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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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we spoke with the man where he is about to turn 71 years old. >> reporter: luther jones is frail and sick and relies on his son for almost everything. but jones is also home after serving 20 years for a crime he didn't commit. >> it is way better than being in. >> reporter: but how much is 20 years of a man's life worth? the state victim compensation board is expected to approved a payment of $930,000. the highest wrongful conviction payment ever but jones say the taxpayers should not be the ones picking up the tab. >> i would rather see the $930,000 come out of the judges' pockets. don't misunderstand me. the judges pockets. >> and the district attorney
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too. >> and the district attorney, yes. >> jones was convicted in lake county in 1998 of molesting the daughter of his friend and then it was said that she was forced to say that after there was a bitter custody case. >> it is not something that my father would not think of doing. >> jones' fate was rewarded. he greeted his exonerated but bedridden father at the moment of his release. >> it is great having him back because i never thought i would see him again. >> the current district attorney in lake county has been in office for five years, had he been in charge, he doubt he ever would have prosecuted luther jones. >> just a few days later, the child alleges that molestation. it would make it suspect, very
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much so. >> now the d.a. is investigating whether the mother should face perjury related charges. >> jones' homecoming anything but easy after doing time at san quentin. he how medical problems. his son has had to quit his job to care for him and didn't receive much medical information from the prison department. >> they didn't tell me information, how he takes his meds or everything. >> jones says he appreciates how his family is taking care of him and wants the money for him and his ten children. >> can it still be a happy life for you? not really happy. but more so enjoyable. >> the payment to luther jones
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still must be approved by the state legislature and the governor. and we are told that should be a formality. >> it makes you angry thinking 20 years of his life taken away. he looks frail. can he even walk by himself or is he under the care of his son? >> under the care of his son and he goes to a rehab center. interesting when he went to prison he was strapping 250 250- pound man and he got sick and deteriorated to the condition he is in now. >> why now after all of these years did the girl speak out? >> she grew up. she was ten years old when she testified and now she is close to 30 and i'm told that by the district attorney that if it was bothering her, it was on her conscience and she wanted to come clean with the stories and she went to authorities.
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very recently and within four or five days it came out. >> so they are going to decide now whether to charge her mom potentially with perjury? >> the district attorney is investigating, they have to go back to the transcripts and see. it is a tough case because if the mother denies saying it, it is just one word against the other. but they are are going to look into it and if they feel that they can prove it, this he will charge her with some perjury related charges. >> at least he is out of jail and prison and hopefully get a lot of money here for his time. >> thank you, rob. well, now to the latest on the race for the white house. two democratic primaries. we are following an incredibly close race in kentucky. bernie sanders is in a dead heated with hillary clinton. take a look at the numbers. 46.4 to 46.5 with 93 percent of the precincts reporting. the other primary is in oregon. where the polls close at 8:00 tonight. sanders said he is staying in
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this race despite clinton's lead in the delegate count. she has been trying to shift her attention donald trump. but clinton has not been able to shake bernie sanders. a win in kentucky could help shift the momentum in her favor. >> she is running two campaigns. one from the challenge from bernie sanders and trying to blunt the momentum from him winning the states and also going after donald trump. meanwhile donald trump who is essentially running unopposed is expected to win's today's primary in oregon. be sure to stay with ktvu on the race in the white house. an update at 6 from our political reporter ross palumbo. people are upset about
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soaring rents and unfair evictions. >> they delivered notices to oakland mayor libby shaft. they want city council to support a measure for the ballot saying protect oakland renters' act. >> there is a crisis and they should be doing something for the people and if not maybe we should evict them from office if they are not going to do the office of the people. >> it would cap increases to five percent annually rather than the 10% it would add protections for tenants facing evictions. city council is said to consider the proposal next week. >> a shooting at a city park in berkeley sent one man to the hospital. it happened late this morning in san pablo park on berkeley's west side as a group of children were playing basketball on the court. ktvu cristina rendon is live and the police are asking for
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the public's help in finding the shooter. yeah, they are. we just want to point out this is a pretty popular park and you can see that there are people playing baseball out here and basketball courts right behind us and this is where police say that suspect shot a man right outside these public restrooms right here. and the search for the suspect continues at this hour. san pablo park turned into a crime scene tuesday morning. >> it is terrible. what else can i say? >> after several neighbors reported gunshots around 11:00 a.m. >> i heard what sounded like gunshots and went to the door and looked outside. >> rachel saw a group of children playing basketball and the courts are next to the public restrooms where a man in his 20s was shot multiple times. >> someone was telling them to run in the other direction. >> the victim is fighting for his life at highland hospital. >> he didn't have his face covered. >> the gunman was seen running away from the park onward street. the witness describes him as a
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light skinned man in his 20s. about six feet tall wearing a cream colored shirt. >> detectives tagged evidence and canvassed the neighborhood for clues. >> this is a rare occurrence. a community park and people use it on a daily basis. >> we have children over here and at the daycare and children over there in the playgrounds. people are playing tennis. so you know. anybody could have got hurt. >> this is the 13th shooting in berkeley since the start of the year targeting people or property compared to a total of 17 shootings that the city had for all of last year. residents hope this park shooting is an isolated case. the park itself i always feel safe and the kids walk around and never felt endangered there. and i asked police if this shooting is possibly gang related and they say it is too
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soon to know that and they are urging anyone with information to give them a call. >> no one hit with a stray bullet. cristina thank you. a stretch of highway will be under video. the pittsburg city council approved a plan to spend one hundred thousand dollars to install ten cameras on the highway to try to deter car to car shootings. the vote happened just hours after a shoot out forced police to close highway 4. no one was hit in that case. officers ended up taking four people into custody. we talked to one driver that said the cameras are a step in the right direction. now we are going to at least feel safer. hopefully they will be able to catch those people being involved. because a lot of us are starting to get afraid of driving on the freeways. >> the city of pittsburg has 100 surveillance cameras on streets and public parks. once up the officers will be able to access the footage from
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the phones in the field. >> now, to our warm bay area weather for many a picture perfect day. take a look at the conditions right outside our studios in oakland. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin and what a day, bill, it is beautiful out there. >> it warmed up. temperatures today that got in the 90s and the warmest spots. it was ten degrees warmer today than yesterday. here are the numbers. 91 in vallejo. and 91 in fairfield. just 82 in santa rosa and that number is incorrect. 90 in hayward. temperatures today a full ten and in some cases 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. no records. but as you look off in the distance. you can see plenty of sunshine out in the south bay and you got mission peak in the distance and the hills getting browner. as we head to the next 24 hours, the winds will start to shift around in a cooling trend will be under way.
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temperatures are going to change going from the mid-90s at some places or low 90s in the 80s and as we move forward in the five day, even another 10 or 15 degrees off that. much cooler as we move down the five day. i will see you back here and we will talk more about the bay area forecast. we will see you then. thank you, bill. coming up, a mother dead and a child missing. in 15 minutes, new details in the case as the victims' sisters speak out. i don't know how anyone can do this to her. it is just awful. also ahead. an increase in shark citings in monterey bay and looking at live pictures of a shark right there in monterey bay. what researchers say is
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responsible. developing news now. out of plaster county. fire crews are fighting a grass fire north of sacramento that has spread to an industrial area. burns trucks and large quantities of pvc pipe. industrial boulevard in lincoln. high winds making the conditions difficult for firefighters. at this point no word on what sparked the fire. >> california's attorney general announced criminal charges against a company from texas following a crude oil
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spill off of the coast of santa barbara. owned by plains american pipeline. it ruptured and spill 140,000 gallons an crude. wildlife everywhere was found dead. state and local prosecutors investigating the wrongdoing and prosecutors said a grand jury has indicted the company on 46 criminal charges including four felony counts. this case should serve as a stark reminder that any company that is operating in our state and transporting crude oil and doing it in a way that is irresponsible and in violation of the law will be held accountable. >> plains could face more than two-and-a-half billion dollars in fines. the spill is an accident and deeply disappointed by the development. now to monterey bay and live pictures of a shark.
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el niño may be responsible for an increase in shark citings. well today the researchers took a helicopter to get a better look at just what is in the water. >> ann reuben went along for the ride. >> on the most recent tours. they were an unexpected site. great white sharks and dozens of them from sunset beach. >> we are all excited about it and interesting to see that many sharks, terrifying. >> from the ground you may never see them and today pilot chris calarte has been taking people up in the air to get a better look. dave of the shark center could not believe his eyes. >> we saw ten or more white sharks and some bigger and some five feet and some bigger ten foot in length. >> many of these are newborns and typically not found as far north but he suspects abundant food has brought them here. >> because of el niño, what happens the white sharks
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expanded their range. >> this is the second consecutive year that the sharks have been lurking. a boat captain says last year a person canceled the lessons and boat tours. >> they have been affected economically. >> for those studying the sharks, life is the beginning. >> experts say they would love to stark tagging the sharks and tracking their movements. so far they have been no problems and no threats to human life. experts say the young ones eat mostly fish. >> the smaller ones are probably okay. but as i say if they are as big as me or bigger i won hang around too much. >> advice that locals say will take to heart. >> i will just stay out of the ground and won't go out there for a while. at sea cliff state beach, ann reuben, ktvu news. we will go back to that helicopter shot that showed that shark and bill, we were talking a moment ago. you were saying that is a great
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white shark. >> it sure looks like it. it looks like one if you look at the markings and the way it lays in the profile. a great white but not a big one. as ann pointed out in her story, we saw 20 white sharks down in that area out by the old concrete ship. this is a the story and the last couple years seeing the whites out there and it is interesting. the sea life in that monterey bay area that we are talking about. we talked about that on the 5:00. it is prolific right now. so much kel p and bait and alive. amazing time in monterey bay and along the coast. the current conditions in northern california, water temperatures have come up and the winds are howling. a lot of sand on the great highway right now and at times today it was closed because of sand, because of the last couple of days. the winds now are going to go from this way and you are starting to see them turn and start coming onshore. and when the winds do that it
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will help the fog regenerate itself and it will drop temperatures down a few degrees. the highs from today should be the warmest that we see this week. but tomorrow will be warm and it will be much cooler right in here and you will see upper 80s and low 90s east of the east bay that make sense. but that onshore wind will immediately impact the coastal and bay area and continued cooling for the weekend. a significant cooling. 11 degrees warmer or it is in santa rosa right now than yesterday. 15 degrees warmer right now in hayward than it was yesterday. those temperatures will go the other way tomorrow. and let's take a peek. we will see the fog. not much but something. indication of convergence at the coastline that means the winds are going to the right way to cool or to begin to cool. and you will still find your heat. push in the bay and even the chance of a shower. will see you back here.
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>> coming up. new developments in the case of a woman kill in san francisco. i'm angry that someone took her. coming up next. the latest 2016 in this investigation. plus the search for her missing toddler. >> we knew he would be suspended for punching one of baseball home run runners. now we know how many games he will have to sit out. >> how leaders are helping to feed those in need.
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there are new details tonight in the case of a missing san francisco toddler whose mother was found dead at a city park. ktvu has learned that police are now looking at three people. >> ktvu tara moriarty met with the woman's sister that for the first time visited the scene where nicole fitz body was found. >> this is the first time nicole fitz's sisters and sister-in-law has seen the shallow grave where her body was dumped. >> it is unbelievable. >> the spot is hidden in the trees next to a children's playground at mcclearon park. >> i don't know how anyone could do this. it is unbearable. >> park workers found the body april 8th concealed under a piece of wood. >> it is so close to people. it is just awful. >> the trio chokes back sobs.
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as they describe what a generous and loving mother nicole was to her daughter, arianna that disappeared in february. >> it is unfathomable. it really is. and i'm angry that someone took her from us. >> friends say nicole, an employee at best buy was struggling to make ends meet and she let her daughter in the care of this woman. we tried to talk to her today and was told she was unavailable. >> she must be devastated because she knew them. >> she has not talked about it. >> she gave arianna to her sister and her husband martin who lives in oakland on castro street. >> can i talk about arianna and nicole fitz. weren't they in your apartment. >> the martins refused to speak to ktvu, police say they have not cooperated with the investigation and have provided inconsistent statements.
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>> we understand she was last seen with you. >> in fact they have hired an attorney who we spoke to three weeks ago. >> if these people were the last known people that have had contact why wouldn't they be forthcoming about sharing that information. it kind of just doesn't add up. >> we are making the assumption they are the last people to have contact with the girl and i don't know that to be the case. >> the martins and hern have not been name suspects officially. she is being targeted because she has a criminal record. served six years in prison in 2001 for killing the father of her child. >> appears to be pretty cold. >> meanwhile nicole's sister grieve for nicole and hold out hope that arianna is still alive. >> she belongs home with us. her mom is gone. she needs to be at home. >> there is no reason for her not to see her kids' birthdays
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and be there for us. there is no reason. >> in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. city leaders in oakland are hitting the streets to help the less fortunate. members of the city council and the chp take turns tuesday to hand out meals. today was the oakland police department's turn. officers handed out more than a dozen meals to people. the food is often donated by people in oakland. coming up next. continuing coverage in the race for the white house. ross palumbo will bring us the latest in kentucky's close primary. also donald trump talks finances, the federal filing made today that he calls the largest in history. and new developments in san francisco's fight against sugary drinks. what a federal judge decided today. and why some special needs students in the bay area can soon be taking cabs to school.
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ktvu news at 6:30 is next.
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i am standing at the new soccer stadium where the products were from america and the savings are real. the santa earthquake produced
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enough power to put on their night games for free. at peterson solar for america the savings are yours. the facts that americans are going back to work every day is ours. look at this stadium. look at the quality of it. look at the steel that is american. look at the way it was put together day by day. it is a rock and a test and attribute to the american worker and the american economy. i stand before you today with a project that i'm very proud of. and also proud for the community and america. (877)297-4574. donald trump filed a new disclosure with election officials claiming he has a net worth of more than ten billion dollars. the gop front-runner called the filing the largest in the history of the federal election
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commission. donald trump is facing growing pressure for his tax returns. donald trump says he won't complete them until the irs has completed an audit. he would have the latest on a close race in the democratic primary in kentucky. ktvu's ross palumbo in the newsroom with updated results. >> what a nail biter this one has been all evening long. we have been watching this for you coming out of kentucky. hillary clinton has now in the lead. she is only .4 of a percentage point in front of bernie sanders. flip-flopping all night. 99% of the precincts are reporting and keep in mind the biggest county in kentucky, jefferson county is still out more than 10% of the vote. that is where hillary clinton in that specific county is 20 points ahead. so look for her margin to


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