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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. >> the 10:00 news on kutv starts now. buildings guting by flames, small business destroyed and a community is devastated by the loss. >> it's just a heart ache to see this as it is right now. >> good evening, i'm ross polom bo. >> and i'm keba arnold. some small business owners devastated to night after a four alarm fire rips through a building in east oakland. the fire broke out this morning. it quickly went to four alarms. monty francis is there with why it's such devastating loss. do we have any word on what causeed the fire? >> keba, some say it could be electrical. they do not consider the fire to be suspicious. the go ahead news is no one was hurt but the damage was
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expensive. a total of ten businesses here on the corner were destroyed. the flames spread quickly through this commercial building through a shared attic. the call came in at about 1:30 a.m. saturday and more than 60 firefighters battleed the blaze for hours but couldn't keep the flames from consumeing many businesses. customers unaware of the fire, came to run errands late never the day and were stopped in their tracks. >> it's just a heart ache to see this as it is right now. >> reporter: a popular restaurant, the starfish seafood cafe, was among the small business that is went up in flames. the owner, patrick farmer, spent five years building great rating on yelp. >> i'd love to be here because
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the community began to receive us with love. >> reporter: oakland's vice mayor spent most of the day at the site of the fire talking to the business owners. she said the loss is being felt by the entire neighborhood. >> we're already a neighborhood that doesn't have some of the services you'd expect so this takes resource out of the community. >> reporter: the business ownerness remembered space here so renter's insurance should cover most of the losses. most didn't have the money set aside to start all over again. >> i hear the insurance is one thing but what about the city of oakland. are they doing anything to help the business owners out? >> kobayashi ba, brooks said she plans to meet with some of the owners next week. we may now more next week.
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>> monty francis, there live, thank you. >> two people hurt in another fire in antioch. it all happened at an apartment complex on lone county road. it forced about 25 tenants from their homes. those injured for treated and are fine tonight. >> seven people arrested after a home invasion and robbery in the north bay and tonight police say teamwork led to their capture. it began with a woman saying two men had broken into her home while sleeping and robbed her. the police got a call about two men with that same description and found them in a van and arrested them along with five others. officers recover add bb gun
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afake silencer and a flashlight. all seven are facing charge. >> bart has agreed to a million dollars settlement after accusations of aggressive force by one officer. the settlement is over an arrest back in 2014. a lawsuit claim thad megan sheehan was slammed face first to the floor breaking several bones in her face. bart says they take full responsibility for the injuries. they originally said sheehan was drug and resisted arrest. meanwhile, more delays in store for everyone along the fremont line many bart is doing work between the union city and fremont station. the work will continue in most nights sunday through thursday until the end of august. >> happening right now acelebration after a successful mission in los angeles. an 18 hour journey for a giant orange space shuttle fuel tank
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is now complete. it snaked its way from marina delray to its home in exposition park. as tony clyde valdes report, everyone saw it coming. >> reporter: when all was said and done it was all about this and this. the cross country journey of the shuttle tank began shortly after midnight, creeping about as slowly as the morning cloud cover. the 33 on the tank, 154 feet long was stopping traffic along the 16.5-mile route. partly because the streets were closed and sight seers were clog the streets. >> you don't see this often. you never know if you're going to see it again. >> reporter: lots of people were stranded because of the final journey. >> the buses were crazy. if it wouldn't have been for my manager, i wouldn't have been able to get here in time to see
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this. >> reporter: how angry are you about this? i'm not angel agree. this is history in the making. >> reporter: there were tight squeezes along the way. while people in charge scratched their heads and conferred, this was a special treat for kids. >> 'm waiting for the spaceship. >> reporter: what spaceship? >> the orange thing. >> reporter: the orange is a thin layer wherever form helping to regulate the nitrogen in the tanks. >> i want to see the booster because i didn't get to see the shuttle. >> reporter: there were more tight turn on the route towards the science center. some of the adults used this to teach family history. >> i want my grand kids to come here and see what i did for 25 years with the space industry.
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>> reporter: the tanks last two turns were the roughest. there was a brief but noisy official welcome to exposition park and then the final turn towards the science center. amazingly, someone didn't take into consideration sign post that is made the turn difficult. the tank was eased into place at its destination. >> it's amazingment we made a two hour drive to come see it and it was worth it. at the museum, the tank will be displayed up right along with the en deavor along with two solid rocket boosters. >> solar impulse 2 is about to make another stop. it left tulsa, oklahoma this morning headed for dayton, ohio this. is video from the launch this
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morning. flight is expected to take 18 hours with arrival any minute now. it will finish up its u.s. tour with a trip to new york city. it began back in march in 2016 in abu dabai. >> a cloudy and wet start to the week mend some areas. >> the big question now is how long is this cold weather going to last. mark hasse more. >> we had some rainfall earlier today across parts of the bay area. we were advertising a weak system and some areas picked up pretty impressive amounts. take a look at some of the totals. one sensor is showing rain. san jose just over a tenth of an inch, same for cupertino.
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this is our camera, san jose cam remark looking out towards the full moon. you can see, just to the right that is mars. we have relatively clear skies to see that. over the past 12 hours we've been tracking the clouds here in the bay area, the rain showers and snow showers. latest radar imagery not showing much. just a little bit of activity, the main focus up in parts of the north bay. tonight, the chance of a few sprinkles that last into sunday morning. coming up, we'll break down the rain chances. >> mark, thank you. >> a tough loss today for the san jose sharks. the series is now tied 2-2.
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they face the blues on monday in missouri. we'll have all of the highlights later this hour. that's coming up in sports. >> mean time afamily that was completely devastated by the massive wildfire in canada got a once in a life time sharks experience. billy foley and his family arrived in san jose yesterday. he said done only thicks that surprised the wildfire was tis prized sharks jersey. the sharks foundation heard about this, flew the family out for game four of the western conference finals. >> i didn't believe it at first but i recognized the voice and it was just -- i was speech less. i didn't know what to say to him or anything. >> the sharks foundation gave the family the full vip treatment and high fives from the team, you see it there,
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when they came out of the locker room. >> coming up, months on a mission. what these four leg montrezl friends are sniffing out that's keep the water ways clean and healthy. >> later, first pictures of the debris from the crash of egyptair. >> as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we'll keep fighting. >> hillary clinton fighting back on gun control, one day after getting blasted by donald trump. 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know
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the islands in the south china sea. he's expected to visit hiroshima, the first siting president to do that. >> the strike in pakistan today has likely killed the leader of the taliban. one says it's believed that he was killed in the strike. it happened early this morning on the pakistan side of the border with afghanistan. he was actively involved in planning attacks with coalition forces in kabul and across afghanistan. now to the race for the white house, frontrunner, hillary clinton spoke at a trayvon martin fundraiser. steve harrington reports from 4th quarter spoke from ft.
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lauderdale. >> secretary clinton has supports almost every one of these disastrous trade agreements which have cost us millions of jobs. >> reporter: clinton camp is trying to shift focus to the primary. >> if you want to image han it will look like, picture kids at risk of violence and bigotry. >> reporter: as trump gets closer and closer to clinching the republican combination, he's focusing on clinton. >> in trying to over turn the second amendment, hillary clinton is telling everyone and every woman living in a dangerous community that she doesn't have the right to defend herself. sorry, you can't defend yourself. are clinton is making case that the billionaire lacks the
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experience to serve as commander in chief. she made the remark in ft. lauderdale while attending foundation started by trayvon martin's mother. >> we will not be intame dated as long as children are killed we'll keep fighting. anyone asking for your vote owes it to you to fully grapple with the full challenge facing the communities. >> reporter: in several of the matchup, donald trump and hillary clinton appear to be close to tied. >> trump, sanders an clinton are scheduled to crisscross california. former president bill clinton has appearances scheduled on his wife's behalf including here in san antonio tuesday and
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donald trump in san diego friday. >> california's delegate rich primary is coming up on june 7th. if deadline to register to vote is this monday. they're planning late night registration drive monday. they'll have the forms and stuff on hand to answer questions at the alameda county courthouse. >> they're talking about adding folic acid to some foods to prevent birth defects including cleft palate and spina bifida. researchers found a drop-off in the number of some birth defects but the numbers were not high as predicted. federal health experts say the reason that maybe with the extra folic acid, pregnant
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women still are not getting enough to make a difference. >> now to sonoma county where boaters are having to do a sniff test before they launch. the new four leg montrezl hires are protect the state's eco system. >> reporter: before any boat touches the water the vessels have been to be inspected here at lake sonoma. this is captain corky. >> he shows intense interest in an area. we'll go around quickly. are they're contracted by lake sonoma and mendicino. >> when they're first born they're microscopic and you can't see them but he can smell them >> reporter: you wouldn't think something this small has the
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ability to affect the ecosystem but it can take over a whole lake. they can clog pipe, ruin boats, the engines on boats. the main thing is clog the pipes. are several times a day the captain comes out to smell a boat and rest until the next one pulls up. >> i was surprised. >> he went around the boat and they said no. >> reporter: no far he has not found -mussels. we planted some to see. bingo. he gets his rewardment later he goes back to his home in wind sore. >> he was originally a shelter dog. >> reporter: happy to be a
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weekend working dog protect the lake. >> today the brand new san francisco general hospital and trauma center opened. it will house more than 200 patients a staff of more than a thousand doctors, nurses and other employ ease. renovations are eight years in the making. it's the only level i trauma secretary never the area and the only hospital in san francisco that provides round the clock psychiatric emergency service. coming up asad start to the preakness stakes. how two horses died and then the upset in the title race. transfering your child from a low performing school to a better school. the evidence that california law sometimes leave -- parents in limbo. >> coming up we'll let you know if we have shower chances in
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the forecast and we're talking about a minor warming trends in the five day outlook. closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleep world.
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. contra costa county sheriffs officials say a 19- year-old died after being shot in north richmondment this happened around 7:45 last night. the victim was taken to keizer medical center and then airlifted to [ inaudible ] where he later died. there was a second shooting victim who was treated and released. and the contra costa sheriff's department releaseed the identify of a man who died this week. willie modeler, jr. was fatally
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wounded wednesday afternoon. detectives are investigating this shooting as homicide and asking anyone with any information about the case to come forward. >> san jose police are investigate the discovery of a dead body. officers were called out last night to binita avenue. at this point the victim has not been identified. we only in he is an adult male. homicide detectives are standing by for the coroner's report. >> fans were focused on the 141st running of the preakness stakes. exaggerator spoiled the chances of nyquist to win the second leg of the triple crown series. >> on a sad note, earlier two
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horses died at pimlico. homeboykris died after the first race from a heart attack. in the fourth race, pramedya stumbled and fell brecing a leg and the horse had to be euthanized on the track. the jockey, daniel centeno was injured in that. peta is calling on them to release the medical records. pita claims owners mask injuries before races. >> ceremonies in martinez mark the anniversary of the deadliest school bus crash in history in 1976. a bus fell from an elevated off
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ramp in martinez. 28 children and an adult chap rone all died in the crash. one of the first to arrive described it as totally quiet. >> these children knew that fire was there, police was there, medical was there. these children trusted us to be their parents and help remove them from the bus. they were unbelievably brave. >> 23 passengers survived almost all were critically injured at the time. the accident was caused by a combination of equipment fail sure and design problems. a memorial to the accident stands at the martinez marina. >> a law that lets you move a child from an under performing school to a better campus. one is trying to navigate the process. >> did a bomb bring down
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eqyptair flight 840? we'll take you inside a flight simulator to try to understand the final moments of that flight.
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. the egyptian military releaseed the first picture of the wreckage recovered from eqyptair flight 804. the pictures indebris from the flight. the efforts to recover the bodies may take weeks. a picture is start emerge of the final moments. the plane plummeted 38000 feet into the sea all without a
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distress call. >> reporter: sitting in a simulator for a similar sized air craft, we can simulate some of what they experienced. even though the air craft black box have not been found, they do have datas from sensors that transmit data and that's provide add timeline of errors and alerts. windows on the right at the front began showing rise in temperature at 26 minutes past midnight. smoke was detected in a toilet close to the cockpit. within a minute the smoke had traveled to just below the cockpit. things started malfunction montrezl the plane stopped transmiting any information at that point. other flight data suggest the air bus turned left and began
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to lose altitude and then a complete 360-degree move to the right. those are movements to a star card to reduce -- >> it's not to go through the smoke drill but to start from the moments descending. we were at 37000 feetment i want to get it down to 10,000 feet and that's where people can breathe normally. i'm going to turn the air craft off the airway by 90 degrees. we've lost 4000 feet this. is as fast as we can go down. will is one more tricky can play to lose speed at a my rate and that's to do a spiral dive. i'm going to turn this around 360-degrees to the right. that's the full circle. we know they did this on this
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air craft. >> what we don't know is what caused it. >> it seems to rule out any flight on the flight deck. it doesn't look as if we dealing with air craft assisted suicide or a hijacking. it looked like an event that took place and we don't know if it's safety related or security related. >> with the search of the crash site just beginning, it may be weeks before everything is recovered and only then will we know what causeed the plane to fall from the sky and why the pilots didn't call for help. >> federal regulators say they have reached an agreement on regulating commercial drones. the obama administration says
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all of the guidelines are voluntary but they expect all drone owners to follow the new standards. each state will have to determine their own regulations based on the national guidelines. tonight, an eye opening reports for parents a.concern for a california law that lets kids transfer out of lower performing schools to higher graded schools. >> reporter: the father of two girls in walnut creek trying to transfer them into public school. we just want a school where tay'll be happy. are help spent time researching the open enrollment act. >> to me it was a great law but evidently nobody's been able to use it. >> reporter: it was state law passed in 2010. it allows parents to transfer children out of low performing
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schools into better ones as long as the district has the room. this identifies the lowest one thousand schools in california. the family is on the list for two schools on the list. the school will not give me a release. >> reporter: they say the list of low performing schools is out dated. it's from 2013. that's why it's hard to know if low performing schools have improved. the district agrees there are flaws in the system. >> i wept back down to the office and they said the law was repealed. >> reporter: we asked the state what's being done. >> there are questions about how old the data is but it is the list and school districts
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should follow. >> reporter: state superintendent of public instruction says he understands there is confusion. >> the old testing system is gone, done. we're moving into a new assessment. >> reporter: for now, the law is the law. >> the districts whose schools are on the list are obligated to i inform the parents of the right to transfer. >> reporter: he plans to keep his daughters in private schools but he wants other parents to mow the law exist. >> i hope the districts will follow the law ultimately. i think the parent should be inform of their rights to transfer. >> reporter: he say as district who chooses not to offer the open enrollment transfer could be subject to legal action. >> if you head over the
10:36 pm you can find more details about the act. the golden state warriors hoping to take the lead in the western conference finals. steven rudolph curry on his latest injury is coming up. we'll have mark's complete forecast and when we'll see a warm-up. hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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. >> well, still the cool unsettled weather pattern sticking around northern california today. for us here in the bay area a few showers. the clouds have been clearing out. a butful sight out there. you can see the full moon with relatively clear skies across the bay. just to the right of the full moon you will see mars.
10:39 pm
it is cool out there but a nice sight out there. a full moon and mars. as you can see on tracker 2, we have showers dissipateing across northern california. we had some earlier snowfall out towards lake tahoe. the winter weather advisory is no longer in effect. there is not a lot to show you on the radar right now a chance for aspirinning montrezl overnight and into sunday morning. you definitely want to bundle up out there. santa rosa 52, san antonio 55, san jose in the mid-50s as well. winds have been blustery over the past few days. winds, for the most part, around 10-13 miles per hour from oakland to fairfield. more wind reports out there, winds northwesterly, 3 miles per hour. here is a live camera looking
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out toward the bay bridge lights. just a few clouds paying us a visit. tomorrow morning on the cool side. upper 40s to low 50s. mostly cloudy skies and there is a chance of sprinkles in your forecast. 7:00 a.m., cloudy skies, lower 50s out there and into the afternoon hours, #, mostly cloudy, upper 50s. by 1:00, partly cloudy skies, readings up into the 60s. the area of low pressure is hanging out over northern california this. begins to move out tomorrow. partly cloudy condition and another system moving in for monday and tuesday. with that we're going to stick with this cool weather pattern. here is our forecast model. clouds in the morning, a chance of aspirinning montrezl, taking us into monday. the best chance of a shower is up in the north bay.
10:41 pm
forecast high for tomorrow ranking from the upper 50s to the 60s. five day forecast more clouds sunday, slight chance of showers on monday, partly cloudy skies tuesday and wednesday. looks like we'll never warm up again. temperatures remain chilly for five days. >> full moon in the city. >> sports wrap is coming up next. hear from the warriors as they get ready for game three in oklahoma city. >> and more from san jose that is sharks struggle in game 4.
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. fox nissan sports wrap
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starts fouhy. >> nothing has been decided in the stanley cup playoffs except that the sharks and blues are evenly matched. the sharks came into game four with a 2-1 lead in the series. st. louis on a power play early and here is one coming from the textbooks. a beautiful pass, 1-0 through as little more than six minutes into the game. the sharks soon found themselves in a bigger hole. too much traffic in front of the net for martin jones. 2-0 plus after a period. it got worse for san jose in the 2nd. the sharks are on a power play but the blues get a break away. schwartz to brodziak. the blues got one more and the


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