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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. a massive search is underway for survivors of an egyptair flight. it was headed from paris to cairo. there's concerns it may have
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born a terrorist act. the plane plummeted from 38,000 feet to 15,000 feet and disappears from radar. al exsavage with the latest. >> officials are saying they believe that flight went down near the greek islands. there were 56 passengers and 10 crew members on the plane. it was headed into egyptian airspace when it disappeared. there are unconfirmed reports of a firewall in the sky. the egyptian prime minister said it's too early to tell if the plane went down because of a technical problem or terrorist attack but nothing could be ruled out. a former investigator with the ntsb agrees. >> there's four areas that the air safety investigators look
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at, human error, weather -- this is the scene in cairo, family and friends are waiting for word as the search goes on. among those aboard were people from egypt, france and canada. the pilot was experienced with more than 6,000 flight hours, there's a newspaper that said there were no distress calls from the plane. we'll follow the developments. the headline came down the french president fears the plane crashed in the ocean during that trip. >> i've heard at that all attitude is one of the safest times of the flight. >> certainly, it seems they ruled out weather. no weather issues, they look at
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mechanical or criminal. let's head to steve for weather. a cooler pattern. yesterday it was warm to hot. not today, a strong sea breeze in place. cooler not only for san francisco but everyone inland. temperature will fall 15 to 20 degrees, that includes inland areas, fog is in place and the little system will be a big system. higher clouds, 50s on a lot of the temps, santa rosa is 47 degrees. pacifica 51, hillsboro 52. much cooler, 24 gusts to 30. that's howling. that ushers in cooler weather. sfo gusts to 25. everything is in place for a cool down, this system will hang around into the weekend.
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cooling begins for everybody. cooler inland. looking at 50s, 60s and 70s. we don't have a lot going on. we have a commute that will be busy, if you're coming froms tracy and using 205 or 580 there's stop-and-go traffic, some of the speeds are low. we do have this as every day, 14 miles an hour and as i said, it's not unusual for it to be like this every day of the workweek, moving along, san mateo bridge not a bad commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's light, usually there's not a crowd here until about 5:30. on the peninsula a former high school band director was arrested accused of molesting a
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student. he's accused of sexually assaulting the student at mills high school. he's in the county jail, booked on 14 counts. the school district is troubled by the allegations and the emotional and physical safety of the students are par mount -- parmont. a female student was walking at oxford and hurst when she was attacked. we don't have a description of the suspect. in the past few months there's been five attacks near the campus. grief counselors will be at sentinal high school helping the students and staff cope with the death of a student. he collapsed during a practice. yesterday many of the students
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wore red to the class. teammates, classmates and faculty are devastated. >> we go into education because we love children. this is the worse news we can get. >> in california student athletes have to pass a medical exam. doctors say despite that, an average of four high school athletes die every year. we have an update on a story we told you about yesterday, a police shooting in pittsburg. we were told three team were shot, one shot by a police officer. we know that police shot one man and stray bullets hit two of the man's relatives. a woman called 911 to report her 21-year-old son was pointing a gun. the suspect confronted them,
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armed with a gun in his waistband. they fired when he reached for the gun. one hit constitute tearez and -- gutierrez. the other hit relatives. >> the father was hit in the stomach and the brother in the leg. all three are recovering. police are waiting on the toxicology reports. he will face weapons charges. three san jose police officers are being questioned for their actions in another case. we showed you video from the law office of alfred, morales, the client claim the officer struck him 15 times last summer. the rookie officers are involved in a similar resisting
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arrest case. they arrested a man painting an apartment building. they claim he was acts suspicious, a blood test revealed he was clean. the prosecutor and defense attorney agreed to a delay as they try to sort out what happened. thousands of bernie sanders supporters were at a campaign rally last night. of even after a full day of campaigning bernie sanders spoke with passion, saying his political revolution can succeed if he wins in california. his supporters were thrilled to see sanders in person. >> last night we won in oregon and i think we'll sweep the west coast. >> early yesterday sanders
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spoke at a san jose rally and made a surprise visit in san francisco at a lob or rally -- labor rally. hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area, she and former president clinton are scheduled to attend fundraisers. hillary clinton is scheduled to attend a 45 at fundraiser on -- private fund raiser. a new poll puts hillary clinton unfavorable rating above donald trump. potential voters said both lakhond este --, lack honesty. a published comment by donald trump is stirring up
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controversy. trump told the times that oakland is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. he is quoted: s quoted: . >> oakland mayor was quick to reply. let me be clear regarding the new york times story, the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth. we'll keep you up-to-date on the air and online. trying to get the ball movement. >> the western conference finals tied up. last night curry led the warriors charge. the warriors won, but this scary moment happened. steph ends up in the 2nd row of
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the seats chasing a ball. most fans held their breath. he stayed in the game. the warriors got a lot from their bench. check this out toward the end of the first half. the pass deflected to iguodala, here we go. doesn't look. the warriors up by 8 at the half. 3rd quarter it was all curry. he scored 15 points in less than two minutes. the series tied at 1 game apiece as the teams head to oklahoma city. >> we don't want to go down 2-0 on the road. we came out to win. >> game 3 sunday, 5:00 p.m., game four tuesday 6:00.
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game five back at oracle on thursday. >> they looked good. 5:12 is the time, from a missing person case to a homicide. coming up in 20 minutes, the discovery in the case of a missing father that deepens the mystery of his disappearance. >> if you use linkedin missing data for sale. we're looking for a commute that's off to a nice start. it's looking good heading to the toll plaza. ♪
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. the shark tank will be rocking tonight. the final moving to san jose. the sharks came back after a game one defeat beating the blues 4-0 on tuesday. that win included two powerplay goals. the game starts at 6:00 tonight. game four saturday at the center. the giants go for a sweep at the padres. he will try to follow-up back- to-back complete games by bumgarner and last night by johnny cueto.
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he allowed 1 run and struck out eight. the offense was allowed by pence. 2 run hunter -- homer in the fourth. the a's open up a 4 game series with the yankees tonight. chris davis is red hot. he had a walk-off grand slam. the a's won 8-1. rich hill earned his 6thwin of the season allowing 3 hits over 6 innings. linkedin is reporting a massive data breach from 2012. russian hackers are attempting to sell information from 117 million accounts. linked in has settled a lawsuit. the company says it is contacting people who may be
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impacted and telling them to change their password. higher speed internet is coming to san jose. the city leaders will sign off on a plan to install fiber cables. the city and google released the plan. cables will be installed. the paper reports the work could begin by summer. sal is watching the roads and bridges, how's it look? it looks good so far, right now we're looking at a commute where the traffic is moving well in the san jose-gilroy area. we'll look at the commuters from gilroy to san jose, that is doing well, but there's a
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bit of slow traffic. let me show you,you get into the morgan hill area there's slow traffic as you drive up, thats expected. the road sentence ors are -- sensors are showing up. to the bay bridge, the lights begin to change at 5:30. public transit systems doing well. 5:18. let's go to steve. >> well, a huge change, it started a little bit yesterday, it will be for everybody today, the wind is roaring for some. sfo in the city, partly sunny to mostly sunny, the temperature drop inland. 90s yesterday, today in the 70s, erica said the wind in the
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valley is crazy. i know around the triangle there's winds 27 miles an hour. it was cooler yesterday, today it will be a lot cooler. not only in san francisco but around the bay. 82 on tuesday, today we're looking for 62, tomorrow 60. 87 yesterday in santa rosa, today 72. when you get the breeze and you have been suffering, the allergy are goes nuts -- are going nuts. low clouds, a row bust delta breeze ushering in a cooler pattern. 40s, 50s, one 60.
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south bay temps 54. 50 boulder creek. 56 santa cruz. 24, gusts to 30. everything is in place for major cool down. low clouds making a push inland. the low is carving itself out and it will be here through at least sunday. there's no sign of a warmup. a cooler forecast, windy, mix of sun and low clouds. saturday looks to be the best bet for rain, there will be mountain snow. higher elevations. keep that in mind. now today should be a windy day for most, the low clouds in place, then we'll focus on the percipitation, that will pick
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up the showers, here's saturday for us, right there, maybe around the noon hour i would expect the rain to move in and continuing to sunday. low clouds, cooling begins, much cooler inland, temperature dropping 15 to 20 degrees for some. 60, 70s to upper 70s out of the mid-90's, that was the rule yesterday, coast and bay will deal with 60s, inland temps in the 70s. saturday i think the best bet for rain. 5:21 is the time. text messaging to a new level. the new app by google that can answer your messages for you. battling the zika virus, the new money from lawmakers on capitol hill, but is it enough?
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. welcome back, it's 5:24, violence in greece between police and ref udohs, the refugees tried to push a rail car through a police blockade. some of the refugees threw rocks at the police. a camp is home to 10,000 people, they have been trapped
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in greece. after several border closures to the north. for a week the refugees have been blocking a freight train line. the house of representatives passed a bill to control the spread of the zika virus. that's a republican backed bill provides less than a third of the funding that president obama asked for months ago. the house bill will have to be rec siled with the -- reckon siled with the bill passed by the senate. hundreds of local water districts can set their own water saving and conservation goals. water resources lifted the statewide conservation order that called for 20% savings. the near average rain and
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snowfall this winter has raised key reservoirs, the water districts will set their goals based on supply and demand. two weeks after the wildfire in canada, the fire is still burning, right now there's 18 wildfires in alberta. more than 1 million-acres have burned. firefighters say there may be relief in the days ahead. >> we expect lighter winds and continue humidity to rise as we see the potential for rain, at least cooler weather in the next couple days. >> officials are saying the people in fort mcmurray will be allowed to return starting june 1, almost a month after the town was forced to evacuate. she said she went public to expose a dirty police officer, how blowing the whistle on a
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fellow officer cost her, her job. new video may help police investigate a crash where a man was found dead in a pond. we'll show you the new video. good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well. if you're driving around the bay area. a live look at 880. traffic is moving well. the wind of change is roaring for some. 27 gusts to 35 miles an hour, a much cooler pattern. we'll talk about that coming up.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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. beautiful music, a live picture looking at if blige. the -- bridge. good morning, i love to start with maroon five. >> let's talk about the weather, you will notice a difference today. >> for some they do, yes. don't have to step outside, they can hear it. it's windy, gusts up to 25, 30, up to the delta. many reports, it's windy in the city. good morning, 55, windy and clear, low clouds making a push, coming from the north,
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the leading exof the low, which will play into the weather for the next four or five days,is the breeze and the cooler temps. 40s, 50s, 60s, some are a little bit cooler and some are a lot cooler. that spread will get wider, 24, gusts to 30 in travis. sfo west. livermore is a west wind, the combination will give us mostly sunny, that's a deep system. low clouds, cooling begins, much cooler inland. the temps 50s, 60s, 70s for the interior. meteoring lights click on. >> meteoring the slow traffic building up on the bridge, that's what happens. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic will be slower than
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it was. there's about a 15 minute delay. this is 880 near the coliseum and oracle arena. traffic is moving well in both directions. southbound 880 looks good. that entire commute is off to a good start. not a lot of slow traffic yet. we want to update you on the breaking news we're following from overseas. rescue crews are heading to the greek a rands looking for -- islands. the captain of a mere can't -- more chant hip reported flames in the sky. a government official announced the search for debris is expanding. >> the defense minister said the plane was flying at 30,000
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feet. made a 90-degree turn to the left and a 360-degree turn to the right, plunged and vanished from radar. >> i think there's 75 to 85% chance it was terrorism, the egyptian government doesn't want to say that, the french government doesn't want to say that. >> this sad video from the cairo airport, family members of the passengers waiting to hear what happened to their loved ones. >> egypt chief prosecutor ordered an investigation into the crash, we are monitoring the story, we'll have an update at 6:00. there is a new development in the story of a man found dead in a san jose pond yesterday.
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a homeowners surveillance video shows a minivan speeding down a road and toward that pond. police are asking for witnesses to come forward to figure out what led to this. if it's an accident or on purpose. >> an autopsy should give more answers. it is scheduled for today. this morning, you can see the temporary fence that was put up behind me. that's what the driver crashed into. on this new surveillance video video, you can see the white minivan running a red light. the driver speeds down a cul-de- sac, he plowed through the fence. behind that fence is a ground water recharge pond. the van and the body was not
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found until wednesday morning. they don't know if it was an accident, or if drugs or alcohol played a role. >> people cannot see the dark, it's dark. >> the man has not been identified. the minivan was registered to someone in san jose and it was not stolen. the pond is managed by the santa clara water district. they found that no gas or oil leaked into the pond. there was no contamination to the water. time is 5:35. a former police officer is suing the department claiming she was forced out for
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uncovering misappropriated funds within the force. we discovered this in 2015. at the time she asked to conceal her identity. now she's coming back saying the backlash was so severe. she served on the board for grant officers and raised -- lgbt officers. she became the target of an internal affairs investigation and questioned about talking to the press. she was told retire or risk losing her pension and benefits. >> i was forced to retire because i went do did press about a personnel matter and the chief did not like that. >> police chief shear -- suhr
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cannot comment on the investigation. the officer accused of the embees element paid back the money and resigned. new developments in the scandal about possible sexual misconduct about oakland police officer. two of the four officers have now resigned. the case involves allegations of sexual relations between four off duty police officers and the daughter of a police dispatcher who was underage at the time. >> the investigation is active, it's aggressive, it will continue and we're going time to look at any direction this investigation takes us. >> the police department is reviewing the suicide of officer brandon o'byrne, a suicide note triggered the
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officer misconduct investigation. the case of a missing milbury fath ir is being -- father is being treated as a homicide. the body found was keith green. he was last seen on april 28th. he was heading to the pancake house to meet the mother of his two daughters. investigators say his body was discovered on highway 101 last week. they are not revealing how he died. >> it's a homicide by evidence found at the scene. i can't go into further detail. >> investigators have not identified suspects, in the meantime a memorial sits outside his apartment building. there's a $10,000 reward for information lead fog the killer of nicole fitz. her body was found last month.
5:39 am
her 2-year-old daughter has not been seen since february. police resources say she left the girl in the care of three people including her former pastor's niece. police believe the girl is being hidden in the bay of a -- area but no one is cooperating with police. the time is 5:39. two people are in the hospital of being hit. police are not telling us the names of the victims, but a 47- year-old man is in critical condition, a 44-year-old woman is in stable condition. the pedestrians were in the crosswalk with when the car hit them. the 67-year-old driver stopped
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and is cooperating with the police. a tesla contractor may be ending the relationship with the company in slovenia who paid workers $5 an hour. elan musk said his company paid $55 an hour for the work. the contractor hired by tesla. plans to investigate the subcontractor after an investigation by the mercury news claimed the workers were paid substandard wages. federal transportation authorities have signed an agreement for another delay in the high speed rail project. the project scheduled for the first segment a 119-mile stretch has been pushed back to 2022. it covers 2 1/2 billion dollars
5:41 am
in federal matching funds. san francisco wants more self- driving cars. they are trying to make the case for a $50 million grant, the grant will be awarded to a major city with a vision for the future. san francisco's plan includes cars that would be connected to each other wirelessly. this would prevent traffic collisions and help with continue yes -- continue 66. plans to open a new apple store are moving along. the location will open saturday at 10 am. we're getting a first look inside. tune in as we look in live. that's coming up on the nine.
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i've been watching that. time is 5:42. the census bureau released new population numbers. the two bay area city as morning the fastest growing in america. no more e-cigarettes allowed on airplanes, not even on checked bags. >> good morning, we're looking for the commute on south bay approach on westbound 237 is not that slow. there's a couple scattered break lights. >> the breeze is kicked in. it will be cooler today. low clouds making it out to the east bay already.
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. the department of
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transportation is pulling the plug on electronic cigarettes. it is banning passengers and crew members from carrying e- cigarettes in checked bags and prevents people from charging the devices on planes. the rule makes the temporary ban a permanent ban. hertz is going old school, it is teaming up with shelby american and together they are bringing back the ford muss tack. look at that. about 140 of the cars will be available to rent. 17 hertz airport locations starting memorial weekend. the rates start at $400 a day. google showing off a new app making text messaging and phone calls smarter. it's a smart text messaging
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app. learns how you would like to respond and suggests replies. it asks questions and share your search results with the person you are texting. it has a video chat platform, it's duo. >> it let's people see who's calling before they answer. it works on ios and android. it's expected out this summer. a 16-year-old sacramento girl is an award winning invent or the, creating a seeing eye robot. she submitted it to marvel stem challenge. now the robot has a lot of complicated engineering and technology. she built it after learning ghei dog -- guide dogs cost
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$50,000. >> the cost will be six behind, so that's cheaper. something is in front of it, it will beep. >> maya beat out a thousand other talented young girls. she flew the los angeles to attend marvel's captain america premier, and posed with ironman himself. as a winner maya gets a summer instern ship -- internship. >> one day all the celebrities will pose with her. 5:47 is the time. >> you know, we are looking at a commute that's busier, starting in the east bay along one of the busiest commute corridors, it's taking 19 minutes from the carquinez
5:48 am
bring to the macarthur bridge. not that bad. when you get to the bay bridge there's a 20 minute delay. i want to show you the commute from tracy to livermore. westbound 580 is slow, a lot of people are coming into 205, making the trip over the altamonte pass. it's okay as you reach mountain house and get to livermore. 5:48. >> well, we have fog making a push, we have a strong sea breeze, san francisco, at sfo, to the delta, and some of the low cloud deck making it to the east bay. it may get chewed up. it may usher in cool air aloft. are we going to cool off here? no. you will not.
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you will hit 105, everyone else will be 71. yes greta. it hit 95 yesterday, now 70 today. much cooler in san francisco, the biggest drop will be away from the coast. the coast started to cool off yesterday. it was 80, yeah, it kass 62 today -- was 62. concord, 92 to 95, 75 today. 70 yesterday in the city. 62 today. 87 in santa rosa yesterday, 72 today. because of the breeze the allergy levels are high. grasses are on the move. trees, ash, mulberry, pine, oak and olive is in there. and going around will be the breeze, going nuts for some. the system is beginning to move. lake county with higher clouds,
5:50 am
40s, 50s and low 60. mill valley is 47, they were 64 yesterday at this time. 50, napa 49. huge drop. there's very cool air moving in. west, southwest 24. gusts at 30. west, southwest at napa. out the livermore showing the westerly breeze. 54 up in truckee. temperature will plunge. 56 ukiah. sierra nevada going partly to mostly cloudy. the thunderstorms will be friday, saturday, there could be high mountain snow. friday, saturday in the upper 40s. look at this system along the west coast. we'll gel energy on saturday is our best bet for rain.
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today cooler, windy forecast. the temperature trend to saturday. not a lot of rain. steve, that's not a lot of rain. >> but it's may, it's a little bit of rain. we get some. that will be on saturday, not a lot. there could be some up in the mountain its that could add up in the sierra. northern california, picking up on friday in tahoe, truckee, in the sacramento valley. lake county friday, for us saturday around noon, right there. that will be our best chance. not significant but some rain and it will be a cool pattern. low clouds, cooling begins today in earnest. much cooler inland. 50s, 60s, 70s, not the 90s to 95s, but the 70s and 60s coast and bay, temperature on the way down for the next two days as
5:52 am
we two from 90s to the 60s, maybe to tomorrow, that's for inland areas, coast and bay 50s and 60s. time is 5:52. we told you about a overcrowding problem. now there's a new problem. we'll tell you about a patient who's missing.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back.
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something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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. he was sent to a care home in hayward, he left that facility and has not been seen since. >> how worried are you about him? i've seen the voices in his head taking on a persona, it's getting very, very scary. it's to the point where i'm
5:56 am
worried if he will be found alive this time. >> his brother is bi-polar and didn't get help at john george, they just allowed him to sleep and released him. officials told ktvu that if a patient has a caseworker they will notify that person when the patient is released. law enforcement are playing california for a rise in crime. they believe inmates are crossing the border into las vegas. the sheriff admitted the lack of police officer could be contracts but the california program is a factor. >> individuals we're able to identify and the victims of those crimes, we're seeing a
5:57 am
significant increase in individuals with gang association directly related to california. now the los angeles pro base department disagrees, the program is closely monitored and there's no direct correlation between a rising crime and the parolees that are released. we're following a breaking news story. the crash of a egypt plane. the moves the plane made before disappearing from radar. and what witnesses saw. another sexual assault near the u.c. berkeley campus. where it happened in broad daylight. we're looking at a commute where traffic will be busy. here it doesn't look that bad. . much cooler up land. temperature dropping may 20
5:58 am
degrees for some.
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i'm an egypt air flight disappeared. what it did before it vanished on radar. good morning, thank you for joining us, if you're just waking up, i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark. you may want to grab a sweater. >> coast and bay maybe. it's windy and it will be much cooler. the fog is roaring in for some. mostly sunny, inland temps will drop 20 degrees. not a lot of moisture, it is bringing in cool air aloft, it will be cooler san francisco as well. the week started off warm. 82 on tuesday. 50s and 60s possible friday and saturday. big drop on the temp, san francisco down eight. concord


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