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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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probably the heavy traffic that got that car trapped on the tracks. one of the important things for anybody out here that drives when you are approaching the railway crossings, it is very important that you leave yourself another room between yourself and the car in front of you especially coming up to the rail crossing. you don't want any part of your vehicle to be anywhere close to those train tracks. the mangled suv was towed from the scene. police say they will look at whether the train sounded the horn as it should at crossings and if the arms were lowered and whether the driver may have been distracted. police are asking anyone with cell phone video or surveillance video of this incident to contact them and we are not identifying the victims until we get word that family has been notified. >> is there any information on how fast train was going. i know on that line of track that trains go between 60 and
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75 miles per hour. >> well police are telling us that they usually at crossings go at 75 miles per hour but they don't know how fast this particular train was going at this time but 75 is what we were told. >> a horrible crash there. 30-year-old and a 3-year-old dead, amber, thank you. stay with us ktvu on this news and amber will bring us the latest on ktvu plus and we are posting updates on twitter and facebook. a city gardener made a grusome discovery. they found a man's body floating in a small lake and police have drained the lake to search for evidence. the body floating face down on the eastern edge of golden gate park near hippy hill. cristina rendon joins us and police are calling it suspicious. they are, julie but really that is all they are saying about this man's death.
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we don't know his name. we don't know his age and this is the lake where he was found and how he died remains a mystery. we stopped here because we were curious. >> a picnic lunch at golden gate park provided unexpected views for tony and a friend. >> it was a surprise on find a body. creepy and scary. >> crime tape surrounded the lake. police received a call at 7:00 a.m. >> there was a gardener in the area of alfred lake and discovered the body in the lake. >> homicide investigators and the medical examiner say they believe the man's death is suspicious. they drained the small man made lake to look for evidence and canvassed the area for witnesses and looked for surveillance videos that may have captured clues. >> they are saying there may possibly have been a struggle leading up to the death and the body being found but that is
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not conclusive at this time. >> those that live nearby say the area is known as a homeless hang out. >> they are shocked by the discovery. >> this great area. i am surprised that somebody got killed. and it is not good news. >> that will take some time for sure. >> not concerned just curious. >> it is weird. >> our colleague tara moriarty says the sources say that victim was involved in a brawl on monday and was assaulted by three men and when we pressed the police they would not comment. >> at this point cristina any word how long the body could have been in the water. >> no word. i called the medical examiner's office to get more information and they were tight lipped. >> a lot of questions that need to be answered. cristina, thank you. well a man wanted in connection with a concord homicide is under arrest in reno. looking for eric nelson for a
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week. the body of 25-year-old woman was found floating in a duck pond in a concord park. nelson and parks knew each other but did not give details about the relationship. the police say the detectives are in reno interviewing nelson. awaiting extradition. three people in court facing charges of 1st degree. tiffany lee and her boyfriend and their friend are accused of killing keith green. green and lee have two children. he was last seen at the pancake house where he met lee on april 29th to discuss custody. his body was found 12 days later off of highway 101. he had been shot to death. prosecutors say that all three defendants are liable even if only one of them pull the trigger. they can be liable for murder even if they did not
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pull the trigger on theories on aiding and abetting. >> we feel we have proof beyond a reasonble doubt and that's why we moved forward with the prosecution. lee's attorney says she is innocent. all three defendants due back in court next week. they are currently being held without bail. for the third time, police in san jose have arrested a son for allegedly killing his father. officers arrested 21-year-old anthony james torres castro yesterday. the body of his father, anthony castro was discovered by a neighbor in a trash can near the man's mobile home on ba nitta avenue. an upper shows he died from blunt-force trauma. former president bill clinton in the bay area campaigning for his wife hillary clinton giving speeches and attending fundraisers. first up, san francisco where he addressed voters this morning. then clinton headed to the east bay for another event. ann reuben with his message to voters that includes global warning to donald trump.
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the motorcade arrived in fremont after 12:30. former president bill clinton offering a quick wave to the cameras before heading in. the fundraiser was held at the home of tech executive jay bratora when hillary clinton is hoping to seal up the nomination. donors paid between one thousand and $10,000 to attend. >> it is so meaningful for me because i was a republican until he became the president for the first time. and then ever since then i switched over. >> more reason for us to vote for hillary clinton because he will be with her. >> attendees listen to clinton speak while dining on food from fusion. the chef stayed up until four a.m. carving campaign themed watermelon and preparing food for the approximately 120 guests. >> we got a special request from the president to have
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vegan food. we had salads and wasabi food. >> clinton took food to go. i covered everything from global warming and world peace to donald trump. >> he kept everything positive and said do you want a president to build a wall or a president that wants to build unity. >> they are confident they will get the votes they need. >> and both will attend a fundraiser tomorrow evening and hillary clinton has an organizer event in san jose on thursday afternoon. in fremont ann ruen. ktvu. bernie sanders was in southern california this afternoon. >> thank you, anaheim. supporters spoke to a crowd of supporters or rather sanders did. he continues to rail against
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the campaign finance system and he repeated his vow that if he becomes president he will overturn the citizens united supreme court decision. >> if you have a corrupt finance system it means that super packs can spend billions on television so for the tv industry it is a good thing but for american democracy it is a very bad thing. >> the sanders campaign launched one-and-a-half million dollar ad byte. he spoke in riverside and san bernardino. a federal judge set a hearing date for a lawsuit file observe california's primary deadline. a sanders supporter is seeking to extend the voter registration deadline. the suit claims the process for unaffiliated voters to get a primary ballot is too confusing. however the hearing is set for
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august 18th which is long after the june 7th primary. republican presidential could donald trump will hold his first fundraiser this week. he has prided himself on his self-funded campaign. trump says he is only holding the fundraiser because the republican national committee has asked him to do so. he said he would be happy to consider self funding his campaign. coming up. bill cosby back in the spotlight and facing criminal charges of sexual abuse. at 6:30, the ruling by a judge. >> they had 12 years to bring a case and they didn't. a warmup and temperatures on the increase. not right away. in the 60s and low 70s and even sprinkles in the area. i will have the forecast after the break. first new details on the aggressive bees in an east bay neighborhood.
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they weren't killer bees after all. look at the evening commute. want to show you a picture of interstate 80 if we have it. we don't have it.
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back after this. this is decision of professional grade. switch to gnc and get this for 199 per month. see your bay area gnc dealer. santa rosa police calling it an attempted suicide by cop. officers shot a 15-year-old boy late last night. after they say he pointed a weapon at them that turned out to be a fake gun. >> a teenager survived and our crime reporter henry lee is here. the boy was the one that call
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police in the first place. >> the boy called police and said that there was a man in the park in santa rosa with a gun. the cops didn't know it and they thought there was a man in there so when they arrived, at the part, they saw this teenager in the park with a gun and what happened was they quickly told them to drop the gun and he pointed it at an officer and the officer hit him in the foot. they weren't aiming there but that is what happened. they learned later on that he had taken a suicide note intending to have officers shoot and kill him. they also determined that his gun was fake and undergoing psychiatric evaluation. he is cooperating. i spoke to a police captain about the difficulty that arrives when family members grapple with the kind of incident and officers themselves when they are forced to shoot someone. >> nobody wakes up wanting to
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go out and shoot somebody. we get into this profession to help the public and provide a service and to give back to the community. when something like this happens it could be traumatic for the officers and dispatchers involved in this. >> after the fact and you learn that it is a minor, you know, it can be traumatic. there is a lot of emotions involved. the officers and the dispatchers that work for agencies across the nation, we are all human we all have families and some of us have kids about that age. and you know, it can affect us. >> so we were talking about how lucky this boy is to be alive because officers are trained to shoot and in this case it is dark and it happened at 11:30 last night and ended up being wounded. he will survive and hopefully he will get the help he needs
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and everyone will come out unscathed physically. >> you never arm at the arm or foot because there is chances that you will miss. any indication how far the police officers were when they shot and did they have any inclination at all that maybe this guy wanted to be deliberatedly shot or were they in this case shooting as they do to stop the threat? >> i don't know if they perhaps check themselves. if they meal determine whether or not this was a teenager. they have no idea whether it is an adult or man. just very tragic. all indications are that this boy intended for those officers to shoot him. >> and given everything we have seen these days about officer- involved shootings things happen in a split second and again and again when the officers are confronted with a suspect that appears to have a weapon and they order that person to drop the weapon and that person does not drop the weapon. we have seen too often what happens. they fire and they fire to stop the threat. >> that's right and today, ko
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incidentally the santa clara pd cleared two officers of liability, they shot and killed somebody on christmas day and he was also the one that initiated the police officer's response by calling 911 and as we saw earlier the videos and also still showing that he charged at the officers. >> have to be careful. >> do we know anything about the 15-year-old and the issues he was facing. >> not at this point but he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation and if anyone out there has issues that they are grappling with, there is hot lines to call and you can talk to a trusted individual. >> there is body cam video of the event and they will go after that. step by step analysis of the video and not releasing it but part of the investigation. henry, thank you. the highway patrol is trying to track down a driver that opened fire in a road rage incident. the shooting happened in the westbound lane of the 580 near regatta boulevard before 6:00.
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one driver got upset that another driver cut him off and he pulled up alongside that gun and fired three shots at the other car and fortunately no one hurt. the gunman got off of the freeways at regatta boulevard and he crashed his car in a pole. still able to drive away but the impact dislodged the front bumper and license. this is the license plate of the car he was driving. 7enk, 356. the car is described as a 2005 volvo. the driver is described as a black man in his 20s with a shaved head. this is the latest in a series of highway shootings in the bay area. last week a woman was killed in a shooting on highway four in pittsburgh. state officials say that a swarm of bees that kill two dogs in concord a couple of
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weeks ago were africanized killer bees. they all hat the genes of european bees. the thinking is that something must have irritated the hives prompting an aggressive attack. to the weather. we take a live look at conditions from the camera in walnut creek. the clouds, a dreary day. definitely. a little bit like yesterday. tomorrow goes essentially the same way. clouds and some sun and showers showing up to the east and north of us. check out in lake county. they have had showers by williams and the city has lightning strike in the last 20 minutes. some activity in rock land and lightning strikes in placerville and snow on 50 and 80 and the unsettled weather slowly clearing out will be out of here by tomorrow night. tomorrow we got one more day similar to today and yesterday. very similar weather pattern. 60s and low 70s. and maybe a stray shower.
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you see what is happening. all around us east and north of here. you can get another one. it could happen and keep it in the forecast. 66 in santa rosa. temperatures running cooler than they were last night. tomorrow will be almost spot on with what we are seeing. san jose tomorrow as we look at the cloud cover. about 54 degrees when you head off to work and this will work for redwood city and palo alto. the model setting itself at san jose and cloud cover. as we get to lunchtime it doesn't change much. you see the cumulous clouds in the distance and that will be scattered showers in sacramento. high in san jose about 70 degrees. still to come here. controversial proposal at a bay area school. all day classes for kindergartens. >> it allows the teachers more time to be with the children. up next. the vote expected as early as tonight. also ahead.
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the raiders head coach tells us he is hoping the success of the warriors and the sharks rub off on his team. we will hear from jack del rio later in sports. city leaders decided on changes to san francisco's sanctuary city policy.
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about a dozen people protested outside monroe elementary school. the group wants the district to
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reinstate 1st grade teacher erica kyle. they said she was let go after she complained about a policy that allows students to remain in class even if they are violent or disruptive. one mother says the violence in the son's classroom is so bad that the little boy has come home with a black eye. they have been shoved against the wall and threatened. this particular student has particularly attacked the smaller stature kids and the females. it's not okay. these kids have a right to a safe classroom. >> the teacher's union has written a formal letter in support of erika kyle. no public comment yet from the san francisco school district. the palo alto unified school district is set to change the amount of time that kindergarten students spend in school each day. right now children at all but one school have half days twice a week. the ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us this proposed change will leave students in class longer and
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some teacherrers are not too happy about it. >> the kindergarten school day at palo alto elementary could move from experimental to the standard practice by the end of tonight. cool board members are poised to vote in favor of all kindergarten students attending class for the full day starting in october. principal ann brown. >> it allows teenagers allows -- teachers more time to be with the students. >> there have been outreaches trying to garner support for the half a million dollar proposal to replace the extended day model. currently three days a week half of the class stay force a longer day for groups to work with students. but research shows that everyone is staying in class
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the whole day benefits kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds. >> their attendance span improves and allows kids to interact and have better social skills. >> i don't think it is in the best interest of my kindergarteners but all k through 12 students. barbara successco is the leading voice of opposition. many have signed petitions to express dee september and some say they are happy with the current system and see no reason for change. >> the full day kindergarten is an all day approach. >> the all day school will lower the quality of the education. >> the district officials say parents unconvinced of the full day benefits can opt out and pick up the child after a half day. in palo alto. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, bill cosby ordered to stand trial on criminal charges. it is a sexual assault case. now more than ten years old.
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up next, new developments from a pennsylvania courtroom and why cosby's attorney calls it a "travesty of justice." facebook talking about political unbias. the changes you can see. a welcome site on folsom lake. water levels on the rise. new concerns from residents. why officials are releasing some of that water even as the state continues to deal with the drought. fox 2 news at 6:30 is up
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next. a bomb threat held out a flight. the s.w.a.t. team was called in before nine. american eagle flight 5931 landed from houston and was isolated on the tarmac. police brought dogs on board the plane to check for explosives and the passengers in the seats. the passengers and crew exited down a portable staircase and board the buss to be taken to the terminal. the f.b.i. is not releasing any details about that threat. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. we begin with a judge in pennsylvania ordering bill cosby to stand trial on criminal charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault case that happened ten years ago. as rick leventhal reports, the accuser was not in the
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courtroom and she won't have to testify. >> the spotlight on bill cosby has grown harsh including the comedian of misconduct. one of the cases is going to trial. the charges stem from a 2004 complaint that charges crosby drugged her with pills and assaulted her when she incapacitated. >> they had 12 years to bring a case and they didn't. and what they presented today was evidence of nothing. >> district attorney kevin steel says hair say evidence is inadmissible and they read the statement in court sparing her from the man that they said sexually assaulted her. >> she was available to testify at trial. under the case law. and that we presented and the judge ruled in our favor and it was not necessary. >> crosby admitted giving drugs to investigators that was read in court an


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