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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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back. >> special needs students losing buses. the livermore district is using cabs. >> not riding school buses. they did not bid on that and so a new mode of transportation.
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>> the yellow durham buses will no longer be seen at livermore schools. one bus driver asked not to be identified transports 22 special needs students each day to and from school and underwent intensive training to work and care for students on these trips. >> 265 special needs students take a bus to school. livermore says they will not be using this bus service but instead using cabs but they say parents don't need to worry and things not in the back seated of the cab to get to school. >> they provide cab as much as and a majority of transportation and other means and the majority will be provided through van access. >> the cab company in pleasanton ordered 32 vans to service the livermore schools. >> they will communicate with us. we have some children that have to be air conditioned at a certain temperature. and if it gets too warm they
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can go into a seizure. >> the drivers will be background checked and receive special training to work with special needs students. >> we have trained drivers now and specifically the department is providing train to go to drivers. >> students will use the yellow durham buses for summer school and will ride to school in these new black vans this august. >> this photo access transportation says parents can call the company directly with questions before they take kids to school on august 22nd. >> new details in the case of a missing san francisco toddler and their mother found dead in clearon park. police are looking at three people. tara moriarty met with the women's two sisters for the first time visited the scene where her body was found. >> reporter: this is the first
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time that nicole's sisters and sister-in-law saw the shallow grave where her body was dumped. >> next to a children's playground at mcclearon park. >> i don't know how anyone could do this to her. it is unbearable. >> park workers found her body concealed under a piece of wood. >> it is awful. >> the trio choked back sobs. >> as they describe what a generous and loving mother nicole was to her 2-year-old daughter arianna that disappeared in february. >> it is unfathomable. it is. and i am angry that someone took her. >> nicole, an employee at best buy was struggling to make friends meet and they left her daughter in the care of this woman. we tried to talk to her today but were told she was
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unavailable. >> she must be devastated because she knew them. >> she hasn't talked to them about it. >> friends say she gave arianna to helena martin. >> can i talk to you about arianna and nicole? weren't they last seen in your apartment? do you know who i'm talking about. >> the martins refuse to speak to ktvu. they have not cooperated with the investigation and have provided inconsistent statements. >> we understand they were last seen with you. >> they have hired an attorney. >> you were the last people that had contact, why weren't they forthcoming with sharing information. >> we are making an assumption that they are the last people to have contact and i don't know that to be the case. >> the martins and herns have not been made suspects. helena says she has been
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targeted up fairly. she served six years in prison in 2001 for killing the father of her child. >> appears to be cold. >> meanwhile, nicole's sisters grieve for nicole but hold out hope that arianna is alive. >> she belongs at home. she needs to be at home. [ crying ] >> to not see the kids' birthday and be there for us. there is no reason. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the vote was unanimous. cameras on the east bay highway. it came after two people were killed and one was a mother of four young kids. the cameras should be up and running in the next few months. >> this stretch of highway 4
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through pittsburgh will be under surveillance. last night the city council green lighted a plan to install ten cameras along the freeway in hopes of detouring more car to car shootings. anxious commuters believe the new cameras can make a difference. >> they should hopefully show down a little bit but i don't know. people around here do what they want. they will shoot on the freeway. >> pittsburgh has 100 surveillance cameras in streets and public parks but lately it seems gang feuds are spilling on the freeway with rolling gun battles that put innocent drivers at risk. >> we will more safer and hopefully we will be able to catch the people involved. a lot of us are starting to get afraid of driving on the freeway. we don't know if we will be involved in the cross-fire. >> just yesterday there was a shoot out on highway 4 in antioch. nobody hit here and police were
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able to take four people into custody. in many cases it is difficult to make arrests because those that open fire can make a speedy give away. >> there is no cameras to catch them and they know it is a quick get away. >> the city council in pittsburg has earmarked one hundred thousand dollars to install the new cameras and once they are operating, officers will be able to access the footage from their phones while they are out in the field. >> again that was alex savage reporting. the police department points out that these cameras are not going to be used to try to catch moving violators. moving violations by drivers as one captain put it, they are not speed cameras. but the cameras could be used as evidence. a state law to get kids into better schools. new at 530. the challenges the bay area father faced to get his kids to
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transferred. >> two more states holding democratic primaries. two more results coming in. sharks swarm a popular northern california beach. the reason scientists say we are seeing them so close to shore. tracking the warmth. we are working in low 90s in the inland valleys. how long will they get back after the break.
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today voters going to the polls in democratic primaries. >> and getting results from kentucky where 5 delegates are up for grabs ross palumbo is here now and it looks close. >> the polls in kentucky closed and let's take a look at the
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latest numbers. bernie sanders has a thin lead over hillary clinton. look at that..7% right now. but keep in mind that largest city in kentucky is louisville and the metro area and the votes are not counted and that specific county. jefferson hillary clinton is ahead. so she holds that lead and she could take out and win in kentucky. and that's what the polls say. it has kept her consistently about two percentage points ahead. >> a razor in this thin margin. >> people say he has the momentum so why is he not winning? all of the races are proportional. if he wins by 10 or 15% when it
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comes down to the delegates, only gets one or two, he has 300 delegates to catch up to hillary clinton. he would need more than 90% of the remaining delegates to break even and that's highly unlikely. >> according to the real clear politics poll. if you put sanders against trump. sanders is up by 13% and if you put clinton against trump only up five percent. that said sanders is way behind in the delegate count. do you see there being increase the calls for sanders to either drop out now or drop out after the california primary on june 7th or do you see this becoming a fight perhaps at the actual convention? >> this is his argument that he does better head-to-head with donald trump. and keep in mind donald trump has never attacked bernie sanders and has not attacked the same opposition that hillary clinton has and that's why the clinton campaign says that sanders does better head
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to hasn't been put to the test. the democrat parties. like feinstein has said he has to think about what he is doing to the party and many are calling to step down the day of the california primary. if he doesn't win in polling hillary clinton is ahead. >> if she is elected president she would tap her husband, bill clinton to be in charge of the economy, something that is the most important thing to voters. she is a female and could be the first female president but i would say i would tap my husby to take over the economy. >> and the language is everything. she said she would tap her husband and she means in an advisory roll. she is not saying she wants him in a cabinet level position. she -- people from the campaign had clarified that. that caught a lot of republicans. most people have fond memories of the clinton administration. the republicans say the economy
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is now far different now than the 90s. >> sanders does live in kentucky and he does live in oregon. what does that mean? >> that means that he probably would get an eight delegate lead with hillary clinton. it is all proportionate. if he barely squeaks out a victory and wins in oregon by 15%, that is the projections, he will get within 8 more delegates and she is 300 ahead. back in 2008, hillary clinton was in the exact same position. she won the last ten states and was closer to barack obama. at the convention, who got the nomination? >> right. ross, thank you. fox news anchor megan kelly primetime interview with the likely republican donald trump airs tonight. the first interview with donald trump since they faced off in august. she asked him about his treatment of women.
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he was asked if he was trying to be more presidential? >> my impression was donald trump wanted to be liked in this exchange. that he was -- i don't know, just more gentle. and yet there are some very surprising moments in it where the audience will say i feel uncomfortable and what will happen next. trump says he thought kelly was unfair and you can watch the interview right here on ktvu tonight at 8:00. kelley also interviews actors michael douglas and la vern cox and o.j. simpson defense attorney robert shapiro. >> tracking the weather and in monterey bay. we have been down here and just
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a beautiful shot. these are sea otters, they are feeding and you will see them back with a couple of babies and the ones attached to them. and they are frolicking. and something cool going on. this is 38th avenue and the first peak pleasure point and the otters are having heck of a time and we have seen wildlife and dolphins feeding and a sardine school of fish and basically a bait pod of fish and they are seals and dolphins going at it eating sardines and we are watching otters and look at the clarity of the water. >> so much fun to watch.
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>> i am amazed at the kelp field. >> monterey is known for its kelp and in the last five years, we have had more wildlife visible in this area. monterey and now off of our coast between the bay that i can remember and look at the clarity of the water. >> it is so pretty. >> isn't that stunning? we could see dolphins and seals and you can see them diving down. see to the bottom right, that shadowy looking thing. that's sardines right there. they are sardine pods and they are moving like birds and something feeds on them that you will see, like i bet there is something feeding on them and they will break apart and they will move and feeding on them right there. and watch -- see it moves like a hive. >> like a beehive. >> this is the monterey aquarium. bill, can i ask you a question?
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you have been surfing in years, have you noticed a difference in terms of how much wildlife or is constant. >> look at that julie and frank. isn't that cool feeding on it. you are seeing something unique and the water clarity is great. i will give you the forecast. i will give you the five day. you got to watch this. this is stunning. so no, what we got are seals it looks like. maybe california sea lions. i can't tell the size. they are feeding on the ball and they round it up and they blast through the middle and feed on it. the sea life right now, i have never seen anything like it. i have heard stories in the 50s and orcas in santa cruz but in the last five years, the number of whales and hump backs and dolphins, it is just going off the hook. >> you have noticed a difference? >> yes. like we are now. we sent a chopper down here 6 years ago and you would be hard
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pressed to find an otter. there are otters all over the kellp field. >> are they normal to be that big? >> that is a really kelp bed. people in santa barbara are trying to get it back. it is a healthy sign and good for the eco system and santa barbara is known for that. >> what does that tell you to lead to that? >> i don't know. it is a shift in something. the base of those sardines, those hundreds of thousands of millions of sardine, that is what draws everything in. the beginning and the bottom of the food chain. there is just a lot of feeding up here now. you see the birds flying. i will get to the five-day forecast. i got excited and i bet you did too. it is stunning. the five-day forecast today was warm and we got up in the low 90s. tomorrow it cools down.
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into the upper 80s but not cold and just cooler. as we head towards the weekend there is a slight chance for a sprinkle. thank for indulging us in that. that was cool. >> still to come. dozens of great white sharks off of the shore of santa cruz area beach. today, scientists went up in the air to take a look. why they say the conditions are perfect for them to be seen this close to shore. some more shots from the santa cruz harbor. >> new at six, a conviction overturned for a northern california man that spent 20 years in prison. now word of compensation for all of that time he spent locked up.
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from sky fox you can see it is a picture perfect dayton at the santa cruz beach boardwalk and right now the santa cruz beach boardwalk is leading online contest. it is being put on by u.s. today and you can vote at beach or on the usa website. just off of the boardwalk. el niño is bringing great white sharks in the area. >> scientists took a tour to get a look. sky fox 2 is live over where the sharks are spotted. we have seen activity that we were just watching in the water. sea otters and dolphins and big
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schools of fish. ann reuben went along with the scientists and joined us from sea cliff beach. how was it? >> it was for the most part i will tell you that beachgoers are using caution but i can tell you that from the beach, you wouldn't know that there's nearly one dozen sharks out there. >> on the most recent helicopter tours, they were an unexpected site. great white sharks. dozens of them. >> we are all excited. it is interesting to see that many sharks. >> from the ground you may never see them. from today the pilot offered to take the scientists and shark experts in the air to get a better look. the research center. >> we got out and saw ten or more white sharks and few bigger and some five or six and some of the bigger one ten foot in length. >> some are newborns and
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typically not here but maybe because of the warmer water they are mere. >> because of the el niños the white shark has expanded their ways. >> last year people canceled canceling boat tours. >> at love the tour operators suffered economically. >> for those studying the sharks it is just the beginning. >> experts say they would like to tag the sharks and tracking their movements. >> so far they say there have been no problems and no threats to human life. experts say the young ones eat mostly fish. >> the smaller ones are probably okay. but as i say if they are as big as me or bigger i won't hang around too much. >> i won't go out there for a while. >> last year experts say that the sharks were spotted in the area until about december. frank and julie. >> all right.
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ann reuben, reporting live down there right by the water. thanks very much. still to come here. it is a little known state law that one parent was trying to take advantage of. >> >> coming up what happens when he tried to use the law to get his child out of a low performing school and into a better one. >> a compromise over a billion dollar zika virus vaccine and some say it is not enough money. >> turned into an oil slick. the charges that company in charge of the pipeline is now
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facing. tonight an eye opener. tore parents. california schools are in limbo as the state tries to determine new ways to rank schools. >> a little new law is in effect for schools ranking them no matter where they live. cristina rendon tells us an east bay father faced challenges when he tried to have his daughters transferred. >> stan is a father of two girls in private school in walnut creek trying to transfer them to public schools. >> just trying to find a good school that my kids can go to and they can be happy.
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>> he spent the past several months researching the act. >> some can benefit from but evidently nobody is using it. >> a state law passed in 2010 that allows parents to transfer their children out of low performing schools to better ones as long as the other districts have the room. this list identifies the lowest 1000 schools in california base on the academic score. one family saw it as a way to move the students. >> i need a release and mount diablo refuses to do it. >> they say it the list is outdated and the department of education stopped generating the scores the following year and that's why it is hard to know whether low performing schools have improved. one district agrees that there are flaws in the system. >> i went back to the office
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and that's when they said the law was repealed. >> so we asked the state what is being done. >> there is some question about how old the data is and it establishes the list but it is the list and something that the school district should follow. >> stateside of public instruction tom turlickson says there is confusion. >> there is a bill to change the law because the old testing system that the list was based on is gone. we are moving into a new assessment and new way of defining accountability. >> for now, the law is the law. >> the district and the schools on the list are obligated to inform the parents of the right to transfer. >> he will keep his daughters in private schools but want parents to know that this is an option. >> i hope that the district will follow the law ultimately. the families should be informed
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of their rights to transfer. >> turlickson tells me a district chooses not to open open enrollment would be in violation of the law and could be subject to legal action. cristina rendon. ktvu fox two news. in san francisco. a man was stabbed on a bus this morning as he reportedly tried to intervene during an attempted assault. the attack happened at 1:30 at 9th and mission streets on the 14 mission bus. according to the chronicle, the victim told police he tried to stop a man attempting to assault another passenger and that's when the victim was stabbed in the torso. the attacker ran off. the victim was taken to the hospital and they are describing his injuries as nonlife-threatening. tomorrow mark zuckerberg will meet with prominent republicans to address claims of political bias. it comes amid allegations that facebook suppresses right wing
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views. a former employee says the curators would remove conservative articles. facebook has no evidence that the claims are true but zuckerberg says an investigation is under way and taking steps to ensure the news team follows guidelines. >> the u.s. senate voted to advance a bipartisan compromise to provide $1.1 billion to battle the zika virus. the 68 to 29 vote comes as the zika virus begins to threaten the united states. doug mcelroy with more. >> reporter: the white house and congress have been battling over funding to combat the mosquito born zika virus. >> it is a congress whether in puerto rico, in florida, or in texas, we don't know where it will end. >> the virus poses the biggest threat to pregnant women linked
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to birth defects including where babies are born with small leads. >> we need the funding. >> the obama administration requested 1. 9 million dollars in funding and house republicans revealed their proposal on funding to slice it down and the compromise would cut the request down to one billion dollars. officials say much more is needed to pay for the mosquito controlled efforts. >> we have 59 countries reporting zika infection. >> this is about risk assessment and management. >> the world health organization is worried about the zika virus. >> i do share of the concern of some athletes and travelers and as i said, it is a very much individual position. >> the house is expected to take up its zika bill this week in washington. doug mckellway fox news. at chicago's o'hare airport
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they are cutting down on delays at the passengers that have caused travelers to miss their flights. there's four additional bomb- sniffing dog to alleviate long waits. travelers are told to arrive three hours before their flights. the decreased security is being blamed for the delays. 140,000 gallons spilled on california's coastline. charges filed against a texas company that owned the pipeline. a surprise that shocked this warriors fan. coming up what the coworkers did to show appreciation for his hard work. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area hyundai dealers.
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a boat erupted in flames about 6 miles off of the coast near malibu. two people were rescued with their dog. no one hurt and there is no word what caused that 45-foot boat to catch fire. california's attorney general announced that criminal charges against a texas pipeline company following a massive crude oil spill off coast of santa barbara. the pipeline ruptured and spilled 140,000 gallons of crude one year ago. more than 300 sea lions and
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other wildlife found dead after the spill. both state and local prosecutors had been in investigating possible wrongdoing related to the rupture. today prosecutors said a grand jury has indicted the company on 46 criminal charges including four felony counts. this case should serve as a stark reminder that any company that is operating in our state and transporting crude oil and doing it in a way that is irresponsible and in violation of the law will be held accountable. >> flames could face more than two-and-a-half million dollars in additional costs. the spill was an accident and it was deeply disappointed by the development. the los angeles unified school district has settled a number of sexual abuse cases and pay 88 million-dollars to the victim families.
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it involves children abused at schools. paul shapel was convicted of molesting 13 boys and sent to prison and another man is serving 12 years for abusing girls over a ten-year period. the plaintiff had accused the school district of endangering students by failing to investigate the claims of sexual abuse. genetically modified food is safe to eat scientists say. the researchers say they reviewed 900 studies and 20 years of data on diseases. they say gm ofood did not lead to an increase in cancer, obesity or gastrointestinal illness. the four main crops in the united states are corn, beans and the results of this report
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are unlikely to change opinions. >> the one man was given a free ticket to the warriors game. the reason behind this big surprise. plus it is a baseball fight that made national news. one player punching another one square in the jaw. tonight we know just how many games those involved will be suspended. tracking the heat out there. we got low 90s today. it is going to be pretty warm again tomorrow. i will let you know what you can expect in your neighborhood.
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a player on a texas ranger has been hit with an 8 game suspension for punching another player. second base baseman punched batista after a slide. it happened after odoure was trying to serve a double play. batista got a suspension as well. a search is under way for a missing hiker and his dog near the summit. the 23-year-old rock land man disappeared in the hiking area and supposed to be back yesterday afternoon but never showed up. cody michael sent this photo to his parents as he begin his hike on sunday. deputies say he was hiking on a well marked trail that leads to three lakes. he sent a text to his parents saying his feet were cold and
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he would be leaving soon but he never made it home. >> there is kind of a different areas where if they slip or fall they could fall on the base of a tree to where a helicopter can see it. >> search and rescue teams are scouring and the search and rescue teams are helping with air support. they found cody michael's vehicle parked at the trail head. >> the people that work at saint rose hospital are showing appreciation for a special volunteer whose name is billy. >> guess where you are going tomorrow? >> tell me. >> you are going to see steph curry. >> oh, my gosh, is that priceless? a huge surprise for billy. a special needs young person that works in the purchasing department. his co-workers wanted to do something special and they pitched into buy him a warrior shirt and tickets to tomorrow's
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game. >> he brings so much happiness to st. louis hospital and a huge fan and we started just saying we should send him to a warrior game. >> the woman that supervises billy is a warrior fan and her co-workers bought tickets for her and her daughter that has special needs as well. >> he is in for a treat. >> the look on his face was priceless. >> hopefully they will get a win for him. >> let's go to bill. a warm day today. >> it was. and most likely the warmest day of the week. numbers in the upper 80s, low 90s and tomorrow will be mid and upper 80s. there may be a low 90s but these are the numbers from today. no records today. it was warm but it is tough to get records this time of year. you get in to may and june, the records start to look like 98 and 99 and 101 and stuff like
5:50 pm
that. 90 in livermore didn't get a record but hot. 92 in antioch and the highs from today and highs tomorrow four degree difference because of the patchy fog and a change in the direction and more of a westerly win. the arrows, more northerly and representing alongshore kind of a wind. slightly onshore, offshore. tomorrow the arrows will go like this and push more in this direction and when they do, that sets us up with a cooler patch. that's how it goes. you see them here, kind of socking them through the golden gate bridge and turning or clocking towards the east. the windy conditions at the coast right now. breezy conditions tomorrow. pretty breezy by tomorrow. 91 in fairfield. look at the red. it is hot.89 in livermore and 84 in nevada and much cooler at the airport.
5:51 pm
12 degrees warmer right now than yesterday in oakland. 15 degrees warmer at the airport. again departure from yesterday. just want you to see what happened. temperatures came up quite a bit. it was warm yesterday. highs came up another chunk of change. 10 or 12 degrees or maybe 15 degrees and they will go back tomorrow. here is the forecast for tomorrow. patchy fog we talked about and then the highs cooler air in the coast and at the bay and that will bleed in to the inland valley. still a warm day but not as many 90s. we will clock in to 90s in antioch. around the bay and castro valley upper 80s and 88 in morgan hill and 72 in daly city and 76 in san francisco. the five-day forecast. there it is. as we get towards the weekend here it looks like the main chance will be north of santa
5:52 pm
rosa but there may be a sprinkle or something on saturday and sunday. don't change plans just know that forget the 90s. temperatures will come down for the weekend and highs on the weekend in the upper and mid 60s at best. cooling down. a big difference. >> all right, bill thank you. coming up here. it turns out it was a quick distraction that ended up leading to a horrible train crash back east. >> we were looking around for help i mean some people were looking for xs and others for help. >> after the break. the explanation for what caused this high-speed train derailment that ended up killing 8 people. and later at six. he spent 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. now, the compensation for a northern california man for being locked up all those years.
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state lawmakers moving forward with a bill to allow organ transplants infected with hiv. currently against state law for an hiv positive person for his or her to transplant them. the law made it a felony to do so. supporters say repealing the law could save the lives of hundreds of hiv positive patients who are waiting for organ transplants. >> if we are able to pass this bill, we will be able to --
5:56 pm
there is about a thousand marches that we can make that relieve the broader organ pool that is under incredible duress. >> the state senate voted to approve the bill unanimously. >> deadly amtrak train derailment last year, it came one year after the investigation revealed that the engineer was distracted by radio transmissions. doug mcelway has more from washington. >> reporter: it has been over a year since the amtrak train derailment in philadelphia killed 8 people 8 people and injured dozens of others. >> a nearby train was struck by rocks and the consequence influenced the engineer's actions leading up to it. >> engineer brandon bastian was
5:57 pm
distracted by radio chatter and did not notice the train sped up to double the 50 miles per hour speed limit careening off of the tracks. >> it flew on the other side. i tried to hold onto the tables and i went head first. >> we were kind of looking around for help. i mean, some people were looking for xss and others were asking for help. >> they believe there are were issues with the windows and several may have been killed after being ejected through them. the ntsb says it was preventable and hoping to avoid similar accidents in the future. >> we don't know which unpredicted track will be the site of a derailment collision or worker death but we do know that list of preventible accidents stretches back decades. >> the office of emergency
5:58 pm
management revises its plan following the crash aiming for better coordination between police and fire departments. doug mcelway. fox news. a massive wildfire in canada is moving towards oil production. the fire has burned more than 870,000 acres in alberta. the same fire that forced more than 80,000 people to flee their homes shortly after it first broke out. a mandatory evacuation order is now in effect for about 600 more people and emergency officials are asking thousands of others to leave the area as a precaution. >> we are hopeful that we will be able to hold the line and want to make sure that people's lives are taken care of. >> the fire has not reached oil supplies but canadian officials say it has led down to oil sands drilling facilities cutting production to a million
5:59 pm
barrels a day. ktvu news at 6, starts now. wrongfully convicted. a northern california man now free after spending 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. now he is being compensated for all of that time behind bars. >> i would rather see the thousands of dollars come out of the judge's pockets. >> and that man says no amount of money will ever make up for the time he lost. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that man from lake county is set to receive the largest compensation made to an inmate wrongly convicted in california. ron roth spoke with the man about the years that were taken from him. >> frank and julie. luther served 20 years in one of the more horrific crimes imaginable molesting a child. the victim has told authorities it never happened.
6:00 pm
we spoke with the man where he is about to turn 71 years old. >> reporter: luther jones is frail and sick and relies on his son for almost everything. but jones is also home after serving 20 years for a crime he didn't commit. >> it is way better than being in. >> reporter: but how much is 20 years of a man's life worth? the state victim compensation board is expected to approved a payment of $930,000. the highest wrongful conviction payment ever but jones say the taxpayers should not be the ones picking up the tab. >> i would rather see the $930,000 come out of the judges' pockets. don't misunderstand me. the judges pockets. >> and


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