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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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. why bart is not stopping at the he is der row. >> and -- the nba may decide in the warriors have to play without a key player in what is called a must win game. >> . jood afternoon, i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am mike mibach. fox two's alex savidge has the latest there. >> well, good afternoon to both of you. >> reporter: first off, the embarcadero station is back open after what was an incredible rescue by firefighters here this morning. i will get you straight to the video we shot and down ends the station. crews just got done freeing a man who was stuck underneath a bart train for some time. that man is still alive after being struck by an eastbound
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train at 10:30 this morning. after that happened, the embarcadero station was shut down. >> they could tell this man was stuck underneath the train and was in fact, still alive. >> crews ended up using a rope and back board to pull that man from under the train. he was alert and talking as he was taken away to the hospital. how amazing is it that he is alert and talking after what happened. >> it is. >> it is six trains. and actually cars on the train. he was that far back and amazing, he had a few scrapes on him. it is unclear how the man wound up on the tracks. he may have intentionally jumped in front of the train and they are not saying for
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sure this was in fact a suicide attempt. we had a middle aged man and again, he was struck by a bart train here at the embarcadero station. >> this is 10:30. he was pinned down underneath the bart train and in short order by san francisco firefighters today. when they took him off to the hospital. he was still alive and appeared to be in fairly good condition according to the firefighters we hear. they did just reopen a short time ago. and should expect residual delays because of the closure. >> that is a fire on the rescue. along the embarcadero. >> live in san francisco. thanks for the report. we have video to share from sky fox. it happened not long ago between davis street and/or charred avenue. >> the capital corridor train
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was headed from san jose. crews are still there and the road near the tracks, it is closed while police investigate. >> he was hit and killed by a train in buehrling game. and -- burlingame and they were shut down in both directions. they were able to move slowly. at one point, this was set up for commuters. >> the conductor said they have to take this off and the mother train will be waiting. >> for most of the people, they will take off the train and waiting for the bus. that will shuffle them to get the train all the way to san francisco. >> the man's death is investigated as a and parent suicide. this is the sixth death on the caltrans tracks this year. >> they are just leaving the scene of a deadly fire. they spent looking for signs
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that the fire was set intentionally. they will provide new details. >> christian tells us, they have special k-9s and they were on scene looking to see if the fire was deliberate. fire and police investigators and claiming the life of a 5-year-old boy and amazing story of heroism as they tried to get inside the home to get the boy out. >> after where the baby was and started to go in. i could get halfway through the living room and the smoke and the heat. >> i just. i tried to hold my breath and i couldn't. >> the fire started at nine in the morning. the mother of the 5-year-old boy asking people to call 911, desperate to get the boy out of the house. the mother and teenager son made it out and the little boy was stuck in the back of the house and the neighbor couldn't
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make it. and we spoke with a neighbor whose son tried to get inside the home and to rescue the child. >> my son also he was the first one getting to the fence and trying to get to him. the 5-year-old died by the time the crews got to him. the mother sured second and third degree burns and now, all day today, investigators will be bringing in specially trained dogs to sniff for evidence and signs of arson. the mother said she and her husband had an argument. they are looking to see if there is any connection between the dispute and the fire that broke out. >> on the scene, the mother told bystanders, her husband was in the house and he was nowhere to be seen during the firefight and his body was not located inside the building. meanwhile, they will continue to see if they can determine
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how the fire started. in vallejo, ktvu, fox 2 news. this man accused of killing sierra lamar is delayed again until june. >> torres was arrested back in 2012 and held without bail ever since. prosecutors say they have dna evidence linking him to lamar and the body was never found and he disappeared near the home on the way to school. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty if torres is convicted. >> facing murder charges with the death of a man. he went missing last month and his body was found more than a week ago up in sonoma county and they arrested tiffany lee, green's ex girlfriend's. we are told by a jail official
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that the girlfriend is under arrest. they face the charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. firefighters are battle ago wildfire. it started at 3:30 in the afternoon near soledad. right now, the fire is 40% contained and burned close to 40,000 acres. no word of injuries or homes threatened. it is fueled by strong winds and it has tied down and they begin to make progress. to the west coast finals. game three did not go as planned for the warriors. >> they were hit pretty hard and may be without green after he was hit with a big foul. >> jason apple balm is joining us now. is he going for game four. >> they are still reviewing the play. if you saw the game, it is along party lines, you think it is inteptionzal, if you are a warrior fan, you don't want to
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believe that. look at the video. can green intentionally kick steven adams in the groin here. when you look at it, i mean, it sure looks like it to me and i am being onive, he made a move at the end of his shot and now stef cur and everyone else was shooting the ball and legs flail when this happens. >> mr. westbrook flames his leg. >> i know. it is a big deal. if they rule this is a flagrant, two or flagrant one, then green could be suspended for one game. that would be a big deal. wore of warriors need him. here is what dramon said today after practice about the kick. >> like i said. i can see how someone could think it is intentional, but no one can say in my head, i was thinking of kicking them.
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>> if you watch them, i will go back to the three-point line and turn around and look like it is on. >> we did a little twitter poll here and asked the folks that follow ktvu and sports and twitter account. 400 people voted so far. here is what they think. yes, they did. >> 2% no. >> 29% too hard to tell. 61% of the 400 people who voted say it is no or inconclusive and if you ran the poll in oklahoma, it would be 85% that would say yes, it is intentional. they don't want to see draymond playing game four. >> there is precedent there is seven guys that have intn suspended recently for similar acts to the kicks to the groin and sean livingston was given
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dirk nowitzki up there and it is not far fetched and the mood around the warriors today at practice. >> was that you got account feeling that they are preparing if draymond green would not be playing. >> say that happens. talk to me about the warriors without draymond green. they have been playing and it would be tough. they are back on the floor today. early this morning. getting ready for game four and you know, here is the thing. the warriors, they are playing at the peak and best they can play. with or without draymond green. they can beat anybody. they run into an incredibly hot team and talented team in oklahoma city. playing at the top of their game right now. >> it would be much, much tougher and if they lose the game tomorrow in oklahoma city. they are down three gameless to
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one. >> they have to win two games and win game six to oklahoma city. that is to win the three games in a row. here is steve kerr talking about what is ahead. >> you are down two. it presents a different challenge and they are the most talented team we faced over the last couple of years for sure. and you know, our outlook is 2-1. we need to win a game on the home floor and we are in really good shape. that is our intent. >> yes, that is exactly right. if they win tomorrow. it is 2-2. >> great shape. >> home court advantage. >> it is a lot to get blown out and one the series. >> here is how old i am. i am going to date myself.
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>> 1985, lakers-celtics, lost 148-114. the lakers and they won game two and won the series in six. it is just one game. you have to throw it out mentally and oklahoma city themselves against spurs. they lost. just one game. >> stay on it. >> it is four days since egyptair flight kiss appeared and they -- disappeared and this is racing questions about airport security. >> it is cloudy and cooler outside. rosemary will be here. controversial announcement on this historic day in vietnam. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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. the search continues for the egypt air flight 804. >> this is concerned about security overseas and here at home. doug luzader has more from reagan national airport outside of d.c. >> reporter: as of tsa didn't have enough troubles, dealing with influx of travelers here at home and now new security reports on the egypt air
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flight. >> they are on the lookout for 804. >> it happens to be 40 nautical miles. >> they have gun services for those assumed lost. closely tide to u.s. intelligence agencies. evidence is still pointing to a terror attack. >> smoke detectors in the lavatory, the window in the cockpit was breached and indicated, it may have been blown out. >> this is all happening for aichiation security here at home. tsa under heavy criticism for long lines and adequately fail to prepare for the long travel season and even the bomb being planted on board is what is an ongoing concern for homeland security. the possibility of lack security overseas and could lead to a u.s. air disaster.
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>> this is in the airports. and it is important for the public to know, every plight, the plane, cargo passengers bound to the united states has to be screened to u.s. standards. >> they plan on hiring 800 new agents. it is going to take a few weeks to get the folks in place. >> now to search for the critical black boxes continues in the mediterranean. >> doug luzader, fox news. two suicide bombers in yemen killed 45 people. officials say they targeted young men seeking to join the army in the southern city of aden, they targeted this recruitment center and second bomber detonated his explosive vest among a group of recruits waiting outside of the home of an army commander. security officials say they targeted two young men and said the violent death of the
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taliban should send a message to anti-american extremists. mohammed mosur died. monsour was in a car. coalition forces say they blame him for attack that is have killed thousands of people during the last few years. al plum news of san jose state is among those who died. >> 33-year-old eric miller. seen here on his linked in page. graduated from san jose state in 2,005 and moved to the philippines where he worked as an account executive for the recruiter box. >> this is the close up forever build up and in a suburb of manil. a over the weekend and they collapsed. the death is under investigation. now to a controversial
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announcement from president obama. he is lifting a an especially barring go lifted on vietd ma'am. >> i want to thank the government and the people of vietnam to account for americans in action. >> president obama making headline insist vietnam early monday. lifting an old embargo, and the united states is fully lifting the ban of military equipment to vietnam that is in place for some 50 years. sales will need to meet strict requirements. including those related to human rights. >> a number of lawmakers and they pressed him to push for greater freedom before lifting a ban. >> they hold some political prisoners. >> there is growing anxiety over the south china sea. >> they are united in our
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support for a regional order, including the sea. >> the u.s. will support vietnam and in operations. >> the president announcing monday for the first time since the vietnam war. they are invited into the communist country. for the first time the peace corp. will come to the vietnam and focus on teaching english. >> mr. obama and the south korean president with and they include an order for 100 boeing planes by the jets. >> the president said they will support tens of thousands of u.s. jobs. in new york, patricia starr, fox news. outside the doors this afternoon: this is a mix of sun and clouds. onshore breeze and chance for a sprinkle as we get into the
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afternoon. we will take a look at what is going on outside our doors. we do have a look to the west. partly cloudy and partly sunny at times and the wind will continue. right now. it is 69 degrees in santa rosa and 69 for san francisco and beautiful back grop of the oakland skyline. livermore at 67. san jose 66 at this hour. >> here is a look at how the pattern remains. >> they are going to be. and we remain within the trough that is bringing us the scattered showers. over the sierra, it is here and picking up on a few showers as well. this is the coastline and this is going to scoot in and over the santa cruz mountains and just holding together. pretty good. picking up here along highway 101 and to the east of it, this
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is for your afternoon. that possibility will be with us. >> favoring portions of the north bay and lake county. i just showed you a moment ago. >> here we are at 4:00 in the afternoon. especially north of sonoma county. >> even the north bay hills. and santa cruz mountains will have the better bet. it tapers off and we are looking at the possibility of a few sprinkles. it is unseasonably cool. continue was an onshore breeze and stronger than that in san francisco for the second half of the afternoon. going to see the giants play later today. 59 degrees. westerly breeze. it is going to be cool out there. bring a jacket. maybe a blanket for the little ones. >> 63 degrees for san francisco and 64 in hayward and for antioch as well as livermore. >> upper 60s expected in
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santa rosa. extended forecast here. not a lot of changes to get into tuesday. a near repeat expected and we will begin to transition to a bit of a warm up and then into thursday, friday t and better warm up. and we are looking at upper 70s to 80 degrees. >> we will remain with mainly dry conditions and mostly sunny skies. >> thank you, rosemary. >> they claim the fit bit device resist inaccurate when it comes to measuring the. >> take a look at that. ♪ hey!
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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. stocks are higher when they wait to see where they will move the interest rates next month and the nasdaq is up three. and s&p is down one point. >> motorola flip phones, they bought motorola and hinting a come back. >> the rain chances azr were the hottest known it is before iphones hit the market. they sold them. the video ends with ttyl. >> it is short for talk to you later and the date and they will hold the world event. now a new study that claims the fit bit heart rate tracker are
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highly inaccurate. >> they tested the heart rates and put fit bit's pure pulse rate monitors. and using it is a hr bands and then they were hooked up to an ekgvmentd machine and records the heart rhythms. >> that is according to the it. and it is missing it and doing more rigorous exercise. >> this is the law firm that is behind the class action lawsuit. >> they are responding to the study calling it bias and baseless. >> it was paid for by plaintiff's lawyers who are suing fit bit. and connected to a dish device. this is for an officer involved in and how the city is reacting today. >> the city of san francisco is
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going after a landlord. the long list of complaint consist against the property owner. >> it is mold and no heat.
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. buying and selling items on craigslist, there are risks to
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making deal was strangers. >> according to the watch dog and analysts. more than 100 people are killed as a result of interactions from the site. they tell us about the creation of safe zones to keep the deals from turning violent. >> want to sell something and don't want to do it at your house other a string engineer's? try the exchange zone outside the police department. >> simple concept. if you want to purchase something on the internet and don't feel comfortable going to somebody's house. come to the police department. we have two parking stalls marked and identifiable. if it is in the nighttime, it is well lit and it is under 24 hours suffer veil labs. it adds extra safety to your transactions when you conduct business on the internet. >> they won't be there during the transaction and there is plenty of them walking around and they are linked to a monitoring station inside the police department. >> there haven't been so-called
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craigs list robberies in the area. they have been lured by them and then held up. these are robberies by appointment. >> here in pittsburgh, it is to take all of that out of the equation. >> these two stalls are designed for you to take the fear out of doing business. >> utilize them. >> you want to sell something and meet somewhere in a safety place. >> this is the place. >> they don't want to meet you here. you don't want to meet them anywhere. >> fox two nows. chp is searching for whoever fired shots last night. >> westbound lanes of the freeway. they are not sure if anyone was hit and looking for possible victims. >> they have been shooting in the past few months. >> some of them are gang related. >> anyone with information is asked to call the chp, war of word erupting after they clash
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over second amendment issues. they said the gun policies are dangerous and make the country less safe. this is after trump named her heartless hillary and this is restriction on gun's ownership. this is from washington d.c. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing more on the general election and each other. >> national rife association just endorsed trump and they told them that clinton would prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns. she is calling for more background checks and liability for gun dealers and manufacturers. speaking before an event for women whose children are killed which gunfire. >> they call this dangerous. >> we will not db silent. and we will not be intimidated. as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence. >> we will keep fighting for
12:34 pm
our kids and they deserve a president who stands up for them. >> he protects children from shooters. >> she is reading off a teleprompter. she always does. >> she doesn't have her own words. >> i don't want guns in classrooms. >> teafs should. >> they have yet to officially choose their nominees. it shows a tight race between clinton and trump. >> they have her up 46-43. the latest poll has trump up. they have no active challengers. and and when counting superdelegates. she needs fewer than 900 to secure is the nomination. >> former president. >> bill clinton is campaigning here in california with his wife hillary clinton. >> this is the farm worker's construction and will be in
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salve and free month tomorrow. on wednesday, she is scheduled to cheand this in agent they are ton. >> this is for clinton supporters in the area. >> delivered a this for them and in the arrest of freddy gray k. >> after being injured in police custody. and we have more on what happened in had court y. >> a police officer on trial in the arrest and death of freddie gray found not guilty of all charges. >> edward nero was facing chargeless and he is the second of six officers to face them. and the first to be handed down a motive. and ended in a mistrial. >> they could not avoid that. >> making sure there is a crultd tral change. >> and 30 year hold nero pleaded not guilty.
12:36 pm
>> and for an offer of a beverage trial. gray died last year. a week after his neck was broke didn't while handcuffed and shackle the. but unrestrained in the middle. >> and he and fly arrested gray and was nemtionz when he didn't buckle him in the seat belt. it is the policeman's driver's responsibility alone. >> they set love with the rioting. and looting. >> we were fearful it would happen ted. with only a handful of protestors. >> joe waldman. >> the new acting chief. >> they met with the community at third baptist church this weekend. >> lee martinez tells us. >> he talked about the need for communication. and not afraid to cut ties with
12:37 pm
officers who are bored. >> >> reporter: he was blunt. >> to blame one man for one. and some are nonthinking.  noncompassionate. trigger happy people. >> his criticism was for a number of police actions. using lethal force on minorities. >> not the police chief. >> it is about engaming with the community and issues they may have. >> the angting chief made his first address. while taking over the police department last week. >> this is a officer-involved shooting and mario woods was killed by san francisco police. he had 20 gun gunshot wounds. >> shot and killed jest cast williams. >> after she fled in the car. >> they will be coming to the
12:38 pm
police quickly. >> under his watch: >> come get it right away. >> they go to the schools and do what they are supposed to doft. >> those are the ones. they may sliep up a little bit. and never get it. those are the ones we want to send with the commission. that they be separated from the police department. they don't blame former chief sur who resigned thursday. >> if chief chaplain is not the head of the police force, rest departments wonder if they will have a say. >> how they will incorporate account community as part of the direction process. >> it is ktvu news. >> city of san francisco was suing a landlord. >> and ignored building code and he opens property in the
12:39 pm
knob hill. >> here are photos of buildings. al loaning dennis herrera has refused to meet his obligationless for more than a decade. >> he provides heat to tenants. >> gas leaks. >> has sashed did you say plumbing. and there have been files complained about. >> they spent the day off with a woman who has trouble leaving her home. this is for stef knee rausch and officers found out she couldn't leave her home when they made an animal control call there. >> they built her ramps and they pitched it in had. and cleaned up her yard. they hope helping others spreads. >> we hope other departments will follow suit. as well as within our city. >> and get all the neighbors to
12:40 pm
help reach other duty. >> it is the homed health. >> show you a good idea k. >> how much work. >> they are lucky to be alive. after a brown bear attacked him. >> he was getting wawrt ter during the camp trip. and he said he clawed the leg and crushed his shoulder blade and bit his head. >> as it was running, i remember the sounds very vividly. >> i remember. >> hering it the and the sound of it breathing. >> i remember. >> the sound of it snarling. >> and he has got 30 stitch consist here. >> his wife and other catch pers. ran to then him.
12:41 pm
and the bear let kenny go. they started facebook immediately. and they are already doing better than he actually thought he would. >> so, you have talking about the aging and swept by the yankees. >> the plumbing issues there. >> what is it going to be like outside the rest of the week. >> rosemary has another look at the bay area air eweather. >>
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j they are hoping to bounce back from a big loss. they are tied up and the blues won the game. 6-3 on saturday. it is back in st. louis right now. game five is at 5:00 tonight. >> six is in wednesday in san jose. >> they begin the three game series. tonight's. >> against the san diego me egg gras. >> and balm garn erp devoted the she ises. >> and he started thinking. them in. en and striking out six. he provided all the of the runs. they won 1-0. >> oakland as were swept by the yankees. >> they could believe. and they would come back with the 5-4 history. >> first time since the age has been swept in a four game
12:45 pm
series. >> at the coliseum. >> now a quick game series. >> this has strained a muscle over the back, next and shoulders and supports the arm. >> they teltd with some plumbing issues once again. and out out of order signs. >> they spent an hour trying to fix a backed up toil length. >> and it is into the as do you goout and the coach's play groom. >> it is flooded. >> the aits, coach's room. en and they pushes to a new stadium. >> this is where the game is course, and they are calling object them to investigate what they are calling a possible
12:46 pm
late crime. >> -- hate crime. -- hate crime. . the men were all set to play the national anthem and you heard of a recording of a woman's device. >> they say they were supported to stay there on the field. >> and when the quoar russ was escorted the field. >> and they apologized to the group. >> saying, it was a police take. e take. bring in meteorologist rosemary. >> hopefully a nice night out with the padres and their game. tupging to cool -- continuing to cool. and this is portions of the bay area. we have a trough over the west
12:47 pm
and we are locked in the pattern for a couple more days. the you can see the wrap around moisture that moves into the bay area. >> getting rain and snow once again. >> you can see some circulation going on. >> and right off the coast of oregon. this is the santa cruz mountains and we will go in closer. >> take a look. >> a lot of folk requests. >> it moved across. >> for most of us. >> we are going to remain treat. >> and further north you go. >> the better the chance. >> definitely. seeing the possibility. and take a look at what is happening there. >> enough, and nice rain animals snow coming on and it will continue as well. mostly cloudy and cool to piled. and this time of year.
12:48 pm
>> the breeze is with us the last few days it is. and saturday, sunday. today. >> tomorrow. >> not a whole lot of change going on. >> it is 12 miles an hour. >> and we get into the second half. >> for most of us. >> it is partly cloudy skies. and they are on the cool side. >> mid-60s. in oakland, he said the they are part of inland areas. >> fairly mild. it's for the inland communities. >> lo and you will go to 68. 69 for your day. >> extended forecast. >> new repeat for your tuesday. we begin to see a transition as we get into wednesday. this is the back half of the
12:49 pm
business week. this is near 80 degrees. >> i will take that. >> i am curious as to the snow. >> is it going to snow up in the sierra. >> it is 5,000 feet. >> but not a lot. >> wasn't 80 close for a time over the weekend. because they had so much snow s and they had to shut it down. to clear that out. >> a lot of people, thank you. >> no one wants to to do that. >> rs . >> rs we will tell you how madonna and stevie wonder celebrated the purple one.
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. madonna honored prince and she said nothing compares to you. >> ♪ >> ♪ stevie wonder joined her to the ends of the performance to sing purple rain. >> prince and madonna dated in the 80s and had a
12:53 pm
rollercoaster of a friendship. adele and freddie wock and top group went to one direction. one of the final piece assist being put on what is the city's tallest statue. it is on this head of venus. >> this is a drawing of what it will look like when it is finished. >> this is the 2 feet tall. and -- this is 92 feet tall. >> this is one of the largest collections of public art and the sculpture itself is just about as tall as the statue of liberty. >> check stocks for you. >> dow jones is going to finish flat and the stories. they are over on the nasdaq. and just finish a hair on the negative side. >> nad a day of big moves, being mike. >> this could produce the largest chemical company and
12:54 pm
the chicago tribune thurns thumbs down. >> where is she after monsanto rising. >> she made a 62 billion all cash over to buy the this from them. >> this would create the largest action called tral supplier. >> the tribune said thanks but nero no thanks to the second takeover offer. it is worgts $186 million. >> she is the owner of 100 local news policies. and only owner of the times. >> it is still a shortage. >> causing coca-cola to stop producing that. >> they stopped producing beer because of a lack of imported barley. >> venezuela's comi. and the issue flaition forecast
12:55 pm
to surpass 700%. >> but wide certificates of america. >> next week. >> they are trying out a ditch tea. >> plans to deliver. >> it is by bald eagle. >> an eagle named hercules will deliver the brew in downtown vancouver. >> if you plan to travel over the memorial day weekend. you will have lots of companies. >> 4 million americans will drive over the big week ends and they will fly or take the train for the holiday. >> that is 3,700,000 more and the most since the recession. >> this is because gas prices are at a 11 year low for this time of year. >> if you are planning to fly. get to the airport early because of the long tsa lines. small tour bus carrying women from san bernardino county overturned. >> 20 people are injured. this is on state road 3030.
12:56 pm
they were returning -- 330. and they were 60 miles east of los angeles. they were part of a caravan and they are expected to survive. >> they are looking into what caused the bus to overturn. >> the solar powered plane. and i am pels two made a stop last months and landed in dayton. it is poured by solar panel tses on the wings that run four years ago. and in abu dhabi. >> next stop is the new york city. >> they answered the call of duty during world war ii. and they broke down gender brairiers. >> they are the women air force pilots. >> they earn their wings and serve in noncombat missions. >> they are helping to get them together for an honor flight. >> they wait for president obama to sign a federal bill. >> honoring their service.
12:57 pm
we will talk to them today on the four on two. >> we appreciate you joining us. don't forget we have you covered all day long. >> and mobile apps as well. >> see you back here on the four. >> four. >>
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