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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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60s and near 70 degrees. it depends whether you have a north breeze, and santa rosa does, and contra costa county. clear skies, warming up quickly, and our observer in antioch is speaking up. currently in antioch, clear with the north breeze at 3 to 7, 68.2 degrees. yesterday was 86, and today we are looking at 91. it will not take long if you are already sitting at 70. 48 in napa airport, 70 in fairfield, 52 santa rosa, palo alto's is 72, and a wide variety. mill valley is showing 49, and calistoga is already at 68, and 60 in windsor. we have warm and cool temperatures, but eventually the north wind will win out,
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and generally an offshore breeze. shower activity over the sierra is pushing to the south, and fog at half moon bay south. this factor driving through that, but it will clear eventually. near 90, for some, and 70s and 80s. the traffic is backed up with a 25 minute delay, but that is not unusual. traffic is moving along pretty well driving up to the bay bridge, but then it slows as you get to the maccarthur maze. no major problems getting on the bridge, but there is a 20 to 25 minute delay, but that is not unusual. also taking a look at the commute in san francisco, looking good approaching the 80 split. in san jose, traffic looks good, but looking at the
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traffic getting into the south bay, 880 is looking good. so traffic in a 80 hayward southbound approaching highway 92. 6:02 am. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing just hours ago on the muni bus that happened at 1:30 am at ninth and mission street. the men had at interaction and the suspect stabbed the victim in the torso and got off the bus. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, no arrests were made. in response to the series of shootings along highway 4, the pittsburg city council is installing surveillance cameras near the freeway, and alex savidge has more on the plan.>> reporter: good morning. the police chief in pittsburg is the one that is pushing for the surveillance cameras along the freeway, hoping to deter the violence along highway 4.
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they will places many as 10 surveillance cameras along this stretch of highway 4, running through the city of pittsburg. they have number of surveillance cameras, close to 100 in place in the city, in the city streets in on the public parks. the council has unanimously approved the plan to install several cameras along highway 4 were many of these shootings have taken place. the ongoing violence in the area and along this stretch of freeway is likely gang-related, and victims are being specifically targeted. this is not random violence, but still it has been big give difficult -- been very difficult for the authorities to make arrest, and they say the surveillance cameras will likely help. >> we have had two shootings within the city boundaries within the last two months, and we do not know who did the damage, and this gives us the
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opportunity to be able to do that.>> reporter: the latest car to car shooting in this area happened yesterday afternoon in antioch. people in two different cars exchanging gunfire on highway 4, but fortunately no one was hit, and for back people were taken into custody following the shootout. it is $100,000 to install the surveillance cameras, and it is unclear when they will be up and running. coming up, we will talk to the people that live in this area and what they think about more surveillance cameras pointed at highway 4 to deter the shootings. >> it will be interesting to know what they have to say. 6:04 am. and oakland police officer on paid administrative leave after an investigation into possible misconduct. an officer committed suicide last fall and reportedly left behind a note
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detailing the accusations of sexual activity between the police officers and a 16-year- old girl. the department has not yet identified any officers on leave. the san francisco police officer is under arrest accused of committing overtime fraud, dean lee turned himself in and booked on five felony charges, and lee is a 15 year veteran of the force, and last sign to the operations division. the police say that the investigation started after a colleague turned him in. your time now is 6:05 am. the warriors lost oklahoma city, 108-102, and now they must come from behind to defending nba title. up until last night, they have never lost a game one in the playoff series under coach steven kerr, and steph curry had 36 points, and he hit a new record. but the warriors blew the 14
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point lead in the third quarter, and they had their chances in the end of. they admit that russell westbrook traveled, 17 seconds left and given a timeout ins dead. then okc goes on to win, 108- 102. >> when we have better possessions, especially in the fourth quarter when we are in striking distance of taking the lead, we have to take advantage of those opportunities and we did not do that tonight. >> we know how we have to play. we have to moving crate rhythm for ourselves, and i feel like week took way too many quick ones that took us out of our rhythm. >> game 2 tomorrow night at 6:00 at the oracle arena, moving to oklahoma city for game 3 and game 4. the sharks open to bounce back in game 2 after dropping
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game 1, the west conference final series with the blues winning by a final score of 2-1 on sunday. the sharks coach says he has faith in the team and they are not changing the routine to get ready for game 2. games 3 and 4 in san jose on thursday and saturday. turning to the race for the white house, oregon and kentucky heading to the polls for the presidential primaries. not much suspense for the republicans, party unity could be at stake for the democrats as hillary clinton and bernie sanders continue their battle. hillary clinton saying that former president bill clinton will play a clinton -- critical role in the administration.>> my husband, who i will put in charge of revitalizing the economy because he knows how to do it.>> medical experts say they are trying to tap into the concern over the economy which is deal the campaign for bernie
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sanders. sanders is heading back to the bay area, making two bay area stopped here tomorrow, a rally at the santa clara fairgrounds at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, later in the evening a second rally at the waterfront park in vallejo. admission is free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis and doors open three hours ahead of time. donald trump changing his tomb it comes to tracking the voters in the race for the white house, originally he called posters a waste of money, but now he has changed his course and signed up the veteran political strategist and poster, tony fabrizio who has worked on several presidential campaigns throughout the years. a lot of talk about self- driving cars, but are you ready for the self driving big rig's? we are not kidding, the self driving truck belonging to auto
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-- otto, and equipped with software, sensors, lasers and cameras to help it to navigate the highways. otto says the technology is a long way to prevent reliable enough that a robot can be trusted to steer a big rig. eventually they envision a truck that can navigate on the highway on its own while the driver is napping. and it will do other things inside the truck.>> that is very interesting and scary. >> looking in the rearview mirror. >> there are some truck drivers out there that are not such great drivers, so the selfless driving car could be better. the petsmart employee accused of killing the dog, the injuries that the pet suffer during a grooming appointment and what the family of the suspect is saying. know your opponent, and the
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warriors fans on the oklahoma city thunder. the traffic is going to be busy, in many areas, and the golden gate bridge is looking good heading south. a little bit of fog on the san mateo-santa cruz goes, all set for the warm up into the 90s.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:12 am. beyonce was vacava levi's stadium since the first time since super bowl 50, performing to a sold-out crowd as part of her formation tour.>> welcome to the formation tour. >> thank you, beyonce. 40,000 fans came out to santa clara to see her, lining up at 2:00 and the afternoon before the parking lot opened. this super fan skip this super prom and graduate night to purchase the $800 ticket in the front row.>> she is my idol and my hero, she inspired me to be a performer. i want to be like her when i am older. >> i just lever, she is the best.>> back in february, at the super bowl halftime show, remembered the performance over the show "formation" upset some over the police brutality in black lives matter movement.
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she is another concept -- concert scheduled in september. the western conference finals, the warriors got upset and we have another installment of "know your opponent.">> reporter: a new playoff around many new challenges for the warriors and their fans, and how knowledgeable are they about all things okc, another round of know your opponents. >> what is this the fear of?>> asteroids.>> aster phobia is the fear of golden state beating oklahoma city. >> thunder? and lightning. >> that is correct. >> and oklahoma it is against a lot of take a bite out of another persons watt?
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-- what?>> apple. >> hot dog. >> potato.>> hamburger.>> you actually knew that? >> i am guessing.>> you are correct. will was the warriors name back in the day? >> thunder. which of these is the thunder mascot?>> this one right here.>> that is incorrect. that is steven adams.>> let the record show he has correctly identified rumble.>> follow-up question, what is rumble? >> a bull? a chewbacca?>> of they are?
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-- a bayer? -- bear?>> a bison? i don't know. who has their own sunglasses and it is an underwater -- underwear model?>> i don't know. who is the best dressed man in the nba, self professed? you had a lot of those right.>> i do remember thunder when we had the warriors mascot, it was thunder.>> and when the seattle supersonics moved and became the oklahoma city thunder, they had to get rid of them mascot, the thunder because you cannot have a mascot with the name of another team. >> but he was a cool mascot.>>
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he was, and then that happened. good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute, the traffic is moving along relatively well. some areas will be slow, and this is the nimitz freeway already, so traffic heading south on 880. the speeds are down, and it does not look that bad in fremont. going to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is backlit, and if you are photographer you will take a backlit shot. the traffic is okay. with a shot with some better lighting at the maccarthur maze, a little bit slow coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza, 25 minutes taking the drive from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. not bad considering the time of mourning. 6:17 am. funny you mention backlighting, another people
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take selfies, they know where the better lighting is.>> that is right, the more pictures you take, the better photographer you become. we have temperatures beginning to warm up pretty fast, not for everybody, but if you get that north breeze, and a rose, fairfield, vacaville, brentwood and antioch and we will go from a few upper 60s to low 90s. the track is going up and up, and peaking today and tomorrow and then going straight down. a good 15 to 20 minute drop for some on thursday and friday. breezy and warm, warm to hot for some, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. everybody will jump in on the cooling trend on thursday and friday. the wind may be a factor as we head toward the weekend with possible thunderstorms. we had this hanging on, and the
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seven details-santa cruz coast. the napa airport showing 48, 70 in brentwood, and san ramon at 51, san jose 57, novato 59. 64 pittsburg, upper 60s in antioch and brentwood, blackhawk at 51, walnut creek at 50, lafayette 51. time to get that northerly breeze, a sure sign that most locations will warm up today. pop up showers over the sierra, and staying to the south toward las vegas, 32 in truckee, and 46 at arcata -- 46 at arcadia, cool up there this morning. here's that fog trying to hold on, but it will have to wave the white flag soon. this low was going well up into canada, and then it will carve out over the west coast, and that will arrive on thursday and friday.
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today and tomorrow sunshine for most with warm temperatures. a little bit of patchy fog, near 90, fairfield, vacaville, upper 80s for some, and 70s for others. it all depends on the wind direction. 70s, 80s and 90s, walnut creek at 89, santa cruz is dealing with fog, so they are sitting at 74, 60s on the coast, 70s and 80s on the peninsula. about the same for tomorrow, and then here comes the cooling on thursday, sweeping over the entire area for the weekend with temperatures dropping up to 25 degrees. there will be some good rain of north, some. north of redding and red bluff. about an inch and a half is
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possible. your time is 6:20 am. a family in danville says that the home that they rented made them sick, the contamination found inside that forced them to move out as they tried to get their money back. $88 million, the settlement between the la unified school district and the teacher sex abuse cases. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:24 am. the los angeles unified school district is paying $88 million to settle sexual abuse lawsuits at two elementary schools, involving 30 children and their families. this is that highly publicized teacher sex scandal at the elementary school, alleging that the district felt to respond to the teachers making sexual inappropriate advances, and this is a major reform in the nation's second-largest school system. a compromise ruling that could clear the way for women that work for a religious organization to receive birth- control under the affordable care act. the justices avenue said that catholic charities and attorneys have agreed that employees can receive cost free
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contraceptive coverage without infringing on the employers religious rights. based on that understanding, the justices said there is no need to roll on the legal question that was raised by this dispute, kicking the fight back to the lower courts. the white house is pleased with the decision. >> the administration has put forward an accommodation that ensures that women nationwide have access to the health care, including contraceptive coverage, without pay i might add. it also protects the religious liberties.>> the decision to pass the rolling onto the lower courts comes at the time of the supreme court number for that justices is eight rather than nine, and avoiding the possibility of a 4-4 tie. your time is 6:25 am. the children of lower income documented immigrants can get
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state healthcare, rallying yesterday outside of the state capitol. the new law will extend medi- cal coverage to the children of poor immigrant families, and many were enrolled in emergency coverage, and will now have access to medical, dental, vision and mental health coverage. facebook mark zuckerberg meeting with the republican party leaders and senior advisor to donald trump in menlo park. among the allegations that facebook suppressed conservative news, former employee says that the curator in charge of the trending news would remove the right-leaning articles and feature other articles even though they were not trending. facebook denies the charges, and zuckerberg is taking steps to make sure that the news teams follow the company guidelines. a new push to solve the cold case home side in santa clara, that record being reoffered more than 20 minute -- 20 years after a man was
6:27 am
gunned down in his company parking lot. we are live in san jose where underage of teachers, students and community members boarding the bus and heading to sacramento. getting word of a crash in san francisco along highway 101. this is one of one near candlestick. northbound 101 near the candlestick off-ramp, and it could affect your drive leaving san francisco along southbound 101. we will run this down, coming up. except for the fog, not much left, all set for a sunny and warm to hot day, coming up. okay, ready?
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good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this tuesday, may 17, and i am dave clark. i am pam cook, and your time now is 6:30 am. you may want to listen to stay before you dress for work this morning. >> sunny and warm for everybody. by thursday you will need to grab the jacket because temperatures will plunge 20 degrees, but today it is sunshine in warmer temperatures, and this northern wind making it very nice. some of that fog is falling apart at the san mateo santa cruz coast, set for a fast warm up, peaking today and tomorrow. this unseasonably strong low sending the temperatures down, giving us rain over the weekend. today the wind machine is out of the north and east, a warm direction meaning warmer temperatures. a two-day warm-up and then an extended stretch of cooler
6:31 am
weather. not much left of that fog, 40s to 70s, 48 in napa, 70 in fairfield, low 50s, and not the big warm up yet at loss out those. -- los altos. 90s inland, and 6:31 am. we have at crash northbound 101 at candlestick. it is still candlestick point, even though we have no more candlestick park. northbound 101 is reporting injuries, and sending the brisbane fire department, and possibly san francisco. it is on the border, and traffic is not bad on northbound herself down yet, and we take a live look at san francisco from the camera, and you can look down on 101 and see that leaving the city is okay. getting out of the city okay so
6:32 am
far, and we will keep watching this, and airport shuttle van involved in the crash. the big sun coming up over the east bay hills, the backlit picture, showing the backup to the maccarthur maze and metering lights are on. 6:32 am. new from san leandro, someone was stabbed at the san leandro bart station, called at 11:30 pm last night, the victim was rushed to the hospital, and that is about all we know, and we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. the dog groomer at the san mateo petsmart facing felony charges of animal cruelty after the dog died in his care. brian flores is in san mateo, and he has reaction from the owner and the owner -- owner of the dog and the owner of the store. >> reporter: good morning.
6:33 am
the police may be looking at surveillance footage to get a better idea what happened. the police are certain that the gruber's role was no accident. they have arrested in charged juan zarate of san francisco with felony animal cruelty. he worked at the store. on sunday night after 5:00, the owner of the one-year-old dog dropped him off and he was taken by juan zarate to the grooming office in the back of the store. three minutes later, juan zarate came running out of the office saying that the dog was visibly bleeding from the mouth and having trouble breathing. it was taken to the on-site veterinarian inside the petsmart, but they could not revive the dog. the postmortem x-ray showed that the dog had broken ribs and a punctured lung. the spokesperson for juan zarate says that he is a caring dog owner and does not know what happened to the one-year-
6:34 am
old dog. >> he said that he did not know what was going on and that he killed the dog and that he did not kill the dog. he said the cops are here, and it was not like a conversation. he was trying to figure all of this out because he did it, and he was shocked because he did not know what was going on.'s back after a subsequent investigation there was enough to charge juan zarate for felony animal cruelty. as to exactly how the dog died, that will take a few days. >> reporter: the dog was taken to the humane society, and the results of exactly how the dog died should be out in the next couple of days. the time is 6:34 am. the police and san leandro searching for whoever shot and killed a man outside of the community center. dario cariola was attending a
6:35 am
communion party at the san leandro community center, 80 to 100 at the party at the time of the shooting, including young children. they do believe the victim was targeted. at the same time of the shooting, a gray minivan sped away from the community center parking lot, hitting the suv. two men possibly carrying guns were seen running from the minivan. the police are looking at the surveillance video is part of the investigation. the city of san jose is expected to take a stand today against the states that have recently adopted the controversial laws against the lgbt community. the san jose city council considering a proposal banning travel to north carolina and mississippi. north carolina passed a law requiring transgender people to use the restroom based on their gender on the birth certificate. mississippi law allows businesses to refuse service to
6:36 am
gay couples based on religious objection. san francisco has already adopted a law banning city- funded travel to those states. a group of south lake teachers and students time to make a difference by making their voices heard at the state capitol, traveling to sacramento to advocate and to learn. we have are reported joining us from san jose to talk about the trip, and annual trip.>> reporter: it is, going on for 14 years and put on by the head of the board of supervisors, and he is out here, and you can see behind me there are four buses. there are a lot of people gathering, boarding the buses. they are heading to sacramento. about 200 local school board members, teachers, students and pta members will go to sacramento state capitol for the legislative day of action.
6:37 am
they will meet with the state legislators and officials because they want to voice their concerns about education in their communities. while they are there they will tour the capitol and learn about the legislative process, and here's what one local teacher told us. >> it is important because i bring my students with me, and i'm a government teacher, and it is important that the students see how the government works and to meet the representatives up close and personal. i want them to be politically engaged.>> reporter: some of the people we spoke with said they plan on bringing up issues about more funding for k-12 as well as college. others plan on focusing on the common core standards, and concerns about that being taught in california. these community members will get a chance to ask the state senators and assembly members questions while they are there. it is election year, or for some of them, meeting the representative may help to
6:38 am
influence the way that they vote. the buses are in the parking lot, waiting for the last- minute travelers to board. it will be a full day for them, and they will not be getting back until 5:00. a pack today for them, and it is nice to see a lot of young people engaged and excited about going to sacramento today.>> that is exciting to see. your time is 6:38 am. a danville family in limbo after discovering the home that they were renting was making them sick. the tests showed the house contaminated with mold, and the home is still full of the family's belongings, but the cleaning companies will not touch it. they got out after they learned that the mold was hazardous to them and their four children. >> when we saw the test results, we took the kids and left. >> that was on april 20 that we
6:39 am
got the result. >> i posted the plaque or for their safety, but at the same time, it is difficult for a husband and wife, family to move out and have their normal life disrupted. >> the family staying with relatives as they asked the property management company for their deposit, relocation expenses and replacement value for the ruined furnishings. the homeowner wants to fix the mold problem using insurance money which is a long and drawn out process. people in open are angry and frustrated about rising rent and today they are serving notice to the city leaders. demonstrators have protested at the recent council meetings complaining about the rent increases. more than 1000 printers being forced out of their homes every month because they cannot afford the rent hike. protesters gathering at city hall and symbolically serving eviction notices to the oakland
6:40 am
mayor, city council for what they claim is a failure to protect the renters. the activism of the city council to put a measure on the ballot forcing the landlords to show just cause in order to evict a tenant. the police in concord have identify the suspect in the killing of a woman whose body was found in the city park, eric lamar nelson, and here is his photo, and they are also looking for his car, a black four-door 2003 kia spectra, with a california license plate number 5eny109, and the body of parks was found floating near the edge of the duck pond at the community part at about 2:30 am yesterday morning. she knew the suspect but they did not say the nature of the relationship. the time is 6:40 am. the silicon valley company
6:41 am
offering a $100,000 reward in an effort to solve a 22-year- old homicide. in moving with his wife and baby daughter to santa clara, matthew florez was shot and killed 10 days as to -- later after getting out of the car in his parking lot at the company.>> we need somebody to step forward and provide us the key information to be able to have the family be satisfied that there has been someone identified. we ask that if you are out there, and you have key information, please provide it. >> today would have been the 49th birthday of matthew florez, and is now 22-year-old daughter recently graduated from college. 6:41 am is the time, and coming up in 20 minutes, the a
6:42 am
big change coming to twitter to give users a little more room. the tale of two counties, the difference in punishment for people convicted in breaking into cars in one part of the bay area. good morning, looking at it commit where traffic is still busy on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. sunny for most of warming up fast, and a big change toward the end of the week. ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:45 am. a san francisco man seen in the video being beaten by the allegheny county sheriff's deputies will appear in federal court today on gun and drug charges. they indicted petrov last month on four federal counts, three of which carry a mandatory sentence of five years in prison. he gained notoriety after video surfaced showing the deputies meeting him on the san francisco streets last november. they chased him from san leandro and say that he tried to ram their patrol cars. 6:45 am. many bay area thieves have learned that it is location is everything when it comes to breaking into cars. in san francisco repeat offenders serve 10 days in jail, but in neighboring san
6:46 am
mateo county, the thieves will spend six months to a year behind the bars. they share a border with san francisco, in daly city and four car burglars, which side of the street they target to determine the amount of time they will spend in jail. >> if they come to san mateo city, word-of-mouth from other people within their groups, they will realize that don't get arrested in the san mateo county. >> everybody caught by the police in our county for auto burglary we will prosecute. there is no one free bite of the apple.>> prosecutor and judge is in san francisco pretty much blame each other for the relatively light sentences given to thieves convicted of breaking into cars and the city. it is 6:46 am and we will check in to find out what is coming up. >> when i join you, we will talk live with megyn kelly
6:47 am
about her one-on-one interview with donald trump that airs tonight on ktvu. remember they went head-to-head on the air and over twitter for the past several months, talking about what it took for megyn kelly to get the interview and what happened when she asked him if he was ever bullied. and think of all of the cosmetic and personal care products you already use today. the face lotion, lipstick, sunscreen. we assume that the ingredients of the products are safe, but there is no regulation for these products. california senator dianne feinstein behind the push to require the fda to the bay weight the chemicals and cosmetics for the first time, and the changes that could affect what you buy or do not buy, and this is not even half of what i have in my makeup kit. we would talk about this in 15 minutes. >> a tiny fraction. 647 is the time -- 6:47 am
6:48 am
is the time. sean minaya gets the win against the texas rangers, allowing one run out of the four hits, and they win, 3-1. the time is 6:48 am. the former giants star pitcher is heading to southern california, and tim let the come has a new deal -- tim lincecum and it looks like he will be going to the angels.>> he has great form, and we have missed seeing him. 6:48 am is the time and we will check in with south
6:49 am
people dealing with slow traffic and lafayette and getting to the tunnel. looking at the toll plaza, westbound traffic is backed up to the maccarthur maze with a 20 to 25 minute delay. san francisco north ramp 101, the candlestick on-ramp, northbound 101 not a lot of slowing even though there is an accident. the traffic could be momentarily slowing. 6:49 am. just a little bit of fog hating -- hanging on, at the san mateo coast, but that will disappear. the north breeze is kicking in for some, meaning the lows are in the upper 60s near 70, a few 40s, but nice in the city. and good morning, beautiful day overlooking the crissy field.
6:50 am
that is the spirit. san francisco 76, 54 is the average, and the record is 94 for the high and the record low as 44 in 1906. the low record of 32, and that would be the lead story if you can imagine that. well above average, and a little bit on the high side for the average low. san rafael at 61, santa rosa 62, napa airport at 48, and fairfield 70, brentwood almost 70. san jose in the 50s, and berkeley checking in with a little bit cooler, upper 40s. look at the difference between this observation and i think this is about 1000 feet up.
6:51 am
61 in mill valley, and cool for some and warm for others. the north wind is the key, northeast at oakland, north is santa rosa, fairfield, and if you get the north wind, it is taking care of that fog and holding off that thunderstorm activity. 32 in truckee, almost 70 in redding. 53 in monterey, sierra nevada is partly cloudy. most of this activity is gone, and this fog is falling apart at half boom they -- half moon bay south. and today and tomorrow sunshine and warmer temperatures, patchy fog to the south, but not holding on for long. sunny and warmer, near 90s for some, and the breeze translating into 70s, 80s and near 90 degrees temperatures. today and tomorrow will be the warmest for probably a long time. 70s and upper 80s, san jose 86,
6:52 am
cupertino 88. 70s for most, or 80s on the peninsula, and about the same on wednesday. the cooling will begin on thursday, taking us into the weekend. it could be early june. that is the way it is looking. the time is 6:52 am. burning for more than two weeks and things are getting worse. the latest trouble in canada for the workers and evacuees near that huge wildfire. he came up from behind me and grabbed me right on the elbow. >> he was attacked while on vacation in bali, the southern california surfer was able to escape from the shark.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:55 am. santa fe police have arrested two men in the death of the real estate agent, nathan and manh were arrested last week accused of shooting the 34-year-old real estate agent when he was sitting outside of a restaurant. there is no word about the motive. a southern california man vacationing in bali is lucky to
6:56 am
still have is right arm after being bitten by the shark. brian was out for an early morning serve -- surf, and the shark bumped him and dragged him underwater, a 7 foot long bull shark. he managed to get to the store and passed out, and a friend bandaged him up. he was flown to singapore and had three surgeries trying to save his arm. >> when it happened i turned around and started paddling as fast as i could to the beach. i remember standing up and grabbing my arm, and then i just passed out. i assumed that my arm would be gone, i had already almost excepted that in my head. >> doctors say will take a couple of weeks for his arm to really ill, and he plans on going back in the water as it is he can. governor jerry brown asking for $10 million to help to further develop an early
6:57 am
warning earthquake system. uc berkeley and other groups are testing the system, $7 million going toward hardware, $3 million toward education and training. the developers say the money is worth it and that the earthquake warning system can save lives.'s back a few extra seconds to have things put in place to help you. slowing down the train, opening the firehouse bay doors, stopping the elevators at the nearest floor.>> the funding request a part of the next year's state budget. time his 50s he 7 am. -- time is fifth -- 6:57 am. a gunbattle erupting on highway 4, the latest on the freeway shootings and the measures being taken to keep people safe.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ good morning. after a series of freeway shootings, the city pittsburg is taking action. we'll tell you what the city will be installing along highway 4, coming up.
7:00 am
another big day for the democratic presidential candidates as they hit two more states. pot miss that hillary clinton is making about the role her husband will be playing. welcome back, i'm i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. >> should i start fanning? >> starting already. >> you might want to, dave and gasia. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we do have a little bit of fog, just a little honestly, it's barely holding. near 70 on a few of these lows here with that north breeze. there was a little confusion there at 5:00 a.m., the concord observation satellite range. if you live near concord, buchanan, but only


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