good start. 5:33 am. the city of san jose make banned the use of public funds to travel to certain states passing the controversial laws. we are at the san jose city hall to explain this decision.>> reporter: this has to do with the lgbt community, and some city council members want to stand up for the community and their civil rights. this afternoon the city council will consider approving a recommendation, seen in this memo, banning the nonessential city travel in business such as convention, meetings and other events in north carolina and
5:34 am
mississippi. in the last couple of months, north carolina passed a bathroom law prevented people from using a public restroom based on biological sex, and in mississippi the new law states that religious organizations can deny lgbt people marriage, adoption and foster care services. they can also fire or denied to employ them. city council members are putting it on the city council agenda because they want to clearly communicate that san jose does not support discriminatory policy, this goes before the council at the meeting that starts at 1:30 pm this afternoon. if they join with other states that have done this, including san francisco, la and baltimore and washington dc. >> a lot of cities could be joining after this. 5:34 pm -- 5:34 am is the
5:35 am
time. an employee at the petsmart is accused of killing a dog he was in charge of grooming, tran18 arrested for animal cruelty. the pet owner brought in three dogs in the store, and they say that he groomed the first dog, and then brought the one-year- old into the back of the store. >> three minutes after the groomer took the dog in the back to be groomed, the groomer ran out and said the dog was having a medical emergency. the owner could see the dog was foaming at the mouth and had blood in his mouth. >> he said he did not know what was going on, and he said he did not kill the dog.>> the dog was rushed to the clinic inside the store, but the veterinarian could not save him, and the dog had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. they are conducting an internal investigation and the store has suspended juan zarate, but the family of juan zarate says that he loves animals and would never hurt them.
5:36 am
someone was stabbed late last night at the san leandro bart station. the allegheny county fire department responded to a stabbing at county fire department responded to a stabbing at 11:30 pm and the victim was taken to the hospital. that is all we know and is it as we get more information we will let you know. the police in concord have identified a suspect in the killing of woman whose body was found in this city park, erick nelson should be considered armed and dangerous, and the police are on the lookout for his car, a black four-door 2003 kia spectrum, and the victim is 25-year-old parks, her body found floating near the duck on in the community park at 2:30 am yesterday morning. the police are saying she knew the suspect, but did not say the nature of the relationship.
5:37 am
san jose police arrested two suspects and connection with the drive-by shooting of the real estate agent last october. saechao and tran had been arrested after killing the real estate agent that was shot while sitting on the curb and waiting for a ride home to san francisco. witnesses say that they heard six shots, and he died at the scene, but they have not disclosed the motive for the shooting. the silicon valley company re-offering the $100,000 reward in the 22-year-old unsolved homicide of matthew flores who had been discharged from the army and moved with his wife and baby daughter to send a clear for training.
5:38 am
10 days later he was shot and killed after getting out of his car at the company parking lot. someone, somewhere knows what happened to him. >> we really need someone to step forward and provide is the key information to be able to have the family be satisfied that there has been someone identified. all we can ask is if you are out there and you have key information, please provide it. >> today would have been his 49th birthday, and this 22-year- old daughter recently graduated from college. the san francisco mensing in the video as he was being beaten by two alameda county sheriff's deputies is due in court facing gun and drug charges, petrov was indicted last month on four federal counts, three carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. petrov gained notoriety after the video surfaced showing deputies beating him with batons in the san francisco alley last november.
5:39 am
they had chased him from san leandro and say that he tried to ram their patrol cars. many bay area thieves had learned that location is everything went comes to car break-ins, repeat offenders and san francisco can serve only 10 days in jail. and the neighboring san mateo county, thieves often spend six months to a year behind bars. daly city and san mateo county share the border with san francisco, and for car burglars, which side of the street they target determines on how much time they spend in jail if they are caught. >> they may if word-of-mouth, or mother people within their groups, realize that do not get arrested in san mateo county. >> everybody caught by the police in our county for auto burglary, we prosecute. there is no free bite of the apple.>> prosecutors and judges
5:40 am
in san francisco blame each other for the relatively light sentences and handing out the fees that are accused of breaking into the cars. discovering the home that they were renting was making them sick and san leandro, the houses contaminated with mold. the home is still full of the family possessions but a cleaning company will not touch it. they got out after it was ruled that the home was hazardous to the family. >> the minute we saw the results we left, we took the kids and left.'s back we got the results on april 20.'s back i posted the placard for their safety, but at the same time it is difficult for a husband and wife, a family to move out and have their normal life disrupted.>> the family staying with relatives as they asked the property management company for the closet, relocation -- deposit, relocation and
5:41 am
replacement value for the run furnishings. the homeowner wants to fix the problem using entrance money which is a long and drawn out process. the group frustrated with the rising rent in oakland is serving notice to the city leaders. demonstrators have been protesting to complain about the rent increases, and the groups claim that more than 1000 renters are being forced out of their homes every month because they cannot afford the increases. the protesters will gather a city hall and symbolically serve eviction notices to the city council and the mayor for what they claim is a failure to protect renters. they want a measure on the ballot forcing the landlords to show just cause in order to evict a tenant. your time is 5:41 am. we have some self-driving cars, and now we have self driving big rigs, coming up at 6 clock, the san francisco startup company trying to get them on the road.
5:42 am
potentially saving lives during the big earthquake, details on the new warning system in the works in california. looking at a commute where the traffic is going to be busy, if you're driving on northbound to 80 up to highway 17. fog on the san mateo/santa cruz coast, and getting warm fast.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:44 am. trader joe's is coming to sam's is to, and trader joe's has recently filed for liquor license for a location on fourth street just below the old navy. and they met with the san francisco planning department late last year about opening a
5:45 am
downtown store. no word on when that will open. before you take a bite of your granola bar, we have a recall the tell you about, quaker oats is recalling the quinoa, due to a possible risk of listeria contamination, the chocolate nut medley bars, yogurt and fruit medley bars, and listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infection in children and those that have a weak immune system. there have been no reported illnesses. more airport screeners being hired by the tsa to cut down the long lines at nationwide. tsa blames it on the higher than expected number of passengers. you can move to the front of the light if you're willing to pay extra, applying for the tsa pre-check program, $85 for domestic flights, $100 for
5:46 am
international flights, leading to frequent flyers bypassed the lines for five years. >> i've a couple of bad knees, and my wife does also, so we need to get through these lines faster, and i don't want to take off my shoes.>> you may want to consider the services of a private company, "clear" the fastest and most predictable way to get through airport security is how it promotes it self. the screening cost is $100 per year. the internet option making his way to the bay area, at&t is launching giga age, offering 1 gb per second, and the services available in san francisco, san jose, santa clara, mountain view, san ramon and dublin beginning with $70 a month. they say that some of this gigabit service and select parts of the bay area, and
5:47 am
google will launch its fast internet in san francisco, and possibly san jose. the santa clara vta wants to offer lower fares to help you get around, offering date summer gig pass for $75, kids under 18 can get unlimited fast and light real rights all summer long between june 1 and august 31. the parents can purchase the past until july 15. the time is 5:47 am. sal is watching the roads for us this morning. >> i've noticed the commute is much busier in the last 15 minutes, and traffic continues to be slow at the bay bridge. attend a 15 minute delay, steady for the last 15 minutes and no problems getting onto the bridge. the traffic on the other bridges is not bad if you're using 880, heading south from oakland to fremont, a decent
5:48 am
commute. things are getting slower in silicon valley, not a bad commute, but of the a bit of slow traffic on northbound 101 just after the 280 interchange, but not unusual. the rest of the south bay commute is off to a nice start. it is 5:48 am, and let's take a look at the weather. mostly clear skies with a little bit of fog, and what is over the bay area will not last long. it is clear for most. some of this fog is trying to hold on but running into resistance with that north breeze and easterly breeze. and we have some warm air, 62 degrees for the northwest breeze in mount homonym -- umunhaum.
5:49 am
and we are on our way, but thursday and friday these temperatures will drop big- time, and a northerly breezes picking up for some, 70s 80s, and 90s with a few 60s on the southern part of the san mateo coast, and this cooling trend kicking and thursday, friday and the weekend. and this fog is losing out because of that northerly breeze, 70 in fairfield, 70 in brentwood, 49 at the napa airport. 60 in santa rosa, 58 in san jose, south bay temperatures in 50s, upper 40s for some. it depends on your elevation. higher probably in the 60s, lower in the 40s. 52 in cupertino. a north breeze at travis and vacaville, and a northerly breeze toward eastern solano and cost accounting. an east wind at oakland, and
5:50 am
hayward, and these showers are two par -- too far south. monterey is in this at 53. mostly sunny and breezy during the high country. and we have this line of fog, half moon bay south in the pacific is clearing rapidly, and the fog will lose out. this is a slow mover in the four corners and that will be that low dropping until -- dropping but not until thursday. near 90 for some. some patchy fog, 70s, 80s and 90s. fairfield and vacaville in there, and san jose should say 90.>> that is an error, 9
5:51 am
degrees. 90. 90 in pittsburg and anne out, and conquered is always the hottest place on the planet. 80 in berkeley, 82 in oakland, 88 morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz is tougher with that fog, and still pretty nice, 70s in the city and 80s on the peninsula, palo alto at 88. warm today and tomorrow, dropping thursday and friday, and the weekend is the best opportunity for the rain.>> so dressed like today. >> unless you are on the san mateo-santa cruz coast, yes. 5:51 am. a hip-hop festival in sacramento that extended into chaos, the deadly violence after one person's feels barbecues -- one person spilled barbecue sauce.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, your time is 5:54 am. a hip-hop festival turned violent, sold-out event at discovery park, and the deep fryer ignited a propane tank that caused a stampede and people were running from the
5:55 am
flames. six people were hurt and treated by the firefighters, and the music continued. three hours later there was a fight in the food line, a 31- year-old man hit his head on the ground and died later at the hospital.>> there is a suspect right now that is not in the police custody, and we are actively looking for the individual.>> witnesses said the fight started after barbecue sauce spilled on someone's shoes. a man in bali says he is lucky to have his arm after he was bitten by a shark. ryan was out for an early morning surf and the shark bumped him and dragged him underwater, a 7 foot long bull shark, and he managed to serve to shore and he passed out, and a friend banished them up, blue him to singapore and a total of three surgeries to save his arm.>> i turned around and started paddling as fast as i could to the beach. i remember grabbing my arm and
5:56 am
then i passed out. and i thought my arm would be gone, and i had almost excepted that in my head. >> doctors say will take a few weeks for his arm be healed, and he plans on going back in the water to serve -- surf as soon as he is able. governor brown wants to get $10 million to develop an early warning earthquake system. they are testing a system at uc berkeley, devon million dollars will go toward the hardware, $3 million left for education and training. the funding request as part of the next year's state budget. another shooting a lot highway 4 in the east bay, coming as the city of pittsburg approves a plan to install surveillance cameras, and a live report on the effort to reduce the crime.
5:57 am
looking at a morning commute doing pretty well along the bay, and we will tell you more straight ahead. already 70 degrees for some, especially north and east as this north wind kicks in, warmer temperatures. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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after a series of freeway shootings along highway 4, pittsburg is taking action, installing surveillance cameras along the freeway. the warriors are in an unfamiliar position, down after game one in the western conference finals, and what the team says they need to do. your mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, may 17, and i am pam cook. i am willing to go in and talk with the warriors. good morning, i am dave clark. steve paulson says to dress like today.>> except for the san mateo, but they will clear eventually. a few upper 40s, a lot of 50s,
6:00 am
60s and near 70 degrees. it depends whether you have a north breeze, and santa rosa does, and contra costa county. clear skies, warming up quickly, and our observer in antioch is speaking up. currently in antioch, clear with the north breeze at 3 to 7, 68.2 degrees. yesterday was 86, and today we are looking at 91. it will not take long if you are already sitting at 70. 48 in napa airport, 70 in fairfield, 52 santa rosa, palo alto's is 72, and a wide variety. mill valley is showing 49, and calistoga is already at 68, and 60 in windsor. we have warm and cool temperatures, but eventually the north wind wi


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