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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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was in that first pick. we have been watching this for the past 30 minutes and the smoke has really dissipated. so they are definitely making progress on this fire. now i want to show you where this is happening. it is burning on santa barbara way right next to linear park pathway. this is a residential area of fairfield. we do have a crew headed to the scene. but again it looks like crews are making progress on this fire and the smoke has dissipated from what it looked like 30 minutes ago. >> it is windy out there right now. perfect conditions to fuel that fire. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> not the temperature or the humidity. the temperatures 67 degrees, relative humidity 40% and the winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. you can see on the maps, traced the surface winds and a defined westerly wind and moving from
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west to east and kind of accelerating. here is a closer look with the mapping system to show you the location and give you the location with respect to to interstate 80. as far as the wind speeds, we will take a look as you can see fairfield, sustained at 26 miles per hour. gusty at 35 and vacaville success sustained at 14 angusing at 25. pretty strong wind out there and keep in mind when you get a wind over 10 miles per hour that can complicate the fire fight and the wind and we have rain showers america. during the 4:00 hour vacaville reporting light rainfall, the wind that will stick around through the evening and even a few showers to talk about as well. that could be a factor in the bay area forecast. we will have more on that in a bit. now to san francisco's new police chief, 24 hours after the announcement of chief greg suhr's forced resignation, the new acting police chief stepped out. chief tony chaplin met with his
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command staff this morning and then this afternoon he met with mayor ed lee. tara moriarty tells us how the new chief plans to lead the department and what the former chief said on his way out. >> new acting chief tony chaplin called yesterday one of the most difficult days of his life. >> it was hard because a young lady lost her life and some officer's lives have been turned upside down as a result. and i watched a person who is dedicated over three decades of their life and finally have to call it a career and so it was a lot of emotions and they are still scoring now. >> chief chaplin met with mayor ed lee and became interim chief following the 3rd deadly officer-involved shooting in less than six months. all suspects killed people of color. the most recent a 27-year-old african-american woman that police say had stolen a car. >> the killings spark protests
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and hunger strike over the past several weeks. yesterday mayor lee asked suhr to resign. willie brown thinks it was a mutually agreed upon decision. >> i'm certain it was not a hostile you either resign or i will fire you. >> brown did not lay blame on suhr but says police departments everywhere need to be more culturally sensitive. >> there is no way to do that overnight. it is almost as it is generational. >> mark fairrel did not agree with the mayor's decision to ask for suhr resignation but respects it. >> it is a shame that board came here and the focal minority coming to protest inside of city hall time and time again over the past few months ultimately carried the day. >> chief chaplin says the former chief gave him his
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blessings. >> he says to take the reigns to get him to a better place. >> he believes that his past experience will help him bridge the gap that exists with the community and officers of color. it will focus on new use of force policies. >> and let me steer the ship that we started. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. interim police chief chaplin is 47 and been with the san francisco police department for more than 25 years. here is a little bit more about the interim police chief. he was inspector in the gain task force and promoted to lieutenant in 2012 and promoted to commander of homicide investigations a few years later in 2015 and then earlier he was named as deputy chief. a military veteran that served in operation desert storm. >> if you want to list an to
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more of the chief's conference we have posted it on our web site on in the nation's capital a secret service agent shot and critically wounded a man outside of the white house. the man approached a security gate carrying that gun this afternoon and was shot after he ignored several commands to drop his weapon. the white house was on lock down for a short time with vice president joe biden inside. no one ended up being injured inside the white house. neither the president nor the first lady were home at the time. the first lady was wrapping up a speech. the president was at andrew's air force base playing golf. egypt air and greek officials saying that researchers have indeed found debris from the plane in the mediterranean sea but as the black boxes and evidence point to the cause remind elusive. >> a grim discovery in the search for egypt air 804.
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search crews have recovered human remains, and luggage and seats in the mediterranean sea. >> to the south and east of where the plane was loss and further north of yesterday's sighting ... >> it is unclear exactly why the paris to cairo flight crashed with 66 people on board. it turned left and then right and falling from 38,000 feet. egyptian officials say terrorism is alikely cause but no military group has claimed responsibility. >> for us it is too early to say what may have caused this. we continue to pursue all potential factors that have contributed. a f rench ship is on its way to the zone. it is 8000 feet deep. >> the egyptian authorities in
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the lead but we will assist. >> italy's and greece are assisting. the black boxes have not been found yet. in london, kathy logan. president obama got a briefing on the zika virus in the united states. the president says doctors are doing everything possible to find a way to deal with the virus. the president also urged congress to pass stalled legislation for research and prevention. >> we have to be able to sustain the work that is going to need to be done to finish the job. so bottom line is that congress needs to get me a bill. it needs to get me a bill that has sufficient funds to do the job. >> world held officials today says the same strand of zika virus responsible for infections in brazil have made it to mainland africa. the who says it has found the disease on the cape verde
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islands 350 miles off of the mainland. a different form of the zika virus has been in africa for more than 50 years and it does not seem to cause the same devastating birth defects. >> san francisco police working to identify the 15 to 30 people behind a mob attack that left a man in his 20s with life- threatening injuries. the man was kicked unconscious at harriet street at 2:30 this morning. there were bottles used in the assault. the suspects ran off and the victim is in the hospital with severe brain injury. brian stowe visited a school today and students got a heart felt lesson about bullying. his sister was with him. and he told the students the story of how he was savage's beating by two men at a giants game. he suffered severe brain
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damage. the fact that it took him years to learn to speak and walk again. stowe told the children not to stand by if they see someone being bullied. >> stand up to the bully. interrupt the action. tell them you do not think that this is cool. >> the 5th graders earned more than $3000 to donate to the foundation. new officers joined the police department and joining after months of controversy surrounding the current controversy. the message the police chief gave about rebuilding trust in the community. another sign of the times. rising rents forcing another long time bay area business to close its doors. and coming up next, the suspect firebombs google's bay
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area campus. it damaged one of the company's google earth's cars. what the suspects used in this case. approaching the ladder half of may and an unusual weather pattern. you know it is cooled down but we have the gusty winds and showers will break down and we will break them down for the
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week end forecast. take a look at these massive flames shooting out of the pier on seal beach in orange county. it happened this morning. it started in abandoned building on the pier that was once a diner. it was empty when the fire started. dozens of firefighters called
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in as well as several fire boats. trouble for the largest search engine. google confirmed that someone firebombed a section of the west campus. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is in mountain view with more on this. how extensive is the damage? >> the damage is described as minor and not too bad on the far side that have google earth car that you see sitting just outside building number two on the west campus. now the question, who would commit the vandalism and why. >> mountain view police say the crime took place before 11:00 last night when there were few if any people around. the suspect firebombed a small portion of google's campus. investigators say the flame did minor damage to this google earth car and singe part of the car. >> it has been sent to the lab to look for accelerant and dna and that kind of thing but
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apart from that it is still an active investigation. >> police won't say if the attack was random or if the company was targeted. starting in between the earth car has been used to provide detailed images for the mapping technology. the map stitched images in rural areas providing users with 360-degree view of the area. investigators confirmed about a month ago someone phoned in a threat to google that sits on a sprawling 3 million campus and the threat was deemed unfounded. mountain view police and going the private security regularly patrol the grounds to prevent trouble. >> it will take a few days to piece together what is going on to get a better picture of what happened. >> the clarity on that picture could be helped by surveillance video. google officials tell me there are cameras positioned outside their buildings and that one of the cameras may have captured the culprit's face and how it left the area.
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jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you, jesse. scientists say mars will be closer to earth than it has been in the last decade. on may 30th, the red planet will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles from us. that is the closest it has been since planet earth in 11 years. nasa is preparing to snap up close shots with the hubble space telescope this time in incredible details. >> what is happening is that earth, are mars and the sun are all on the straight line and what that means that mars which is close to us looks brilliant in the sky to the naked eye and it looks like a brilliant red star. >> and nasa scientists plan to use telescopes in place like the hubble to take a detailed image on its approach. >> let's talk about the weather. coming to work it was windy out there. cars all over the place. you came across the breeze, how was it. >> i didn't notice it that much until i got out of the parking lot and i noticed the wind. not quite sure in san francisco
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there was not as much wind or if in the east bay. >> i did notice a big bump. and in san francisco strongest winds and we have gusty wind across a good portion of the bay. they will stick around all evening. as you can't see on the maps, you can just look at the cloud pattern and trace out the winds and it shows it nightly, a big trough over in northern california that includes the bay. when you get a pattern you have the cold temperatures and some shower chances. here is a closer look at showers to the east of sacramento and look at this white showing up. they have a winter weather advisory in the sierra. picking up snow fall. heavy snow for the 5:00 hour being reported up in blue canyon. the more snow for the mountains and tomorrow as well. here is a closer look at the bay area. showers approaching the davis
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area just outside of the bay area and we will hold onto shower chances but especially for tomorrow. current numbers out there, ranging in the 50s from the low 60s and san jose 63 and san francisco 59 and taking a look at the current win speeds as you can see oakland airport. a smaller number, 31 miles per hour and nevada a westerly wind, 26 angusing to -- gusting to 36 miles per hour. sf oyesterday from the 7:00 hour on thursday, they had gusts of 53 miles per hour. not as strong now but blustery towards the coast and around the bay. here is the live camera looking at the oakland estuary and you can see the chop on the bay water. it is windy. be careful because the wind will continue to be a factor. as far as the sky cast partly cloudy skies and the forecast bringing in showers and first thing saturday morning and
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scattered showers throughout the day as well. by 3:00 and possibly if this verifies, a .07 in santa rosa. the possibility of scatter scattered showers. lots of 50s for san francisco and for the rest of the bay area. the winds tomorrow probably not as strong, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour and we will hold onto the breeze and the strongest wind expected for today right through the evening. we pointed out the cold system for northern california. tonight the chance of an isolated shower as the system drops in and for your saturday there is enough instability and spotty showers and on the cool side. if you want to have a completely dry day, sunday will deliver with a tiny chance of a sprinkle. saturday, this is 7:00 a.m., lots of clouds and a little bit of activity here in the future radar. this is 7:00 a.m., 12:00 and no
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this is not completely covering the region but showers that could be winding up in the afternoon. and to your saturday night. temperatures in the 60s. remember on monday and tuesday. we had 80s and a few spots around 90s and we have cooled off dramatically. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast, i wouldn't cancel plans but be prepared for scattered showers. partly cloudy and sunday a chance of a light shower monday and tuesday so we won't completely clear things out and one person asked me for week plans and they wanted to go to tahoe to camp. can you imagine? and they are getting a winter weather advisory right now. >> that's great timing. >> who would have thought? >> a bit of a surprise. virtual reality robots, drones and it sounds like fun. one place to catch it in the
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bay area. all weekend doing drone racing and combat. >> the high tech attractions to check out. new at six, new developments in the case of a woman killed, her body later found in a pond in the east bay. how her family is remembering her as authorities continue to search for a suspect. all i can think about is finding him. and i just want to know why were you so hateful? >>
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police chief greg suhr forced to resign. a public outcry for him. >> suhr worked as a captain and became well-known in the community. rob roth was in the bay view. in the newsroom and what do they think of the chief being forced out. >> a lesson on how fast fortunes can turn by most counties former suhr was well- liked in the bay view and while there is some sympathy for what happened, many say his leaving is for the best. >> people that work in the bay view have been paying close attention to the form of police chief greg suhr. he was the captain at one time
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and popular. >> personality wise a good guy. >> suhr installed a police officer not to just keep the area safe but to mentor the kids from troubled families and helped to find teenager summer jobs. >> when he was captain, he was pretty hands on at this clubhouse and to be honest, that didn't end when he became chief. he was a guy that cared a lot about the community. >> many others in the bay are not as sorry to see suhr leave for them the police shootings of citizens all of them black or latino became e roding whatever goodwill suhr has started. >> in the bay area. >> he should say to his officers, restrain before using force. >> others say that suhr was being unfairly blamed for the police shootings, he was not the one that pulled the trigger. >> he is not responsible for one person's mistakes. >> but he was a victim of you know being in the wrong place
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at the wrong time. having the wrong job in the wrong air. people liked appointment of interim chief tony chaplin that used to work in the bay view. >> he was called into keep the peace and many want to see how he implements the reform that suhr never finished. >> he will be given his chance. he is highly respected and in the police department for many years and respected so he has to be given a chance. >> but if there is another police shoot that looks unnecessary it won't be suhr that feels the heat. rob roth, thank you. an excited roll call in oakland. >> but as these new oakland police graduates celebrate, graduates celebrate, the chief is sharing a stern warning and that's coming up next.
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saying goodbye to a business. this bowling alley becoming the latest casualty to rising rent.
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after a steady stream of bad news in months the oakland police department had reason to celebrate. new officers are new officers
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are joining the first and they spoke of rebuilding trust. >> 35 men and 9 women joined the ranks of the oakland police department on friday. >> feeling excited. >> a day of celebration. a recognition of a sacrifice as the young officers making to keep the city safe. it came across the backdrop of alleged misconduct by officers that graduated before then. the officers from 174th academy are the first to hit the streets after two officers charged with crimes in unrelated incidents off duty. in another case two of the four officers under investigation for sexual misconduct quit the force wednesday. sheaf john wentt mixed no words in addressing the officers. >> as police officers you now share an obligation to uphold our commune and fundamentally serve and to remain an exemplary life to obey the laws of the land. >> this department is being
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blocked by a scandal of off duty people. >> mayor shaft says the officers will rise above it all. >> they know what they are getting into. they know that they are part of the change in policing that oakland is determined to have. >> officer pedro, the class valedictorian agreed. >> realizing what we have and we have to maintain that. >> we have struggle in times but we have an opportunity to make a change. >> the mayor refer to the resignation of chief suhr and had this to say. >> i am glad to have him as my chief. >> chief wind says his message is clear. >> tell us what our expectations are and we are hiring people and i am sure they will do a good job. >> 16 weeks of training and their supervisors and the commune and they have what it takes to patrol oakland. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 now.
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this new class speaks 18 different languages and brings officers in oakland to 773. the city though has set a goal of 800 officers by next year. california's unemployment rate goes down to say the unemployment rate dropped to 5.3%. down a year earlier. the state employment development today says that nonfarm payroll jobs increased by nearly 60,000 to a total of more than 16 million jobs all together during april. last month marked the lowest rate since 2007. college prep academy in oakland has the highest graduation rates. more than 90% of seniors received a high school diploma and they honored seniors to be going on to colleges and universities across the nation. district officials say that
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schools make a big deal about student athletes picking schools but the students' achievements should be celebrated. this is just as important because we have students signing and making decisions about which colleges they will go to and these students will change the world in a lot of different areas. as of the college announcement students participated in worships to help them learn interviewing schools. it is a middle and high school that focuses specifically on insuring all students are college ready upon graduation. it's been a fixture in san jose for 55 years but this year the bowling alley will clothes its doors for good. ann reuben says increasing costs left the owner with little choice. >> you ask the owner it functions like a family, familiar faces that have been
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coming each day for years. >> these children are now grown up and bringing in their children. >> evelyn ballard should know, she has run the place practically since the beginning. cambria bowling opened 55 years ago and other than the paint and monitors not much has changed. ted smith a regular since 1977 says that is one of the things he likes best. >> people enjoy it because you walk in the door and know what to expect. >> the unexpected did happen. the property was sold to a developer and the property taxes went up. ballard's share was an extra $10,500 per month added to the rent. >> in months in the red and my retirement is floating out the back door because i have to pay this extra rent. i can't stay any longer. >> and so cambria bowl will close for good. bal ashed's royal bowlers are going to drive to morgan hill because everything closer is crowded. >> this has been like a corner stone where we can all go and
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just meet and do bowling leagues and just have a bunch of fun together. but times change and i guess we have to adapt. >> ballard says the property is slated for redevelopment so she wouldn't have been offered another lease and while she will miss the place, she will miss the people more. >> the people around you that many years, they know you like your family does. it is very sad to give them up. i would like to thank the many years of friendship and loyalty. >> no official farewell party planned but some former employees planned to stop by tomorrow. the doors close for good on sunday night. in san jose, ann reuben, fox 2 news. all right. well a nationwide recall of frozen food to tell you about. shipped to all 50 states. plus ... >> we will be doing drone racing and combat.
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>> you don't see this every day where you can check out the attractions in the week end.
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how does this sound. robots and drones and giant bicycles. there is someone for everyone. the do it yourselfers at the fair today in san mateo.
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kristen takes us into the high paced fun world of makers. >> the buzz of drones filled the air as racers prepped for they wear headsets. a. >> that is what the people that are flying the drones. crash. love it. nice timing. i got to tell you like most sports it is the crashes that is the funnest part. >> we will do drone racing and combat. the layout has never been done with the parallel lines. >> the drones are one of the attractions at this year's fair, a gathering of engineers and aficionados. most bill with a purpose. the team from racing extinction had this paint job showing endangered animals and a camera that can capture co2 emissions. >> people can fall in love using art and technology and these meals to kind of raise
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awareness. >> for some, it is all fun. how else can you expect the racers from the fun bike unicorn club. >> this is the two peney. bikes side by side. >> and the old-fashioned bikes with the tiny wheel in the back. >> that's correct. >> i blew the scale up about five times and started with that. >> the fair has gotten bigger each year filling the parking lots and organizers are urging people to take public transportation since there is not more parking. >> figure out a great way to get here. don't spend time finding a parking spot. today donald trump picked up an endorsement from the nra and on the democratic side hillary clinton insisted that she will be the nominee but
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bernie sanders says no so fast as joe wal ugman tells us more. >> reporter: donald trump talking been issue critical to winning conservative votes for the 2nd amendment, picking up the nr aendorsement trump reassured members of the gop party that he has their back when it comes to gun rights. >> we will preserve it and cherish it. >> donald trump and hillary clinton appear tied in the head- to-head match-up with several polls showing a sing the digit lead for each. a new latino poll showing 4 in 10 hispanics view donald trump unfavorable. >> in the case of florida it is going to be incredibly critical that donald trump performs well with hispanics. >> before hillary clinton goes to trump she needs to get back bernie sanders the former secretary of state says it is
5:41 pm
done. bill clinton discussed as a possible economic czar making the case for why hillary clinton should be the next president. >> she got the best record and ability to deal with the two threats to americans rising together. political gridlock and trouble around the world. >> while hillary clinton needs less than one hundred delegates to win. bernie sanders needs 850. or just about every remaining delegates. a tall order. in washington, joel wallman. fox news. a measure that would have made it a felony for doctors to perform abortions was vetoed. the public state senator that sponsored the bill said it would have overturned the supreme court's 1973 ruling that made abortions legal across the country. had the bill become law, doctors that performed abortions in the state of california would have been charged with a felony and could
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have faced up to three years in prison. >> he won nearly every individual and team award as a member of the san francisco giant and became a fan favorite. tim lincecum joined his new team. and sierra jumped back into winter. a look at the snow that fell and the chain restrictions in effect tonight. and that same system could produce showers in the bay area as we head to the weekend forecast. coming up. we will look at the updated models and let you know more of the changes we can expect by
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sunday. >> former giants star tim lincecum is a member of the angels officially. they announced that they signed him to a one year contract. his salary is short of two million dollars but he has the ability to earn more through insensitive. he has one two cy young awards for best pitcher in the league but has not pitched since june 27th of last year. he had surgery in september. as summer approaches and pools open up new information about the number of pools that are actually not up to code. the centers for disease control says that nearly 80% of public pools and hot tubs in five states including california failed in sections. other states include arizona,
5:46 pm
texas and new york and florida. cdc officials say most of the failed inspections were due to improper p h levels and safety equipment and the concentration of disinfectant. >> if you are going to tahoe this week you should be ready for snow and extremely windy conditions. chains are being required on i- 80. we learn that some drivers have gotten into trouble. >> the rain began to fall in midday and experienced travelers came prepared with a change of clothing after experiencing the milder weather in the valley. wet snow flurries followed. >> it is too wet to stick but made for miserable driving conditions nevertheless. just this side of the grove this minivan landed on its roof. drivers came to the aid of the driver trapped inside. witnesses say it skated across the pavement before overturning. another reason you don't want it to happen to you the good
5:47 pm
samaritans and officer wait the 45 minutes before a rescue team arrived. five spinout accidents that happened around the same time and emergency crews overtaxed. >> it is not over the summit and that is throwing people a curve ball. >> rescue crews got the driver out safely. more travelers were caught offguard. >> people traveling slower are speaking doing fine. >> if you are going through the mountains be prepared for heavy snow in the weekend. i was talking to mark about how often this happens because i don really recall. see that amount of snow. also i don't remember it coming
5:48 pm
off of the heels of warm weather. >> sweating in the sierra on monday and tuesday. >> real snow. >> squaw valley is still open through the season through memorial day. typically you think mid to late may horrible snow conditions. but tomorrow could be beautiful up in the mountains as far as snow conditions and will add more snow to the forecast tonight and tomorrow. it feels like the middle of january and february and the snow will remain and some a factor for your saturday forecast. the same system having a big impact in the bay area pattern. we have cooled off and talking about strong gusty winds. you can see theguses throughout the day. sf o39 miles per hour. fairfield 35 and oakland 33 and alameda 33 and san jose, the airport there, 25. you can see the big system, trace out the upper level winds. and a big u and that's a big trough over california. that's a cold unstable pattern
5:49 pm
and as a result we are talking about thunderstorms in the valley. thunderstorms out towards placerville and the snow fall in the sierra, checking interstate 80 and they still have chain controls in place and could pick up 3 to 6 inches of snowfall. in the bay, partly cloudy skies and not much of the local radar but you will notice to the north, activity just to the north of fairfield and right around winter is approaching and davis and sacramento and thunderstorms in the part of the region and there's a chance thunderstorms and scattered showers in your saturday forecast. current numbers. santa rosa 65 and fremont 59. san jose 63. san francisco on tuesday maxed out 82. right now only in the upper 50s. 58 degrees. a look at the wind speeds 39 for oakland and fairfield and nevada. sf o32 miles an hour and the winds will stick through the evening. here is the live camera looking
5:50 pm
out towards the oakland estuary and a chop on the bay water and the clouds paying us a visit. mostly cloudy and lots of clouds and also a chance of a pop-up shower throughout the day in san francisco. by late in the afternoon temperatures in the 60s. here is a cold system from the north, sticking around for the first half of the weekend. partly cloudy and saturday will be the best bet of scattered showers and the chance of an isolated thunderstorm and staying cool in the bay area. here is the forecast model. scattered showers and 7:00 a.m., saturday morning not widespread but on the map. in the afternoon a scale back on the chances and sunday a
5:51 pm
slight chance of a sprinkle. tomorrow, san jose 67 and half moon bay 60 degrees and your five-day forecast, you will see this partly cloudy skies and a slight chance of a shower. tuesday, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. if you want the sunny hot weather forecast. this weather guy can't give it to you. we will be in the 60s and 70s. can't get over the snow. >> and heavy snow at donner summit. crazy. travelers with the long waits at airports. the tsa is listening. what they plan to do to cut down on the long airport security lines. >> coming up. new at six, new developments to tell you be in the case of a body found in east bay pond. the woman's family desperate for moment in the investigation.
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>> i'm not going to have peace. i will scour the earth for the rest of my life working for
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5:54 pm
him. a lot of the activity coming out of the new trump california headquarters in sacramento. even though trump is the likely republican nominee, campaign director says they are pushing for more votes ahead of the june primary. the office was opened on monday but cameras weren't allowed until today. just like donald trump's
5:55 pm
campaign the new office is bringing supporters and protestors. >> is it ever concerned that you might have people that are anti trump and staging a protest. >> we have never had problems. >> campaign officials say the focus will be on mobilizing supporters and keeping them active until november. >> concerns over listeria have triggered one of the largest recalls. the massive recall involves over 400 products from crf, frozen foods in pasco washington. the products were shipped to all 50 u.s. states along with canada and mexico. the foods labeled under 40 brand names and sold at safe way and target and trader joe's. 8 people have gotten sick, two have died. >> northern california hospital has been ordered to keep a 2- year-old boy on life support by a federal appeals court.
5:56 pm
now the mother of 2-year-old israel stinson file the emergency order. the child was declared brain dead by doctors at kizer permanente on april 14th after suffering an asthma attack that left him without oxygen for 40 minutes. his mother believes he is alive and responsive and wants time to find a facility to care for him. officials announced extradition proceedings are moving forward for convicted drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. it came after saying he would not face the death penalty. he is facing multiple charges and has escaped twice from prison twice. it could be delayed or months. est bammalled ts aofficials say that summer travel will be a challenge despite the staff.
5:57 pm
they met with officials at o'hare airport where passengers have been waiting in long lines. matt fin tells us the changes the tsa plans to make. during peak travel times passengers at some u.s. airports are waiting nearly two hours in security lines. >> a big inconvenience for travelers now that holidays are coming and people will travel. >> appearing at the o'hare airport. peter neffenger says his agency is listening. >> my goal, i think you will see crowds in airports but my goal will be to keep you moving. >> the tsa has made cuts bringing staff levels to a five- year low and neverrenjer plans to improve the situation at airports by bringing in more employees and canine teams and
5:58 pm
converting part-time employees to full time. senator dirty harrybin says congress needs to take an active role in the plan. >> some of the things we have done to limit the things are unfair. >> working on a solution travel experts say passengers should focus on things they can control and pack patience. >> get to the airport three hours early. taking a carry on bag if you can if you don't have to get in the line to check a bag, that will save you time. >> the tsa is urging passengers to apply for the precheck that moves you through security faster. an $85 fee for five years and the agency says it is looking to reduce that cost. at chicago's o'hare airport.
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fox news. we begin with develops news on this wind fueled fire at home. firefighters are speaking making progress though against the flames and that's good news. i'm heather homes here for julie. >> and i'm frank summerville. that news is happening in fairfield. santa barbara way a residential area in the city to the south of interstate 80. all of this started at 4:00 this afternoon and the fire from what we understand has burned at least two homes. several other homes in the area have been evacuated and high winds made fighting the fire more difficult. mark tamayo is tracking the conditions. we were talking about the winds and i can imagine it is causing more problems for the firefighters. >> not just a little weak wind. we have had gusts over 30 miles per hour for this part of the bay area. it has been an entire bay area event with the winds picking up. you can see looking out towards fairfield and vacaville the wind speeds.
6:00 pm
the direction, that is defined westerly win, moving from west to east and we will come in and show you the location with respect to to interstate 80 towards santa barbara way and court and a closing look at the mapping system. as far as the winds speeds in this area, two reports to show you fairfield and sustained at 28 and the smaller number to 37 miles per hour and vacaville gusting to 25. we still have gusting conditions for this part of the bay and we have showers nearby to the north especially towards davis. we talked about a fire and snow on the radar and looked towards the sierra and we had snowfall and interesting. outside of fairfield. you can see the thunderstorms right around sacramento. we have a lot to talk about. the main impact in the last


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