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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. a massive man hunt underway in valley he -- ma lay he. >> hillary clinton says no to another debate with bernie sanders. clinton and trump are going after one another. we'll have the latest on that coming up. coming up.
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good morning on tuesday morning. thank you for waking up with us. a nice look at the city. beautiful clear morning. we'll check in with steve for all the weather. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. similar the yesterday, sun, clouds, temperature struggling to get above 72 for the most inland locations, temps below average and there's light rain and high elevation snow over tahoe, truckee, more of the moisture wraps around. yesterday east of san jose a thunderstorm, and would not be surprised to see that today. 49 san jose and napa, we're under mostly cloudy skies, east bay temps in the 50s.
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speaking of some of that shower activity over the sierra. a lot of cloud cover and temperature below average because of the low-pressure system, in the 60s and low 70s. sal, how are things. they are okay, not a lot going on. we start with the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the traffic will be busy as you drive up here, not stop-and-go, there's obviously more people on the road. for the most part it's a nice commute. interstate 880 north and south bound, that's moving nicely. 580 westbound, you will see the traffic is stop-and-go from 205 through the atmont -- altamonte pass. 5:02.
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let's go back to the desk. new developments about a house fire that happened over the weekend. investigators say an arson suspect set a fire that killed his son. >> the man authorities searching for is accused of torching hits own home. killing his son and severely burning his mother. investigators say 53-year-old darryl lone shuemake doused the home with a flammable liquid. the mom suffered burns and is in the hospital. neighbors tried to rescue the five-year-old but couldn't. one of the child's older brothers is embarrassed he shared the same first name as their abusive father. court records show the suspect was accused of harassment and
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domestic violence involving other women and children in solano county. friends are considering a vigil for the boy next tuesday but they are holding off in the hopes the mom may be well enough to attend the vigil. she was burned in the fire. we'll follow the story throughout the morning. time is 5:04. protesters in hayward demanded the city reopen the investigation into the death have james greer who died two years ago in police custody. >> you're looking at recently released video from a body camera that started with him being pulled over. the situation escalates and several police officer get
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involved. relatives say greer was tased, put in handcuffs and left on the group. he died at the hospital. the coroner says he died from physical exerstwhile under the influence of pcp. >> it like ripping a band aid off, it needs to be out there and justice needs to be served. >> the district attorney's office did not investigate the death because it had a policy to only look into officer- involved shooting death. that's been changed time to look at critical incidents that result in death. there's another look at the
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map that killed another map. garcia torres is charged with kidnapping killing sierra lamar. her body hat never been found. his attorneys will ask for a change of venue, but they may have a tough time getting that approved. >> the jump has the a -- to balance the right of torres to a fair trial and the change of venue motions are not favored and they are expensive. >> the judge set a pretrial hearing for june 17th. there could be a serial burglar in richmond. a group of captains were told his district saw burglaries jump 21%. most have been along clement
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street. they have a grainy security camera image of a suspect in many of the burglaries but no arrests have been made. mary's city wide are down -- burglaries. a toddler declared brain dead, this is not the video. we'll get back to that story. we'll talk about the san jose sharks. the sharks are one win away from reaching the stanley cup finals. they beat the blues in game five. pawelski tied the game at three. the sharks added two empty knelt goals in the final minute. >> they understand our identity as a team, when we get away from it, we get burned. we had one of those games each round in the l.a.
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series we had one, one against nashville and in this series, hopefully it's out of the way, every time we reset and the guys have got back to our game. >> the sharks have a chance to win the series at home, game six tomorrow. the warriors are hoping to tie up the western conference finals with a victory tonight. draymond green will play. he was not suspended yesterday, the nba reviewed this play where he kicked steven adams in to grow sunday. he was given a from grant foul. the nba upgraded that. continue tact was excessive. he was fined $25,000. the next from grant foul will
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be automatic ejection. bill clinton will appear at fund raisers and hillary clinton will be in the bay area tomorrow. the alameda county register, put up a tent to help people meet the midnight deadline. he will have a drive by ballot collection for the next two week ends. they have received 25,000 vote by mail ballots. the presidential primary debates are over. hillary clinton backing out of a commitment to debate bernie sanders. she's turning to a general
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election contest. >> good morning, we received word from the clinton campaign she's not going to take part in a fox news debate. clinton is spending more time attacking donald trump. hillary clinton's campaign may have determined with the democratic nomination within her grasp a debate with bernie sanders is too risky. it brought a swift response to sanders. >> i was disturbed but not surprised to hear that secretary clinton backed out of the debate. >> for sanders it would be a final opportunity to make waves ahead of the june seventh continue test.
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he's -- contest. he's warning of a messy drattic continue sense -- continue venges. he hammered her in a video he used the voices of women who accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct. clinton is going after one of trumps perceived strength. >> ask yourself, how can anyone lose money running a casino, really. >> there is actually a presidential primary in the state of washington. it's a republican primary and that's pretty much settled at
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this point. turning to the investigate into the egypt air crash. human remains suggest there was an explosion on board. an effort the under way to retrieve items in the mediterranean sea. they have not recovered the black box recorders. data indicates smoke and fire started in the cockpit and spread to the bath room. all 66 people on board were killed when the plane crashed last thursday while on the way from paris to cairo. san francisco's new police chief is opening up to the community. how he answered questions about the police shooting. there's no way even with the property tax, let alone
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live in it. first responders commuting great distances to avoid the bay area housing cost. we're looking at a morning commute that's filling in. this is a look at the macarthur maze. it still looks good. mostly cloudy over the bay area. a lot of low clouds. south lake tahoe reporting light snow and 33 degrees.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. the menlo park fire department is trying to find ways to help firefighters that can't afford to live in the city. 30 of the 80 firefighters live 60 miles or more away from the jobs, many spend two hours or more commuting to work. he's offering stipends to encourage them to live in menlo park. he says it's an experiment that's helped in the past year. >> our competitors are tech, facebook face, their employeees $10,000 a year to live within a close proximity to where they
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work. >> the plan costs the fire district $240,000 a year, he wants to expand dormatories on firefighters can sleep there if they need to. three stars of the avectors became real heroes. ryan wilcox is a big fan of the movies. gwinnett paltrow decided to visit him and brought her costars. >> i know i'm never going to forget it. >> she shared photos on social media. she thanked his family for kindness and hospitality. >> so nice. it's 5:17, we want to check in with sal this morning. we are looking good so far, we have a commute that's locker
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for some, we're going to start out with the commute from gilroy to san jose. we call it the supercommute for reason. people are driving long distances. it's not a bad commute, there's no major problems here. you get to san jose and you will see that tasanta clara valley traffic is doing very well. now is a good time to go, let's look at 880, more people than there were last time we checked it but doable. at the bay brim more -- bridge more people are showing up. 5:18. thank you sir, a good morning, under mostly cloudy skies and light snow at tahoe. a few breaks in the clouds but all observations say cloudy or mostly cloudy.
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possibility of more showers developing later in the afternoon. couple areas of low pressure coach influencing the weather. possibility of hit and miss shower activity. you can see south lake tahoe, blue canyon has had rain. temperature in the low 30s to mid-30's. 49 santa rosa and napa. it's close for everyone else. menlo park, los altos, 37 in truckee, light drizzle, snow in the higher elevations. everyone is close, if you are heading to the mountains it will be an active day. they can't get out of the pattern. maybe parts of napa. you can see the rotation.
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a couple lows, that's what's controlling the state's weather, if it's not per siptation -- precipitation. only a couple 100s, low clouds, sun and clouds staying cool. thundershowers possible, mostly cloudy, 60s and low 70s, again, temperature really below average for this time of the year, especially inland. don't see a check wednesday, the lows kick out thursday. it looks warmer but not that much so. time is 5:20, suppose to be a proud moment in the life of a military cadet it's been embarrassing. the military grad situation -- graduation video that's gone
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viral, for the wrong reasons. backlash after robert mcdonald compares waiting for v.a. health care to rides at disney theme parks. ♪ hey!
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♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. . welcome back to the mornings on with the a -- on
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two. president obama urged them the drive for more human rights. he met with several rights including supporters for women and lpgt rights. he stressed the u.s. is not trying to impose it's ideology but offering a path to better future. when people can share ideas and access the internet without restriction, that fuels the iron evacuation economies need -- the head of the world merchandise organization said the -- health organization said the zika virus is a warning. most people only have mild symptoms but experts say the
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link between zika and birth defect makes it an emergency for pregnant women. old diseases can reappear and cause new problems. >> what we have seen looks more and more like a resurgence from the threat from the infocus on diseases. the world is not prepared to cope. >> there's more than 500 cases in the u.s. related to travel to areas where the virus is active. it is expected to spread as our weather gets warmer. it's been two years since six u.c. santa bar bra -- barbara students were killed. a man stabbed three people and shooting and kill three others before killing himself. three were from the bay area.
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it important to keep the memory of the victims alive. the head of the u.s. veterans affairs administration is facing criticism after comparing waits for health care to the lines at amusement park. >> when you go to disney do they measure the number of hours you weight in line. it's the quality of care. >> republican house speaker paul ryan said that's flippant. it shows how seriously the v.a. is taking life or death problems. people don't die waiting in line at disneyland. the three people arrested in the killing of a millbrae father will be in court today. what we're learning about the
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connection to the victim, keith green. two guards have been charged. the allegations against them. looking at a commute that's getting busier. this is the time we see traffic jams now. westbound 24 moderate on the way to the tunnel. mostly cloudy, position -- posebility of rain. and snow in the sierra.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. a tuesday morning. looking at the coast guard station at the oakland estuary. we thank you for joining us. it's tuesday morning, may 24th. i'm dave clark. i'm pam cook. >> looks nice. mostly cloudy, not much, kind of cool for us here, for may. we have some light snow in the sierra nevada. 33 and light snow, mostly cloudy, once those burn off it will be sun and clouds. showers from the east heading toward us, the temperature, the
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cool pattern. if you're heading up 80 or 50, a little bit of snow from central nevada. we get the low cloud deck and a breeze. a few upper 40s, a lot of 50s. san jose 58. south bay temps, 55, 57, santa cruz 52. maybe a few showers later on north and east as the circulation keeps up on the cool side. afternoon showers, cloudy in the morning, 60s and low 70s. sal, 5:31. the metering lights have clicked on. >> they have. good morning you to, if you're trying to get to the bay bridge, traffic will be slower, we're going to go out to the
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bay, did i put this in wrong. we're going to look at the commutes here and the traffic is not bad in the south bias you drive through -- bay as you drive through, you can see the metering lights are on and the traffic will be okay. as we move to the south bay commute, it's not a bad commute. i didn't see a lot of slow traffic, it's unquestionably good in the santa clara valley. happening today, three people arrested in connection with the murder of a millbrae father are due in court. it's a story we've been following since last month. in redwood city with more. >> pam, the victim's ex- girlfriend and to accomplishes are supposed to be arraigned at the courthouse this afternoon.
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they are set to be charged with murder and conspiracy. keith green disappeared on april 29th. his body was found two weeks later. investigators arrested green's ex-girlfriend, tiff abby lee -- tiffany lee, her current boyfriend and a friend. lee and green had two children and they were in a custody battle. >> we know the cause of death, because it's an on going investigation we can't release the details. the body was not manipulated. >> police wouldn't say what they mean by "manipulated" but the body was not burned. green's family offered a
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facebook post thanking law enforcement officers for the work in the case. it unknown if the victim's family will be here for the court appearance of the suspects. we'll have to see. >> thank you for the update. 5:34. two jail guards are facing felony charms accused of beating an inmate. they punched, kicks and slammed him against the wall. garcia told us that he did not report the attack until the death of michael tyree, the sheriff office has launched an investigation. >> our sheriff's major crime detective unit interview 34 inmates, witnesses, they traveled to a prison on the mexico border and interviewed a
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witness. garcia suffered permanent nerve damage. the deputies were placed on unpaid leave. a federal investigation cited a lack of adequate training, supervision and training. san francisco acting police chief is reaching out to neighborhoods and communities. last night the acting police chief appeared at a neighborhood meeting in the bay view. he was joined with police management including a commissioner, two commanders, he talked about several matters including the officer-involved shooting last week that prompted the resignation of chief suhr. he's pushing for more transparency. >> there's not a big enough pool of candidates in san
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francisco, especially african- american candidates. the black and brown representation in the police department is significant but we want to increase it. >> we asked if he wants to job permanently. he said his focus is making reforms within the police department hopes officers will have body cameras by july. one of the efforts to make the police department more transparent is a system for the public. that web site allows officers to input popular documents without the public having to file a form 58 request. go to the top of, check it out. click on the web links. businesses and professional groups are showing support for greg suhr who resigned
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thursday. 18 organizations released an open letter to the mayor, board of supervisors and the police, calling on the city to carry out specific reforms. the commission has dragged the feet in providing nonleastal weapons and the city population grows the police department has not been fully staffed in decades. you can see the letter in our web link section. a new department in the case of four police officer accused of sexual misconduct. the alameda county sheriff office is investigating comments a deputy left on the facebook page the woman the police officer are accused of having sex with. if the woman was at least 18 the deputy did not commit a
5:38 am
crime. but the communication would be something that the sheriff office would talk about with the deputy. the time is 5:38. the university system is investigating-ing process following complaints by students and faculty about alleged racial bias. the students staged a 10 day hunger strike. it ended when the chancellor agreed to hire more. it's expected to take several weeks. today the san francisco board of supervisors will try the claver phi the suspect wary -- clarify the sanctuary city
5:39 am
policy. >> there were calling for changes after kate steinle was killed the man who had a history of illegally crossing the border was arrested i'm a call led to authorities recovering a stolen gun. police received a call about a disturbance involving a man with a gun. when officers patted down the suspect they found a loaded gun. the weapon had been stolen in paso robles. he was booked into jail on suspicion of violations. police are investigating a robbery on twin peaks. it happened saturday night. a man from san mateo county was
5:40 am
taking pictures when a man pushed him to the ground and stole his camera. the man suffered minor injuries. the man was in his 20s or 30s. police in morgan hill is looking for a shoplifting suspect. the man stole electronic items sunday night. he cut off the tags and put them in a bag. when he was confronted by officers outside the store he dropped the bag and rap off. -- ran off. sunday night with a road rage incident. the chp said two drivers cut each other off. a man in a volvo fired shots at the other car three times. no one was hit but the shooter crashed into a pole and left the front end of his bumper
5:41 am
with the low pressure system plate behind. 7 enk 356. it's a 2005 gray volvo. the suspect took off after the crash. there's been several shootings on bay area freeways. police think some are gang relates. they have not said if the most recent is connected. a suspect is on the loose in san francisco after a high speed chase. police poured through the housing development after four men jumped out of a gold chevy truck and took off. officers captured three but the fourth got away. a man spotted his stolen truck at union and taylor. he approached the truck to get it back. three of the suspects pointed
5:42 am
guns at his head. >> they had no remorse of putting a gun to someone and trying to take their vehicle. >> the police chased the suspects from one end of san francisco and the other two freeways. police say the suspects will face charges for auto theft, carjacking evading police and burglary charms. the police -- charges. >> time is 5:42. a skydiving crash in hoomanawanui -- hawaii, five people were killed. and next, facebook is making changes, what the social network will stop doing when determines what gets posted. the morning commute does not look that bad. we have a couple areas that are lighter. but we have slow traffic, you
5:43 am
will be waiting for a bit. we'll talk about it. plenty of low clouds, if you don't have that you have clear skies. temps are below average. w average.
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. welcome back. time is five: 45, facebook: 5:45. facebook will no longer rely on news out let's to determine what gets posted at trending news outlets. mark zuckerberg met with commentators last week addressing the allegations that facebook downplayed stories
5:46 am
favoring conservatives. a texas man in a fight with a shark. this came from george sabres during a fishing trip off the coast of texas. he was hoping to catch kingfish but reeled in a shark. he tried to take out the hook but the shark starting thrashing around in the kayak. came less than an inch from biting the leg. the shark jumped back in the water. west point held the graduation over the weekend. it has gone viral for the wrong reasons. the parade of graduates. you can see a female cadet who appears to be texing while marching in formations. veterans say it was
5:47 am
disrespectful. it has been posted on facebook where it's been shared thousands of times. sal said perhaps, she's graduating from west point. >> i'm inclined to give her a pass. >> perhaps she was texing mom or dad, we're rounding the corner. >> i don't know who these ladies are, they're having a good time. i think she was texting mom or dad, i'm coming around the corner. >> she's graduating from west point. i'm not worried about her. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up to the macarthur maze. nothing major. it's lighter than usual. this is a look at 880 and traffic is busy, but it's not stop and go, it will get rough
5:48 am
as you pass a street in hayward. slow traffic from 280 to 880. that's all but it's getting busy. under mostly cloudy skies, far enough inland clear skies, fore -- for most a cloud deck. a lot of 50s, a few 40s, a few more breaks. cloudy, mostly cloudy morning, mix of sun-clouds, some have been rotating off the sierra. 33 and light snow. some of that continues to wrap back around and head towards us. a breeze for some, west at oakland, south at concord, 48, 49. and low 50s. hayward 57, 58 san jose. a few of the 40s, mill valley,
5:49 am
petaluma, even napa 45. 37 in truckee, a mix of light rain and drizzle. ukiah, sacramento to monterey, if you're headinger to the sierra, a lot of cloud cover, some of that will move toward the north bay and the east bay. yesterday afternoon, pretty good thunderstorm erupted and that would not surprise. multiple systems within the system. any precip would be light but occasionally spotty precip. sacramento to ukiah have a better window for measurable precip. mostly cloudy morning. low 70s for most inland. temperature below average. you can get out to vacaville.
5:50 am
they should be warmer, 60s for most inbetween. walnut creek at 71. livermore 70. low 70s to a few mid-70's. gilroy 74, it's a cool pattern. palo alto at 70 degrees. not much change wednesday, clears out thursday. warmer friday, saturday, just near afternoon. >> is that okay pat. >> sure, bottle rocket is this weekend. brian and i will be working it. a lot of people going for the weekend. >> it will be near 80 on napa. better than 90. >> you're darned right. 5:50 is the time, for a fee you can reserve special areas at one of the most popular parks. there's the ladies have fun. they are part of the pilot
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we're looking at the billion
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dollars san francisco hospital and trauma center. it opened over the weekend. 150 patients were moved out of the old hospital and into the new facility. the old facility houses the psychiatric unit and the outpatient clinics. but it doesn't meet the standards of the new hospital. before we would have call lights for patients to call the nurse and it went to a central station. now a nurse gets called to a phone. >> it's like starting a new job with all the same people. >> the work began after voters passed proposition a. it was a $887 million bond measure.
5:55 am
the zuckerbergs donated $75 million. that got them the naming rights. doctors an effort to -- there's an effort to stop letting people reservations at dolores park. the parks department said this new program is not new but briefly suspended when the park was renovated. the park spends $750,000 a year picking up trash and those making reservations are more accountable. >> two former u.c. player are park of an investor group. they played for the raiders at different points have met with oakland mayor. put she won't meet with them
5:56 am
again until raiders and nfl show interest in building a new stadium in oakland. the giants winch johnny -- win. johnny cueto retired 23 of the first 24 he faced. in the bottom of the 9th it looked like the game would go into extra inning. hunter penced dropped the ball. if giants won 9-1. pence was pinch hitting. and the a's bounced back from a four-game sweep at the hands of the yankees. they beat the mariners.
5:57 am
the a's scored 4 runs in the 8th. rich hill punished eight scoreless innings for the a's. time is 5:57. we're following new developments about the egyptair plane crash. experts believe there was an explosion on board. police in vallejo say a father is suspected of setting fire to his own home and killing his son. morning commute is getting more crowded for sure. highway 24 not too bad on the way through lafayette and into oakland. unless you're inland you have a low crowd deck. temperature 40s and 50s. rain up in the sierra right now. now.
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. one more win, that's all
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the san jose sharks need to leach the stanley cup for the first time ever and have a chance to do it at home. a surge in voter registration in california. thousands of ballots have been cast as we are two weeks away from the june primary. mornings on two continues. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clock. we're going to see much sun. >> a little bit. a lot of clouds. >> moments of sun. >> there's probably not as much as yesterday. doesn't look like it. mostly cloudy skies. they will get clouds later, the low clouds will lift and there will be a mix of sun and clouds. you can see right there, don't say oh, my gosh,


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