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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the desperate search continues as family and friends of the woman brutally murder hoping for the best for the missing three-year-old daughter. the results are in, at least most of them, and we will have more on the primaries from yesterday in kentucky and oregon, coming up. good morning, it is a beautiful day. a good way to start the day. this is the bay point area, sunrise and look at that, beautiful with all those colors. unfortunately, quite a bit of traffic already out. >> at 5:00 in the morning.
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stick around on this wednesday, may 18, and i am pam cook. good morning, i'm dave clark, and would like the music and we hope you like the forecast.>> i'm amazed at the traffic it to 40 5 am in the morning.>> i am too, and five years ago there was no cars when i was coming in to work. first of all, we will take you down to the sunshine state, and in florida they had 11 1/4 inches of rain yesterday in one day, that was a record for the day, a record rainfall for me, a record for any month. the greatest 24 hour rainfall ever. and you think you will head down to the beach, 11 1/4 inches of rain in barrel beach
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florida. and look at the fog flying around the bay, and it will only make a minor impact, and we have lost that northerly breeze, huge factor, and it is still cool on some of the lows, but instead of the north trees it is a westerly breeze at travis. it will still be sunny, colder by the coast with the sea breeze kicking in, but the inland temperatures showing of warm day. and this low is dropping in for huge change in the weather tomorrow, 70s, 80s and a few low 90s. 5:02 am. right before going the air, before i say that things are great, i look to see, but first of all you were probably never hear me
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say that things are great because it is bad luck. but things are okay on the tracy super commuters, but it is getting busier, and i was noticing the speeds, 17 miles an hour just past the 580/205 split, so give yourself plenty of extra time. when we saw the commute an hour ago, there were no slowdowns, and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is not bad getting into san francisco by the bay bridge, pretty light so far, and the san mateo bridge is looking good as well. new overnight, two people were rushed to the hospital after an officer- involved shooting it pittsburgh. the incident occurred in the 1500 block of kingsley drive about 9:00 last night, and they
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said that at least one person was shot by a police officer. we have our crew at the scene, witnessing to people being taken to the hospital, and the pittsburg police and contra costa police department have not released details on what led to the extent and not clear whether any arrest have been made. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. the richmond police have arrested two people in connection with the murder last month, 35-year-old advert james -- edbert james and rosetta murray are accused of killing a man, and then they fled to las vegas after the shooting, and that is where they were arrested, james was charged with murder, and murray has been charged with accessory to murder
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the body of nicole fitts was found under a piece of wood and they were told that the friend gave the little girl arianna to her sister and living in oakland, and we tried to talk with them but they have refused.>> reporter: canha talking about arianna fitts and nicole fitts? won the last seen in your apartment? do you know who i'm talking about, and have you seen arianna?>> they are not cooperating with the investigation and have made inconsistent statements, and the martins have hired a lawyer who question the assumption that they were the last people seem with ari and him. in the meantime, the sisters and sister-in-law and overcome
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by emotion after going to the spot where the body of nicole fitts was found.>> i don't know how anybody could do this to her, it is almost unbearable. >> i don't know how anyone can do this to people, it is just awful.>> the family of the fence -- nicole fitts held a funeral on scattered her ashes at sea.>> there is ever board offer to find the missing dollar -- missing daughter, arianna. a 15-year-old student died yesterday following football practice. the fire department rushed to the school just before 6:00 last night and to the teenage boy to the hospital where he later died. the email from the school officials was sent to the students and parents, "we ask that you support each other and
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distance family in this difficult time. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and the coaching staff." the cause of the students death has not been announced. san rafael police are investigating a crash that injured two pedestrians, a man and woman hit by the suv on lincoln avenue near linden lane as they were crossing the street around 6:00. one victim has major injuries, and the police are questioning the driver, and the investigation continues this morning. what started as a kitchen fire causing significant damage to the home and martinez. the fire was reported at 8:00 last night on midway drive. here's the video of the smoke from the traffic camera, and firefighters say that the house is situated in a wooded area which may have made the situation even worse, 60% of the home has learned. -- has burned. county water administrators say the the
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state the ash -- that the state is in its fifth year of drought, and they will consider easing restrictions today, voting on whether to get the local water districts control over setting their own conservation targets. officials cautioned that the drought is far from over. and while the near average rain filled the reservoirs, the other cal fornia -- southern california missed much of the precipitation. efforts to require a health warning on display ads for sodas and sugar drinks. approving a measure requiring warning labels that say that it sugary drinks contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. the american beverage association has filed a lawsuit saying that the message is misleading. the federal judge refused to block the ordinance, calling the warnings actual inaccurate.
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the ordinance will take effect on july 25. the email scam could've compromised thousands of college students social security numbers and san francisco. an employee responded to a fake email last month thinking that it was a legitimate request, and the investigation revealed that the scammer got access to the names, addresses and social security numbers of 7500 students, and they are now free training the employees of the cc sf, and a one-year subscription to the identity subscription service. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg inviting a group of prominent conservatives for meeting in silicon valley, glenn beck, barry bennett, dana perino, a c cup -- se cupp and
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it zuckerberg is trying to rid accusations that facebook instruments -- facebook discriminates against conservatives. >> mark zuckerberg needs to put forward the numbers that show that conservative issues get the same site as the liberal issues. >> and they say it sends out the list of what is trending regardless of politics. the race for the white house, and it appears that hillary clinton pulled off a very narrow win and the kentucky primary, 46.7% to bernie sanders 46.3%. in oregon, bernie sanders is declared the winner with 54% of the vote compared to order 5% for hillary clinton -- 45% for
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hillary clinton. and the results will not do much to change the balance in the democratic race. as we report from washington, hillary clinton is maintaining a significant lead over bernie sanders in the overall delegate count.>> reporter: that's right, bernie sanders will probably get more delegates awarded from those two contest yesterday that hillary clinton. but when you look at the overall delegate count, it probably will not make much difference.>> reporter: bernie sanders is already in california as the results came in and not missing words -- mensing words. >> i agree with you, we are into the last the ballot is cast.>> reporter: clinton and sanders will evenly split the 55 delegates in kentucky, and the clinton supporters are already pointing to this, the overall delegate count, in the almost insurmountable lead by
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clinton. this does not mean that she will not have to battle the deep divisions that are developing in her own party, and the real question about the boaters backing sanders. >> she's not have a problem bringing those sanders supporters on board, and is much attention as we pay to the division on the republican side, the division on the root -- democratic side could last through the convention.>> reporter: oregon is getting closer and closer to the threshold that donald trump needs to secure the nomination, and with an interview with megyn kelly, anything short of the general election victory will be an outright failure. >> if i don't go all the way and don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money.>> reporter: back to the democrats, and hillary clinton is likely to cross the threshold to the number of delegates that she needs to lock it down on the nomination.
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notably among those is new jersey and california that still up to come. 5:13 am. police misconduct caught on camera, coming up in 20 minutes, the surveillance video that is servicing behind the new lawsuit against the san jose police department. a big surprise for this young hospital volunteer, his reaction when he found out that he is going to the warriors playoff game tonight. the san francisco commute, northbound 101 looking good as you approach the 80 split, no problems getting into the city from oakland, and we will run down your morning commute. still a warm day, but the fog is trying around monterey bay, but not in santa cruz yet, but the sign of cooler weather for the coast.
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tommy wingels scores two minutes in and they never look
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back, and the sharks take the win. game three tomorrow night at the sap center. the oakland a's will try to sweep the texas rangers at the coliseum this afternoon, and last night chris davis sent the fans at home happy, hitting a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning, giving the a's the eighth-five win, the third home run for the game for davis, a night of first. his first career three-run homer, first grand slam, the first walkoff home run. and madsen lets the rangers take the lead with a two run home run, and rich hill will take the mound this afternoon in that series finale. the giants beat the padres, 5-1, winning the sixgame, and giving them all the offense they need starting with a three run home run in the second, madison bumgarner on the mound, and in the middle of the big brawl in the third.
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he exchanged words right here with wil myers after striking out the padres first baseman. and madison is a big guy, but no one was kicked out of the game, bumgarner goes on to fix the game. the warriors will look to backs bout -- bounce back, and one of the biggest fans will be in the crowd, the workers in the st. rose hospital provided in surprised a special needs volunteer with ticket.>> you are going to the warriors game. [ applause and cheering ]>> the workers pulled their money together and bought their volunteer, billy, a warriors t- shirt and tickets to the game. as we go sal, one of our
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baseball guys has a birthday. >> reggie jackson, they called hill mr. october. -- they called him "mr. october." he seemed to have his biggest games in october, just a smidgen of what he did. of course he is a hall of famer. let's go out and take a look at the commute from gilroy to san jose, the gilroy super commuters looking pretty good. not bad with no slow traffic yet, and let's keep it that way. going to interstate 880, north and southbound, the commute looks good. not seeing a lot of east bay traffic, and at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, so far so good with a small delay. things will start to change soon, but we are in good shape for now. i would say cub reporter in santa rosa, and i interviewed him when he was with the a's.>> a great baseball player. we have clear skies except for down toward monterey bay, the fog is flying in, and another warm day. not as hot, and it will be a little bit cooler to the coast and bay, but still upper 80s and 90 inland. we should get a late seabreeze that will begin to turn, and that fog it monterey bay is not taken a turn pass santa cruz, and it does not look like it yet. but when this makes its move, still shallow but a sign of things to come later in the day or the coast. -- for the coast.
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50s for some, and the breeze is not out of the north, west southwest and out of the south for novato. clear with the exception of the fog in monterey, and a sunny and warm day. 70s, upper 70s near 90 degrees for some. tomorrow the cooling begins, dropping a good 15 degrees, and the coast dropping into the 60s, and there will be rain saturday the best opportunity. 60s on the highs for saturday and sunday. your time is 5:21 am. the actor james condo feeney -- gandolfini and this watch was stolen off of his wrist and who is accused of doing it. and the company that is
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facing charges because of the break in the pipeline.
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mudslides in sherlock up may have very -- sri lanka may have very hundreds of families, and rescue crews are heading to the area trying to dig the victims out of the mud and
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debris. a magnum 6.7 earthquake in ecuador hit just before 3 am, waking people up and sending them running into the street. ecuador is still reeling from that 7.8 magnitude quake that killed 660 people, leaving thousands homeless. the ecuador president has hiked the taxes to pay for the recovery, but they say it will take years to rebuild the beach and tourist towns that were leveled by the earthquake. the house and washington debating on the bill to fight the zika virus, senate approving $1.1 billion to help to fight the zika virus, and the republicans they get the bill they have will provide $622 million through september, less than the $1.9 billion that president obama asked for. >> this is not a partisan our ecological issue, it is a question of ensuring that we do everything possible to protect
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pregnant women and babies in the u. s. of america. >> the mosquito borne zika virus can cause severe birth defects and spreading to 59 countries. the texas company is facing charges of felony in the pipeline break that fouled the santa barbara coastline last year, and california prosecutors have announced that four felony counts for the spelling oil and the state waters and misdemeanors for hurting the wildlife. the pipeline company said that the spill near the refugee oh state beach -- refugio state beach, and face nearly $3 million in fines if convicted of all of the counts. the space shuttle program is due to arrive, being shipped all the way from louisiana, this particular tank was never used in the flight, but others
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like it propelled the space shuttle after liftoff and then it would to attack -- detach and fall into the ocean. the tank will be offloaded into the parking lot, and on saturday it will be taken by truck over to the california science center. the plan is to have it eventually mounted to the space shuttle endeavor to make it look like the shuttle is ready for the launch. the time is 5:27 am. wrongfully convicted, a california man free after spending 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. the shots fired into east bay neighborhood, and the investigation underway right now into the officer involved shooting.
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we have no dancing on tv and you can look out at the live eels, but you cannot dance on tv. >> what if i do it on the way to work?>> you can do that. here we have a live look at mount diablo with the black- eyed peas playing in the background. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, may 18, and i'm dave clark.>> thank you for joining us this morning, and i am pam cook.
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and how is the weather going to be on mount diablo, will we die of heat exhaustion?>> if i were mountain biking, i would go early. with that son -- sun, but over by the coast it will be a little bit cooler, trying to get its act together at monterey bay, and not at santa cruz yet. you can probably feel it as it gets closer. and in martinez 59 in it for the beautiful. it will be close to yesterday, and a few degrees cooler. a day of baseball today in beautiful, sunny and warm. 78 degrees for the a's and the rangers. it is up over by watsonville, and it may take a turn, and that is usually very shallow,
5:32 am
but a sign of this leading edge of this cooler pattern, 50s and 60s on the temperatures as we lose that northerly breeze, belmont 60, and the wind yesterday was out of the north, and sfo is west at eight, and heyward has an offshore it three. it will be mostly sunny statewide today except for the fog that will make a big move tomorrow. 70s and maybe 60s at santa cruz, 80s for a few and very low 90s. traffic is getting busier. and looking at the commute in solano county right now, traffic is going to be okay if you are driving from sacramento to vacaville, fairfield, this entire area. not a lot of slow traffic heading out toward the carquinez bridge. moving to the bay bridge toll
5:33 am
plaza, a little bit of a back up to the maze, metering lights are on what they tend to 12 minute delay before making it onto the spin. -- the spin and not a lot going on in the south bay with a few minor things that have cleared out. we are in shape for the silicon valley commute. new overnight, the investigation underway in its bird mack after three people were reportedly shot, including one person shot by the police officer -- pittsburg after three people were reportedly shot, including one person shot by the police officer.>> reporter: we are trying to sort this out and get more information from the pittsburg police department. it happened on kingsley drive, and either inside the house where the shooting happened, or just outside of the house.
5:34 am
this is what it looked like last night at about 9:00, the wounded were taken away by the paramedics. according to the east bay times, three people were shot, and all are expected to survive. the times also reports that at least one of the people was shot by a pittsburg police officer. the members of the caused the contract sheriff's office and they will be investigating and that is standard procedure for an officer-involved shooting, and it is unclear whether any arrests were made in connection with the shootings. we've reached out for more information and we will let you know when that happens. and we will talk to people that lived in the area to see if they know anything about this, again, a shooting that left three people wounded.'s back -- >> i'm sure somebody saw or heard something. 5:34 am is
5:35 am
the time. a construction worker arrested by the san jose police last summer has filed a federal lawsuit claiming excessive force, and the law office of alfred morale as -- morales, and they say that during a traffic stop, they beat the construction worker at least 15 times and he suffered cuts and bruises. the video was recorded by the camera mounted at the home of one of the neighbors. and initially booked on drunk driving charges and resisting arrest, and the paper says that prosecutors later dropped the charges after seeing the video. sources tell the paper that the police department internal affairs unit is investigating, and the police and city attorney's office declined to make a comment to the news and we are reaching out to the police in a response to the lawsuit. last seen three weeks ago, the father of two has been
5:36 am
found dead, the family of keith green shared that his body had been found, and they have not said where or when, and a cause of death is being determined. there was a facebook page dedicated to find him and said in part, "he will forever live in our memories as a great father, son, brother and dear friend. yesterday morning at the san pablo park on the berkeley west side, a group of kids were playing basketball, and witnesses say that a gunman shot a witness outside of the bathroom several times and then ran away.>> we have children over here, daycare and children at the playground and others playing tennis. anybody could of got her. -- anybody could have got hurt.>> described as 6 feet
5:37 am
tall, wearing a cream-colored shirt and baggy jeans, and the victim in his 20s was taken to the highland hospital. a north california man that spent 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, luther jones has been released in january, and the compensation board will pay him nearly $937,000, the highest compensation that the state has paid to a person that was wrongly convicted. jones was convicted of molesting a 10-year-old girl in 1998, and the girl that is recently grown up told the authorities that her mother forced her to all the accuse him.>> -- forced her to falsely accuse him. >> that $900,000 should come out of the judge's pocket. don't misunderstand me. the judge's pocket.>> reporter: and the district attorney?
5:38 am
>> and the district attorney, guess. >> -- and the district attorney, yes. >> he says that he does not want the money for himself, he wants it for his six children and 10 grandchildren, and he said that the money should come from those that put him behind the bars. sanders will have two rallies here and the sanders campaign confirmed on monday, and many in vallejo say that the city has been through a lot, and getting the visit from the presidential candidate is a big boost.'s back vallejo was hard hit by bankruptcy, and following the financial crisis. >> it is the first time in my lifetime that i remember a national candidate coming to the city of vallejo. i think it is great for the city. >> they are rushing to prepare
5:39 am
the water park or as many as 18,000. the mayor says that all of this will be reimbursed by the bernie sanders campaign, so vallejo will not have to foot the bill. and here are the details of the two bernie sanders event. in san jose, the doors open at 10 am and the event is 1 pm, and vallejo the doors open at 4 pm and the rally is at 7:30 pm. the hillary clinton campaign is ramping up the focus on the bay area, four fundraisers are scheduled next week, and former president bill clinton will appear for fundraisers on monday and tuesday, hillary clinton scheduled at a fundraiser on wednesday. it is not known yet whether the clintons will have public appearances while in the bay area, and the campaign is announcing its public events only a few days in advance. and lodi in san joaquin
5:40 am
county, donald trump supporters are being vigilant, surveillance video showing an unmanned -- a gunman getting out of the car and stealing the donald trump sign in the front yard, and it is unclear of the motive, and did he still at as a keepsake or is he critical of donald trump, or was it all a prank?>> we expect that stuff for this time of year with the college kids out, but apparently he was not apprehensive, and that is what worries me.>> the homeowners have not filed a police report and hope that somebody recognizes the man and advises him not to steal another person's property. californians are cutting back on water use, and some water districts are raising rates to make up for the money they are losing. and in marin county they have raise rates for the second time this year, a $10 a month increase, and this next rate hike added another two dollars to the water bills.
5:41 am
the water officials are changing the price structure, instead of the majority of the water bill paying the water -- for the actual water, it is going for the operations. >> i think this is really a justified. if we are being charged more for the water, it should be a better quality water.'s back we are looking at -- >> we are looking at what it will take to keep the treatment plants running, 900 miles of pipe and a lot of it needs to be replaced. >> they are looking for major change in the infrastructure, talking about another wage hike -- rate hike in december. financial incentive to get san franciscans to use ridesharing and public transportation, the partnership starting today for new renters in one neighborhood. and trader joe's a recall expanded, the products that
5:42 am
have been contaminated with listeria. looking at a commute where traffic will be busy on many of the commutes, including the bay bridge into san francisco. clear skies, and fall down around monterey and one more warm day and then a big-time cooling.
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thousands of people expected at the google developer conference, and moved to the amphitheater and mountain view, focusing on virtual reality and artificial intelligent. they reportedly will announce products to compete with the virtual reality headsets of sam some -- sansone and oculus.
5:45 am
it will start at 10:00 today and continue through friday. tesla motors is trying to turn the kids into future tesla buyers, the electronic carmaker offering free test drives of the toy version of the model s. the many model s is designed for kids between the age of three and eight, a replica of the luxury electric car, and even has a sound system. it is already sold out through july. starbucks is bringing back the many frappuccino, the 10 ounce serving size has 120 calories, 24 g of sugar. the traditional smallest beverage size is 12 ounces, and it was first introduced with the many frappuccino last year. -- min -- mini frappuccino
5:46 am
was introduced last year. the recall for trader joe's is a big list, and it includes the veggie burgers, organic peas, sweet peas, organic broccoli barrettes, and also on the list is the california veggie burgers, and no illnesses have been reported, but we have a list of the products on ktvu under the web links section. people think they can be good and safe buying organic.>> i think i have a few of those things in my freezer. and how is the commute looking?>> it is getting more crowded, but not unusual. we will go up to tracy and 580 westbound, and a lot of people that drive this commute will be in slow traffic coming across mountain house and 205.
5:47 am
so traffic before even merges with 580, and driving through the construction zone is a tough commute. by the time you get to livermore, it will look good. heading to the south bay, northbound 101, so traffic will northbound 101 from 280, heavy pockets to the 880 interchange. and the chp was looking for crash in the area, but it does not appear to be there, but there is certainly slow traffic. the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 is not bad getting to the high rise. at the bay bridge, meter lights have been turned on, 15 to 20 minute delay before you get on to the bridge. 5:47 am. clear skies except that fog is raising in down toward watsonville and freedom. and clear 20 minutes ago and now it is there, and i can see it on the satellite.
5:48 am
overall it is a warm to hot day inland, but the coast in the babel get a touch of cooler weather. -- in the bay will get a touch of cooler weather. it will be nice for the day game. and this fog looks like it is knocking on the door at santa cruz. it is on its way. it will be here tomorrow, and temperatures will be plunging. today upper 80s and near 90 inland, but the coast will see more in the 60s and 70s, 80 around the bay. 52 in santa cruz, 57 saratoga, 61 sarah clowe and san jose, and 50 in the santa cruz mountains. it depends on the elevation. and sfo west at eight with the wind, and we will see if that wind picks up. sunny today, mild to warm, but
5:49 am
once we get that fog, it is very shallow and only impacting the immediate coast. it will make a big move tomorrow. and maybe tonight, 70s, upper 70s for some, but a little bit warmer, and about the same as yesterday, but the coast and bay will cool off a little bit and everybody goes off tomorrow as we take the plunge. mostly cloudy and windy on friday and rain on saturday. possible thunderstorm's on sunday. if you are heading into the mountains, be ready because it will be in the low 30s with the highs in the upper 40s. the time is 5:49 am. the story on the late actor james gandolfini, and the paramedic allegedly stole the rolex watch off of james gandolfini as he was dying and
5:50 am
having a massive heart attack vacationing in rome, and one of the paramedics that tried to revive him is accused of stealing a $3000 rolex watch. according to the telegraph, the watch was officially reported as stolen on the insurance form filed by the family of james gandolfini , and the trial is coming up. suing hugh hefner and the play board foundation, and he says -- it says that he attacked her, and she claims that hugh hefner knew about the cosby history of assaulting women and put her in harms way, and cosby is not publicly responded to the lawsuit. still ahead, the high school softball team with an unlikely fan club, the special bond between a 95-year-old woman and the livermore high lady cowgirl softball players.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 52-year-old nina is going to ride 5 miles a day to take on for hairdressers with cancer, "hairdressers with heart." and this started after a
5:54 am
hairdresser died of cancer.'s back i think that our hairdressers are lovely and healing humans and they want to do something to help.'s back there are -->> there are 50 hairstylists working with the organization, and helping to recruit up to 500 style heroes by the end of the summer, and leaving from san francisco at 6:30 am this morning. taking part in the annual event, "ride of silence" to help those that were killed or injured riding, and primarily around the south market area, and they will go by the places where the accident have happened this year. it will begin at 5:30 am at 15 and bryant street. livermore high school plane the last home game the honoring the 95-year-old honoree member of the team. this is francis cunningham, and
5:55 am
started going to the practice is near her home three years ago, and goes to the games almost every week. in the late 1930s, she was the star pitcher in oakland and says that the livermore high school games let her relive the happy memories and to show her love for the sport. back -->> it is absolutely wonderful and i picks in baseball. i was better at this, and this i could do. but the speed that they have.>> the players gave ms. cunningham a team jersey with the word grandma on the back and say that she inspires them. there have been more shark sightings in a monterey bay, and they say that the el nino is the reason why. when they helicopter toured this week, they spotted dozens of great white sharks from sunset beach to capitola.
5:56 am
the scientist with the pacific shark research center blue with the piloting got a better look, and they said they cannot believe their eyes. >> we probably saw at least 10 or more white sharks, some bigger, five or 6 feet, or 10 feet in length.>> scientist say that many of the shocks are newborns, not aggressive to human. typically a great white shark is not found this far north, but they think that the warmer weather and plentiful food brought them here, they want to tag the sharks to track them to see if the same ones come back. coming up, three people shot in the incident involving a police officer in pittsburg, and we are in the neighborhood as the contra costa sheriff's office investigates what happened late last night. a fireball streaking across the sky, and the meteor is caught on camera in several
5:57 am
states. looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy and still busier coming up to the bay bridge, and the delay times when we come back. still warm, and the fog is trying to work its way back, and it does not take long in this pattern, cool for some and warm for others.
5:58 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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frappuccino we will tell you what we are learning about a police- involved shooting in pittsburg. bernie sanders is in the bay area, thousands expected to attend the rally, and already beginning to lineup, live in san jose to tell you what is planned. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, may 18, and i am pam cook.
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good morning, i'm dave clark, and let's check on the weather.>> this is karro -- carl the fog. for those of you that don't know, that is his handle. for some, the fog is already back, over the golden gate and we have lost that easterly breeze, and the northerly breeze, and we have that westwind, water temperatures are cool enough that it does not take much. still sunny, mild and warm for the a's, and this fog is shallow, but a hint of things to come for the coast and the bank. working its way up the coast, and only a matter of time. still 50s and 60s on the temperatures, some temperatures warm offshore, all sure it livermore and hayward, and therein lies, the


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