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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning, no, it's tuesday. monday for me, i'm back from vacation, i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. let's get your day started with a traffic check. >> it's tuesday by the way brian. >> we made it are you the monday, i'm sorry. >> we have very similar pattern, the low continues to spin sending a mix of sun, clouds and thunder popped up yesterday. i don't see much difference today. a low cloud deck is in place. you can see the circulation that produced thunderstorm activity in the valley. we're caught in the mix. temperature starting in the 50s for many, a breeze is in place, west at 15 in oakland. warmer because of the cloud cover, possibility of breaks
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later in the day you can see the circulation rotating around us. 60s and very low 70s. these are below average. good morning sal. possible showers, more continued cool. i know you like that. >> the wet erfor sal, cool. literally -- weather for sal. this is the tracy soup ever commute, not bad either, it looks good coming up to the tracy triangle. in a bit we'll have more slow traffic. it looks good driving through the area with no major issues. interstate 880 north and south the traffic is moving nicely in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, the traffic is
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moving nicely. coming up on 4:02. there's new developments regarding a deadly house fire. authorities looking for an arsonist that torched his home and killed his son. 53-year-old suspect the man doused the room with flammable liquid. the mom suffered burns and is being treated. the firefighters could not save the boy. the father was forbidden to be around the family. >> my brother made it to 5- year-old. i spent most of my childhood living in fear of this man. who told me i brought you in this world i'll take you out. >> the suspect was accused of
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violence, the five-year-old boy was playful, loved the warriors and idolized his dad. two jail guards accused of beating an inmate. cuban garcia -- rubin garcia said they punched, kicked and slammed him against the wall. garcia said he didn't report the attack until the death of michael tyree weeks later. >> our sheriff's major crime detective unite interviewed 24 inmates, witnesses, they traveled to a prison on the california-mexico border and interviewed a witness. a federal investigation cited a
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lack of training, supervision and training at the facility. a meeting ordered an investigation of the death of james greer. now that recently released video shot from the police body camera. started with greer being pulled over for traffic violation. relatives say greer was tased, put in handcuffs left in a body restraint on the ground. he died from physical exertion from cpc. relatives don't like seeing the video but it needs to be made public. >> it's like ripping a band aid
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off. but it needs to be out there. >> the district attorney's office did not investigate the death because it had a policy to only look at officer- involved shooting death. it has changed that. there's another delay in the trial accused of killing sierra lamar. torres has retained his defense team and agreed to withdraw the request for a speedy trial. his lawyers are tied up with other cases. he's charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar in 2012. her body has never been found. they will ask for a change of venue. >> the chug has to -- judge has to balance his right to a fair trial and look at generally
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change have venue motions are not favored. >> the jim set a -- judge set a pretrial hearing by the end of june. a toddler declared brain dead is out of the u.s. the family fought to keep him on life support. last month he had a asthma dark a -- attack and wept into a coma. doctors at the new hospital have determined he's not brain dead. bill clinton will be in san francisco. he's made seven rahl -- several appearances in california. this morning's event is a break
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fast reception. he will be in freemont this afternoon. >> if we grow the economy from the middle in and the bottom off we can all rise together. >> hillary clinton will be in the bay area tomorrow to attend a fundraiser in etherton. yesterday the clinton campaign turned down a debate with sanders. election officials in california say thousands of ball on thion -- ballots have been cast. they will have a drive by ballot collection for the next two week ends. they have received vote by mail
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ballots. turnout is expected to be high. >> i think the campaigns are bringing attention to the election. it's fresh in our voters mindth and that will drive our participation. >> it feels like the first time california may have some say, instead of it's california, it's june. there's a push to get volunteers to work at the polls. the presidential race is in a dead height. the real clear politics put donald trump ahead of hillary clinton by .2 of a percent. >> the sharks won win away from reaching the times.
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they beat the blues 6-3. then scores the winning goal in the 3rd period. sharks added two empty net goals in the time minute. >> they understand our identity as a team, when we get away from it we get burned. we've had one of those games each round. in the l.a. series we had one, we had one against nashville and in this series. >> the sharks have a chance to win the series at home, game 6 tomorrow. the puck drops at 6:00. the warriors hope the tie up the finals with a win tonight, and draymond green will play, he was not suspended yesterday after the leak reviewed the play where he kicked the player
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in the groin. but green's from grant foul -- from grant foul was a two. he has three fly grant -- from grant fouls. >> forensic experts say remains suggest a explosion on board. a effort is underway to retrieve parts of the plane. data receives from the plane indicate smoke be fire started from the bathroom. all were killed when the plane crashed in the mediterranean
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last saturday. san francisco's new police chief opened up to the community. how he answered questions about did deadly shooting. mark zuckerberg's plan for his neighborhood. we're looking at a commute that doesn't look too bad. you can see it's not a bad commute getting over the hill to concord. rain in south lake tahoe. 39 degrees and cloudy here, any of it coming here? we'll look.
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mark zuckerberg will rebill homes in his neighborhood and rebill with smaller homes. he found out a developer was going to build a house next door with a view of his master bedroom. he's filed an application to replace the four homes with updated versions that are tri% smaller. >> he's a good neighbor, he has security, i don't mind security on the block. i don't have an issue with it.
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>> the plans did not say if he will rent or sell the new homes. the city will have a public hearing before anything is finalized. the menlo park fire department is helping firefighters that can't afford to live in the city. 30 of the 80 firefighters live 60 miles or more away. he says he's offering stipends to encourage them to live in menlo park. he says it's an experiment that's helped in the past year. >> our competitors are tech, be the a facebook are paid $10,000 a year to live close to where they work.
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>> the plan costs $240,000 a year, he wants to expand dormatories so they can sleep there if they need to. >> he's a good guy. he's looking out for everybody. 4:16 is the time. who's looking out for the commuters? >> i am. >> i meant you. not who is as a question. >> it was a statement, not a question. >> brian welcome back. glad to see you. let's look at the commute, traffic will be busy, we're going to the salono commute. this is a look at the commute from vacaville to fairfield. traffic is moving well through solano county. no major issues. the morning commute will be okay if you're driving on the
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san mateo bridge, there's no major problems as you head toward the area. i think i skipped gilroy commute. yes, okay. all right. since i skilled -- skipped it. let's go it to. gilroy, morgan hill commute looks good. it's not bad if you're driving through. the commute looks great into san jose. this commute doesn't tend -- to get going. we'll look at the solano -- commute. at 4:17. hello steve. >> people drive from there. and hollis tear. we have a lot of cloud cover,
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mostly cloudy. high elevation snow in the sierra. a mix of sun, clouds and afternoon showers, you can see the circulation coming around that, it's favorable more to the north, east around mt. hamilton things blew up. that will be the pattern today. northeast bay in line earlier than later. oakland west at 15. there's a breeze in place, a lot of 50s, a couple of 40s. we can find more. 39 truckee, light drizzle, rain at south lake tahoe and blue canyon. speaking of the sierra nevada, south lake tahoe some turning
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to snow, maybe around the passes, for us a few showers, another system dropping in. rainfall will not be that much, a couple 100s would not surprise. some of this is over done, but a couple 100s are possible. light rain or drizzle. afternoon showers, mostly cloudy in the morning, below average temps, 60s, upper 60s, low 70s. cool is the rule. not much change wednesday, clears out thursday, warmer friday, saturday, okay sunday but cooler. it is 4:19. a kayaker came face-to-face with a predator. the incredible video. and the souvenir that was left
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behind to prove it. >> when you go to disney do they measure the hours that are waiting in line. the robert mcdonald compares waits for v.a. hospitals to hours waiting in line at theme parks. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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firefighters are battling a
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fast moving fire near los angeles. the blaze has burped 1-- burned 188-acres. they hope to make progress today. no structures or homes are threatened. now to san diego, firefighters worked a construction worker to safety after he fell off a ladder. the worker was placed on a stretcher lifted out of the trench. he was taken to a hospital. his condition is not known. and a plane plummeted into the waters off hawaii's coast. two people were on the small plane. they were hurt but are expected to be okay. this happens a day after a deadly plane crash in cue a --
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kauai. the speech to the people of vietnam president obama urged the vietnamese to strief for human rights. -- strive for human rights. the president stressed that the u.s. is not trying to impose its will but offered a path to a better future. >> when there's freedom of speech and people can access the social media without restriction that fuels the invasion economies need to thrive. secretary of state john kerry signed an agreement establishing a peace corps program in vietnam. the expanding outbreak of the zika virus should serve as a warning to the medical community. most people have only mild symptoms, but experts say the
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link between zika and arbiters defect makes it an emergency for pregnant women. old diseases can reappear and cause new problems. >> it's a resurgence threat of infect out diseases. >> there's 500 zika cases in the u.s. related to travel to the zika hot spots. active transmissions are expected to spread as the weather gets warmer. yesterday students at the university held an event to mark the anniversary. a man wept on a deadly shooting see the. three of the victims were from the bay area, students on
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campus say it's important to keep the memories of the victims alive. >> i don't want anyone to forget about them. >> six scholarships are offered in honor of the victims. one of the claims opening the doors to syrian refugees. tuition at usc will be more than $51,000, more than 60 american colleges began providing financial aid to syrian students since the war began. the head of u.s. veterans affairs is facing harsh criticism after comparing waits at v.a. health care on the lines at theme parks. >> what's important, what's
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your satisfaction with the experience. he said care of quality should be the bottom line. paul ryan says that's flippant and shows how seriously the v.a. is taking life and death problems. time is 4:27. the california state university system launches a review of hiring practices. new developments in the death of a millibary man, the three arrests man and the charges they face. the morning commute will be busy, right now we look good. . we're stuck in a pattern, if you like it you will like today. we'll see if we'll get showers out of this. out of this.
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. a fire erupts in a san jose home seven-day forecast:00 six: sending 6 out of their home. welcome back to mornings on two. good morning, i'm pam cook. it is 4:30. i did hear we could get rain? >> hit and miss. it's late in the season for rain. >> enough to water the tomato plants? >> isolated. maybe your neighbors, but not yours. >> dash it -- darn it. >> we have an area of low


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