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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the san jose sharks need to leach the stanley cup for the first time ever and have a chance to do it at home. a surge in voter registration in california. thousands of ballots have been cast as we are two weeks away from the june primary. mornings on two continues. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clock. we're going to see much sun. >> a little bit. a lot of clouds. >> moments of sun. >> there's probably not as much as yesterday. doesn't look like it. mostly cloudy skies. they will get clouds later, the low clouds will lift and there will be a mix of sun and clouds. you can see right there, don't say oh, my gosh, what's going
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on. it looks like it's about to end. south lake tahoe had snow about an hour ago. south at livermore seven, west at 16 sfo. cooler in santa rosa 47. sfo 56. east bay temps in the 50s. not much of a difference, possibility of afternoon showers as everything rotates around a series of lows. light rain and a few showers, partly cloudy later on. 60s and mainly low 70s. there's slow traffic out there, and we're going to start at one of the slowest spots, the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up to the
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macarthur maze. this is a 20 minute delay, which is not unusual. san mateo bridge, that's better, just a little, not a lot. it's better getting on the peninsula. 101 in san jose, traffic is better than normal with slowing on northbound 101, 6:02, let's go to desk. there's new developments in the investigation on the egyptair crash. human remains suggest there was an explosion on board. an effort is under way to retrieve items from the debris field. parts of the plane, personal belongings and human remains have been recovered. data indicates that smoke and fire started in the cockpit and spread to the front bathroom.
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all 66 people on board were killed when the plane crashed on its way from par it's to cairo -- paris to cairo. the police are searching for a arson suspect accused of setting a home on fire and killing his 5-year-old son. >> good morning to you. the man police are searching for is accused of torching his own home, setting it on fire and killing his own 5-year-old son and severely injuring that boy's mother. we're putting up his picture hoping someone knows where this is. car lone -- darrylone shuemake
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started the fire. the mom suffered second-and- third-degree burns. neighbors tried to rescue the 5- year-old boy. but they are not able to. neater were firefighters. we talked with one of that boy's older brothers who said the man accused of the crime was an abusive fire. >> he needs to be caught and shown there are consequences for his actions other than small piece of jail time. you've come to the point you are taking lives with no regard for anyone else. >> the suspected arsonist was accused of domestic violence rohlfing other women and children. the 5-year-old boy was playful, loved the warriors and idolized his father.
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the man police are searching for in connection with the deadly house fire. he intentionally set the home on fire killing his son and authorities trying to track him down. if you know where he is call the video leo police department -- valejo police department. a fire started about 2:30 near pala avenue. someone saw smoke coming from the roof, they got out of the car, knocked on the door, woke everyone up. everyone got out safely. it took 30 minutes to put out the flames. the cause is under investigation. the family is helped by the red cross. the sharks had heading back to san jose and need 1 win to get to their first ever stanley
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cup. >> pawelski tied the game at three. the sharks got two empty net goals. >> they understand our identity as a team, when we get away from it we get burned. we've had one of those games each round in the l.a. series we had one, one against nashville and one in this series, hopefully it's out of the way. everytime a time we reset and got back to our game. the sharks have a chance to win the series at home. game 6 tomorrow. the warriors are hoping to tie up the western conference titles tonight. the forward drymond green -- draymond green will play. he was not suspended when he
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kicked adams in the groin. green was given a from grant foul -- from grant foul one. the contact was excessive. he's been fined $25,000. the next one he receives will result in an automatic suspension. >> the race for the white house turning toward california. voters are casting ballots ahead of the june 7 primary. events that are scheduled this week. >> good morning. former president bill clinton is in san francisco attending fundraisers. he's made several campaign appearances for hillary clinton over the last few days. yesterday he attended rallies in stockton and sacramento.
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this morning is a breakfast reception. he will append at fundraisers -- appear at fundraisers. >> if we grow this economy from the middle out and bottom up we can all rise together. >> hillary clinton will be in the bay area tomorrow to attend a fundraiser in etherton, for voters in general, voters are dropping off ballots and registering. they need 6,000 volunteers have to a smooth election, they need 2000 bilingual volunteers. alameda county have received 25 how the mail in ballots. light yesterday the clinton campaign turned down an
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invitation from fox news to debate bernie sanders. her campaign said that hillary clinton's time is best spent campaigning. bernie sanders said he's disappointed but not surprised. the national poll shows the race is a dead heat. the real clear politic average of polls puts donald trump ahead of hillary clinton by .2 of a percent. a woman in wisconsin was charged with injuring two deputies as she tried to escape a traffic stop. the jail time she's facing if convicted. the demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. what the crews are getting ready to do. we're looking at a morning commute that's getting to its
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peak. 280 is doing well. getting up to highway 17. . >> a few breaks in the clouds. under mostly cloudy skies. it looks like a cool pattern. okay, ready?
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welcome back to the mornings on two. there's another court delay in the trial of if man accused of
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killing sierra lamar. he agreed to withdraw a request for a speedy trial. his lawyers are tied up with other cases. the torres is accused of killing sierra lamar in 2012. her body has never been found. his lawyers will ask for a change of venue, legal experts say they may have a tough time getting that. >> the judge has to balance the right of garcia torres to a fair trial and look at the change of venue motions are not favored and are expensive and cumbersome. five people were killed when a skydiving tour plane crashed and caught fire in hawaii. it went down moments after taking off. a pilot, two sky dive
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instructors and two jumpers were on board. the identities have not been released. the plane appeared to have engine problems when it burst into flames in the air. >> something must have been wrong with the engine. it caught fire. >> the ntsb and the faa are investigating to determine the cause of the crash. wile story, a milwaukee woman rammed a sheriff squad car during a traffic stop injuring two deputies and -- and her mother. the deputies pulled over the 23- year-old for speeding. she had a suspended license, gave a fake name, when a tow truck arrived she put the car
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in reverse, hit the squad car and drove away. the two deputies and her mother who was in the car suffered minor injuries. she was arrested three days later. she faces 43 days in prison. it's 6:15. this seems to be a busy time. that's right, we're looking at a commute on the east shore freeway, 80 westbound towa the macarthur maze. the traffic will be busy. 22 minute drive as you head from the car queen as bridge -- car queenes bridge. the traffic continues to be slow for a 25 minute delay. there's no major problems there. the traffic is slow, on westbound 24 as you drive to
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the tunnel, an earlier accident and traffic was slow coming up to the tunnel. 680 is not bad from concord to walnut creek. we have some mostly cloudy skies, a few breaks in the clouds, but mostly cloudy on the partly cloudy. some light rain, light snow in the sierra nevada. again, very active pattern, not much in the way of precip, but keeps the temperature on if cooler site a -- side. a few 40s, and lot ofs of mid- 50s. brentwood is in there, pittsburg, how about that.
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lafayette at 53. possibility of showers back from northeast california or to the north. i would think solano as well. areas of low pressure and systems within the system rotate through. mix of sun and clouds staying cool. below average temps. we had a few pop-up yesterday. cloudy morning, but 60s and 70s. temperature should be warmer than this. a little bit below average. coast and bay. that translates into upper 60s and low 70s. temperature don't look like they are going anywhere tomorrow. warmer, but not that much, near average friday, saturday, cool down sunday and monday. >> very good sleeping weather. >> that's true. >> time is 6:17. criticism for the secretary of
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veterans appear. he compared veterans health care to disneyland, and how paul ryan responded. >> in 15 minutes. it's been two years since a man died in police custody in hayward. what his family and friends are calling for. calling for.
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investigators found evidence that may lead them to a suspect. it started with a road rage incident. two drivers cut each other off. a man in a volvo fired shots at the other car. no one was hit but the shooter crashed and left behind the front end of his bumper with his license plate. the number is 7 enk 356. the car is a 2005 gray volvo sedan. the suspect took off after the crash. there's been several shooting on the freeways in the
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past couple months. some may be gang relates. san francisco police are investigating a weekend robbery on twin peaks. it happened sunday night, a man visiting from san mateo county was taking pictures when a man pushed him to the ground and stole his camera. the man suffered minor injuries. the police only have a vague description of that leaf -- thief. it's been two years since six students were killed. students held an event to mark the anniversary. a man went on a deadly killing spree, stabbing three people to death and shooting and killing three others before killing himself. >> i don't want anybody to
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forget about them and for them to stay alive in our hearts. >> six scholarships are being offered. president obama urged the people of vietnam to stride for more human rights. the president met with many groups. the president stressed the u.s. is not trying to impose its ideology but off erring vietnam a path to a better future. >> when there's freedom of expression and speech and people can access on -- the internet that fuels what economies need to this receive. >> -- 35. the head of the world of health organization said the
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outbreak of the zika virus should serve as a warning. most people have only mild symptoms, but experts say the link between zika and birth defects makes it an emergency for pregnant women. it's a sign that old diseases can cause new problems. >> what we have seen now looks more and more like a resurgence of a threat from the emerging diseases, the world is not prepared to cope. >> there's been 500 zika cases in the u.s. related to travel to areas where the zika virus is active. transition is expected to spread here. the head of the u.s. veterans affair is facing
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criticism comparing waits at the v.a. to disney. >> when you go to disney do you complain about the lines. what's response -- responsibility the -- important is the quality. >> ryan says this shows how seriously the v.a. is taking life or death criticism. some say people don't die waiting in line at disneyland. mark sucker berg will de-- zuckerberg will demolish homes in his neighborhood and build smaller homes. he found out that a developer would build a home next door with a view of his bedroom. he filed an application to
6:26 am
rebill homes that are 40% smaller. >> time is 6:26. more big news from baltimore. police officer found not guilty in the freddie gray case. why the city's top prosecutor is criticized. >> the three suspects accused of murdering a millbrae father will make their first court appearance today. >> good mornings, we're looking at a morning commute that's crowded. highway 24 is improving. . our temps on the cool side, a lot of cloud cover, we'll see if this is going to change offer stick stay. it's been 60 years in the making.
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. good morning, welcome back. tuesday, may 54 -- 24. it's almost 6:30. it's almost getting into june. it's very chilly. >> this pat everyone stays -- pattern stays for a while. we have snow at mom out. south lake tahoe a mix of rain and snow. mostly cloudy here. temperature cool. 40s and 50s on the temps. there's a layer of low clouds.
6:30 am
a little bit of shower activity, they will pop-up later. things were crazy yesterday, that will continue as well. look at if sierra. highel evacuation snow --el evacuation snow is popping up. temperature 40s and 50s and a breeze, fairfield west, southwest. partly to mostly cloudy in the morning. we stay below average on the temps. showers possible. temperature low 70s for many inland. 60s around the bay. 6:30, anything on your screen new? we have clowe traffic out there -- slow traffic out there. there's a crash in santa rosa, heading northbound, not assed
6:31 am
about as the southbound commute. let's look at what we have. if you're driving on the approach to the bay bridge, you will see clowe traffic -- slow traffic on westbound 80. they are looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge, some stop-and-go traffic. as you look at the other commutes around the east bay, 80 is filling in here. 6:31. three people arrested in connection with the murder of a millbrae father. they are tcu in court this -- due in court this afternoon. jeanine with what you're learning about the case. >> we know that the victim and the suspect had two children together. there were custody issues, but
6:32 am
it's unknown if that was a factor in the victim's murder. in the coming weeks more should be revealed in court. tiffany lee, her current boyfriend and their friend will be charged with murder and conspiracy this afternoon at the courthouse. authorities believe they are responsible for killing lee's ex-boyfriend, keith green. his body was found on a dirt road this is nona county -- sonoma county. police are not revealing a motive or how green was killed. >> we know the cause of death, but because it's an ongoing investigation we can't release the details. the body was not manipulated. >> sheriff officials aren't explaining what they mean by manipulated but it was not
6:33 am
burned. green's family offered a facebook post thanking law enforcement officers for the work in the case. their focus is on the well- being of green's two children who are being taken care of by lee's family because she had custody. time is 6:33. two county jail guards are facing felony assault charges. they are accused of beating an inmate. 27-year-old and 31-year-old punched, kicked and slammed him against the wall. garcia said he didn't report the attack until the death of michael tyree. the sheriff office has begun a thorough investigation. >> our sheriff's major crime detective unit interviewed 24
6:34 am
inmates, witnesses, they traveled to a prison on the mexico border and interviews a witness. the deputies were placed on unpaid leave in february. this is the latest on a string of incidents. there was a lack of training, supervision and staffing at that jail. protesters are demanding the reopening of the death of james greer who died in police custody. >> that was recently released video that started with greer being pulled over for a traffic violation. at first he cooperated with police but the situation escalated and several police got involved. relatives say he was tased, put
6:35 am
in handcuffs and left on the ground in a body restrainted. the coroner said he died from physical exorganization under the influence of cp -- pcp. >> it like ripping a band-aid off. we don't have have -- want to relive it. >> the district attorney's office did not investigate the death because it had a policy to only look into officer- involved shooting deaths. that's been changed to include critical incidents that result in death. >> the second baltimore officer to stand trial was found not guilty. the first case ended in a mistrial. some say the prosecutor moved to quickly filing charges.
6:36 am
others angry about the verdict protested. gray died from a spinal injury he suffered in police custody. san francisco's acting police chief is reaching out to neighborhoods and communities and introducing himself. last night toney chap lip a-- chaplain appeared at amiteing in the -- a meeting in the bay view. the chief talked about several issues including the deadly officer-involved shooting that led to the resignation of greg suhr. >> i'm going to burn the use of force, the body cams. the chief promised transparency and implement retomorrows quickly. we asked if he wants the job
6:37 am
permanently. he said his focus is retomorrowing the police department. he hopes police department will have body cameras by july. groups are showing support for greg suhr, 18 organizers, released an open layer to ed lee. the letter commends suhr for his dedication. the group says the commission has dragged the feet on providing nonlethal weapons and while snap's -- san francisco's population growing the press department has -- police department has not been fully staffed for decades. one of the efficients to make the police department more transparent there's an online
6:38 am
system designed to help the police better track and process requests. it allows police officer to input popular documents without the public having to file a formal request. go to the top of, click on the web links. today the board of supervisors will try to define the sanctuary city policy. supervisors will does a -- discuss a proposal when police will notify federal officers when immigrants have been convicted of a crime in the last seven years. there were calls for changes after kate steinle was killed and a man with a history of illegally crossing the border was charged. these are live pictures,
6:39 am
caltrans taking the next big step in demolishing the eastern span of the bay bridge. it is start of a two day project to lower a section of bed down on to barges, the barges will take it to portland and taken apart. this is the third of five sections that will be taken apart in this way. here's a video of the work in february. caltrans is streaming the project live by a camera from 6:30 this morning until 8:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. the whole project should be wrapped up in 2018. >> great to see that as it happens. emergency workers exciting 60 miles to get to work. there's an experiment to help the firefighters who can't
6:40 am
afford to live where they work. new efforts to keep the raiders in oakland. former players hoping to get a new stadium built. >> we're looking at a commute where traffic will be busy on 580 westbound. and look at 80 nearby, when we come back. plenty of low cloudth, some breaks if it's your first time here. alcatraz and the golden gate bridge.
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. welcome back to the mornings on two. there's a new development in the case of four oakland police officer who are accused of sexual miss don't conduct, reports that the alameda county sheriff office is investigating comments that a deputy left on the facebook page of the woman the four officers are accused of having sex with. if the woman was 18 at the time of the action the deputies did not vile ate policies. but the communication would be something the officers would talk about with the deputy. california state university system is san francisco -- investigating san francisco state. this is the ethnics studies
6:44 am
department about racial bias. it become public after the students had a 10 day hooker -- hunger strike. students said there were racial bias. this will be the first independent study of the issues. it is expected to take weeks. there's new hope for raider fans who want the team to stay here. two players are part of an investor group. ronnie lott and rodney peete have met with the mayor. but she won't meet with them again until the nfl and the raiders show interest in building a stadium in oakland. the owner of the raiders want to go to las vegas. let's check in with gasia. good morning. >> good morning.
6:45 am
when i join you here, so many call it an exercise in futility. issuing tickets to homeless people. the change in attitude some fear will make the problem worse. >> here kitty, kitty, stay kitty, kitty. this was waiting for a utah family. a mountain lion lounging, it takes off as it runs through the neighborhood. i could watch the pictures for hours. how the big cat got back to where it belongs. not what i want to see on my front porch. our mornings on two family has grown. on friday, ali gave birth to her daughter, she's 9 pounds, 8
6:46 am
ounces, 21 1/2 inches long. she's beautiful. mom, dad, are all doing great. 6:46 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> congrats. good mornings, we have a look at the east shore, it's getting more crowded. if you're driving on 80 westbound, 37 minute drive. i'm looking at my list here, i don't have any reported that's major, it will be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up for 20, 25 minute delay. i'm looking at the east bay. on 80 it will be slow, if we can show the maps, the traffic is slow after highway 4, in richmond we showed you the berkeley part, 680 coming from
6:47 am
242 to 24 is lowed -- slowed. highway 4 is slow throughout all of pittsburg, all of bay point, gets better in concord. 6:47. let's go to steve. partly sunny, partly cloudy, continued cool, stop in the south bay, they have a mix of low clouds, high clouds as well. the low has been producing rain and snow, ma'amthon had -- ma'am out had snow. hit and miss, you can see plenty of low clouds. temperature 60s and 70s. we'll have more coming up on mornings on two. time is 6:47. a man spotted his own stolen vehicle in san francisco and tried to get it back. in 20 minutes the terrifying
6:48 am
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. welcome back, time is 6:50. toyota is recalling a million
6:51 am
vehicles to replace tatacka -- takata air bags. this is scions and lexus. the air bags can inflate with too much force. it expands the biggest automotive recall in history. the corolla, forerunner and lexus es. >> the head of the tsa is shaking up the leadership team over long security lines. the person in charge has been removed. he's being reassigned. a house committee said he received $90,000 in bonus from late 2013 to late 2014. that was after a report revealed that tsa employees failed to find explosives, weapons and other dangerous
6:52 am
items in 95% of undercover tests at airports. san francisco is cracking down on driver whose take long or frequent breaks during bus runs. muni is tracking the unscheduled breaks and making lists. the drivers are allowed to take breaks for percentage necessities, going to the bat rumor a -- bathrooms or long runs. time is 6:53 the families of people killed in drunk driving want to see devices in the cars of dui offenders. >> if i can prevent someone else from going through the
6:53 am
pain because it's preventable. >> the bay area members of mothers against drunk driverring. if the driver has been drinking the device keeps the car from starting. it's taken eight years, we're looking at the billion dollars zuckerberg trauma center. it opened over the weekend, 150 patients were moved out. across the sky bridge and into the new facility. the old facility houses the outpatient clinics but does not meet the earthquake safety standards required of acute care hospital. the new facility has state of the art modern technology. >> before, we would have call lights for patients to call a nurse and it went to a central
6:54 am
station. now a nurse is called by phone. >> it's like starting a new job with all the same people. >> work on the new trauma center started after the voters passed proposition a. it was a $875 million project. speaking of facebook, facebook is making changes after being accused of being biased. facebook will no longer rely on news outlets to determine what is posted as a trending topic. it included the wall street journal, and the drudge report. the giant squeaked out a win in a pitcher's duel. johnny cueto pitched a complete
6:55 am
game and retired 23 of the first 24, giving up 2 hits and striking out six. in the bottom of the 9th it looked like the game would go to extra inning. the giants got the 1-0 win. pence was pinch hitting. the a's bounced back from a four-game sweep at the hands of the yankees. they beat the mariners 5-0 last night. the a's scored 4 runs in the 8th. hill pitched eight scoreless innings for the a's. remember ryan volleying -- vogelsong, he's recovering after being hit in the face by
6:56 am
a pitch. this is in the 2nd inning. hit by a pitch near his left eye. trainers tended to him. everyone concerned. he was carted off the field. admitted to the hospital. his wife tweeted out last night, he's stable, he will be okay. ryan made his debut with the giants in 2000. he signed with the team in 2011 and helped the giants win two world series championships. there's an online petition to end a program at delorees park to reserve sections of grass. people say allowing the reservations privatizes the park. the department says the program is not new, the department says it's spends $750,000 a year to
6:57 am
pick up trash. people who make reservations are considered to be more accountable. we'll watch that story. we're talking about a man accused of setting a home on fire killing his own 5-year-old son, a search underway and what the boy's brother is saying about their father. bill clinton is in the bay area for a fundraiser for his wife. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. and what the polls reveal. the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. only at a sleep number store.
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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. only at a sleep number store. good morning. and an intense manhunt is underway right now nor a vallejo father, who is accused of setting fire to his own home killing his own son. and a key piece of evidence recovered in egyptair flight 804. i'm gasia mikaelian.
7:00 am
>> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about the traffic and weather. first, let's talk to steve paulson who will tell us if there will be clouds? >> this is southwest flight 1532 coming from phoenix. i'm in section a, bit way, always a. >> let's get to it here, we do have low clouds. partly cloudy pattern here, not really changing my plane will arrive later, from end sin yo. coming over the mountain, pretty good storms. west-southwest, a few 40s, a lot of 50s here, low to mid- up


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