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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, i'm dave clark, and let's check on the weather.>> this is karro -- carl the fog. for those of you that don't know, that is his handle. for some, the fog is already back, over the golden gate and we have lost that easterly breeze, and the northerly breeze, and we have that westwind, water temperatures are cool enough that it does not take much. still sunny, mild and warm for the a's, and this fog is shallow, but a hint of things to come for the coast and the bank. working its way up the coast, and only a matter of time. still 50s and 60s on the temperatures, some temperatures warm offshore, all sure it livermore and hayward, and therein lies, the inland temps
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still warm, but the coast and debate will cool off. and this is not showing up at the golden gate, but it is there as you saw. 60s and 70s, cooler and the coast and bay. it is 6:01 am. we have been looking at the marin county, and so far we are in good shape. as you drive from novato to the gtb, but the bay bridge toll plaza is a different matter, backed up to the maccarthur maze, and the metering lights are on. this is a 25 to 30 minute delay, especially in the non- fast track lanes. if you're driving into east bay, for the most part a nice- looking commute. it looks good as you drive on two 880. we have slow traffic, and let's go to the map. 580 westbound is slow, 205 is stop and go, jammed over the
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altamont pass. once you get to the livermore area, not bad over to pleasanton. new overnight, three people now recovering after being shot in a pitch and mack neighborhood last night -- pittsburg neighborhood last night, and one reportedly shot by the police off her. we have alex savidge, trying to talk with people but it is still early.>> reporter: it is still early, and a had a conversation with one neighbor that was.home and the shooting occurred, and he has no clue what prompted the violent. we understand from the police that the shooting happened on the 1600 block of kingsley drive, either inside the white house across the street or just outside of the house. it about 9:00 last night, the wounded were taken away by paramedics, and according to the east bay times, three people were shot, and all of them are expected to survive.
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the times also reported that at least one of the people was in fact shot by a pittsburg police officer, and it is unclear what prompted the officer to open fire. the members of the costa county sheriff's office and district attorney's office will be investigating, standard procedure for an officer- involved shooting. it is unclear whether any arrests were made in connection with what happened here in or around the home last night. we've reached out to the pittsburg police department, and we will let you know when we have learned more about the shooting that of left three people wounded, a major investigation underway. and the it's better -- pittsburg police officer opened fire here in this they would last night, and we will bring the details to you as soon as we get them. your time at 6:03 am. turning to the race for the white house, hillary clinton. a near win at the kentucky
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democratic primary, 46.7% to the sanders 46.3%. in oregon, bernie sanders was declared the winner, 54% versus 45% with hillary clinton. the race for president is heating up in california as the june 7 primary gets closer. bernie sanders is in the bay area today, and hillary clinton is beginning to schedule events in california, and we are in san jose with the bernie sanders rally. our people showing up now?>> reporter: there is a small line forming behind me, some of them already had their bernie sanders search on, and they have brought their signs, the first showed up at 4:15 am and line, and some of them have brought their chairs. the gates do not open until 10 am, and we are on the backside of the fairgrounds and that is where they will start to let
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the people in. the first gentleman that is in line, as i mentioned, he got here at 4:15 am, and you are from tracy, and are you a democrat, nonpartisan, why is it important to be here? >> i was a republican and now i've changed my alignment to the democrats. the primary reason is that we have to defeat hillary. anybody but hillary. i like bernie's platform on health care and free state- level education, and hillary present nothing but lies.>> reporter: you can see there is a strong conviction from the bernie's supporters, and today the bernie sanders rally is free and open to the public, admission on a first-come first- served basis. and bernie sanders will address the crowd at 1 pm, trying to build momentum and to appeal to the working class. in california the big prize for
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the primary due to the number of delegates, and after this he will head to vallejo. tend to 18,000 people are expected, -- 10,000 to 18,000 people are expected, and the rally will begin at 7:30 am -- 7:30 pm, on the waterfront, and in san jose, expect heavy traffic near the county fairgrounds, and entrance is in the back at the gate f, and it is $10 if you want to park here inside, and they only accept cash. we hear they will start letting people park at around 6:30 am.>> we will check back with you later. the details on the bernie sanders events today, and san jose the doors open at 10 am, the event scheduled at 1 pm.
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in vallejo, doors open at 4 pm and the rally begins at doors open at 4 pm and the rally begins at 7:30 pm. hillary clinton campaign is increasing its focus on the bay area, four fundraisers are scheduled for next week. former president bill clinton appearing on monday and tuesday, hillary clinton is scheduled at a fundraiser on wednesday. we do not yet know whether the clintons will make public appearances next week while here in the bay area, and they announced the public events a few days in advance. oregon was the only republican primary yesterday with donald trump winning 60% of the vote, ted cruz and john kasich are still on the ballot but they both suspended the campaigns earlier in the month. donald trump in the fox news journalist megyn kelly had a chance to clear the air a bit last night about their lengthy feud in a primetime schedule special. and megyn kelly questioned his statements about women the first republican debate.>> you
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will be amazed at the ones i did not re-tweeted. excuse me. not the most horrible thing, again politically, over your life, making, you have been called a lot worse, wouldn't you say?>> kelly asked trump if he felt responsible for his words as a powerful person. >> i view myself like a person, like everybody else, fighting for survival. and i really view myself now as somewhat of a messenger. this is a massive -- a massive thing going on with millions and millions of people disenfranchised with this country. >> donald trump said he would not have done so well in the campaign if he acted soft and
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presidential. the people living at an apartment complex will soon evidence any of the use uber public transportation instead of driving their cars. the developer will offer the tenets of $100 credit for using bart, muni are caltrain, and they will announce the special today available to those that signed leases beginning today. and tommy wingels scores two minutes in and the sharks never look back, beating the st. louis blues 4-0 and game two, and this series is tied up one game apiece, game three is at the sap center tomorrow night. the warriors of to replicate the sharks in game two of their series, despite leading monday night, the warriors were careless, giving up the 14 point advantage to oklahoma city.
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the warriors first game one home playoff loss in 43 years. after tonight, this series will move to oklahoma city for game three on sunday. the time is 6:10 am. scary moment in the hot air balloon and napa, and they had to be rescued, more than one dozen passengers. the san francisco police continue to search for the toddler whose mother was killed last month, three people that the investigators are focusing on. looking at commute here in the east bay on 680 that does not look bad coming out of pleasanton past mission boulevard. still very warm air, temperatures in the upper 80s to near tiny -- upper 80s to near 90 inland, and your forecast coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time now is 6:13 am. the police are focusing on three people in connection with the toddler's mother was killed last month, the body of nicole the it was found under a piece of work in a park and the friends say that she was struggling financially. she left her two-year-old daughter in the care of her friend, and we are told that the friend a very on it to her sister, martin and her husband that live in oakland. and we have tried to talk with
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them but they have refused.>> reporter: cannot talk to you for second about arianna fitts and nicole fitts? want they last seen in your apartment? do you know who i'm talking about, have you seen arianna?>> they have not been cooperating with the investigation and made inconsistent pavements, and the martins have hired a lawyer who question the reports that they are the last people seen with arianna. in the meantime, the sisters and sister-in-law of nicole fitts were overcome with emotion yesterday, the first time they went to the spot where her body was found. back -- >> i don't know how anyone could do this to her, it is almost unbearable.>> it is just awful.>> they held a 4 nicole, and they spread her ashes at
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sea. the company that she worked for, best buy, is expected to announce a report to find her missing daughter, erie on a. -- erie on a. arianna. a man saw the 17- year-old weaving in and out of traffic, and then he started tailgating the man, and after the cars to turns passing each other, and pulled up next to him and fired a shot, hitting the car. he took video of the license plate, and they have arrested him, and found seven guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, and all of the guns were legally registered. the police sergeant in maine is out on patrol looking for speeders, and he caught something else speeding across the sky. look at this, the dashcam caught this amazing meteor on tuesday. also caught on camera at the
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burlington international airport in vermont, seen in several northeastern states, and the meteor apparently burned up while passing through the earth's atmosphere, and the main mineral and jim museum is offering a $20,000 reward if you can find a piece of the meteorite.>> that is very cool. a little bit scary when you first see that. 6:16 am is the time and we have the traffic.>> the surveillance cameras catching stuff that we could only tell people about in the old days. sure you saw that the. -- uh-huh, sure. let's take a look at the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, 25 minute drive, and slow traffic in richmond and at the richmond toll plaza, but still not a
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lot. when you get to the bay bridge, a backup of 25 minutes, depending on which line you are in. southbound 880 has stop-and-go traffic already, and after 238, so speeds getting down the highway 92. definitely below the speed limit, breaking free by the time you use -- reach union city and down toward fremont. yesterday was warm to hot for everybody, and the coast was clear, but not the case this morning. the fog is working his way up the coast, older the golden gate -- over the golden gate and still more warm air holding the fog at bay. pam cook tweeted something out. the natural air-conditioning is now on, and thank you, and here we have the fog. and some guy in the background shopping on amazon i think.
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we've been watching this fog coming up the coast, and today sunny with a westerly breeze if you are heading to the a's game with the rangers. the fog is lying, making it into santa cruz with the patch on the san mateo coast, but not showing up yet in some places. 50s on the temperatures, 60s and still near 90 for some inland. look at this observation, napa at 49, and mill valley and 52. we have lost our northerly breeze, and that usually is what does it, and still a little at hayward and livermore. the sfo is west at eight, cooler toward the coast because we had that onshore breeze. cooler unless you're dealing with that the fog, and very shallow, but on highway one you could encounter the fog around the golden gate bridge. the leading edge of this change in the pattern will be dropping
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in on us and spend the entire weekend here. we will have rain on saturday, drizzle friday night, and tomorrow we will start the cooling. there could be a quarter of an inch on some of this, and heading to the mountains, i would prepare for some cool condition up there. lows around 30s, highs in the upper 40s with isolated snow showers. we will deal with this when it gets closer. patchy fog, cool to hot, and more of a westerly breeze. this is mainly confined to those on the immediate coast, and inland temperatures warming up quickly. cooling will begin for everybody on thursday with temperatures plunging, mostly cloudy over the weekend, cool and breezy, windy and rain on saturday.>> we have been warned. of very special cross- country bike ride for his special cause, the bay area hairdresser and what she is
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doing for charity. mark zuckerberg defending facebook, a group of prominent conservatives he is set to meet with today in silicon valley. hey pal? you ready?
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2, 6:22 am. the texas company facing felony charges in that pipeline break that valve the coastline, prosecutors have announced four felony accounts for spilling in the waters, and 42 misdemeanors for harming the water life. one year ago this week there was an accident, and the attorney general says that the plains all american pipeline facing $3 million in fines if they are convicted on all counts. debating the bill to pay for fighting the zika virus, the senate voted to spend $1.1 billion to like to the zika virus for next year, and the house republicans say that their bill will provide $622 million through september, both less than the $1.9 billion that the president asked for. the virus can cause severe birth defects, spreading through 59 countries. mark zuckerberg trying to
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show his company does not target conservators, inviting a group of prominent conservatives, including glenn beck, barry bennett, dana perino, as the cup -- s.e. cupp, and he is trying to fight back against rumors that they discriminate against conservatives,. >> and he has to prove and show evidence that conservative issues get as much as the liberal issues do. >> he says that it is blindly use with an algorithm that automatically sends out the list of what is trending, regardless of politics. a tank being shipped across to arrive in los angeles, and
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coming from louisiana, and once it arrives in los angeles, the tank will be offloaded in a parking lot. it will be trucked over to the california science center, and it will eventually be mounted to the space shuttle endeavor to make it looks like -- look like the shuttle is ready for launch. muni adding some modern buses to the fleet, the san francisco transit board has unanimously approved spending $55.5 million for 33 new buses, the 60 foot buses that have the accordion middle connecting the two halves together. the san francisco board of supervisors have to approve the deal for the 33 new buses, expected to arrive by december 2017. controversial legislation is delayed in san francisco, and why the supervisor has agreed to postpone the vote and adding navigation centers for
6:26 am
the homeless. live in alameda where a 15- year-old boy died after football practice, more on what happened, and students are paying tribute this morning. we are looking at the south bay commute, and right now westbound 24 to these fake commute, heading to the tunnel and will tell you about that when we come back. the inland temperatures will still be warm to hot, but the coast local down with the fog returning, and we will show you that. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2, the middle of the week on this wednesday, good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2, the middle of the week on this wednesday, may 18, and i'm dave clark.>> i am pam cook, and your time now is just about 6:30 am. steve is telling us we are about to cool off.>> not inland, but along the coast of a little bit cooler. we do have some patchy fog at the golden gate, and a little bit on the san mateo coast, expecting it to move up to the santa cruz coast, very shallow. i've seen this many times, and it will drift over tort alcatraz, and then it will fall apart -- toward alcatraz, and then it will fall apart. it is just too hot. we have a high of 49 or 50 with a low of 32, possible rain and snow and those higher elevations, and we would deal with all of this on friday. the a's game, sunny and nicer with the westerly breeze, 76
6:30 am
degrees when they play the rangers. santa cruz south, patchy and a little bit along the golden gate. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, inland temps with some upper 40s, mild to warm, and a lot of warm air. the north breeze or the easterly breeze for most is moving away. west of this week feel that heat at the northeast toward livermore. that strong north wind from yesterday is not here today, and some of the fog will continue to work its way up the coast, the leading edge of the system with the change starting tomorrow. a little bit for the coast today, tomorrow everybody, dropping a good 15 degrees. a westerly breeze later today, 60s, 70s, 80s and near 90 for one more day. 6:30 am, and this the golden gate bridge in your traffic lineup?>> it is
6:31 am
not, but i can do it if you want since i have some pull around here. they may be able to help you with that golden gate bridge picture. is it here? they are getting it. steve, you are a heavy hitter, if you want to see the golden gate bridge, we will get it for you. they are the nicest people ever, so let's going take a look at your commute. a 25 minute delay, and 880. you mentioned the daytime baseball game, and that means that the game will be over for the afternoon commute, and a lot of people will be on 880. this is 880 south from hayward to fremont, and most of the slow traffic is in san leandro, but looking good after that, but down to 32 miles an hour at hayward. and the golden gate bridge, and that is what we see.
6:32 am
that is what you see, fog. southbound traffic, and looking good with the fog indeed. a sad story, grief counselors will be in alameda today at the angelo high school after the 15- year-old student died after football practice. we are there at the school to tell us what we know so far. >> reporter: good morning, the fire department rushed to the school to take the teenage boy to the hospital, and we still do not know the cause of the death, and the email was sent to the students and parents, "we ask that you support each other, the students and family at this difficult time, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and the coaching staff. the cause of his death has not been released, and whether
6:33 am
there was an underlying condition, or whether the weather played a role in his death. the officials have not released the name yet, but we understand that the students will be wearing red and the honor of that student, and the spokesperson will be year-round heaven the clock. we up -- around 7:00. we hope to learn more information and bring it back to you. the police in san rafael are investigating a crash last night that injured two pedestrians, a man and woman hit and injured by the suv as they were crossing the street on the crosswalk near linden lane on lincoln avenue about 6 pm. one of the victims has major injuries, and they are questioning the driver, and have not said whether or not she is at fault. the construction worker arrested by the san jose police last summer filing a federal lawsuit claiming excessive force. the law office of morale as --
6:34 am
morales, saying that they begin with the baton at least 15 times, suffering cuts and bruises, and the video that was recorded by a neighbor, and initially he was booked on.driving charges and resisting arrest. but they drop the charges after seeing the video. the source told the paper that the internals affairs unit is investigating, and the police department has declined to make a comment, and we are reaching out to the police for response to the lawsuit. supervisors delaying the vote on legislation that would require the city to open new navigation centers to the homeless. the head of the city's new department for homelessness as for the delay to give them more time to examine the legislation. there's one navigation center and the mission district which
6:35 am
has fewer rules than the conventional homeless shelter, letting people bring in their belongings and pets, making it more attractive to those that live in 10th. -- tents. they will add six more navigation centers of the next two years, but the vote has been delayed until june 14. the city of san francisco won a major legal victory, warning about health on the ads for the sugar drinks, and they required warning labels that say that added sugar and drinks contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. the american beverage association and other groups filed a lawsuit saying that the message is misleading, but yesterday the federal judge refused to block the ordinance. the judge called the warnings factual and accurate. the ordinance will take effect on july 25. the city of oakland passing new rules for pot clubs to help
6:36 am
diversify the medical marijuana industry in oakland, approving equity permits, and half of the cannabis permits will be reserved the -- for those that have lived in east oakland for two years, and incarcerated for marijuana related crimes in oakland. those applying for the permits it to have a 50% ownership in the business. they say this will help to diversify the industry, but critics say that the policy is too narrow and should be expanded to other areas of oakland. this past storm system davis much-needed break, but the california water officials say we are in the fifth year of drought, and the water resources control board will consider easing the restrictions today, voting on whether to give the water districts control of setting their home conservation targets. if the californians cut back on the water use, some water districts are raising the rate
6:37 am
to make up for money they have been losing. the water managers in marin have raised the rate for the second time this year, in january a $10 per month increase, and this month they added another two dollars to the water bills. water officials have changed the price structure, instead of the majority of the water bill paying for the actual water, now it goes toward the district operations.>> i think this is very unjustified. if we are going to be charged more for the water, it should be better quality water.>> we are looking at what it will take keep the treatment plants running for another 50 years, 900 miles of pipe and a lot of them need to be replaced. back with him ran water district looking ahead to major changes in the infrastructure, officials said they were probably talk about another rate hike in december. the open fire department will begin inspecting high fire hazard areas of the oakland hills, every year they go block
6:38 am
by block inspecting the 26,000 properties to make sure they are complying with the fire code. dead in overgrown vegetation must be cleared within 30 feet of the homes. the oakland hills was devastated in 1991 by the firestorm that killed 21 people. a hot air balloon accident near the napa river, the wind pushed the balloon off course, forcing the hot air pilot to make an emergency landing in a remote area. the chp helicopter made several trips to retrieve the passengers on the hot air balloon. they were reportedly a group of food and restaurant riders that were visiting napa valley. no one was injured. the bay area hairdresser starting to cost country -- cross-country bike ride for the special right, 50-year-old nina will write to take on clients
6:39 am
with cancer, "hairdressers with heart" and organization that started six years ago after a fellow hairdresser died of cancer. she left from san francisco just a few minutes ago. >> i think that our community of hairdressers are lovely and healing humans, and they want to do something to help. >> there are 50 hairdressers called style heroes to work with the organization, and she is hoping that the bike ride will help to recruit at least 500 more stylist euros by the end of the summer, and we'll try to get a life teacher and she lays on her bike ride.>> a great lady. ordered to pay more than $4.5 million, the accusation against the man in pittsburg they wanted to bring kite surfing and duck hunting to the island. coming up at 7:00, the lawsuit being filed by the
6:40 am
stadium announcer. looking at the committee on the bridge that is pretty good, and some waiting to do before you get on. the fog trying to make it to the golden gate, and already evaporating, hot inland and much cooler tomorrow with the forecast coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:42 am. a big earthquake in ecuador
6:43 am
just hours ago, a magnitude 6.7 quake hit just before 3 am local time. it will people up, sending them running out into the streets. the emergency response was canceled a few hours later, and the government reported that the situation was calm. ecuador is still reeling from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake last month. it killed about 660 people, thousands were left homeless. the ecuador president raise taxes to pay for the recovery efforts, but says he will take years to rebuild the beach towns and tourist towns that were leveled by the earthquake. the state water agency board once the pittsburgh man -- pittsburg man to pay more than $4.5 million to clean up the small island in solano county. john sweeney bought the island five years ago to build a kite surfing club and duck hunting
6:44 am
club, but they said he did unauthorized working damaging 20 acres of wetlands. he said that it did not require a permit and that the island is not actually a wetland, and the hearing is scheduled for august. let's check in to see what is coming up for the next hour. >> i will join you in a few minutes, more and more americans will be eligible to make overtime pay thanks to the new rule by the obama administration. it has to do with whether or not you are considered a manager and we will tell you about the concerns that some companies will make changes on their in to prevent the workers from getting any more money. historic letter from the 15th century by christopher columbus, describing the voyage to the americas, it back where it belongs. it was stolen and donated to the library of congress and 20,000 -- in 2004, but it found its way back to rome. the
6:45 am
time is 6:44 am. the oakland a's will try to sweep the texas rangers at the coliseum, and last night they hit the grand slam at the bottom of the ninth, giving the a's the 8-5 victory for chris dave with this third home run in the game, his first career three home run game, first grand slam and first walkoff home run. this came just after the a's blew the save, now they took the lead with a two run home run, and hill will take the mound this afternoon. the giants beat the padres, 5-1 winning the sixth straight, and they got all the office they needed with crawford, a three run homer, and madison bumgarner was on the mound, and a incident in the third inning,
6:46 am
exchanging words with wil myers after striking out the padres first baseman. nobody was kicked out of the game, and bumgarner went on to pitch the entire game, and the giants play tonight. 6:46 am. hopefully no big problems developing on the commute. >> looking at the standard one, the bay bridge, wondering how long it will take you into san francisco, and the answer is 25 minutes waiting at the bridge. more so traffic to get into san francisco want to get onto that span. it is pretty full at the toll plaza, and the sun is coming up over the east bay hills, with the backlighting problem on the camera, nothing major. a look at interstate 880, some baseball between days in the rangers, and that means that the game will be over for the afternoon commute, and it should make it busier than normal around 4:00 in this
6:47 am
area. looking at the south bay north 101, 280 getting more crowded, 101 and 85 are the most busy, 280 is okay despite the slowing at highway 17. mostly sunny out there, temperatures inland will still be on the warm to hot side, upper 80s, near 90 and cooler by the coast. the fog is working his way up the coast, and it looks like it got chewed up at the golden gate, still warm air. down santa cruz in the santa cruz coastline, the log in very shallow. today baseball, 76 degrees, and a westerly breeze kicking in. if you are sitting in that bold, he can get pretty warm -- sitting in that bowl, it can get pretty warm. the fog will play in the whether a big way to my -- tonight and tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, and we have lost
6:48 am
the northerly breeze. slightly northeast for some and west brothers, 62 above calistoga, 50 above napa, yesterday rocking it up to 90. now we have a hint of these offshore a are all short livermore, and we will see what winds out. still warm and hot inland, and the coastal cooldown a few degrees once the fog shows itself, usually a matter of time. this system will give us a big change of the weekend, inching closer and here tomorrow with that cooling taking place, 15 degrees cooler. cloudy to mostly cloudy over the weekend, cool to mild, warm to hot, on the coast patchy fog, and away from the coast sunny side up and warm to hot, 80s and 90s. this may be here for the 90s for a while. it looks like an extended stretch of cooler temperatures, and nothing extreme. except on the high side, except on the lower side, and the fog
6:49 am
coming back, and temperatures dropping. today warm to hot inland and cooling down for everyone over the weekend. rain is possible on saturday. 6:49 am. a huge fire in new york city, the damage it has caused and leading to that headache for the commuters. look at this video from new hampshire, this man is picked up by the weekend at 109 miles an hour. -- by the weekend at 109 miles an hour. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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welcome back. a man in critical condition after being shot in a berkeley park that happened yesterday morning at the san pablo park. a group of children were playing basketball nearby, and witnesses said the gunman shot the witness outside of the men's restroom several times and took off running. >> we have children over here, daycare, children at the playground, people playing tennis. anybody could have got hurt.>> the police described the shooter is a light-skinned man in his 20s, xp tall, wearing a cream-colored shirt and baggy jeans. -- 6 feet tall, wearing a cream- colored shirt and baggy
6:53 am
jeans. the man has been found dead that was last seen three weeks ago, the family of keith green has shared that the body has been found. they did not say where or when, and the cause of death is still being determined. the state and was shared on the facebook page dedicated to finding green, "he will forever live on in our memories as a great mother, son, brother and dear friend." the state of california expected to approve the major payout, the biggest compensation ever paid to man wrongly convicted. this is luther jones, and he spent 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and released in february. the state victim compensation board is expected to approve the payout of $937,000. mr. jones was convicted in 1998 of molesting 18-year-old girl, the daughter of his then girlfriend. the girl that is grown-up told the authorities that the mother forced her to falsely accuse
6:54 am
him due to a custody battle.>> i think the $910,000 should come out of the judge's pockets. don't misunderstand me, the judge's pocket. >> reporter: and the district attorney to? >> and the district attorney. >> jones says he does not want the money for himself, but rather for his six children and 10 grandchildren. he said that the money should not come from the public funds, but from people that put him behind bars. riding in the national annual event, the right of silence, held to remember the cyclist -- "ride of silence" held to remember the cyclist that have been killed in accidents, and they will right around many areas were accidents have happened this
6:55 am
year, and it will start at 5:30 am. compromising the social security numbers of thousands of college students in san francisco. an employee at the cc sf responded to a fake email last month thinking it was legitimate, and the investigation revealed that the scammer got access to the names, addresses and social security numbers of 7500 students. they are now retrain the employees, offering anyone that may be affected a one-year subscription to the identity theft service. thousands are expected to attend the google annual developer conference. this year theme at the conference from san francisco to the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view. they are expected to focus on virtual reality and artificial intelligence. they will reportedly announced products that will compete with samsung and oculus virtual reality headsets, and it will start at 10 am today and last
6:56 am
through friday. a recent increase in the shark sightings, and the monterey bay, and el nino maybe the reason. they spotted dozens of great white sharks from the sunset beach up to the capitola. after the sightings, the scientist with the pacific shark research center went out with the pilot to get a better look, and said they could not believe their eyes. back -- >> we probably saw at least 10 or more white sharks, some bigger, and the bigger ones were to put in late.>> -- 10 foot in length. >> typically great whites are not bound this far north, but they think the warmer water and a lot of food brought them here. they want to try to tag the sharks to keep track of the movements to see if the same ones come back. crazy video, the scientist in new hampshire, having fun in
6:57 am
this very windy weather. he stood outside of the mount washington observatory, 109 mile an hour wind. that is very scary. the wind was strong enough to actually pick him up off of the ground, tossed them backward as he tries to walk into the wind. mount washington, and it holds world records for the strongest wind ever. 231 mile an hour wind gusts have been reported in 1934 at the conservatory. 109 mile an hour wind. 6:57 am. a police shooting in pittsburg, and under investigation and what the neighbors are telling us. the rally is not for several hours, but people are lining up. and we will take you to the campaign stop in the bay area for senator bernie sanders.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. an investigation is underway this morning here in pittsburg after a police officer reportedly opens fire on
7:00 am
someone at a home last night. we'll tell you how other people at this home may have been hurt as welcoming up. well, coming up. 7:00 this wednesday morning. may 18th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather. steve paulson has some interesting stuff to till about. >> going to be cool at the coast. 90 in hayward, 90 everywhere. william tweedy tweeted us, vallejo current condition, 63. patchy fog forming, around the santa cruz coast south. chad still not seeing any fog in balboa park but


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