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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a five-year-old died in this home in vallejo, investigators looking to see how the fire started. the search continues for egyptair flight 804, concerns are rising for airplane security overseas and at home. your mornings on 2 continues. good morning. you are always fancy, dave clark. the moon looks gorgeous, very bright. nice picture over the bay area this morning. we have your monday morning,
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and thank you for joining us. it is monday, it is monday, may 23, and i am pam cook. good morning, i'm dave clark. steve will tell us whether we need a jacket or sweater this morning. >> maybe early, but still getting up near 70.>> have the wins died down -- winds died down?>> yes they have. partly to mostly cloudy with a few showers possible in the mix with this low, just off of the mendocino coast, and the low is on its way to central and southern california, continuing to rotate in these pieces of energy. breezes are here, and a little bit of a breeze and on the cool side with 40s and low 50s. 48 in napa, 47 in palo alto.
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and look for mostly cloudy skies. keeping temperatures on the cool side, mostly cloudy and partly sunny and breezy at times. some breaks of sunshine, but temperatures remaining below normal with 60s and low 70s. 5:02 am. we made it through the first hour, and how is it starting off at 5:00?>> not a lot going on right now, but more traffic that is slow as we look at the morning commute. the tracy super commuters, so traffic already on 205 as it merges with live 80, stop and go. we call this the super commuters because people are driving a super long distance to get to the job. sometimes from stockton all the way to the silicon valley to get to work. a look at the commute, you can
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see the live pictures and we have a look at the bay bridge, more crowding in the outside lanes. in san francisco, a look at 101 north bound, traffic moving along okay approaching the 80 split. 5:03 am. the vallejo fire investigators are going back to the home where the little boy died in a fire over the weekend, and his mother was seriously hurt. we are at the scene, and one neighbor risk his life trying to say that child.>> reporter: yes, incredible story, he risk everything trying to save the little boy. the vallejo police are securing the scene where the fire occurred. the boy's mother and teenage brother are recovering, and authorities say they will be back today to investigate the fire. the smoke started pouring out of the house about 10:00 yesterday morning and the woman and her older son escape the learning building, but her five- year-old son was trapped in a
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back bedroom. they found that a neighbor had crawled inside the house with a garden hose, trying to douse the flames and search for the little boy. back i -- >> i turned the hose on in put it on the mother and colder off, and then i took the hose them is trying to crawl into get the baby. i could only get half way through the living room between the smoke and the heat. i tried to hold my breath to go further, but i just couldn't.>> reporter: tragically the five- year-old had died by the time the fire crews found him. the mother suffered second and third degree burns, and has been flown to the burn center. they will bring in a specially trained dog to sniff for evidence and possible arson. the mother said that she and her husband had been in an argument before the fire and they will look for a connection between that dispute and the fire that broke out yesterday
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morning. the home burned out, some debris still in front of the home, and the police officers asked us to move back a little bit in order to accommodate vehicles that are expected to show up in the next couple of hours to get the investigation underway here in vallejo. the time is 5:05 am. keith green, whose body was found more than a week ago in sonoma county, the police have raided a home in hillsboro early saturday morning and arrested tiffany lee, greens ex- girlfriend. greens roommate reported him missing on april 28, and the hiker found his cell phone in the golden gate park the next day, and greens body was found on may 11 along the sonoma county freeway. they said that the current boyfriend of tiffany lee has also been arrested in connection with the death of green. he is expected to be charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. they have arrested a
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parolee found crawling round homes in sausalito, and knocking on doors. there was a report of a suspicious person walking on crescent avenue, and they say that the 28-year-old eric oliver was arrested, already on parole for burglary and was about to be sentenced for two other burglaries in napa county. the cofounder of the trailblazing ice cream shop, larry mitchell, has died. they introduced tropical flavored ice cream, and their mango ice cream was one of the best. this past weekend the family announced that he died of a stroke at the age of 88, and was given a private funeral. they call the mitchell's ice cream a food lovers treasure. some call it one of the best ice cream shops in the world. his brother jack died in 2007.
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the san francisco cities suing the landlord claiming he has been ignoring violations for years. he owns property in the richmond district and on [ null ] hill. here are photos of the buildings with the city's complaints against him, and they say that long -- wong has refused to meet his responsibilities for more than a decade, and the complaint also says that there been more than 100 complaints filed about the conditions over the past 20 years. the police in burlingame are warning hikers to be on alert after two women and the dogs had to be rescued from an aggressive coyote. they were inside the mills canyon park and were cornered by the coyote yesterday morning, and it may have been protecting its pups from the
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two dogs. they escorted the hikers out of the park, and the police are reminding everybody that the pets should always be fed indoors, and when out for a walk, they should be on a leash. hikers can scare coyotes loud noises or bright lights. 133-105, the warriors get blown out, and looking to do what they have done all season, come back strong after a loss. steph curry lead with 24 points, but kevin durant and russell westbrook had a combined 66 points for okc, and game 4 is tomorrow night. >> i don't think any of our guys competed at the level, not just in terms of how hard they are playing, but in terms of using their brains, moving the ball and making it work. we did none of that. >> there was a bad flow out there and we could not stop it. on the road, you have to do
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something about stopping the runs just like we did in game 2.>> the nba is expected to review that play that led to draymond green being called freight late rent owl and the second quarter, down by steven adams it while driving to the basket, and ended up kicking adams in the growing, and green city was just following through on a shot. and a lot of other people think differently, a similar incident involving green and adams happened in game 2. coach her interviewing the candidate for the luke walton vacant job as assistant coach, and stephen silas worked for the warriors from 2006-2010, and steph curry said that stephen silas helped him to develop his pregame warm- up that he still uses. coach steve kerr said they would usually wait until after the post then it -- post season
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to interview the candidate, but other people are also interested in him. luke walton of course will be the new head coach for the la lakers. president obama is now in vietnam, and justin lifted the ban on selling weapons to vietnam. he made this announcement during his three-day visit to vietnam, saying that both sides have established a level of trust and cooperation. they said this will count of the growing influence of china and southeast asia. >> the united states is fully lifting the ban on the sale of military equipment to vietnam that is been in place for 50 years. sales will still need to meet strict requirements, including those related to human rights.>> president obama also announced that for the first time since the vietnam war he is -- peace corps volunteers will now be invited into
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vietnam. searching for the wreckage of egyptair flight 804 that went down over the mediterranean, and the cause of the crash is still a mystery. concerns are rising about airport security overseas and here at home. we are outside of reagan international airport just outside of washington.>> reporter: good morning. as if the tsa did not have enough to contend with with the influence and influx of the summer travelers that they were not prepared for. and now there is concerned about the airports overseas and largely due to the uncertainty about what happened to this egyptair flight. tokenizing cameras on the lookout for egyptair flight 804. >> the area is 80 nautical miles by 40 nautical miles for today. >> reporter: memorial services have begun for those on board, presumed lost. the search continues for the black boxes, and according to the members of congress,
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evidence is still pointing for the terror attack.'s back centers when all, smoke detectors in the laboratory, -- lavatory, and the window in the cockpit was breached, indicating it may have been blown out. truck the tsa is under heavy criticisms for the long lines, and failure to adequately prepare for the summer travel system, and even the possibility of the bomb being on board for the egyptair flight, raising concerns for the ongoing usa security. this could lead to a u. s. air disaster. >> it is important for the public to know that every flight, the plane, cargo and passengers on a flight that is bound to the united states has to be screened to the u. s. standards.>> reporter: as far as dealing with the security here at home, the tsa is talking about hiring 800 more
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agents, but it will take weeks to get those folks in place. in the meantime, the search continues for the critical black boxes that are presumably at the bottom of the mediterranean. the san francisco new police chief meets the community, and the goals he is outlining to perform the police tactics and training to prevent shootings. the gay man's chorus snubbed from singing the national anthem at the padres game, and what they say happened. good morning, looking at it commute where traffic is doing okay on highway 4 on the way to concord. we will tell you more about your east bay commute. another system dropping in, temperatures on the cool side with cloud cover.
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welcome back, the san diego men's chorus is calling on the padres to investigate a possible hate crime. the singers were set to perform the national anthem at the saturday night baseball game, but instead a voice recorded of a woman's voice was broadcast. they said that when the course was escorted off of the field, they were taunted with
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homophobic slurs. the padres apologize saying it was a mistake made in the ballpark control room. c boy from sacramento has a big decision to make, excepted to two university of california schools. abraham already has 3 degrees, and started earning his degrees when he was only seven years old. and at first they did not want him in the classrooms because he was so little, but he was allowed in class with his mother going with him. he plans on study biomedical engineering and wants to be a researcher by the time he is 18 years old. >> why not? a high school where people are scrambling to get into a cow state school
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when they graduate.>> that young man will be retired by the time he is 30. good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have. taking a look at the gilroy commute, showing you that traffic will be okay as we look at some of these road sensors on the gilroy commute. no major problems as you drive. a lot of people drive a long distance, but the morning commute is not too bad. looking at the other part of the bay, highway 4 westbound is not bad coming up and over the hill. so far, so good. when you get to the bay bridge, not a big commute, some waiting to do in some of the lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. 5:18 am. another system
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dropping in, keeping us on the cool side with below normal temperatures through wednesday or even thursday. a few showers, but not a strong system. there is a trajectory over the water, and you can see this little bit off of the mendocino coast. and this low will continue to track toward central and southern california. it will rotate in, and that will keep us mostly cloudy, some breaks of sunshine, but a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of a breeds. -- of a breeze. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, on the cool side, napa and novato, and toward the south bay plenty of 40s. including mid-40s for morgan health, and gilroy. santa cruz at 48. even 49 in santa clara. it is a little bit: the south bay, 50s for some, and two bits in truckee, and ukiah, monterey
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in sacramento, a wild show friday into saturday. all quiet, but they may see afternoon shower activity. that last system was more of a northern event. this system is on its way to central and southern california, and this will continue to destabilize the atmosphere. that is why we have to mention a few showers. the strong lois moved out, but another piece of energy dropping in leaving us mostly cloudy today, tomorrow and maybe by wednesday. any precipitation will be very light. mostly cloudy and breezy at times, temperatures staying cool, some breaks of sunshine, but temperatures remaining below normal in the 60s and low 70s. for inland temperatures, they should be closed 80 in that will not be happening for a while. thursday and friday and into the holiday weekend we have signs of another low dropping
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in. 5:20 am is the time. a man is attacked by a bear, and incredible story, and what happened as he fought for his life, and now his road to recovery. hillary clinton and donald trump taking jabs at one another over their positions on gun control.
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president obama says that the death of the head of the taliban should is in a signal to the extremist. he died in the u. s. drone strike late last week. the officials say that the car had been targeted. the national security analyst said that he moved into the taliban leadership three years ago, considered eight serious threat to the american troops in afghanistan.>> united states, acting government and other coalition partners have for a long time considered him to be one of the key organizers behind the bombing attacks that have killed thousands of afghans and coalition forces over the past few years.>> there is no indication on who will become the new calabar leader, and it is not clear whether the new leader would be
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more open to the option. donald trump and hillary clinton are clashing over the gun control, the national rifle association has endorsed donald trump, and donald trump told the nra at the meeting that hillary clinton would prevent law-abiding citizens from owning guns. in the meantime, hillary clinton speaking at an event for women whose children have been killed by guns, calling donald trumps support of the second amendment is dangerous. >> she is reading off of the teleprompter, and she always does. she never really has her own words, and she talks about the guns in the classrooms, and i don't want have guns in classrooms. all those teachers in some cases should have guns in the classrooms.'s back as long as children anywhere are being killed by guns, we will keep fighting for our kids because they deserve a president that will stand up for them.
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>> the latest polls are showing a tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump. the time is 5:26 am. a man suspected of killing eight massachusetts police officer is dead after a shootout with the police late last night. officer ronald tarantino was killed just after midnight, 45 miles outside of boston. the driver shot the officer and then drove away. the officer was rushed to the hospital, and he later died. the police found the suspect after searching home about 5 miles away.>> as they entered the bedroom, a closet door burst open. the suspect appear from inside the closet and fired on the troopers, striking one of them. the s.w.a.t. team returned fire and struck the suspect, inflicting life-
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threatening injuries. >> the state and local police officers stood outside of the hospital as the body of officer tarantino was brought in by the corner, survived by his wife and three children. the suspect had a criminal record, but they do not yet know the motive for the attack on officer tarantino. and the suspect has had surgery and we do not yet have an update on his condition. 5:27 am. the trial expected to begin for today of the man that it was -- that was accused of killing lamar. new developments in the death of the man in millbrae, the arrest just made and the person connected to the victim. looking at a commit that is getting busier as the people hit the roads, 80 westbound is one of those commutes, and you can see more people on the freeway. temperatures of the
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weekend low with cloud cover, and looks like it will continue with the name -- the same theme.
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keep calm, your internet's on. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:30 am. were looking around the bay area toward san francisco, fog in the sky in music in the background. dragon, and that is for you,
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pam. welcome back on this monday, may 23, and i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, and it is 5:31 am. and i hear it could rain this weekend for the bottle rocket?>> the weekend is looking good. is there a particular band you want to see?>> brian flores and i will be there on friday morning. we will be reporting during the show.>> nice.>> hopefully we will have the red hot chili peppers, but not sure about that.>> i'm sure you are on the vip list. we have a system dropping in, and it will keep us under mostly cloudy skies, a little bit of rain out of this as
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well. the moon is trying to shine through, but there is a lot of cloud cover rotating in. mostly cloudy skies, and as this system rotate then it will be here today and tomorrow, and a little bit of rain at the mendocino coast, keeping this cloud cover in. freezes occasionally popping up with temperatures on the cool side, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, and this, as it rotates through, on its way to southern california. mostly cloudy, breezy at times with isolated showers. below normal temperatures, translating into 60s or very low 70s. 5:32 am. not bad, but there is slow traffic. something that will not surprise a lot of people and good morning to you. we start with the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is slow with the toll plaza this morning. it does not look like there is
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a huge back up. i do see police activity, a few chp cars over to the right-hand side. i see westbound 80 at the toll plaza off-ramp, and it looks like something is going on. we will see what is going on. looking at 880 north and southbound, traffic moving well. i want to remind you that the schools are out, and you could see a traffic pattern change. were looking at 680, 24, and not seeing a lot going on in the east bay. 5:33 am. new developments in the death of the millbrae man reported missing, the body of keith green found last week and two people have been arrested, and in hillsboro where the investigation led to a major raid over the weekend.>>
5:34 am
reporter: a week and a half after the body has been discovered, they have rated this home and it is this large home behind us, and it is unclear who the home actually belongs to, and the s.w.a.t. team broke through the front gate and made its way inside the gates. they arrested tiffany lee, the ex-girlfriend of green. we've also been told by the officials that the current boyfriend has also been arrested in connection with the death of green. he is facing charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. you may remember that the roommate of green reported him missing on april 28, and a hiker later found his cell phone in the golden gate park. on may 11, the body of green was found along the highway in sonoma county. were working to get more information from the san mateo county sheriff department about
5:35 am
this particular investigation, but as far as we understand it. two people have been taken into custody with the connection to the death of keith green, and we hope to get more information throughout the morning, and we will keep you updated. the time is 5:35 am. a man suspected of killing the morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar is scheduled to appear in court, and the trial was scheduled to begin this morning. we are live from san jose to explain what is expected to happen.>> reporter: the family of sierra lamar has learned not to get their hopes up because the trial has been delayed before, and it may happen again today. that is because the defense for the suspect, garcia torres, is asking for more time to review the evidence, and because they are tied up on other cases.
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the suspect has been held in jail without bail since 2012, accused of kidnapping and murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar, last seen walking to her bus stop in morgan hill. her body has never been found, but the dna was found in the car of garcia torres, and his dna was found on her clothing discovered in a field. if convicted he will face the death penalty, and they've recently say that garcia asked for a new attorney, but apparently withdrew the request. the hearing is scheduled for later on this morning. the time is 5:36 am. the san francisco new acting police chief toney chaplin trying to rebuild the trust within the police department, and started by meeting with members of the third baptist church, saying that communication is the first
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step toward building the trust. and the trust between the police and people that live in the city have been strained after the deadly police- involved shooting's over the past couple of months. toney chaplin says that changes will come quick with the department, which may mean cutting ties with some of the police officers. >> some go to school and do what they're supposed to do, some get it sooner or later, and those are the ones that will slip up and we can train them. but some never get it, and those are the ones we want separated from the police department. >> the people apparently liked what they heard, and they say that if chaplin is not given the job is the permanent police chief, they want to be in the selection process for whoever is chosen. a developing story out of monterey county, a wild fire has burned more than six square miles, and it started at 3:30 pm yesterday and take a look at
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this picture. the fire quickly spread to nearly 4000 acres in just a few hours. it was being fueled by the strong wind, and no reports of injuries or homes threatened. all lanes of westbound 580 in livermore back open after a car fire that happened last night along 580 near the livermore laboratory. the firefighters had to be called in, and the fire burned 10 acres but no one was injured. today is the deadline for californians to register to vote for the june 7 presidential primary, but supporters of bernie sanders are suing to extend the deadline until election day. the loss of claims there's a lot of confusion about the california presidential primary rules, especially for boaters registered for no party preference. many of the voters do not know they can request a democratic ballot, and if they do not,
5:39 am
they will get a primary ballot with no presidential candidates, and the sanders campaign once a broader public awareness campaign. >> we have seen a lot of people that have got their vote by mail ballot but there is no bernie sanders on it because they do not have a political preference. >> and they say that the office is posted information online in the press releases, and it on social media. he says that the call to extend the deadline until election day is not realistic. the san francisco voters could change who gets to decide the housing development rules. right now the voters get the final say on how much new housing should be required to be affordable, and the rate is 12%. the new proposition would increase the rate to 25% and get the power back to the city supervisors to change the rate depending on the market conditions, trying to deal with
5:40 am
the lack of homes for low income residents. there are housing options for nurses and teachers. the time is 5:39 am. pittsburg coming up with ways to keep people safe when they meet with the buyer or seller on craigslist. the watchdog and classified analysts say that more than 100 people have been killed as a result of interaction from craigslist. and while there is not been any major craigslist robbery reported in pittsburg, there have been craigslist victims in the bay area that have been targeted and robbed, so the police department is creating a safe zone where people can meet to carry out the transaction. >> if you want to purchase something on the internet and not comfortable going to the house of someone, come to the police department. we have two stalls that are marked and identifiable. and at the nighttime, a well lit area. it is right in front of the police department, and under 24-
5:41 am
hour surveillance. >> while the officers were not be there during the transaction, there will be plenty of them around in the saison. -- in the safe zone. and they have a warning about the scam saying they will pay people to become a secret shopper. one man received an email that claimed to be from the national shopping network, and he was sent a cashier's check for $3400, told to deposit it in his checking account, and wired the money to the two companies overseas, and rate the services of the companies. the cashier's check turned out to be a fake, and the man lost the $3400. they remind everybody to be very wary of these unsolicited emails. confirming a high school student that has bacterial meningitis, and the student that attends the high school in
5:42 am
folsom, they have told the parents to get the children vaccinated if they have not already done so. those students that had close contact with the student are at risk that can be treated with an antibiotic. scrambling to approve the funding for project to improve the flooding along the san francisco's quinto creek. it can be prone to flooding during the tides and big storms, and 100 years of sediment has built up, also narrowing the creek. and removing this segment would cost more than $40 million, $3 million more than originally estimated. if the cities do not approve the funding by mid-june, the project could be set back by several months. 5:42 am. more tragedy on the world's tallest mountain, on the three days in mount everest, causing officials to look at the safety
5:43 am
standards from some of the climbing companies. a tribute to prince, how madonna and steve wondered honored him, coming up next. were looking at a morning commute that has some slow spots, a mixed bag, coming up.
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welcome back. the alumni association among one of five people that died after music festival in the philippines, 33-year-old eric miller, seen here on the linkedin page, graduating from san jose in 2005. he recently moved to the philippines where he worked as an account executive. he was attending the close up forever summer concert, billed as the summers biggest rave party in manila over the
5:46 am
weekend. he and four other people collapsed, and the cause of death is under investigation. an incredible story, and this man in alaska was lucky to be alive after a vicious attack by the brown bear. kenny was getting water on the camping trip, and the bear charged him, clawing at his lay, crushing his shoulder blade, and ended up biting into his head.>> i was facing the bear the entire time. i remember the sounds as it was running, i remember hearing it and the sound of him breathing. i remember the sound of it snarling.>> it be at right into his head. -- bit right into his head.'s back his wife and the others ran to help them and the bear let him go. his wife and three others are nurses, and they started first aid immediately before more
5:47 am
help arrived. he spent four days in the hospital, facing a longer recovery, but says he is already doing better than he thought he would. 547 is the time -- 5:47 am is the time. not a bad commute so far. not great, because there are a lot of people on the road, but no major incidents right now on incident -- on interstate interstate 880. and on interstate 80, 19 minutes, and that is not bad for this time of morning. when you get to the bay bridge at the toll plaza, full with metering lights on, 50 minute delay, but still not too bad. these pay commute is not terrible, but we did notice slow traffic. before we get to the south bay, let's go back to the east bay. 680 is not looking bad, but i do see slow traffic on 680 southbound from dublin down
5:48 am
toward fremont, and now in the south bay, northbound 101 is getting busy after 280. for the most part, the silicon valley looks pretty good. 5:48 am. another system dropping in, and if you like cooler weather, this will be a continuation of the weekend. a pretty shot, and here you go. the system is going down the coast, and will rotate in a band of clouds, cloudy to mostly cloudy with some breaks of sunshine. temperatures below average, and you can see off the coast this radar return, but not much of it will leave anything. a possibility that we could see a little bit of shower activity popping up, probably to the north and east. a little bit of a breeze in the mix, 40s and upper 40s, nevada, -- novato, napa, and even san
5:49 am
jose at 51, berkeley at 49. a cool 44, at napa 45, and 27 in truckee, low 50s in ukiah, sacramento, and crazy weather weekend. friday into saturday it was all quite in this year, but this system is different from the last. this one is off of our coast, and most of the energy stay more toward us and not the sierra. you can see over fort brag, any precipitation will be like, but you can certainly get it. that little band is rotating through, and a big upper level for the weekend, coming down on the backside we have this low keeping us mostly cloudy, cool to mild and below average on the temperatures, a little bit of precipitation and more around ukiah in sacramento than here. -- ukiah and sacramento than
5:50 am
here. pretty quiet. below normal temperatures is the end result, 60s to low 70s at best, and inland temperatures running 10 degrees below average. not much change through wednesday, looking better on thursday and friday, and more sunshine. madonna honored prince during the billboard music awards, appearing on the purple throne, and saying -- sang, "nothing compares to you." stevie wonder joined her on stage to sing "purple rain" and friends and madonna reportedly dated in the 80s with her roller coaster friendship. adele and justin bieber won at best artist, and the top group went to "one direction."
5:51 am
the police going above and beyond on the bay area city, how volunteers took part in the home makeover.
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5:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:53 am.
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the police helping the woman that has trouble leaving her home, more than two dozen police officers volunteered to build two wheelchair ramps, and the police found out she could not leave her home after making an animal control all. they not only built the rams in the front and back of the home, they pitched in to clean up the yard. they are hoping that the idea of helping spread's.>> next year were hoping that other departments will follow suit, as far as within our city so that we can get all of our neighbors working together to help one another out.>> the chief of police was one of the first officers at the home to help out, and looking at the time flat -- time lapse video shows you how much work they did, and how well they did it. a well-known activist coming back to the bay area, rose pak was in china having a kidney treatment surgery, and
5:55 am
the farmer san francisco mayor willie brown holding a surprise party at the sfo international terminal. rose pak's number of political activism and her major support for mayor and lee. -- mayor and lee -- mayor ed lee. the main cold line --: rail -- coal rail passing through the major cities, and there is concern that the dust could be dangerous to breathe, and the oakland city council will vote on the shipping proposal next month they had will be lifted onto this zenith sculpture in the tallest statue in san francisco, and it will stand 92 feet tall in the
5:56 am
courtyard of trinity place, and it will be the centerpiece of one of the largest collections of public art, and the sculpture is nearly as tall as the statue of liberty the traffic citations down, 7000 less than what was issued this time last year. the examiner says that there has been a rise in the number of citations issued for the dangerous driving behavior. 5:56 am. coming up, and aggressive coyote and a warning to the hikers in burling game. the oklahoma city thunder and the golden state warriors were the worst defeats in the season, and what they will need to bounce back from. we have to look at the commute, still
5:57 am
pretty busy out there if you are driving on 80 westbound, not a bad commute so far into the city. cool is the rule, temperatures staying below average and we will tell you how long.
5:58 am
5:59 am
years after his arrest, the man charged with kidnapping and killing care lamar is set to go on trial today. but there could be another delay. your mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, may 23, and i am pam cook.>> i am dave clark, let's
6:00 am
check in on the weather.>> we may see a little bit of rain. good morning. another system is coming in, different from the last one, and this one is right off of the coast. it is rotating down parallel to the coast, ending in cloud cover and possible rain. mostly cloudy with below- average temperatures, not a lot of precipitation, but we could see a little bit. cloudy to mostly cloudy, breezy and temperatures staying cool. and you can see this system right here, 40s and 50s on the temperature, and here it is, temperatures well below average. mostly cloudy and breezy at times with isolated showers and light rain. below normal temperatures with 60s, and very low 70s. 6:00 a.m.


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