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child were in the master bedroom. >> the 5-year-old died and the mother and teenager made it out but sustained burn. the little boy would have turned six. >> he loved playing sports with his brother and the warriors was his favorite team. >> reporter: with the death of the little boy and attempted killing of two others. darrylone shuemake is the main focus of the investigation. >> our focus is locating him and to where he is taken into custody and no one else is injured. >> here is a look at darrylone shuemake. he is considered to be dangerous. if you see him don't approach him, call 911. police are looking throughout the bay area for him although they have a couple of leads of where they believe he may be at. i will tell you the little
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boy's mother is in the hospital but his teenager brother had 2nd and 3rd burns on his body and released. paul, thank you. now to fairfield where investigators are looking for the cause of the devastating grass fire last friday. but residents say they have a hunch about who may be to blame. the fast moving grass fire left a path of destruction damaging several homes. many residents are still displaced tonight. some of them point to a homeless encampment nearby as a possible cause of the fire. got outside and he checked and he just started to scream at her fire, fire and as soon as he like looked outside. he just saw a lot of homeless. just spread out. residents say that several homeless people had been living in a grassy area behind the homes on santa barbara way. fortunately no one was hurt in the grass fire. happening now, calling for justice, friends and family mark two years since the death
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after man who they say was killed by police in hayward after a confrontation captured by body cams. >> they took an oath to protect and serve but they watched him die literally. cristina rendon has more. >> reporter: this vigil and rally is being held at hay ward city hall and we spoke with them because they are demanding action from the city of hayward and the alameda county district attorney's office. they say that the police cam video is very disturbing. we got our hands on that video a couple of hours ago and it shows that nath greer being pulled over. they say he was driving air radically. he does comply with officers but the situation escalated and bart officers were called into help but maybe greer may have
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been spooked by the heavy police presence and multiple officers attempted to put greer into handcuffs and he stays there for six-and-a-half minutes. his ex-wife says it is very upsetting for her. >> they took an oath to protect and serve and if you watch the video, they literally sat there and watched him die. they did nothing for 7 minutes while he was turning blue and tell jokes and talk bad about him. >> reporter: about an hour after being pulled over greer was pronounced dead at a hospital. the alameda county coroner's hospital says he died exerting himself under the influence of pcp but his family wants the officers investigated. take a look. the people here are supporting the deceased. we want to mention that we have reached out to the city of hayward on this but they had no comment because there is pending litigation. the family of greer is suing
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them for a wrongful death lawsuit. >> cristina, did the alameda county district attorney's office invest gate the case? >> reporter: no, they said it was part of the policy to investigate deaths linked to officer-involved shootings but since intercepts have been occurring around the bay they expanded the policy to include the investigation of critical incidents that result in a death. that is a new change. thank you, cristina. >> two jail guards arrested for allegedly beating an inmate. that man told ktvu the guards broke his jaw. 27-year-old man and another 31- year-old face felony charges. we talked to reuben garcia and he says the deputies punched him and while he was being held on a misdemeanor attack. he didn't report the death
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until the inmate of michael tyrie in a neighboring cell weeks later. the sheriff's office says it immediately began an investigation in to garcia's claim. our sheriff's mainly crime detective unit interviewed over 24 inmates inmates witnesses and went to mexico to interview another witness. garcia says he has permanent nerve damage and arraignment for the two guards have not been set. in maryland, a not guilty verdict for officer edward nero. he was one of six baltimore police officers charged in the killing of freddy gray. you may remember when gray's in custody death sparked protests across the country. we will have a live report from maryland on today's verdict and how people there are responding. the warriors pushed for back to back championships hit a roadblock last night. they got destroyed by the
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thunder but a few hours ago they got good news. the nba has ruled that draymond green won't be suspended for kicking an opposing player. >> if warsier were not holding their breath they should have. came down an hour ago. draymond green will not miss any time on the court because of this. however, he will be fined 25,000-dollars and his actual penalty upgraded from a flagrant one to two, convoluted explanation but it means that green actually committed a more severe foul. as to kind of whittle it down for you. as far as steven adams he was interviewed before the nonsuspension was announced. and here is some of his comments. >> regardless, i think we will
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beat without him. in terms of the mean, they have other players just as capable. they are a great team. >> steven adams just a misdemeanor of a guy in the middle and the warriors doing everything they can to control him on the board. he is having a great series as is the rest of the okc thunder and next game tomorrow night and the warriors find themselves down and i was telling you guys earlier, i think this is the hairyist predicament they have been including last year when they were down two games to one. this is in my opinion the most talented team they have met and the warriors are not playing in a great flow and whether that is because of injuries that they sustained, andrew bogut not healthy and there has been talk about whether steph curry is near one hundred percent and not putting people away like they were at this time.
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had a lot of the confidence in them and not to say they couldn't come back. i will tell you what, they absolutely needed draymond green and they did dodge a bullet and get good news regard to his fate but he has got to calm down. this is a distraction for the warriors. >> and he was not play that well to begin with. he was not having a good game. if you look at draymond green's stat line. not impressive. one of his poorer games in the post-season. and you know if you are going to ask me my personal opinion he should settle down and stop arguing every call and worry about his own game. you think the warriors and the rest of the team connected. they just spent the day answering questions about draymond green and you can't tell me that is not a distraction. >> they struggle and pick it back up and being down by 40 points, that was one of the
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roughest games they have had. >> for any warrior fan you would have to say that was a frightening game to watch and i know a lot of people did not watch the whole thing. that's how bad it was. and you know i will say on a positive note they haven't lost too consecutive games. if they can keep it alive and come out of oklahoma city with a split and come back to oracle at 2-2 it tends to be overdramatized and every game the end of the world and that's the way it goes. game four tomorrow night. mark, thank you. and stay with ktvu for the championship. our sports team will tweet the latest, follow at ktvu sports. coming up. the latest in the race for the white house, how donald trump may be narrowing down his choices for vice president and bernie sanders message to anti trump voters. >> if the democrats want to be
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absolutely certain as we must be that donald trump never becomes president, our campaign is the strongest. and tracking that rain that could be in the area tomorrow. not for all of us and for such us and maybe a little thunder and lightning, talk about that and the warmup and the five day. murder and conspiracy charges against three people after disappearance and the death after bay area father.
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new developments now in the
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death of a man from millbray whose body was found after he went missing last month. >> the san mateo sheriff's office says the victim's ex- girlfriend and her new boyfriend and a third man are charged with his killing. we have more. >> keith green's mysterious disappearance on april 29th ended tragically when two weeks later sonoma county deputies discovered his body in a field off of highway 101. >> we do know the cause of death but it is still ongoing we can't release the details. we can say the body was not manipulated. >> the sheriff's office declined to elaborate what is meant by his body not being manipulated but said green's body was not burned but san mateo's detects say it turned to green people, his ex- girlfriend and two more men. >> the other male, a della is a
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friend in common. >> after green's body was identified detects secured two search warrants and the first one executed at adella's home. early saturday morning detects searched the home of lee and bayat al charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. >> green's family declined to speak with us but offered this facebook post thanking law enforcement for their work on the case. the sheriff's office did not reveal a motive. >> the pancake house is where green was last seen. detectives are not saying if green left the location with the three suspects but that evidence led them to the three who are now in custody. all three will be arraigned tuesday afternoon. fox 2 news. there is no information about a man who crashed his van into a pond in san jose and found dead in the water.
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the coroner identified him as 5 6-year-old resident lynn van lee. someone spotted his white minivan partially submerged in the water last wednesday morning. he was found floating in the water. surveillance shows his van, you see it here running a red light and speeding down a cul-de-sac that ends abruptly. autopsy results are pending. the man accused of killing sierra lamar has withdrawn his request for a speedy trial. the defendant says if work is bun done on the case i will step back. it allows his defense lawyers that are bogged down on other trials to stay on his case. garcia torres is charged in the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar. her body has never been found. garcia torres' defense team plans to file a change of venue motion but legal analysts say
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that can be different. >> the judge has to balance the right of many are torres to a fair trial and look at the fact that generally change of venue motions are not favored and very expensive and very cumbersome. >> the judge ordered another april status hearing for june 17th. defense lawyers plan to file three motions by the end of next month. morgan hill police say they are trying to find a shop- lifting suspect that took off running. i want to show you pictures of the man. they say he went on a shop lifting spree in the target store on cochran road. they say he cut the tags off on electronic items and put them in a bag. when he confronted with the police he brought the bag back. officers searched the area but have not been able to find him. to the weather now. as we take a live look at the conditions from our san jose camera. a lot of clouds out there. chief meteorologist bill martin is standing by. how is it looking. >> pretty good.
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a few showers and we saw those today. east livermore valley and a chance it will linger around in the east bay hills towards kensington and berkeley. low clouds and stratus and fog trying to come in and fog along the coast and cloud cover and got this unsettled weather pattern that will linger throughout the day tomorrow. so it keeps temperatures from getting warm. it also keeps the chance of a sprinkle or shower and even a thundershower in the forecast. we did see thunderstorms from this system moving closer. and so this is around three or 4:00 and we started popping southeast of livermore and none of us got wet. not a lot going on. a few farms and ranches. if that goes to the bay, daly city gets a heavy rainfall. we got to leave a chance for scattered showers. tomorrow, that is how it goes. highs will make it in the 70s and the warmest spots.
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cloud cover tomorrow morning. there it is at five a.m. mostly cloudy throughout the bay and then as you look at the forecast highs, the 70s to the east of the valley. so might see some mid-70s and for the most part 60s and low 70s for the bay area tuesday. change is coming as we head to the rest of the work week and talking about temperatures in the 80s. coming up. taking action to prevent duis. why shouldn't all of the citizens be prevented in all 58 counties. a bill that will help save lives on the road. ryan vogelsong hit in the face while in the batter's box. mark will tell us how he is doing. new developments in the crash of egypt air flight 804
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and what happened before it
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crashed. mothers against drunk driving joined with supporters outside of the state capital for a new tool to prevent duis. backing a bill to require all california drivers convicted of a dui to use an ignition in ter lock device. that's a piece of equipment that prevents the car from starting if the driver has been drinking. california is running a pilot program. a bay area woman that lost her son to a drunk driver said it
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is already saving lives. >> over one million times somebody attempted to start their car and the car did not start because they have had the device on the car. why shouldn't everybody be protected in all 58 counties. jerry hill introduced the bill to take it state wide. it has reduced drunk driving deaths by 50% in states that use them. to the egypt air investigation. the u.s. has flown 8 missions over the mediterranean sea and on one of the missions crews discovered a large debris field. there are now a lot of questions about what happened between the time that jet began to encounter trouble and the time it crashed in the water. >> reporter: the search for answers in the crash of egypt air flight 804 intensified.
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the ship joined egyptian ships and other planes combing the seas off of the coast where the plane went down. u.s. surveillance planes spotted the debris fields. >> it happens to be 40 by 40 nautical miles so we will continue on in that box essentially. >> plane parts and human remains have been recovered. but the black box recorders not found and egyptian robot submarine to assist. swiss air traffic control an hour in the device and all sounded fine. two hours later, trouble. data received indicated smoke and fire started in the cockpit and spreading and knocking out the electronics. that would bring the plane down. all of this information raising more questions. >> if it was explosion on board it is a relatively long period
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of time. dealing with a fire onboard, generally it takes hold over time. >> if it is terror it could be a small explosive device like the one used by richard reed, the shoe bomber with a failed attempt to blow up a plane in 2001. as the grieving continues memorial services being held for the 56 victims of the flight including at an orthodox church in cairo. >> it was a very natural person. tender and loving towards people. he never got angry at anyone. >> terror or not officials are taking no chances. starting today. tighter security screenings for all passengers was started. in paris, fox news. security forces in iraq began a renewed fight to try to recapture the city of fallujah from isis fighters. >> iraq's prime minister says the operation backed by u.s. is
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moving forward at full speed. the iraqi government shifted priorities to retake the series following bombings in people's weeks. there are an estimated thousand fighters in fallujah. it involves 40,000 iraqi forces. a baltimore officer acquitted in the death of freddie gray. a mischaracterization of justice. coming up next. a live report from baltimore as the community reacts to today's verdict. plus former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife. his message as the california primary approaches. a look at san francisco's newest hospital and trauma center. now open after years of construction. ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next.
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happening now, san francisco's new police chief meeting with community leaders in the bay view district. act police chief tony chaplin and other members of the department talked about the shooting that killed a woman and expected to talk about strategies for the police department moving forward and the relationship between the police department and the
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community. >> you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. in baltimore, a judge acquitted officer edward nero today of all charges in the death of freddie gray. >> he is the second of six officers to go on trial. the first one ended in a hung jury and today's verdict brought people to the courthouse that are unhappy with the verdict. joe waldman has the report. >> it is a mischaracterization of justice and double standard. how people on the streets are treated. >> the state had a heavy load to lift from the very beginning and so i think what this case does is gut the remaining cases. >> 30-year-old edward nero facing charges from assault to misconduct in august and reckless endangerment related to the death of 25-year-old freddie gray that died a week after his neck was broken.
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prosecutors accused nero of unlawfully arresting gray and nero's attorney says it is the responsibility of the officer driving the van to buckle in a suspect. >> to see that officer walk away and still no accountability. that hurts me the most. >> outside the courthouse demonstrators gathered as the verdict was announced. some protestors chanted at nero's brother as he left. >> i'm frustrated and feel like there is division between the community and the system in which was supposed to serve the community. >> now a week of protests followed freddie gray's death and there was fear that it could happen but it has been awfully quiet, there is heavy downpours throughout the day. baltimore police and other jurisdictions standing guard in case of trouble but so far no trouble to speak of. that is what i was going to say. listening


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