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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> the kentucky polls are closing and hillary clinton not only hoping to win but win big trying to make this kind of an impossible senator forben to win and on the flip side, bernie sanders saying not quite yet. >> exactly. in fact bernie sanders projected to win oregon. we will have to see. >> we will have more on politics. a story out of berkeley. >> shooting at a popular park as left one man fighting for his life and police are asking the police for help in searching for the gunman. >> cristina rendon where this happened. >> reporter: the crime tape came down 15 minutes ago. a man was in the bathrooms. there was a group of young children playing basketball when shots rang out and they were rushed to safety. i want to show you video.
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police say they received multiple 911 calls from residents reporting the shooting. it happened at 11:00. a man in his 20s found outside the men's restroom and shot multiple times. that victim is at highland hospital with life-threatening injuries and the suspect was running down ward street. he is described as light skinned man also in his 20s. about 6 feet tall and last seen wearing a cream-colored shirt and baggy jeans. detectives were canvassing the neighborhood and talking to witnesses. if you have information you are asked to call berkeley police. so far they have not turned up any strong leads. cristina, has it been a violent year in the city of berkeley? >> we asked police how many sheetings they have had and i'm told this is the 13th shooting so far for 2016 and that's compared to 17 shootings they
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had total in all of 2015. so that number is considered high considering what they had last year. cristina rendon live in berkeley. cristina, thank you. the city of pittsburgh moving forward with plans to put up surveillance along highway 4. chief lobbied for the cameras because of the shootings along the freeways. the city council approved the plan to install ten cameras in an effort to deter the car to car shootings. it will cost the city 120,000- dollar and will be up and running in the next two months. a dog groomer faces charges of animal cruelty.
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investigators say after zarate groomed the dog and then said he was having a medical emergency. the dog was bleeding and it died. it shows two broken ribs and a punctured lung. crews have started a dozen great white sharks in shallow waters off of the santa cruz coast. this comes from helicopters out of watsonsville that says the video was shot near sunset state beach. ann reuben will have a report as to what shark experts have to say coming up at five. as we mentioned voters in oregon and kentucky went to the polls in democratic primaries and getting the results from kentucky. just minutes ago, in fact vermont senator bernie sanders as you see here, he took the lead from former secretary of state hillary clinton by two percent of the vote.
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this was early with six percent of the precincts reporting. 55 delegates up for grabs in kentucky. the polls in oregon close at 8:00 and 61 delegates at stake here and hillary clinton hoping for a win in oregon. the most recent poll of voters there just last week showed that clinton would have a double digit lead over sanders. let's bring in our political reporter ross palumbo. let's talk numbers. early in kentucky obviously but let's say sanders pulls it off and let's say he pulls off oregon. a hill to climb to get the nomination, correct? >> yes. it is going to be bad news for hillary clinton if sanders wins in kentucky because hillary clinton has been favored in the polls and also bernie sanders is favored in the oregon policy by 15 points. so you are seeing the exact opposite in the results that are coming in but way too early with less than 10% of the
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precincts reporting. to your question, if he pulls off both states, right, he will have a net gain of 8 delegates, the estimate and that won't bring him closer to hillary clinton's lead. she has been leading about 300 points pledge count. >> she has not had a solid victory and campaigned hard in kentucky and beat obama in 2008 and campaigned hard in michigan and lost. >> the impact would be as you mentioned worse for hillary clinton with the loss than bernie sanders. >> right. exactly. in kentucky back in 2008, she beat obama by 35 percentage points. she doesn't win this time it will look bad. for the momentum bernie sanders picking up the last two primaries, west virginia and nebraska, this is what happened in 2008, the same thing happened in hillary clinton. she was closer to president obama back then and she won the last ten states.
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but still got the nomination. that is just how it worked and how it is set up. for bernie sanders, the big question is what happens in california. that is where he is hoping to get the momentum coming. i was going to say that is proof of how important california is. we mentioned bernie sanders on a roll and the has two primary wins. talk to me about the influence that has. i mean when you look at the democratic campaign and you see that sanders is continuing to win and people are kind of looking and saying hillary clinton is ahead like you know ... >> it is about the psychology. that is where he is focused on. we saw in the nevada state democratic party, all of that violence breaking up because people believe that bernie sanders should be winning although he is not when it comes to the delegates. for hillary rodham clinton it is a distraction and donald trump attacking her and bernie sanders attacking her and it is hard for her but the math is with her and that's the most important thing right now. >> we have talked about donald
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trump and he is getting health by hillary clinton's super pack and you have women seen in the ad and mouthing his own words. he is trying to defend that. megyn kelly, fox news will sit down and air the special she had with donald trump. she spoke with us on our morning show. let's take a listen and i want to get your reaction. >> the whole theme of the interview is about temperament and who is donald trump and why does he make these choices? request he feel empathy and does he understand the consequences of his remarks, take me out of it but entire groups of people, mexicans and moslems and women. does he understand when he says things like that it make classes feel? >> my impression was that donald trump wanted to be liked in this exchange, that he was -- i don't know just more
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gentle and yet there are some very surprising moments in it where i think the audience will be feeling like -- right, like i have to watch but i feel uncomfortable. >> it is the biggest moment we will see with donald trump in weeks along the campaign trail. the interview will air on our station at 8:00. the rains i'm sure will be through the roof for that. with women, he has less than 70% approval with women. a key constituency, you can't win the white house with those numbers. this is his chance to redeem himself. this battle with megan kelly has been going on since august when he said those things to her that she was bleeding out of her quote wherever, remember that and women have not forgotten that it. that commercial came up several week early and started to air last night and powerful and making headlines. >> we will see abc 10 news at
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8:00. that was enough, that tease was enough. what are we going to be cringing about? >> tense moments. >> i'm sure we will. >> and this is history. >> of course. it is tech tuesday and we are talking about technology and technology in the classroom. we will show you the new tool helping teachers and administrators create curriculums to tackle the common core problems. outside the door, the heat is on. you will take a look at the current conditions and talk about a cool-down that begins tomorrow. coming up. right now on our facebook page, an x-rated ad. find out what people had to say. check it out on our facebook
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page. 101 san francisco, definitely a slow start. giants on the road in san diego. but don't forget your oakland a's home against the rangers at the coliseum. the four on 2 will be right
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back. a noticeable warmup over the bay with some of our warmer stops in the low 90s. temperatures are peaking this afternoon and we will begin sue see them drop off but let's get to the details. a look in san francisco
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pointing to the west where you see future tower and no clouds to speak of. inland we are clear and we are warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. take a look at some of the numbers. 93 degrees outside your door still at this hour. at santa rosa 89 and upper 80s in livermore and concord 91 and san jose 88 and around the bay a warm day in redwood city, 87 and 89 mountain view and low 80s in oakland and hayward and a localized breeze and even though the wind is northeast helping to drive the numbers, a few spots have had the sea breeze. half-moon bay, one of those spots. 64-degree and one of the cooler spots you can see here. 76 in san francisco. going back to oakland for the folks heading to do the tailgating. warm one and it will be beautiful for a ball game. 11 degrees warmer in oakland than 24 hours ago.
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in 12 and hayward by 11 santa rosa. 11 degrees warmer at this hour than san jose. these numbers are impressive and earlier in the afternoon around 3:00 when someone of us hit our peak, some of the numbers were 15 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. in a nutshell, we will turn the corner on the heat and begin a cool down. here is a look at what is going on. the high pressure often the pacific and we have a system to the east of us. we are lodged in between and that is what has brought us northeast flow and you can see the upper level winds push the fog off of the coast and plenty of sunshine and the wind will shift as early as tomorrow morning. we are back to an onshore breeze and stop it here by 5:00 and the arrows pointing southwest. a light breeze and sort of trickling in around the coast and bay and as we get in the afternoon, if it picks up enough our inland communities will feel it and for tomorrow a warm day especially inland, not just as hot as today.
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temperatures for tomorrow morning, looking at 57 degrees to start your day in pacifica and 56 in san francisco and 57 in oakland and low 60s in antioch and livermore so it will be relatively mild when we start the day. onshore breeze kicking in, if it is strong, we will see temperatures come down quite a bit. fit is a weak onshore breeze temperatures will come down a few degrees for the inland communities. here is a look at hayward. upper 70s in the forecast and today in the low 80s. and a look around the bay, 87 for antioch and 87 santa rosa. upper 60s expected in san francisco. and the extended forecast here so cool-down will begin tomorrow and it may be a minor one and we will have to see how strong the sea breeze pulls in and at what time as we get to thursday. a notable drop in the temperatures and as we get in the bay area weekend, the slight chance of a few showers and i will detail that in the next few hours.
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we like that, thanks, rosemary. keba, to you. tech tuesday and we are talking about technology in the classroom. many schools have ipads for their students and computer labs are commonplace and teachers are tracking student project. it is an online platform for teachers and administrators. with us via skype is brittany, a high school math teacher and the director of mathematics in los angeles and she is speaking with us on behalf of edulastic. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> talk about edulastic and how it works. >> an online assessment tool that teachers and myself use to determine our students' progress towards learning certain progress. it helps us to collect information and about how our
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students are doing through interactive problems, that engages students beyond the typical multiple-choice. >> i heard this is supposed to reduce stress. explain the benefit as opposed to doing it the old school way. is this helping teachers and administrators more or students indirectly as well? >> it helps to prepare the students for the state test that they take in california which is assessing their understanding of the common core standard and it helps get them used to different -- different waves of answering questions and drag and drop and typing in responses and using an equation editor and graphing and it helps the students use the tools in a way that helps them deepen their understanding of the mathematical concept. instead of i circled the right answer, they are thinking about
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the problem on a deeper level and so it is deepening their learning. >> britney you are an 11th great math teacher. >> yes. >> and how are you seeing a difference in your classroom with your students? >> reporter: my students are able to take more ownership over their learning. so when they track their progress and they know exactly what they have to work on, they are able to better ask for help. you hear their language change from how can i get a certain grade or help me with the functions and that's a deep skill for a high school student to have, to know what they need to ask for help on. >> if we look at the bigger picture when you look at technology in the classroom. it seems the students are growing up with technology or they will be left behind, do you agree with that? >> i think that is any school
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that we can get our students to have more time to learn in the classroom and make learning more efficient and give them all of the possibilities, i think that we should do that. i think that using technology in the classroom helps me analyze more quickly how students are doing so i can give them feedback so we have more time to learn more. >> it seems like this is the way we are going. not so much with high school students but i feel you notice it more with the elementary school and the kids that have are more access to technology versus the ones that don't. >> i think it is really just about making use of the resources you have and trying to help the students with anything you can. >> okay. >> yes. >> thank you, britney. it is called edulastic and thanks for spending time with us today. >> thank you so much. >> criminal charges for the company behind a massive oil spill in southern california. the penalty they could face for the environmental damage of 140,000 gallons of oil.
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that and more when we come back.
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flush. texas oil company indicted on dozens of criminal charges in connection with an oil spoil in santa barbara. the two foot underground
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pipeline was severely corroded when it ruptured. 140,000 gallons of crude spilled in santa barbara and los angeles and nine miles on the pacific. pelicans and sea lions died. state attorney harris outlined the four felony charges against the company. >> this case should serve as a stark reminder that any company operating in our state and transporting crude oil and doing it in a way this is a irresponsible and in violation of the law will be held accountable. >> officials with the pipeline says the spill was accident and that it believes that no laws were broken. there is 2.4 million in fine. >> the senate providing $1.1 billions to battle an the zika virus. >> as health experts warn the zika virus is beginning to
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threaten the continental united states. >> reporter: the white house and congress has been battling on how to combat the zika virus. it is a real crisis. whether in puerto rico, florida, texas, we don't know where it will end. >> poses a threat to pregnant women and causes babies to have small heads. >> we have to continue to make sure we have funding. >> the obama administration requested 1. 9 billion dollars in zika funding and funding was proposed on monday to slice it down and to use unspent ebola funding and it would cut president obama's request down to one billion dollars. public health officials say much more is needed to pay for mosquito control efforts. >> we have 59 countries
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reporting zika infection. >> is this about risk assessment and management. >> reporter: the world health organization is worry about the zika virus. >> i do share of the concern of some athletes and travelers and as i said it is individual position. >> the house is expected to take up its zika bill this week. doug mceluvia fox news. the democratic primary out of kentucky happening there. the polls have closed the standards. 47.4% for bernie sanders. may 1976. like today the golden state warriors in the nba but something else was going on.
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49 years ago. two california wines beat out french wines. it changed the napa valley. we will talk live in the studio for a winemaker getting started at one of the wineries back in 1976. from a few days in jail to a few minutes, the different approach to punishing those that break in to cars in two bay area counties. we will break it all down for you when the four on 2 returns.
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all right. it was an international competition that changed the world's view of california wines. on may 24th, 1976, california people went for a blind test and run. it became known as the judgment of paris. saber nays judged the best. the winery was bill in 1882 and in the 1970s james bareyard modernized the production and how his chardonnay beat out bottle shock. in the 4x4 taking four minutes to talk to a winemaker there in the napa valley in the historical moment some 40 years
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ago. joined by wastabo wine. congratulations on having the label. >> thank you. >> i want to take you back to '76, i want to know how blind- sided the french were, did they have any inclination of what was going on? that there was good soil there? >> they did not. a chance they were taking and a risk and at that time we were making some awesome wines and making wines that with passion. >> how nervous were you? it is a blind test, reputations at stake. how nervous were you and did you think the california wines would outshine the others. >> no one had an idea. no one thought about it. they had a history behind it and we were just starting out and brand new industry and we didn't think we had a chance
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but we welcomed the opportunity. >> one reporter showed us because it was a slow news day and fast forward to june 7th, that's when the article was buried deep and within days that wine was selling out in america. what happened after the taste test was done? >> it propelled the napa valley into a different direction. it brought out folks from around the world and the french came into the valley and started to make champagne houses and new yorkers came to napa to start out restaurants and los angeles, new york, and saw something our locals did
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not see. that was great. >> financially it was a boom for you guys. and what about the french wines. did you see less imports or exports on their side coming to america in the years and decades to follow after that taste. >> no. we welcomed them. >> was it a bitter rivalry? >> we didn't know. we were just pleased we were part of that process. >> i was reading someone that only one of the nine judges had taken of taste of california wines and the person told the judges you know a california wine just won and the judges were trying to segment the wines for the testing to make sure they didn't win. did you at some point think, okay. we won but there is no chance that the reds would take first place?
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>> that was unheard of. we went two for two. >> yes. >> take us since then. it has been 40 years, tell us where your career went, where you are now and i know your paying for wine still exists. >> well, 40 years it is correct. i started 40 years ago. and this is the 40th anniversary. i am really fortunate and lucky and with the brand of wastabo wine as part of the notoriety we have been doing well. and we are local and we do everything by hand. we do everything the old- fashioned way and it pays off. it is a lot -- more fun that way and more energy and behind. making those lines and it is a genuine process and not
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something that we just go through the motions with. i was wondering how much of a difference it was being the boss and if it took you away from the wine making and being there in the vicinity yards but it seems like you are doing everything. >> it is critical. you have to be there and be involved. it is your name on the bottle and your name on the company but you have your own style and your own line that you want to share with the world. >> we know that there in napa valley it will be celebrations to mark this moment when the french monopoly was crushed forever. tell us what will take place? >> we have our own celebration this week. the information about the -- our event, you can download the information from our web page
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and chateau blando has their own events and we embrace the whole community. we would like to have visitors come and enjoy. >> sure. >> you haven't seen a 1973 chateau bottle hanging out somewhere? >> no, the last bottle i donated to lady dianna for around the world. >> thank you so much for being here with us. >> thanks very much. absolutely. all right. still to come. a massive wildfire in canada is moving towards energy production facilities. swept 870,000 acres fueled by high temperatures and strong winds in alberta. the same fire that forced more than 80,000 people to flee their home after it broke out
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on may 1st. a mandatory evacuation order is in effect for 600 more people and emergency officials are asking others to leave the area as a precaution. the fire is threatening the region's oil sand drilling industry but at this point has not reached oil supplies. the fire is going 15 to 20 kilometers to the south of the major facilities. >> we are are hopeful that we will hold the line and if not we want to make sure that the people's lives are taken care of. >> the fire has led to a shutdown of crude oil facilities cutting about a million barrels a day. car break-ins are familiar in san francisco but what is deterring the thieves. we are going to talk about a cool down beginning tomorrow.
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have a look at that and your extended look at the weekend coming up. >> there is the san mateo bridge. about 7 miles long going east and west. highway 92 not bad as you make your way to the peninsula. >> look at that dog. so pretty. fox overhead. hanging out this afternoon. a beach day, folks. the four on 2, we will be right back. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay
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honda area dealers. continuing our election coverage. we have updated numbers coming into the ktvu newsroom from the primary in kentucky. where the polls have now closed and as you can see here, sanders now at 47.3% of the vote. clinton with 45.8. this is pretty early. just 41% of the precincts reporting but again in the state of kentucky, a state that hillary clinton campaigned hard in, sanders with a slight lead. if you are wondering where are the republican numbers they had the caucuses in march. the democrats there. have them in oregon. we will wait for that. >> would haven't telling you about the skyrocketing number of break-ins in san francisco but it is a different story in san mateo county. >> that county and the leaders
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say it is a different in philosophy when they catch burglars. they say the crooks are going to jail and the word has gotten out. >> we have more in segment two. >> you got hit, what happened? >> we have three car thieves. >> an alarmingly common site. this tour group from china stopped at the palace of fine arts for half an hour. when they got back, all three of the rental vans have been burglarized. >> every car. camry and small suitcase and handbag and three cars. officers that reported to the scene say it is all too common. so typical we found cars broken in hereby day after day after day. every time we came to this location we saw new burglar victims. the burglaries are targeted cars and rental vehicles. if you talk to anybody in san
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francisco they seem that they have a story about having their car broken into. >> it is all around the city and other cities but i feel here more. >> across the county the blocks are split, half of it is san francisco and half of it is daly city. >> daly police sergeant ed green says officers patrol around the border with san francisco. he says when they catch a burglar it is not uncommon for the as opposed to say they would rather get caught in france than the streets he patrols. >> the bad guys coming here, they might separate them out from other people in their groups and realize that don't get arrested in san mateo county. >> district attorney steve wasday has said they are aggressive. >> we prosecutor the crimes. >> repeat offenders in san francisco can serve ten days in jail. in san mateo it is six months to a year. >> everybody that is caught by the police in our county for
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auto burglary, we are going to prosecute. we don't divert them out. no one free bite of the apple. >> for burglars it is a razor's edge. its is as simple as which side of street they target. >> i have heard the tape of an interview where daly county made an arrest and they say darn i was in the wrong side in san mateo county and i know what they are going to do to me. >> fox 2 went down to the county line that cuts across geneva act to see the difference for ourselves. >> they are looking to get into that car and they will smash the window and grab what is in play view. >> they prosecuted 48 cases county wide for auto burglary in 2015 and compare that to san francisco, a much larger city with 26,000s break-ins last year alone. da george gascon says his office took act on 80% of the cases they were given and that
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number is only 1.5% of all of the car burglars that occurred. >> we have a problem that has increased in the last year and there is not significant police action on it. >> gascon has pointed the finger at judges and the judges said to the d.a. he is too likely to cut deals but in san mateo. >> they have a record we will prosecutor them as felonies and punish them as felonies. that's our belief on how you try to deter a problem. >> back in san francisco, tourists say although they were burglarized it could be a long- term problem. >> i am from china and we are bringing groups here and i am going to talk about what happened. >> so san mateo district attorney saying it is
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philosophical and his county just completed 500 bed jail ready to be filled with burglars and other burglars if need be and they had to prosecute 48 cases last year and that's easier for one county to handle. what struck me was the number in san francisco. i live there and 26,000? >> you did the math. >> it is like 75 a day and he mentioned house of fine arts. i was there this week and three parented that lair cars broken into and we were at my daughter's ballet rehearsal and three parents had their cars broken into. >> rosemary orozco. a beautiful day? >> yes, you are right. the warmest day is upon us and for some a little bit hot and we are receiving facebook messages from folks asking when it will cool down? i think we will cool down tomorrow. a minor one. take a look at this. a beautiful view over santa
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cruz. who doesn't like hanging out in santa cruz. they started off with fog, one of the only spots that had fog and the rest of us wall-to-wall sunshine and santa cruz cleared up. here is a look in the east bay where the winter winds struggling to move. 93 right now in santa rosa and 74 in san francisco and oakland at 81 degrees and a warm day out of the coliseum for folks heading out to see the game, livermore 9 and as i showed you, these numbers anywhere from five to ten to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. this could be it. we turn the corner for wednesday. verge of high pressure in the pacific remains. system to the easts of us and as i showed you, we are locked right in between and the upper level winds here easy to see coming offshore. really knocked the cloud cover out of the way and drove the temperatures as expected. i will point you to a system
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that will work for the bay area as we get in the days ahead and when it does we begin a cool down and brings us the possibility of rain. i will push you to the rest of the week and we will take care of wednesday. thursday afternoon the system bringing rain to washington and oregon as we get to friday we have more cloud cover and the temperatures are cooling off by now. it looks like by friday northern california beginning to see some of this and now into saturday and this is the best chance of seeing a few scattered showers. maybe even isolated storms and sunday 30%. not a huge deal but we could get scattered showers come the week. tomorrow morning, a few patches of fog along the coastline and the onshore breeze will come back and when it does it will cool the temperatures down a bit. the cooler temperatures minor for the inner communities and we get a big drop in temperatures for thursday. tomorrow looking at 60s along the coast.
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a lot of 70s and 80s for the bay and notice the bay moves back towards the central valley. we are not looking at a whole lot of 90s at least for us here in the bay area. more like mid to upper 80s expected. tomorrow morning, 50s for areas like hayward and 56 and 58 for san rafael and 56 for redwood city and low 60s for the inner east bay and 63 expected in antioch. feels like summer. but here are the afternoon highs expected for wednesday. upper 60s san francisco and upper 80s for concord and antioch so we are looking at three to six degrees of cooling as we get to wednesday. by thursday, the notable drop will come. temperatures for the inland communities in the low to mid- 70s. 60s around the bay as well as the coast. we clouded up and we bring in the poke for showers on saturday. with more possibility on sunday. take a look. we are watching this from the
4:49 pm
set. over one of our monitors, isn't this just gorgeous? we are not showing you cal. there is a lot of marine lane. >> the tv jinx. >> it happens. >> of course. >> we will find them again for you. >> we are watching them. so cool. >> it was cool. let's check in with julie in the newsroom with a look at stories we are working on. julie parents want the best for their children especially for school. they sure do. a little known state law that will get kids out of low performing schools into better ones. tonight at five, why an east bay father faces challenges trying to have his child transferred. we are learning about the family behind this missing toddler whose mom was found dead. >> new details about that missing san francisco toddler and her mother who was found dead in a san francisco park. police are now looking at three people and today we met with the woman's two sisters. the heart breaking story of what they are going through and the toll it is taking on their family. we are working on these stories
4:50 pm
and much more. coming up at five. we will see you then. julie, thank you.
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stay with us. look at justin go there. timberlake release his new video for can't stop the feeling. this video is trending for
4:53 pm
release on november 4th. >> voices include justin timberlake and zoe chanel. some people saying it lost a little swag. >> it is fun. >> you are picky. >> i am. i say bring sexy back justin timberlake. >> it made me feel good and smile. >> it looks like a good video. >> don't have much of a say on it. >> he is a good performer. >> he is. >> we are talking about things that are trending which obviously justin timberlake. >> 33 years ago. michael jackson performed the moon walk for the first time on a motown special. well the tv special aired, do you remember this? i bet many of you do. 1983. widely hailed as a break through performance when he took the stage solo performing
4:54 pm
the show billie jean. >> this spoke to me like time almost stopped. when that happened. >> still rocks. >> it is hard to believe that he initially declined this agreement to perform but he changed his mind because he was able to perform it so well. that's what he wanted. >> but that move became his signature move. >> everyone was trying to do it. >> cab calloway in the 30s that said he got off of that that did it and same davis, jr. >> morphed it into that. we were all doing it. >> not quite the same. >> coming under fire for another one of its filters. >> this side by side was shown and making the rounds and an example. the photo on the right, that's the original. the left one shows what they
4:55 pm
call beautifying filter. that filter and it adds that flower crown. the complaint is that some are saying it white washes users and snapshot got flock. bob moreley filtered that on april 20th and some users say this was the digital equipment to black face and that is what they would do with darken anyone's face to have the bob marly type of look. you saw the picture. i guess it depends on your personal opinion. what offends you and what doesn't offend you but it lightens up your skin. >> it does. the four on 2
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