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south dakota, montana, we have the possibilities.>> bernie sanders picks up the big win in oregon, but kentucky is too close to call. your mornings on 2 starts now. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday, thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday, may 18 and i am pam cook. i am brian flores and must take a look at the weather and traffic.>> i turned on the air- conditioning in the car, and it did not feel that bad.>> but we did hit 90, it was hot.>> those of us that live close to the water, 90 is too hot. today will be hot, but tomorrow a big cooldown, no fog, and it sounds
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like outside my window [ coyote howling ]>> today we had the 50s and 60s, not that much cooler than what we see right now. napa was up to 90 from 48, which is pretty impressive. 62 it calistoga, and there are some morning greetings -- warmer readings. overall lots of sunshine, and we have the fog yesterday, but not there today. we had this low on the way, changing our weather in a big way. one more day of 70s, and upgrading to 90s inland. 4:01 am. and here you are to tell us that the sharks won, 4-0.
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i'm also here to tell you that our super commuters that come from a long way, commuting early, traffic is looking pretty good on 580/205 at the y, and moving well with no major problems. we keep an eye on this quite a bit, and right now no major problems. the speeds are up, it looks like 67 miles an hour on the westbound 580 right now, so remember that. let's take a look at interstate add, close to the main part of the bay, traffic looks good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, off to a good start westbound coming up to the gate. new this morning, pittsburgh police
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-- pittsburg police are investigating a shooting that involve three people around 9:00 last night on kingsley drive. neighbors said at least five shots were heard, all people are expected to survive. we do not know what led up to the shooting or if they have made any arrests. the richmond police arrested two people in connection with a murder last month, james and murray, accused of shooting a man on cutting boulevard on april 28. they fled to las vegas after the shooting and that is where they were arrested. james was charged with murder, murray was charged with accessory to murder. the police are looking at three people in connection with the disappearance of a toddler his mother was killed last month. nicole was found under a hidden
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piece of wood on april 8, and she left her daughter in the care of her friend, and we are told that the friend gave arianna to her sister in oakland. and we spoke to them and tried to talk with them but they declined comment.>> reporter: may we talk to you about arianna and nicole? weren't they last seen at your apartment, the know who i'm talking about?>> the martins and turned have not cooperated with the investigation and provided inconsistent statements. and the martins have hired an attorney. in the meantime, the sister and sister and all of nicole were overcome by emotion while visiting the location where her body was found for the first
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time. >> i don't know how anybody could do this, it is almost unbearable.>> i just don't know how people can be so cruel to people. it is just awful. >> the family of nicole held a funeral for her, scattering her ashes at sea. best buy, the place where she worked, will offer an award. a student died following football practice, and alameda fire department responded to a medical emergency at the school just before 6:00 last night and a 13-year-old boy was taken to the hospital where he died. the school sent out an email, "we ask that you support each other and this students family and this difficult time. our thoughts and prayers go out to this family, friends and coaching staff." the san
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rafael police are investigating a crash that injured two pedestrians, a man and woman were hit and injured by an suv as they were crossing the street. they were hit in the crosswalk on lincoln avenue about 6:00 last night, and one victim had major injuries. the police are interviewing the driver but have not announced whether or not she is at fault. what started as an apparent kitchen fire has caused significant damage at a home in martinez, reported at 8:00 last night on midway drive. here is the video from one of our traffic cameras, and the house is situated in a wooded area which could have made the situation worse, these 2% of the home has burned, and no one was injured, but a bird may have died. this past storm season provided much-needed rain, and the water resources control
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board will consider easing the restrictions today, state administrators voting on whether to give the local water districts control over their water targets, but the drought is far from over, and while our reservoirs did get field, southern california has missed much of that precipitation. new pot club rules to help diversify the medical marijuana industry. the city council has voted to approve equity permits and under the program half of the cannabis permits will be reserved for people that have lived in east oakland for two years, and for those that were incarcerated for marijuana related crimes in oakland. they must have a 50% ownership stake in the business, and this will help to diversify the industry, and critics say it should be narrowed and expanded to other areas of oakland. adding modern buses to the
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fleet, the san francisco transit board has unanimously approved spending $55.5 million or 33 new buses, and they have and accordion middle, connecting at the two halves. but the san francisco board of supervisors has to through the deal, and the 30 through -- 33 buses are expected to arrive this year. clinton has 46.7% of the vote, sanders, 46.3%. in oregon, bernie sanders is declared the winter with 54% of the vote compared to what he 5% for hillary clinton. -- 45% for hillary clinton. it does not change the balance of the democratic race, hillary clinton maintaining a significantly over bernie sanders in the overall delegate
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count.>> reporter: bernie sanders at a pretty good day yesterday and will probably win more delegates in the two state contest that hillary clinton. but this may not change things much. >> reporter: bernie sanders is in california when the results came in, not mincing words after he noticed that he won.>> i agree with you, we are in until the last ballot is cast. >> reporter: it came down to the final ballot in kentucky where clinton and sanders were about evenly's with with 55 delegates up for grabs, and clinton's supporters are pointing to the overall delegate count and clinton's almost insurmountable lead, but it does not mean she will have to battle the division within her own party, those voters are backing sanders.'s back she will have a problem bringing those voters on board in
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getting them energized about her campaign, and as much as we talk about the division on the republican side, it is the division on the democratic side that could lead to the convention.>> reporter: donald trump getting closer to the threshold he needs to secure the nomination, and megyn kelly asked about anything short of a election victory will be an all- out failure. >> if i don't go all the way and win, i will consider this to be a total waste and complete waste of time, energy and money.>> reporter: hillary clinton may not out the nomination on june 7, and that is when she has the big ones like california and new jersey. oregon was the only republican primary yesterday, donald trump taking 66% of the votes, and ted cruz and john kasich were still on the ballot, but they suspended their campaigns earlier in the
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month and did not campaign. donald trump and megyn kelly had a chance to clear the air about their lengthy feud in the primetime special, kelly asked the likely republican nominee about the demeaning remarks he sent her way after she waste and him -- after she questioned him in the first republican debate. >> you would be amazed at the ones i did not retweet. excuse me. not the most horrible thing. over your life you have been called a lot worse, wouldn't you say?>> kelly asked donald trump of these felt responsible -- if he felt responsible for his words as a powerful person. >> i view myself now as somewhat of a messenger.
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this is a massive thing that is going on, millions and millions of people that are disenfranchised from this country. >> trupp said he would not have done so well in the campaign if he acted soft and presidential.>> we will have continued election coverage, and keep you posted on the air and online. police misconduct caught on camera, and the surveillance video servicing behind the new law also -- new lawsuit with the san jose police department. conservative issues need as much play on the side of the plate as liberal views.>> facebook facing the political bias. looking at a commute where traffic is off to a good start, in san francisco not a bad drive at all coming up to the
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downtown area. mostly clear, a full moon not until saturday, and on the cool to warm side, and one more hot day and the fog is making its move already.
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tommy windows scores two
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minutes into the san jose sharks, and they never looked back, defeating the st. louis blues, 4-0. game two of the western conference final, and the series is tied up with one game apiece, and game three is back at the sap center tomorrow night. the a's going for the sweep with the texas rangers, and chris davis is happy, the grand slam in the bottom of the night, giving the a's the victory, and it was the third home run for davis of that game, the first career three homer game, a first grand slam and a first walkoff home run, coming after, and rich hill will take the mound this afternoon in this series finale. the giants beat the padres, 5-1, last night, providing all of the offense
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starting with a three run home run in the second inning. madison bumgarner was on the mound, and i like that pitch. he exchanged words with wil myers after striking out the padres, and no one was ejected, but bumgarner went on completing the pitching for the game. tonight the warriors will look to bounce back from game one loss to the oklahoma city thunder, and one of their biggest fans will be in the crowd, workers at the hospital in hayward surprised this special needs volunteer with tickets. >> jennifer, you and your data going to the game tomorrow. [ applause and cheering ] workers pulled their money and
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bought the volunteer a warriors shirt and tickets to the game.>> that is awesome. 4:17 am is the time. sal is keep an eye on the traffic, and keeping out for the warriors game, right?>> i watched the sharks game, and there's been a lot of sports recently. good morning everybody. we are looking at the gilroy super commuters, those that drive a long distance, and we call them super commuters from gilroy to san jose and into the valley, traffic is doing well with no problems. through morgan hill, keeping a close eye on the commute, and so far so good. the morning commute looks good in the san mateo bridge area,
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and at the bay bridge speaking of keeping a close eye on the friends, so far looking pretty good. it is 4:18 am. what do you think that bumgarner was upset about yesterday?>> i have one of those days where you go to the dentist, and you get home at 7:00, that is brutal. it is a day in the life.>> will we are glad that you are here. we have a little bit of fog, it is flying around monterey, and look at that. taking a turn, visiting the marina and up to castroville. it is on its way. it will stop somewhere around the santa cruz coast and it will run into that resistance, but it will be flying in tonight and tomorrow.
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today starting off at 66 in brentwood, 64 san jose, and a lot of near 90 degree temperatures or a little bit above yesterday, pittsburg, antioch, 72 and 73 right now, 58 dublin, 66 brentwood. the north wind was the key yesterday, and not much one -- of one heard yet, and minor cooling near the coast. one more day 490 inland and it will come tumbling down tomorrow, 57 ukiah, 54 in monterey. and the sierra beautiful day with temperatures warming up as well. once this fog makes it turn, it will turn and is too shallow to do too much because we have that high pressure. this low will carve itself out in a big way, rainfall projection is decent, not until at least saturday. and we have some decent rain coming in on saturday, and for
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this time of year, we will buy this. it will be an interesting weekend, much cooler. today near 90 for some, fog around santa cruz with a west breeze later, mostly clear, warm to hot with the 70s, 80s and 90s. it is hard to time that seabreeze on the coast, but once kicks in, it will in a big way. cooling for everybody and from the 90s to the 60s on saturday.>> sunday looks exciting. >> there will be rain or thunderstorms around, yes.>> we have to keep the rain away from the from kids on saturday. today facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will try to show that his company does not target conservatives, and he has invited a group of prominent conservatives into a meeting in the valley, and donald trump advisor, and dana
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perino, barry bennett, glenn beck, and they are having a conservative think tank as zuckerberg tries to read accusations that facebook does not discriminate against conservatives are new stories that do not favor conservatives. >> conservative issues need as much play as liberal issues. >> there is a software algorithm that blindly cones what people are reading and sends out a list of what is trending regardless of the politics. 4:22 am is the time. coming up in 25 minutes, we will go inside the state-of-the- art facility for a look at the costly treatments for better quality of life for the pets. up next, the charges that the company in charge of the pipeline is facing after the oil spill.
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new this morning, mudslides in sri lanka may have buried more than 200 families, landslides that were triggered by torrential rains, 16 bodies have been recovered, hundreds may have been killed. rescue crews are heading to the region to try to dig the victims out of the mud and debris. a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in ecuador, and it hit just before 3 am local time, waking
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people up and sending them running in the streets in terror. today the house will debate the bill to fight the zika virus, $1.1 billion to help fight the virus to the next year, and the house republicans say that the bill will provide $622 million of funding through september, and both measures are less than the $1.9 billion that was requested by president obama.'s back there's no reason this is a particular ideological issue, this is to ensure that we do everything possible to protect pregnant women and babies in the united states of america. >> the mosquito borne virus can cause a severe birth defects and spreading through the countries. the pipeline rate that failed on the santa barbara coastline, four felony counts for spilling oil in state
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waters and 42 misdemeanors for harming the wildlife, and this bill was one year ago this week, and the company says it was an accident. the attorney general says that the plains all american pipeline is facing your the $3 million in fines and if convicted, 46 counts. the national space program set to arrive in los angeles, being shipped from louisiana, this particular tank was never used in flight, but others like it propelled space shuttles after liftoff of four detaching and falling into the ocean. once it arrives in la, it will be offloaded into parking lot, and it will be truck to the california science center. they will eventually have it mounted in a space shuttle endeavor to make it look like the shuttle is ready for launch. 4:27 am is the time. just ahead, he spent 20 years behind bars for a crime
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he did not commit, and why he says that the taxpayers should not be footing the bill for the died -- giant payout he is due. the morning commute is off to a decent start, not a lot going on on the corridor on interstate 80 between the carquinez bridge and the maccarthur maze. plenty of 90s yesterday, including napa, concord, livermore, but not today. hey pal? you ready?
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