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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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ico. . good morning, thank you for joining us this morning, i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. we begin with breaking news in the south bay, a fire in santa clara. it's a four-alarm fire. it's believed that el camino reale is blocked. you can see smoke. firefighters are calling for mutual aid to battle the fire. we have a news crew heading to the scene and will bring you the latest. that's a big fire. it is 4:00 on the dot, let's check with steve, are they dealing with wind? not that much, it's overcast, that tapers it a
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little bit. it is cool if that helps. temperature, with the low overcast, everybody says cloudy. there's a westerly breeze, a lot of 50s on the temps under overcast conditions on the cool side, i don't think these will change much. the breeze there's a delta breeze, concord west, oakland west, what about san jose? they are looking at a west southwest, that's unusual. west sfo, generally less than 10 miles an hour. plenty of low clouds. more shower activity to the north and east, the low is down to southern california, we're almost on the northern edge of that. looks like a day of 60s and low 70s. low clouds and sunny and breezy. we're going to start with
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tracy commute, good morning to you, if you're driving in from far away or relatively far away from the central valley. this tracy super commute is looking good. it won't be long before we see red here, right now you can see that all the road centers are green, that won't say that lodge for long -- way for long. near the intersection of lawrence ex% way and el camino real it is not affecting traffic except near the fire. let's go to 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along well getting off the alameda. the posey tube is closed until 5:00. the morning's commute, this is
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the westbound bay bridge the traffic looking okay. we're following developing news of another highway shooting in the east bay. the chp receives a call of gunfire west of highway 4 in hercules. the victim was shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital. no word on hits condition. the shoots blocked two eastbound lanes of 80. bullets shattered several windows of the victim's car. the suspect trove away in a el camino about tinted windows. they are opened the lanes at 1:00 this morning. this is a latest in a series of shooting. a man wanted in connection with a woman's death in concord
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has been arrested in reno. police were looked for nelson for a week. he surrendered the authorities in reno. he was wanted in the killing of poinsettia parks. her body was found in a concord park. nelson and parks knew each other but no other details. in san jose police arrested a man suspected of killing hits father. castro was taken into custody. neighbors found the body of castro -- anthony castro in a trash can. two police officers will not be charged in the shooting of a mentally ill man.
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william wrath was shot last christmas. they were responding after wrath called 911 and falsely claimed a man was endangering people. the d.a. released dash cam from the incident. wrath was charging at a officer. what follows is graphic and disturbing so we're not going to show it. there's a new development in a case stemming from the investigation into reputed gang leader raymond chow and leland yee. details of corruption charges against three members of san francisco city government accused of taking bribes in
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exchange for city contracts. public disclosure could hurt people. santa rosa police say a 15- year-old boy wounded monday night wanted to die. police responded to a call about a man with a gun. the teen pointed the weapon at them. the police hit the teenager in the foot. as it turned out the gun was a fake. >> nobody wakes up wanting to go out and shoot somebody, we get into this profession to help the public and provide a service and to give back to our community. when something like this happens it's traumatic for the officers and dispatchers involved in this. >> the police believe the
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teenager called police himself and may have wanted to be shot. san after yell police -- rafael police -- an armed man approached and demanded he get out of the car, a second suspect stole belongings, the victim realized the light turned green and left the suspects behind. >> a. a large protest turned violent outside a donald trump rally in albuquerque new mexico. some protesting broke a glass door to the convention center.
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someone in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at mounted police. there's reports that paul ryan is ready to indoors his en- - announce his endorsement of donald trump. following a meeting they issued a joint statement calling for republicans to unite. it's not clear when this may happen although ryan has a briefing scheduled for later today. donald trump had an easy victory in washington state. he has 76% of the vote and will be just a few delegates short of getting the nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has been declared the winner in
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washington state. however, washington democrats selected delegates in caucuses in march, so the primary is seen as the popular tee continue -- popular tee continue test. bill clinton was in the bay area yesterday. he started off in san francisco where he spoke to supporters in the financial district. he moved to fremont for a luncheon at a private resident. he kept everything positive and said do you want a present that wants to build a wall or a
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president that wants unity. bernie sanders wrapping up a series of rallies last night in southern california. >> thank you anaheim. that's right. he spoke to a crowd of supporters in anaheim yesterday afternoon. later he went on to deliver speeches in san bernardino. his campaign launched a campaign to buy ads in california. san francisco board of supervisors voted to continue to sanctuary policy. the policy made national news last year when kate steinle was skilled -- killed near pier 14. the man who killed her is in
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this country illegally. when officials can notify immigration officials that a dock meanted -- undock meanted inmate will be released. >> if you come in with a series. violent felony and you have priors you can be suspect to notification to i.c.e. the new guidelines were negotiated with the sheriff. mayor ed lee has to sign the ordinance. even if it had been in effect last year it would not have applied because his previous felony convictions were not considered serious. the road to the championship hit a speedbump. the warriors on are on the
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brink of elimination. for the first time all season they lost back-to-back games. can someone find the warriors i know. drymond green, steph curry didn't look like themselves. the warriors couldn't complete the comeback. >> we have to be able to chase down loose balls and long rebounds, otherwise they are getting too many possessions. >> we're so great at home this sucks and a terrible feeling not to get one here. you have to play desperation on thursday and go from there. >> the warriors need to win 3 straight games to get to the financials. game five back here. if the warriors win they go
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back to oklahoma city for game six. only nine of 332 games to trail came back to win. twice last year the warriors won 3 straight games. >> they didn't look like the same team. maybe this is kick them into gear. 4:13 is the time. an amtrak team a -- train hits a suv and kills a mother and daughter. >> she was a loving mother, industry responsible with her children. >> the new information about the victim and how it happened. a change proposed for kindergarten classes,. we're following the breaking news out of the south bay, live picture in santa clara.
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you can tell it's a very large fire, it's kind of a strip mall. we'll be back with more on that. that.
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. welcome back, we continue to follow breaking news of a fire in santa clara. look at the live picture now,
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huge flames, this is a strip mall, it is not far from the lawrence expressway, we hear that el camino real is blocked because of the fire. we're looking at a live picture, firefighters calling in for help, so jeanine is down there this morning. what can you tell us? >> pam, we just arrived to the scene about five minutes ago. you can feel the heat from this four-alarm fire. right now firefighters are having a lot of trouble getting access to the flames because you can see they say there's a concern about firefighters safety, parts of this is a strip mall is collapsing, at first the firefighters were inside when the fire started at around 3:00 a.m. this morning. they had to move out of the
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fire. they are doing it defensively. we know they are using aerial ladders to fight the fire to pour water on it right now, obviously they don't have control over it. there's 10 businesses inside this strip mall. it doesn't appear there was anyone inside at the time but they don't know that information right now. right now their concern is to get the fire out. a very active scene. this is east of lawrence expressway. please avoid this area, if you need to come here, we'll stay on top of this and follow it. right now a relatively dangerous situation for firefighters because they can't get a handle on it at this moment. >> can you tell us, it's such a big fire, are their homes near by or schools or anything in
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danger? >> right now, it doesn't appear so, it's not a residential area. it's a main strip here. this is a lot of businesses. liquor store, mom and pop shops, on either side of it is businesses and other strip malls. >> what about the wind, hopefully wind isn't a factor. what's the weather hike? >> -- like. >> right now it feels calm. i'm looking at trees, nothing is moving and i don't feel a breeze. the palm trees next to it which hopefully don't catch fire, i don't know if you can see how chose they are, that's what's pushing the palm trees next to it. as we're watching this you can see the parts of the building we see things falling in the building. it looks like in the middle of
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theel can meano they -- el camino they brought in more trucks spraying water. i count five different hoses on it right now, that's from the angle i see, not sure if anyone is on the backside the building. major situation out here. >> it looks like an indian restaurant, about 10 businesses affected right now? >> that's what the captain estimated. where you see the sign where it says indian vegetarian, that's a man sure -- mansur. that's where it was trapped. the area where they put the
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signs is a fire tunnel. right now it looks like it's raging and eating this building apart. >> thank you. she's down there live, very close to that fire. i know you will get more information as the morning progresses. we'll check with her a little bit. this is in santa clara. on el camino real. could be a traffic situation. we'll check with sal next, we'll be right back.
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. week, we're -- welcome back. we're following a fire in santa clara. it's a big fire. different agencies are battling this fire. this is not far from lawrence expressway. it's believed el camino real is blocked. as janine reported they are attacking this aggressively. looks like they are getting -- trying to get a handle on it. there's big flames coming from at least 10 businesses. we'll stay with her throughout the mornings on two.
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right now lashes expressway, will be impacted. >> that's a busy area. the road censors -- sensors are showing it. the fire is on the south side of el camino real. the fire is where i put the fiery continue. northbound -- icon. the fire is closing el camino in this direction. avoid the area, obviously, maybe not obvious to you, this is a huge commute pattern for the south bay, lawrence express way take a lot of traffic.
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let's look at the gilroy super commute. that is looking okay. as we push in, not showing a lot of activity. live pictures show you traffic is moving well on 92 westbound. and light at the bay bridge westbound, a couple lanes have a little traffic but it's a nice drive. we start with cloudy skies every reporting station says cloudy. shower activity popped up yesterday, east and north, probably quieter today. the low responsible for that is more toward southern california. 50s on the temps. if these get 1 degree cool ir i -- cooler i would be surprised.
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west, san jose has a west, southwest. it's an onshore breeze. 37 up in truckee, 49 reno, 54 arcadia, ukiah, santa barbara 52. a isolated shower or two can develop. the shower activity to the north has died down. there's our low, when it's that far south, it's a tougher pattern to get any shower activity. starting thursday and going into friday inland temperature warm up. low clouds and sunny and breezy, a few clouds inland, it stays cool, temperature as you can imagine are on the cool side. 60s or mainly low 70s. the trend is to warm things up. gradually on thursday and as we
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head into the holiday weekend. it's 4:28, and again, we want to take you live to this fire in santa clara. it's near lawrence expressway. jeanine is on the scene. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, 4:30 is the time, we on follow a huge fire in santa claar e -- santa clara. just for traffic sake it is believed el camino real is blocked. there have been fighting this from


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