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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by a whisker in one primary tonight while sanders is declared the winner in another. it's an election year reversal. the republican race is decided but the democrats still battling. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hillary clinton may lead in delegates but she can't seem to shake bernie sanders. tonight's democratic primary in kentucky is too close to call. clinton has 46.8% of the vote to sanders' 46.3. with 99% of the precincts reporting, they are separated by fewer than 2000 votes. kentucky's 55 democratic delegates are awarded proportionately so it should be a mostly even split. now moving to oregon, bernie sanders has been declared the winner with 53% of the vote. delegates in oregon are also awarded proportionally. so his win their won't do much
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to dent hillary clinton's lead. >> sanders plans to be here in the bay area tomorrow with an afternoon rally in san jose at the county fairgrounds and an evening rally in vallejo. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now in vallejo where city officials are expecting 10,000 or more people to attend that event on the waterfront. jana? >> reporter: it could be very huge, julie. the mayor told me they didn't get confirmation about this event until just yesterday. so they immediately sent out these flyers to residents in the area. in the past our we've seen trucks come in. the stage isn't set quite yet but as you mentioned, they say there could be more than 10,000 people right here tomorrow night. news spreads fast, like fire. sanders supporters are feeling the burn. >> i'm feeling so much i need to go to the doctor. i don't think antibiotics are going to do it this time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: matthew finkelstein cofounded the group vallejo for bernie sanders. >> when you don't have a lot going for you and push the
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point of despair it's a fine line between giving up and having nothing to lose so you might as well fight like the dickens. >> this is a dream come true. >> reporter: susan george who also cofounded the group said early on that they hope sanders would come to their city. >> vallejo was very hard hit by bankruptcy. and then following the financial crisis. >> reporter: whether the sanders campaign heard her prayers or happened to have the same thought, george says she was thrilled when she heard the news. the sanders campaign contacted them last week but didn't confirm the rally until just monday. >> it's the first time in my lifetime that i remember a national candidate coming to the city of vallejo. and i think that's great. i think that's good for our city. >> reporter: now rushing to prepare the waterfront park where as many as 18,000 people are expected. trash and recycling bins were already in place. police say they are working with secret service, fire department and coast guard could -- to control the area. the city will shut down for several blocks and signed at
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the ferry terminal warn riders about changes to bus routes and potential for large ferry crowds. >> i will be working from home tomorrow. because i'm going to avoid all of this as much as possible. >> reporter: the city's plan to allow food trucks for the crowd and that means bernie could be a boost to business for adele williams and the hot dog stand. >> i think it's nice that he's coming to vallejo. everyone is excited about it. >> reporter: of course with such a big crowd expected there are going to be extra cautious, cleanup and other staffing. the mayor tells me the bernie sanders campaign has agreed to pay for all of those costs, so that the city of vallejo will be footing the bill. frank? >> jana katsuyama in vallejo, thank you. before tomorrow's rally at vallejo, sanders will be at an event at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. skyfall lock -- sky fox flew over the site this evening.
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we should mention both events are free and open to the public. in san jose, doors will open at 10:00 a.m. with even scheduled for 1:00 p.m. in vallejo, doors open at 4:00 p.m. with the rally set for 7:30 at night. now to the republican race, the primary in oregon donald trump wins in a landslide with 67% of the vote. ted cruz and john kasich were on the ballot but they both suspended their campaigns earlier this month and did not campaign. donald trump and fox news journalist megyn kelly had a chance to clear the air tonight about their lengthy feud in a primetime special on fox. she asked the likely republican nominee about demeaning remarks he sent her way after she questioned his statements about women in the first republican debate. >> you would be amazed at the ones that don't retweet. >> that was a retweet. >> did i say that? >> many times. >> okay. excuse me.
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>> what do you think -- >> not the most horrible thing. forget political. over your life, you've been called a lot worse. is that right? wouldn't you say? >> kelly asked trump if he felt responsible for his words as a powerful person. >> i mean, i view myself as a person. like everybody else, fighting for survival. that's all i view myself as. and i really view myself now has somewhat of a messenger. this is a massive thing that's going on. so millions and millions of people that have been disenfranchised from this country. >> trump said he would not have done so well in the campaign if he had acted soft and presidential. this election year turned to -- turn to ktvu for continuing election coverage. we will keep you posted on hair and online. new at 10, the statewide call to conserve water has one district raising its rates to make up for a financial shortfall.
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ktvu's paul chambers is in marin tonight where water managers are implementing their second rate hike since january. paul? >> reporter: frank, that's just the beginning. i went inside the meeting tonight and talk to water officials who said come december, another rate increase may be on the table. the lawns come in various states. fake ones, real ones, and brown once. the different ways people are doing their part to conserve water. >> all of the rocks, paving, that was all long. >> reporter: vicki connolly's family has done their part. they collect excess water for their line and cut down on showers. she says the rate increase is not that big of a deal. >> when i get a bill that's a few dollars off i don't know if it's because i've used more water or because the rates have gone up. >> it's the latter. berates have definitely gone up. in january, people living in marin saw their water bill increased by $10 a month. this latest increase this
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month, they saw their bill go up another two dollars. >> i think it's really unjustified. if we're going to be charged more for water, it should be better quality water. >> reporter: water officials say they changed their price structure so instead of the majority of your water bill paying for actual water, it's now going toward the district operations. >> so the fixed charges are personnel, are equipment, most of the costs that go into running the district. >> reporter: but that may not be enough. with the district looking ahead to a huge change to its info structure, come december another rate increase may more than likely be discussed. >> we're looking at what it's going to take to keep our treatment plants running for another 50 years. 900 miles of pipe, a lot of them need to be replaced. >> reporter: that rate increase that went into effect this month, people in marin, you will see it in your bill. marin county, you'll see it in your bill, come july. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. a texas company faces
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felony charges in the pipeline break that followed the santa barbara coastline last year. today california prosecutors announced four felony counts for spilling oil interstate waters and 42 misdemeanors for harming wildlife. the pipeline company says the spill on the state beach one year ago this week was an excellent. kamala harris says plains all american pipeline faces nearly $3 million in fines if convicted, of all 46 counts. tonight firefighters have the upper hand on a brush fire that spread into an industrial area in plaster county. the fire started this afternoon in lincoln about 30 miles northeast of sacramento. the fire was fanned by high winds and quickly spread to a plumbing company where flames damaged delivery trucks with large amounts of pvc pipe. no one was hurt. about 170 acres have burned so far. the fire is 80% contained, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. here in the bay area summer- like weather sent a lot of
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folks to the coast but the 80s and 90s won't last long as the pictures in santa cruz beach boardwalk today, meteorologist bill martin will tell us about a change in our weather in less than 10 minutes. a north bay hairdresser is about to embark on a cross- country bike ride. something she has never done before. and she's doing it for a special cause, recruiting other hairdressers to become style heroes and take on clients with cancer. ktvu's debora villalon live now in novato with how this ride came to be. deborah? >> reporter: julie, this is a salon touched by cancer. and as hard as it is to step away, one of the owners trades her scissors for something more strenuous. >> i am so excited. definitely. >> reporter: it's a cycling crusade. >> people ask me if i have trained. >> have you trained? >> something 52-year-old houston has never tackled before. >> i'm done 100 miles. 90 miles.
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at a stretch. >> reporter: she'll be riding 75 miles a day, maybe a little less, providing a couple mountain ranges between here and the east coast. >> this is a literal visual spreading of the goodwill of hairdressers with heart across the country. >> reporter: they started six years ago after a fellow stylist, brandy hitchcock, died of cancer. friends saw how much it had meant to her getting help with her hair. when chemo made it fall out. >> i think that our community, the hairdressers, are lovely, healing humans and they want to do something to help. >> reporter: the organization enlists stylists who take on clients like bonnie kazin, newly diagnosed with breast cancer. >> has the hairdresser. >> reporter: her hair loss and learning how to handle weeks, guided by someone who has done this already. supportive, nurturing hands.
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>> there's no resistance. you just sort of let it happen. you don't worry about the hair. as he starts to come back, whatever, we'll figure out what i'm going to do. >> as soon as we touch them, it almost is like therapy. >> reporter: intimacy, not all hairdressers can handle especially the first buzz cut. >> there was a moment when everybody kind of broke down and we just had to take a deep breath. and know that it was okay. >> are you ready? >> i am. >> me too. [ laughter ] this is going to be awesome. >> i know. >> reporter: now with her sons as road crew, nina husen wilson -- will publicize the project city by city, hoping to grow the style hero network from 50 to 500 by summer's end. there's no shortage of cancer patients. who need stylists to touch their hair and their hearts. >> the reward is huge. you will do it over and over again. >> reporter: nina pedals away tomorrow morning, back in two
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months. you can track her progress on her blog and on facebook as she cams out across the country. we've put a link to hairdressers with heart on our website. julie? >> what she's doing is so inspiring and like she says, the reward is huge. deborah, thank you. a man and a woman were both struck and injured by an suv as they were crossing the street in san rafael tonight. at least one of the victims is said to have suffered major injuries. it happened on lincoln avenue near linden lane about 6:00 tonight. police say the man and woman were in the crosswalk when they were hit. officers interviewed the woman driving the suv but have not said whether she was at fault. a man is in critical condition at highland hospital and police are searching for a gunman after a shooting in a berkeley park. it happened at about 11 am at san pablo park, on berkeley's westside as a group of children were playing basketball nearby. witnesses say the gunman shot the victim outside the men's restroom multiple times, and then took off running away from the park on board street.
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>> you have children over here, day care and you have children over there on the playgrounds. people playing tennis. so, you know, anybody could have got hurt. >> police described the shooter as a light-skinned man in his 20s about six feet tall, wearing a cream-colored shirt and baggy jeans. the victim, a man also in his 20s, remains in critical condition tonight. now to san francisco where ktvu has learned that police are looking at three people in the case of a missing toddler's mother was killed, her body later found in a city park. ktvu's tara moriarty met with the victim's sister's today for the first time , they were visiting the scene where nicole fitts' body was discovered. >> reporter: this is the first time nicole fitts sisters and sister-in-law have seen the shallow grave where her body was dumped. >> it's heartbreaking. unbelievable. >> reporter: the spot is hidden in the trees next to a
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children's playground at mclaren park. >> i don't know how anyone can do this to her. almost unbearable. >> reporter: park workers found nicole's body april 8, concealed under a piece of wood. >> had no idea it would be so close to people. it's just awful. >> reporter: the trio chokes back sobs. as they describe what a generous and loving mother nicole was to her two-year-old daughter arianna who disappeared early february. >> it's just unfathomable. it really is. and i'm angry that someone took her from me. >> reporter: nicole, an employee at best buy, was struggling to make ends meet so she left her daughter in the care of this woman, we tried to talk to her today at her emeryville home but she was unavailable. >> she must be devastated because she knew them. >> she hasn't talked about it at all. >> reporter: hearne gave
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arianna to her sister, helena martin and her husband live in oakland on castro street. >> that i talk to you for a second about the arianna and nicole fitts? weren't they last seen in your apartment? do you know who i'm talking about? >> reporter: the martins refused to speak to ktvu. police say they and hearne have not cooperated with the investigation and have provided inconsistent statements. >> we understand she was last seen with you. >> reporter: they've hired an attorney whom we spoke to three weeks ago. >> if these people were the last known people who had contacted them, why wouldn't they be forthcoming about sharing that information? it just doesn't really add up. >> we're making the assumption that they are the last people that had contact with the little girl. i don't know that to be the case. >> reporter: the martins and hearne haven't been named suspects, helena told a neighbor she's been targeted because she has a criminal record. she served six years back in
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2001 for killing the father of her child. >> now, it appears to be pretty cold, to do something like this. >> reporter: meanwhile, nicole's sister's grief for nicole but old out hope that arianna is still be -- still alive. >> she belongs at home here with us. she needs to be home. her mom's gone. she has no reason for her not to see her kids birthdays, either for us -- [ crying ] there's no reason. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of san francisco's scored a legal victory today in its efforts to require a health warning on display ads for sodas and sugary drinks. the board of supervisors approved a measure last year requiring warning labels to say added sugar in drinks contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. the american beverage association and other groups filed a lawsuit saying the message is misleading. but today a federal judge refused to block the ordinance. the judge called the warnings
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factual and accurate. the ordinance is set to go into effect on july 22 -- 25. happening today a surge in shark sightings in monterey bay and it didn't take long for sky sox to >> this shark in the waters off of watsonville, this evening. the shark sightings have scientists wondering what strong the great whites so close to the shore. ktvu's ann rubin traveled with experts today who say el niño may be at work here. >> reporter: on the most recent specialized helicopters, they were an unexpected side, great white sharks, dozens of them, on the capitola. >> we're all very excited about it, interesting to see that many shots. >> reporter: from the ground you might never see them. so today, a pilot offered to take a group of scientists and experts up in the air to get a better look. dave hebert of the pacific charge -- shark research center couldn't believe his eyes. >> we probably saw at least 10 or more white sharks. a few of them were a little
10:18 pm
bigger. some of the bigger ones were about 10 foot in length. >> reporter: many of these are newborns, typically they would not be found this far north but he suspects warmer water and abundant food has brought them here. >> because of the el niño event, warming up the water, have expanded their habitat range, small ones. >> reporter: the second quibec -- executive year the sharks have been looking at the waters. a boat captain says last year people panicked, canceling surf lessons and boat tours. >> a lot of these operators faced a big hit economically because of this. >> reporter: this flight is just the beginning. >> experts say they would love to talk -- start tracking their movements to see if the same ones keep coming back. so far they say there have been no problems, no threats to human life. experts say the young ones eat mostly fish. >> the smaller ones are probably okay. but if they are as big as me or bigger i'm not going to hang around. >> reporter: advice the locals say they will take to heart. >> wow. i think i will state around, i won't go out there for a while.
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>> reporter: ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. checking in on high temperatures from today, looks like today is going to be the warmest day in most bay area locations around the bay in length, temperatures tomorrow will be about the same, so cooler around the bay and of the coast, inland numbers will look like these for tomorrow, 91 in fairfield, 92 antioch, those were today's highs, tomorrow will be may be a little warmer, antioch could go 93. the idea will be most of us will cool a few degrees at the coast, and around the bay. some patchy fog that's going to transform, we'll keep an eye on that for you. in the meantime some nasty travel weather through texas, they've had some issues out there with severe weather and also in the ohio and mississippi valleys tomorrow so plans to travel tomorrow, find some flight delays in the ohio valley and near chicago and south towards dallas. here is our weather pattern, basically a high-pressure ridge that stays with us today, tomorrow, and then breaks down
10:20 pm
and everything changes. so tomorrow's forecast highs, going to be back into the 60s and 70s and 80s around the bay and coast. and then inland some low nineties but significantly cooler once we move past that. we just weren't ready to say goodbye yet. >> a heartbreaking diagnosis for a four-legged family member. at 10:30 the growing number of people going to great lengths and great expense for their pets. the benches cleared during tonight's giants game in san diego. mark will tell us why madison bumgarner was right there in the middle of it all.
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state treasurer john chiang has jumped into the race for governor. he is a democrat, he announced today he has formed a campaign committee that has started to raise money. lieutenant governor gavin newsom has already announced he is also running in 2018. newson started raising money about a year ago and has already collected about $5.5 million. the u.s. senate today confirmed eric fain as the first openly gay u.s. secretary of the army. fannin historic nomination had been stalled by pat roberts of kansas over concerns about closing guantanamo bay prison. fanning previously served as the under secretary of the air force from 2013 to 2015. gay-rights supporters say the apartment is a milestone coming just five years after don't ask
10:24 pm
don't tell was repealed. now to a story of a northern california man who spent 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. prison officials released him in february and now as ktvu's rob roth reports the california victim compensation board is poised to make its largest payment ever. >> reporter: luther jones is frail, sick and relies on his son for almost everything. but jones is also home after serving 20 years for a crime he didn't commit. >> it's way better than being in. >> reporter: how much is 20 years of a man's life worth? estate victim compensation board on thursday is expected to approve a payment to jones of $936,880. that would be the highest wrongful conviction payment ever in california. but jones says the taxpayers shouldn't be the ones picking up the tab. >> i'd rather see the 900 some thousand of dollars come out of the judge's pockets.
10:25 pm
don't misunderstand me. the judge's pockets. >> reporter: and the district attorney? >> and the district attorney yes. >> reporter: jones was convicted in lake county in 1998 of molesting a 10-year-old girl. the daughter of his then girlfriend. but now the grown girl recently told authorities her mother forced her to falsely accuse him after the couple had been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over another child. >> not something my father would think of doing. and i know. >> reporter: his faith was rewarded. the cell phone video shows him greeting is exonerated but bedridden father in february at the moment of jones' release. >> it's great having him back. you know, i never thought i would ever see him again. >> reporter: the current district attorney has only been
10:26 pm
in office about five years but he said had he been in charge back then, he doubts he ever would have prosecuted luther jones. >> obtained custody, just a few days later the child alleges this molestation. that would make it very suspect. very much so. >> reporter: now the d.a. is investigating whether the mother should face perjury related charges. jones homecoming has been anything but easy. after doing time in san quentin and a number of the state penitentiary's, jones was released with a host of medical problems that include hepatitis c and liver and kidney failure. his son has had to quit his job to care for him. he received almost no information from the printed -- prison medical staff. >> they didn't tell me the last time he took his meds, they didn't tell me how he takes his meds. none of that stuff. >> reporter: jones says he appreciates how his family has embraced him. he doesn't want the money from his injustice for himself, but for his six children and 10
10:27 pm
grandchildren. >> could it still be a happy life for you? >> not really happy. but more so enjoyable. >> reporter: lake county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, a high school softball team with an unlikely fan club. the special bond between a 95- year-old woman and livermore high's lady cowgirl softball players.
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from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. we've all heard about the high cost of healthcare and when a family member falls ill, most people hope insurance will cover the tab. but what happens when a beloved
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pet is stricken with a serious illness? would you spend thousands of dollars for treatment even though it might not work? ktvu's pam cook has our report in tonight's segment 2. >> reporter: for most people who own a pet, it's not just an animal. a cat or a dog or even bird or hamster is part of the family. and that is why pet care facilities are growing as more people are willing to pay thousands of dollars on treatments and surgeries that are not necessarily a matter of life or death. it's called comfort care. not cheap, but for some people, it's not an option. >> if we didn't treat it, it was a two to form of life expectancy and we weren't ready to say goodbye yet. >> reporter: the vet broke the bad news. lily has cancer. >> we had a lot of conversations with the doctor about -- there's a lot of people that go $30,000 into this kind of thing. we just love her to death, but not something we're going to do.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: they were willing to discuss levels of treatment. each level gives more time but costs more money. >> the whole plan with this one is to just do low-grade therapy. i just need to double check with the owner. >> reporter: this is the oncology department of the specialty center of marin. one look around the state-of- the-art facility, and you know, more people are spending more money on pet health care. >> frankly, i never heard of animal oncology. >> i didn't either. [ laughter ] >> i didn't know that it was a subspecialty or even existed. >> reporter: bob and bobby rigler introduced themselves as neil's grandparents and they take him to his chemotherapy appointment. >> he is part of the family. granddaughter considers him part human. and i think he is. >> my job is to find options, regardless of what your socioeconomic status is. if you have the desire to treat your animal, then my job is to find the treatment that fits
10:32 pm
your budget and can provide some help to your animal. not just oncology and pet care, there's also a growing demand for dermatology, acupuncture, homeopathy and knee and hip surgery. >> can we keep them comfortable? how long? what is the quality of life going to look like for them? every owner has a different relief on what is best for their pet. really hurt leg and they just want to run all the time, that's a whole different level of comfort care versus the little tiny chihuahua that is always in your arms that can be carried around. >> reporter: veterinarians say pet insurance has improved over the years and is more like our healthcare, you pay a deductible, then the insurance kicks in. and can often cover 80 to 90% of the cost. that still could mean thousands of dollars out of pocket and most pet owners we talked to don't have health insurance. but family is family. >> it's not a comfort because we're not going to cure it.
10:33 pm
it's about keeping her comfortable. while still remaining affordable and, you know, smart. >> reporter: pam cook, ktvu fox 2 news. we have late word tonight of a sad story involving the death of a high school student at alameda high. emergency responders told us they were called to the school at 5:55, the school later issued a statement that says, it is with a very heavy heart that i must inform you that one of our students passed away this evening, following a medical emergency that occurred at the conclusion of football conditioning. the student was taken to the hospital where he passed away. we're told the boy was 15 years old, the school says grief counselors will be on campus tomorrow. now to a story about a special friendship between a 95- year-old woman and a high school softball team. it demonstrates that when you have something special in common, age is only a number. new at 10, ktvu's amber lee is live in livermore after talking with a teenage softball players and the woman they call
10:34 pm
grandma. >> reporter: julie, we're at the ernie rodriguez softball field tonight, livermore high girls softball team played their last home game of the season here and paid tribute to a woman who inspires them. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: the lady cowboys are made up of students from freshmen to seniors. and on the sidelines, an honorary member of the team, 95- year-old francis cunningham. >> absolutely wonderful because i pitched in baseball. and i was better at this than -- this, i could do but the speed that they have -- >> reporter: cunningham's eyes light up when talking about the sport. she was a standout pitcher on oakland's high school baseball, not softball team.
10:35 pm
started attending the livermore teams practices near her home a few years ago and has gone to their games ever since. but players call her grandma. they say she inspires them. >> i looked over and grandma was sitting right there and i was like, it kind of just gave me motivation. i was like, i have to do good right now. >> reporter: the lady cowboys gave cunningham 18 jersey. >> we love your shirt. >> reporter: and loves watching the girls play. >> wonderful memories, i grew up like you. >> reporter: it's a chance to relive wonderful memories of a lifelong passion for the game and passing that love on to future generations. cunningham's daughter tells me she nearly died from pneumonia a few months ago. >> she's continued to get stronger and stronger. >> reporter: her strong will to live fueled by her anticipation of a weekly visit to the softball field, coming to these games, cunningham says is priceless. >> makes me feel close to baseball, period. >> reporter: i asked cunningham if these guys are as good as
10:36 pm
she was. her answer? i won a lot of awards. grandma tells me she plans to attend the team's playoff games starting next week. >> what a great story. hope she can attend many more games. amber, thank you. mcdonald's garlic fries are back. the golden arches has been testing gilroy garlic fries in four locations in the south bay. they were so popular that last week mcdonald's completely sold out. the company apologized for the shortage and says the made-to- order fries are now back on the menu. hot-air balloon ride in need of a rescue. how the chp came to help a group stranded by their wayward balloons. warmed up out there today, big numbers as we showed you, some low nineties, hot again tomorrow in some neighborhoods but then a significant cooldown coming your way.
10:37 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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the head of the tsa apologized today for massive delays at security checkpoints at chicago's o'hare airport. which have caused thousands of passengers to miss their flights in recent days. in the meantime the agency says it is sending 58 additional security officers and four additional bomb-sniffing dogs teams to the airport to help cut down the long waits. still, officials are telling passengers to arrive three hours before their flights. staffing problems are being blamed for the long delays. austria failed to extend its rally from yesterday and instead gave back all of the gains, the dow fell 180 points, nasdaq was off 59 and s&p lost 19. those are almost the same amounts the market was up on monday. people with ipads may want to hold off on the latest
10:40 pm
operating system upgrade, the new ios is supposed to fix a number of bugs but some people say the update bricked their ipads and that means the device locks up and then won't restart. also eric riggs -- 56 message and instructions to plug into itunes but that doesn't solve the problem either. no word yet from apple but a patch is likely on the way. by the way iphones don't seem to be having a similar problem. the obama administration is about to issue a new workplace will that will make millions of lower paid salaried workers eligible for overtime. -- pay. right now the sad -- cutoff for salaried workers to receive overtime is $23,000 a year. the labor department is expected to raise it to about $47,000. employers will have to pay overtime to workers earning less than that amount. the overtime rule would take effect on december 1. so this is a great story here, a young volunteer at saint rose hospital in hayward getting a very special treat
10:41 pm
tomorrow night for all his hard work and watch how excited he was when he found out. >> guess where you and your dad are going tomorrow. you are going to see stephen curry, going to the warriors game! >> [ cheering ] >> now, that is a warriors fan. hospital staffers wanted to do something special for billy so they pitched in to buy him a warriors t-shirt and then tickets for tomorrow night's game two of the western conference finals against oklahoma city. billy has special needs and volunteers in the purchasing department. hospital crew says billy is always full of enthusiasm and eager to help the folks he works with. >> he just brings so much happy -- happiness, knows everybody's names. he is a huge warriors fan, so we started just saying we should send him to warriors games. >> the one who supervises billy and other volunteers, are also -- is also a warriors fan and her coworkers also bought her a pair of tickets so that she can also take her special needs
10:42 pm
daughter to tomorrow night's game, well, how about that? so excited. >> seeing him put on the shirt. tell me! i know. how cute is that? >> all we need is a warriors win tomorrow night. it will be perfect. >> his friends, he's going with, excited for him. wayward in why country, how the chp came to the rescue when a hot air alone ran out of fuel. also bill martin is tracking a cooldown.
10:43 pm
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imagine where it will take you. new at 10, some scary moments for 16 passengers in a hot air balloon today near the napa river. winds pushed the balloon off course, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in a
10:45 pm
remote area. a chp helicopter made several trips to retrieve the passengers, who were reportedly a group of food and restaurant writers visiting napa valley. no one was hurt. that's good that everyone got away safely because it was a beautiful day to be out there. in a hot air balloon or doing pretty much anything. what a fantastic day. >> it really was. tomorrow will still be hot but mostly inland, the coastal and base actions will cool down. one more glance at the numbers from today, they were up there, some big numbers, 90s, get used to them. not the rest of this week or the weekend, but may and june, those are the numbers you start to look at, inland bay valleys. highs tomorrow will trim down or at the coast guard around the bay, but inland it's going to be in the 90s. oakland, fremont, hayward significantly cooler. little patchy fog will try to format the coast but it won't be much of a player. the meeting will be the winds coming in more off the ocean now and so you can see the ice
10:46 pm
attacks indicating wind direction and speed. it's kind of got a little bit north in it right there, coming right down the coast, it will start switching more westerly tonight and as it does it will start cool things more tomorrow, but not a massive cooldown. it's just a cooldown. cooler than it has been. 55 or 65 in oakland right now, it's warm out there, isn't it? current temperatures, 59 in san francisco, 54 at half moon bay. so already said your 73 in livermore, 21 inland. so what's going to happen tomorrow, cooler along the coast and they but look what happens. once you get over the east bay hills, pop into the mid-80s again, real quickly. easily and rapidly into the 90s as you get out towards clayton, eastern mountain home out in livermore valley, south down towards morgan hill, a warm day, hot day inland, slightly cooler around the bay and at the coast and then as we head into your bay area thursday, temperatures really start to plummet. so here's how it goes, saturday at 2:00, i moved to model forward because i wanted to show you this chance of rain
10:47 pm
and cool down. there's a chance for a sprinkle on saturday, the system drops in, brings a little bit of cool, moist air. i don't think it's going to rain but notice a major, significant cooldown on the bay area weekend. cooler for the weekend, 90 at clear lake, 92 in vacaville, forecast highs. 92 in brentwood. inland numbers remain hot, close to the bay, places like sunnyvale and fremont, down to 84 instead of 88. down to 86 instead of 88 so temperatures falling off a little bit with that sea breeze increasing and a little bit of patchy fog at least -- well it's going to be barely be fog but it will be trying to push him. so there's the forecast for your five day and you see that big cooldown for the bay area weekend. temperatures on saturday and sunday, looking at mid and upper 60s and with mid and upper 60s, you can expect just noticing how much cooler it is out there. >> yeah. interesting how it is still hot tonight. >> the inland valley, still in the 70s.
10:48 pm
>> kind of the first warm night we've had in a while tonight. thanks, bill. mark, good night tonight for all bay area sports teams. >> everybody but especially the sharks. >> you've got to give it to them. leadoff with them, playing very well. no surprise but still a very pleasant performance from the sharks. their best hockey of course all season long has come out on the road, so does against -- again tonight, evening of the western conference final, most definitively. they do it early. as the blues take the ice, to face the sharks and just 2:06 into this thing, everybody seems to be contributing in close with a flick of the wrist. and the sharks up quick, 1-0. watch it again, just hit the goalie's shoulder and popped into the night. second-period, sharks on the power play, very successful in that aspect again tonight, great teamwork, joe pavelski, brent burns, slap it, 2-0 sharks. they add on slowly but surely,
10:49 pm
building it, third period another power play, burns, sensational, the defensemen who scores with the wicked shot, they had an empty netter late and you'll see some of the goal work from martin jones, 26 saves, and the shutout as the blues are tonight, time and time again by him. that actually hits the post, it did not count. will see a very dissatisfied -- watch the little kid in the background, poor little kid. that's pretty intimidating. they come back to san jose, thursday night. all even. 1-1. the postgame comments. >> there's a trust there, the guys trust, we know how we want to play with a lead. there's a trust with our goaltender that he's going to make big saves and he did when we needed him to. and we've got a lot of veterans, as a lot of guys that have been in those situations before. and really play with a lot of composure. >> meantime we're about to see what the warriors are made of. quite possibly facing their most pressure packed game
10:50 pm
tomorrow night, knowing they just can't go down 2-0 heading back to okc, uncharted territory for them losing the first game in a series in the postseason under steve kerr, at least on the surface showing no signs of stress, as they go about their practice earlier today in oakland, no doubt, thoughts of how they let that opener get away particularly in the second half, say this about the warriors, their vocal leader, you know who that is, draymond green is going to be the last to let you know if they are would doubt at all. about losing game one. >> i saw steph after the game. he smiled and said, we've been here before. yeah, i know. i like this. this will be fun. when you bounce back from something like this, makes it all the more sweeter. you know? so i'm relishing this opportunity. everybody, don't think you can do it, and blasi, this is where it gets fun for us.
10:51 pm
that's about it. >> that's got to give warrior fans a little confidence right there. the walkoff grand slam doesn't happen very often but was right on time for the a's tonight. down in san diego, madison bumgarner cranky and very good off the mound when it counted. ted.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
good stuff tonight for the local nines, giants playing like a slow burning fuse, took them a while. but they are fully lit right now, six straight wins. that's a legit win streak and a very ornery madison bumgarner tonight, took a shutout into the ninth inning. early on, everybody is very congenial before the game, giants and padres. brandon crawford, opening the offense. in the second, 3-0 count, two on, ticket to ride, crawford drives in all five giant runs tonight. then it gets weird in the third, strikes out wil myers, no big deal. myers has a couple words and he's like, what are you saying? then the two exchange more pleasantries, the bench is clear, matt kemp, peacemaker for the padres, here comes the
10:55 pm
bullpen, they finally settled him down, just gets nasty out there, padres two on, two out, bumgarner pitches a beautiful game, don't forget that. brandan bell helping him out of a jam with a beautiful catch. then wil myers, late in the game after madison bumgarner walks, a few more words but they seem pleasant. maybe even an apology in there. eventually, a smile from myers as all is well, the giants win it. six in a row. entertaining, the a's are rolling out there right now, three guys, power surging in their lineup, the fans are digging it, second inning, danny valencia, six homers in his last five games, if the a's out in front, 1-0. on the very next pitch, from cole hamels, lefty for the rangers, khris davis, just getting started here, with a solo shot, just about the same place, 2-0. in the ninth, the a's lead 4-3, ian desmond, off ryan madson,
10:56 pm
blown save, 5-for texas. the a's go to the bottom of the night, still with a shot at it, two outs, khris davis again. already two homers in the game. the grand salami. walkoff home run for khris davis. he's got 11 already. 8-5 a's. there is a celebration, he shoots the jumpshot, khris davis is a pie in the face gatorade bucket double hero for the a's, all is well. they are hitting home runs of late. that's the best way you can win a game on a grand slam walkoff. >> sure. that will take a big shower to get all that stuff off. thanks, mark. thank you for joining us tonight. see you tomorrow for "mornings on 2".
10:57 pm
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