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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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new clue to what may have happened on board egypt's flight 804 before it went down yesterday. greg palcot has more on what has been found and moments before the plane crashed. >> the search for answers to the mystery of flight 804 intensified as ships and planes including from the u.s. spread across an area 180 miles off of the egyptian coast in alexandria. the area some 40 miles where the plane went down thursday morning. an oil slick and debris and clueing human remains. ways found is back in egypt where an international team including french and british experts searching for clues. no signs of the black box recorder that could explain a
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lot for the families of the 66 people the reason for the crash was far less important than the loss suffered. and now the bodies beginning to be found. >> he was my cousin, he was like an elder brother to me. i ask god for forgiveness. this is very hard for the family and god bless all. >> this as important new information has just emerged about what happened on board egypt air flight 80s 4 just minutes before it crashed. according to a respected aviation site confirmed by our expert. various smoke alarms sounded
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before there was a deadly spiral. included smoke and possibly fire going to the critical avionics and computer system that control the flames. to find out what happened minute by minute the black box will have to be obtained. greg popka fox news. federal health officials briefed president obama on the zika virus. the cd c says more than 150 pregnant women have been infected. 120 in puerto rico. doctors doing everything possible to find a way to deal with the virus and the president urged congress to pass stalled legislation for research and prevention. we have to be able to sustain the work that is going to need to be done to finish the job. so bottom line is congress needs to get me a bill. and it needs to get me a bill that has sufficient funds to do the job. >> world health officials say the same strain responsible for
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infections in brazil have made it to main land africa. the wjo says it has found it on the cape verde islands 300 miles off of the mainland. a different form has been in africa for 50 years but that virus doesn't seem to cause the same devastating birth defects as the brazilian strain. >> a measure to make it a felony for doctors in oklahoma to perform abortions was vetoed today. mary falin blocked it. doctors could have been charged with a felony and faced 3 years in prison. back now to the campaign for president. hillary clinton says she will be the democratic nominee but bernie sanders is threatening to take his fight to the convention. and as fox news reporter joe walman tells us donald trump picked up the endorsement from the nra. >> donald trump in louisville,
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kentucky talking about an issue critical to winning conservative votes to the second amend. picking up the nra's endorsement. trump reassured members of the party that he has their back when it comes to gun rights. >> we will preserve it and cherish it. >> donald trump and hillary clinton appear tied in the head- to-head match-up with several polls showing a single digit lead fort candidates. a new fox news latino poll revealing more than ten hispanics view clinton unfavorably. that number higher for trump into we have to look at the swing states. >> in the case of florida it is going to be incredibly critical that donald trump performs well with hispanics. >> before clinton turns her attention to trump she needs to get back towards sanders. the former secretary of state saying it is done and bill clinton discussed as a an economic czar in the administration making the case for why hillary clinton should
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be our next president. >> she got the best record and ability to deal with the two threats to americans rising together. political gridlock in washington and trouble around the world. >> while hillary clinton needs less than 100 delegates to win bernie sanders needs 850. or just about every remaining delegate. a tall order in washington. joe wallman, fox news. on the trump campaign has opened california headquarters. they are pushing for votes in the june 7th primary even though trump is the presumptive nominee. the office opened on monday but cameras were invited need but the campaign manager says so far things quiet. >> ever concerned that people may comement to a place like this. we have been busy all over the state. day and night and have had no problems. campaign officials say the focus will remain on mobilizing
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trump support, and keeping them active through the general election in november. still to come here. the san jose sharks give a trip to remember for a family of fans trying to forget a disaster. there is no other words to describe how it feels. >> a great story. a southern california pier that goes up in flames and what we are learning about this massive fire in orange county.
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take a look at the flames here shooting out of a pier in orange county. it happened this morning. firefighters say the fire started in a vacant restaurant at the end of the pier. authorities say the structure was empty time. dozens of firefighters were called in and several fire boats helped to knock down the flames and no word on exactly how the fire started. >> just in the ktvu newsroom 2 investigates that a federal lawsuit has been filed in the wake of that incident involving a police officer that was caught on cell phone video. you may remember this video. >> reporter: these politicians and dig nary requested a ride. >> we are showing you the wrong video but i will explain this story. 2 investigates interviewed man that took the video. don maton is. he says the officer drove up to
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his driveway and pull out his gun and aimed it at him for no reasons. the attorney is suing the officers, david rodriguez and he is telling our ross palumbo that he is relieved that this case is going to court. >> supporters of a ballot measured by governor brown has turned in one million signatures and did so for a proposition to reduce california's prison population. supporters say it would save the state millions of dollars every year and opponents say it is unfair to crime victims. if the signatures can be validated it will be more than enough to qualify this proposition for the ballot. for this uplifting story. a family that lost everything is on a trip designed to take their minds off their troubles.
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yeah, welcome to san jose. bill foley and his family arrived here. the family of five huge sharks fans and the team is treating them to a game tomorrow. when their home was destroyed in canada. a few of the last items, they were able to grab as they scrambled to evacuate, it was san jose sharks hockey sweater. >> how about that. >> the sharks foundation heard about the super fans and reached out to them offering to fly them to san jose for game five or game four of the western conference finals. just speechless. like there is no other words to describe our feeling. it is unbelievable. >> during the visit to the shark tank the family will get the full v.i.p. experience including high fives from the team when they come
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out of the locker room and brand new gear. >> how about that. >> way to go. >> i got chills. you can feel the emotion. >> all we need now is a sharks win. still to come, a shark bay bowling alley closing its doors after 55 years. i guess we have to adapt. >> why the business owners say that the time has come for them to move on. and a big drop off in temperatures. gusty wind and eventually some rain showers back here and part of the bay area. and we will talk about that and a lot of the snow up in the
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sierra. the fox 2 weather report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> a fixture in san jose for 55 years and the cambrian bowling alley will close for good. ann reuben says increasing costs left the owner with little choice. >> if you ask the owner cambrian bowl in san jose functions like a family. familiar faces that have been coming each day for years. >> these children are now grown up and bringing in their children. >> evelyn should know. she has run the case since the beginning. cambrian bowl opened 5 years ago and other than the paint and monitors not much has changed. ted smith a regular since 1977 says that is one of the things that they like best. >> we have been coming here for years and know what to expect. >> the unexpected did happen. the property was sold to a
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developer and the property taxes wept up. ballard's share was an extra $10,500 per month. >> i was running in the red and my retirement is floating out the back door because i have to pay the extra rent. >> so cambrian bowl will be closing and the loyal bowlers leaving and driving to morgan hill because everything is crowded. >> this is a corner stone where we can go and meet and do bowling leagues and have fun. but you know times change and i guess we have to adapt. >> ballard says the property is slated for redevelopment so she wouldn't have been offered another lease and while she will miss the place. she will miss the people more. >> when you are around that many years, they know you like your family does. it will be sad to give it up.
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>> i would like to remember the fifty years of friendship and loyalty. >> no official farewell party planned but some former employers plan to stop by tomorrow. the doors close for good on sunday night. in san jose. ann reuben. ktvu fox 2 news. let's talk about the weather. our chief meteorologist bill martin off. and mark tamayo filling in. man, was it windy. i live in oakland. and it was windy. >> most winds topping 30. it is an unusual pattern and the unusual conditions and in the mountains a winter wonderland. take a look at the tweet. coming from truckee showing you the scene. most of the snow accumulation in less than the past hour or so. just checking interstate 80 eastbound. traffic being held due to
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hazardous conditions. traveling to tahoe we could have hazardous conditions. >> light snow showers there and the coverage on the radar in the sierra. look at the white. winter weather advisory in the mountains and here in the bay we have the clouds and the tweets trying to find rainfall and we are finding the rainfall as you can see closer to sacramento and closer to davis and out towards wineries and towards the davis area with dime sized hail possible. we have the gusty winds and the conditions throughout and winds gusting at 37 miles per hour in fairfield. and some more information sf oa wind gusts up to 53 miles per hour out towards sfo angusing at 37 and half moon bay winds out of the west at 12. here is the like camera towards
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mound diablo and the tree seen moving and winds topping 20 miles per hour and also the cloud buildups and i suspect more cloud buildups for tomorrow. scattered showers and not covering the bay but still the possibility of showers. 7:00 a.m. in san francisco and the sky cast showing you the clouds and the showers. primarily to the north and to the east of the region. and then partly cloudy skies by 4:00. here is the cold system. we will hold onto the breezy conditions and for tomorrow. look what happens, the system drops south and as a result scattered showers back in the forecast. here is the forecast model at 8:00 p.m. not covering the bay area but a few spotty showers and scale back on the chances later in the day for saturday and sunday and we will be dry. temperatures for tomorrow, the cooling trend continues. upper 50s to the 60s and your five-day forecast, it will be dry on sunday and good news and maybe a shower to monday of the next week. lots to talk about and we will
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keep it on the radar all night long. steph curry and his elbow was the talk of practice as the warriors got back to work in preparation for game three against the thunder coming up on sunday. and the stars talk about their victory last night over the blues. mark is up next with sports.
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i was feeling good about this whole steph curry thing but in practice ... >> that little spot there. >> a big deal? >> no but the warriors don play until sunday and that will give him extra time for that tennis ball on his elbow. to hopefully disappear by the time game time rolls around. 5:00 against okc in the south. there is steph curry today. you will notice what heather is talking about. the brace or elastic around the elbow did not seem to be affecting him and after the injury he came out after half- time with 15 points in two minutes and all together. and just looking sensational but here is what caused the elbow injury. and evidently that was in the neighborhood of the opener section down there and nobody
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going out of their way to halt that fall. steph took it well and they didn't practice yesterday and here is what they had to say in practice afterwards today about the injury. >> it was between him and his wife. got stuck on her chair. i don't blame. the puerto rico and kind of and kind -- they weren't ready. >> you weigh the options and do what you need to do and 50/50 balls, whatever without any doubt in your mind. all right. you will protect yourself. >> definitely a scary moment. i was there and it was like all of the emotion. it went silent until everybody
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saw steph curry get up. >> this is a step bill for the post-season and they seem to be getting stronger. they are taking care of the st. louis blues that make no mistake about it are a very strong physical team. sharks look better and faster and skating as joe pavelsky said with the highest of emotions. >> i think we are playing with confidence from game to game. we have had good starts and every line has had a little contribution along with that. >> it has to continue. this is a good stop for sure. this win here. and now we got to recover and get ready. >> yeah, really. not too much to recover. they play tomorrow already at the tank. where suddenly the regular season they couldn't win a lot there. well, they are looking for their 7th consecutive home victory at the tank in the post season. get it when it counts.
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in the meantime exciting week for bay area sports and have the hall of fame banquet. jeff banks and barry bonds, they were so competitive when they were here as evidenced in the dugout way back when and dusty baker was the manager and talked about getting along with those two guys. >> was he your biggest challenger for a manager as a player? >> well, i had a couple of them. jeff too. but they are just alike and i wouldn't trade them for anybody on any team because i know when the game starts, they are gamers. >> there you go. and you can see all five of the inductees as we take a look at
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their lives. legends of the bay i love seeing dusty baker. >> coverage continues on ktvu plus. cristina rendon will join us where an investigation stands. two fires. one broke out a few hours in fairfield and another one earlier in bay point. what we know about both fires and the efforts to put them out. the new chief speaks out. greg suhr is no longer the leading man. we learned from the new interim police chief. >> tony chaplin and what he had
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