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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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it happened near the intersection of house inn and washington avenue. >> let's get more from tara moriarty on the scene. what can you tell us. >> a horrific scene and first responders are speaking struggling. a lot of them have children to see this accident was really gut gut-wrenching. right where the car is crossing that is where the train was struck an 8th of a mile. quite a distance. san leandro police say the car was stopped on the tracks because of traffic around 1:30 this afternoon. people on the train say they heard a long whistle and the train then slowed down and they felt a jolt. first responders tried life saving measures and the 3-year- old and it was too late. >> two people in the vehicle in
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the suv. it is trapped underneath. the front end of the amtrak train. i don't know what speeds the train was traveling but as they passed the rail crossings, they go at a high rate of speed that would explain why it was pushed so far down the track. >> no word on how fast train was going. one passenger said he was on the same train yesterday which actually struck and kill a pedestrian a mile-and-a-half north of here. the bodies of the mother and child are still on the scene. the coroner is expected to arrive any minute. a family is being notified and you can see people out here sort of inspecting the tracks and we are just waiting to get more information. we are hoping to confirm the identities of those involved. again the family needs to be notified. back to you. the big question is how that vehicle got where it was at that time. >> you know there is -- that is a very good question.
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we simply don't know. we don't know if maybe perhaps the driver wasn't paying attention or on the cell phone or didn't hear or see the train coming and the flashes lights, but they did say the rail arms were working properly. it may have been that there was so much traffic, and there was nowhere for the driver to go. all right. tara moriarty, live there on the scene. thank you. in san mateo county. the suspects in the murder of a millbray father had their first court appearance. tiffany lee, green's ex- girlfriend and mother of the two children and the boyfriend and the friend all face first- degree murder charges. in addition today the district attorney's office added an enhancement that a firearm was used in the murder of keith green. the defendants did not enter pleas as instead requested that their formal arraignment be set
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for june 1st. they can be liable for murder even if they didn't pull the trigger on theiries of conspiracy or aiding and abiding. it doesn't require a separate charge. we will use one of the theories at trial. lee's mother appeared in court. they did not talk to the media. lee's attorney just received the case and they don't want to try it in the press. a man was shot near coughey park. officers received a call about a man with a gun at the park. that man turned out to be a teenager and the gun turned out to be replica weapon. investigators say the teenager raised the weapon at officers before they opened fire. they determined he was the one that called police in the first place and said the incident was
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an attempt by the boy to commit so-called suicide by cop. bill cosby will stand trial for an alleged assault that happened in 2004. a judge made that decision during a ruling. he faces three counts of felony indecent assault stemming from an incident with a former student. she says he gave her pills to make her dizzy and unable to stop the advances or consent. if convicted, the 78-year-old is facing up to ten years in prison. conducted the preliminary hearing. all charges were held. we are here because we want to seek the truth. we are here to serve justice. >> cosby maintains the sexual encounter was consensual and free on one million dollar bail since his arrest, back on december 13th. we now turn to the race for the white house. bill clinton is in the bay area raising money and drumming up
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support for his wife hillary ahead of the primary. clinton delivered the speech in san francisco in pacific heights. we talked to one supporter that says he did ineffective job conveying his wife's past accomplishments. he made some points that were very dear talking about hillary clinton's accomplishments and important that she wins california. he did not outright say anything about bernie sanders or his supporters. but he definitely really pushed that she had to win california. >> and after speech clinton went to a fundraiser in fremont and will attend another event this evening. thank you, anaheim. meantime, bernie sanders took his campaign to southern california today. the vermont senator spoke to a crowd of voters in anaheim. sanders rallied against the campaign finance system and
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repeated his vow to overturn the citizens united supreme court decision if elected president. if you have a corrupt campaign finance system, a base on the citizens united supreme court decision, it means that super packs can spend billions of dollars on television. for the tv industry, it is a good thing. but for american democracy it is a very bad thing. >> sanders speech drew a crowd to the anaheim event center and he went to speak in riverside and san bernardino. in kentucky, the sanders campaign is requesting a review of the primary results from that primary vote last week. sanders lost the race by less than one-half of one percent of the vote. the campaign sent a letter to the kentucky secretary of state for review of the electronic voting machines and absentee ballot. with that let's bring in our
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political reporter ross palumbo. let's start with kentucky. my goodness, a recount and if the numbers change from what i'm reading, ross, we are talking he could gain delegate. >> possibly. hillary clinton won by 1924 votes. it was very close. the recount really won't benefit bernie sanders that much except in this way. hillary clinton has won 23 states and he has won 20. it is all about the appearance of how does this look? he would have won 21 states and she would have won 22. you see how the objects of that are. he looks closer and pulling out the stops to take it to the convention. >> and talking about the convention saying it will be messy. he says messy doesn't mean violent but what is your thoughts, that the convention will be messy. >> he is talking about what happened in the nevada state convention. no one got hurt. >> but it was rowdy. but no one got hurt and no
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evidence though that a chair was thrown. >> right. >> he is concede that there is any violence, when he says messy, he means it will be tumultuous and that's how democracy should be and that is what he is talking about. >> what is your thought about him, not him, her, hillary clinton skipping out on the debate in california on the primary. >> they had 9 democratic debates do we need another one. hillary clinton is ahead by ten points. does she need a debate, is it going to help her? of course not. >> could help him. >> it could only help him. of course he will say it is insulting because he has the makeup thin state and he is trying to get as many people to see him as possible. he estimates that 5 million people will come out and vote. he wanted to see 10% of the people in person to try to lessen that gap between him and hillary clinton. and today we find out that he has made a $1.5 million ad vibe. when i interviewed he was pending five hundred thousand dollars in the state of
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california. he has to get across all 53 districts in california and the only way is television and he is spending money and hillary clinton will be spending more money. look for that announcement coming soon. at this point even if you don't count the state she has some 3 million votes ahead. >> and more importantly 273 delegates ahead. if he wins he can get that closer and bring the arguments to the convention floor that he polled so much better against donald trump. significantly better. that is where it is going. but for the gop side, hillary clinton, it seems like they have put bernie aside and going at it. what i find bizarre, the allegations from some 20 years ago that are being brought up on both sides against bill clinton and hillary clinton and donald trump. >> you are right. it is the 90s all over again. take a look at this ad that donald trump just released on instagram. it is basically calling former president bill clinton a rapist and one of the toughest attack
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ads, blowing up on instagram and hillary clinton laughing in the background on an instagram ad. it is intense and just the beginning. >> those were allegations from some years ago. >> absolutely. >> and not going after hillary clinton. he is going after a man that is not running for president. >> i mean take a look. >> trying to pull away from me. >> ha, ha, ha. >> i don't know if he gets more in the basement than that. he is going after bill clinton instead of hillary clinton. that is the tactic and saying she is an enabler and he is trying to cut into her dramatic, dramatic lead with female voters. that is what you need to win. >> going after bill in hopes that he bites on this attempt for a response to get her in the mix here. >> we see her talking about bankruptcy and she is culling
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coming out and saying if barn is -- bankruptcy is a requirement for being president. he will do well. public pools clean or safe? we will ask an expert about how they are regulated and what you need to know before you head out to your local pool. another day and another round of unseasonably cool weather and breezy conditions and isolated showers. we will check in on your current conditions and talk about how much longer the trend is going to last. right now on our facebook page, a teen with muscular dystrophy gets a standing ovation as he achieves his dream of walking to get his diploma. a quick look outside.
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this is 24 in lafayette. the four on 2 will be right
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back. a cool breezy day in the bay. a few areas reporting sprinkles and as we go outside. we have some pretty sky there. a mix of sun and clouds there. all through the bay, mainly gray.
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here is a shot from san francisco to the east and temperatures slightly cooler today than yesterday and many spots santa rosa reporting 68 degrees and oakland low 60s and livermore 66 and san jose, 69 degrees. temperatures running 3 to 6 degrees cooler than what we typically get and the gray sky overhead and the isolated showers. feels like early spring as opposed to mid spring. the winds have been blog and nevada reporting a 10 mile-per- hour breeze and 15 miles per hour sustained onshore breeze. it will continue to blow in the evening and we begin to die down. here is a look at the pattern still in place and locked in this pattern for several days. a system right off of the coastline continuing to bring that moisture as well as the
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unstable air to areas of california. if i move in closer, we will look at the radar, you can see from the northern california border all the way into areas like monterey and further south, in fact, stretching down to the north half of the state continuing with the unsettled weather and rain and snow still happening in the sierra. if we come in closer, a little bit of moisture in the bay area. right around mount tam and saint rafael. if you going to at&t for the evening game, cool and breezy conditions expected mainly dry. taking a look at the north with the moderate rain going on. thunderstorms reported in areas over the sierra foot hills. if i step back you can see near pollock pines we have it there. as we go into tonight. we will have the mostly cloudy
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skies. even picking up on a little bit of moisture around monterey and mostly cloudy for the afternoon and turning partly cloudy and the conditions push to the east and it will take the moisture wit as well as the cooler air. it is a gradual transition. tomorrow going to fill a lot like today. we will see a minor, minor warmup in some areas but a lot of 60s out there and a few low 70s. 72 for santa rosa and 72 for livermore and upper 60s for redwood city. if you see the giants play, 59 degrees and it will continue to blow with partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy in the evening and getting into your extended forecast. we get past wednesday with the minor changes and thursday we begin to see a transition to warmer weather and the warmest days for friday and saturday had the inland locations in the upper 70s to near 80s and a lot of the 70s around the bay and mild weather in store for our holiday weekend coming our way,
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mike. rosemary, thank you. living alone has its advantages but there are also some things that single people have to be aware of that couple people don. it is tech tuesday and today we are looking at some high tech tools to keep you safe while living alone. with us cofounder of nurds on call ryan eldridge. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> there is plenty of advantages as living along and challenges. >> i have been with my wife for 20 years and i get used to relying on her for things and vice versa and the simple thing getting a package sent to your home. we get everything. >> especially in the holidays. >> sometimes you rely on that other person and you don't think about maybe having a roommate or something like that. we got cool stuff. >> let's start with the importance of letting people know where you because people will worry if all of a sudden you are gone for a couple of hours. >> the first is an app, be safe
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and it is kind of cool. a little sos button our phone. when you are out alone in a parking garage and not feeling safe, you pull out your phone and a one-tap button and if you press it, it will alert your friends and contacts list and send a gps coordinate of where you are and a short video of it. if you get pictures of everything that is happening and it also will alert authorities kind of cool. >> you can send it to x people. >> yes, a primary contact and it will call that person directly otherwise it will send a text message. >> how much is it. >> i think it is free. >> okay. so there is another cool one. this is a little panic button. this is call by react mobile. the side kick that you happen
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to have one. >> i do. >> and this is cool. a little panic button. you press the button and it will alert the authorities. it is essentially if you don't cancel it in six seconds and alert your friends and let them know something is going on and send them your gps coordinates and the little dongal is $79 and the app is free. it does have to have your phone in close distance. >> it is like a blue tooth. >> yes. >> and when you are not home and you don't want people to know that, how do you handle your packages. >> there is a new thing called the ring doorbell. a video doorbell. you can check it out. this is great. a motion censor and if somebody comes near your door it will turn on and send you a notification and let you see what is happening. you get two way communication and there is funny videos where the guy is bringing your
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package, you say put that package behind the plant or something. and they start looking around thinking that god is talking to them. it is the funniest thing. >> it is you. wherever you are, right? >> yes. >> one of the best parts is super easy to set up. you plug it in and goes. you don't need monitoring software, it goes to your phone to an app. 200 bucks, pricey and some restricts on your wi-fi signal. you have weak wi-fi. you will get delays and it will be weird to talk to somebody. >> okay. >> but better than opening your door and being surprised. >> and finally what about the app, the delivery app? >> called june cloud. like in the bay area we get things delivered constantly from fedex and to ups and from amazon and everything. so this gives you just one place for five dollars, 4.99 on your web browser or phone and you can check your packages and know when they are coming into be aware they are coming and
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set your stuff up so you can get it. so living alone. there you go. help from people that have to live alone but you can have it. some of it is free. good tips. ryan eldridge, thank you. >> one of the busiest spots in san francisco. when signs went off that pieces of the lawn was resected for parties. there was a backlash. what officials are saying about
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the lawn reservations.
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a threat held up a flight this morning. police were called to the tarmac after a commercial airliner landed before nine this morning. american eagle flight 5931 operated by compass airlines originated out of houston. the dogs were brought onboard the flight with all passengers still on the plane. eventually they and the crew members exited down a portable staircase and got on the buss to be taken to a terminal. the f.b.i. at this point not releasing further details about the threat. the san francisco recreation and park department is halting a pilot program that let groups reserve lawn areas in delores park. a public petition was launched
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after people noticed signs saying that plots of grass were reserved it was for picnics and weddings. recs and parks department state it was not new but suspended during reservations. the department is suspending the permits saying they want to have a step back to have more open public dialogue regarding the long standing reservation policies at the park that are designed to design accountability for the use of the public park by the gatherings. it kind of sticks out in that statement. nothing new. going on. after you dump the dollars in and reopen, attention goes back to it. >> the catch is that many people did not realize it had been going on. a longstanding thing. if you look at other parks
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similar to where you can ren or reserve a piece of it, why not. >> golden gate, by the ocean and sharon medal just to name a couple. >> free patches as well. the centers for disease control pulled records for 49,000 public pools and hot tubs and found 80% had at least one violation. still to come, we are asking one county environmental director what do you need to know before you head to the pool this summer. we all know the bay area is an expensive place to live but some of the cities first responders even though they are priced out. the safety risk posed to the public when the four on 2
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returns. the spring and summer swim season is here and so is a new study for the centers for disease control prevention. found that health and safety violations can be quite common at public pools and hot tubs. >> the cdc took data from five states including california and found nearly 80% of inspections and found one violation. one in 8 inspections prompted closure due to serious health and safety violations. and we reached out to one of the bay area counties that heavily rates its public pools
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in the 4x4 and finding out more about public pool safety and what you need to know before you dive in. >> with us, maryland underwood, director of environmental health for costa contra county. >> thanks for being with us. >> you are welcome. >> your reaction when you hear one out of 8 pools had to be closed, should we be surprised by this? were you, we have to trust them. >> i looked back at our data from 2015 and theirs was from 2013. one in every 8 that closed and for a reason. the ph or the pool chemistry was out of wack. the disinfectant levels that pathogens are killed. people don get sick and we
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closed because the fences are not adequate. that is a big one. when you go through a public gate at your hoa and hotel, we want to see the gate closes all the way so a child can't push and get inside. those are the reasons it was closed. you hear the word closure, i get freaked out. that is a lot. i'm glad they are closing and i use a community pool that are three and six and one of the things i like that they are on top of it and testing the water in the kitty pool and the main pool every 30 minutes and what other preventive steps can you do, if they find something they will close. >> the municipal pools will be the best. they want to make sure the pool chemistry is correct. if it starts to get out of wack, they will have problems
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and may have to empty the pool water to get it in shape. they are going to be monitoring to make sure it is the right range. >> maybe the pool at the apartment complex that is more of a concern. >> operating a pool is complicated and that's why most hoa and hotels have professional folks that they hire to look after the pool. it is complicated. we have an inspection of over 57 items that we are looking for. it is complicated and no wonder you get violations. >> the most common problems were ph levels or disinfectant concentrations as well as safety equipment issues. >> right. >> they caught it and what about the pools, are there many that aren't being inspected or at least not often as they should be? >> not in california. california is a state where we
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have state laws and regulations that require inspection. >> every public pool? >> remember a public pool is any pool other than the one in your backyard. it is the hoas and the hotels and all of those are considered public pools and we inspect them, every environmental health department inspects them on a regular basis to make sure they are safe and so people can go out and do a great healthy activity. >> i was just saying what drives you crazy the most. >> i find the self closing gate the most disturbing because it is the one that has the one most extreme of concern. if you have p h out of wack, it may mean that your chlorine levels may not be as effective and may cause sin irritation. if the ph is too high or low and that's different than a child drowning and that is something that i want to see prevented. >> do we have access to that information? can i check to see x pool and
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city pass the inspections or fail them? do we as a public? >> we have -- so far we have the food facility inspection data online and an app. but we haven't done that. >> we need to. >> you are right. if it fails, i want to know. >> absolutely. we have people that call and ask about the 24 hour spas to find out about the health of the spas but not the data online. >> are the wade pools worse. >> the diarrhea or the poo poo accidents, absolutely. they happen and you see them all the time if you go to pools with the kiddy pool. >> thank you marilyn. >> first responders priced out of bay area communities.
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sometimes they drive one hundred miles. >> the new plan trying to keep the public safe and support its first responders. >> a little breezy outside the doors and a few scattered showers. i see minor changes in score for tomorrow and a bigger warmup coming our way as we get in the back half of the week. more on tomorrow and the forecast coming up. northbound 680 at the slow grade and southbound not bad. the four on 2 will be right back. >> this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your hyundai dealers, bay area hyundai
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dealers. >> could the bay area high cost of living putting the area at risk. home prices keep rising and forcing home departments to rethink how could first responders live closer to work. >> how one fire department is handling the issue and what long commutes could mean in a major disaster. >> in this elder neighborhood it is 4:30 in the morning and most people are asleep but not robert johnson heading to work, a captain for the five-day forecast. and his shift starts in the morning. >> honestly the reason i get up early is so that i can get on the road while there is as few cars on the road as possible and i can get to work. >> and this is a sunday, on a
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weekday he leaves earlier at 2:30 to avoid traffic and driving 144 miles from his home east of sacramento to the fire station. >> once i get to work i usually go back to sleep in my car ar in one of the extra bedrooms that we have at the firehouse. >> a strategy that works captain johnson says. he has never been late to work. firefighter engineer lives in folsom and he calls the two hour commute the most difficult part of his job. >> living in the bay area, the prices have gone through the roof. gas, property taxes, homes, everything is just going up and not letting up. >> you don't have to look far to realize how expensive it is to live in silicon valley. down the street from the fire station, the 5 bedroom three bathroom home is selling at $3.4 millions. >> there is no way i could pay the property tax let alone live
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in it. >> according to the district, starting pay for firefighters on average is $147,000 a year. and in an area where housing market web size zillo shows the home values are two million dollars, jumping 15% in the last year. >> our competitors are tech. >> facebook pay attention their employees $10,000 a year to live in a close proximity where they work. >> harrold is the fire chief. >> the district provides services to memo park, east palo alto and san mateo county. he says 30 of the 85 firefighters live 60 miles or more away. the trend presenting risks especially in a national disaster. >> there is that factor that will be time and take a couple more hours to get to work if something major were to happen. >> the chief tells me if a
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major earthquake or another san bruno pipeline explosion were to happen besides using all available local firefighters, he would rely on mutual aid systems with neighboring agencies and if necessary, the state of california to bring in resources. he would rather use his own people and says that firefighters to be relieved is more difficult. >> it is not just the disaster to create problems it is illness, family and other things. >> he calls it the migration of firefighters moving away. there is stipends offered $200 for staff that lives within 60 miles to one thousand dollars a month for those that live within ten miles. an experiment that he says is helping the past year. the chief estimating the cost of the fire district, $240,000
4:43 pm
a year. and for firefighters with long commutes, he is looking at expanding dormitories so firefighters can sleep. the cost is $440,000. >> it is not what we want. i think the firefighters don't want it this way either. but it is what it is. >> the only long term fix if another recession hits causing the housing market to slow down. something no one wants. in the meantime hoping the solutions will stem the tide and anticipating more agencies when follow the district's lead. as for these firefighters ... >> i would imagine that i will commute for the majority of my career. >> it is a price to work in the bay while owning a home and raising a family. >> i enjoy it so much that i don't think i will leave. i want to be here for my full career. >> in memo park. fox 2 news. at the ballpark in san
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francisco, it was chilly but does it matter when you win? they have another game tonight. >> you check the calendar rosemary, what is going. >> late may or march. you are right. we have a warmup coming in time for the weekend and that is something to look forward to. outside right now there is a beautiful look over the east bay where we do have mostly blue skies from this vantage point, the mix of sun and clouds have been around all day. tomorrow only minor changes coming. many may not notice so much. right now in the inner east bay, we have some of the warmer numbers, 67 degrees at walnut creek and upper 60s in concord and 71 in fairfield and 70 in mountain view, trying to find the 70s. get closer to the water, 59 degrees at half-moon bay and san francisco 58 and mike mentioned the giants playing and it will be cool and breezy and make sure you bundle up.
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upper 60s santa rosa and upper 50s in nevada. into the south bay, 69 degrees. but again the partly cloudy skies. thunderstorms going off. we do have temperatures down just slightly from yesterday. cool yesterday and cool for today. may not notice so much, just a few degrees. down in four in oakland and santa rosa. transitioning to a warmer pattern. it won't be a whole lot. the winds definitely moving as well. we got that onshore breeze and sf oto 26. hayward sustained at 15 and san jose you are there as well the entire bay. a breezy day. giving you a look at the satellite, the radar, where we do continue again to just watch the showers pull in and around and you got northern california and south of us areas south of
4:46 pm
monterey near salinas and moving in towards the foothills. coming closer, we pick up a few bits of moisture in the bay. this is what we have seen day after day. san francisco across the bridge, maybe a few sprinkle on the wind chills and as we get in the north bay around san rafael and the bridge, a little bit dancing around there. the north, we are seeing more action. clear lake and hidden valley lake. thunderstorms as you move closer to the east and into the central valley closer to our buckle. and as we get the foothills, we have watched this for the last hour. thunderstorms and i-80, a little rain-snow mix. the system will push to the east and make a gradual push. for tomorrow, looking at minor changes, partly cloudy skies and slight chance for scattered showers and temperatures will be changing a lot and the onshore breeze. for thursday and friday. we begin to see a bigger
4:47 pm
transition and we have warmer weather coming our way. winds tomorrow, a lot like today. 10 to 15 miles per hour and as we get in the afternoon, from the west and southwest to the afternoon for tomorrow. we will have the mix of sun and clouds and low 60s to 70s in the forecast and here is a look at the numbers to start the morning. upper 40s for santa rosa and afternoon highs feeling like today. 64 for oakland and san francisco. south bay, 70s for you. san jose, there is a look at your extended forecast where we turn the corner. see a nice warmup for the weekend. upper 70s to near 80s. for the warmer locations, saturday and sunday. upper 60s to low 70s. i think it is a nice trade off. >> cool weather now and warm weather at the end. >> saturday looks fantastic. julie, live in the newsroom with a look at stories for ktvu news at five. parents weighing in when it
4:48 pm
comes to sending their children to kindergartennen. >> that's right. the school day could be extended to a full day for some kids on the peninsula. the vote is expected tonight. we talked to issues on both sides of the issues. the immigration debate, that is back in the headlines. >> it is san francisco sanctuary laws have been debated naturally. today the city hopes to figure out exactly when police and sheriff deputies can cooperate with immigration. working on these stories and more and we will have them coming up at five. we will see you then. a simple purchase in a department store going viral.
4:49 pm
and the mom known as too baca
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mom. anytime time to get social and talk about some of the stories people are sharing on social media. too baca mom. can't get enough of the woman. candice went live on facebook at a kohl's store. i have seen this mask. >> candice went to the kohls to return closing and then went to get the shabaca noise. you open your mouth like she is doing there and saturday it has been viewed 105 million times and now up to 141 million. she was just so excited about it. >> she was fired up. and then on saturday kohl's said you know what, how about this, she gave her and her children more star wars stars
4:52 pm
and gift certificates. >> i say, mike, i watched it about three minutes and the full raw video of her in the car. if you want for smile, watch it and her react is priceless. last night candice appear on the late night show and the maker of the latest star wars movie. j j abrams. i wish we could hear the laugh. what got me was her laughter. it was infectious. it wasn't the mask. i have seen the mask. been there and done that but it is her laugh that is what got me. the video goes on for three minutes. it is not fall over hysterical laughing but make you smile. you saw me watch it. >> yes, you weren't rolling but laughing. facebook making changes to its trending new section. we have been talking about this
4:53 pm
for a while. so facebook's general council wrote a letter and posted it on the newsroom page. it is in response to a request by the u.s. commerce committee last week seeking details about how the trending news is created. >> facebook's council says no evidence of systemic bias. but changes are made no using certain outlets to determine what news are trending. they are offering a refresher class to viewers. changes at facebook. from facebook to twitter. now offering more room for tweets so if you are a big tweeter out there. twitter will stop counting your photos and links as part that have 140 character message limit. >> i like the shorter messages because now i feel like i will get novels. >> they will be short. posting a link can take 23 characters
4:54 pm
and that's not that many but rumors of the change were reported. twitter says that the changes will take effect in the comes motor opinion. hoping to make the service easier and more engaged. if it is 140 characters. >> what do you think? >> i like it. an extra 20 or so characters. >> and next year another 40 or another 60. >> look at this guy. but i love twitter. >> me too. the four on 2 will be right
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back. one day after president obama ended a decade's old's arms embargo. the administration is pushing for improved human rights. president obama is meeting with entrepreneurs at a coworking space that hosts tech startups. the president took the opportunity to praise the transpacific partnership trade deal between the u.s. and vietnam and ten other countries. >> it says we are going create standards for trade and commerce that are fair and that create a level playing field and that have high standards. >> the administration lifted a five decade old embargo on the country. but human rights remain a concern. for example, today several vietnamese activists were prevented from meeting with president obama. the government did indicate to us that it was committed to
4:58 pm
pursuing additional reforms. in in some cases that involves the implementation of laws passed that allow for more rights. >> the trip comes as tensions remain high over chinese aggression in the south china sea. vietnam and china are two of six nations with conflicting territorial claims in the sea. an estimated 5 million-dollars passes each year. the transportation security issue says kelly hogan received 90 now dollars in bonuses and now being replaced by an official that has worked at lax and jfk. the homeland security office revealed tsa employees failed
4:59 pm
to find dangerous items in 90% of tests at multiple airports. the tsa blames the security issues on a lack of screeners an increase in passengers. the agency says that it plans to add more than one hundred agents at newark international airport by the end of the month. and this is a it for us on the four on two. let's bring in frank and julie. a deadly collision in the east bay. >> this is about about as sad as it gets. a mom and her 3-year-old killed. >> the suv stopped on the track when is traffic backed up. >> a mother and her 3-year-old child were both killed after a crash with an amtrak trip. this was the scene a couple of hours ago. san leandro police say the woman got stuck on the tracks when traffic backed up and then was unable to get out of the way of the speeding train.
5:00 pm
you can see the front end of the suv right underneath the front of the train. here is where the accident happened. near the intersection of chapman and washington avenue. tara moriarty at the scene. horrific. >> it was. just a couple of moments ago, they took the car away of that green suv and let me tell you, my heart dropped. it was so completely mangled. you looked at it and say no way anyone could have survived that. it was a difficult and emotional scene for first responders. many of them have children and really sort of struggled with this and about 15 minutes ago. the coroner took the bodies of the mother and the 3-year-old child away. this accident happened around 1:30 this afternoon. police say that woman was stuck in traffic at that intersection when the train hit. it dragged the car at least an 8th of a mile in the northbound direction. first responders tried life saving m


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