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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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plane at lax what the tsa is revealing about the credible net. a manhunt for a man accused of arson. and good afternoon i'm mike. first developing news out of los angeles where swat officers and a police dog are investigating a credible threat after a trip from houston. we had this on breaking news on the 9. tsa got a phone call today about a toss i believe threat to campus air flight 5931 which you see here was marked american eagle. the plane arrived from houston and kept quarantined -- -- with all on the board. as this story continues to unfold we'll have more for you in our afternoon newscast. golden gate park, we now
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know that he was a homeless man who had recently been released from a hospital. san francisco police say the man had been in some type of fight which put him in the hospital but not sure exactly how he died. investigators say they still remain on the scene at this hour. right now a manhunt continues for a father who is accused of setting his home on fire killing his own 5 year old son. >> alex savage live with more on the search on the accused killer. >> reporter: good afternoon to both of you, the father accused of setting this deadly fire has a long rap sheet. one of his relatives, older son describes him as violent and abuse i. this afternoon vallejo police are doing everything they can to bring him into custody. daryl shoe make is wanted for murder after authorities say he set fire to this home in
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vallejo has his family slept inside. that fire killed his five year old son and severely burned his mother. neighbors are rallying around the family and hoping for an arrest. >> just devastating. hoping and praying that they will catch him. he need to be caught. because if they don't catch him somebody is going to get him. because you just don't do that to a little kid. >> reporter: investigators say it was early sunday morning when he doused a bedroom with a flammable liquid where the boy and his mother were sleep sleeping. she suffered second and third degree burns. neighbors tried to rescue deleone his father has been a dangerously unstable person. >> he was very violent, very controlling with any woman he was with. very possessive. and when everything didn't go
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his way he got violent. so he spent a lot of time in jail. >> court records show he has been accused of harassment and domestic violence in the past involving other women and children here in solano county. his son is hoping he gives himself up. >> have some common decency for once in your life and just turn yourself in. because there is no point in running. there is nowhere you can go. there is no one who is going to help you. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the little boy was always seen playing in front yard. he loved his dog, he love the the golden state warriors and idolized his father, the man now accused of killing him. it's clear he intentionally set fire to that home over the weekend knowing his family was inside. but we still don't know exactly what his motive may have been for this unthinkable crime.
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anyone out there spots this man they should put a call into police. >> alex, thank you. now where a good samaritan rescued six people. the fire started 2:30 this morning. someone driving by saw smoke coming from the roof so they got out of their car, knocked on the door and woke up everyone inside. people were able to get out safely. at this point the dawes is still under investigation. we know the family is getting some help from the red cross. san rafael police are asking for your help to find two men in downtown san rafael. investigators say he walked up to a vehicle at a red light around 7:30 yesterday morning right there on 3rd street in san rafael and pointed a gun at the driver. while this was happening a second man opened the rear passenger door, the victim noticed that the light had turned green and drove off
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leaving both suspects behind. they both took off running. some of the victim's personal property was taken from the back seat. one carjacking suspect still on the loose in san francisco after high speed chase that ended with the arrest of three other suspects. police poured through a housing development in the baby district yesterday after four men jumped out of a chevy truck and took off. it all began when a man called 911 saying he spotted a stolen truck, he said when he approached the truck to get it back three of the suspects pointed guns at his head. a 15 year old santa rosa boy is in the hospital after being shot by police, the teenager's attempt to end his life by gun fire. around 11:13 last night reporting a man with a gun. they found the person described on the phone and as they approved they say he pointed what looked like a gun at them. the officers open fired hitting the 15 year old in the foot.
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they determined the boy was actually the person who called 911. the gun was a replica and he had a suicide note in his possession. the teenager is expected today under go a psychiatric evaluation. happening now, acting tony chaplain is holding a meeting members strongly at odds with accident and former police chief. chief chaplain is meeting with the mario coalition, members have been calling for change within the department including the firing of then police chief greg sur since the 26-year-old woods was killed by officers back in december. meeting started at 1:19, we'll have coverage what came out of it today on the news at 5:00. chief chap plain appeared last night, he was joined by several members of police management including a commissioner two commanders and captain of the bay view station. chief plain talked about.
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>> i am going to push everything she just talked about, the use of force policies, the body cams all of those things are still going forward and i am going to usher them to the finish line. >> chief chaplain promised transparency and make reforms quickly. officers will have body cameras by july. ktvu asked him if he wants to be the permanent police chief. investigators found an important piece of evidence that may lead them to a suspect in last weekend's freeway shooting starting sunday night with apparent road rage incident. two drivers cut each other off on interstate 580, then a man fired three shots at the other car but no one was hit. the shooter crashed into a pole and left behind the front end of his bumper containing his license plate, that also plate 7 enk 356, the quash is 2005
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gray volvo sedan similar to the one you see in the picture issued by chp. the suspect did take off after the crash. there have been several shootings on bay area freeways, police say they think some of them are gang related. they have not said if this most recent shooting is connect the to the others. the next step in the demolition of the old bay bridge eastern span is under way. we'll show you a time lapse video when the caltrans camera on 0 the pike path was showing us the scene. lowering another section of road bed on to barges, the barges will take the asphalt away where it will be taken apart. here is what it looked like 40 minutes ago. caltrans said it will keep teaming video until 8:00 tomorrow night. the entire project is set to wrap up by 2018. berkeley police are reminding people to be aware cell phone robberies. police say several reason
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victims have been approached by people asking to use their cell phone with a specific problem they need them like contacting a sick family member. they've either run or driven off with the stolen phone. now police say people should not lend their phones to anyone they do not know and if they want to help consider placing the call and holding the phone for them. there are new developments in the investigation into the egyptair crash just this morning forensic experts say human remains retrieved from the crash site suggesting there was an explosion on the airplane. so far parts of the plane, personal belongings and human remains have been recovered but not the black box recorder. smoke and fire started in the cockpit and quickly spread to the bathroom before the plane went down, 66 people on board were killed in the plane crashed last thursday while on its way from paris to cairo.
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iraqi forces launching an offensive to retake the city of fallujah. >> as reporter john reports the city has been under isis control for more than two years. >> the iraqi military fight to go show isis another major defeat in fallujah. now the country with the help of u.s. led air strike is trying to go retake it. >> coalition planes destroyed hideouts and we are advancing from the south toward the center of the city. >> fallujah is located 40 miles west of baghdad of the the un expressing concern for the 50,000 civilians still in the city. dozens of families have been able to escape. there have been casualties. >> some civilians were either murdered or wounded, we tried to distance families but isis is using them as human shields.
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>> iraqi military forces took back ramadi. retaliating against recent set backs with bombings in the country. >> it means our generals and our cooperation with the iraqis and full coalition of 66 countries have a clearer strategy, they are moving very systematically. and i believe we are making progress. >> military teams are clearing out boobie traps from homes and buildings east of fallujah, it's been a major supply line for the terror organization. in jerusalem. three people accused of killing a father of two are due in court. just ahead what friends of the victims said he told them before he disappeared. here is a live look out side. meteorologist rosemary orozco is coming back to join us and
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give us a look at the tuesday forecast. a push to win over california voters. just ahead what president bill clinton has been doing in san francisco today.
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just a couple weeks away from california's june primary, some state offices stayed to
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register last minute voters. >> ktvu brian flores was in san francisco for events scheduled for today. > >> reporter: bill clinton is attending fundraisers for his wife. yesterday he attended rallies in stockton, sacramento. this morning easy vent is a breakfast reception here in the city. clinton will appear in freemont, saying she has the experience to make good things happen for the country. >> if we grow this country from the middle out and pup we can all rise together. >> hillary clinton will be in the bay area tomorrow to attend a fundraiser in ather ton. voters like in almeda county they are dropping off ballots 170 people got registered until midnight so their advice can be heard. officials say they have received about 25,000 mail i didn't know ballots so far. >> campaigns are bringing a lot
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of attention to the election so it's fresh in our voters minds and i believe that is go to go drive our participation. >> it feels like the first time california might have some kind of say instead of it being california it's june. >> there is also a big push to sign up enough volunteers to work the polls, they'll immediate 6000 poll workers, they'll need 2000 bilingual volunteers as well. for the next couple weekends there will be a ballot drive by collection at the almeda courthouse. clinton campaign has turned down an invitation from fox news to debate bernie sanders in california before the june 7th primary. her campaign said, we believe that hillary clinton's time is best spent campaigning. sanders say he is disappointed but not surprised. national polls shows the presidential race settling into a dead heat. 24 weeks ahead of the real
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election the real clear politics average of polls puts the presumptive nominee dump dump ahead of hillary clinton by .2 of a percent. federal appeals court in new orleans will hear the law was unconstitutional last year. the 2011 law requires voters to show a valid picture id in order to cast a bowl lot. supporters say it prevents fraud. overcast skies trying to burn off here at least around the bay. rose mary other spots blue sky. partly sunny skies out there. subtle changes in store. most of us won't really notice a whole lot of change as we get into your afternoon that mix of sun and clouds, slight chance for a few scatter ited showers, temperatures running cool and the breeze continue z as well.
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68 degrees in santa rosa, 60 degrees for san francisco. liver moore 63. 66 outside your door san jose. live look from san francisco looking off to the east you can see the clouds there. we showed you a picture across the bay where we have clouds. storm tracker 2 will show you we haven't seen the pattern change a whole lot in the last there hours picking up here on a little quit of circulation right off the coastline if you look close enough you may be able to see how that moves than direction. for today, go to go be a lot like yesterday, like the day before. here we go taking a look at the satellite and the radar instill motion you can see the partly to mostly cloudy skies. showers to the north of us and east of us, mainly dry but leaving in the slight chance, at times a few of us do get the light showers, best chance for a thunderstorm will be to the north of us, areas like lake county and to the east. the mount hamilton area and farther into the central valley a good chance of isolated
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thunderstorm or two into the afternoon. and we continue with the rain and snow mix into the sierra and you can see areas into tahoe and south lake tahoe. winds have been anywhere from 10-15 miles per hour, gusting stronger that that, you can see in fairfield with gusts up to 23 miles per hour. napa 14 sustained and gusting to 21. for your afternoon here we go with forecast skies picking up on a little bit of moisture over the santa cruz mountains, as we get into the afternoon around right dinner time some moving to the north edge. with this pattern in place it's impossible to know where the showers are going to pop up, it's a reminder any one of us can see sprinkles as we get into tuesday and tuesday night. sunset we see showers wind down. we may actually have one more day with this type of weather. here is a look at the afternoon highs expected for today, low
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60s pacifica. low 70s in concord. if you are seeing the giants play tonight it is going to be cool and breezy with partly cloudy skies. 59 degrees westerly wind at 29 miles per hour. the extended forecast again tomorrow now looking much like today. finally see that go transition as we get into thursday with warmer weather in store for your bay area weekend and memorial day weekend with mostly sunny skies, 80 degrees for warmer locations, back to you guys. >> thank you. of the key ingredient that is running low and how that is forcing a cut back in the soda's production
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now this is the kind of green i like to see. take a look at the dow jones up more than 200 points at this moment. stocks strong across the board. nasdaq up by 2% at this moment. good news to report as well, the fact that new home sales in america have jumped to the highest level we have seen in more than eight years. the sale of new homes jumped 16% in april. it reports that 619,000 homes sold across the u.s. likely guy to due to job gains and low mortgage rates. the fire department is
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trying to help find ways to firefighters, 30 of his 80 firefighters live 60 miles or more away. chief says he is now offering stippens to encourage them to live in men low park. offered $200 stippens, 10 miles can get up to $1000 a month. it is an experiment that has helped in the last year. >> our competitors facebook pays their employees $10,000 a year to live within a close proximity to where they work. >> the chief says the plan costs the fire district $240,000 a year, expand dormitories for firefighters. replacing potentially faulty takata airbags n latest recall includes 1.6 million toyota scion and lexus model from 2006 through 2011.
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the problem the airbags can fill with too much force. the recall expands the largest automotive recall in u.s. history. among the annually added models the carola, four runner and lexus es. sports authority will officially shut down operations, sporting goods chain filed paperwork and will start going out of business sales tomorrow, also end its loyalty program tomorrow. sports authority gift cards will not be sold after today but the cards will be accepted online and in stores through the month of june. the retailer says it expects to lock the doors forever by the end of august. coke ka cola will stop producing the soft drink in venezuela because of a sugar shortage. . strength wail la is experiencing its worse recession in dedicates. it looks like facebook it making changes after being
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accused of being biased against conservatives. news outlets included the wall street journal, huffington boast and the drudge report. mark zuckerberg met with conservative commentators to address allegations that. twitter has confirmed you will see more tweets with more words. twitter will stop counting photos and links as the 140 character message link. this was first reported by bloomberg last week. twitter says changes will take effect in the next coming months hoping the service will be easier and more engages. lyft updated service so it can schedule rides in advance, launched this new feature yesterday, lyft says riders can schedule pickups 24 hours in advance. riders can cancel within 30
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minutes without being charged. only veil i believe in san francisco. three people accused of killing a father are expected in court today, the charges they are facing and what the victims told friends just before he disappear glad plus bill cosby in court, what came out of this morning's appearance that caught some people by surprise.
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three people arrested in connection with the murder of a father are due in court this afternoon. >> ktvu jenny follows a story. >> keith green and the suspect have two daughters together. green's friend told the mercury news that he was living in fear because he had been threatened by her. that ex girl friend tiffany lee and their friend all ol i remember will all be charged with murder and conspiracy this afternoon. authorities believe they are responsible for killing lee's ex-boyfriend greene. his body was found near guiserville. the day he went missing he was supposed to meet lee to discuss the custody of their children. the paper interviewed green's friend. lee had accused green of do mess particular violence, police are not revealing a
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motive in this case or how he was killed. >> we do know the cause of death. because it's still an on-going investigation we can't release the details. what i can tell you the body was not manipulated. >> sheriffs are not saying what they mean by manipulated. in a facebook post green's family thinks law enforcement officers for their work in this case though they are still mourning his loss and say their focus is on the well-being of the two children. they are being cared for by lee's family because she had custody but child protective services is involved. reporting from redwood city jeanean fox 2 news. two santa clara county jail guards are facing charges. former inmate rubin garcia says 27-year-old phillip and 31-year- old punched, kicked and slammed him against the wall even though he was shackled. garcia told us he did not
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report the attack until the death of inmate mike alley tyre later. the sheriff's office says it has launched a thorough investigation. >> our their i sheriffs major crime detective unit interviewed 24 inmates, witnesses, they traveled down to a prison on the california mexico border and interviewed a witness. >> rubin garcia says he you ared permanent nerve damaged. this is the latest in a string of controversial incidents for the jail. federal investigation cited a lack of adequate training, supervision and staffing at the facility. today the san francisco board of sanctuary city policy. supervisors will discuss a proposal that would police and sheriff officers notifying federal charged with a violent crime and who have also been convicted of a violent crime in the past seven years.
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those will be the only time city workers will be allowed to calling for changes sanctuary laws in san francisco after the killing of kate stainly, she died last summer. in other news today effort to make the san francisco police department more transparent it's unveiling a new online system for the public, the system is designed to help police better track and process requests, input popular documents without the public having formal request. go to the top of and clicking on web link. san francisco police are are investigating a robbery on twin peaks on saturday night just about 10:30 a man visiting from san mateo county was taking pictures with a friend when a they pushed him to the ground, stole his camera and police only have a vague description of the they, they say he is in his 20th and 30s.
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sexual assault charges a pennsylvania judge found enough evidence during a preliminary hearing to go forward with trial. cosby says the sex was consensual, she is one of more than 50 women accused ing the entertain of sexual misconduct. next court date will be july 20th. more clear when his trial will start. cosby faces up to 10 years in prison. president obama's continuing a historic trip to viet nam, he visit add holy sha ryan. toured a sacred pagoda housing several intricate sculptures and wood carvings. the head of the world health organization says the expanding
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outbreak of the zika virus should serve as a warning around the world. most people only have mild symptoms, but if the world health assembly in switzerland, the link between zika and a birth defect make it an emergency for pregnant women. saying it's a sign that old diseases can reappear and cause new problems. >> what we are seeing now looks more and more like emerging and reemerging infectious diseases. the world does not prepare to cope. >> so far there have been 500 zika cases here in the u.s. related to travel to zika hot spots. active transmissions are expected to spread here. five people were killed. the single engine cessna went down moments after takeoff at portal loan airport. a pilot, two sky do you having instructors and tandem jumpers were on board.
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their names have not yet been release glad witnesses say the plane appeared to be having engine trouble when it burst into flames in the air. >> something must have been wrong with the general join because when it was going down it catched fire, when it was on fire already, in fact everything exploded. >> the national transportation safety board and the faa are investigating the cause of the crash. the head of the tsa is shaking up his leadership amide backlash over long security lines, the person in charge of security operations has been removed from his post. kelly is being reassigned, hog begin received more than $90,000 in bonuses from late 2013 to late 2014 and that was even after a government report revealed fsa employees failed to find explosive, weapons and dangerous items in more than 9 5% of undercover tests at u.s. airport. san francisco recreation and parks accident is no longer allowing people to reserve lawn
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areas, it's suspending the issue apse for weddings, birthday parties as a petition stop the reservations, close to 9000 people have allowing the reservations private rises the park, the program is not new but prely suspended after the park was being renovated. saying in san francisco the municipal transportation agency in the city is cracking down on driver whose take long or frequent breaks during the bus runs. the paper says started tracking the number of unscheduled breaks and making lists of operators who take the most breaks each month. drivers are allowed to take breaks for what are called personal necessities that can be anything from going to the bathroom to need as brief rest after an especially difficult run. the operators union tells the
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paper members are being intimidated. they want to keep the trains and buses running on time. we are getting a look inside the new billion dollars zuckerberg general hospital and trauma center. a new state of the art medical center that opened up after eight years of construction. more than 150 patients were moved out of the old hospital across the sky bridge and into the new facility. the old facility houses a psychiatric unit and out patients. the new facility is fill weekend modern technology. >> before as an example we would have call lights for patients to call a nurse and it went to a central station. now a nurse gets called to a phone and can go directly to that patient's room. it's like start ago any job with all same people in a totally new place. work on the new trauma center started after voters passed proposition a, it was an $887 million bond measure. mark zuckerberg and his wife
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got the naming rights after they donated $795 million. 11 wings in the postseason for the first time ever. but can the sharks keep talking on the w's, the final part of the player routine. we'll take another peak outside, so many of us waiting for sun, if it's not sunny through the tunnel and the east bay, where is it sunny? rose mary has your answer. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪
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♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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the giants squeaked out
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another win. pitching the second straight game against the padres. giving up just two hits and striking out six. in the bottom of the 9th it looked like the game would go to extra innings, hunter high ball dropped. and brandon belt score from first giving the giants here a 1-0 win. let's talk about the a's they did bounce back from the four game sweep against the hands of the yankees. a's scored four more runs in the 8th. he has seven wins this season. the most for an oakland pitcher for the end of may. former giant ryan
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vogelsongwas hit in the face with pitch. while presidentinging in the second he was hit by a pitch right near the left eye, he was carted off the field, taken to the hospital where he was admitted. vogel song's wife tweeted last night that he is stable, that he is going to be okay. vogel song made his major league debut with the giants, helping the giants win two of the three world series championships. sharks won 6-p 3 they need one win to get to the franchise's first chance at a stanley cup final. >> tying the game at 3 and scored the winning goal against the st. louis blues. the sharks added two empty net goals in the mine final minute for a 6-3 win. >> they understand our identity as a team, when we get away from it we get burnt. you know we've had one of those
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games each round. in the la series we had one. we had one against nashville and we had one in this series. so hopefully it's out of the way and every time you know we have humidity we've reset and guys have got back to our game. >> the sharks now have a chance to win the series at home. game 6 is tomorrow at sap center, the puck drops at 6:00. big win tonight oklahoma city, draymond green has the green light to play in the game. the he kicked the thunder steven ailed ams in in the groin. saying the contact was unnecessary and excessive. green has also been fined $25,000. the next flagrant foul he receives results in automatic suspension. it is a special time for sports fans in the area, the sharks and warriors making deep runs in the playoffs. >> it turns out they have more
12:45 pm
in common than just winning, ktvu scott reese has an element of air success. >> the nhl is finding out you can't sleep on the sharks. but the sharks are sleeping just fine. >> how did you sleep last night? >> slept pretty good. >> that is by design. sherry specializes in how sleep impacts elite athletes. she has worked extensively with the sharks in order to reconcile adequate rest. >> that st. initial conversation and just providing guidance and recommendations to try and make sure that their athletes are well rested. sometimes it's frequently overlooked. >> as soon as the game is overlooked it's about recovering, getting your mind to relax a little bit. getting the well needed rest to go back out there again. >> the sharks adjusted their flight protocol returning home
12:46 pm
the after a game. >> knock on wood, we'll continue to do it it gives our more rest. >> but more rest is only part of the equation. better rest just as vital. >> say for example their sleep environment, nutrition is important, hydration as well, their caffeine or alcohol in take that will all contribute to the quality of rest that they will get at nighttime. >> we know guys are sleeping more hours, having more rest full hours, waking up refreshed it's a positive thing. >> contributions extend beyond subjectivity. she has worked with olympians, football and basketball players including yes our beloved world champs. >> when i was younger i would go from 5:00 p.m. to like 4:00 a.m. like nonstop. >> andre was like so many pro athletes not prioritizing a good night's sleep. just before his 30th birthday he decided enough was enough.
12:47 pm
the warriors hooked him up with sherry. >> i wand today have a long career and wanted to be healthy as well. i didn't want to just continue to play at a immediate yolk consider level, i wanted to play at a high level. >> we looked at his lifestyle and behavior around caffeine or how he looked at naps, in a neat way he saw benefits to this, partnered him with sleep monitoring that opened up that box that had self discovery what is happening at nighttime and affecting his performance. >> the data inside that box is staggering. a study done after andre adjusted his sleep habits and went to a consistent eight hours a night showed quantum leaps in his production, 29% better free throw line, his three point first age more than doubled and the benefits didn't stop there. >> once i started understanding what the sleep was doing for me, not just on the court but off the court as well, being in
12:48 pm
a better mood, being alert, knowing my body is ready to go, my teammates can rely on me. >> a lot of individuals will get used to feeling tired and that becomes a norm, that is when working with some of these athletes we change how we structure and approach their sleep and they start to feel daytime benefits i was like a walking zombie, i didn't realize i could feel this refreshed in the morning time and alert during the day time. >> in san jose scott reese ktvu news. we now know rosemary where super bowl liii will be played, according to the city of atlanta will be hosting hosting super bowl. houston, three years at the mercedes-benz stadium being constructed right now opening
12:49 pm
in a couple stadiums. >> this is true, but you know atlanta in january typically in the 50s. >> do you remember what we were offering up during our super bowl home, mid to upper 70s i think we have them beat. >> some day they'll come back. >> you are right, it will come back. i think it is going to come back just in time for our holiday weekend. right now we are looking at unseasonably cool weather, partly to mostly cloudy skies, as we look towards the west, golden gate bridge we have been in this pattern for several days now and i really could sum it up by saying a lot like yesterday, but i have two minutes to fill so let's move on. we have this system that continues off the coast line, continues to bring up the moisture, can you see over the sierra, northern california, portions of monterey, into the central valley firing off thunderstorms in the afternoon. for us we have had a few scattered showers but it's been terry quiet when it comes to the rainfall activity. storm tracker 2 instill motion
12:50 pm
where we have radar beams going, cloudy skies over the santa cruz mountains, entire bay area auction had of sun and clouds. you could see a little bit of popup here just on the it looks like the west edge of the central valley, as you go farther north lake county, farther north we have scattered showers, in the last half-hour we have quite a bit going on over the sierra, lake tahoe getting a little bit of rainfall, rain snow mix. closer where we have again partly sunny skies along the peninsula, east bay, we've got good clearing as well as areas going towards fairfield. again these clouds will be in and out for the entire day. so for your tuesday calling for the mix, partly cloudy, partly sunny at times. a little cool at this time of year. 3-6 degrees below the seasonal average. breezy conditions continuing for the afternoon as well. futurecast model helps to pinpoint it, 6:00 you will
12:51 pm
notice not a whole lot of moisture over the bay area picking up on some just right over the north edge of santa rosa, pop of showers could develop anywhere as well as possibility of a thunderstorm. they favor our higher elevations. tomorrow morning waking up with mostly cloudy skies, originally it looked like we would get a transition on wednesday and we start to warm up. but we may have to wait until thursday. meanwhile the winds for your afternoon today a lot like yesterday 10-15 miles per hour, gusting a little bit stronger than that. for some of our breezier spots temperatures in the upper 50s to upper 60s, 58 san francisco, 60 in fairfield. 67 expected for navado today. low 70s in antioch. south bay 70 degrees, barely budget numbers from yesterday as we get into wednesday it looks like it could be a near repeat. then we start to warm it up, mid to upper 70s for warmer
12:52 pm
locations on thursday. in time again for bay area weekend upper 90s to low 8 east. 90s around the bay. we just have to wait a little bit longer. >> okay, we will do in a, thank you rosemary. new hope foray consider fans to want to keep the team right here in the by area. both play for the raiders at different points in their careers, schapp says she won't meet with them again until raiders mark davis said he wants to move the team to las vegas if that city will provide funding for a new stadium there. lounging, relaxing on the porch, no not the homeowner, up next see more of the video a mountain lion that was seen lying around other parts of the town as well.
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and just like that welcome back and hello wall street. the dow up 220 points on tuesday. u.s. stocks on base for their biggest gain since march aztec companies like apple and microsoft climb. nasdaq up 60 points. s&p up 28. the centers for disease control and prevention surveyed 49,000 public swimming pools
12:56 pm
and hot tubs found 80% had one health and safety violation. >> it is a concerning statistic. coming up on the 4 on 2:00. how public pools are regulated and inspected and what you need to know before you go to that local pool. imagine looking out the window and seeing a mountain lion lounging on your front porch. that is what happen to one family in utah. >> i looked down and i said what dog is laying on my porch. and so i tapped on the door and he turned -- she or he, turned around i said that ain't no dog. >> the family says this mountain lion was lounging around the house for about two hours, they waited for wildlife officials to get there, they shot the mountain lion with a tranquilizer, the big cat takes off running through the neighborhood. about an hour later the mountain lion was found lying in a vacant lot. >> he laid there, we've been in the park city area for 30
12:57 pm
years, i haven't been one that close before. >> released the mountain lion back in the wild. >> thanks for making your choice here with us, ktvu i'll see you at 4:00.
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